Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s07e03 Episode Script

Der schöne Tod

INSPECTOR REX BEAUTIFUL DEATH - You have a terrific studio.
- I wasn't lying.
I really do shoot photos for ads.
What about these? When I'm sick of ads, I do something else.
Pretty eerie.
They're for an exhibition.
The collection isn't complete.
Nothing but dead things.
Death has something soothing and beautiful.
Life is usually loud and ugly.
I think differently.
That's why I'll take you to promote those nice chairs.
Why don't you use professional models? I don't like models.
They always look so artificial.
- Would you like a drink? - No, thanks.
I'll take a few preliminary shots.
- Let's use first names.
- Okay.
How did you want to do this? I always think it's best if you pose however you like.
- You needn't get undressed.
- I don't mind a bit.
I love it.
Look at me.
Yes, that's good.
I'll take one from below.
What's happening? Photographic studio Keep clear ONE WEEK LATER Believe me Your daughter will soon be back.
Ten people disappear daily.
- They return after a few days.
- Yes, yes All your colleagues have been telling me that.
I phone my daughter every day.
I can't reach her now.
She hasn't been at home.
She was to go on holidays two days ago.
The plane ticket is still in her flat.
Maybe she has a secret boyfriend.
She has no secrets from me.
I'm going to sit here till you do something.
- Coffee? - Yes.
Who's going to clean it up? Stupid question.
Rex, are you getting the phone? Don't say "But I'm only a dog!" Hi, Christian.
It's me.
Did you try to ring? We had phone difficulties or something like that.
A young woman is missing.
Her mother's here.
It's serious.
She can't contact her.
Jobs with a Future Have you found a job? Not really.
- And you? - I'm a photographer.
I work in advertising.
That's a great line.
Do you use that on all girls? I really am a photographer.
You even brought your camera.
Well done! Does it take real pictures? Sure.
- Not bad.
- It's because you're good.
Would you like to do a few shots up there? The light is really good.
Okay Why not? I need a few photos of myself.
She saved up for this holiday.
She'd never have missed it.
She didn't show up for work at the pharmacy.
- That's not at all like her.
- ls this your daughter? Yes.
Can you explain these shots? Iris was quite fat till a year ago.
Her boyfriend criticised her for it.
Then she left him.
Then she lost lots of weight and discovered a new perception of her body.
Did you check out her ex? He's in hospital after a bad car accident.
Did this new self-confidence show itself in other ways? It was important to her to be admired at last.
She participated in a talk show.
The theme was "I like showing my body".
When was that? Ten days ago.
She told me a photographer had approached her.
He wanted to do a shoot with her.
This suggests she intended to go out.
Did she meet him? Yes.
- Do you know when that was? - Two days after the show.
- Did she mention his name? - No, she didn't.
So you really are unemployed? Many teachers are.
That's why I got this permanent locker.
It's cheaper this way.
- You're very photogenic.
- Thanks.
You could make a career of it.
I'm looking for new faces.
What for? A furniture store catalogue.
Move back a bit.
Careful! The job also commands a fee.
I sure could use that.
I'm sorry, but I'll have to run.
Let's meet for coffee tomorrow.
We can discuss matters then.
- Can I have this one? - No.
I never give away test shots.
I'll get you some great shots of yourself.
Here's the talk show video.
Thanks, Rex.
Does he do that at home too? Only with his favourites.
Today's theme is "I like to show my body".
My first guest is Iris Manker.
Wasn't that photographer in the audience? We'll need to get all audience shots and enlarge the males.
Women should be able to show their bodies and not be harassed.
- What do we do then? - Start searching.
Where? What's the matter with you? Photographers have agents.
- One might recognise the guy.
- And if he's not a photographer? Iris is right.
We won't be oppressed any more.
The station doesn't register audience names.
You ring, get a number and collect your ticket.
Maybe we have to find lris's car first.
- Hi.
- It's that blue car.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
See? Nothing special, eh? Maybe they'll get fingerprints elsewhere.
Let's go.
Come on.
See if you can find a scent.
Did you find a scent or are you hungry? Good day.
My name is Brandtner.
I'm from Homicide.
I'm looking for a young woman who may have eaten here.
About a week ago.
I really couldn't say.
I don't even know who was here the other day.
See the lady over there? Don't turn around.
It's Mrs Fuchs.
She comes every day and observes the customers.
- I didn't say anything.
- An espresso, please.
Excuse me.
