Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Kono Chuunibyou ni Bakuen o!

Why is this different from the life
in a parallel world I imagined?
Rookie adventurers have no steady income.
Sleeping in the stable is a common thing.
The adventurers actually
are no different from poor wanderers.
Even in wealthy Japan,
wanderers are not able to
sleep at the hotel every day.
Minimum wage, labor law,
what are those? Are they delicious?
Good morning.
Good morning? It is almost afternoon.
Didn't you say you want to go for crusade?
I feel relaxed once I think
that I don't have to
go to the construction site
to move bricks.
Is the sentence
"count on me" yesterday a joke?
Besides, didn't you say
the world is invaded by the devil
and threatened by growing crisis?
It's quite peaceful.
I didn't even see a hair of the devil.
Here is the furthest town
from the City of Devil.
Besides, there are only
rookie adventurers here.
It is impossible for
the devil to come here.
That's true.
Then let's go for crusade.
Wait for me to show my capabilities.
I think you said similar words yesterday.
However, that's true
as you are a goddess.
I'll count on you then.
Okay, let's get
basic equipment and set out.
How long do you want to stay? You idiot!
I'm sorry.
God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!)
(Episode 2: An Explosion for This Chuunibyo!)
Help, Aqua, help me.
Oh dear! It's so funny!
Kazuma, why is your face flushed?
Why do you look so tiring
and with watery eyes?
I will definitely bury her
after we get home later.
Giant toads, although they are just frogs,
they really can't be underestimated.
If the breeding season comes, in order
to save their strength to lay eggs,
they even go to the village
where there are baits.
I heard that they will even swallow
the goats raised by the villagers.
Besides, it seems that
when toads' breeding season comes,
there will be children or villagers
missing in the village.
By the way, although toad meat
is a bit hard,
it's still very popular
as food as it tastes good.
Kazuma, if you want me to save you,
let's start with
using honorifics when talking to me.
Master Aqua!
I really can't help it.
Then I will save you, jobless otaku.
To express gratitude, you have to
worship me in the future.
Join Axis Sect
when you go back to the town.
Pray to me three times a day.
When eating,
as long as I say "give me",
you have to obey and give it to me.
You are eaten!
With Aqua in its mouth,
the toad can't move for the moment.
That's great.
Thank you, Kazuma.
Thank you.
It stinks!
Let's go back first for today.
This is not the creature we can deal with.
Let's go back
and get some equipment first.
However, I have been tarnished.
If my situation now is seen
by the followers of Axis Sect,
they will definitely give up faith,
not to mention I was defeated by a toad.
If this is known, the reputation
of goddess Aqua will be destroyed.
You usually stupidly work and
sweat with a group of uncles.
The only pleasure after showering
in the evening is dinner and some wine.
After that, you even drool
when sleeping in the stable.
Now you said you have been tarnished.
Wait, Aqua!
I'll let you see the power of God!
How dare you block my way!
You even dare to challenge me!
Go to hell
for self-reflection and repentance!
Fist of God!
The so-called fist of God blends
with the goddess's anger and sorrow!
The enemy will die!
Toad or something,
it's pretty cute after looking carefully.
TOAD X 2 = 10000 ERIS
The girl is so cute.
It seems the power of
two people can't beat them.
Let's recruit companions.
A toad only values 5000 Eris.
It has no difference from moving bricks.
I didn't expect that it's quite delicious.
Although it's a bit hard,
but it is very chewy.
As for recruitment,
will anyone want to team up with
rookies who have
no decent equipment like us?
I'm there.
Don't worry that no one will join us.
Swallow it!
Talk after you swallow the food.
I'm the most superior priest.
No matter what team it is,
they will definitely covet me.
Once I post a recruitment notice,
people who will say
"please, let me join you" must be a lot.
Give me another piece of
fried toad if you understand it.
There are too few people today.
Yes, it's too relaxed today.
Is today a day off?
No one comes.
The recruitment notice
has been posted for half a day.
None of the future hero
candidates has come.
Recruitment, this is
a lively and warm team.
