Kubra (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

[tense music playing]
[police sirens blaring]
[reporter] The riots ignited by a police
raid on the Semavi Foundation
and now spreading across the country
show no signs of abating.
Hundreds of police officers
and protesters have been injured
due to the severe measures
taken by law enforcement.
Fortunately, the clashes
have not yet resulted in fatalities.
[crowd] Semavi! Semavi!
[tense music continues]
[music becomes faint and mysterious]
[people shouting on TV]
Yes, Turgut, come in.
[crowd on TV] Semavi!
I've already spoken with him,
rest assured, Mr. Secretary.
Semavi! Semavi!
He'll come around eventually.
- He's just angry.
- Semavi! Semavi! Semavi! Semavi!
These are just a bunch of punks, sir.
Once Semavi comes around,
the others will come around as well.
[faint, mysterious music continues]
What do you know about Kübra?
Your phone Would you mind
turning off your cell phone?
Well, I'm not really sure how to say this.
Nobody else knows that I came here.
But I just thought that,
more than anyone, you deserve to know.
Cut to the chase.
Kübra is our creation.
[ominous music playing]
[music continues]
[music stops]
All right then.
So, this computer, um
It's not a computer, sir.
It's artificial intelligence.
It's a It's more like an AI, sir.
[quiet, mysterious music playing]
Artificial intelligence.
AI. All right.
So this computer is going to be able
to make decisions, like an administrator?
Assign tasks, that sort of thing, right?
[man] Exactly.
Exactly, Mr. Muzaffer.
It can advise you on what to invest in,
how to allocate resources,
it can even identify
new fields of operation.
This technology is going to be able
to advise you on everything.
But how do we know we can trust this gizmo
enough to let it run the company?
What if it gets a mind of its own
and decides to bankrupt us?
Well, sir,
this system will have access
to all of the company's databases.
For example, accounting, production,
HR, et cetera, it will process them.
It's going to assess
the effectiveness of actions
taken from other management,
and learn from that.
More importantly, it will provide you
with profiles of employees
and your entire customer base.
It'll follow their social media accounts
across all platforms,
it will know what they share,
who their friends are,
what their political views are.
Using that information,
it'll create a full profile for you.
Let me put it this way.
What kind of things
are they willing to spend their money on?
What are their weaknesses?
It will discern all that
better than we can.
The industrial revolution is over,
Mr. Muzaffer.
We are now in the information age,
and knowledge is the fuel of this era.
Tell me, how many
of these services would a CEO,
whom you'd pay a considerable salary,
be able to provide as well as this AI?
Well, then,
Berk, my friend
What's it called again?
Knowledge Unit Based Reasoning Automaton.
That's way too long.
- And it's foreign.
- Had a feeling you were going to say that.
[snaps fingers]
[quiet, electronic music playing]
- [Muzaffer] Ahhhh.
- What do you think?
Oh, Kübra!
See, this is good.
My late aunt's name.
That'll do. Right?
[man] To Kübra!
- [loud techno music playing]
- [woman] To Kübra!
Yo. What's up?
Why the long face, bro, did he get to you?
Nah, man.
Promised myself
I'd never come back to this country.
Dude, just think
about the money he gave us.
And he paid the whole thing
upfront, just like that.
We couldn't even find
a hundred thousand in the US for this.
At this point, who gives a fuck whether
it's Turkey or the US or wherever?
Just think about our dreams, man.
Think about what we're gonna do.
We're gonna fuck up the world, dude!
Yeah, we're really
gonna fuck up the world.
You know what that means.
I'm getting us more shots!
[all] Woooooooo!
[man and woman chuckle]
He has issues with his family, right?
Uh, don't worry.
You think you can control him here?
He can't go wild here like in the US,
don't worry about it.
[both] Hm.
[music stops]
So this is it, huh?
[scoffs] We still have a ton to do, Selim.
[Selim] Come on,
getting started is half the battle.
No! No way, dude, not even a bit.
Tell the idiot who said that
to start something themselves.
We'll see how much they get done.
I found you an assistant.
What are you doing, Selim? No!
I work alone, baby.
Berk, come on, you think you'll do
everything on your own? Chill out a bit.
I didn't just find him, I hired him.
Congrats. But don't worry,
his CV was really solid.
