Kungamordet (2008) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Part 1
The Social Democrats have lost more votes.
Even among their loyal followers.
This trend was seen in the interior, such
The Regicide
based on the novel by Hanne-Vibeke Holst
The biggest losses occurred in the cities.
In and around Stockholm,
Thousands of voters have switched from
the Social Democrats.
Prime Minister Per Viksten is still
popular among his loyal followers.
But the question is: For how much longer?
Sooner or later he must comment on
the electoral debacle.
Eva Andersson is sitting next to me
- What do you want me to do?
Get my revolver from the drawer
and blow my brains out?
That's a bit melodramatic,
isn't it?
We have to draw our conclusions.
- 4,933 constituencies counted.
We'll soon know what the
new Parliament will look like.
First we'll look at what
these elections mean.
Right-wing parties have gathered here
pending the outcome.
The exit polls show the
coalition's strategy worked.
I've just heard the final results are in.
Sweden has a right-wing government.
Thank you.
Thank you, Sweden.
What can I say?
- That we'll wipe the slate clean.
Sweden's economy will flourish.
We made a clean sweep.
Sweden's economy will flourish.
The coalition must demonstrate they can
govern. Previously, they didn't succeed
Depart as party leader?
- No, I'll never leave my party.
But the low number of votes
- Let's not forget
That for some it's a time of joy.
Thank you.
Of course we hoped
for another outcome.
But it makes no sense
to worry about it.
Sweden has rarely been in such a
strong economic position.
- Pack your stuff and come along.
Where are the children?
- At home in bed. Come.
Quiet, I'm not going anywhere.
Linda, you're drunk.
- Relax, there isn't anything.
I'll stay here until you agree to come along.
You know what else will happen.
And go to sleep. Now.
No more drinking, right?
Good day.
Where are the rest?
They've gone home.
So there's just us two?
- Yes.
That doesn't happen often.
Voluntarily, I mean.
We have no reason to.
Now, maybe.
Give him some time.
- It makes no sense. I know Per.
You are friends.
- That's why I'll talk to him.
When I first saw you I knew you
had great political ambitions.
So admit it.
You're ready.
I'm an economist. I love numbers.
The Lord's Prayer has 66 words.
I don't believe in God.
- What's your new goal? The EU?
Machiavelli said you should never
conclude a treaty a stronger person.
First he let his wife deserted him,
than the Swedish people.
If you've worked on that tabloid,
which picture would you use?
Those of Kicki Danielsson?
I have little to say
about the front page.
What sells better?
Winners or losers?
Nuances and complications are
the heart of good journalism.
Tabloids have a lynch mentality.
But now I work for this newspaper
- We're grateful to you.
It would be nice to have even less
predictable political analysis.
Are you back already?
I'm so sorry, Gert.
It's terrible you lost
- Well, you guys.
The Social Democrats.
The Swedish government.
Will the right wing parties
Ruin everything.
Linda, this can't go on.
It's definitely late.
- Yes, it was fantastic.
Especially now after 12 years the
social democrats are no longer in power.
Many people think you're very un-Swedish.
Almost American.
Did this work in your favour?
- I don't know.
I see myself as race optimist.
Other people's problems are my chances.
The Social Democrats failed.
Why, Magnus Svensson?
Especially because they
made wrong decisions.
They focused on the middle class
and forgot the poor.
And the unemployed.
Don't forget Viksten did what once
was thought impossible.
He reduced the national debt with
his ambitious economic policies.
My policy.
Renewals were impossible
if Viksten remains
I assume he'll step down?
You have no right to ask.
- I just read.
That he's lost credibility.
- You said yourself that
What did I say?
- That he
That he was omnipotent.
- I don't want you to tell me my job.
Of course.
- Good.
Had a good sleep?
Or rather did you sleep?
But no one probably slept.
- I slept like a baby.
I'm a callous bag.
We'll soon be looking at the calendar.
Hi. You want to come along
to Per's office?
I want to say something important.
Because of the outcome and
the call for a new start
I understand if you
Want to build a new team.
I really hadn't thought about it.
I have. We have to show we understand
the seriousness of the situation.
For the public. It's necessary heads roll.
I won't accuse.
Never before has a party leader
had to resign after a defeat.
And you won't have to.
My decision is fixed.
I'll step down.