Adventurers who want to
start a journey with
the beautiful and elegant priest,
Master Aqua, please come to register.
I'm very happy every day in this team.
I even won the lottery.
Luckily, I joined Master Aqua's team.
Even my illness has been cured,
and I recently have become popular.
Entry requirement.
Only for senior professional adventurers.
Let's lower the entry requirement.
No matter what,
the entry requirement is too strict.
No one will come if it goes on like this.
Furthermore, although you are
in a senior occupation,
I am in the weakest one.
I'll be ashamed
if I'm surrounded by elites.
I have seen the recruitment notice.
This destined encounter
is the result of the world's choice.
I'm looking forward to
meeting people like you.
My name is Megumin. I am a mage.
The strongest attack and
explosion magic spellcaster.
My forbidden ability
which is discriminated by the world
as its lethality is too strong,
are you desperate for it?
Since it is so,
let's look long into an ultimate abyss.
When you look long into an abyss,
the abyss looks back into you.
Are you here to talk about jokes?
Of course not.
Crimson colored eyes.
Are you from the Crimson Demon village?
Yes, I am the best magician
in Crimson Demon village, Megumin.
My unique magic's power can make mountains
fall and the earth split
What's wrong with you?
I haven't eaten for three days.
Can you give me something to eat?
Of course I can treat you to a meal,
but what happened to your eye?
Let her treat you if you are injured.
She is very powerful
although she has only recovering magic.
This is a magical item
to suppress my powerful magic.
If it is taken off,
this world will suffer huge disasters.
It is like a seal?
I made up a story.
I only wear it for fashion.
I'm sorry. Please don't pull it!
Stop it!
She is like the people
in Crimson Demon village.
They were all born with
high intelligence and strong magic.
They are generally expert magicians
-with some strange names.
-Yes, let go slowly, slowly.
My eye hurts!
I'm sorry. I thought you were fooling me
as you said something strange
and even your name is so weird.
It's so rude to judge my name.
I think the names of people
on the street are the weird ones.
By the way, what are
the names of your parents?
My mother is Yuiyui,
and my father is Hyoizaburoo.
Most of the people in her village
are excellent magicians, right?
Say it if you have any comments
on the names of my parents.
There is no way
to fake the adventurer card.
It seems that she is really a mage.
She is a senior mage
who can use powerful attack magic.
The magic value of
this girl is really high.
Isn't it great
if she really can use explosion magic?
That is the strongest attack magic.
"This girl", "she", what are those?
Please call my name.
Well, order something, Ms. Mage.
As explosion magic is the strongest magic,
the preparation time is relatively longer.
During the preparation period,
please hold the toad down.
Okay, count on us.
Kazuma, there is another one!
Are they coming together?
Make the distant one the target.
I got it.
As for the one near us,
let's go, Aqua.
Anyway, you were a goddess.
Let me see your power for some time.
I'm a goddess here and now.
She is a self-proclaimed goddess,
what a poor child.
She will talk nonsense sometimes.
I hope you don't mind.
What a poor girl.
Although combat family
does not work with these toads,
but it will work this time.
Look, Kazuma.
I'll show you how great I'm.
Sleep with trembling.
Lullaby of God!
The so-called lullaby of God means
a requiem full of love and
sadness of the goddess.
The enemy will die.
She is indeed a goddess.
She sacrificed herself
to get us more time.
Darkness is blacker than black
and darker than dark.
I beseech you to
combine with my deep crimson.
The time of awakening comes.
Justice falls upon
the infallible boundary.
Appear now as an intangible distortion!
I desire for my torrent of
power as destructive force:
a destructive force no one can match!
Return all creation to cinders
and come from the abyss!
This is the mightiest means
of attack known to man,
the ultimate attack magic! Explosion!
So, this is magic?
Was it awakened
by the sound of the explosion?
Megumin, let's hide first.
As my mystic explosion magic
possesses tremendous might,
it consumes tremendous magical power.
In short, I used magical power
beyond my limits,
so now I can't move at all.
I never expected to have so many toads
popping out so close by.
This is bad. I'm going to be eaten.
