Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s05e05 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 5

1 INSPECTOR REX TREACHEROUS LOVE Susanne! Susanne! - Can't we talk about it? - Divorce your wife if you like.
That's your business.
It has nothing to do with me.
- Let me pass.
- Please think again.
I won't get a divorce.
You knew that from the start.
Susanne, we could have a wonderful life together.
Stop it.
- You love me.
- I told you to stop it.
Gunther Gunther! After this talk on recent legal decisions on electronic surveillance I want to see how much you remember.
- You have 10 minutes.
- You've got to help me.
It's a multiple choice test.
I can't cheat.
I've never been able to.
That's it.
I'll see you tomorrow.
All right.
If you're in pain, take two tablets.
Thank you, Mr Kammersänger.
- Konsel.
- Bernd? Something awful has happened.
Help me.
Where are you? This really is in bad taste.
You fight with your lover and call me for help.
- Why is there no ambulance? - I didn't want a scandal.
- Where is he? - Down there.
Ladies and gentlemen, you have three minutes left.
- What's wrong? - He's dead.
What? He must have had a bad fall.
I was too late to help.
I don't believe it! It can't be true.
You've put me in an impossible position.
Please help me.
- Where did you meet? - At the house.
We must remove any traces.
The cops will comb the place.
Have you got a key? Further training is all right, but that was like school.
- The questions were hard.
- You can say that again.
Thank you.
I should thank you.
You did that really well.
Thank you.
Have a nice evening.
- Do you know who she is? - No.
Why do you want to know? I want to know why you want to know.
What else did you touch? Think.
We drank champagne.
The glasses are on the mantel.
- We danced.
- Danced? - We never danced.
- So you can get jealous! Nonsense.
Here, wash these.
Careful you don't leave any fingerprints.
- What did you do then? - We went upstairs.
- To the bedroom? - The bathroom.
Then clean it up.
I'm not doing that.
Don't leave any fingerprints.
No, Rex.
I did 20.
You got it wrong.
Let's have breakfast.
Push-ups? I did them.
You were in the kitchen.
Do you know what you are? You're a slavedriver.
Saved by the bell! My lucky day.
Good morning, Rex.
Morning, Alex.
Who found the body? A forestry worker.
- Do we know who he is? - Not yet.
There's a locksmith's phone number on his key ring.
And? I called.
They promised to call back.
He has two head wounds.
A minor one as a result of the fall and a serious one probably unrelated to the fall.
- Someone hit him? - Probably unless you can establish he fell on something that caused the wound.
Do you know the time of death? It was a cool night.
In view of that and his body temperature, I'd say he died eight to ten hours ago.
Why isn't he wearing socks? Have they found his glasses? Glasses? There were marks on his nose.
We found this next to the guardrail.
Thank you.
Alex Brandtner.
This is my colleague, Mr BÃck.
Nina Walentin.
Crime scene investigator.
Yes Sorry.
- That's Rex.
- Hello, Rex.
BÃck here.
His name? Konrad Danzer.
Thank you.
Don't you think there should be more female police officers? Susanne? Susanne? Nothing.
I'll look upstairs.
- Rex can find anyone.
- That's true.
Our dead man was called Gunther Sikora.
I'll pass it on to HÃllerer.
Hey, does anything strike you? Yes.
The owner must be terribly fussy.
Look how neat the place is.
- Where have you been? - Outside.
I couldn't sleep.
I keep seeing him lying there.
I didn't want him to die.
It was an accident.
I'll take you upstairs.
- Leave me alone.
- No, you need to rest.
I'll give you some tablets.
Everything has been wiped clean.
Everything is sparkling.
Someone has been very busy.
Let's get the crime scene people here.
That's just his pretext.
He just wants to see Nina again.
- What's wrong? - Someone's here.
Mr Sikora? You left the door open.
Are you Who are you? What do you want? Brandtner.
Crime Squad.
- They'll find out.
- No, they won't.
Stop fretting.
How can the police find out? - What if they do? - Tell them what I said.
You've not seen him for a week.
You were here yesterday.
Look, I have to go to the surgery.
I'll be straight back, okay? Don't worry.
A friend of Mr Sikora's owns the house.
He's in America.
What can I say? I don't want to be indiscreet.
Mr Sikora is married.
You know what I mean.
- He used it as a love nest? - You could say that.
Poor Mr Sikora He was so generous.
Who did he meet here? You'll have to find out.
I can't help you.
I come here in the morning for two hours, twice a week.
His rendezvous were in the afternoon or at night.
- When were you last here? - Three days ago.
What do you do in those two hours? Men! The usual, of course.
