Kung Fu (2021) s02e07 Episode Script

The Alchemist

1 Oh, my god.
My old boss Chase Matheson.
I've spent way too much time since then thinking about what happened, what you did to me.
Dennis, your wife just said she can't stop thinking about me.
- Unh! - Stay the hell out of our lives.
I'm a part of your life whether you like it or not.
Just ask your daddy.
Han, hey.
Who are you people? We are the Wan Zai.
- Hello, son.
- Dad.
We learned that Juliette Tan is about to collect some mystical red rocks called Jyu Sa.
The stones did something to you.
I I felt it, too.
The power of the Jyu Sa.
When my experts combine it with the bell, this city will be destroyed, and from the ashes, a new world will be born.
Dad, what are you doing here? Why are you with these people? They ambushed me.
They knocked me out.
Not how I intended this to go down, but here we are.
Please, son.
Talk to me.
- Why'd you attack Eric Han? - Attack? No.
I where's the sheet music? Did you give it to Nicky? Han had the sheet music.
- I don't know.
I found him like that.
- Henry We need answers.
Who are you? I'll ask the questions.
Zero replies to my texts or voicemails.
I checked Henry's apartment and the library.
No sign of him.
- Althea, do you have anything? - No.
His phone isn't pinging back.
Probably dead.
His phone, Nicky.
Just his phone.
Any luck? Henry's car was still parked at Han's apartment.
The place, it was it was tossed.
No one's there, and I found blood on the floor.
I looked into it.
Han was admitted to St.
Francis Memorial late last night.
Henry wasn't admitted there or any other local hospital.
So no real leads? I'm sorry, Nicky.
It was an old building.
No cameras.
The bank next door, however Can you access the security cams? Honey.
Got it! New record.
Suspicious-looking van pulling up to Han's building.
Looks like they're pulling someone out.
- That's got to be Henry.
- Who's the muscle? Those don't look like Tan marks.
That license plate.
- Evan, can you call that in? - I'm sort of running out favors now I'm not in the D.
'S office.
I'll see what I can do.
I told you Han was already tied up to the chair and bleeding.
I didn't steal anything.
Stop protecting Nicky! - Just tell me the truth! - Oh, you want the truth? How long were you lying to me? How long were you lying to Mom? My whole life? I joined the Wan Zei when I was a teenager.
I read about the Wan Zei.
- Just a bunch of crooks and thieves.
- Not thieves.
We're protectors.
We keep powerful objects out of the wrong hands here in S.
And across the world.
Henry We're the good guys.
You could have fooled me.
Eric Han is one of us.
He's in the hospital with ruptured eardrums, brain swelling.
Doctors say it was some kind of aneurysm.
I just want to know what happened, son.
I told you everything.
Let me go.
Step back.
He's playing you.
- Yuen, I believe him.
- You're too close, Daniel.
We tried things your way.
Now it's my turn.
- You're not hurting him.
- He knows more than he's letting on.
Don't forget, Daniel, the mission comes first.
Grab him! Yuen, don't! Get back! Nicky! - Nicky, stop! - Why? Because That's my dad.
- How'd you find us? - Your van.
It's registered to this address.
Whoever you are, you're not as stealthy as you think.
Now are you gonna let us pass, or you want to get your ass kicked again? Stop.
You two don't have to leave.
They didn't steal the sheet music, Yuen.
Someone else got to Eric, and I'm guessing it was someone connected to the Tans.
You know about Tan? I'm ready to put our cards on the table.
No more zip ties, no more knives.
- You're letting him manipulate you.
- They can be useful.
- How do you know we can trust them? - We don't But I'm done following your orders.
We're not finished with this conversation.
I'll put on some tea.
- Nicky just texted.
Henry's ok.
- Oh.
Thank god.
So how do I look? If you were a VC, would you invest in my app? You look amazing, but you could get funding in sweats.
Your app's got real heat behind it.
Still, the future of my business depends on these meetings.
I can't mess it up.
Soong, come in.
Dad? What are you doing here? I'm so sorry.
