Kungamordet (2008) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

We lost,
but we can still be winners.
Will Per step down?
- You have no right to ask.
Who'll take over?
You, perhaps?
I spent three years studying economics.
- Do you want another job?
- Thanks
Do you still want help?
- Don't forget the oven, they control that.
Viksten and Charlotte sit here.
Gert is sitting here.
The Koran?
Have you become Muslim?
- Leave me alone.
What happened?
- After you?
Life happened to me.
- Take care of yourself.
Don't we know each other?
What is he doing with Yasemin?
- Could he be planning something?
We're talking about Gert
We need to leave earlier.
- What do you mean?
If my brother hears she's
behaving like a whore
So she's a Muslim woman.
- One day I'll kill you.
Watch out, there is a shark lurking.
- Do you think he can dance?
Part 2
The Regicide
based on the novel by Hanne-Vibeke Holst
Are you okay?
Hey, are you okay?
Should I call an ambulance?
- No.
The police then?
- No.
But if you could call a taxi
Come in, I'll help you.
What is your name?
- Linda.
Isn't that enough?
- Of course.
I'm Hanna.
Do you any painkillers here?
I've a headache.
Pirjo will take photos of your wounds,
then we'll talk about it after.
You have to let the hospital
examine your injuries.
I can go with you.
- This is just a misunderstanding.
I'm not a charity case.
I want to go home. Where's my coat?
Do what you want.
But when you report the perpetrator
you'll require a medical report.
Pictures aren't enough.
- I'm not going to report anyone.
It was an accident.
- No matter how it looks.
Look at Rasmus and me.
We're the same age.
Yes, he's nice, but also annoying.
I don't attract boys my age.
- So you don't attract them?
- Such things never come to me.
Gert is so intelligent and exciting.
So eloquent.
I'm worried about you, Yasemin.
You're playing with your life. Really.
What would happen then?
- Forget what I said, okay?
I don't know where he is.
He's already missed an appointment.
Did you have an appointment with him?
- Me?
No, I'd just like to talk to him.
- Can I take a message?
Yes, say that
Tell him I have a headache.
I know you're there. Open it.
- Who's that, Mom?
Can I speak to her?
- Who?
I'll call the police.
- Mom.
Let's not be too carried away.
I'm family.
Has she left, or not?
Call me when she contacts you.
Where were you?
- This washing machine was broken.
The basement was flooded.
Christina Larsson called.
- Forget her. And cancel my lunch.
I think you can use the rest.
He'll never forgive me
- Say what?
How can he ever forgive me?
I'm the victim.
- I understand you think that.
You don't understand.
My husband isn't like that.
We love each other.
We've been together 30 years.
Do you have children?
- No, we don't have children.
Tell me more about your husband.
He works hard,
he can deal well with people.
I'm the only one who
makes him angry.
Did you hit her?
- She was
Not herself.
- I asked if you hit her.
Maybe I was a little harsh.
What should you do if someone
doesn't stop screaming?
A party leader shouldn't
mistreat his wife.
This is unacceptable.
- Abuse? Of course not.
What do you take me for?
Linda has a problem.
She drinks too much.
Who knows about it?
No one.
Make sure it stays that way.
You must now commit to it.
The newspapers are just negative.
If they write anything.
They won't write what we want.
We must broadcast our message
Find ways to get their attention.
Why don't we?
- Because you don't say what you want.
It's serious.
They're speculating about your successor.
After the election, yes,
but not anymore.
I got the medal.
- You make everything a joke.
I'm the moving train, I know.
That was a stupid decision.
How could I do that?
I wanted to keep it light,
keep it jovial.
I didn't do so badly, it
showed I could make fun of myself.
Clinton was good at it. He could make
something positive from something negative.
What are you planning to do?
What's her name
That good looking presenter.
Stina Dabrowski?
- She has that talk show.
We need to focus on what we want.
- Exactly.
And what I want I must
convey convincingly.
Hi, I'm looking for Linda.
Linda? Linda who?
- Jakobsson. Does she live here?
Then it must be a mistake.
- The wife of Gert Jakobsson?
It isn't important.
- Wait. Who are you?
Wait, who are you? Linda Jakobsson
Why are you looking for her?
There you are.
It's late.
- We need to talk. In private.
