Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s07e09 Episode Script

Der Tod kam zweimal

- What about? Am I the only woman in your life? - Am I your only one? - Sure you are.
So why all the secrecy? I don't want my private life to go public.
It's publicity I don't need.
We agreed to announce our engagement at a huge surprise party when the time comes.
I love you.
I love you too.
So why do you cheat on me? - What's that? - I found them in your car.
- I know who they belong to.
- Who? What is this? I hate hysterical women.
- So it's not true? - No, damn it! - Can I have a glass of water? - Yes.
Well? Have you calmed down? Your water.
I hate these scenes.
It's all a misunderstanding.
I'd better go now.
See you soon.
Do you need a light, madam? Thanks.
- Hi, Marc.
- What are you doing here? - Are you okay? - Yes.
You need some water.
I'm okay.
- Shouldn't we call the police? - What for? It's the second time I've seen that guy in the attic gawking over there with his binoculars.
- Why didn't you question him? - What? Are you out of your mind? What if he attacked me? Nothing happened.
If you go to the police there'll be trouble.
No Dogs Inside - Bring him in if you like.
- Sure? That's great.
He's my fashion consultant.
Good God! This one would suit you too.
Your consultant has good taste.
You can't be serious.
Why don't you try it on? It's the latest fashion.
Straight from Milan.
I guess I'm outnumbered.
We're not in Milan! I'll bring you the rest.
- It suits you.
- I'm not so sure.
Hi, Christian.
I'm on my way.
In about fifteen minutes.
Great I'll leave it on.
I'm in a hurry.
Could you put this and the trousers in a bag? Thanks.
Will you pay half? Mafia? No.
What troubles me is the type of wound.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh A new jacket.
Very daring.
The latest look from Milan.
A hobo found him an hour ago.
- We haven't identified him.
- No signs of a struggle.
What puzzles me is that blood hasn't penetrated the surrounding tissues, as is usual with fresh wounds.
What does that mean? You know I hate to speculate before I've done the tests.
I've seen him before.
I know In the menswear store.
There was a poster there.
The dead man was the model.
The number is on here.
Find out who the model is.
Time of death? I estimate the man has been dead for 12 to 14 hours.
That means last night Ah, the gentlemen from the news.
Bye, Leo.
Take a look at your dog.
He's becoming really vain.
- Anything else? - His name is Marc Reinhard.
He's a model with an agency owned by a Pit Gallauer.
You and Fritz check out Marc Reinhard's flat.
- I hope Marc is okay.
- You know he's always late.
- Can you come over here? - What now? Where are the two suits and my mauve cocktail dress? - I removed them.
- Why? - You're not ready yet.
- You'll regret that.
- Pull yourself together! - The report on us is on TV.
Tonight, Ms Schneiders will be presenting her new spring and summer collection in her studio.
Please restrain yourself.
You must be in control tonight.
A news flash has just come in.
A man was found stabbed to death in a city garage.
The dead man has not yet been identified.
It is believed to be the body of top model, Marc Reinhard.
A hobo discovered the body in a rubbish bin.
Walter Did you hear that? This Marc Reinhard was living across the road.
Maybe that guy in the attic had something to do with it.
You watch too many cop shows.
Shouldn't I go to the police? Get me another beer instead.
Mr Gallauer won't be long.
- Water for him, coffee for you? - No, thanks.
- What about Friday at four? - Fridays are bad for me.
Wednesday? I'm sorry, but I don't know why Kitty is no longer blonde.
As soon as they have boy problems they go and get some crazy hairdo.
Mr Gallauer, I'm from Homicide.
I need to talk to you urgently.
I'll call you back.
I can't right now.
Katharina? Katharina? I saw him the other day and spoke with him yesterday.
He was my best model.
Perfect face and body.
Very rare.
What about his personal life? I don't know much.
Women were mad about him.
And men? The same, but he liked women.
- Did he have family? - Parents dead.
No siblings.
The fashion world was his family.
He was to model Schneiders' summer collection tonight.
- She wanted him exclusively.
- So? Selma is a famous designer, but we don't do exclusive contracts.
Marc could afford to do that.
I have to ask you this.
Where were you last night? Here in my office.
I worked till about 2 a.
Why do you ask? I said I had to ask you that.
Any witnesses? No.
My secretary leaves at five.
- He had right of way.
- Okay, okay.
Walter Come and have a look.
The police.
I could go down and tell them what I saw.
Why help those arseholes? Remember what they did to me? You know exactly why.
What? What are you on about? You're always criticising me.
That's why I hit you.
- He didn't cover anything up.
- He sure had a great body.
- Not like the two of us! - You said it.
Have a look at this.
- These are tiny blood spots.
- Oh.
That means he was stabbed here.
The front door wasn't forced open.
He must have known the murderer.
Can you check the rubbish bin in the kitchen? Okay.
Come here, Kunz.
This is your speciality.
The letter-opener is missing.
- The murder weapon.
- Possibly.
Since I'm responsible for the rubbish - You're responsible for this? - I'm a real pro.
"Vienna's jetset celebrates in dubious places.