I can't stay.
I've got to run.
Big investor meetings all day.
Diana told me.
Starting a business on your own.
- We're very impressed.
- Thank you.
Wish me luck.
You got this, babe.
Dennis what have you done? So talk.
Who are the Wan Zei? The Wan Zei was formed over 100 years ago by two Chinese immigrants Lau Hing-Gai and Tsang Daoming.
That's Li Jiaming, the Guardian who rang the Yueling Bell.
The founders of the Wan Zei knew Jiaming? They were friends, fellow immigrants.
They were there when he died.
One morning at the local Chinese benevolent association, Jacob Sloan busted in with his muscle, compelled Li Jiaming to ring the bell, - forced the others to watch.
- Day of the great earthquake.
Only Lau Hing-Gai and Tsang Daoming survived.
They vowed to never let the bell fall into the wrong hands again.
Out of that, the Wan Zei was born.
If the mission was local, then why all the globetrotting? Well, the Yueling Bell was just the beginning.
After years, our brotherhood realized there were objects of power all over the world from every culture, and when there's power to be taken Men like Russell Tan aren't far behind.
After you guys destroyed the bell, we thought Tan was done, but we have intel that suggests otherwise.
- What intel? - Tan's daughter ramped up a large-scale 3-D printing operation.
She's got metallurgists on retainer.
They're re-creating the bell.
If they can do an exact replica and Tan can create the same tones as the original bell, the new one will have the same effect.
An earthquake that could level the city.
We've got wheels in motion against Tan, but we could use your help.
Uh, last time you needed something from Henry, he ended up zip-tied to a chair.
Keep talking.
You assaulted one of the most influential men in the city in a public place no less.
But is it true? Are we still in business with him? We pulled out of Cloudrush - and most of Matheson's enterprises.
- Most? There were some promising smaller investments, positions I chose to hold onto.
It was purely a financial decision.
I don't care what it takes.
I will have nothing to do with that creep.
I do not take orders from you, son.
The world is not black and white.
You'd know that, but your mother and I have coddled you.
It's time to grow up.
I thought giving you that promotion would help, make you see.
I can't accept this, dad.
If you intend to remain at the Soong Corporation, you'll have to.
Thanks for seeing me.
Only been on you for weeks.
Doctors make me nervous.
Besides, I thought you'd rather be hooking up with a certain hot chef instead.
Let's focus on you.
So Nicky tells me that you had an interesting reaction to the Jyu Sa.
How you feeling? I didn't sleep much last night.
Crazy dreams.
There was this figure dressed in black, this woman screaming in childbirth, this weird red drink.
Sounds intense.
I think I saw my mom, too.
Something wrong? So if you're down for some research on the gems, we could hit the library.
Anything to get me off this table.
- Go on.
I'll meet you there.
- Ok.
"The Mourne Landscape," Irish painting passed down through the generations by a single family, the O'Briens.
This painting is connected to an ancient Celtic ritual, the Ahraán de Baint, the song of extraction.
What does a Celtic ritual have to do with the Yueling Bell? Got to open your mind, son.
China's not the only place with magic.
If we can get our hands on the ritual, we can sap the bell of its power.
No magic, no earthquake.
- We can stop Tan's whole plan.
- That's the idea.
Now the ritual's on a scroll that's been lost for ages, but according to our research, there was a map that led so the location of the scroll hidden on the back of that painting.
So if we can find the original painting, - we find the scroll? - Problem is the painting was stolen from the O'Briens decades ago.
Hasn't been seen since.
You should go, see what's up with Mia.
Be careful.
Yan, I'm sorry, but I have to go.
Good luck.
So about this painting.
I may know someone who can help.
I think I found something.
China's first emperor was obsessed with living forever.
He forced every philosopher and mystic in his empire to look for ways to cheat death.
Legend has it one of his alchemists, a woman named Xiao, used a "powerful red stone" to crack the code of immortality.
The details are vague, though.
Um, she did experiments, messed up stuff with children and pregnant women.