You can count on me.
I've offered you my loyalty.
This isn't just anything.
Thanks, but
- Don't fool with me.
If you keep your hands off the CAOs,
you'll get the unions behind you.
I'm sorry to interrupt,
but I'm looking for Linda.
What for?
- I found this when I cleaned my car.
What are they?
Photos. For her passport maybe.
Do you know me?
Björn Larsson.
That Bjorn?
- Yes, that Björn.
You asked her to marry you.
- Yes, but it never got that far.
How does it feel to have
missed the boat?
I think about it every day.
Are you married?
- No, not yet.
It's like this: Never say never.
I'll say that you stopped by.
When are we going to tell her?
We'll tell her when we get home.
In the village, just like before.
Then she'll understand it better.
She'll get mad.
What do you want?
What do you want?
That she marries a Swede?
That she'll just leave?
Is that the reputation you want?
Is she back?
But she can't just disappear?
She hasn't disappeared.
Where is she?
- Kicking the habit, as they say.
- Where? In the country.
I understand.
She must be sober. There shouldn't
be any media scandal.
She can't hurt me.
She doesn't dare.
She'll quickly come back grovelling.
You talk like a true democrat.
Jannike here.
Do you enjoy googling porn?
No debts or loans
And then suddenly this guy came along.
Who was he? A dealer, a lover?
She has no income, no credit cards.
She's hiding something.
She looks nice.
Yes, but there's something wrong.
Something's wrong.
I want you to write down
what you're good at.
Sorry I'm late.
I had to wait for the locksmith.
I read Per will appear on at Stina's show.
- Why?
To show how popular he is.
- I'd sail a different course.
Euroman is writing a piece about
the top politicians in Europe.
Where do you want to stand.
I have contacts.
I've read Ivar and Jacob's manifesto.
It looks good.
We have to recover the voters' confidence.
I have to show I'm trustworthy.
It's good to show there are
more faces than Viksten.
The summer break is coming and we can't
wait until the autumn.
What are we waiting for?
We still talk to some people.
Hans and Roine, for example.
They're still in college.
Well, if we had time, but we
should proceed with caution.
Otherwise it can leak out.
Would you do that?
You're from the old school.
But all over they have one statement.
- "Everything was better in the past."
We have a date for the wedding,
June 26.
We should talk to her first.
"Never ask advice if you're
doing something good."
I'm good at:
Jannike Lundberg. You know her?
- She's here.
Is she here?
What is it, Dad? Why are you so quiet?
- There isn't anything.
Dad, listen. I
Promise me you haven't told mommy.
- What is it?
I want to leave home.
- That's not you.
Dad. - Put yourself in someone
else's place for once, Yasemin.
Where did you find this?
- In the corridor.
I thought it was beautiful.
You have 19 new messages.
Linda, what are you doing?
Come home. Stop this nonsense.
Sweetheart, forgive me. Come home.
I miss you so.
Linda, this is the drop of water
- You mustn't listen.
Hang up the phone, do it.
Just call me. Promise?
Honey, by then.
I won't use you as a dog's body.
I was desperate.
Between ourselves:
Linda's in a rehab.
I'm sorry.
How's school?
- I'm studying at night.
I wanted to get a boost:
I must speak at a seminar
about politics at Yale in June.
You'll make many new contacts.
If you pass your exam, you can come too.
Then, we could go to Cape Cod.
And your wife?
- Who?
I'm joking.
We've separated.
I'm sorry.
We were growing further apart.
This is the best thing for both of us.
Björn Larsson, here.
Leave a message and I'll call you back.
Hello, Björn. It's Linda.
I'm currently difficult to reach.
I'll call you back another time.
Good day.
What I'm good at.
It is tragic to read.
You can find out much
more than you think.
And I admire you
Because you had the courage to come here,
whether it was crawling or running.
Hi, Linda. I got your message,
but I don't understand.
Where are you?
Can you call me back? Good day.
The first guest tonight is former
Prime Minister Per Viksten.
I've heard that you haven't driven
for 40 years and don't have a car.
That's right. No more since we started
changed to left hand drive.
How do you travel then?
- By train.
- What is it?
- Don't swear.
This is the voice mail of Linda Jakobsson.
Leave a message
Magnus Svensson from Dagbladet.
