Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s11e02 Episode Script

Series 11, Episode 2

Calibre 7.
65 That's it, I have everything.
-One more picture and I'm finished.
Hey, Rex, thanks.
Thanks, really.
-Sir, it's Morini.
Tell me, Morini.
Thanks, Rex.
Who's Rex?.
Morini, just tell me why you're calling.
There's been a murder on via Rodi.
-I'm on my way.
I only wonder what happened to the other one.
I know, you can't do everything right on the first day.
But this is a dog.
Rex, Morini.
Morini, Rex.
So this is Rex.
He's gorgeous.
He's licking my face.
-I hope you washed this morning.
If not, I'm clean now.
-welcome to the club.
Where's the victim?.
Who is it?.
His name is Gianni Bottura.
This is his apartment.
Rex, wait here.
So what happened?.
-Three shots to the chest.
Hello, Katia.
-Hello, Lorenzo.
The gloves.
-What can you tell me about him?.
No criminal record, no job.
At least, not recently.
The neighbours say he'd been gone for months.
For what reason?.
-They don't know.
When did he come back?.
Just in time to get himselfkilled.
Let's see what we can find.
Excuse me.
-Fabbri keeps you on your toes, right?.
-Morini, what is it?.
Calm down, catch your breath.
That's it.
Now tell me, what's the matter?.
The ballistic report.
The gun used to shoot Bottura had been used before You risked a heart attack forthat?.
-To kill the Austrians: weber and Schall.
we must tell Chief lnspector Hedl in Austria.
She won't be happy, will she?.
-Do I look happy, according to you?.
There's more.
Remember weber's girlfriend?.
-Yes, Ferreri.
What about her?.
Bottura's phone records indicate that they'd been in touch two times of late.
The last time was only hours before Bottura was killed.
Sure, we'd been in touch.
-May I ask why?.
He wanted to offer his condolences on Lukas's death.
They were close friends.
But the second time it was you who called him.
To tell him when the funeral would be.
What can you tell me about Bottura?.
-Nothing, really.
You know we believe your boyfriend was involved in shady business, so to speak?.
A jewel heist, as far as I know.
You're asking if Bottura was involved?.
I don't know.
I didn't know him that well.
-Alright, let me not keep you any longer.
Thanks for your cooperation.
-I'll show you out.
Hey, Rex, look who's there.
Hello, Rex.
-Hello, how are you?.
Did you have a good trip?.
-Yes, thanks.
Look what Kunz sent you.
Nice surprise, right, Rex?.
But we'll save it fortonight.
Let's go.
I have a lot to tell you.
So with Bottura we have three corpses.
-All involved in some funny business.
Are we sure it's the same killer?.
-Yes, Erika, it's beyond doubt.
I've had the ballistics compared.
It was the same gun in all three cases.
we've made a mistake.
-And a big one too.
My boss didn't take it too well.
How about yours?.
You must have an understanding boss.
No, it's just that I haven't told him yet.
It's stuck again.
Morini, get up.
What is it?.
-There's a lady here.
You gave me a fright.
-I present Chief lnspector Hedl.
Inspector Morini.
Pleased to meet you.
-Chief lnspector Hedl.
Thank you, Rex.
Where would I be without you?.
What's that?.
-A sleeping rug.
You're planning to sleep at the bureau?.
-Are you kidding?.
It's for Rex.
Ah, for Rex.
-Tell me rather, is Gori in his offiice?.
-I have to tell him about Bottura.
Oh boy.
-What does that mean, Morini?.
Just make some coffee for the lady.
Are you taking Rex to see Gori?.
Yes, why?.
-Gori isn't very fond of animals.
Is that right?.
That will give him even more reason to be angry with me.
Alright, sir.
You can go in.
-Thank you.
Let's go, Rex.
Good morning, sir.
-Good So you really bought a dog.
-Actually, I didn't buy him.
But you take him everywhere, I heard, even to crime scenes.
You let him nose around and destroy evidence.
Rex is a police dog.