That sounds like my dream.
You think there's more out there about this alchemist, this Xiao? I'll check.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What's up with Mia? Her vitals are off the charts.
Blood pressure, heart rate through the roof.
- Did you tell her? - Naw.
I didn't want to freak her out.
It's got to be the Jyu Sa.
When I touched it, I felt, like, a jolt to my system, but Mia, she completely lost it.
- Where'd you put the sample? - In your research cabinet.
Oh, my god.
Mia! Mia! Mia! She's starting to run a fever.
- Ok.
I'll get a compress.
- Mia? - What happened? - She collapsed in the library.
- Should we get a doctor? - I am a doctor! I did everything I could to try and wake her.
- What do you mean? - Mia's been poisoned, exposed to something powerful.
You're just gonna have to take our word for it, Mama.
Whatever she's going through, it's not something medicine can fix, but we're gonna figured it out.
Lao Gong, listen to Nicky.
It'll be ok.
Hmm? Ok.
Thank you, Razor.
Razor, huh? Your friend know anything? Well, I wouldn't call him my friend, but yeah.
He confirmed the painting was stolen.
Says right now the owner has it hanging up - in this place called the Assisi Club.
- Heard of it.
Members only, ultra-exclusive, caters to old money, safe place for rich people to show off their stolen art, but they don't let just anybody walk into that club.
What's our play? The play is I'll deal Nicky in, and then we take it from here.
Or we could make a run on the Assisi Club together.
Your old man's pretty good in the field.
I Look.
I know you got your way of doing things, but I got a deep bag of tricks, too.
Come on.
Could be fun.
She's unconscious, but her vitals keep shooting up.
Her brain's still active like she's in some kind of REM state.
So like a dream? Ok.
What happened when you examined her? - Did she say anything? - She said she had weird dreams, a pregnant woman, figure in black.
- Red drink? - How'd you know? I had the same dream.
It was just flashes, but what? There was something in here about an alchemist named Xiao.
Legend has it she used the Jyu Sa to do experiments on people.
She claimed that these experiments allowed her to walk in other people's dreams.
That's her.
I saw her in my dream.
Uh, it says she used a concoction, a tea infused with Jyu Sa.
She claimed it was a conduit for magic and that it linked her consciousness with her subjects and that ultimately it can unlock the secret to immortality.
She thought she could live forever in their minds.
This tea, can you make it? I mean, we have Jyu Sa.
The rest of the ingredients are pretty simple.
Why? At the lab, the Jyu Sa completely took Mia over, and when she touched the stone, it sent her into this dream, right? - Yeah.
- Well, I felt something, too.
There must be some connection between our bloodline and the Jyu Sa.
Her reaction to it is way stronger than mine.
Maybe that's because she's both Warrior and Guardian.
So touching the Jyu Sa alone won't take me there, but if I had a bigger dose You mean Xiao's concoction? - If you can re-create it - Nicky.
I Maybe it'll take me there, to Mia's dream.
Even refined, cinnabar is toxic, and we don't know Xiao's claims are real.
I mean, people died in these experiments, and, ok, say you walk into Mia's dream.
- There's no guarantee you can help her.
- I have to try.
She's getting worse, Ryan.
What if Mia is lost in this dream? What if I'm the only person who can get her out? You said it yourself.
This isn't gonna be cured by medicine.
I Please.
I know someone will revolutionize the way we connect with our communities.
Our tech fuses the interface of a social media app with the functionality of a crowd-sourcing platform, creating a new way for neighbors to connect, for local businesses to boost their impact and access, but most importantly, I know someone will bring communities together.
We just need the capital.
I do see the potential here.
- Very well pitched.
- There's a lot in here I loved.
Loved your passion.
But I'm afraid it's gonna be a pass from us.
The idea just needs a little more time in the oven.
We've got our eyes on you, Althea Shen-Soong, - but - You've decided to go in a different direction.
Good luck to you.
- Good luck to you.
- Good luck to you.
Excuse me.
May I get a lemon drop? Make it a double.
everybody You sure about this? - Wouldn't say that.
