Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s03e09 Episode Script

Luthera's Shield

[exclaiming, grunting]
[Rukhmini] Which way are we going?
[Akna] Go towards the light.
[Rukhmini] Not crazy
about that expression.
That sword was a Storm Wheel
this whole time and you didn't know?
That boat ride to England
could have been so much faster.
Hey, bud. You okay?
Yes, why wouldn't I be?
Oh, I don't know,
maybe 'cause you just found out
your brother's been trapped in a sword?
Hey. We'll get him back. Don't worry.
I just
I can't think about that right now.
Well, that's all I can think about.
[grunts, exclaims]
What an adventure we're on, eh?
Getting back Alfie.
Oh, I can hardly wait
to get started. [chuckles]
What if part of her plan
to turn you over to Drake
is telling you about
the plan to turn you over to Drake?
Can we trust her?
I think it's our only option.
The new moon is here.
Which means your father should arrive with
the rest of the weapons any minute now.
And Sir Drake is planning to meet me
at the house in a few hours to
- Throw your daughter in jail?
- [groans]
We need to split up.
Po, Akna, Rukhmini, meet Ping at the docks
and bring the weapons back.
- This should get you there.
- Ooh!
"Top Ten Unmissable London Highlights?"
[sighs] Mother, you and I will head home,
wait for Sir Drake,
and retrieve Alfie's sword.
You and me?
If it made sense any other way
You got this?
Go to the docks,
get the weapons, meet back here.
Easy peasy friendship squeezy.
Favorite part of these adventures,
right here.
Good luck.
Come on, baby. [groans]
Hey, Benny's show is on this map.
Must be out of date.
Okay, actually the whole top ten is Benny.
Starting to think maybe he made these.
You know what I mean?
[dramatic music plays]
- [atmospheric music plays]
- [clattering]
Thank you.
I-I must admit I'm impressed, Luthera.
You really are quite good at all this.
Thank you.
Though it seems a bit pointed
that another one of your plans
may end with destroying our home.
Nice to see you're more concerned
with your things than your daughter.
I was trying to make a joke.
Well, you're bad at it. We need to focus.
- Luthera, I
- We have a lot of work to do.
[dramatic music plays]
[Po] Okay, so according to this map,
the docks should be here.
Or not.
I knew it. We're lost.
Are you sure you know how to read that?
[scoffs] Like I don't know
how to read a map.
I can't see a thing.
- Look out. Get out of the way.
- Where did you come from?
[groans] I'm sick of London.
All gray and foggy.
When we're done here,
I'm gonna drink smoothies on the beach
and lay in the sun until I die.
Oh, that sounds nice.
So you want to see me dead?
Uh, not the dead part.
The sun part. [laughs]
[laughing] I I mean,
it just seemed appropriate to agree.
- You guys! Guys, guys.
- [exclaiming]
We can't think about what's next
until we think about what's, uh, now next.
What's coming up next sooner
rather than aft Whatever!
You know what I mean. [groans]
Uh, do you know what you mean?
I'm just freaking out. I just feel off,
like the vibes aren't there, you know?
Usually, I get a feeling in my gut
and I just go with it.
My gut promised Blade I'd back her up,
bring her brother back.
But now my gut's saying
we shouldn't mess with the weapons
and all the spirits inside.
So now my gut's tearing itself apart, like
it's about to explode guts everywhere.
Or maybe I just need to burp?
Nah, it's the gut fight thing.
[Mr. Ping] Po!
- Where are you, Po?
- [dramatic music plays]
[atmospheric music plays]
I can't believe your brother
Will be sitting here with us.
The whole family back together.
Look, I-I wanted to say this before, but
I'm sorry.
I was only doing
what I thought needed to be done,
to keep you safe.
But after our little trip below
the catacombs, I-I see how wrong I was.
[soft music plays]
Huh? [gasps]
Going forward, I want you to know,
you have my full support.
- [knocking]
- [gasps] That'll be Drake. Are you ready?
Are you?
Heavens, no.
[intriguing music plays]
[sighs] This is hopeless.