He's used to being at crime scenes.
Get rid of him.
-Excuse me?.
Get rid ofhim.
He can't enter the bureau.
The rules are to be observed, Fabbri.
Where am I supposed I leave him?.
That's your problem.
What did you want to tell me?.
There you go.
-lnspector, can you come with me?.
Of course.
Excuse me.
-No problem.
What's the matter?.
-I can't find the file.
Did you look carefully?.
You made him so nervous that when I told him the weber case isn't closed he didn't even take it too badly.
But that's not what we wanted, right?.
I know, I know.
That bad man doesn't want you around.
But you know what we'll do?.
My friend, we'll just ignore him.
Come, let's go.
Excuse me, can you change five euros?.
-I'm sorry, I left my purse in the offiice.
You're Austrian, aren't you?.
-How do you know?.
People usually mistake us for Germans.
-Giuliano Polidori.
Pleased to meet you.
Ah, the architect.
I didn't know I was that famous.
Inspector Fabbri and I are investigating the corpse found on your building site.
Lukas weber.
-Yes, and I read your name in the file.
Too bad.
I hoped -What?.
I meant that I wanted to be recognized for my professional qualities rather than remembered as a gravedigger.
Anyway, I'm here to sign my deposition.
Since you're working on the case, can I ask you a question?.
Go ahead.
-It's about the grounds and the villa.
When will they be returned?.
The owners are losing a lot of money.
I'm sorry, the magistrate has reopened the case.
The villa won't be returned for now.
-Ah, the case has been reopened?.
-New information has turned up.
I'm sorry for the owners.
-well, it's not your fault.
Forgive me.
I have to sign a deposition.
-Your lD, please.
Lorenzo, how did it go?.
Right, Rex?.
I'm off.
Chief lnspector.
-You know each other, don't you?.
Of course.
The architect, right?.
It was a pleasure meeting you.
See you again, Erika.
Watch out or it'll get cold.
Your coffee.
It'll get cold if you don't drink it.
You see?.
Sir, madam and Rex, come with me.
There's something you need to hear.
Let's go.
Are you sure, Mrs Giamperoli?.
Three years have gone by.
I have a photographic memory.
I can assure you it was him, Gianni Bottura.
So tell us.
I was about to go to bed when I heard a noise on the floor below.
I went out of my room and Rex, don't stare at people.
It's bad form.
I went out of my room and I saw them.
They wore balaclavas and were armed.
How many were there?.
They asked me where the safe was.
I told them I didn't have one.
But they seemed to know I was lying.
They gave me an awful beating.
And when did you see Bottura's face?.
-When they went to open the safe.
Through a crack in the door, reflected in a mirror.
I think he had a cold and that's why he took off his balaclava.
Thank you, madam.
You've been very kind.
Morini, how far are we?.
There are 26 robberies comparable to the one at Giamperoli's.
How many have we ruled out?.
-About 300.
Excuse me.
Yes, who is it?.
Ah, Mr Polidori.
Where did you get my number?.
No, you're not interrupting.
Of course, the architect.
we met only hours ago.
Tell me.
Of course I'm interested.
Alright, I'll wait for you.
Sorry, when do you think we'll be done?.
-ln a couple of hours.
Just in time for your appointment with Polidori.
So don't you worry.
Who told you?.
-I overheard.
And your eyes say so.
It's only dinner.
'Excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta.
' Right, Morini?.
What does that mean?.
Let's get back to work.
I've given a lot of thought to the robberies at Giamperoli's.
The lady mentioned three robbers, right?.
Maybe another was waiting in the car.
-A band made up of four people: weber, Schall, Bottura -And someone else.
The fourth member of the gang.
Maybe he decided to kill the others in order to keep the loot for himself.
Enough about the weber case and about work.
Let's enjoy Rome a bit.
Do you like Rome?.
Yes, it's a magical city.
To tell you the truth, a lifetime isn't enough to comprehend its secrets.
I'd like to live here.
In a house in one ofthose old alleys.
