Krypton (2018) s02e05 Episode Script

A Better Yesterday

1 I have a plan to save Lyta, to kill Dru-Zod.
If I'm to join you against Zod and Lyta gets in the way, I need to know what you're willing to do.
I honestly don't know.
You're sending me up there.
To Wegthor.
You are the most valuable person to me.
When this reconditioning is complete, you'll be a different person.
What have you done? Reconditioning complete.
He's done.
Can you hear me, Seg-El? [GRUNTING.]
Take it from someone who's been in your position before, Lyta.
There is never a "we" when it comes to power.
There is only the last one standing.
For helping us capture the oxygenators, we owe a great deal of gratitude Nyssa-Vex.
It's a smart weapon.
If the wrong hands get a hold of it It could mean genocide.
Detonate on my command only.
Ground forces, move in! [WARNING ALARMS BLARE.]
The oxygenators are failing.
Zod's tainted the supply.
Detonate the Codex Weapon! No! [BUTTON CHIRPING.]
Val, what did you do? What did you do? You should have told me what you were planning.
What the hell is this? The end of the war.
The mission was a success.
Initial body count suggests over 50% of their ground forces were wiped out.
We'll update further after the solar flare.
Good, by the time that's finished there should be no resistance left to speak of.
Hello, son.
Call for help and you will die.
Do not doubt it.
You know, you should have a word with those guards of yours.
They just let me walk right in.
Maybe you told them a different Seg was gonna show up.
Someone a bit more conditioned, perhaps? Looks like your plan to rewire my brain didn't turn out the way you expected.
You don't say? You know, for someone with such a grand vision, you probably should have seen this coming.
How could I, huh? No one in the history of Krypton has ever been able to withstand a Somatic Reconditioning.
How did you do this, Seg? Defying the odds over and over again.
I wouldn't answer that truthfully, if I were you.
Which, in a manner of speaking, I suppose I am.
However, you probably should tell him something.
Shut up.
Off of your ass.
Time for you to undo what you did to Lyta.
As I'm sure you've already heard, your ground support are all dead.
Now, if you'd like to avoid the same fate, just do as I say.
This war is over.
- Hey, Lyta! - Oh, no.
Uh, you remember me? Adam.
Seg's buddy.
Shut up.
I I do remember.
You were the one who wanted him to kill our son and let Braniac take Kandor.
That that's taking it a little bit out of context.
Do you want to live or not, Adam? Shut up.
That's the first smart thing I've ever seen you do.
God damn it.
Now, as a sign of good faith, you may return to your base With a request from me to Val-El and Jax-Ur.
What kind of request? A meeting, face-to-face, to discuss how to prevent further bloodshed in this war.
I expect a swift response.
- Hey, give that back.
- Hey, come on, come on.
- Give it back.
- Hold on.
You two are staying with me.
What about the gesture of good faith that you were just talking about? I'm putting my faith in Val.
He'd never let you two die, would he? Why did you do it? You know better than anyone the dangers of the Codex falling into the wrong hands.
Of course I do, I just never thought the wrong hands would be yours.
You you weaponized it! We needed another option in case the assault on the Base Station went south! Weaponizing the Codex was our fail-safe! - You went behind my back! - I was protecting you! I don't ever recall asking for protection, nor needing it! But you do need it, Val! You are an El! The Rebels believe in you! You and your family's name inspire them in ways that I never could! You give them hope.
But that's just not enough this time.
We cannot become like him! There must be another way.
No, you don't seem to understand what is happening out there.
Our entire ground support are dead.
The oxygenators we acquired from Zod's supply convoy were tainted.
Our strike team was ambushed before they could even reach the Base Station.
The other way failed, Val! Zod knew we were coming the entire time.
That can't be right.
How is that possible? Take a damn guess.
Don't shoot.
My name is Nyssa-Vex.
I have orders to report back to General Zod.
At once.
Holy Rao, it really is you.
Yeah, you mind telling these guys that? Stand down, she's with us.
- Thanks.
- Sorry about that.
We've, um we've had a few Sagitari defect to the Rebels lately, so everyone's a little on edge.
But then, well, that's conscripts for you, I guess.
As disloyal as they are ungrateful.
Yeah, it's hard to know who's on what side anymore.
