Kung Fu (2021) s01e03 Episode Script


1 [both grunting.]
You sure your ringer's on? Yes.
I checked my phone five minutes ago.
No news on Professor Chau.
[Henry grunts.]
It's like getting hit with a bat.
But I knew it was coming.
Don't rush your moves.
Surprise is more important than strength.
It can't be a coincidence.
Professor Chau goes missing right as Zhilan shows up in Singapore? Chau's pretty much the only expert on the eight weapons in the world.
I know, but we kind of already talked about this, like a lot.
Right now, we're training.
You're distracted, rushing it.
Well, if you just learn that your shifu was killed by her own sister, who's now probably kidnapped the one person who might know where the weapons are, which means you may never find Zhilan, you'd be distracted, too.
Distracted, maybe.
Sloppy, though? [scoffs.]
You're calling my moves sloppy? [Henry grunts.]
How about now? - [Evan.]
- Evan.
Just a little morning cardio.
What we did in Mr.
Plewa's PE class was cardio.
That was wow.
Evan, this is Henry Yan.
Henry, Evan Hartley.
- It's nice to actually meet you.
- Likewise.
Nice to meet you, too.
- Heard a lot about you.
- Yeah.
- Nicky and I go way back.
- [Henry.]
High school, was it? Further.
So, any news about Zhilan? We'll talk later.
One of my sources flagged something.
- It's her.
- Mm-hmm.
Your sketch matched.
It wasn't all you were right about.
Professor Chau.
Still from a surveillance feed on the Singapore College campus.
He was a no-show for a seminar.
This was the last time Chau was seen.
I knew it.
She's got him.
The Singapore Police are cooperating with the FBI.
They've got a bead on her location.
They're closing in.
What do they do when they find her? Will they have enough to charge her? She's wanted for kidnapping an American citizen.
They'll take care of her.
[sirens blaring.]
Go, go, go! Move! Clear! Clear.
[woman speaking Mandarin.]
[man speaking Mandarin.]
[in English.]
What do you want with me? I just want to know what you know about the Shuang Gou.
What about it? It's just a legend.
Made up stories.
You don't believe it's just a legend.
I've been watching your every move since you published your first book on Ancient Chinese history.
I know about your secret research.
You're searching for the location of the Shuang Gou, and I believe you've succeeded.
And now, you're going to tell me where it is.
Shall we begin? [chuckles.]
- Nice having you back helping out.
- Thanks, Baba.
Now, this isn't gonna be a regular thing, is it? No.
I'm just pitching in.
Why? Well, have you thought of a plan since you've been back? - [Mei-Li.]
There's more in the van.
- I'll get it.
No, no, no.
Let Baba do it.
He needs to take inventory anyway.
- For the catering event.
- Catering event? Mm-hmm.
Hundred Day Celebration for the Yip family.
- Genevieve had a baby girl.
- Genevieve? - Oh.
She was a year below me.
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, I can help.
- That's wonderful.
Remember last time? She dropped the case of cognac.
Mama, that was years ago.
Let me help.
No, wait.
No, Nicky.
It's not her fault.
She didn't see the sign.
Who broke Jerry? I was trying to help.
- Well, didn't you see the sign? Mama.
- Yes? - Where are my earbuds? - [grunts.]
It's in the office.
Next time, check your pockets before you leave the house.
Yeah, yeah.
Thanks for grabbing 'em.
Oh, hey.
Catering event.
Friday, 5:00 p.
Gonna need you there at 4:00.
Seriously, Mama? - I just said I could do it.
- [Ryan.]
Don't worry.
After three years, I'm used to it.
They'll never let me off the hook.
End of discussion.
Jin, there's more in the van.
Hey, uh We could both work the event.
Like old times.
- What? - [music playing over earbuds.]
[phone vibrates.]
- [Pei-Ling.]
- You left me too soon.
How could you not tell me Zhilan was your sister? I told you.
I also have a difficult family.
Difficult is one thing.
She killed you, over a sword.
An object.
I tracked her down like you asked, but she escaped.
So I'm back to ground zero.
No Zhilan, no sword, and making peace with my family? It's a joke.
Don't give up, Nicky.
Ryan and I used to hang out all the time.
Now he's always busy.
I know he hasn't forgiven me.
Patience, Nicky.
It takes time.
You have to earn forgiveness.
How? Right.
Rest as much as much as you can.
And come back if you feel any worse.
- What are you doing here? - I thought we could get lunch together.
- Our usual? Mondo Burrito? - Really, Nicky? Come on.
When have you ever said no to a Super Mondo Prawn Burrito? Have you seen the line outside my waiting room? Yeah.