Fill the dishwasher, make the beds, vacuum, throw out the empties, water the flowers and so on.
- When's the bin emptied? - Once a week.
Hey! Crime Squad.
Leave the garbage.
If you can't afford lunch, I'll treat you.
Thanks, but as you can see I only eat leftovers.
Have you found anything tasty? Well That won't fill you up.
HÃllerer here.
Hello, Alex.
One second.
Catering service Oysters? Okay.
I'll look into it.
Oysters Mrs Sikora? Yes.
My name's BÃck.
I'm from the police.
Nice horse.
- Police? - It's about your husband.
My husband? What about him? Has anything happened to him? He's been found near the Kahlenberg.
What? Is he - Who ordered the oysters? - A Mrs Konsel.
- First name? - Susanne.
- Her address? - 19th district DÃbling, Police, Emergency Service.
Don't hang up.
What are you doing? You're meant to be lying down.
- You rang someone? - I called the surgery.
To ask how long you'd be.
Police, Emergency Service.
You called the police? - What did you tell them? - Nothing.
Don't lie to me, damn it! And don't phone anyone.
I'll give you some more tablets.
Sorry I hit you.
We'll discuss it again after you've slept.
Agreed? Bernd Again Where were you between six and midnight? I told you.
My husband and I ate at half past six.
We had a few glasses of sherry and went to bed around 11.
Dr Graf found traces of paint in the wound.
It was murder.
- Do you recognise this? - No.
Why don't you tell the truth? You met Mr Sikora yesterday.
Shortly before seven oysters, champagne and cheese were delivered.
You paid by credit card.
Shall I show you the slip? How many sherries did you have? Two or three.
I want my lawyer.
We've been held here for two hours.
I won't stand for it.
We're not holding you.
We asked you to help us.
I don't want to sit here for hours.
- Nor do we.
- Then we're agreed.
- Well? - He's sticking to it.
They had dinner together, drank sherry and then went to bed.
He's protecting his wife.
Oh dear! Test this for blood.
You pushed Mr Sikora and he fell backwards over the guardrail? He slipped, or tripped.
I'm not quite sure which.
It all happened so fast.
When you found him at the bottom of the bank, why didn't you call an ambulance? I didn't want anyone to know.
Besides, my husband's a medico.
Mrs Konsel, maybe it was like this You phoned and then went back to Mr Sikora.
He was conscious.
You had a row and lost your temper.
- You struck him.
- What are you saying? It was murder.
He died from a blow to the head.
He died from a blow to the head? Yes.
Can I go home at long last? Sorry.
I have a few more questions.
Did you know about your wife's affair? Of course.
She met him at the golf club.
- Didn't you mind? - No.
Not at all.
We see our marriage as an open relationship.
An open relationship? Does that work? Didn't you ever mind? No jealousy? No tension? Only weak people get jealous, don't they? If you say so.
You want to protect your wife but she's told us everything.
She said she called you and asked you to see to him.
She said that? Then I needn't lie any more.
- It's true she called me - Good.
Come with me.
- How are you? - Did you kill him? What? Have you gone completely crazy? Sit down.
Mrs Konsel, what did you tell your husband exactly? That something had happened and he must come.
You're getting confused.
You did call me but only to say you weren't coming home.
- You didn't go there? - No.
My wife has been in a state of shock.
I gave her an anti-depressant with clomipramine in it.
It can affect your perceptions.
Ask any doctor.
- Here are the tablets.
- Why are you lying? Calm down.
He killed him.
Are you all right? - Can I go now? - The magistrate will decide.
Never make a date with a policeman.
You'll be sorry.
Very sorry.
It's terrible what love can do.
But people still want to give it a try.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
You were less formal before.
Here's to you.
Hey, where did you get that? Thank you.
As a kid I used to pinch roses.
Didn't you? Only red ones.
No telling.
He likes you.
- Does he? - Yes.
Nina Walentin.
That's interesting.
Of course.
See you soon.
I have to go to the lab.
- I'll be quick.
- Okay.
The fragments look fresh.
- How many did you find? - Four.
Show me the other two.
Never date a colleague.
The bill, please.
- Were you leaving? - I'd given up on you.
The same again, please.
Yes, I'm nearby.
Yes, I'm coming.
I won't be long.
Be grateful you haven't got a mobile.
He was arrested near Grinzing.
He tried to exchange the torch for wine.
He says he found it in a ditch.
The innkeeper saw the blood and called us.
- You believe him? - He's a drunk, not a killer.
Besides, Sikora wasn't robbed.
- Let him go.
- Yes.
- I assume she went home.
- Yes.
Thank you for looking after it.
It could be the same glass.