Come on, let's get you back to Kandor, shall we? Why are they looking at me like that? Well, they probably want to thank you.
For what? Those tainted oxygenators.
If it weren't for them, this base would be overrun by Rebel forces.
You saved their lives and mine.
What do you mean, "tainted oxygenators"? From the shipment the Rebels stole.
They all suffocated before the battle even began.
It was you who fed them that information right? Yeah.
I'm responsible.
For all of it.
Congratulations, Nyssa.
You've finally chosen the right side.
She requested a meeting with you and Val-El.
She says she wants to prevent further casualties.
Is that why she left you alive? And why she kept Kem and Adam in custody.
Is it true about the ground forces? Everyone? I'm so sorry.
Stand by for orders.
Thought I might have another chance to sell you out.
Sorry to disappoint.
Just making sure we can still pass as Sagitari.
Congrats, you passed.
Now, you owe me a drink.
I'll buy you 20 if you come with us.
- Where to? - Kandor.
To assassinate General Zod and to restore peace to Krypton.
Rondor piss.
The two of your versus Zod's entire Sagitari? I was recently a commander in that Sagitari.
And I was their Primus.
Too bad blaster fire don't give a shit what any of us were.
We know their patrol routes, the frequency of their comms, and the security codes to every sector in Fort Rozz.
It won't be easy, but it's the best chance we have.
And we could use all the help we can get.
Even if you could do it, nothing's gonna change.
Some other tyrant will take his place.
No, Dru-Zod is different.
He's worse than a tyrant.
He's a conqueror, and he will not stop until everyone kneels before him.
No matter where you are You can't hide from someone like General Zod.
He will find you unless you find him first.
Something you want to tell me? No.
You're making a mistake, Seg.
By telling Lyta the truth about what you did to her? Yes, I'm sure she's gonna be pissed at me for that.
She's on an important mission to end this war peacefully.
Any interference could cause untold consequences.
Do you really think so? Like maybe once she finds out that you tortured her and manipulated her into serving you, maybe she won't be so keen on serving you anymore? I'm looking forward to Lyta making her own decisions again.
Like ordering the rest of the Sagitari to turn against you.
- Here.
- Careful.
Just let Lyta finish what needs to be done.
Then we can discuss this as a family.
We're not a family, Dru.
We never were.
Never going to be.
I know I wasn't around for your childhood, but that doesn't mean you get to turn me and Lyta into the people you wanted us to be.
That was never my intention, Seg.
I don't care about your intentions.
I care about Lyta.
So get on that comm and contact her, now.
I can't do that.
I will not ask again.
I mean, it's impossible.
There is a solar flare on Wegthor blocking all communication until it's passed.
Until then, I have some questions about what's going on here.
And you will answer them, one way or another.
We have to go.
This is Lyta.
I'm sure she'll respond to reason if we just talk to her.
We tried that months ago in Bokos before this was even a rebellion.
Remember her response? But this time is different.
- How? - Seg.
Adam told us Seg went looking for Lyta.
But if she's here, maybe they never found one another.
She might not even know that Seg is alive.
You think she'd choose Seg over Zod? I know she would.
And if Seg can get her to see reason, she might even expose Zod's deepest secret to the people.
- Somatic Reconditioning.
- Exactly.
Lyta must know about it.
And the endless cells filled with dissidents.
This is what the rest of Krypton needs to see to understand that Zod is not their savior.
He's their oppressor.
I know it's a risk, but I still believe there's good in Lyta.
We just need Seg to help bring it out.
All right, easy.
You wanna know why we're not out there with that lot, hmm? I'll TELL YOU: execution.
Oh, yes, I'm gonna get whacked for treason, and you're gonna get whacked for accessory to treason.
Hey, I'm nobody's accessory, okay? If I'm gonna get executed it's gonna be for something I did on my own, alone.
- Oh.
- All alone.
Seriously, that is your issue with our current situation? Hey.
Isn't she with us? Who knows anymore? Hey, ow! What are you hey! How dare you use me like you did? You knew those oxygenators were tainted when you sent me that intel.
And you didn't? Did you really think we were gonna send you back to the Rebels without making sure you were on our side? We both did what was necessary, and now we have a chance to end this war peacefully, and you have a chance to get your son back.