Ivar But, you don't
It's the job of the party secretary
to run the election.
Let's face it:
I chose the wrong strategy.
It wasn't just to you.
- I know.
But my responsibility
is my responsibility.
I have no choice.
Thank you, Gert.
What do you think?
- I have no plan in place.
I thought all the time
- That we'd win.
Four years passes quickly.
Wouldn't it be nice
to do something different?
What do you mean?
A cottage in southern
France, for example.
What would I do?
Tramp grapes?
Can't you just do nothing?
How long have we know
each other now? 30 years?
Am I someone who can sit doing nothing?
I never even go on vacation.
I know, Gitte told me that.
I have my marriage and my young
family makes sacrifices.
I've always just worked.
And you know what?
I've enjoyed every minute.
But there's more to life.
Is there no time?
Do you listen sometimes?
This is my life.
The discontent is hard to ignore.
What a terrible year.
All that commuting. And for what?
Hellenius stepped down.
- He's not bitter about it.
Although he was sacrificed.
- You exaggerate.
We must take a position.
- Long night?
Theorem? What does he mean?
Say that we aren't against him?
Jacob is so uncompromising
- He's young.
And? What about?
We won't stomp grapes, huh?
We won't give up.
- We still have much to offer.
What do you think
of musical chairs?
Three parliamentarians step down.
- Who?
They saw four years in opposition.
They thought they wouldn't get
ministerial posts next time.
It's time to shuck corn.
We'll set fire right at their
shins and won't give them a moment's rest.
Giving up is losing
confidence in the future.
We won't be returned by the voters
following the same strategy.
Of course.
I want a thorough analysis
before the end of the month.
And after Ivar's hasty decision
Christina will
replace him as party secretary.
Go ahead, I'll be.
- What's his name? Your assistant?
Rasmus Hamberg.
- Does he have to shave?
He's 24.
- Congratulations.
Thank you.
- For the most votes.
The voters know how they should fill
out the ballot. How are you?
It's all right.
It's hard when you enjoyed the power.
And Per?
He sees it as a one-man show.
He doesn't plan to resign.
He called me to congratulate me
and invited me to dinner.
At Catalaine?
- How did you know?
It's the only restaurant that will still
accept him. Give him my greetings.
You there, with those legs.
- We're all getting older.
Come here.
We were invited.
- And I wasn't invited?
- I saw you at the liquor store.
I mean in Sweden.
- I live back here again.
But I feel at home in both.
This isn't changed much, huh?
- No. You're not in any event.
So, Linda Lundberg.
- Linda Jakobsson.
The newspapers were full of
your marriage.
It must have been summer doldrums.
Your father was proud you married
the Minister of Finance.
That he wasn't that then.
- Well almost.
His suits were too expensive
for my father's taste.
But you found them beautiful.
- The rest wore velvet and clogs.
I didn't.
- No, I remember you well.
Without clothes, right?
How nice after all those years again.
Do you want a lift?
- No, thanks. I got to go.
It was
Nice to see you again.
- Good day.
Hey, I'm not going to call you.
You have my number.
Have we ever talked about what happened?
No, not directly.
- Maybe it's time.
You have enemies within the party.
You were Meyer's political discovery.
I supported you.
But after the stuff with
the maritime accident
And Thomas' illegal residence
I had problems.
You should have said that.
- Yes.
And the journalists felt that.
They just kept digging into the past
until I could no longer defend you myself.
I was screwed.
- It's difficult as a novice in politics.
It's easy to get the press against you.
Am I here because you want peace?
I bear no malice toward you.
Just ask Thomas.
There is something else.
I feel I've had an energy boost.
Like a second chance to get it
all right.
Can you help me?
Campaign Leader? What for?
I just said that.
- I need help.
But that's my job.
I decide it's a long term strategy?
Charlotte and the short term.
Call it a 'kick start'.
You, Charlotte and I have
to knock heads together.
Open card games.
Most party members are 50+
and can barely walk.
We must think of something
to win back the voters.
Per wants to address the public.
So I have to be visible?
With you by my side I can't fail?
Here it is.
Let's toast to it.
How appropriate.
Do you want to order something?
- A shrimp salad, please.
What do you drink with this?
A glass?
A carafe.
This suits Gert Jakobsson.
It has an exclusive, elegant design.
Perfect quality.