- It's pretty busy, but - Always.
I never eat lunch on workdays.
Besides, Mondo Burrito closed last year.
Look, it's not about you, Nicky.
I just can't.
No worries.
Let me help you.
- Sorry.
- No, it's okay.
I got it.
I'm Faye.
You're Ryan's sister? You must be proud.
He's been my primary care doctor for a year.
I passed out at work.
No one could figure out why, but Ryan's been amazing.
- He does so much for us.
- Us? The whole community.
Anyone I know who has issues with insurance, he takes the time.
Leads them through it.
He even makes house calls.
- You didn't know this? - I've been away.
- Hey, Faye.
Can I ask you a question? - Sure.
- Is there a body in this bag? - No.
Union lit and union signatures.
I'm organizing the workers at King Kwong.
King Kwong? Hottest streetwear brand in SF? You haven't heard of it? Well, if it's hot, hip and new, no.
I work in the factory.
Making their $90 hats and $200 T-shirts for minimum wage.
That doesn't sound right.
It's not, hence the union.
Sure you're okay getting home? I'm heading to work.
I thought I heard my brother tell you to rest.
My sick days are unpaid.
Can't afford to miss a shift.
Hence the union.
[phone vibrates.]
Chau's TA said she'd be here.
So, your friend Evan.
What's your deal? He's an old friend.
An ex.
Long story.
Why do you wanna know? I just I liked his suit.
Wanted to ask him where he got it.
[phone chimes.]
Chau's TA texted back.
She got pulled into a faculty meeting.
She's asking if we can do Tuesday.
I can't just wait around.
Zhilan got to Chau before we could.
She's not slowing down.
I can't, either.
Well, what are you suggesting? I could kick the door in.
I love your enthusiasm, but I think I have a slightly better idea.
Less destructive, anyway.
- Where'd you learn to do that? - YouTube.
A rather unassuming torture device, thumb screws.
So dainty.
So painful.
What are the weapons to you? Brought together, they are purported to confer great power.
Is that it? Most believe them to be a myth.
What do you want them for? I told you.
I don't care what most people believe, Professor Chau.
It's just us in this room, and we are not most people.
Ah! Ah! Stop, please.
I know where the Shuang Gou is.
But I have a request.
A coffee.
A coffee.
Just one cup.
Preferably single origin.
I believe the person who tightens the screws gets to ask the questions.
I've been watching you.
Your necklace.
The crane.
The insignia of the Zhang family.
One of the eight guardian families.
You are Zhang Zhilan.
You have a sister, Pei-Ling.
Your father, I read somewhere that he was murdered.
You must've been just a child.
You know nothing.
I have no reason to tell you where the Shuang Gou is.
Whether I speak or not, this ends one way.
With me dead.
So, I would like that coffee.
Is this anything? [Henry.]
Sure, if you don't have a library card.
Everything here is publicly available research of Chau's.
Or, like, faculty correspondence.
Well, there's gotta be something useful in here.
I doubt it.
Chau's a visiting professor.
This is just a temporary office.
[knocking on desk.]
Sounds hollow.
- What are you doing? - What if it's a false bottom? My dad took us to a spy museum when I was 10.
We used to pretend we were detectives.
Read every Agatha Christie book, Encyclopedia Brown [gasps.]
Nicky, I think you hit the jackpot.
- What is this? - No idea.
It looks old.
Like, some kind of puzzle box.
- You think there's something inside? - [rattles.]
- That looks a lot like - The Crane.
The symbol on Zhilan's necklace.
Just to be clear, we're borrowing this.
Once we inspect it, learn what we can, we're returning it to Chau's office.
What happened? I'm a friend.
She collapsed at work.
Please, miss, out of the way.
They said you were at work when you collapsed.
I haven't been able to get a hold of Ryan, but the nurse said that you're stable.
Did he say when I can leave? I've missed too many shifts.
I don't show for work, they'll fire me.
Faye, you need to rest.
I can't let everyone down.
They're counting on me to finish this fight.
- The union? - I started this.
I have to finish it.
Well, let me help you.
You've been sticking up for everyone else.
It's time someone stuck up for you.
[phone ringing.]
- A lot of spam calls lately? - What? Oh, yeah.
Solar panels.
I'm done.
Now what? Use your body.
Hold the door closed.
I need tension.
I think I got it.
Let's step back.
[door creaks.]
[sighs in exasperation.]
- The hinges are weak.
- Then get new hinges.
Dennis and I, we can help pay for a new fridge.
How old is Jerry, anyway? Like 20? Twenty-two, and no thank you.