Seeing people go to the market in the morning, the children to school.
It's so different from Vienna.
But Vienna is a beautiful city as well.
Very romantic, isn't it?.
Thanks for the lovely evening.
-I enjoyed it as well.
If you wish, I'll escort you to your hotel.
-Why not?.
You feel like walking?.
wait, wait, wait.
were are you going?.
You're beautiful.
You're beautiful.
Good morning, Erika.
-No, thanks.
Come, let's go to the offiice.
How did it go last night?.
-Oh, dinner with a friend.
Are you laughing at me?.
-Oh no.
Does it have to do with that 'excusatio'?.
-Excusatio non petita.
That one.
would you please tell me what it means?.
'An unsolicited excuse is a manifest accusation.
' Ah, I see.
Morini's questioning the robbery victims?.
-lsn't that why we're here?.
Good morning.
Thanks for your cooperation, Mr Serra.
-Thank you, lnspector.
Hey, champion.
-Please, go ahead.
So how are we doing?.
Ofthe first eight candidates, only one robbery is compatible.
Better than nothing, right?.
-we have many others to question.
Ms Grassini?.
Good morning.
-Good morning.
Please, have a seat.
Good morning.
Chief lnspector Fabbri.
-How do you do.
No, leave it.
Tell me about the robbery.
So you're going out with Polidori tonight?.
-Yes, and you?.
Oh no, three is a crowd.
He's already going out with you.
Okay, let me rephrase the question: What are you doing tonight?.
Something very interesting.
Help Morini with the questioning.
-I could come as well.
No, enjoy yourself, seeing that you can.
-Says the monk.
Are you seeing anyone?.
-No, l Exactly.
Two days ago I went out with a girlfriend and Rex wouldn't let her into the house.
He doesn't act like that with me.
-So what?.
You're an old friend of his.
-I mean, he knows you're not after me.
Tell me the truth.
You knew he was that jealous.
The only robbers who talked didn't have any accent.
Why do you ask?.
You see, Mr Camerlengo, we suspect that there were Austrians among them.
I'm sorry, I don't remember.
I'll show you some pictures.
Tell me if you recognize any of these men.
Maybe you've seen them somewhere.
No again.
You recognize him?.
-Not him, the woman.
She came for an interview.
I was looking for an interior decorator.
I showed her around the house.
-Are you sure it was her?.
Rex, what are you doing?.
You want to put on seatbelts?.
You're not a human being, you're a dog.
And who cares anyway?.
we're in Rome.
-Erika, it's me, Lorenzo.
Lorenzo, tell me.
-I know who the fourth member is.
Sonia Ferreri.
-Ah, weber's fiancée, Sonia Ferreri.
I'm at the hotel.
-I'll be there in 15 minutes.
Wiill you be ready?.
-Of course.
See you in a bit.
Did anything happen?.
I'm sorry, I have a business dinner.
I have to go.
I'll call you tomorrow.
No, Rex, I'm sorry, but this time it's not open to discussion.
Take the backseat.
I don't know what the deal was before, but you're in ltaly now.
Come, be good.
What are you waiting for?.
She's a lady, so be courteous.
Come, go on.
Good boy.
Come, jump onto the backseat.
Sorry to spoil ruin your evening.
-work comes first.
So Sonia Ferreri visited one of the victims?.
Two months before the heist.
-To reconnoitre.
That's what I think.
No, Rex, you wait here.
Be a good boy.
May we?.
Ms Ferreri, are you home?.
This is Chief lnspector Fabbri.
May l?.
There's no one here.
-Let's go upstairs.
As if she vanished into thin air.
I'm calling Morini.
we need the license number and the model of Ferreri's car.
-What is it?.
They've found her.
-Why didn't you say so at once?.
Let's go.
Come on, Rex, let's go.
A patrol car recognized her car.
They went inside and found her like this.
-It's the most probable hypothesis.
Have you checked the car?.
-No, we waited for you.
Open the trunk.
Alright, let's see what we have here.