- I can stay.
I'm ok.
Be careful.
It is not too late.
You can turn back.
You do not know what will happen if you drink that tea.
I don't see another way.
My child Mia? Mia? Mia? Mia? Are you doubting your decision, my child? I can feel her.
She's in here somewhere.
Xiao, the alchemist.
What was this? You feel it, don't you, a connection to her? You are witnessing the beginning.
The birth of your ancestor, the first Warrior.
I am so sorry about the heat.
The AC shut down out of the blue.
- How about a round of iced teas? - That'd be great.
- Hey, boss.
- Excuse me.
Oh, thank god.
I was told you wouldn't arrive for hours.
We moved some things around.
Least we could do for a big client.
- Hey! - AC unit's out back.
Security will lead you to the service entrance.
Smell that? Freon leak.
It's a big one.
I don't smell anything.
That's the problem.
Most people don't.
Gonna have to check the vents for the source of the leak.
I'll evacuate the members.
Fix it.
Told you I knew a few tricks.
So why do you think all your meetings went bust? Well, ordinarily, I'd say it's because my pitch sucked, but it didn't.
No, no.
My presentation was tight.
My delivery was strong, and the product is bomb.
I think someone poisoned the well.
Dennis and I had a run-in - with Chase Matheson.
- Ugh.
Dennis clocked him.
I can't prove it, but Chase is still very connected.
All it takes is the right rumors and the right ears and the questioning of the fundamentals of my business plan, and poof, I'm radioactive.
- What are you gonna do? - Heh! What can I do? How do you fight a rumor? And no matter how good my idea is, my company is starved for capital.
It's only a matter of time until I have to pack it in.
You're not giving up.
I I I was forced to resign under a cloud of suspicion, and sure, you caught me day drinking alone, but I'm not giving up, and if I'm not giving up, neither are you.
Besides, not to sound crass, but isn't your husband loaded? I gave myself one rule Never ask Dennis or his family for money.
That's kind of a dumb rule.
Besides, when have rules ever stopped Althea Shen-Soong? - Hmm? - Hmm.
That should do it.
That's it.
The map to the ritual.
We don't make a half-bad team.
You know, I regret all of it, don't you? Every lie, every missed birthday.
I would have read you in sooner, but I'd already seen it.
Seen what? The man you'd become without me.
Figured I could only mess that up.
Hey! What the hell are you doing? Went to the AC unit to see what was taking so long.
Saw the wires were snipped.
This was a setup.
Watch out son.
We got a genius in our midst.
- Dad, we got what we needed.
- Not everything.
That painting doesn't belong to you.
Doesn't belong to you either.
It's going back to the O'Briens.
Hey, guys.
There's no need for That baby is it Liang Daiyu? No.
The alchemist created the Warrior and Guardian lines long before Liang Daiyu, long before the weapons.
So Warriors and Guardians, we were created by Xiao's experiments? The alchemist wanted to create a more powerful human.
Many died in the process, but in the end, she created a miracle, the Warriors and Guardians.
Xiao's design was for a better world, but even the best laid plans go awry.
Mia? Who is that? When the alchemist created the bloodlines, she never meant for them to cross.
It is far too much power for one person to contain, but over a thousand years ago, a Warrior and Guardian fell in love.
A child was born.
I thought Mia was the first.
There was another.
Her name was Suyin.
She was the first hybrid.
The hybrid's parents died soon after she was born.
The girl was raised by monks, who pledged to hide her true identity from the world, but her power became too much to contain.
What's happening? Where the hybrid went, death followed.
Agh! She was an abomination.
It took the combined power of the Warriors and the Guardians to stop her.
Many were killed.
It won't be like that.
Raah! Aah! You felt it.
Her power.
Why are you showing me all this? The bloodlines were never intended to mix.
Just like Suyin, Mia should never have been born, and like Suyin, her power will consume her.
It will corrupt her.
- No.
I won't let that happen.
- It's inevitable.
You came here to rescue her from this dream, but if you let her go, she will be trapped here forever.
