Kuroko no basuke (2012) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Kuroko Episode 1 The Teiko Middle School basketball club.
An incredibly strong team with over one hundred members and three consecutive championship wins.
Amongst their brilliant record, the generation of five prodigies was known as the "Generation of Miracles.
" However, there was a strange rumor concerning the Generation of Miracles.
Despite being relatively unknown and lacking a game record, there was one more member recognized by the five prodigies.
A phantom sixth man.
Seirin Private High School Interested in rugby? Have you ever played shogi? You gotta play baseball if you're Japanese! Swimming! It feels great! Basketball! Basketball club! How'd you like to join the basketball club? Koganei, you can't be serious.
How else am I supposed to say it? New kids, join the basketball club! The basketball club needs some serious help! I've had enough of your jokes, Izuki.
Mitobe, make sure they hear you! You're not gonna do it, are you? Hey, do you have a minute? You're a reader, aren't you? How about the literature club? Sorry, but this is just a manga.
Manga are books, too.
Basketball Basketball! Basketball club! Join the club and you'll be cute, too! Are you guys in the basketball club? Just a few more would be nice.
We couldn't even get ten.
We're just getting started.
We're a new school.
If we win the Inter-High and Winter Cup, we'll be a big deal starting next year.
Are you casually putting pressure on your captain? Hyuga-kun, have you always been so delicate? I'll do my best.
I will do my best.
I wonder how the recruitment is going? If they could just bring in some promising ones, that would be The new students are here.
What? Is this the basketball club? Yeah.
Who is this guy? He's got the intensity of a wild tiger! I want to join.
What? The basketball club.
Um, welcome, welcome! Wait a minute! I'm sure you know, but our school just formed last year.
We only have second years to compete with, so I'm sure someone of your build would be I don't care.
I'm going after I leave my name.
Huh? Boys' Basketball Club Club Sign-Up Form Kagami Taiga You don't have a reason for joining? Not really.
Basketball's the same, no matter where you go in Japan.
He's terrifying! Is he really a first year high school student? He's one in a million.
You! Where have you been hiding? Kagami Taiga.
He went to middle school in America.
Must have learned from the source.
Either way, I'm sure he'll be extraordinary.
You forgot this club request.
Oh, sorry.
Let's see, Kuroko Tetsuya Huh? Club Sign-Up Form I was here the whole time, Boys' Basketball Club Kuroko Tetsuya but I don't remember him at all.
Teiko Middle School Basketball Club What's wrong? H-He's from the Teiko basketball club! Teiko? You mean the Teiko? Yeah! And if he's a first year, he must be from the Generation of Miracles! Generation of Miracles That famous group? Why can't I remember that golden egg's face? And that guy just came back from America.
This year's first years could be ridiculous! I Am Kuroko All right, looks like all the first years are here! Hey, isn't the manager cute? She's a second year, right? If only she were sexier Morons, you're wrong.
What? I'm the boys' basketball club coach, Aida Riko.
Nice to meet you.
What? It's not him? That's our advisor, Takeda-sensei.
Seriously? You've got to be kidding.
Now that you're acquainted with Takeda-sensei, you guys Take off your shirts! Huh? What? Why? Your ability to move instantaneously is a little weak.
I bet you do 50 side jumps in 20 seconds, don't you? You'll need to do a little better for the basketball team.
You're too stiff.
Do some stretches after you bathe.
Seriously? She's right.
What do you mean? You How'd she know that just from looking at us? You should strengthen up a bit.
Her dad's a sports trainer.
Try some sprints on your own.
Collecting data and creating a training regimen.
It's a skill she picked up from observing bodies and data every day at his workplace.
When she looks at your body, she sees all your physical abilities in numbers.
I wouldn't expect any less from a coach.
What? What What is this? All his numbers are through the roof.
These aren't the values of a first year high school boy! I can't even see his potential.
I've never seen anything like this.
Such raw talent! Coach! What are you staring at? Sorry! Um You looked at all of them.
Kagami's the last one.
Really? Huh? Is Kuroko-kun here? Oh, that kid from Teiko I thought I'd be able to pick out someone that strong when I saw him.
Looks like he's not here today.
All right, let's get started with practice! Um, excuse me.
I'm Kuroko.
What? How long have you been there? I've been here the whole time.
He was right in front of me and I didn't notice? What? Did he say he's Kuroko? What? He's practically invisible! What? This guy's part of the Generation of Miracles? He couldn't have been a regular.
Of course not.
Right, Kuroko-kun? I played in games.
Right? What? What? Generation of Miracles? What's that? Take off your shirt! What? Okay.
Who is he? His stats are way too low.
All his numbers are below average.
On top of that, he's already almost at his limit.
There's no way he could have been a regular on such a strong team.
What on Earth When did you get here? Nice to see you.
What the hell are you doing? What are you doing here by yourself? Nothing.
I'm not doing anything.
Is that so? I was in America until my second year of middle school.