Primus? We've just received a message from Val-El and Jax-Ur.
They're willing to negotiate.
See, Nyssa? Looks like you made the right choice after all.
Can I ask you something? It's a long ride.
Go for it.
When you left the Sagitari, did you ever consider joining with the Rebels? For a split second, maybe.
But in the end, just couldn't stomach it.
She wasn't the one who killed my family.
But she was in charge of the Black Zero members who did.
This war taught me something.
I don't know what the right or wrong side is anymore.
I just know the only thing I've ever truly believe in is you, Jayna.
That's why I'm here.
You're the only side I've got.
How many? - How many what? - People.
How many people did you Somatically Recondition? I know it's more than just Lyta.
As many as necessary to achieve my vision.
Well, it must be kind of a shitty vision if you have to change people's brains to get them to buy in.
I admit, it's not easy finding those who understand the scale of my ambition.
But that was never a problem with Lyta.
You assume I brainwashed her into following me.
But the truth is I barely changed a thing.
She was overcome with guilt after shooting her mother to save my life.
A heroic decision that nevertheless pained her terribly.
And made worse by your absence.
I took away that pain, that's all.
Not for myself, but for her.
No, you changed the best thing about Lyta.
Her empathy.
She felt guilty about shooting her mother because you're not supposed to have to shoot your mother.
You put her in an impossible position.
One that no one should have to be in.
And now she's up on Wegthor fighting your war for you.
But that's all going to change.
Once the truth comes out, she'll be down here fighting your war against you alongside the rest of Krypton.
Is that what you think? Do you really believe that you showing Lyta the truth will suddenly wake her up and turn her against me? This is who she is now.
Every choice she made was her own.
Lyta chose to go up to Wegthor, just like she chose me over her mother.
And if it comes down to it, Seg She will choose me over you.
Thank you for coming.
- How's the eye? - Never better.
Just so you know, there are snipers positioned ready to end this conversation in an instant should your temper get the better of you.
Where are Adam and Kem? They're safe, and they'll continue to be as long as you agree to our terms.
- Which are? - Complete surrender.
Do that now and you have General Zod's word that no one else will be killed.
That's it? That's your offer? Well, it's better than death.
If we have to, we will finish your rebellion with force, resulting in casualties on both sides.
Considerably more on yours, I'm afraid.
And what of our people? What happens to them? They'll be assigned to various Guilds.
You two will join a Science Guild, of course, where your work will be valued.
Dru isn't the villain you portray him to be.
He wants you on his side.
He wants every Kryptonian on his side.
Well, you can tell Dru-Zod to No.
Lyta, listen to me.
It doesn't have to be like this.
Seg is alive.
He's back to help end this war.
To show you who the real enemy is.
He has already.
Seg found me before I came up here.
He's with Dru now, awaiting my return.
Now, you know my terms.
Please, don't choose the wrong side again.
What do you think? I think Zod knows your weakness.
Which is? You won't let anyone you care about die.
If that's a weakness, we all have it.
I need a decision.
- Jax, we need to decide.
- Right now.
Please, say something.
No deal.
It's time.
Contact Lyta.
General Zod.
I'm sure you and the people of Krypton are eager to hear our response to your offer.
But there's something I'd like to show you first.
General Zod, you have made the people of Krypton kneel before you.
You have reconditioned their minds, conscripted them, sacrificed them, all in the name of your vision.
But what have you sacrificed? Nothing.
Until now.
Let me be precise.
General Zod, you have one hour to being withdrawing your Sagitari from Wegthor.
If you refuse this demand, Lyta dies without hesitation.
So what's more important to you? Your mother, or your war? You can't have both.
One hour.
What are you going to do? I will handle it.
That had better mean keeping her alive.
I would never let anything happen to Lyta.
And neither would Val.
That wasn't Val on the broadcast, was it? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
Take the Primus down.
Lock her up.
How did you do that with your eye up there? Kinetic energy buildup from an electromagnetic generator attached to what's left of my retina.
You see, whatever is taken away from me, I rebuild stronger than ever.
Good for you.
Do make yourself comfortable, Primus.
You're not going anywhere.
Do we still have access to Kandor's broadcast system? For now.