I'd like to talk to you.
It isn't gossip,
I no longer work for the tabloids.
What is it like to be married to one
of the most powerful men in Europe?
"The former prime minister was quite open, but
said nothing about his political ambitions.
But that didn't matter. Viksten was funny
and the audience loved him."
See? I was right.
To be married to one of the most
powerful men in Europe? Call me.
I know you're there.
Did you suddenly have to?
I want you to know it's all over.
From now on you don't
exist for me anymore.
I've passed my exam
He didn't need me anymore.
Do you miss him?
All the time.
I don't understand how you can stay with
the man who mistreated you for so long.
Perhaps it isn't about love, Linda.
Maybe it's a kind of confirmation.
If he hits you, that confirms
he made you believe.
What then?
- That you're worth nothing.
That you have nothing to offer.
And you're stupid. Then?
That's indeed the case.
Hello, Yasemin. Rasmus, here.
I was just wondering where you were.
Why didn't you call?
Call me.
What did she say?
"Coming home late."
Have you raised her like that?
- She's grown up.
No one asked you anything.
I've never eaten lobster.
- Really?
What a shortcoming in your upbringing.
I never learned to drive.
- I can teach you.
Are you crazy?
You mean I don't wear a headscarf
and am not getting married to my cousin?
I don't know. I always wanted
to be independent.
I noticed. That's what I find so
interesting about you. Among other things.
But the rest of my family
is very traditional.
Except my brother then.
And my father.
I love my father.
He always supports me.
Without him
I wish I could say that about mine.
How is your father?
- Dead.
I'm sorry.
- No.
I made no impression on him.
He was still alive when I was
the youngest minister ever.
But he didn't care.
If you became Prime Minister,
wouldn't he be proud?
He was just like me. Never satisfied.
I don't deserve you.
We have to find her.
Thanks, but I don't want to.
- Please come with me.
I can't believe you're here.
Here, with me.
What is it?
Is something wrong?
I've never
I don't
- Contraceptive?
There are other ways.
You're so beautiful.
What is it?
- I don't want to.
You can find it scary.
Gert, I won't.
It doesn't feel good.
You don't have to be shy.
- No.
I don't want to.
What happened?
Nothing happened.
- Tell me, Yasemin.
What has that whore done?
- Nothing happened.
Get in the car. Now.
- Dad.
Get out.
- Whore. Whore.
Emergency services, here.
You tell me.
Stop it, you'll kill her.
Charlotte. Charlotte.
Have you seen Yasemin?
- No.
She's gone.
- Quiet.
What's going on here?
- Yasemin
We agreed yesterday.
She doesn't answer my text messages.
She hasn't come in this morning
- Maybe she's sick.
Is she so busy even if I'm ill.
I know they dined together.
She and Gert.
She's his assistant.
Assistant, accessory, dog's body,
his political alibi
He used her like a pimp.
- Rasmus.
Have you heard from her?
- From who?
- She went to Turkey to get married.
- I tried to persuade her.
Yesterday evening in a restaurant.
But she insisted.
You know her. Once she's got something
into her head
It seems I mean nothing to her.
She loves her work.
She wouldn't give up her job.
Where are you going?
Take it, then.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
This is Yasemin.
Can you tell us why you're here,
Must I?
- No.
I wanted never to come back here.
I thought I hadn't anything in common
with the rest.
I hadn't. Except for one thing.
We were all beaten up by a man who claimed
he loved us.
I am a 24-year old Muslim girl,
I study.
My parents are uneducated.
I was lovingly raised despite the
difficulties in the new country.
I have a cousin with fanatical
old-fashioned ideas about marriage.
God, it's so cliché.
This applies to all of us.
Do you work?
Do you have a job?
In my father's shop.
- And?
I'm an assistant.
- For whom?
Thank you, Yasemin.
- Friday is the final meeting.
We're eating salmon with potatoes.
Nothing special.
Have you thought about your speech?
- It's a standard speech.
It's more an enthusiastic call
for relaxation
for you to recharge
for the challenges ahead.
And for dessert, ice cream
with strawberries.
He's behind me.
- Who?
Gert. He's sitting on my heels.
But he accomplished nothing by it.
He's just a poseur on the world stage.
But I'll take my people back home.
What I need most.
Are these all districts?