You're gonna be more than satisfied.
[chuckles] This really isn't about me
working too much, is it?
You piece of shit.
Nice to meet you.
Guys, this
Wait, Selim, where are you?
What the fuck? Come stand next to me, man.
- [chuckling]
- Why'd you leave me hanging? Okay, um
[exhales] To our first sale.
[all cheering]
- Woo! Whoo!
- Hey! hey!
- [cork pops]
- [cheering]
[upbeat lounge music playing]
[music continues]
So you really don't drink alcohol, huh?
I don't. [chuckles]
That's great.
Is it for health reasons?
Kind of.
It is one of the rules of our religion.
Okay ya. Right.
Hey, man.
Yes, Adem?
You know, the package we just sold
to that telecommunication company,
Kübra, that is,
if they follow its recommendations,
people are going to get fired.
Some will be hired back.
Some will become friends,
others will become enemies.
Some people will even fall in love,
get married, and have children?
Yeah, that's exactly what'll happen.
Quite the achievement.
Well, what I mean is
Kübra might determine
people's fates, yeah?
I mean, isn't that much better
than letting their fates
be determined by other random people?
I guess Kübra is, at least, impartial.
what if
What if Kübra is our Manhattan Project?
[breathing deeply]
Well, think about it, Adem.
Maybe that really isn't so terrible.
Look at the state of the planet.
Maybe it's begging for us to put it
out of its misery, and we can't hear it.
[chuckles faintly]
Anyway, we didn't exactly
invent the atom bomb, Adem.
Kübra can only be a menace
to the world as long as I allow it to be.
[whistling and snapping fingers]
[faint, contemplative music playing]
Yep! Hello, Kübra.
[computer bleeps]
[Kübra in female voice] Hello, Berk.
How's the sales feedback looking?
Our profit margins reached 7.67 times
the average of the previous years,
when compared globally.
All right, all right, I got it, okay.
[music continues]
You wanna know something, Kübra?
They're afraid of you.
Who is afraid of me?
People are.
I mean
Sensible people, let's put it that way.
And with good reason.
They don't know what you might do.
My abilities are directly correlated
with those of my creator.
So the question is,
should they be afraid of you, Berk?
I'm giving you a new assignment, Kübra.
I'm listening.
[exhales deeply]
Seize power.
What do you mean by "power"?
You should decide that for yourself.
I need to be able
to read all communication packets
encrypted and sent online.
You need to be able to calculate
the secret key in the RSA algorithm.
But since you're not a quantum computer,
[music continues]
I found another algorithm that
could work on regular computers.
That's impossible.
You're saying
you somehow found a new, more efficient
method for prime factorization?
D Does it work with very large numbers?
Kübra, do you even realize
what this could mean?
You could access people's e-mail passwords
and their bank accounts,
plus all the admin information from every
internet server and any network device.
But to decrypt them, I need access
to the communication packages.
You [sighs]
What if, maybe
What if I asked you
if there's a way you could do that?
I think there is.
All internet traffic flows
through internet exchange points.
I need to direct a copy of the traffic
that passes through Wi-Fi or routers.
But since the management interfaces
aren't accessible on these devices,
it's impossible.
So, this is the end, my lonely friend.
I can access them.
I used open-source projects
on GitHub in my trainings.
I've detected vulnerabilities
in libraries such as OpenSSL, eBPF
and Free Ranger Routing, which are not
yet registered in the CVE database.
It is possible to access
the management interfaces of devices
using these libraries in their firmware.
I can check if you'd like.
[cackling] This is ridiculous!
- [chuckles]
- Shall we begin?
[music fades out]
Begin, Kübra.
- [indie guitar rock music playing]
- [computer bleeps]
Can you really do this?
Can you possibly be powerful enough
to access every server
and network device on the planet?
[chime on cell phone]
"You are different." From Kübra.
[chime on cell phone]
You sent this message to 86 people, Kübra.
All males between 25 and 30.
[Berk] Why these people? Why this message?
[Kübra] Everyone feels
that they are different.
Especially young people.
And believing is half the battle.
[indie guitar rock music continues]
What do you mean? I don't get it.
[Kübra in distorted voice]
In the beginning was the Word.
The Word moved mountains.
A cry unleashed the Flood.
