Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s06e03 Episode Script

Series 6, Episode 3

- My name is Pranz.
- We have a reservation.
- Mr Pranz A room for two people and a baby.
Everything is ready for you.
May I have your passports? Thank you.
That's Nina Martin! In three weeks.
- Is she staying here? - We're here to see her.
I can't say.
At the State Opera.
We don't give information on our guests but I can say that Ms Martin is occupying a suite here.
Her performance here was in all the papers.
- Have a pleasant stay.
- Thank you.
- He's finally fallen asleep.
- Thank goodness.
He was so upset during the entire flight.
Please ask room service to bring hot water for the baby.
It worked perfectly.
- What's with him? - He's waiting for his ham roll.
- Good morning, gentlemen.
- He's waiting for his ham roll.
Here you go! You'll get yours shortly.
You don't get it for nothing.
You have to earn it first.
Sick it, Rex! Sick it! What is this? That dog and BÃck! I don't find at all amusing a Crime Squad officer with a ham roll on a string running around the hall with a dog! The Commissioner is never here.
Today of all days he is.
Come and get it, Rex.
Where is he? Your dog could have bitten my hand off.
- I'm quite nervous.
- It'll all be fine, you'll see.
- It must be nice to sing again.
- I haven't for a long time.
You're still the best.
I have to go to the State Opera now.
- I don't know when I'll be back.
- I'll look after the little boy.
I'll try to hurry.
I won't have much time with him soon.
I won't be long, darling.
Good luck! Merci.
See you later, Christine.
- Hello, Ms Martin.
- Any messages? No.
Thank you.
She's gone.
She's staying in Suite Four.
I asked the waiter if we could have a suite.
He told me they were all taken and by whom.
So let's go.
What is it you want to tell me? You can't be hungry yet.
You've just had breakfast.
- Yes? - Room service.
Be quiet and you'll be safe.
Where's the child? Where is the child? I'll shoot if you scream.
- Are you mad? - Stay calm.
- I'll get her later.
- We just wanted to wing her.
The baby, hurry.
We're delighted to have you here once again.
I needed the break, but I'm happy to be performing again.
You'll be pleasantly surprised by our new stage techniques.
- Is the manageress here? - No.
What is it? A dead woman in Suite Four.
Blood everywhere.
I am so sorry.
We are too but we must attend to business in Salzburg.
Here are your passports.
Here's your invoice.
One day a colleague arrived at work in a paper hat.
So? He was deemed mad and got early retirement.
He was 33.
They won't make the same decision about you.
Too bad.
Brandtner, Crime Squad.
Got it.
We'll be right there.
A chambermaid found a woman's body in a hotel suite.
She'd been shot.
This has to happen the one time I'm out.
- I wasn't allowed into the suite.
- The Crime Squad phoned.
They want to see you.
I forgot the name.
- Brandtner.
- Ms Riedlich, the manageress.
Are you the investigator? Come, please.
I must request that you be as discreet as possible.
- Of course.
- May I? - Thank you.
- I'm BÃck.
Excuse me, please.
The suite is occupied by a Nina Martin.
The victim was the nanny.
Now get this.
We found baby clothes, but no baby.
The baby is gone? Maybe Ms Martin took it with her to the opera house.
Ring Ms Martin and ask her to return but say nothing of this.
Of course.
- Hi, Leo.
- Hi, Alex.
Penetrating gunshot wound.
From the marks, it seems the shot was fired at close range.
- Silencer? - I would say so.
Cause of death? Probably internal bleeding.
Details when I know more.
It's urgent.
It involves a baby kidnapping.
Bring her to forensics and I'll start at once.
Bye, Leo.
- Hi.
- Hi, Leo.
The baby could have been drugged and taken out in a bag.
There are four entrances.
Front, back, through the garage and through the restaurant.
It's good you booked.
We're quite full just now.
Here's your key, Mr Grabner.
- I hope you have a nice stay.
- Thanks.
Thank you.
What is it? Oh, you lost the scent.
- Mr Brandtner? - Yes.
Ms Martin is in my office.
Two are enough.
I'll need the clothes now.
I've organised a covert search.
That means I need to be notified before any steps are taken.
I still can't believe it.
The baby is all I have left.
You see, my husband died in a car crash some time ago.
I haven't performed since then.
I'll do anything for my baby.
- You said that in the interview? - Yes.
Why do you ask? You may have given someone the idea.
I haven't had an engagement since my husband's death.
I used to earn a lot and I also inherited money.
I have enough.
- I can pay a ransom.
- Okay.
I think the request will come soon.
The staff didn't notice anyone suspicious.
So let's question the guests.
I won't be far.
Rex will stay here with you.
Yes and what about your wife? - Did she notice anything? - She didn't either.
- I'll speak to her.
- Must you? Yes.
Have you some objection? Yes, well my wife isn't my wife.
I mean, she is my wife but the lady who's here with me isn't No problem.
So please send your secretary to me.
Thank you.