- As good as.
What are you doing?
- Signatures? Are you
Are you crazy?
What if this falls into the wrong hands?
Do you plan to hack into his computer?
Don't be stupid.
We've talked about it. Our constituency
will sign on. Invisible ink.
Of course.
He said you were in a clinic.
- Really?
Because you have problems with alcohol.
- Did he say that?
Have you extra clothes?
- It's alright.
Maybe you'll be here for a while.
Call Linda
Linda Jakobsson, here.
Leave a message.
Hi, I couldn't record in time.
How are you?
Has something happened?
I only found out where you were.
I think about you all the time you.
Good day.
That colleague of hers.
Who is he?
No idea.
He hasn't anything to do with this.
- But you know who he is?
What's his name?
- Does it matter?
Yasemin's mother said he called
every day. Surname?
Don't know.
- Think.
We'll talk later to your family,
if you wish. But not yet.
Until then you can't have
contact with outsiders.
Why not?
Then they might find you.
They'll try everything, believe me.
A car, a watch
Or the diamond earrings of your dreams.
Suddenly they want to give you everything,
for you to come home.
Or a family member suddenly becomes ill.
You have no idea how many mothers
suddenly get cancer.
Not really, of course.
This is my family.
But do they live according to Sharia?
- Yes, but
There are strict rules.
- These are misinterpreted.
Honour killings aren't approved in Islam.
And yet they let it happen. On the beach.
What would have happened if your brother
hadn't called the police?
Go there. I'll be there.
Rasmus is it you?
- Yes. Has she been talking about me?
Yasemin is in Turkey.
Since she got married.
So it's true?
- Forget her. Do you understand?
- Now go away before he sees you.
But who is she
- Get out.
Do not you understand?
He'll murder you. If he sees you
And to think terrorists are a
greater threat than trans fats.
Why did you call me?
There's a petition of a group of people
who want Viksten to step down.
- Before summer.
Do you have a copy?
- No. Perhaps there's no original.
Per has a loyal network.
- Not anymore.
Almost the entire executive
committee has signed on.
Behind his back?
- I understand so.
Monday we're holding a press conference.
Then we'll identify you as a candidate
for party leader.
And Viksten?
- We'll tell him on Friday.
Is it smart to keep Gert's name
quiet all the time?
Otherwise it'll seem like a conspiracy.
- Then it should come out in the press.
It's in the interest of all of us
to keep quiet about it.
In everyone's interest.
I tried to contact Linda.
She's been at the press conference.
The drunkard?
If she doesn't come,
there will be speculation.
I wanted to try to find out
when she'll get better.
But there was a problem. She wasn't
in the country.
She's gone silent.
I called every clinic.
No Linda.
She's using a pseudonym.
- No.
And you know how I know?
Because she's somewhere else.
You lied to me.
I was ashamed.
People like you feel no shame,
do you?
What do you want me to say?
Where is she?
Why should I tell?
- Because she's my wife.
Because you want to be the
new EU commissioner.
I'm the one who knows Patric Lautreque,
not you.
Thank you.
Rasmus Hamberg?
Are you Rasmus Hamberg?
- Who wants to know?
Where's Yasemin?
You heard me.
Where is she?
In Turkey, to get married.
You'd need to know.
He asked me to go to Yale
this summer.
What do you need to pay?
He kissed me.
Where did it happen? Tell me.
In your house. On the bench.
As he kissed me
I didn't want to.
He suddenly changed.
You understand it don't you? He isn't
really more kind to me than to you.
He's sick in his head.
I know.
Why am I so angry.
Yasemin's father announced the wedding.
Now we can go.
But we mustn't give up.
- Forget it.
We can't do any more.
We're going home.
It's now his problem.
Not ours.
Why didn't you report him?
- Why didn't you report him?
Who should I believe?
- Exactly.
You could flee.
- Where to?
He'd find me and murder me.
Previously he cycled 30 km to get
cheese pretzels for me.
I loved him.
- I don't know.
I felt so flattered.
That a man like him could
find me attractive.
He ..,
He tried to rape me.
My dear friends
Can I have your attention? Hello?
- Just listen.
Friends, party comrades
A ship worker once said to me:
"A Social Democrat
has his heart in the right place."
Maybe it's really that simple.
