Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

One Last Job

Game faces, everyone.
We have a massive challenge ahead of us,
the greatest test of our abilities yet,
but we can do it!
Just make sure
you evenly distribute the sauces, 'kay?
Mm! Perfect bite.
Mm! We're doing great!
This was for all of us, wasn't it?
So, you actually like all this?
The kids, the screaming,
the charging people fair prices?
Oh, it's disgusting.
It's honest.
A quality I hope to pass on to Padma.
I need two more samosas, Eddie!
Nice work, dear.
Okay, enough. How do we get
the pendant from this Jayesh person?
Keep your voice down.
I'm only helping you this once,
so don't make me regret it.
Jayesh is a collector.
And when he gets his eye on
something he likes,
he doesn't let it go.
Hey, I think we met him yesterday.
Snooty rich guy, all up in everyone's biz.
- Hmm? Mm
- He's seen you.
That makes things difficult.
When have we ever walked away
from a challenge? We just need a plan.
A secret heist plan for a heist!
Do we have blueprints?
Ooh! Or a room filled with cool, sneaky
stuff made for planning the perfect crime?
Let's say this is the pendant,
and this is Jayesh.
Mm, I like this better.
Master Mastodon's pendant is
one of Jayesh's most prized possessions.
He keeps it in his private collection,
under heavy security.
Po! You're getting chutney on the pendant!
Oh, sorry.
Great. You ate Jayesh.
Just his head. Or his leg.
The door to the room
is made of steel as thick as your arm.
There's only one key,
and it stays on his key ring at all times.
The room is off the courtyard,
surrounded by fortified walls
and snake guards.
Ready to give up?
I could use more servers.
Eddie, I need one more biryani
and two more tikka masalas.
You're doing a fine job, my darling.
This is kid stuff. Here's how we do it.
Once we're inside, I'll distract Jayesh
long enough to pickpocket that key.
Next, I'll sneak past the guards
and unlock the door,
snatch the pendant, return the key,
and come back here before Jayesh realizes
that Rukhmini, the Raider of Raipur,
has struck again.
- What?
- You gave yourself all the jobs.
You can't give yourself all the jobs.
He's right. I'll distract Jayesh.
You? Oh, Miss Charisma?
If anything, you're the muscle.
I am not just muscle.
I was raised in high society,
so I can blend in.
Besides, Jayesh
didn't catch me stealing a cup.
Plus, she's good at pretending
to be something she's not.
I mean, in a good way.
For this.
Ooh! You could play Duchess Mellormuffin.
I can make up my own name.
Thank you.
And the short one
should be our eyes in the sky.
Keep tabs on Jayesh's location.
Oh, I'd be delighted.
Back in my day, we used wing signals.
And then, with my swift swifty-ness,
I can grab the pendant.
- Wrong. That's my job.
- Okay, then what am I supposed to do?
Stay out of our way.
Enjoy the snack bar.
What?! I'm a kung fu master.
You gave my dad a cool heist job
and he's just a n-noodle chef!
Hey! I surprise myself every day.
Let me figure out
how we get into the building.
- How do we get in the building?
- The way we've always done it.
Tonight, there's an engagement party.
You'll blend in with the crowd
Careful, Diya. You're smiling.
I won't risk Padma's future for this.
If you get caught, I don't know you.
I think we can salvage it.
Look at that, you're not dead!
Help me pack. C'mon, c'mon.
How did we get up here?
The helmet!
Plucked us out of the water
and dropped us in this tree, it did.
The real question is, who's wearing it?
- You don't think the bears got here first?
- No, no.
This is someone else.
I can't believe
you didn't let me take the whip.
But Jayesh saw it before, Rukhmini.
He'll recognize you for sure.
I hid it safely. You don't need to worry.
I don't know, Rukhmini.
How are we gonna get past those guards?
We might stand out a little.
You want in? Here's your big test.
Walk inside. Easy.
Can you do that?
We're here for the party.
Incredible stealth, everyone.
They have no idea.
Hey, Rukhmini!
We made it inside!
I should go back
to working alone.
It's not really the intense heist vibes
I was hoping for.
Gonna need some stealth tunes
to really get into it.
Stealth mission, mission of stealth
Wah-wah-wah-wah! ♪
Wah! Stealth mission, mission of stealth
Wah-wah-wah-wah-wah! ♪
- I just remembered.
- What?
I hate high society.
Just turn on the charm
and I'll handle the dangerous stuff.
Blade, you mingle over by the entrance,
wait for my signal to follow Jayesh
and distract him with your
charms, until I can nab that key.
Ping, get to that tower and signal
when you see Jayesh go inside the palace.
I'll wait for your signal
from that table over there.
- Po
- Yeah.
- you can wait at the snack bar.
- Time to get to work.
- Have fun at the snack bar, son!
- Cool.
I'll just eat some dosas, I guess.
Vital heist role.
Mm. Mm-mm.
Oh, that's tasty. Mm.
Uh, hello. May I mingle with you?
- Have you ever? Never!
- Oh, me neither.
No one hides from Ping!
Hm. Wedding crowd. Oh, good pickings.
Excuse me.
Some hors d'oeuvres?
Ah, ah, ah, ah!
This bust of a child eating paneer
cost me nearly 11,000 silver,
so hands off, Gopal!