I wanted to ask if you saw anyone in the hall.
I may have said I don't hear well but that's no reason to yell at me.
Sorry So did you see anyone? Unfortunately I can't say.
I don't see so well.
- Is everything okay? - Sure.
I dropped the stuff in two places.
If you think of anything else, I'd be grateful.
Here are the guests who checked out this morning.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Here's a couple with a baby.
Yes, they arrived with a baby.
I still need to find someone who can describe this couple.
- I'll see to it.
- Thanks.
Hurry up! A neighbour might complain.
Sure it's a mild tranquiliser? Sure.
I got it without a prescription.
It's a baby, not an adult.
Hurry UP- Check out two people, Fritz.
Paul and Claudia Pranz from Salzburg.
They left in a taxi.
The latest.
Baby photos and clothes were found at two stations.
Have them brought here.
It may just be proof the kidnapper has the baby.
I'm sorry you have to go through this.
We get the ransom, check outwith the doll and leave the baby here.
We call the police from abroad and tell them where to find it.
What if it starts screaming again? We'll give it another dose.
We're pretty safe here.
I left a couple of red herrings.
The taxi stations can't help.
It must have been well planned.
What about the Pranz couple? They got out near the Opera House.
That's all we have.
Our Salzburg counterparts are still on it.
Why is there still no ransom note? They could have left it with the baby photos.
Federal Police, Vienna Public Affairs Section She's had a nervous breakdown.
I was here.
She's asleep now.
She wanted to change hotels.
She's agreed to stay in case the kidnapper makes contact.
We're in another suite now.
I'll check that.
It's BÃck.
Our forensic people want to go through the Pranz suite.
What? It's been cleaned? You sure are fast in this hotel.
Damn! They've already cleaned the Pranz suite.
Okay, maybe our Salzburg colleagues have got something.
- Please ring them again.
- Okay.
Brandtner's office, Kunz.
What? That's interesting.
Send it to us right away.
The blackmailer made his demands on our Public Affairs homepage.
We have to print it out.
No way of tracing the paper.
No fingerprints.
Nothing! It's still asleep.
At least it isn't screaming and drawing attention to us.
What next? First we wait.
Then we'll do nothing.
We can't suddenly have lots of money.
We couldn't even say you won it at the casino now you've been banned.
- I won't gamble any more.
- I hope so.
You and your computer system! Roulette wasn't much better.
Can't you talk about something else? Now you've woken it up.
You know what you have to do.
He wrote a detailed letter specifying the hand-over.
No contact, negotiations or police.
- Any threat to hurt the child? - Not that I know of.
Alex only told me to tell you what the demands were.
- Are you able to get 20 million? - Yes, even if I have to borrow.
Please give him the money.
I want my child back.
We're doing everything to get your child back.
A press campaign giving details so someone might come forward would only endanger the baby.
Paying the ransom and hoping to get the baby is dangerous too.
We don't have any choice.
One unarmed person without a mike, since he says he can trace any equipment and would immediately abort the exchange.
We could stake out the area where it's to take place.
I don't want to put the baby at any risk.
Rex and I will go alone.
Brandtner's office, Kunz.
It's BÃck.
Yes, they delivered the money.
Alex wants to have a word.
Here's the latest, Christian.
Forensics didn't find anything but we're pretty sure the Pranz couple used a false name.
We're just getting ready.
How are things with you? I slept on the couch.
See you later.
I've made a cup of coffee for you.
No thanks, I don't want anything.
I can imagine how you're feeling, but I'm not allowed to be influenced by it or I'll start being afraid too.
What's the problem? Tell reception the baby has a cold and ask for a pharmacy.
No one will question your not taking the baby for a walk.
- What if she asks questions? - Just give some evasive answer.
Don't forget, the baby is our child.
They can't prove the contrary.
Look at that there.
Too blurred.
Maybe the lab can do something with it.
A young couple with a six month old baby.
There must be a few.
Send the pictures to our colleagues.
He says the baby is in a remote house secured by explosives.
He goes on to give endless details.
Pretty sophisticated.
Why does he tell so much? He doesn't need to.
I don't believe any of it.
If he goes to such lengths the baby is somewhere else for sure.
Check if anyone like this has bought nappies and baby food.
Do you know how many shops there are where you can buy all that? Yes, I do.
Ask around.
You better get going.
Let's go, okay? I'll do nothing that would lead to a break-off.
Bring my child back.
- Good luck, Alex.
- You too.
You watch over him.
Come on.
See you later.
Have you been with them long? Forever.
Shall I tell you how I met them? It was like this I wonder what he's planned for us.
Don't you? Okay, Rex We should be close.
Keep your head down.
There must be instructions.
Stay here and watch the bag, Rex.
"Take light and money and walk "for more instructions.
" Follow me, Rex, but stay under cover.
"Put the bag down, go back and drive off.
" Watch the bag, Rex.
Rex! Rex, let go! Damn! It's not your fault, Rex.
I told you to watch the bag.
It's okay.