Lyta's identification codes are still blocking any attempts at shutting us down.
If Zod stays silent, I might have to show the people of Kandor just what happens You will do no such thing! How could you make such a rash decision out there? You said you wanted to turn the people against Zod.
This is how.
By threatening his mother? She is the only person Zod truly cares about.
If Zod risks losing this war just to save his mother, it goes against everything the Sagitari are taught.
Loyalty to Krypton above all else.
But if Zod lets Lyta die the people of Kandor will see him just as they did Daron.
Just another tyrant desperate to stay in power.
Either way, he loses the Sagitari or the people.
Even if I were to agree with your assessment, we will still have to be willing to kill Lyta.
You're becoming more like him every day, Sela-Sonn.
One of us has to, Val.
If we are to win this war, if we're to survive.
I'm sorry but if you go through with this you do it alone.
I was afraid you'd say that.
What is this? What are you doing? Whatever it takes.
All this in six months.
Imagine what we could have done if we conscripted the entire city.
Come on! We got company.
All Sagitari to transport now! Where are you two going? Didn't you get the new orders? We've been on special assignment in the Outlands.
For how long? Long enough to find the location of the traitor Dev-Em.
Yes, and the even worse traitor, Jayna-Zod.
The location's here on our nav data.
General Zod needs to see this immediately.
Fine, take it up to him.
But then report back to your squad leaders.
The General wants all available Sagitari standing by for immediate deployment to Wegthor in case the situation gets even worse up there.
What is the situation up there? Move.
- Don't say a word.
Lyta's life depends on it.
Have you made up your mind, General? - I have.
- And? I will begin withdrawing from Wegthor at once.
I will contact you again when all our forces have vacated the moon.
I'd better see immediate progress.
For your mother's sake.
Mobilize all units for immediate evacuation, and make sure the Rebels can see it on their heat maps.
We're on it, General.
You still doubt me even though I told you I would never let anything happen to Lyta.
Aside from Lyta, I've never known a Zod to ask for mercy or give it, so until she's safely back here I will reserve my judgment.
That's unfortunate.
I never resented growing up without a father, Seg.
I resented a world cruel enough to break someone as strong as my mother.
And you may not believe this, but all I wanted from you was to make you proud.
You're right.
I don't believe you.
But work this negotiation right and bring Lyta home safely, and we can talk.
We'll talk about this war.
We'll talk about your vision for Krypton.
You have the wrong idea, Seg.
I said I had wanted to make you proud.
That was in the past.
I no longer need that.
I no longer need anything From you.
Keep moving.
You're answer to Zod.
Let's go.
Yo, Space Force.
Can you stop messing with that? It's not a toy.
It looks like a toy.
Well, it's not.
Whatever it is, if I get to kill you two I'm keeping it.
I'm sorry, did did I catch an "if" in there? General Zod gave orders to kill you both if the retreat fails and the Rebels kill the hostage.
- Wait, what hostage? - What does this thing do? No, don't touch that! [LASER FIRES.]
Where the hell did you come from? What do you who cares? Hurry, you need to get back to the Rebels.
There's a safe passage because of the retreat.
- What, you're not gonna come? - I can't.
I'm a traitor on both sides now.
Well, where you gonna go, then? To get my son.
Kem? I trust we are looking at the same images? My Sagitari boarding the space elevator to Krypton? I see a retreat.
Once the last of the Sagitari are off Wegthor, we'll make arranges to get your mother back to Kandor.
What guarantees do I have that you won't just kill her? You have Val's.
His word is unblemished.
Not that I don't trust the world of a man I've yet to see or hear from, but just in case, I'd like to speak to my mother.
It will be brief, I promise.
If I hear anything that sounds like coded language, she dies.
Do you understand? Undoubtedly.
Stand by.
I have orders to deliver sensitive intel to General Zod.
I'll take it to him.
Sorry, has to be me.
Oh, shit.
Which way, Kem? Uh [SCANNER PINGING.]
Wait, hang on.
Hang on, I'm getting a bio reading.
Hey, that's great, buddy, Let's keep going.
No, you don't understand.
When I was a Sagitari, we blew this tunnel and exposed a huge deposit of Stellarium which was not on any of our maps.