But I'd add:
"And you must follow your heart."
And that's our mission, my friends.
I also want to wish you all a nice summer.
And then spit on our hands and
we'll prepare to work in opposition.
Thank you.
A nice summer.
- You too.
See you at the Gotland political week?
- Not this year.
Do you mind?
- Of course.
Who did you have in mind?
We won't announce the name of the
candidate before Monday at 13:00.
It isn't difficult to imagine who he is.
Tell me.
Still nothing amazes me.
But I hadn't expected your.
Linda, it happened. The first attempt
to contact you.
He'll meet with you.
- They usually say so.
He knows what he achieved with the flowers.
He wants to confuse you.
He won't succeed, right?
Come on. You're an intelligent woman.
Don't write back, call him,
don't react.
I wasn't planning to.
- Good.
I'll go to him.
If I can make it clear what he did
What then?
You look great.
Something happened at work.
Tell me about it.
I can't.
It's secret.
I understand.
You're sitting next to
our new party leader.
After all my hard work.
You must be tired.
And happy. Because you're there.
You don't
Don't need to be afraid to be with me.
I suffered from stress.
You know how I am.
That's all behind us now.
I can now put the last year with
Viksten behind me.
Do you understand?
Gert, I think
I think you should know
Open it.
- I
There's something on the back.
It's Latin.
"Time flies"
- "But love will never die."
- We'll have one at home.
Come on.
It's finally your house.
Come here.
How about a hug?
I missed you.
We need to talk.
About why you hit me.
- I'll never do that again.
You keep saying that.
- I mean it.
The first time
- You wore white panties.
The first time you hit me
Kiss me.
You hit me in my face
outside the museum.
Just for a second
Maybe you can go and look.
Thank you.
- Maybe you can talk to someone.
I'm not the one with the problem.
That's you.
This is exactly what I mean.
You're not listening.
I explained what happened
at the restaurant, and why.
I've made my apologies.
I don't want to mention that again:
Isn't that enough?
You'll do it again.
And again and again.
I don't want that.
- You can't resist.
Linda. My dear Linda
I'll kill you if you leave me.
Whose phone is that?
I'm forget to turn it off.
What an annoying ring tone.
You're not easy to catch.
Who is this?
- Magnus Svensson, from Dagbladet.
I met you at my house.
When you had a bucket in your hand.
You're a journalist, aren't you?
- Unfortunately, yes.
What do you want?
- The truth.
What version?
- Yours.
I want to know why the wife of
the new party leader works illegally.
You mean it's final?
- Yes, Viksten resigned yesterday.
Didn't you catch it?
Tomorrow at 13:00, they'll announce
their new candidate.
Where are you?
I want to meet you so you can comment.
You want my comment?
- Yes, indeed.
That's what happens tomorrow at 13:00.
It's me. Linda. Come, we must talk.
Tomorrow at 13:00.
- Then all hell breaks loose.
Precisely why.
- Let me think about it.
If I don't do anything and neither do you,
we'll get a prime minister who beats up women.
Not you, not me, but someone who
doesn't know how dangerous he is.
This mustn't happen.
Can you help me?
Good. That's great.
Here's everything.
On the copier.
Are you sure?
- Absolutely.
Then I'll just open the doors.
Charlotte Ekeblad, here.
I'm coming.
Welcome to the headquarters
of the Social Democrats.
We're waiting for a live press conference
on the leadership issue.
It seems there will be an answer today.
There are things in life you want to do
And things you have to do.
Often this is described
as a contradiction.
But today it's my will in accordance
with my job.
I want to thank you all for
your trust in me.
Here I announce,
and this is all very formal
I announce my candidacy for the position
of leader of the Social Democrats.
My ambition
My political ambition is innovative
Are you ready?
And innovative leadership.
There 's something going on,
but I'm not sure what.
Here comes a woman. Linda Jakobsson
goes to the podium.
It seems that this isn't
actually scheduled.
Ladies and gentlemen,
my wife, Linda Jakobsson.
I have two things for you.
And this.
I've given one to Charlotte Ekeblad.
And one to Magnus Svensson also.
See you.
God willing.
Magnus Svensson here.
Within an hour you'll have a scoop.
It went well.
It's done.
Go now.
I'll call you later.
Thank you love, your sister
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