Those arseholes think they're so smart.
We'll just get smarter than them.
Get the bloody kid to shut up or I will.
Don't you dare touch the child.
Not much of a night.
Here's the Polaroid lab result.
Have a look.
What's it supposed to be? It looks like a hotel key.
There are over 280 hotels, flats and pensions in Vienna.
Take the photo to hotel suppliers.
There'll be fewer of those.
Here you are.
Come on.
Come on, have a little bit.
Yes? Thank you.
What's up, Alex? No.
- Okay, I'll tell her.
- Any news? The kidnapper wants you to bring the money personally.
We must go to the office.
It doesn't want the bottle.
Maybe it's sick.
Don't panic.
It'll all be over tonight.
The kidnapper demands that you go alone and take a mobile and the money.
He'll get in touch via computer using a certain code.
It's very important that you keep the mobile with you.
That way we can listen in and hear his demands.
What if he demands I drop it? Still try to hang on to it.
It's our only way of knowing where you are.
What's the matter? Are you going soft? - Feeling sympathy? - Leave me alone.
I'll tell the mother where to go.
She'll find this tape there.
With a message from you.
Why me? A woman's voice will reassure her.
We think it's likely to be a highly professional couple.
- Do you want to frighten me? - Not at all.
It's just that the blackmailer will try to unnerve you with words.
That's why I want to try something.
Okay? Throw your mobile away right now! I said right now, or else! Carry out my instructions.
You only have 30 seconds.
I can't do this.
I can't! Hey Don't show any weakness.
Don't provoke him either.
He must believe you're doing what he wants.
Okay? Rex thinks it's time for a break.
What do you think? Only because it's you.
I have to go.
Make sure you keep it quiet.
Don't be afraid.
We'll be right behind you.
Well? I contacted the hotel supplier.
Over 200 hotels use keys like that.
How can we check them all in so little time? I hope she'll get through this.
The car has a full tank.
There are no mikes in it.
We'll be close by but we won't intervene.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
Rex it's okay.
We'll follow soon.
Look, Rex, Christian's coming.
We can head off.
I'll check her position.
Right She's leaving the city on Thaliastrasse.
Hello? You will do exactly what I say.
Do you understand? Yes.
Keep on this road till you get to a fork.
There you'll find a torch.
Take the road indicated by the torch.
There you'll get further instructions.
I've got the torch.
Continue on this road till you see another torch.
But first go back 20 metres and drop the mobile there.
I'm watching you.
Shit! - He told her to drop the mobile.
- That was to be expected.
Take the tape recorder and bag and go to your car.
Put the money into the bag.
Some way down the road you'll see a flashing light.
Drop the bag there.
After that, drive off immediately.
The baby is fine.
You'll soon learn where it is.
The mobile should be somewhere around here.
He sure thought this out.
How do we know which road she took? Good boy, Rex.
I hope it all goes well.
Damn! We can't do anything without endangering the baby.
We don't know the drop site either.
- Sorry about the phone.
- What happened? A voice on tape said to put it in a bag and drop it in the woods.
- Is this it? - Yes.
Christian will take you back to the hotel.
See you later.
Rex! Alex? Did it go okay? I see.
I found out something else about the key.
The supplier told me it's one of the older models.
It still means checking Not the slightest trace.
He's playing with us.
Let's have another listen.
into the sport bag.
Some way down the road you'll see a flashing light.
Drop the bag there.
Hi, Fritz, Alex here.
I want you to listen to this.
Hold on Now Right It sounds like chimes.
I've heard it before somewhere.
- In the inner city.
- Yes, sure, it's the It's the Anker Clock in Hohe Markt.
Listen Ask at the hotels around there if a couple checked in with a baby.
I told reception the baby's very ill and we have to go back home.
She's preparing the bill.
I'm glad to get out of here.
A lead.
Serviced flats near the Anker Clock.
- Give the baby another dose.
- It's asleep.
Who knows for how long? Go and do as I say.
Secure the area and wait till I arrive.
The baby must be protected.
Got it.
Hang on, Rex.
- Hurry up.
We have to go.
- I can't go any faster.
- At least you had a little bit.
- Come on, let's go.
We secured the area.
The couple's still in the flat.
Come on! Shit! What will we do now? Mr Pranz? Come out.
The hotel is surrounded.
We have the child.
Guess what happens if you fire.
Call off your guys.
Drop your guns.
Rex! Stand by.
They're taking the lift down.
Everyone stop! Stay here, Rex.
Don't anyone move! It's okay.
Take it easy.
Get me a getaway car.
Stun grenade.
Get down! You'll get your getaway car.
I'm warning you, no more tricks.
It's Brandtner.
I need a getaway car at the hotel.
Right now.
Take cover! It's all right.
Thanks, Rex.
Are you okay? Let's take the little one home.
The doctor examined him.
He's fine.
Thank you both.
I hope you'll still remember Vienna kindly.
Only because of you.
When I sing at the State Opera you'll all be there.
Well, then we'll soon meet again.