We have to pay full price for a repairman.
It'll probably cost almost as much as a new fridge.
[cell phone ringing.]
- [Althea.]
Hey, Nicky.
- Hey, where's Ryan? - He's not returning my texts.
- He's busy.
- Okay.
Busy where? - Hua Tuo's Apothecary.
- What is that? - Only the hottest bar in North Beach.
But seriously, Nicky.
Don't go - [upbeat music playing.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
- What are you doing here? - What are you doing here? I've been trying to reach you for hours.
You're too busy to text me back or to eat lunch with me, but apparently not too busy to drink at a bar? Also, should I be worried that you're drinking alone? - Nicky.
- What? - Hey.
- Hi.
Oh, my God.
You're not alone.
Joe, this is Nicky, my sister.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
Nicky, you need to get a job or a hobby, because clearly It's about Faye.
Faye? What How do you know Faye? She's at the hospital.
Just one second.
- What happened? - She collapsed again.
I don't know if it's just exhaustion but she's getting sicker.
I'll call the hospital, talk to the attending.
But in the meantime, she's broke.
And with no sick leave protection, she's probably gonna lose her job.
We have to do something.
Nicky, I do something every day, and every day it's usually not enough.
I'm a doctor, not a labor rights attorney.
I can't fix the world.
Neither can you.
So, what? We're just supposed to let King Kwong get away with this? [Joe.]
King Kwong? - The streetwear brand? - Yeah.
Eddie Kwong, the founder and designer, he's a local success story in Oakland.
I wouldn't call him hyper woke, exactly, but image definitely matters.
Just saying, if you think the company's mistreating its workers, you may have some leverage there.
- How do you know all this? - I'm an activist.
I've got friends in labor organizing and, well, if Eddie's abusing his workers, then consider it burned.
King Kwong's got a showroom in Oakland right next to the factory.
They have weekly promo parties.
He may be there tonight.
- Dude loves the limelight.
- Thank you.
And again, I'm sorry.
Nice to meet you.
You, too.
I like her.
Think you could get me into a party tonight? A party? - King Kwong party in Oakland.
- King Kwong? Okay, but I'm coming with.
Been in this kitchen for so long I'm starting to smell like Jerry.
You know a lot about me.
I confess, Professor Chau, that was a surprise.
But I know a lot about you, too.
You pursued scattered clues, chasing fragile leads, digging through apocrypha.
You got close.
Close enough to know where the Shuang Gou is.
But you held back.
Why? It's inaccessible.
Too dangerous.
That must hurt.
To know where it is without ever knowing for sure.
Without ever seeing with your own eyes that the weapons are real.
I can take that pain away.
I can show you that you were always right.
Right to believe.
The sword.
The myth is real.
- [sighs.]
I so needed this tonight.
- Yeah, me, too.
Althea Shen, plus one.
[upbeat music playing.]
What is all this? [Althea.]
How the world gets smaller.
The fans stream their video in, and these monitors stream the video to them.
- So they can see us? - That's what they're seeing.
It's kind of genius.
Eddie gets to keep the actual party VIP only, all while monetizing virtual access.
Check this out.
Eddie pioneered an app that combined social media, ecommerce and augmented reality.
I don't know half the words you just said.
Love it.
Buying it.
It'll be delivered tomorrow.
Don't zone out on me.
I know why you're here, but at least until Eddie shows, try to have fun with me.
If he even shows.
I'm having fun.
- With you.
See? - [laughs.]
- That's all I ask.
- [all cheering.]
Yes! What's up? How you doing? Yes! So, what's your plan of approach? - Eddie.
- Oh.
So, no plan.
Hello, hello, hello.
What's up, y'all? I just bought my first King Kwong hoodie.
Yes! Shout out to the newest member of the King Kwong Krew.
Which design did you get? Domino, chevron, splatter No idea.
But I want to talk to you about one of your workers.
- Faye Lai.
- Uh, what? She's been hospitalized from working herself so hard and she's afraid she's gonna get fired for it.
Fired? No, we're not gonna fire Faith.
You said Faith, right? We totally appreciate the contributions of all our workers.
Yo, Brometheus.
This is Brett Slakter.
He's our COO.
He will answer any questions you have.
Okay? Thank you for being a fan.
Peace, love, and King Kwong.
I need to know you and Eddie won't fire Faye Lai.
What makes you think we're gonna fire her? She's been missing a lot of work, and I know she can't be your favorite employee right now, what with the union drive, the position Hold on.
I've been a huge ally.
I even pulled strings at the NLRB to speed up her petition, get her union signatures in for review.
