Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s10e04 Episode Script

Series 10, Episode 4

INSPECTOR REX Make it more of a fight! They don't come to see you play.
Get stuck into each other.
How can I make money out of such a bunch of wimps? - Now I see.
- What do you see? You don't feel the blows.
You're using something.
It's time we got rid of a few of them.
Remind me tomorrow.
I'll give you a few names.
We'll settle this one day in private.
Any time.
- I'll smash your face in.
- I'll finish your knee off.
Fuchs! Control yourself.
Otherwise you're finished.
If you think you can get away with this it might be the end of you too.
Is your knee sore again? It's okay, sweetheart.
Male corpse.
His name's Sven Fuchs.
He still has his valuables, so it wasn't robbery.
- Who found him? - A garbage worker.
Tracks galore in all this rubbish! It stinks, too.
Maybe Rex can find something before Forensics carts half the tip away.
He has multiple injuries to his head, legs and feet, consistent with a fall from a great height.
He was brought here.
So another party's involved.
He also has wounds to the back of his head although he landed face down.
So it's likely those wounds were inflicted before the fall.
If you don't check thoroughly in cases like this, they sometimes pass for suicide.
All right, then.
See you later.
- Goodbye, Dr Graf.
- Goodbye.
Sven Fuchs is a professional ice hockey player.
He lives with his mother.
He trained yesterday.
She assumed he'd be late.
He sometimes stayed out all night.
Thanks, Kunz.
- May I continue? - Please do.
He died of injuries sustained in a fall ruptured organs and internal bleeding.
- And his head injuries? - They showed traces of metal.
The killer used a blunt object, an iron bar or something similar.
There's no sign he fought back.
Maybe he couldn't.
Any drugs or alcohol? What would you like? A coffee.
Rex, hello.
You want my roll, don't you? I know you want it.
But you're not getting it.
It's mine.
Oh no! Oh dear.
I was about to ask if I could have a coffee.
If you wring out my shirt, I might find a short black for you.
We must get the members of the ice hockey club in.
Yes yes, we must.
Rubbish! - Why? - I'd rather not warn them.
I own a big haulage company with a fleet of refrigerated trucks.
An ice hockey team is ideal for advertising my firm.
Do you know anyone who has a motive to kill Mr Fuchs? None of us, that's for sure.
It must be connected to his private life.
Mr Fiedler, you're Mr Neumann's company secretary.
Yes, I also do the PR work for the team.
Mr Neumann thinks I can do that as well.
There's a lot of iron lying around.
Is it possible that Mr Fuchs was bashed with something like this? Dreadful! Who would do such a thing? I thought you might know.
Fuchs and Gebauer got into a fight.
Who's Gebauer? He's not here today.
He called in sick.
Back in a minute.
Well, what is it? - That's all.
- I'll be in the rink.
Kunz? Here.
- What's Fiedler like? - I'm not sure.
Rex noticed a mark on the ice.
The ventilation shaft above it is broken.
- You think Fuchs - It's possible.
I'll call Forensics.
See if Kurt Gebauer has a record.
He picked a fight with Fuchs yesterday.
Kurt Gebauer.
All right.
What's wrong? Lost your puck, have you? - Can I help you? - You certainly can.
What's that room down there? It's an old storeroom.
It hasn't been used for months.
I'll take a look if you don't mind.
By all means.
Are you opening a blood bank? That stuff all belongs to the previous coach Kalinovsky.
He left a few months ago.
Kalinovsky did illegal stuff, did he? - I wouldn't know.
- What are those cassettes? Kalinovsky recorded conversations with players for Mr Neumann because he likes to know everything.
I see you've found the things our old coach left behind.
Your new coach, Mr Hilbert, doesn't know anything.
- So I need to see the old one.
- I don't know where he is.
He probably went back to Russia after I threw him out.
We parted with Steffek, his assistant, too.
I won't tolerate shady methods.
Open the door and say I'm coming, will you? Hello, I'm Marc.
This is Kunz and that's Rex.
- Can we talk to your daddy? - Yes, but wipe your feet first.
All right.
I'm sure this has to do with Fuchs.
They called me from the club.
Can I talk to you alone? Sure, we'll go in my room.
You can come too.
Mr Gebauer, you quarrelled with Fuchs yesterday.
- What about? - The usual.