Let's see what else is here.
Calibre 7.
Definitely the gun we were looking for.
Rex has found something.
What is it, Rex?.
What have you found?.
Let me see.
Come, be good.
That's it.
The coroner just sent his report.
I guess Ferreri killed her accomplices for the jewels and when she felt she was trapped and saw no chance of escape she preferred to take her own life.
How did she know we were onto her?.
-She probably saw you arrive, right?.
When you got there, she'd only just left, right?.
I'll leave you Gaiba's report.
Sign the copy and we'll close the case.
By the way, my compliments.
Excellent work.
Did you hear that?.
And I hardly did a thing.
At least he didn't complain about Rex still being here.
I forgot about the dog.
Get rid of him.
As soon as possible, with rug and all.
Lorenzo, the food here is really good.
-I'm glad you like it.
Though Rex doesn't agree.
He's hardly eaten since he's in ltaly.
Maybe he needs to get acclimatized.
But I'm worried about him.
And you?.
Have you decided when you're leaving?.
I have a flight on Monday.
Giuliano asked me to go away with him forthe weekend.
And I've accepted.
A romantic weekend, right?.
Where is he taking you?.
-To his villa at the seaside.
we'll be closer to the airport.
I don't know what will happen but I want to experience this moment.
Do you think it's a mistake?.
No, it's as it should be.
It's all happening so fast.
-Carpe diem.
That's your philosophy of life, isn't it?.
-No, it's what I always tell my friends.
Sir, I'm going home.
It's only ten.
-On Saturday morning.
It's my day off.
Are you telling me you have a pretty girl waiting for you?.
I'll see you on Monday, sir.
Ah, I forgot.
The report on the heist of the jewels in Ferreri's travel bag.
we didn't even include it on our list.
-Maybe we've been a bit negligent.
we didn't have much to go on.
Fortunately we didn't need it.
I'd attach a copy to the report.
I don't know why you're not convinced, but if you don't close it, Gori will kill you.
Have a good Sunday.
Bye, Rex.
You too.
Yes, I know, Rex.
From here you don't see the street either.
And this is the last window.
So the story that Ferreri saw us doesn't hold up.
Why don't we make one more round?.
What is it, Rex?.
What have you found?.
Let me see.
Let me see that.
I thought it was drugs, but it's medicine.
And very strong to boot.
Gaiba, am I interrupting you?.
-Lorenzo, come in.
I need a favour.
Rex found this in Ferreri's apartment.
There were three boxes.
It's a painkiller.
A very potent one.
-ls that right?.
There also was one in the bag in her car.
The autopsy didn't turn up anything that would indicate such massive doses.
Right, I didn't do the autopsy.
Dr Brandi did.
He's not always as scrupulous as he should be.
Let's check it.
Let's see.
-What is it?.
I'm sorry, Lorenzo, but l -Tell me.
I promise I won't tell anyone.
Ferreri suffered from rhizoarthrosis of the thumb or Forestier's disease.
Which is?.
Degeneration of the trapeziometacarpal joint.
In short?.
-Arthrosis ofthe thumb.
Wiith such a problem, Ferreri could never have tied the noose with which she was hanged.
Let's see.
weber, Schall, Bottura, Ferreri.
Four inexplicable homicides.
Yes, it's quite a brainteaser.
Really quite a brainteaser.
Let's see.
The first to be killed was weber.
But before he was killed, he was given a bad beating.
Maybe because the killer wanted to know something from him.
But what?.
Of course.
He wanted to know the names of the rest ofthe band.
Rex, I've got it.
He wanted to know because he wanted to kill them, see?.
Let's recapitulate.
weber gets killed.
Bottura doesn't, because he manages to escape and goes into hiding.
So what does the killer do?.
He goes to Vienna and kills Schall.
But then he's stuck, because he can't find Bottura, until Until wait.
Rex, have you seen that report Morini left behind?.
Where is it?.
You've found it.
well done, champion.
Let's have a look.
It's not here.
Nor here.