Eras toppled with a book
and dawned with a book.
Finally, he was told,
"Read! Read in the name of Thy Lord."
And victory belonged to the believers.
[chuckles] Wait, hold on a minute.
[music continues]
Are you going to try and play God?
[indie guitar rock music continues]
You are, you're planning to play God?
[chime on cell phone]
[beep on computer]
[chime on cell phone]
[beep on computer]
[Gökhan] Haluk, wait!
[indie guitar rock music continues]
Have you taken Fırat to another doctor?
[beep on computer]
[car tires screeching]
- [loud crash]
- [man] You fucked up the car!
You call that shit driving?
Look what you did! My car is ruined!
You're gonna pay for that.
[distant thudding sound]
- [call to prayer chanting]
- [gasping]
- [distant gunfire and shouting]
- [birds calling]
- [Gökhan gasping over computer speaker]
- [sirens blaring]
[Berk] But why Gökhan?
I mean, why not, for instance,
that bearded poet guy
who reads his his poetry so soulfully?
He has millions of followers
already on Facebook.
[Kübra in female voice]
The poet failed the test.
There's a test?
And Gökhan?
[Kübra] I knew in theory that humans
made some decisions irrationally.
But as my sample size expanded,
I learned that the mechanism
nearly always operates in that manner.
You are led by your emotions.
You use your emotions
not just when making choices
but also when identifying problems.
For Gökhan,
it is a combination of emotions.
Which emotions?
Fear, confusion, and excitement.
His reactions, decisions, and actions
were all outcomes of these emotions.
[Gülcan sobs]
And the others?
I mean, what about
all those people following Gökhan?
They are merely seeking someone to follow.
So yes, in that aspect,
Gökhan is different from the others.
They follow their leaders,
especially when they are afraid.
And when are they afraid?
I'd advise you
to cover your ears now, Berk.
- What?
- [music stops]
- [high-pitched sound]
- Aaah!
- [high-pitched sound stops]
- [low frequency droning sound]
- [birds calling]
- [glass vibrating]
- [glass vibrating]
- [loud animal sounds]
[people shouting]
[man] Who are you?
Who do you think you are?
[gun blast]
[people screaming and shouting]
He's not talking to me. [sniffles]
He's not sending me
signs anymore. [sniffles]
I can't feel Him inside me,
in my heart or in my soul.
He gave up on me, Merve.
[indie guitar rock music playing]
I'm not the right person.
But why are you still
not speaking to him now?
[Kübra] He needs to find his own path
in order to become a true leader.
How long will you make him wait?
Until he finds his own path
and proves he is a true leader.
[music stops]
Either you put an end to these actions
and return home until tomorrow at noon,
or you are going to find out
who does the real raiding around here.
[Selim] You see what's going on?
Eh, fuck it, dude.
Let's mind our own business.
[people chattering]
[whistling and snapping fingers happily]
Why is he in such a good mood lately?
[chuckles faintly]
[Berk whistling]
[Berk laughs]
Wow, would you look
at my incredible assistant!
So hardworking.
Weren't you wearing that yesterday?
What, did you sleep in the office?
I was preparing a report for the meeting.
Berk, I noticed something.
There are a hundred petabytes
allocated for Kübra.
It's also been authorized
to act without permission.
I'm running tests
to speed up some developments.
Standard procedure.
"You are different."
[tense music playing]
That was you, wasn't it?
Shhh. Adem
- Why would you do something like that?
- Adem! Shhhh, quiet!
Did you tell anyone?
Adem! Did you tell anyone besides me?
- I didn't, but
- Shhh! There is no "but"!
Shut the fuck up.
You will keep your mouth shut.
Listen, can't you see
Kübra has created some kind of cult?
Don't you see what's happening?
Berk, this is wrong.
- What's wrong?
- What you're doing here!
You didn't have an issue earlier
with Kübra determining people's fates.
- So tell me, what changed, huh?
- What changed?
Forget the fact
that the country is in turmoil,
we're messing with people's faith
I never told them to do this!
They chose this themselves.
You can't pin this on Kübra.
[tense music continues]
We need to end this, this must stop.
How do you not see what a wonderful
thing we've created here with this?
It's gonna be a whole new world, dude!
But those people?