When a player is fouled, it often ends up in a brawl.
You split from your wife a year ago.
These things happen.
At least I got custody of my daughter.
- Why did you split up? - People drift apart.
I was told another reason.
Fuchs had an affair with your wife.
Someone gossiped, did they? Yes.
Several people in fact.
But this is a murder case.
You had a good motive.
Me? I'm Little Red Riding Hood.
Rex is the wolf and you're Granny.
So I get cake and wine.
We'll skip that bit and start where the wolf eats Granny.
It's a fairytale.
Maybe that never happened.
But the wolf has to eat something.
Very well.
It's the second one today.
Mr Gebauer, were the players given drugs? Ask Kalinovsky.
I have nothing to do with it.
All right.
That's all for now.
Stay in contact.
Rxcuse me.
Kunz, time to go.
We had fun.
Rex was the wolf.
Rex isn't bad.
That's why he didn't eat Granny.
I see.
You're very young to be a granny.
Let's go.
Dr Graf found needle marks under Fuchs's tongue.
That's where steroids are injected.
Drugs? That figures.
There's nothing suspicious about his private life.
It's interesting that Neumann wanted me to think there was.
It stands to reason that he doesn't want a doping scandal.
Any coffee left? No.
Hoffmann here.
Thank you.
We're on our way.
They've got the murder weapon.
Well, Rex.
What do you say? Rex looked here.
He should have found it.
Normally he would have.
Perhaps all the smells confused him.
Oh dear.
Poor thing.
Now he's sad.
Come on, Rex.
Don't worry.
It can happen to anyone.
You must get the players to lift their game.
How? If you think I'll use steroids on them like Kalinovsky, you're really mistaken.
I didn't say that.
NO MATCH FOUND For once we have a perfect set of prints and they're not in our database.
That would point to a first-time offender.
- Perhaps it was Gebauer.
- Yes.
There's no sign of Kalinovsky, the ex-coach.
Maybe he really went back to the Rast.
His assistant, Klaus Steffek, is wanted for defaulting on his maintenance payments.
We need Gebauer's prints and those of the other players too.
I'll get someone onto it.
Tell them to check the storeroom.
Kalinovsky's and Steffek's prints should be there.
And perhaps they can find photos of them.
Did you know that there are over 30,000 substances we could be looking for? Of course we could check for all the usual performance-enhancing drugs.
- But - But? Well, ideally these sports drugs shouldn't leave traces so they're constantly being redesigned and modified.
So it could be a very, very long time before we find anything.
- How's your knee? - Fine.
It doesn't hurt.
So, what's up? The cops came to see me.
- What did they want? - To know where I was.
And see if I was into steroids.
- What did you say? - They should ask Kalinovsky.
So the prints on the weapon are definitely Kalinovsky's? Thank you.
See? Kalinovsky.
They didn't have a photo of him at the club so I'll ask lnterpol.
He can't have just vanished.
It seems he hasn't.
I asked my old colleagues in Fraud.
He hasn't got a record but he's wanted for fraud.
Good work.
Here you go.
He didn't go abroad.
He went underground in Vienna.
He ordered various goods and didn't pay.
He's wanted for that.
That must be why he keeps moving.
Kalinovsky speaking.
Of course the merchandise is ready.
Why? I'll take the rest to the warehouse.
It's time for a change of address anyway.
What's the word on Fuchs? Good.
Today? I can't.
I have to move out of here.
Okay, okay.
If I must.
- Fuchs was on drugs? - Yes.
Doping substances these days are designer drugs.
In all official tests the labs use standard procedures but this is a new substance.
It's only been detected very recently.
What is it? In simple terms, it's the steroid gestrinon.
Its chemical structure has been altered by the addition of hydrogen atoms.
It's called tetrahydrogestrinon and greatly boosts performance.
But people should be aware that long-term use can result in circulatory collapse.
Any other side-effects? It kills pain.
You can push yourself to the limit and endure painful injuries.
You wouldn't develop that for a mediocre team.
But you could sell it to athletes, swimmers and baseball players.
Rven recreational sportspeople use drugs.
So if someone made it in large quantities they'd make big bucks.
All right.
I'll tell him.
Thank you.
So Kalinovsky was developing a powerful new drug and he was using Fuchs as a guinea pig.
Then he and his assistant, Steffek, disappeared and a few months later Fuchs was murdered.