Let's hope that we don't have to go through the reports of all the heists.
How much was there?.
-A lot.
How much?.
-At least two million.
In jewels?.
-we filled the whole bag.
I knew it.
-watch out.
RobertaAmisano was hit and killed by the fleeing robbers.
Polidori has testified that he was there.
Maybe Polidori recognized weber, went after him and then killed him.
And then he did the same with the others, understand?.
When he realized Bottura had gone into hiding and would be impossible to find he saw to it that weber's corpse was found knowing that our investigations would set the boat rocking and get Bottura to come out ofhiding, which is just what happened.
My God, Erika.
I really feel wonderful with you.
Let me take a shower before dinner.
Please, see who called me.
Giuliano, I'll be quick.
I'm starved.
Erika, it's Lorenzo.
Listen, Ferreri didn't kill herself.
She was killed, and I know who did it.
Call me.
Are you leaving?.
-I forgot I had an important appointment.
-Don't worry.
I'll be back in the evening.
I'll get ready and come with you.
-No need.
It'll only be a couple ofhours.
But I'd like to come with you.
-There really is no need.
No, Erika, don't answer.
-Why not?.
Don't answer.
-What's the matter?.
Let me answer.
Ah, Lorenzo, what's the matter?.
Turn off your phone.
Turn it off.
Erika, are you there?.
Fabbri is on his way, isn't he?.
You're a terrible liar.
Get dressed, quick.
You approached me only to get information out of me.
You told me the case wasn't closed yet.
What else could I've done?.
You used me.
-Yes, it's true, I used you.
But we had a good time, didn't we?.
-You killed Ferreri.
weber never gave me Sonia's name.
He gave me Bottura and Schall's names.
He wanted to protect her.
So you called to say we were after her.
I got there before you did.
I saw her leave and I followed her to the shed.
And there you hanged her.
Before she died, she confessed that it was she who drove the car.
Stupid, right?.
And I thought I'd taken revenge.
But I still had to kill Roberta's murderer.
Was all that bloodshed worth it?.
-Oh yes.
They looked at the stars, but never talked about love.
When a butterfly died, both of them cried.
Those lines are from Neruda, her favourite poet.
She said his poems talked about us.
The morning she was killed, we'd been arguing.
It was my fault.
I never had a chance to apologize.
Is it so much trouble to come?.
-You know I can't stand your father.
But it's important to me.
I never ask you anything.
I don't want to spend two days at your parents', okay?.
Where are you going?.
I'm not finished.
-To buy cigarettes.
May l?.
Go to hell.
Watch out.
It was as if I'd died togetherwith her.
-So you killed another four people.
You want to know the truth?.
I never thought of avenging myself.
Until I happened to run into weber at a restaurant.
When I saw him there, I had a flash, the seconds I saw him inside the car.
I understood that it was a sign of fate.
Do you believe in fate, Erika?.
I thought as much.
Don't do anything stupid, or I'll kill you.
Polidori, don't commit more stupidities.
Come on, let her go.
Drop your gun.
Drop it.
You can't escape anymore.
It's over.
-I decide when it's over, understood?.
Don't come any closer or I'll kill her.
It's not over yet.
Drop it.
Drop your gun.
Drop it.
-Okay, I'll drop it.
But don't hurt her.
You signed your own fate when you made your deposition, the day of the heist.
Rex found the jewels.
It was simple.
Where's Rex?.
well done, Rex.
Now leave him alone.
Come on, get up.
Everything okay, Erika?.
-Yes, everything is fine.
Don't move.
well done, champion.
Come on, move it.
Erika -Shut up.
Thank you.
Yourtaxi is here.
If you don't mind, I'd rather say goodbye here.
Airports and railway stations always make me so sad.
I'm such an idiot.
-Not at all.
Polidori deceived me as well.
There's a difference.
I was falling in love.
Take care of your boss, Rex.
Thanks for everything.
Don't act all jealous now, okay?.
No, it's not what you think.
Ah,excusatio non petita.