Genuine Peruvian cotton.
It has a classic cut,
with modern accents. Just too formal.
It is more the colour I
But now he doesn't need
to appear so somber.
Since he's no longer in government.
He's our next prime minister
I'll take one
Linda Jakobsson
- Hello, sweetheart. It's me.
Hi. It's you.
How I've missed you.
Who is that?
- Wait, I'll call him.
It's your brother.
Must you do that nonsense in public?
Stig. Welcome.
- Linda.
Hello, Gert.
How does he deal with defeat?
- Well, very well.
Really? He's such a bad loser.
But a great older brother.
How's Robert?
- Good. We're living together.
What a party.
Invite anyone you wanted to go?
Gert thinks he's done enough dining
out because of his work.
I think it's just as nice
to invite people home.
He was like that as a child already
No parties, or gifts.
He later acquired.
A table football game
he let you pay for?
By the hour.
It's true.
The Peruvian cotton.
Perfect quality.
I thought that color would suit you.
Perhaps it's too colourful.
I'll return it.
No, it's very beautiful.
But I thought, because
you're no longer a minister.
She reminds me I'm not a
minister anymore.
Not at all.
- Thank you, darling. Very sweet of you.
The quality is fantastic.
Peruvian cotton.
It was during a meeting last July.
There he stood,
in his white shorts.
Suddenly I thought: Arrogant bastard.
That had never occurred to me.
In the past year he's changed.
Maybe it was going on for years,
but I didn't notice.
He no longer listens.
Not to me, not to
his party members or voters.
The entire campaign was torture.
In the end I couldn't look
him straight in the eye.
But at that juncture I realized we all
had to pay for his empty words.
So here we are,
defeated but less rich.
I work in parliament as a
consultant, you're unemployed.
I'll be a parliamentary secretary soon.
- Yes, we can always survive it.
But what about the party?
I've had a few offers,
but I turned them down.
If I don't do anything,
I can't face myself.
Do you understand what I mean?
We need a new party leader.
I can think of only one candidate.
I'm trying to keep it control.
My conscience already bothers me.
That doesn't sound very constructive.
To leave everything behind
and accept the burden.
Everything? What do you mean?
Ma, Dad, everything.
I've let you down
- Indeed.
At least you had
to come to his funeral.
I let you down, not Dad.
We didn't talk.
- You made a choice.
I have been thinking about this.
I think he was mentally disturbed.
He had a mental disorder.
Such a diagnosis can't be made
after his death. There is no evidence.
According to surveys
mental disorders can be put down
To child abuse.
Or severe depression.
It forces you to do things you
don't want. Do you understand?
No, and I'm not planning to.
Can I take you with me.
I know a masseur.
I think they can help you.
That was a short visit.
It always is.
- It was a stopover.
I'll ask him next time
to hold the conference in Stockholm.
Good day.
A toast, to my friends.
Welcome to my new home.
From wealth to poverty. Cheers.
I received an interesting phone call
It seems your impatience is shared.
Where did you see him last?
- I don't know.
Gert knew what he was
doing when he married you.
It gave him confidence
in the Social Democrats.
You mean to my father?
- Who is your father?
A legendary
- Seducer. He's been dead for 15 years.
He was a big name in politics.
A moderate metal worker.
He always wore the flag on May 1
He was never important.
- Nor minister, that's something else.
Was it there?
You must save me.
- From who?
She doesn't stop.
She patted my knee.
Have you seen Linda?
- Have you seen Linda?
She's in the kitchen with Per.
- Okay.
She said that. Drink up
And then you'll see it.
Why are we leaving now?
It's not even eleven o'clock.
You don't only look like a tramp,
you behave like one.
You were in a rush.
- I'm sorry, my wife is sick.
I need to get her to bed.
- Aren't you the minister of
I'm not only the Minister of Finance,
I'm her husband.
Okay, drive on then.
What did you say?
- Ex-minister.
Take care of yourself,
love, Stig
Did you have fun yesterday?
What were you talking
about in the kitchen?
Per and me?
Per and you.
- My father.
Nostalgia, maybe.
Did you know that story?
Not really.
- No.
How could it be otherwise?
Two losers don't have much to discuss.
Many young people want
to change the world
But don't know how.
What advice can I give
to tempt you?
To inspire you to fight
to deal with old hands like me?
