Krypton (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

House of Zod

This initiative is about targeting Black Zero.
Nobody fires unless I give the order.
Let him go.
What happened here? Kol-Da, you are under arrest.
Lyta, thank you.
I need someone to take responsibility for the Rankless initiative's failures.
Commander Zod, it's by Rao's word that you are hereby charged with treason.
What's gonna happen to her? She'll be executed just like your grandfather was.
Why do you want to save Lyta-Zod? Because I love her.
Will you help her? She's innocent.
The moment Lyta dies, so does our chance to overthrow the Voice of Rao.
I have come to make you an offer that could save Lyta's life.
For the cost of what? Pledge your support to my father.
Thanks for always having my back.
It's more than loyalty.
Val, I'm headed your way.
Do you read? Tell me what you know about Brainiac.
Together we can protect the future of Krypton.
Seg-El is somewhere in the complex.
Find him.
You're my daughter, and Zods are not traitors.
I think you're here protecting Seg.
If you want to help me, then for once in your life - trust me.
- Trust runs both ways, Lyta.
What makes a Zod? Is it blood? Jayna.
You were born into a great House.
A House of Warriors.
Warriors whose courage, honor and loyalty to the State are without equal.
And without question.
You hold back because she is your sister.
Your unwillingness to land the blow ensures that she will remain vulnerable to such an attack from a future opponent, one not blinded by sentiment as you are.
Is that honorable? To earn the name Zod, you must place honor above all.
Above love.
Above life.
Even above family.
He won't last long out here.
Especially with the ice storm coming.
We better find him before it hits.
Okay, okay, okay.
Ah, come on, come on.
Hello, ca Can any Shit.
Help me.
They'll be back soon.
I know a way to safety.
Huh? Far from these people.
Deactivate the barrier.
- Dev.
- You're a Zod.
Wouldn't run even if I begged you.
Do it and go.
I'll be responsible.
I should've come sooner.
You shouldn't have come at all.
You really expect me to believe that all this time you've been a Black Zero operative? Clearly some do.
I was thinking about the first night we met.
The Nova Cycle First Night Dinner.
Was that really 18 cycles ago? I couldn't believe my family got seated with House Zod.
When I saw the Fire of Rao, I knew I'd never see anything as beautiful.
And then I saw you.
I paid that Rankless to spread spark snow in the Fire.
Only you would try to improve the Ceremonial Fire.
I had no idea it would Set fire to the Surrus blossoms.
I didn't ask you to take the blame for me.
You didn't have to.
I was already in love with you.
Look, I know you don't feel the same way I feel about you, but I do love you.
He's nowhere to be found and he's not picking up his comm.
I'm telling you, something is seriously wrong.
Yes, Lyta has been scheduled for execution.
It does not get more wrong for Seg.
He will show up eventually.
Great, so until then I'm just supposed to sit around with my thumb up my ass? Yeah, if if you think that's gonna help.
Be my guest.
It'll probably be a lot more help than you've been.
Why would you put your thumb Uh.
You know yet, we getting close? How much further? Hey, come on, stay with me.
I need you to tell me how to get us out of here.
Straight, we go straight.
Straight? You said that three straights ago.
How can you even tell? It looks all the same.
Co come on, come on.
You gotta stay with me.
Come on, keep talking.
What's your name? Tell me your name.
- What's your name? - Raika.
- I am Raika.
- Raika.
I'm Seg.
Those people back there, what do they want from you? Why were they torturing you? I could not let them find it.
Find what? That which we protect.
Protect? What do you mean "protect"? Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey.
Come on, we gotta keep moving.
Whoa, hey, friends, friends, friend of Raika's.
She's hurt.
I tried to help her.
Ha neh fra bor.
Jayta fesu henni Raika.
Yek un gas ka-ta meh hann.
Yeah, well, that looks bad.
Um, that probably doesn't help, but I used those to pry open Raika's shackles when I rescued her.
El? Yeah, El.
Very good.
Oh, shit.
Do you have any idea what you've done? I'm trying to salvage this mess.
By going behind my back? To the Primus of the Sagitari? What makes you think Jayna is ready to join us and go against everything House Zod stands for? The fact that most parents love their children.
And if she does love her daughter that much, what's to stop her going to the Voice of Rao himself and bargaining for a better deal? You have risked everything, Nyssa.