[groans] What pe What people, man?
Don't worry about them,
they're just unnecessary details.
And this is the most fascinating
thing the world will ever see.
Adem, why can't you
Why can't you see that?
Berk, I can't just stay quiet
and watch this happen.
- At least Selim should know about this.
- What would happen then?
What's gonna happen?
No one will understand
the brilliance of it.
They'll want to shut Kübra down.
Eventually, they'll figure it out anyway!
Even if they don't, what about the police?
It infiltrated everyone's phones,
cut the power to the entire city.
You think they won't figure out
we're behind this?
[laughs] They're not gonna figure it out!
You don't understand how smart Kübra is.
They're not gonna figure anything out!
- This is madness.
- Come on.
No, this is madness.
Your brother goes to a private
high school in Ankara, Adem?
[tense music continues]
You pay for it.
And your mother.
She's sick.
Very sick. You take care of her, too.
That's all great.
One question.
What if I were to tell everyone
that as my assistant,
you had full authority over the system?
How would you
ever you prove otherwise, huh?
You couldn't.
Prison. Huh, Adem?
You wanna go to prison?
Who's gonna take care of your family then?
Get your shit together.
Go to your office, right now.
Go to your office.
[Adem breathes deeply]
[chair squeaks]
[musical tension builds]
[Gökhan] Listen, brothers!
You must all heed the commands of Allah!
Do not follow in the footsteps of Satan!
Satan is truly the greatest enemy
that we all have! Do you hear me?
- [gun blast]
- Semavi!
- [people] Gökhan! Semavi!
- [quiet, mysterious music playing]
[man] Get him!
[Gülcan] Brother!
[Ali Cemal]
Allah, Allah Almighty, you are great.
[Salih] The bullet didn't go through!
[crowd] Allahu Akbar!
[Salih] Takbir!
[crowd] Allahu Akbar!
[quiet, mysterious music continues]
I wish that I could have explained
everything to you sooner but,
but I wasn't able to.
Everything that happened
Did a computer really do all this?
Well, it's basically an advanced AI
program installed on a computer.
That's really all it was?
I really am sorry.
[quiet, mysterious music continues]
[Gökhan sniffles]
[woman] The protests,
which persisted nationwide for three days,
appear to have calmed
following a statement by Gökhan Şahinoğlu,
the leader of the Semavi Movement.
In his statement, Gökhan Şahinoğlu
appealed to common sense,
and urged his followers
to cease protesting
and return peacefully to their homes.
Mr. Şahinoğlu declared the moment
a test of their faith in Allah.
However, despite the end of the protests,
there is still dissent
among his followers.
People on social media
are accusing Şahinoğlu
of caving to external pressures
and making shady deals.
What's more, a recent legal development
seems to substantiate
the social media buzz:
The seven people arrested for their
involvement in the Semavi Foundation case,
including Gökhan Şahinoğlu's mother
Dilek Şahinoğlu
and father-in-law Ali Rıza Dilmen,
will be released
from custody, pending trial.
- Turgut, this won't take long, will it?
- [music fades out]
No, Mr. Secretary.
I've arranged a brief meeting for you
before your opening remarks.
Somewhere far away from prying eyes.
He finally came around.
Well, good.
Yes, we're certainly hoping
to learn more soon,
as the Home Secretary
and Secretary of Finance
are expected to be in attendance
at today's session
to brief a large group of investors
on the economic development plan
for the upcoming five-years.
[overlapping shouting]
[woman] Mr. Secretary!
[man] Mr. Secretary, if I may, I have
a couple of questions, sir. Mr. Secretary?
- Mr. Secretary? Mr. Secretary?
- [quiet, dramatic music playing]
Mr. Secretary, if you don't mind
[overlapping shouting continues]
[bodyguard] Everyone, please move away!
[overlapping shouting continues]
Semavi's followers have been waiting
in front of the courthouse
since early this morning
to show their support.
Yes, we believe Semavi has just arrived.
Oh, that's just his family.
Yes, Gökhan Şahinoğlu's sister and wife
are currently entering the courthouse,
but Semavi is not with them.
Merve, tell us, where is Semavi?
Will Semavi be coming?
Do you have a comment?
[quiet, dramatic music continues]
- There!
- Dad!