Maybe we should ask around, see if
anyone friendly knows where the docks are.
[Rukhmini] Friendly might be hard to find.
You guys, my gut.
It's getting a weird vibe.
- [rumbling]
- [groans]
[exclaims, yells]
Huh? What's their deal?
- Uh, a thousand shillings.
- [scoffs]
[Rukhmini] There's a bounty on us?
No one gets my eyes right.
- It's so annoying.
- [groans] Just our luck.
All right, no worries.
Fog's coming in, just gotta lay low.
I don't wanna be a downer
or anything, but,
maybe we're overlooking the fact that
there aren't a lot of pandas in England?
Hey, Po! Good to see you.
You're wanted for a thousand shillings.
- Not bad, mate.
- [croaks] Oi! That is a lot of money.
- Is that Po?
- It's the panda!
- Is that him? The bounty!
- Is that him?
That's them all right.
Let's get 'em.
- [townspeople cheer]
- [whirring, creaking]
- [townspeople gasp]
- What's that?
Oh. Or flying ships.
Wait, what?
[dramatic music plays]
[Mr. Ping] Where are you, Po?
Po! Oh, it's so foggy here.
Dad! Dad!
- That's the panda's dad!
- Wait, they're together?
That's how they plan to get away.
We have to get them now!
- Dad!
- What's your gut telling you now?
- [rumbling]
- [gasps]
[ominous music plays]
Run for it!
Dad! Hey, Dad! [grunts]
- Dad!
- Uh
- [chuckles] Wait up!
- [townspeople yell]
- [owl hoots]
- [suspenseful music plays]
There's no need for the cavalry,
she's just upstairs.
I'm not taking any chances.
She doesn't know we're coming?
Not a clue.
- Uh, Sir Drake?
- [snarls]
You know, after our Alfie passed,
it was a very difficult time
for our family.
But I've been so glad to see
that you've become
such a strong and yet fair Master of War.
[Lucinda] So, please, just
Please don't hurt her.
Of course not, ma'am.
- [creaking]
- [ominous music plays]
Is something the matter?
If there's one thing I've learned
about your daughter,
it's that one should always
use caution in her presence.
[suspenseful music plays]
Wait. Stop! It's a trap!
- You
- [gasps]
You tricked me!
Where is she?
[dramatic music plays]
- Sorry.
- What?
[yells] After them!
Oh, my! [chuckling] That worked.
You're quite the actress.
- [suspenseful music plays]
- [Po] Dad!
- Dad!
- [Mr. Ping] Po?
- Dad, stop!
- [Mr. Ping] Po!
[splutters] There you are.
We've been looking all over.
You used the weapons?
Uh No.
Let's deal with that when
we're not being chased by an angry mob.
- Come on, get 'em!
- Let's get 'em!
[gasps] Oh, my!
Here! Take the rope!
Get on with it! Let's go!
[townspeople clamoring]
- Get them!
- Uh, are we really doing this?
Don't overthink it, Basil.
If we catch those imbeciles,
we're gonna be rich!
- Don't let them get away!
- Let's go!
- Come on then!
- Let's go!
Oi! Get 'em!
Don't let them get away!
Ow, ow, ow.
Ha! Benny?!
Sorry, pal.
You know I'm strapped for cash.
A thousand shillings
ain't nothing to laugh at. [laughs]
[gasping] I regret nothing.
Your maps are useless.
I know!
[suspenseful music plays]
Po! Hurry up!
- [grunting]
- [crashing]
[laughs] I see why you like this.
- [dramatic music plays]
- Get them!
[straining, grunting]
Cut the ropes!
[grunting, snarling]
[exclaiming, groaning]
[laughs] It's so exhilarating.
Come on!
- [ominous music plays]
- [groaning]
- [door closing]
- [gasps]
[tense music plays]
- [splutters] Hey, son.
- You promised not to use the weapons.
And I promised to trust her!
Trust us, Po.
- [whinnying]
- [grunts]
[groaning, panting]
- [sighs] You're incredible.