Hmm. Mm-hmm.
Now, if you want to see
something really impressive,
follow me inside.
Rukhmini! Hey! Psst!
Psst! Hey! Hey!
Rukhmini, psst! Psst! Over here!
Jayesh, he's going inside.
Hey! Psst.
Psst! Over here!
Jayesh, he's going inside.
Psst! Rukhmini! Hey!
It's on!
It's on! Go, go, go, go, go!
So, how do we get down?
I've got a feeling whoever's using
that helmet will come to us.
A little two-on-one, eh?
I like our odds.
Still like our odds?
Come on, all of ya! Come on!
Come on!
Stop stealing our food, you!
They've taken everything!
We'll starve before we find that helmet!
Clever little buggers.
But I can be clever too.
And this piece was made
completely from petrified dung.
Apparently, it came out this way.
- Ooh!
- Interesting.
I say flush it!
I'll have you know
that my father himself gave me this piece.
How dare you insult his taste!
I'm kidding!
My father never gave me a thing.
Clearly, you speak your mind
in a way others don't, Miss, uh
Uh, uh Duchess
Duchess Mellormuffin.
The world is so full of people
pretending to be something they're not.
But not you.
You're direct. Real.
Why, yes.
I'd love your opinion
on some other pieces.
Where are you, Rukhmini?
Oh, just one more.
- Oh. No, no thank you!
- Oh-oh! Mm-hmm.
- Uh, excuse me.
- Hmm?
It was there one second and gone the next!
My jewels! My priceless jewels!
I've been robbed!
- Uh, red alert! Sound the alarms!
- What? What's happening?
Uh, Blade's with Jayesh now,
uh, but Rukhmini never showed up!
Rukhmini's trapped!
That means there's only one person
who can get this heist back on track.
I'll do it.
No, Dad, it's me.
Hmm Well, okay, that's fine with me also.
I mean, I'm happy to
Stealth mission, mission of stealth
Wah-wah-wah-wah! ♪
Wah! ♪
- Hmm?
- Stealth mission, mission of stealth ♪
We're talking kung fu master
Out of control ♪
Okay, do these ones next, this Vermeerkat.
You devil! What about this Claude Monket?
Oh! I'd wish he'd learn
how to draw inside the lines.
What is that, crayon?
- Now, this one
- Dreadful. The worst of them all.
I painted myself.
is what a peasant would say.
This is inspired!
You You think so?
Uh I'll take it!
Really? You want my painting?
Of course!
Such excellence must be mine.
I must say, I wasn't prepared
to sell so much at my
engagement party.
- Do you need a glass of water?
- Why?
You started hiccupping
when you brought up your engagement.
No, I didn't.
The one thing my father did give me
Stress hiccups.
Marriage is
a big life change for me.
What am I doing?
Spilling my guts to a duchess?
You don't want to hear about this.
Oh, I I understand.
I am recently familiar
with a big life change as well.
Is that true, Duchess Mellormuffin?
Who? Oh! Yes. Me!
But I had someone by my side
the whole time.
Holding me
It's just so hard to trust people.
Thank you for listening.
I can't tell you how much
your honesty means to me this evening.
I'll remember this chat for a long time,
Duchess Mellormuffin.
'Twas I! My lockjaw.
- All good.
- You know what?
Perhaps, if you're willing to spend a bit,
I can show you the really good stuff
that I keep locked up.
Uh, no!
Uh, sorry. I, uh
I-I only meant that I'll take it all.
The whole room, sight unseen!
Oh, my. What a true surprise.
I'll give you a good price.
A regular steal.
That sounds perfect.
Well, did you get the key?
Also, that Jayesh guy
is a big-time oversharer.
Oh! This looks bad, Po.
Don't worry, Dad. I got this.
- If you say so. I'll just stand guard.
- Uh-huh.
- Uh, good luck, son.
- Mm-hmm.
This is it, Po.
The greatest test of your abilities yet.
But I believe in you.
Mm. Those interpretive-dance classes
really paid off.
- Where's Jayesh now?
- Po's way ahead of you.
Oh. Didn't know you had it in you, panda.
Wait till I get my hands
around their little necks.
Once I have the helmet,
I'll sink this island.
Bury it, I will!
They brought us here
just to loot our ship?
Doesn't sit right.
What if we're running into a trap?
Ain't no trap
that can hold, hold, hold us.
Let me go!
He'll have your head for this!
Oh, don't be afraid.
Take us to the helmet and maybe
we only kill most of your friends.
Klaus? Veruca?
Oh, God!
I thought you were all gone.
We thought you were dead!
Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs!
We found the other mages.
I can't make it!
Uh, ding, ding!
Dad, you super-heist genius!
Not my first heist.
W-w-w-wait, what?
I'll have you know
I executed my part in all this perfectly.
I was charming, I was exciting,
and I owe about 12 million silver,
so I'm ready to get out of here.
Also, where were you?
I got held up.
Let's not make a big thing out of it.
The ceremony is about to begin!
Guess what? One invaluable
ancient enchanted pendant, delivered by
We have to go! Now!
- What? Why?
- It's a trap!
Duchess Mellormuffin?
I told you
there would be an attempt tonight.
I'm sorry, do I know you?
Now you see, you can trust me.
So it would seem.
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