Can you show me the fragments again? What are we going to do? - Has my colleague left? - Yes.
What a shame.
- An espresso? - Yes.
Good morning.
Sleeping on a hard surface is said to be good for you.
Poor thing.
Do you want a massage? I won't say no to that.
What do you say to a long, lazy breakfast? Brandtner.
What? Shit! Yes, I'm on my way.
- It's breakfast for one.
- It's only postponed.
- For you.
- I was beginning to wonder! - Have you begun? - I was waiting for you.
Let's go.
Good morning.
You waited next to your car? Yes.
When your husband returned, was his behaviour odd in any way? No.
I've never been here before.
She's imagining it.
Who suggested wiping away the traces? - My husband.
- That's garbage.
Calm down.
What did you do after that? We came back here, got in our cars and drove home.
- Did you arrive together? - Yes.
Why drag me into this? I don't understand it.
She needs to see a shrink.
- So you've never been here? - That's right.
How many cigarillos do you smoke a day? Seven or eight.
- May I borrow your cigarillo? - Why? For a small test.
Rex! We've had a westerly wind for the last few days.
Then he may find the scent.
Bravo, Rex.
I wonder what he'll say now.
Me too.
Come on.
Please calm down.
All right.
Mrs Sikora is asking when we'll release her husband's body.
Will you explain the delay? No.
She was frantic yesterday.
I nearly had to call a doctor.
Stop staring.
This is mine.
You've had yours.
- Give it to him as a reward.
- Give him yours.
I will, when the lab finds Konsel's prints on the wrapper.
Okay, but you're not getting it without a fight.
If you're fast enough, you can have it, okay? Go back three paces.
If you can catch it, it's yours.
NOW! That's not fair.
Rex, protest.
All right.
You get a second chance.
Catch! Do you always have fun here? The glass shards come from the torch.
- The blood matches Sikora's.
- Any prints? Only Sandler's.
Nice of you to bring them.
I'll go and see Mrs Sikora, okay? I'm being kept in the dark.
Come on, Rex.
We're looking for Mrs Sikora.
What a beautiful animal.
My husband gave him to me for my thirtieth birthday.
In murder cases the prosecutor is slow to release the body.
Sorry I was brusque on the phone.
That's all right.
We're used to it.
Did you know about your husband's affair? No.
I told you that yesterday.
Come on.
Do you know who Things point to Mr Konsel but it's hard to prove.
- What about Mrs Konsel? - We don't suspect her.
She's been released.
Been making friends, have you? Did you check her alibi? She was in the stable all night.
A mare was foaling.
- Did anyone see her? - The stableboy left at nine.
- The vet saw her.
- When? She phoned at half past three.
He left immediately.
There were no other witnesses.
Could that big white horse be following us? Do you know what they did to horse thieves? A bit big for you, isn't he? We've found your prints.
Why don't you confess? Can you prove your dog found the wrapper at the scene? You could have emptied my bin.
That's enough.
Out of here.
Maybe I went a bit too far, but I apologise.
Okay? I apologise, damn it! All right.
I was there.
But I couldn't help Mr Sikora.
He was dead.
Why didn't you tell us before? When I knew it was murder, I got scared.
You're not a tolerant husband.
You exploited the situation.
You found your wife's lover unconscious.
You struck him with your torch.
How did you put it? "Only weak people get jealous.
" No one's so strong they can't weaken.
Isn't that right? We should have spoken long ago.
I'm sorry.
Won't you come in? I've spoken to some of Sikora's friends.
One said he wanted to divorce his wife.
Mrs Sikora said she didn't know about his affair.
Suppose she was lying? Then she had a motive.
- Jealousy.
- For example - We ought to talk to her.
- Good idea.
- May I have some water? - Of course.
Thank you.
- May I? - Help yourself.
My eyes.
What's wrong? I don't understand.
Please call a doctor.
I feel sick.
Have some water.
Here, drink a little.
You'll soon feel better.
Police, Emergency Service.
Konsel Inspector Brandtner - Mrs Konsel's.
- Why? - She called us.
- Hold tight.
She'll pull through.
I don't think it was suicide.
In her letter she confesses to hitting Sikora with a torch.
Then why did she call us? Rex He can smell horses.
Mrs Sikora! Give up.
Give up! Christian! Stop, damn it! Get down.
I followed my husband for weeks.
I saw what happened.
Then I Then you struck your husband because he wanted a divorce.
What about Mrs Konsel? It was all her fault.
- Anything else? - Stop fussing.
Rex is treating me like a total invalid.
- Care for a banana? - Too healthy.
Who'd like some oysters? - Our belated breakfast! - If you like.
May I?