Sorry, could you help me
You guys, don't get eaten like this!
Wow, it's huge!
It's so stinky.
The toad's mouth is a bit stinky,
but it feels quite warm.
That is information I don't need to know.
You're banned from using explosion magic
except in emergency situations.
Just use ordinary magic.
I can't.
I can only use explosion magic.
I can't use any other type of magic.
Hey, wait right there!
If your level is high enough
to use explosion magic,
shouldn't you be able
to use other magic too?
I didn't learn all the arch priest spells
until I learned the party trick skills.
What would you use party trick skills for?
I am an arch mage
who loves explosion magic above all else.
I don't like any other magic
in the detonation family.
I only like explosion magic!
I could, of course, easily go on
adventures if I learned other magic,
but that just won't do!
I only love explosion magic!
Even if only one use per day is my limit,
otherwise I collapse after using my magic,
explosion magic is still
the only magic I'll ever love!
After all, I chose the path of a mage
solely because I could use explosion magic!
Great! It's simply wonderful!
Inefficient though it is,
I am touched by your romantic pursuit!
Oh dear, it seems
this magician is hopeless.
The fact that Aqua
sympathizes with her proves it.
Based on these two battles,
I highly suspect this goddess
is completely useless too.
Frankly, I don't need any more
problematic children to put up with.
I see!
I'm sure the path ahead of you
will be thorny, but just do your best!
Once we reach the guild,
we'll split the reward evenly.
Then let's meet up somewhere else
when we get a chance.
My only wish is to use
my explosion magic.
I would be fine with
going unpaid if needed.
Yes, an arch mage's
mighty power can be yours
for the low cost of food and sundries!
What choice do you have but to
make a long-term contract with me?
No, such mighty power
would be wasted on a puny party
of rookie adventurers like us.
No, it's fine,
even if you are puny or just rookies!
Although I am a senior, I'm only level 6.
Please don't tear my hand away.
No, what kind of magician
can only use a spell once a day?
This girl
has got a surprisingly
strong grip as a magician!
Hey, let go!
You've got dumped
by some other party, didn't you?
Let go!
If we go into a dungeon,
there won't be enough room
to use explosion magic!
You will get more useless!
Hey, stop! You're getting it on my face!
No other parties will take me anymore!
I'll carry your stuff or
whatever else you need!
I'm begging you! Don't abandon me.
How awful, that man is
going to abandon a little girl.
And he has got a girl
covered in snot beside him.
Toying with such a little girl,
then discarding her? What a scumbag.
Look! The two girls are all slimy!
What sort of plays
did that pervert perform on them?
It's not like that!
I'm fine with whatever
erotic plays you like!
I can even endure
that slimy play we used those toads for!
All right, I got it!
Glad to have you on board!
I have confirmed
you have completed your quest.
Thank you for your hard work.
I went up 4 levels all at once.
I really do get stronger
just by defeating some monsters.
The newer the adventurer,
the faster you will grow.
Now, adding up the sale of the giant toads
and your quest completion reward,
your total comes to 110,000 Eris.
Please verify the amount.
110,000. Split between three people,
that comes to around 36,000 Eris each.
We nearly lost our lives
for a reward of 36,000 each.
It's not worth it.
I checked other quests just in case, but
Please search for the lost pet white wolf.
Please teach my son swordsmanship.
Requirement: Rune knights
or sword masters only.
Looking for a practice partner
for magical experiments.
Requirement: Strong physical strength.
Welcome people
who can resist powerful magic!
It's no use.
I really want to go back to Japan.
The ally we recruited is a lost cause.
Living in this world
is not going to be easy.
I happened to see your recruitment notice.
Are you still recruiting people?
We are!
Though, I wouldn't really recommend it
A female knight, an extraordinary beauty?
She is such a gorgeous grown-up woman.
I got so nervous
that my voice squeaked a little.
It's an adverse effect of
my long life as a shut-in!
I see. Thank God.
I have been waiting to
meet someone like you.
My name is Darkness.
I'm a crusader.
Please let me
join your party!
(Episode 3: The Underwear
in the Right Hand)
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