I can tell you one thing:
It's worth it.
In the heat of battle it's wonderful
to make a decision.
Don't they call it megalomania?
- Maybe.
But it's especially faith in something.
That it's possible to make
a positive contribution to people's lives.
Excuse me.
Isn't the biggest problem
politicians hold on to power too long?
What is your name?
- Yasemin Aydin.
Are you studying here? Are you new?
- No, I'm in my last year.
I'm writing my thesis
on the Swedish welfare model.
Call me. Maybe I can show
you some interesting studies.
Thank you.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
"Politics is more addictive than heroin.
And it's hard to stop."
This is slightly exaggerated.
Do you know this journalist?
- Very shallow, no more.
"Renunciation of power isn't only
a waive to a lifestyle.
It's also about losing your identity.
The addiction begins with
the withdrawal from the electorate.
Then you're just accused, of being
undecided about right and wrong
While democracy suddenly
turns into an autocracy."
What are our comments?
- Is he right.
I'm not an autocrat, everybody who
knows me knows that. But he's right.
I forgot the common man.
That's a sin for a former milkman.
So I made a decision.
We have to go to the street.
What for?
- To ask the public's opinion.
Hellenius hasn't done that,
and that irritates me.
Good idea.
- Absolutely.
I have a question.
You said: We'll take to the streets.
Who's 'we'?
Charlotte and I, of course.
Viksten is devoid of self-criticism.
It just slides off his back.
Yes, he has very oily feathers.
So you can still laugh.
Once I was a happy boy.
What happened?
- Next question.
We need to work on our image.
That's clear.
Viksten may not be the underdog.
People pity him.
Why me and not you?
My mistake and it will still take ages
before we get a female prime minister.
I won't make that mistake.
Did you have something special in mind?
- We are talking about you.
Why do you think it's me?
- Smoother, more modern.
Then sacrifice yourself and save your
country from a power-hungry apparatchik.
Me? Smooth?
With a little help
This is my office.
- Thanks for your time.
Take a seat.
I know you're busy,
So I'll keep it short.
I'm in no rush.
It's like this:
I spent three years studying economics.
Four, if you know
more individual courses.
My thesis is about the
Swedish welfare state
And the three phases the
country experienced.
My question is: How do you
develop the fourth phase?
And at that stage are we now?
- Yeah, well if I can help it.
What is your opinion?
- That we are in a crisis.
And the solution?
- More jobs for people.
Are there enough jobs?
Well, if we accept
more market mobility.
That sounds like a right wing solution.
- No.
But we need to protect
the worker instead of the work.
The unemployment?
- Remains high.
Combine that with training
and subsidized jobs
And the groups you would be able to
get to work: Young people and immigrants.
You are quite passive in that area.
I know this is controversial
- Do you work?
Apart from my studies? A little.
- Where?
In my father's shop.
Would you want another job?
Will you work for me?
I need an assistant.
I'll be away a few days on business.
You can let me know Monday.
Thank you very much.
Do you also do nails?
- No, only bodies.
But I don't take my clothes off.
Is it alright?
I'm not used to someone
touching me so.
Then it's about time.
Relax. Relax.
Not all hands are evil hands.
Relax. Try to breathe
through your abdomen.
I can't do that.
- Of course, everyone can breathe.
Just think of babies
and it just happens.
I have no children.
He kicked it to death.
In the eighteenth week.
My child.
My girl.
She'd have been sixteen now.
Stay in my sanctuary, 'Nova'
in Hagalund
I also looked like that in the past.
Thank you.
You only get such a chance once.
What about your parents?
They understand it.
- Your father is back in the mosque.
- Maybe he has his doubts.
At least my father says so.
- My father is your father.
Assistant? What will you do?
Read, summarize,
prepare documents, help.
Brewing coffee.
- No.
It is well established.
- And you are alone with him?
He's the Minister of Finance.
- Not anymore.
But still. Everybody knows him, Mom.
- I don't.
Since you only watch satellite TV.
- Not so brutal, Mehdi.
What does he look?
- What does it matter?
I have a right to know. No
other family would approve.
Yasemin, answer to your mother.
- He's old.
50. Is that old?
- Yes.
Dark hair, blue eyes.
Not big, although he seems to be big.
I don't know.
There is something about his shoulders
He stands firmly on both feet.