We need the Sagitari.
She's a Zod.
If we don't stop Lyta's execution, we lose Jayna.
And then we lose the chance to make a better Kandor.
A better Kandor? There's something else clouding your judgment.
Or someone else.
Seg, perhaps? I did what I did so we can prevail against a tyrant.
A tyrant with power and a temper.
If Jayna agrees, and joins us to spare her beloved daughter, how do I explain to the Voice that he won't get the blood he's asked for? And if she refuses, and tells the Voice of our plans before we can put them in motion, then the blood he asks for will be ours.
How do you all survive down here? Cythonna.
With her love and blessing, all things are possible.
Cythonna? The Ice Goddess? The true Mother of Krypton.
You're Cythonnites? This is a sacred place.
You do not belong here.
Why have you come, El? Raika brought me here after I rescued her from some very bad people.
Your people.
If they were my people, would they have done this to me? But hey, you don't want me here, I don't particularly want to be here, so point me in the direction of Kandor and I'll gladly be on my way.
You have shown one of our own a kindness.
Allow us to return it by healing your wounds.
I testified exactly as you told me to.
Why am I still here? Procedural delay.
Nothing more.
Stymied by bureaucracy? Most powerful man in Kandor.
Second most.
You will be out soon.
And we will be sipping drinks by nightfall.
Every moment of your life is a test.
One that reveals who you are.
And if you truly are worthy of the name Zod.
Today is your trial by ice.
You will make your way to the Jewel Mountains.
You will follow in the footsteps of those who have come before you.
Or you will die trying.
At the southern base is the Sword of Jo-Mon, the fiercest of all Kryptonian warriors.
There you will find the oxygen that will ease your return.
There's only one respirator.
We made it all this way without one.
- And we almost died.
- But we didn't.
We can do this.
We're too far out.
We share the respirator.
We each use half.
It took all we had to get here.
- We have to try.
- No! Don't you see? This is the test.
We're wasting breath arguing.
We can both do this.
I'm sorry.
Vidar, don't.
Better than letting you freeze out here.
I'll make it quick.
Don't leave me here.
Jayna! Jayna! Jayna! You have to make a decision.
You're sacrificing your daughter for honor? You dare speak to me of honor? Tell me, Primus.
What makes you any different from those who blindly follow the Voice of Rao? You'll say anything to achieve your desires.
That's your code.
Duty is action.
Duty is thought.
What about your duty to Lyta? One word from you and she is saved.
Her rank, her honor restored.
You serve an oppressive ruler without question.
Why not serve my father who wants to truly lead? You aspire to lead, yet know nothing about being a leader.
Is that a yes or a no? That actually feels a lot better.
What is this stuff? Okay, well, not bad for something that clearly came out of some creature's ass.
Thank you.
I'm glad you pulled through.
Yes, thanks to you.
What are they saying? I know it's about me.
Come on, Raika.
Talk to me.
They're trying to figure out what to do with you.
What's to figure out? Unless they have no intention of letting me leave.
I'm sorry.
If I had known you were an El, I would never have brought you to this place.
Well, that seems a little judgy.
You barely know me, except for the fact that I saved you.
Do you remember that? You are an El.
You have the power to destroy everything.
What do you mean? I've said too much.
Too much? You haven't told me shit.
Why would you think that I could ever do that? Because the House of El has done it before.
I can't say any more about this.
What exactly did my family do? I'm sorry, but all I can say is our duty to protect this place from your family has been passed from generation to generation.
Well, all I can say is that my family means you no harm.
And I'm leaving.
They will never let you out of here alive.
Then help me.
Help me, like I helped you.
You will tell others about this place.
You're worried about others? Do you know what happens when I don't go home? Others come looking for me.
That's right, yeah.
All my brothers, and all my cousins, and all my uncles.
Pretty soon this place is gonna be crawling with Els.
And think about the destruction they could do.
But you can make sure that none of that happens.
All I need is a respirator and a way out of here.
I should've asked for more than just a respirator.
Oxygen level near depletion.
Replenish oxygen supply immediately.
Warning It's not too late to stop this.
Jayna! Vidar, he's still out there Do not think of your brother.
He no longer has a place among us.
My mother gave this to me.