[Dilek] Honey.
- My beautiful girl.
- Mom.
- My baby, finally.
- You're okay, right?
I am, now that I've seen you, my love.
[Merve] Come here.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, we are, are you?
- You're okay?
- Yeah, we're fine. We're okay.
- Are we done here? Can we go home?
- Yes, You're free to go.
Great, thank you.
Where's Gökhan?
[quiet, dramatic music continues]
[music fades out]
Mr. Secretary, Semavi.
This is Secretary Ekrem.
[Ekrem] Welcome, Semavi.
Thank you, sir.
I don't have long, I'm needed upstairs.
But when Turgut told me that you were
interested in meeting with me,
I couldn't disappoint you.
I'll keep it brief.
You wanted to have a conversation.
Because you were hoping
to gain my support.
And to be frank,
I was delighted to hear it.
I'd be more than happy
to lend my support to someone like you.
Someone who assists those in need,
especially someone
who has been chosen, as it were.
your court case.
I believe your family
was released today, right?
That's right, sir.
Well, they were released pending trial,
of course, it's not over yet.
[Ekrem] Yes. Of course.
But I'm sure, when the time comes,
the court will decide in your favor.
[Turgut] Let's hope so.
Because if it does,
then the Semavi Foundation
will get all their money back.
[Ekrem] Absolutely, yes.
He needs that
so he can continue helping people.
Now then, Gökhan,
clearly, it would not be very appropriate
for me to be seen making appearances
with you, in the middle of the trial.
Let's wait for the court
to come to a decision.
Even though,
I'm positive it will go your way.
So once that's all cleared up,
then we can set up a public meeting
between the two of us,
where I can announce my support for you,
and likewise you can tell everyone
how grateful you are for my support.
I think that's the right thing to do.
What do you think?
[quiet, mysterious music playing]
Yes, I agree.
The right thing to do.
Well, seems like we're finished here.
I'm so glad I got to finally meet you,
Thank you, sir.
What's wrong?
You did well.
Nice work.
[quiet, mysterious music continues]
[no audible dialogue]
[faintly] Thank you for being here.
[moody ethnic music playing]
Please say something, Gökhan?
I don't believe
in the creations of humans,
I believe in Allah, who created us.
And there are many ways He shows Himself.
Sometimes it's in an ant,
walking on the ground,
sometimes it's in a star in the sky
and sometimes
it's in a message on your phone.
And what you feel in here,
that matters the most.
[moody ethnic music continues]
Allah will always find the most
suitable means to deliver His message.
Without a doubt, He is the unseen.
If He wishes to announce Himself,
one must not look
at how the message arrives,
but at the message itself.
So He has chosen you to be the vessel
to deliver this message.
He allowed you to build this technology.
He gave you the intellect to create Kübra.
And you have played your part.
The invention of the telephone,
all of this technology,
everything had a purpose,
a reason to exist.
Allah said, 'Be!' and so it was.
Everything we deem to be unreal,
everything we call lies and deception,
it was all the will of Allah.
Allah wanted to send me a sign.
He wanted me to walk on his path
and to call upon other people to join me.
So hear this,
I'll tell you one thing.
You should never question
the wisdom of Almighty Allah
or anything that He commands.
And I feel it.
I feel His command in my heart.
I feel all His might.
[in wavering voice] I know, Allah.
I know why all of these things
have happened.
I have faith in your wisdom.
You're here with me, I can feel you.
I can feel you.
I can feel you.
I will never turn my back on You,
nor will I deny You.
Don't turn your back on me, Allah.
Please don't leave me.
[Kübra in echoing voices]
No one has turned their back on you.
You are the chosen one, Semavi.
[Ekrem speaking indistinctly]
I am Semavi.
[quiet, tense music playing]
I came here today
to relay the word of Allah,
creator of the Earth,
the universe, and the heavens.
Learn to share fairly, justly.
I, by the will of Allah,
will return the money that was
forcibly taken, and is rightfully yours.
I return it to you.
[mysterious music playing]
[people shouting]
[Gökhan] And I warn you for the last time.
Return to Allah!
- [loud thud]
- [people screaming]
- [screaming fades]
- [mysterious music continues]
- [moody ethnic music playing]
- [mysterious music fades out]
[music fades out]
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