Do you understand what I mean?
He's been married 30 years.
Don't be so involved.
I'm not involved.
Congratulations, girl.
- Thank you.
Hey, baby. Come here.
Who'd have thought.
An official visit to the suburbs.
Is he good to you?
What is this?
- They're ancient.
How do you keep up?
But it will be well worth it.
You have a good life, eat well.
And all those beautiful clothes
Do you still want help?
Don't forget the oven.
Always check.
So. The chairs aren't so good,
but you get used to it.
We're not here often.
- Can I sit across from you?
Good. You actually don't have a choice.
Viksten and Charlotte sit here.
Gert sits here.
Here are the post boxes. Your last name?
- Aydin.
Aydin. At the very top.
This is mine, this is Gert's.
I'll protect you.
Against whom?
- Caligula. Sauron. Gert.
He has different names.
- I'll stick with Gert.
Have you seen the flowers?
- Yes.
I can't believe you washed up here.
- Thank you.
get yourself some coffee and fruit
Magnus Svensson.
- Gert Jakobsson.
I want to deny the rumours.
- What rumours?
About firing Viksten.
It's true the party lost popularity.
But he isn't the only
who's to blame.
Do you mean he's partially to blame?
- It's tough to be party chairman.
Who'll take over?
Do you have a favourite?
We don't have one.
- Yourself, perhaps?
Do I interpret this call as?
Interpret it as you want.
Is that you, dear?
Who else?
Are you hungry?
- Like a horse.
Why didn't you open it?
It's addressed to Gert and Linda.
'Tage Erlander's badge of honour.'
Is that so great?
- Well, if you get one.
It's not that bad.
It's like getting a gold watch.
For your contribution to the party.
30 years, Gert. It was time
you got something in return.
I think you still like me a bit.
I have something for you.
Thank you.
What is this?
- A sponsor child.
Thank you.
Well, I got to go.
Where's my light blue tie.
I'm coming.
The Koran?
Have you become Muslim?
Is Yasemin Aydin there?
- Yes, she is there.
What was it like in Davos?
- Almost as much fun as in Frankfurt.
Have you ever been?
- No.
But I've got one idea.
Have you already started work?
"Integration and work:
A recipe for economic success."
It's only a draft version.
I'm surprised.
That I can write and speak Swedish?
Do you really think I'm stupid?
- No.
You have something on your sleeve.
Gert defends him, but lets
Viksten appear like a thing from the past.
You have a gift.
And the tour.
Of the 25 board members, 9
have agreed to visit Per.
The rest said they'd
let us know. Thus, in the whole country.
It seems I have to offer them
free cookies to show up.
Do that then.
If you still want to help him.
Why wouldn't I want to?
- What if he's a loser?
Viksten isn't crazy.
He knew what he was doing when he hired you.
If you come, the rest will follow.
You are the cookie.
I know Viksten.
- A carafe?
Fucking device.
- Get off me.
Don't touch me.
Pardon. She's a friend
of mine. Let me go.
She must immediately leave the mall.
- Come on.
I feel fine.
Sorry, it's not personal.
How stupid of me.
I was a fool.
I hardly recognize you.
- Do I look so haggard?
You look sad.
What happened?
- After you?
Life. Life happened to me.
You never answered my letters.
I was married. Still am.
Are you happy?
It's life. Do you have a mirror?
In the sun visor.
Have you kept it?
- Yes. It's the key to your heart.
Did I say that?
- Yes.
I was 16.
- Doesn't that count?
It's mine.
Here it is.
Thanks for the ride.
Take care of yourself, okay?
Nobody else does.
Thanks anyway.
'Globalization is seen as a threat,
but competition'
You mustn't read.
- Gert said that?
Why do you hate him?
Because he's kind to me?
- Why?
He puts words in your mouth
- These are my words.
He uses you. All that stuff about
integration is to damn Viksten.
To prove he's incompetent.
Haven't you thought so?
I hadn't thought you capable
of that. I think it's unworthy.
Jannike. I'm Magnus.
We have never met before,
right? Or do you?
You must excuse me,
I'm pressed for time.
I can take you. I only come here
for Tim's judo stuff.
No, soon the division bells start
and I must be back at five.
Mehdi, Mehdi. You look pale.
Have you got your bags packed?
What bag?
- Sun, beach, the whole family.