Kalinovsky wanted to get rich quick and Fuchs knew too much.
Or he wanted money, or both.
We can't prove it until we have Kalinovsky.
Interpol called.
They sent a photo of Kalinovsky.
I'll get it.
What happened at the post office? At the parcel delivery centre, we found a recent address for Kalinovsky.
He had chemicals delivered there only a few days ago.
What's that? No idea.
A broken fan.
It looks as if he's moved again.
We're out of luck.
I'll switch on a light.
Wait! The bulb's still hot.
Maybe he hasn't gone far.
It wasn't your fault.
Someone pushed him.
It was probably the dog.
Send an accident team and an ambulance to 27 Althanstrasse, Thanks.
We're police officers.
What happened? He was pushed in front of the truck.
- The dog did it.
- You're crazy.
He's a trained police dog.
He'd never do that.
One thing's certain.
Look at the lnterpol photo of Kalinovsky.
He's definitely not Kalinovsky.
Right on time.
Come in.
I like that.
Show me.
Here are the samples, as agreed.
There's no need to be nervous.
I hear the stuff really works.
I take it myself.
Really? - You really don't feel anything? - Nothing.
This is a disaster for the police.
Your dog, for which you don't have official approval, pushes a suspect in front of a truck.
And I was called away from a medal ceremony over this! He was told to follow a scent, not to stop someone.
The accusation is absurd.
It's not the first time your dog has knocked someone over.
This time he's gone too far.
You know it's manslaughter, at the very least.
I agree that the man was pushed, but not by my dog.
The driver wanted an explanation and Rex happened to be there.
There are paw marks and dog hairs on the deceased's jacket.
That's proof enough.
Here's his official suspension.
One more thing.
Stick to it.
Well? Rex has been suspended.
What do you say to that? Now what? We must solve the case and prove Rex is innocent.
Ah, Dr Graf.
Any news? Very interesting.
If Dr Graf confirms that the man who was pushed in front of the truck was Steffek, Kalinovsky's assistant, then it might have happened like this Kalinovsky was into doping.
He was fired, then he vanished.
Steffek carries on, using Kalinovsky's name and his know-how.
Steffek is wanted for not paying maintenance so a new identity is just what he needs.
He commits fraud in Kalinovsky's name.
Kalinovsky gets wind of it and kills him.
The key figure in all this is Kalinovsky.
A lot of the players accused him but claim not to know anything specific.
I'll question them all again.
You must have known, or you wouldn't have fired Kalinovsky.
Are you accusing us? What has got into you? Nothing.
All I know is that two men have been killed.
Kalinovsky wasn't a bad coach.
He assured us that his methods were legal.
We have proof that Fuchs was doped with one of a new generation of substances.
I acquired this team to advertise my refrigerated trucks.
A doping scandal is the last thing I want.
What did Kalinovsky do before? He coached clubs in the Rast.
They told us little about him.
I relied on him.
Now it appears he's killed two people.
You think it was him? Of course.
No doubt about it.
Hi, Doris.
Did you find something? Why else would you be here? You can call me any time even if you don't find anything.
Fingerprints are deposits of sweat and fat.
In this case, we found only fat in an unusually large quantity.
Maybe the killer put cream on his hands beforehand.
Would you do that before you bash someone? With an iron bar? No.
It would slip out of my hands.
Maybe someone planted Kalinovsky's prints on the bar.
We also found traces of botulism, a pretty nasty bacterium that can kill you.
It's in rotten meat, isn't it? Right.
Anywhere meat is stored.
In coldrooms, for example.
Where have you got to? I called you 1 5 minutes ago.
Hurry up.
What are you doing? Oh, it's you.
My people thought someone was breaking in.
But I don't quite understand.
What are you looking for? Have you got a search warrant? You knew full well you didn't have enough evidence for a warrant, didn't you? I'd like to point out some facts.
The murder victim, Steffek, was using Kalinovsky's name.
Kalinovsky himself has been missing for months.
The prints on the weapon were probably planted there.
They had traces of bacteria which you find in coldrooms.
That doesn't justify trespassing.
If Kalinovsky's prints could be planted, it's fairly certain he's dead.
They show no sign of decomposition so he must be in cold storage.
Isn't that rather far-fetched? I've seen stranger things.
If you sit at a desk all day, you wouldn't know.