Look, I'm a money guy, but my dad was a union man.
[microphone feedback.]
[clears throat.]
Hey, hey, Kwong Krew.
[guests cheering.]
Wassup, wassup? We've got some news that is straight fire.
I'm excited to get this off my chest.
King Kwong is going public.
[all cheering.]
It's IPO time, baby.
The King Kwong family is going to the next level! [explosion.]
Taking a company public after only two years? Impressive.
What? I'm just saying that's fast.
- Hey.
How's the date? - Had to cut it short.
Look, I talked to the hospital.
They found something.
PFCs in her blood.
A man-made chemical used in the garment industry.
So she wasn't just overworked? She was being exposed to chemicals at work? Looks that way.
But the amount? It's off the charts high.
Like, consistent with direct ingestion.
They're doing another test to confirm.
That means King Kwong's exposing all its workers.
Could be.
My people, cheers! Cheers! We did it! We did it! Thank you for your support.
Do you really think this is the best way, Nicky? Calling Eddie out in front of all these people? Faye's in the hospital.
Who knows how many other workers have been exposed to those chemicals.
Nicky, look around you.
This room is full of Kwongsters.
Even if you're right, no way Eddie's just gonna admit it.
Not with all these live cameras around and no proof.
You're right.
I need proof.
The factory's attached to this building.
I need to find the chemicals that were making Faye sick.
- That was supposed to deter you.
- I saw an entrance in the back.
Are you okay? Headache.
Very sudden.
Can we go? - What? No.
This is my chance.
- You'll have others.
If you wanna rush in and do something nuts, be my guest.
- I'm going.
- Althea, wait.
Althea Shen, I'm sorry for all the texts and calls.
And I guess it's a total coincidence that you're here right now.
Hey, I swear.
I had no idea you'd be here.
I'm covering the IPO announcement.
Complete coincidence.
- But since you're here - You figured you'd corner me? Your story's important.
People should know what happened.
I already told you, I'm not talking.
I can't.
I haven't even told my family.
My friends.
My fiancé.
And you just want me to tell the world.
- Althea, what your boss did to you - Former boss.
He did it to other women.
Who knows when he'll do it again? For the last time, leave me alone.
Dalir Al Musfad acquired the hook swords on the black market and has them at the Musfad Palace.
It's highly unlikely he knows its real value.
Yet he refuses to give it up.
The weapon, along with all those other treasures, is under heavy security.
It would take a team of highly trained mercenaries to retrieve it.
Thank you.
May I see the rest? The rest of what? The sword.
Its scabbard.
The sword has no scabbard.
I assure you, it does.
Must've been separated at some point in time.
[clears throat.]
I've read legends.
They said the sword's power is diminished without the scabbard.
Do you know where it could be? Any idea at all? No.
- Is that a promise? - Yes.
[sighs in exasperation.]
Because if you knew more, well then, I just made an enormous mistake.
Goodbye, Professor.
I hope you enjoyed your last coffee.
- Hello? - Hey, it's Nicky.
I'm at King Kwong on the factory floor.
What, why? I'm trying to find what made you sick.
- PFCs, do you know where they'd be? - I don't.
Nicky they overwork and underpay us, but everything I work with is clean.
There's got to be something here I'm not seeing.
I just don't understand.
If I'm being exposed at work, why aren't the others getting sick? Are you sure it's just you? Yeah, I'm sure.
- [signal breaking.]
Hello? - Hello.
- Faye.
- [phone disconnects.]
Union lit and union signatures.
What are you doing? You lied.
You were sabotaging the union.
Pretending to be an ally of Faye's, intercepting the signatures, dumping her petition.
You're trespassing.
Only Faye got sick.
She wasn't getting sick from workplace chemicals.
You were trying to get her out of the picture, targeting her.
Abnormally high levels, consistent with direct ingestion.
Were you poisoning her? What did you do, Brett? Slip it in her tea, just a little at a time? [scoffs.]
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! You won't get away with this! [banging.]
Hey! Hey.
I'm at the factory.
I've got a little situation.
I need you to clean it up.
Come on! Come on! [panting.]
Come on! Ah! Ah! [inhales.]
Patience, Nicky.
Shifu, I can't.
Stop thinking about breaking the stone.
Stop thinking about results.
All your life, you've been trained in obtaining results and goals.
Americans want it all faster, they want it now.
The reward.
Ah! Ah! Impatience is desire for the future.
Impatience is fear of the present.
Let go of desire, let go of fear.
Be in the present.
Be in the now.
Go slow.
[upbeat music playing.]