Two more songs for me.
I think this is anything but.
What can be done in a day?
- What are you going to do?
Gert's giving a speech at the University
and I'm supposed to listen.
I'll learn a lot.
With Rasmus.
Don't hang up. Did I call at a bad time?
A little bit.
- Listen, I'm an idiot.
I'm sorry and I take everything back.
Have fun on Gotland.
Thank you, bye.
- Good day.
That was Rasmus, from work.
A colleague.
But will you come home with us?
- To Turkey?
Nice and warm.
This is my home. I was born here.
- Nice and warm.
The labour market has changed.
You have to change your position.
Are you listening?
- What? Yes
You can say that Germany
- What is he with Yasemin?
Could he be planning something?
- We're talking about Gert. Do you trust him?
That sounded more
like a rhetorical question.
Thus, man. I really hungry fat.
So, man
So, man. I really hungry fat.
Boy, I'm pretty hungry.
Is that so?
- All flex guest.
- Chill, don't be so up tight.
Up tight?
- Typically Swedish.
And "babblish", what does that mean?
- Liar.
This is useful to know.
To dig a grave and fill it in
isn't a job.
I agree. Therefore we must concentrate
on Holmberg's government.
Their proposals are pure
- Yes, but what will you do?
Sweden will play an important
role to play in the world.
We're progressive, we're going forward.
Like a train.
The coffee's ready.
- Maybe we're awake.
When I was minister, I was asked
why politicians always talk about money.
Everything revolves around money.
Morality is how we wish it was
Economy is how it really is.
But listen.
The most powerful weapon is money.
But we also know a stable economy
promotes democracy.
How does it feel to have that power?
- Did you ever play squash?
- Want to learn?
Okay. How does it work?
- You hit the ball.
It's harder than you think.
You run, sweat, swear
Then taste blood.
You must make a decision: Win or die.
When an opponent falls to the floor,
that's power. With a racket.
I never knew you were
such a good speaker.
Gert, the storm began.
All flights are cancelled.
Then we'll take the ferry.
- There isn't one. You're stuck here.
Do you have to stay overnight?
I know, but I can't help it.
- You'll need to talk with your father.
- Talk to her. She's crazy.
I agree with her, Yasemin.
It isn't appropriate to be together
with a man like him.
I have my own room.
I'll talk to you later. Good day.
I'm speechless.
- What can I do?
We need to leave earlier.
- What do you mean?
If my brother hears she behaves like
a whore, he won't want her as a wife.
My daughter is a whore.
"Integration and work:
A recipe for success."
You don't need to be ashamed.
It's in my name.
That's not it. There's a family
who values traditions.
I really should go home.
- Shall I see if we can go.
Is there a break down between
you and Gert Jakobsson?
"Our immigrants remain outside
the labour market."
"The social-democratic integration
was a fiasco."
"A recipe for success"?
You knew nothing, huh?
- God, you scared me.
I have to change clothes.
When will you come back?
- Don't know.
You don't know anything either.
You hung them too close together, now they're wrinkled.
I'm sorry, that was stupid of me.
You want something to eat?
No. Yasemin is waiting for me in the taxi.
So it's that Muslim woman?
I knew you were an omnivore, but
- One. Two.
'Dirty old man' sounds so scary.
- Three. Linda. Three.
I'll beat you to death
But that won't be my fault.
We've been working on
an integration program
When Parliament agrees.
Then came Gert and his
I don't even know what she is.
He betrayed us
with his recipe for success.
You must respond.
- No.
- I can't do it.
So it's true what they say?
You're losing control.
The day that happens will be
a bad one for you.
As party secretary should you stop
that kind of rumour.
The medal is an honourable gift
Awarded to those who demonstrated
fullest commitment to the party.
The prize is normally awarded
to a party colleague
Who's no longer active in his or
her position.
This year we wanted to make an exception.
Please I ask
Per Viksten to come forward.
This is unexpected.
Many were disappointed after the election.
I was especially.
As usual, he doesn't understand.
- He must see this as a parting gift.
It feels very good to
receive this honourable award.
Tage Erlander
Nothing amazes me.
Not with the best orchestra of Sweden
behind you.
And Gert plays a very good second fiddle.
Watch out, there's a shark lurking
Do you think he can dance?
- Really.
I'll teach him.
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