You're suspended from duty too.
Please surrender your gun.
I've brought the material on Steffek photos, evidence and so on.
Great parking spot opposite the office.
Rxcept that every two hours I have to shoo off a cop who wants to give me a parking ticket.
- Got any news? - Yes.
Forensics turned Steffek's flat upside down.
They found a large amount of chemicals.
Steffek was undoubtedly producing a new drug.
Did you speak to Neumann? He's pretty arrogant.
He's pinning it all on Kalinovsky.
He's the perfect scapegoat as long as he, or his corpse, doesn't turn up.
The killer wants us to suspect Kalinovsky.
Same with the iron bar.
Rex couldn't find it because it wasn't there.
It was planted later to implicate Kalinovsky.
We still have to prove it.
A pity our boss is intimidated by Neumann.
Rh, Rex? We'll prove you didn't push the man in front of the truck.
Kalinovsky? Kalinovsky, where are you? Look No.
It doesn't matter what Kalinovsky! Where are you? He hung up.
But it was him, wasn't it? - No doubt about it.
- Right.
I'm calling the police.
Please take note that the caller was unmistakably Mr Kalinovsky.
Mr Fiedler is my witness.
You told me that on the phone.
What you didn't tell me is what you talked about.
He babbled on about the team and the players.
- I feel threatened.
- So you should.
- Two men have been killed.
- Rxactly, do something about it.
We'll find Kalinovsky.
In the meantime, be careful.
I can see cars 1 and 2.
Where are the others? Right, cars 3 and 6 are in position too.
Carry out the surveillance as planned.
What happened yesterday? Kalinovsky's call stirred things up.
What about the surveillance? Neumann and Fiedler ate together.
Both were agitated.
All the players stayed at the stadium, except Gebauer.
- He left early.
- Where did he go? He got in his car and drove to the 5th district.
- Did he get out? - Yes, in Margaretenstrasse.
That's where Wimmer lost him.
Great! Rex Miriam, come down from there.
That's Rex.
He's with the police.
Me too, by the way.
Hi, Miriam.
My name's Hoffmann.
My husband hasn't killed anyone.
I just want to know where he is.
He had to go out.
That's why I've got Miriam.
He could be in danger.
I still can't help.
When you live apart you don't talk much.
Come, Rex.
Come along, Miriam.
Kunz, I'm near where Wimmer lost Gebauer.
I'll have a look around.
We could be in luck.
You never know.
Rex, go around the back, okay? Kalinovsky! This is my last time.
On the contrary! Business is just beginning.
You said you needed money.
Sure, but two men have died.
Don't shit yourself.
Kalinovsky won't hurt you.
Besides, the cops want him.
He's gone underground.
And he won't resurface.
I developed Kalinovsky's ideas.
Steffek helped me.
- Who killed Steffek and Fuchs? - Kalinovsky.
Who else? The cops will get him sooner or later.
In the meantime, you can make a lot of money.
You think Neumann will help when your knee packs it in? You'll have nothing then.
I'm doing it for my daughter.
I know.
Rex! What are you doing? Okay, Rex.
I understand.
Kalinovsky's in there.
He's dead.
Probably has been for months.
- Now I understand.
- Stay here.
Stay here! Hilbert, where are you? Help him.
Follow him.
Go on.
The cop was here.
He asked about you.
He's not officially allowed to do that.
No one will look for him here.
So stay cool.
Clear off! Move! Clear off! Hilbert, hands up.
Drop the knife.
Drop it! You've been suspended.
You don't have a gun.
So what do you think this is, eh? Are you prepared to risk it? He wanted to get rid of Fuchs because he knew too much, and Steffek, because he could make the drugs too.
Hilbert kept a low profile.
The Kalinovsky story worked for long enough.
I was just a courier.
I was worried about my job.
I'll do what I can.
After all, you helped Rex free me.
Thank you.
What about the call Kalinovsky made to Neumann? Hilbert made an edited version of Kalinovsky's old tapes and used it for the call.
I was wondering why he'd hung onto Kalinovsky's stuff.
Well, I must congratulate you on solving the case.
Thank you.
Just a second.
After the accident, there was blood on Steffek's jacket.
According to the lab report, Rex's prints are on the stain.
So he touched Steffek after the accident So Well, in that case I'll revoke his suspension.