I've been appalled ever since I came back by how low the standards are here.
I'm not looking to play basketball for fun.
I want to play a more serious game that really gets me going.
I heard all about you.
I've heard all about the supposedly strong Generation of Miracles from our year.
You were on that team, weren't you? I have a pretty good sense of how good others are.
People who can succeed smell different from the rest.
But something's not right with you.
The weak should smell weak, but you You don't smell like anything.
And your strength has no scent.
Let me see.
Show me Show me just how good your Generation of Miracles really is.
How fortunate.
I've also been hoping to play against you.
One on one.
You wanna go? He's He's He's so bad I could die.
Even though they weren't blessed with physical strength, there have been plenty of athletes who have excelled by polishing their skills.
But this guy's hardly better than an amateur at dribbling and shooting.
There's nothing good about him.
This is ridiculous.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Have you even been listening? How much do you have to overestimate your own abilities to think you can beat me? I can't believe how arrogantly you challenged me! You can't be serious.
Of course you're stronger than me.
I knew that before we started.
You want a fight? What the hell do you think you're doing? I wanted to see how good you are for myself.
What? Unbelievable.
There must've been something wrong with me, too.
He's just so weak that he doesn't smell like anything.
This is stupid.
Um Enough.
I'm not interested in the weak.
Let me tell you one last thing.
You should quit basketball.
However much you try to cover it up with nice words like effort, raw talent is a fact of life.
You've got no talent for basketball.
I don't accept that.
What? First of all, I love basketball.
And I don't share your opinion.
I don't care who's strong or who's weak.
What did you say? I'm not like you.
I'm a shadow.
What? A mini-game? I can't believe we're playing the upperclassmen already.
Do you remember the record from last year they told us about during our first meeting? They went to the finals just in their first year.
Are you serious? That's not normal.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
It's always better to have stronger opponents than weak ones.
Let's go.
Let's see exactly what these rookies can do.
That dunk was unbelievable.
Amazing They're better than I expected.
Such destructive force for such unpolished, intuitive play.
This is unbelievable.
He's more than ready.
He's a monster.
I can't believe the first years are this strong.
Kagami's doing it all himself! Shit! That kid still has me on edge! A steal? It's him again! Keep it together! For all the profound things he says, he can't play for shit! Guys who are all talk Piss me off more than anything! So high! Nothing can stop Kagami now! Time to put them in their place.
It's on.
Three?! They're desperate to stop Kagami! They're double-teaming him even though he doesn't have the ball! They have no intention of letting him touch the ball! They're good.
There's no way we could have won.
I've had enough.
Enough? What the hell are you talking about?! Please calm down.
You bastard Looks like they're fighting.
What's wrong? Was he in the game? Kuroko? I dunno.
Even I forgot, and I was the referee.
Huh? How long has he been in? Excuse me.
Could you just pass me the ball? What? You can do it! Three more minutes! What can you do with the ball once you get it? At least don't let them take it.
It went What? How did that pass go through? Why do I feel so uneasy? Is something unbelievable happening? Go for it! Shoot! What? They passed the ball and made the shot before we realized it! What's going on? Is he using his lack of presence to pass? He's not even touching the ball for very long! Could he be diminishing his already weak presence even more? Misdirection.
A technique used in sleight of hand.
He's drawing his opponent's attention away from himself.
To be more accurate, he's not using his lack of presence, but directing his opponent's attention elsewhere.
He's the invisible regular of Teiko who excelled at passing.
I'd heard rumors, but I didn't think he actually existed.
The sixth phantom member of the Generation of Miracles! Damn it.
I got caught up in Kuroko's pass! I don't believe it! It's a one point difference! Crap! Go, Kuroko! That's why I hate the weak! You have to make the shot, dumbass! Thank you very much.
Where'd you come from? What are you doing? I was sitting here first.
I like this place's vanilla shakes.
Go somewhere else.
I don't want to.
If someone sees us, they'll think we're friends! This is my usual hangout.
I don't like guys who suck at basketball.
But you've earned yourself one of those.
Just how strong is the Generation of Miracles? If I played them now, how would I do? You'd be destroyed instantly.
Do you have to put it like that? The five prodigies have each gone on to play for their own schools.
One of those schools will stand at the top.
That's great.
That's the kind of thing that lights a fire in me.
I've decided.
I'll crush all of them and become Japan's best player.
I don't think that's possible.
Hey! If you have hidden talent, I wouldn't know.
But, from what I've seen, you wouldn't even reach their feet.
You can't do it alone.
I've also decided.
I'm a shadow.
But the stronger the light, the darker the shadow, and the more it accentuates the brightness of the light.
I will be the shadow to your light and make you the best player in Japan.
Look who's talking.
Do whatever you want.
I'll do my best.
An entrance exam? I don't like it, but I'll do it! We're meeting on the roof.
The roof? The coach was smiling a little.
I'm Serious This doesn't sound good.