Imma let it all out Better be ready for it [grunting.]
Imma get it right now Imma let it all out Better be ready for it La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la Gonna get ready now [grunts.]
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la [Nicky sighs.]
Nicky, the police are on their way right now.
No, don't worry, he's still knocked out.
Please sit tight, or better yet, get out of there until I still don't have real proof of what Slakter did to Faye.
[cell phone ringing.]
I gotta go, Evan.
What are you going to do? Hey, thanks for coming.
Good to see you.
[cell phone ringing.]
- Is it done? - [Nicky.]
Not exactly.
How the hell? Am I not dead? I'll leave that for you to figure out.
Oh, slow down, Brett, you're losing your cool.
Waiter, 11 o'clock.
Why don't we talk? Face-to-face.
Don't be a coward.
I'm a coward? Which one of us hired a hitman to his dirty work? Which one of us tried to silence the movement? You were in such a hurry.
Unions are expensive.
You can't go public with labor costs rising.
Faye was the squeaky wheel.
So you tried to kill her.
I wasn't trying to kill Faye.
I just needed to make her sick.
Sick enough to fire her.
She was jeopardizing everything I worked for.
You worked for? So not Eddie? Eddie knows nothing.
If it were up to him, we'd still be in Alameda, selling T-shirts out of his parents' garage.
Where are you? Right behind you.
Hey, Brett.
[Brett on recording.]
I wasn't trying to kill Faye.
I just needed to make her sick.
Sick enough to fire her.
She was jeopardizing everything I worked for.
Eddie knows nothing.
[handcuffs clicking.]
And in international news, out of the UAE, a gunfight erupted at the Musfad Palace in Dubai.
A spokesperson for Dalir Al Musfad, said it was raided by a skilled team who made off with several priceless ancient artifacts.
In other news Thank you, Professor.
Did you hear the news? King Kwong's fast-tracking the union.
Oh, I guess Eddie Kwong really does care.
Nicky, I just I wanted to say thanks.
Faye was in this morning, she's finally healing, she'll be back at work soon.
The company's covering her medical bills.
That wouldn't have happened without you.
Ryan, I came here to apologize to you.
I've been rushing you.
I can't expect to pick up where we left off.
I was in a hurry to get back to the way things were, I skipped over getting to know each other again.
I skipped over the part where you became a hero.
A hero? What you do here, every day for all these people? Yes.
A hero, and I have a favor to ask.
Mama and Baba's catering event, let me cover you.
I'm sure you have something better to do on a Friday night, like say, a do-over date and Wear these.
Oh! [Nicky.]
From their newest launch.
- These are limited edition! - Swag from Eddie.
- Try them on.
- No way, I'd never wear these.
They go for like $1,000 online, but only in mint condition.
Wow! Mint condition? [Ryan chuckles.]
I found a suitable replacement for the hinges.
Should get another year out of the door.
Replaced the defroster coil while I was in there, too.
It's expensive, but necessary.
Thank you.
Like I said, my number is on the card.
We had no choice.
Well, we could try to swallow our pride and let Althea and Dennis help.
You did not want that either, Jin.
What? [Jin.]
Why do you do this? Nicky tries to reach out to you and you swat her away, our daughter.
She tried to fix things and you refused.
And this old machine breaks and you spare no effort and no expense to repair it.
Our family's hurting, we're in debt, and you do all this to to save a thing.
Well I love you.
[speaking Mandarin.]
[breathing shakily.]
It's a not a thing.
Mama, Baba.
- Jerry's fixed.
- Yes.
Ryan has an event tonight.
I told him I'd fill in.
Is that okay? Yeah.
Cabbage in the sink needs washing.
Was it you? Left your secrets inside All the lies you can't hide It's a dangerous game Start Feeling high Play with fire It's a dangerous game I see your storm moving in I see the ground crumbling But in a chain reaction I see the dark crawling in I see your wars, it's the end But in a chain reaction It's a dangerous game Hey, Brad.
I need a favor.
I need you to look into someone for me.
His name is Henry Yan.
Hey, sorry I've been MIA.
Had to help my parents at the restaurant.
It's fine, Ryan filled me in.
You okay? I'm good.
Looks like you had some luck with the box.
Yeah, I'm gonna need a little more than luck.
It turns out it's the turducken of puzzles.
I finally cracked this part, and it just opened up to another puzzle inside and I'm stuck.
Patience, Henry.
I'm pretty sure I've already tried every combination there is, but, yeah, okay, go ahead.
Okay, maybe not every combination.
A key.
I guess we need to figure out what this opens.
[theme music playing.]

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