So? Who bloody cares? Everyone in that explosion was killed, but I'm still picking up lots of warm bodies behind there.
Lots of them.
Stranded Rebels? Switch to thermal.
What is it? We need to get back to Val, now.
Are you all right? This will be over soon, I promise.
We're in the process of getting you home safely.
No, please don't.
I knew the risks coming up here.
It was my choice.
And it is my choice to save you.
I am willing to die for the cause.
I am not willing to let you die.
You don't actually believe him, do you? Zod is quite a formidable liar.
He is able to convince himself of almost anything when the occasion necessitates it.
What's happening? Are you back? Are you back inside my mind? I never left.
However, your attempts to destroy me on Colu were not without consequence.
There is very little of me that remains within you, Seg-El.
An infinitesimal fragment.
But enough to save you.
Save me from what? Your own self-destruction.
I was able to neutralize the attempts at your Somatic Reconditioning, but in this diminished state, I must rely on you more than I'd prefer.
And if we are to survive this particular situation, you must stop allowing emotional impulses to trample upon the dictates of rational thought.
What do you mean? Why was Zod able to disarm you earlier? Because I was distracted.
In case you hadn't noticed, the woman I love is being held hostage.
Zod loves her, too.
But in that fraction of a second, you were thinking about her, and he was thinking about his own survival.
Well, what can I say? He's a cosmic-sized asshole.
Zod is determined to win this war, even if he has to sacrifice Lyta to do so.
If you do nothing, he will succeed.
What exactly do you want me to do? The answer is entirely self-evident.
Warn her.
Tell her about the Somatic Reconditioning, and then kill him.
Before he kills you.
Please, don't compromise your vision for my decision.
There is nothing I would put above you, Lyta.
Lyta! Don't listen to him, Lyta! He Somatically [OMINOUS MUSIC.]
- What was that? - I I don't know, I swear.
Are you trying to get her killed? [HOLLERS.]
You may never see my vision, Seg.
I won't let you threaten it.
Zod! No! [CHOKING.]
Let him go! [GASPING.]
You're alive.
Of course you are.
Drop the weapon.
Let him go! I have no shot.
Drop the weapon, Dru! I can't do that, Jayna.
If you're going to kill me, you're going to kill the love of your daughter's life.
Jayna, do it! Kill him! Save Lyta! End the war! Do it! [CHOKING.]
She can't.
No, but I can.
Guards, guards! Intruders! [PANTING.]
He's gone.
Oh, shit.
Every Sagitari in Kandor would have heard that.
Then we need to move.
Let's go.
Why can't we reconnect? Does anyone have anything? I have reports on Zod's forces! Reconnaissance reports that the Sagitari have all boarded the space elevator on Wegthor.
Then why are all of Zod's communications down? I I don't know.
She goes nowhere until we find out.
Put her back in her cell.
Seg-El, descend the stairs.
Behind you, fire now.
One Sagitari on your left.
- How did you know - Ahead in 1.
2 seconds.
Behind you, southeast corner.
What are you Steady.
When'd you get good at this? Uh The Phantom Zone.
We should probably keep moving.
How did you two escape? Nyssa freed us.
You saw Nyssa? Well, where is she? Forget about Nyssa.
There's something that you need to know.
Something that you all need to know.
Tell me.
Well, what is it? - Adam? - Oh, for God's sake.
Better take a look for yourself, sir ma'am.
Where are we going? What's left of the old Rankless District.
Adam says there's an underground Rebel network there.
We need to find someone and contact Jax before it's too late.
People of Kandor.
I regret to inform you that your leader is a liar.
A fake.
And even worse a man willing to condemn his own mother to death for the sake of his own pride.
Zod claimed he was retreating.
But instead, he amassed his forces underground.
Hidden inside a mine waiting to ambush us the moment we returned Lyta-Zod.
To complete his deception, he sent captured Rebel prisoners to board the elevator in place of his own Sagitari.
Decoys meant to distract us from his blatant betrayal.
General Zod, you have betrayed us.
You have betrayed your people, and you have betrayed your own mother.
And for that you must be punished.
Jax, don't do it! Don't become like him! Please, Jax! [RISING TENSE MUSIC.]
Please! Please, don't do it! [ALL GASP.]