"The latest is the Lagerhalle.
" "Top model, Marc Reinhard, fashion designer, Schneiders "and her daughter, Katharina.
"On the right Marc's agent, Gallauer, who discovered him.
" He must have been the darling of high society.
I need an enlargement of this photo.
I'm not sure, but this guy looks like an old acquaintance.
Rex What's the matter? Don't you like Kunz's snacks any more? It's wholemeal bread with tofu.
Good for my waistline.
It looks disgusting.
- I'm seeing Melle-Schneider.
- Schneiders! What do you reckon, Beck? Good-looking chicks, fashion, cocaine I bet it's to do with drugs.
I'd like to have a break after the fashion parade.
You'd better forget that.
Makes a bad impression.
We'd better think about what we're going to tell the police when they come.
- I couldn't take that.
- You will.
We both will.
- We should have cancelled.
- After all the work and effort? You can't be serious.
I'll have to tell the police that I went to see Marc.
You will do no such thing.
We both were here till 3 a.
Do you understand? Do you? Yes.
What would I do without you? You're the only one I can trust.
You know I'd do anything for you.
Excuse me! Excuse me! Hello.
Yes? I'm Brandtner from Homicide.
- You're here about Marc.
- That's right.
- Ms Molle-Schneiders, please.
- Melle-Schneiders.
In there.
- Just go into her office.
- Thanks.
Come on.
What is it, Rex? You want to stay here? - Can I leave him here? - Sure.
Excuse me.
I'm Brandtner from Homicide.
- Are you Mrs Schneiders? - Miss.
How do you know me? A news photo of Marc Reinhard with you in it too.
- Found anything? - Not yet.
How well did you know him? - He often worked for us.
- ls that all? Yes.
I don't know much about him.
- Did you know he used drugs? - Not unusual in this trade.
- Know how he got them? - No idea.
- I stay away from drugs.
- Good to hear.
I'll see your mother now.
She's nervous and has probably had a few.
- It's like that before a show.
- Okay.
- Will you be around? - Yes.
- Can't you ask me tomorrow? - She's nervous before a show.
- Your daughter said that too.
- You've spoken to her? - Well? Could she help you? - No, not really.
- She didn't look all that well.
- She's difficult.
She's still mourning her dad.
He died of cancer.
He needed strong pain-killers in the last months.
I'm sorry.
When did your husband die? - Three years ago.
- She must have adored him.
I'm really busy.
I feel awful but I can't cancel the show.
- It wouldn't help Marc either.
- Correct.
- Where were you last night? - Here.
I worked with Mrs Melle-Schneiders till 3 a.
It's always hectic.
- What did my mum tell you? - As little as you did.
Thank goodness Mr Gallauer was a bit more verbose.
Oh? Mr Gallauer stressed that all women were after Marc.
You and your mother never mentioned that despite spending time together.
- On a professional basis.
- So is Mr Gallauer is wrong? I think that thing about women was made up for the image.
Anyway, what do women have to do with his murder? Who knows? - And you get paid for this! - I'm trying to find out who owns the panties we found in Reinhard's flat.
Well? They're a deluxe model from a designer collection.
Not many women can afford them.
Still, the company says they sell several hundred.
"Coral" made of fine lace for the connoisseur.
2800 schillings.
Wow! And some people throw them in the bin.
- So? - Alex was right as usual.
The guy's name is Sasha, a known drug dealer.
He's currently working as a bar-keeper.
I'll go and check him out.
I have never seen anything like this in my entire career.
Out with it, Leo.
Marc Reinhard did not die from the stab wound.
The real cause of death is respiratory paralysis.
Due to what? We found alcohol, cocaine and an overdose of methadone in his blood.
That makes you dizzy first, then you faint and suffocate.
Isn't methadone an opiate used in the rehabilitation of drug addicts? Correct.
- Sure he died from that? - Absolutely.
The curious blood flow indicated to me that Reinhard was already dead when he was stabbed.
Yes, but then he was murdered twice.
If that's the case there are many possibilities.
For example one culprit put the methadone into his wine and then stabbed him in the heart to make sure.
There could have been two culprits.
The first one poisoned him and the second found him asleep and stabbed him.
There were no signs of a struggle.
That's right.
Then there's the suicide/murder alternative.
Reinhard poisons himself with methadone and is then stabbed.
No that's pretty unlikely.
We found nothing pointing to a suicide.
Either we're dealing with one culprit who poisoned and stabbed him or with two culprits who knew nothing of one another.
- Brandtner.
Hi, Christian.
- Hi, Alex.
- The guy in the shot is Sasha.
- I was right.
- It's that drug dealer.
- Where can I find him? - In the old rope factory.
- I'll have a look.
- Bye.
- Thanks.
- Hi, Sasha.
Long time no see.
- Mr Brandtner - To what do I owe the honour? - Do you know Marc Reinhard? Sure.
He's been here a couple of times.
I heard about his death on TV.
Where did he get his drugs from? No idea.
You know I gave that up ages ago.
So how can you afford that car outside? Rex, jump! The stairs, Rex.