As her father gave it to her.
As you know, it has never been apart from me.
It is indestructible.
As is your spirit, Jayna.
I saw that from the start.
Your purpose is fulfilled.
And your destiny clear.
You take your place in the House of Zod, protector of Krypton.
With you serving it, our people's future is as bright as Rao's light.
You are a Zod.
As such, you kneel to no one.
Lyta-Zod, the witness against you has recanted.
All testimony is hereby rescinded.
And all charges of treason are dropped.
You are to be reinstated immediately to full rank.
The Council apologizes.
Mother, I I don't understand this.
I I don't know how this happened.
I guess I have Nyssa-Vex to thank.
She'll be expecting something in return You owe her nothing.
Do you understand? Nothing.
It was you.
You saved me.
I thought I was going to die.
I just I can't believe it, how? What did you do? I know you've truly never understood this, Lyta.
But you've always been my greatest love.
And now my greatest shame.
Mother? Mother.
Why am I still here? I demand to see the Chief Magistrate.
What is going on? Where's Daron-Vex? End program.
I want a full investigation.
I will find out how a prisoner of the Sagitari was able to get a weapon into her cell.
Go! I must say, you nearly had me fooled.
Well, let's hope the Voice of Rao will be as well.
No, I meant your feelings for Kol-Da.
You did care for her.
Yes, I did.
Very much.
She was a fierce warrior.
And loyal to our cause.
And yet And yet, you left me with little choice.
A sacrifice had to be made.
Oxygen level near depletion.
Painfully aware of that.
Please replenish oxygen supply.
Can't do that.
Oxygen level critical.
- I heard you! - Alert.
Oxygen now depleted.
Maybe you'll shut up.
Oxygen now depleted.
Come on.
Come on, baby.
Come on now.
Yes! Yes.
Adam! Adam, come in.
No, come on.
This has to work.
Adam, it's Seg.
Do you hear me? He's about yea high, dreamy eyes, legs for days.
- Adam, Adam, do you read? It's Seg.
- Uh, Seg, Seg, yeah.
- Adam, can you hear me? - Yeah, Seg, I got you.
Adam, there'sference I can hear you.
Uh Can you hear me now? Seg, can you hear me now? Adam, listen.
I don't know how much time I have.
I'm in the Outlands, and I'm stuck.
I need help.
But if things go badly, there's something I need you to do for me.
I got your message.
How is it I'm standing here? Rao works in mysterious ways.
Clearly, so do you.
What is going on between you and my mother and where is Seg? - Nobody's seen him.
- Commander Zod.
Commander, this man claims to have information for you.
What do I do with him? I'll deal with him.
You remember me? Seg's friend.
The alien.
- What is it? - I've got a message from him.
In my hand.
Lyta, if you're hearing this, you know what happened.
I'm so sorry.
I wish I knew you were okay.
You've always been the strongest, bravest person I know.
Ugh, it's cold as shit out here.
I bet you'd survive it, though.
You will survive.
I know you.
Do you remember our first kiss? I'd give anything to kiss you one more time.
You are everything good in me.
And I love you.
I Follow me.
There's still a chance.
That's why I'm coming with you.
I've got a general area where he's at.
I hope you got some tech that can narrow that down a little bit.
Lieutenant Tai, you're with me.
S&R Ops.
Suit up.
I'll brief you on the way.
Put that on.
Lyta, if you need another man, I'll get suited up.
No, it's classified.
I'll talk to you soon, okay? Let's move.
Seg-El was captured by a faction of Black Zero.
He escaped.
He's in the Outlands.
There's a Level 6 ice storm in that sector.
No way he survives that.
Hate to be the one to break bad news to Nyssa-Vex.
Secure that shit, Lieutenant.
We bring him back alive.
- Clear? - Solid copy, Commander.
We're gonna find him.
We're close! We're not gonna stop looking.
There's skimmer dust-off markings back there.
Looks fresh.
Scan for a heat signature.
This will revive him.
We need you alive, so you can tell us where you took that Cythonnite woman.
You have no idea how important she is.
She holds the key to stopping Brainiac.
Tell us where she is.
We don't have much time.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Sweep the place.
Stay here.
- How you doing? - Ah.
A little tender.
It's you.
What's so funny? Who gave you that? You did.
I'm your son.