My name is Brandtner.
- I'd like to ask a few questions.
- By all means.
Do sit down.
I've read all the papers.
Did you Would you have seen this woman here last week? Yes, she was here.
She sat at that table over there.
- Are you quite sure? - She wore a provocative dress.
With a plunging neckline.
- Was she alone? - A young man joined her later.
Could it have been one of these gentlemen? People interest me.
That's why I remember faces very well.
Of course! This was the man.
I must say You're a great help.
I think the dog would like some cake.
But it's not good for him.
That's for sure.
Any idea what they talked about? Do you think I'd eavesdrop? I wouldn't dare think such a thing, but Sometimes one can't help overhearing.
Well I only heard bits and pieces.
They talked about photos, about a studio and advertising.
The bill, please.
- What was that? - Table 4 wants the bill.
Right away.
- I'd like some cake, please.
- Right away.
Make that two.
I faxed you the man's photo.
Do you know who that is? Never mind.
Neither the press club nor the photographers know him.
Let's publish his photo.
No, we'd only be warning him.
- I know what's coming now.
- Yes.
- The bloody rounds.
- Exactly.
We'll have to seek out all photo shops.
We don't even know if he's a real photographer.
A bit of optimism, please! I've never seen him before.
I have no idea.
- Have another look.
- I don't know who that is.
- Anyway, I'm busy.
- You've been a great help.
- Something else? - Yes.
Shall I charge you with buying stolen goods or will you have another look? Why didn't you say so in the first place? He could have been here a few weeks ago.
I want a print-out of the receipts.
Cameras, films, tripods, attachments, etc.
Nothing that'll help us.
He went there though.
Almost all receipts carry names.
If only we knew exactly what he bought.
You just gave me an idea.
Iris is right.
We won't be oppressed any more.
See it? It looks like a polaroid camera.
Maybe he bought it in that shop.
In Rieder's world of death and decay we see for the first time the appearance of human bodies.
It's eerie and fascinating at the same time to see how Rieder has achieved an aesthetic representation of death.
Photos there are many.
Only a few can so mesmerise the viewer.
Rieder's works are among those few.
Have an interesting evening.
- You put it very nicely.
- It's true.
One could think the women in the photos really were dead.
That's art.
- Hi, there.
- You're the best, Rex.
Well? We've checked out everyone who bought a polaroid in that period and their respective names.
Indications are it's Felix Rieder, a professional photographer.
He's having an exhibition in the Arte Gallery.
You go to the gallery and I'll pay him a visit.
Rieder doesn't seem to be here.
Doesn't look like it.
Nothing but death and decay.
He seems to have a curious taste.
Look at that one.
- Not everyone's cup of tea.
- Horrible.
Please come in.
- Have a seat.
- Thanks.
What brings you here? A young woman called Iris Manker is missing.
What's it to do with me? You asked her for a photo shoot after a talk show.
Oh, her.
Yes, she was here.
I photographed her.
You must want a drink.
Not really.
What then? I took a few photos, after which she left.
You went to a nearby cafe.
Correct? Yes.
You're well informed.
After the caf, we came here.
It's not far.
What kind of photos did you take? Why do you want to know? You're possibly the last person who saw her alive.
What is it? I can't see anything, Rex.
Rex, I can't just Cover me.
- Did you forget something? - Yes.
What car do you drive? A black Volvo station wagon.
Why? Anything wrong? No.
Just a routine question.
I forgot to ask, did Ms Manker say where she was going? No.
I told her to call me when she wanted to do another shoot.
She left after that.
- Don't tell me these are his.
- Yes.
The opening was yesterday.
I asked a photographer friend to go there and then blow up some of the details.
Good idea.
Pretty macabre.
It all fits in some strange way.
A photographer meets a woman, she disappears, these photos - You can't recognise a thing.
- She could really be dead.
Maybe that's why she's shrouded.
Rex picked up a scent near Rieder's car.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't come earlier.
Hello, Mrs Manker.
Perhaps you can help us.
These are by the man who spoke to your daughter after the show.
Can you recognise her in these? Yes, that's her.
How do you know? She broke her small toe once and didn't have it fixed.
It protrudes a little.
You wouldn't notice if you didn't know.
Has something happened to her? We don't know yet.
Can you see anything else? Yes.
That's her too.
This one isn't Iris.
She has a different figure.
Tell me what's going on.
We found the man who photographed your daughter.
He says she left after the shoot.
That's all we've got right now.