The world will be safe.
I know it's hard, but you must leave Mia behind.
- No.
I'm not giving up on her! - Mia is past saving.
Someone once told me no one is past saving.
You're not Pei-Ling.
You're the alchemist.
- You've taken on my Shifu's form.
- Well done, my child.
Xiao how are you doing this? Once you were exposed to the stone, it opened the door to direct contact with you, with Mia, my children.
Everything you've shown me The birth of the Warrior bloodline, the first hybrid is any of it even true? Every word, every image pulled directly from the consciousness of all the Warriors and Guardians who came before you.
So you drew Mia in with the Jyu Sa.
You trapped her here.
The longer Mia stays in this realm, the closer she comes to death.
You were distracting me.
Where are you hiding her? Heh heh heh.
In a memory, a memory of a fallen Warrior.
There she will see the truth.
It will shatter her.
Once she has seen it all, she will lose the will to fight, to escape this realm.
You can't help her now.
Just go child.
You can leave whenever you choose.
Mama? Mama? I've missed you so much.
I never should have run away.
You're right.
The world is a dangerous place.
Hello, Mei-Xue.
I've been looking for you for a long time.
I'm not going anywhere.
Mia is in here, and I will find her.
Fight as hard as you want.
It won't make a difference.
I created this realm.
I control it.
You can't hurt me.
I am eternal.
I live forever In every Warrior and Guardian.
As long as you live, I live.
Unh! You can't win.
I am in control.
No, you're not.
Unh! Your power, it comes from me, my life, my bloodlines.
You don't have the power here.
I do.
You're making a mistake.
Huh! Mia.
Give me the sword.
The sword isn't here.
Then why hide all the way out here, all alone? A daughter.
Her father the Guardian.
A hybrid.
- She will be extremely useful.
- I won't let you near her.
I would expect no less.
I respect you, Mei-Xue, and I will give you a proper burial out amongst your trees.
Mia, we can leave right now.
You don't have to see this.
She was all alone! I should have been there! You will never get her.
This can only hurt you.
Please look away.
I'll watch for both of us.
She is strong.
She will fight you.
I look forward to it.
Map leads to the hills of Louth county.
That's where you'll find the scroll.
We get the scroll, we might be able to strip the magic from Russell Tan's bell, stop the bastard in his tracks.
Henry I couldn't have done this without you.
Happy to help, and to be honest, I had fun.
Yuen and I, we're on the first flight to Ireland.
We're gonna get the ritual.
Could use your help in the field.
You serious? I kept the Wan Zei from you because I wanted to give you a choice, a choice that my father didn't give me, but it's obvious you were born for this.
I appreciate it But my place is here with Nicky.
Ooh! Heh.
Ohh! Bam Bam! Thought you had a work dinner.
Not tonight.
Hey, babe.
Well, it was a swing and a miss for me.
I'm 99.
9% sure that Chase is sabotaging me, but, hey, screw it.
I've got a killer app, I'm one bad boss bitch, and I am not about to give up.
I'm gonna make him "rule" the day he messed with Althea Shen-Soong.
"Rule" the day? Rue the day.
Rue the day.
- Babe.
- And I know I said I'd never accept your parents' offer, but I'm ready to fully accept anything you Althea.
My dad He's still in business with Chase Matheson.
I told him to cut ties, or I walk.
So He cut me off, Althea.
It's gone.
It's all gone.
This was Baba's idea? He felt that Mia and Mama could use it.
Said they never really got a chance to grieve Aunt Mei-Xue.
You sure you're ready? I am.
Mia Hmm? Lao Gong thank you.
I needed this.
- How's Mia? - Her vitals have leveled out.
Whatever you did over there on the other side did the trick.
- Thanks, Ryan, for trusting me.
- Ryan.
I'm just glad Mia's gonna be ok.
Did you tell them about Mia's destiny? You're wrong, Xiao.
I can teach her.
Once this is all over, Warrior, you're going to wish I'd killed her.
Greg, move your head!
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