Sasha! Give yourself up.
Get lost! Get lost! You went to a lot of trouble for nothing, Sasha.
But you could improve your situation if you were to tell me more about Marc Reinhard.
Marc was pretty hooked.
- Only on cocaine? - Yes.
He called it his white lover.
- Did he get it from you? - He didn't need to.
His boss and biggest fan got it for him.
- Gallauer? - Yes.
Pit would do absolutely anything for Marc.
Were they lovers? No idea.
You'll have to ask Pit yourself.
So Mr Gallauer had to fly to Paris unexpectedly.
Yes, on urgent business.
He's coming back tomorrow on the morning flight.
- Can I reach him somewhere? - No.
He left his mobile here and he's not in his hotel.
They say "Only the good die young.
" It's a terrible saying, but in Marc's case it's true.
Marc had to die in the prime of his life.
I'm dedicating this evening to his memory.
"Only the good die young" indeed! You're just using Marc's death to take centre stage.
That's not fair! - Do you think I don't know? - About what? Oh Hello, Mr Brandtner.
- Sorry to barge in like this.
- That's your job.
Thank you.
I have one question.
Could Pit Gallauer and Marc Reinhard have been lovers? Gallauer would have liked that but Marc didn't like guys.
I think that made Gallauer sick with jealousy.
Did Mr Gallauer kill him? Sorry, I can't answer that.
Hello? Is that the police? I want to report something.
The caretaker rang in the middle of the night and said she saw a man at the time of the crime.
I'm Beck, this is Kunz.
We're from Homicide.
- Mrs Vuitkovic? - Yes.
Is this the man you saw? Yes.
He was in the attic with binoculars first, then he went down and into the house across the street.
Thank you, Mrs Vuitkovic.
Some people - Could I borrow your mobile? - Sure.
It's me, Désirée.
Anything new? What? The police again? What did they say? Sasha? I'll be there shortly.
My briefcase Back to the airport! Rex! Can I borrow your mobile? Mr Gallauer, we need to talk.
Your mobile.
Mr Gallauer Mr Gallauer! It doesn't look good.
You were in Marc's house that night.
Someone saw you.
I just went to visit him.
So why did you try to run off? Because I'd got him his drugs.
Anything else? When I went in he wasn't at all well.
I was afraid he'd overdosed.
Why didn't you call a doctor? I was afraid I'd be dragged in.
What happened then? Everything-- Everything went so fast.
His breathing got slower and slower and then it stopped.
He died in my arms.
Marc Reinhard was poisoned.
A methadone overdose.
Can I have something to drink? Didn't you have enough yesterday? - Is that your business? - Yes, it is.
- It's my business.
- No, Mum.
First you cheated on Dad till he died of cancer.
Then you cheated me out of my inheritance and the work Dad said I should do here.
You're not mature enough yet.
You always take what you want.
Marc too.
You took no notice when you knew we were together.
You can't think he loved you.
How did you find out about us? I found your panties in his car.
And I watched the two of you.
Yes I only found out about you two recently.
First mother, then daughter.
- What was he thinking of? - So you stabbed him.
- You're crazy.
- I overheard you and Marie working out your story for the police.
I can't stand the sight of you! - What happened? - She overheard us.
It's my fault.
I shouldn't have told you about Marc and her.
I I loved him.
He was my I I somehow wanted to to be near him.
That's why I sometimes watched him from the attic.
What did you see that night? Katharina Schneiders came to visit him, not for the first time.
- But this time they argued.
- How do you know? She didn't stay long.
She threw some panties at him, argued with him and left.
Jealousy? Probably.
When she had left, I went over to see him.
When I was about to leave, Selma Melle-Schneiders arrived.
She was obviously drunk.
Hi Leo, it's me.
Methadone's a drug substitute.
Isn't it a pain killer too? Right.
Also for cancer in its final stages? Got that.
Oh, Mr Brandtner.
You'll find Mrs Schneiders in her office.
Please don't go.
I'll need to talk to you too.
Come in, Mr Brandtner.
- Have you found anything? - First I need some answers.
- Yes.
- Where were you that night? - I told you.
- That was a lie.
You were in Marc's flat.
Mr Gallauer saw you.
I should smoke less.
That doesn't answer my question.
He must have mistaken me for someone else.
Shall I ring the taxi company and find out where you went? - I often take taxis.
- One more thing Your husband had cancer.
What painkiller did he use? Methadone was the only thing that helped.
I'm arresting you.
I'm the one to blame.
I shouldn't have told her about Marc and Katharina.
- Where is your daughter? - What? Your daughter.
Dear Mother, I loved Marc with all my heart.
I was deceived by both you and him.
I did something terrible.
I was so hurt.
I'm the loneliest person in the world.
There's no way out.
I yearned for your love.
- Where could Katharina be? - I don't understand.
She poisoned Marc with methadone.
Where can she be? Mrs Schneiders! Maybe in our summer house.
Damn! Lie down, Rex.
Rex, the rope.
Got that.
Rex She'll pull through.
Isn't this beautiful?