- We'll keep you informed.
- Please do.
We might have two dead women on our hands.
I'll get the lab to calculate this one's height and weight.
Then I'll check the missing persons list.
- Why don't we arrest Rieder? - We haven't enough proof.
With no body or proper evidence he'd be released.
He's smart.
But he did something strange when I went to see him.
There were keys on the table.
He got nervous, grabbed them and put them in a drawer.
He wouldn't do that if the keys didn't mean something.
Okay, Rex.
Come on.
Take the keys.
Very good.
Very good, Rex.
Do you think that will work in Rieder's studio? - These measurements fit.
- We'll see what she says.
The lab is checking the fingerprints and the keys are being copied.
The measurements fit one of the missing persons.
That of Nina Kolb.
Her flat mate reported her missing.
She'll be here soon.
There she is.
My name is Lorenz.
I'm Brandtner.
My colleagues Kunz and Beck.
- Any news from Nina? - Not yet.
- What does Ms Kolb do? - She's a teacher.
She's unemployed at the moment.
Could one of these women be your friend? I really can't recognise anything in these photos.
- When did you see her last? - Two days ago.
- Where did she go? - She mostly goes to the pool.
- She hired a locker there.
- Which pool? The Amalia Pool.
I'll return the keys.
- Has something happened? - I'm just looking around.
Since you're here Do you know this man? No.
I only recognise people in bathing suits.
So? - Will you be visiting daily? - Possibly.
Tell me Do you know a Nina Kolb? No.
- Why? - Because she's missing.
Are you going to ask me about every missing woman? - I don't know any Nina Kolb.
- Really? No.
Two women figure in your exhibition.
One is Iris Manker.
Who told you that? An eye witness who identified a small detail.
I told you Iris Manker was here for a shoot.
Who is the woman in the other photos? They're over a year old.
I can't for the life of me remember her name.
How strange that you can't.
I photograph lots of women.
I mostly know first names only.
See you next time.
Don't come back unless you have proper evidence.
He's watching us.
He could be getting nervous.
Especially when he notices our stake-out.
- Take it easy.
- Thanks.
We can do the shoot today.
The art gallery is okay with me.
From there we can go to my studio.
They match.
His fingerprints match those on Nina's bathing cap.
- So we've got him.
- Not yet.
It doesn't prove that he's killed her, if indeed she's dead.
- He's our prime suspect.
- Yes, but The fingerprints on her cap only indicate he's dealt with her.
He can say he found a cap and put it where the owner could find it again.
As long as we have no corpse we don't stand a chance.
What was that about optimism? - Do you know that guy? - Yes.
He's a nut case.
I took photos of his wife.
He thinks we're having an affair.
He's beginning to get on my nerves.
I'll have someone get the keys.
Our security section did some work in a depot a while ago.
They put in new locks for their equipment there.
- One of Rieder's keys fits.
- Super.
Where did Rex go? To get the keys.
He knows where the depot is.
What is it? - Did you just scream? - Yes.
What do you want? - I thought something was up.
- Like what? Irene is a model.
We're doing a photo entitled "The scream".
- How could you tell? - By the position of the body.
You seem to know those things.
It's about art, not crime.
Another thing.
Leave me be or I'll get my solicitor involved.
You think you're so smart.
Believe me You're bound to make a mistake.
You think you're so smart, so smart But believe me You're bound to make a mistake.
That's all for today.
I hate to disturb you, but we've got work to do.
For your information, I'm off to get larger decorative pieces.
You're welcome to follow us.
You can count on that.
Let's see Fritz, arrest him for murder.
Are you mad? - Police.
Where is Rieder? - He got out back there.
He said a jealous husband was following him.
I'm okay.
Hi, Fritz.
Have you got him? What? Where did he get out? Near the Amalia Baths.
Sorry, Alex.
Closing time.
Guests are requested to leave the pool.
Mr Rieder! You're wasting your time.
I have the cap.
We also have the corpses of the two women in the depot.
Stop or I'll jump but not into the water.
You won't make a pretty corpse from that height.
If you survive, you'll end up in a wheelchair.
Behind bars.
- I don't care.
- Don't talk nonsense.
You planned everything so as not to get caught.
You left nothing to chance.
So don't tell me you don't care.
Especially not about death.
I wanted to take perfect shots.
The others weren't good enough.
You staged death.
Want to stage your own now? Mr Rieder, don't you want to see your shots become famous? Maybe I'll look good.