- [emotional music plays]
You're formidable.
[Forouzan] Oh, you're my shmoopie.
[Mr. Ping] Oh, my Foufou.
No, you're my shmoopie.
Oh, you're my Foufou.
[Forouzan] Shmoopie.
- You're my shmoopie.
- [groans]
- Should we be watching this?
- Probably not, but whatever.
[Rukhmini clears throat]
[chuckles] Nice work, everyone!
- Shall we meet up with Blade?
- Oh yeah, cool. Yeah. Let's do that.
[dramatic music plays]
[strains] Hurry!
Climb down the bricks,
just like we planned.
We don't have much time.
[distant clamoring]
Surround the house! They must not escape.
Oh, my!
- [bricks crash]
- [knights groan, yell]
Drop it, Mother!
- [knight] They're on the roof!
- For Alfie.
- [crash]
- [yelp]
- [door opens]
- [gasps]
[dramatic music plays]
- Foufou.
- Oh, shmoopie.
I think I'm going to hurl. [groans]
[Po] Blade's not back yet.
Something feels weird.
Maybe my gut's wrong
about bringing Alfie back,
but right now,
it's gurgling that Blade's in trouble.
- [rumbling]
- Are you sure it's not a burp?
Nah, it's just Blade.
[dramatic music plays]
Lady Lucinda, I expected more from you.
I will give you one last chance.
Turn your daughter and yourself in,
and I will let you both live.
- [gasps]
- So? What will it be?
[dramatic music plays]
- [roars]
- [grunts]
I am so sick of you Landreths,
thinking the rules don't apply.
Thinking you're above it all. Above me.
[Drake] So, then? What?
What will it be?
Do you want to die up here?
Maybe I do.
- What?
- Luthera!
[Drake] This is all your fault.
The Queen shall hear about all of this.
[dramatic music plays]
Hey there!
- [gasps]
- [yells]
[stirring music plays]
[grunts] Get back here!
[Drake] How dare you! No.
No. No!
[atmospheric music plays]
[Po exclaims]
[Forouzan] A promise is a promise,
but I can't stay.
You can have my last lifeboat.
Good luck, everyone.
I'm really gonna miss having
a flying ship.
[straining] So heavy.
You know what?
Ooh, lightweight and fashionable.
You were right. Blade needed our help.
So how's your gut feeling now?
I don't know.
Like I ate someone else's hot and sour
noodles, burning up and filled with guilt.
- [soft music plays]
- [Akna] Just go talk to her.
[exhales] So, look, uh I gotta talk
to you about this Alfie thing. My gut
I don't think we should bring Alfie back.
[spluttering] What's that?
It's not safe.
We don't know what we might unleash.
Could be an army, or worse.
Mastodon deserves to be at peace,
and as much as I want him back,
Alfie deserves peace as well.
Friendship squeezy.
[grunts] And now I have to tell my mother
and ruin everything.
Ready to head out?
I guess this is goodbye.
You really have changed, Reaper.
I like it.
[soft music plays]
[sighs, inhales deeply]
Oh, man. I hear you, gut.
You love her, don't you?
[splutters] What?
No way. [honks]
Maybe a little, but I had my chance.
I think
I think you should stay.
[spluttering] Stay? What? I can't do that.
We're almost done with our mission.
A mission you took on because of me.
Everything you've done and sacrificed
has been for me.
You're the best dad in the world.
Now it's time
for me to do something for you.
So let us take it from here.
We got this, Dad.
[soft music plays]
How did you grow up so fast?
Forouzan, I-I-I'm staying!
If that's what you really want, then sure.
[Mr. Ping] Now, you take care of him.
[emotional music plays]
That's your job now.
Uh, oh, can we swing by China first?
I need to pack a few things. [chuckles]
- Can't retire without my lucky ladle.
- [Forouzan] I gave you that ladle.
[Mr. Ping splutters] Well, of course.
Why do you think it's lucky?
See you, Dad!
All right, everyone.
Let's finally finish this.
[stirring music plays]
[rhythmic music plays]
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