Kuroko no basuke (2012) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

The Teiko Middle School basketball club.
An incredibly strong team with over one hundred members and three consecutive championship wins.
Amongst their brilliant record, the generation of five prodigies was known as the "Generation of Miracles.
" Despite being relatively unknown and lacking a game record, there was one more member recognized by the five prodigies.
A phantom sixth man.
Wh-What are you doing? How many meters do you think you're My shooting range is the entire court.
At this rate, I'm more worried about my heart than the score.
My heart's gonna break! What Is "Victory" Seirin Shutoku The first half finished with them slowly pulling away.
This game's over.
Let's go.
If they lose this badly, people will think we're weak.
I don't know that we could've beaten them.
How can the addition of a single member change this team so much? Show some spirit, Seirin.
They are, you idiot.
After being shown such a difference in their strength, they're still barely hanging in there.
I'd give them props.
Next up, Oha Asa Horoscope! Aquariuses should play it quiet today.
Cancers will have a great day.
As long as you have your lucky item, Shigaraki raccoon, you have nothing to fear.
This is simply the result of our abilities.
It's not bad.
It's not good either.
The other side hasn't given up yet.
Otsubo, play offensively during the second half.
Finish them.
That's all.
Yes, sir! Hey, what are you doing? You didn't even listen to the coach.
As you can see, I'm fixing my nails.
My shots depend on my nails.
That's why he always tapes his fingers.
This is more than fastidious, it's obsessive.
Ow! I've been wondering about it the whole time, but what's the deal with this raccoon? It is my lucky item.
What? This thing was on the bench all during the first half! It's in the way! Why don't we break it? Let's break it! No one's talking.
What should I do? I have to say something to raise their spirits.
What should I Focus, focus! Fo-kiss? I said I'd kiss them during the Seiho game! What should I do? I can't do the same thing again, can I? Or maybe But wouldn't that be more than a kiss? That's ridiculous! But Hey, everyone Coach, it's okay.
You're probably going to say something stupid anyway.
Read the situation.
I'm glad you're trying to cheer us up, but honestly, I can't imagine us winning.
Kuroko, what are you doing? Someone taped Takao-kun during the first half.
Do you have a plan? I don't know.
You don't know? I have thought about winning, but I have never wondered if I can win or not.
Even if we lose by 100 points, there's a chance a meteor will strike the other team's bench in the last second.
You're right.
Don't give me that! There isn't going to a meteor.
That's a crazy thought.
But what if they all get stomach aches? Don't get carried away.
That won't happen either.
Well, compared to that, a second half comeback is way more realistic.
Let's just keep running and think after the game's over.
Let's go! Yeah! Let the third quarter begin.
Fight! Huh? Kurokocchi's on the bench.
Well, he can't do anything as long as Takao's there.
But they don't even have a strategy.
Well, they can't help it.
Conventional strategies won't work, but to use an unconventional strategy, they'll need something to make it happen.
However Something We just need some kind of opening.
Unfortunately, no such opening exists.
What's this? I thought they would try a little harder.
Their eyes aren't all dead yet, but what is this? This is more than just not giving up.
Well, no matter.
I will simply crush him.
Hyuga-senpai, behind you! There goes Midorima! This bastard! When did he No, more importantly Seirin Shutoku I won't lose! More More Good! They didn't expect him to Koganei-senpai can shoot from anywhere! He made it this time! Why do you have to say that? Seirin Shutoku Otsubo-san's open, but Kagami-kun, you're not guarding Midorima closely enough.
I have thought about winning, but I have never wondered if I can win or not.
You don't give up until the very end.
But that means if you give everything you have and still can't do it, you accept the loss.
Playing against an opponent who's impossible to beat excites me, but ultimately There's no point if I don't win! Ridiculous.
Is this even possible? He's been getting higher and higher all game.
That was close.
That's the first time I've seen Midorima's shot go in like that.
There's our opening! Hey.
What's your sign? Me? I'm a Leo.
With your lucky item, Shigaraki raccoon, you have nothing to fear.
However, your compatibility with Leo is very poor.
Be careful if you run into one.
That horoscope really is always right.
Don't lose focus.
If you do, it's over.
He might not be as good as Midorima, but he does make a lot of shots.
He's the one who finished us off.
Well done, but our Midorima is even more unstoppable.
The other four are zone defense, and No.
10 is running man-to-man on Midorima.
It's a box and one.
He's guarding him from that far away? Kagami! A full court box and one? They've got spirit! They haven't given up yet! This is the only way to stop Midorima, since he can shoot from anywhere.
Seirin I won my game against Kise.
Kaijo But that was because of Kuroko.
I didn't win by myself.
If that's what it takes to win, fine.
But if I don't have Kuroko? If Kuroko's basketball doesn't work in the future, will I lose? No! I refuse to lose! It's no use! He and Kuroko couldn't stop him the first quarter.
Besides It's two on one now! I'll still stop you! Thanks to all the times you've showed me, I've finally found your weakness! What? The longer the shot, the longer it takes to make the shot! He touched it again? Impossible! Shooting a heavy basketball more than 20 meters is normally impossible.
It takes an unusually long time to make the shot.
But wait, I got him off with a screen This trajectory Could it be? He stopped Midorima! Shutoku still has that guy.
One of Tokyo's best big centers, Otsubo Taisuke.
I had Koganei take Kuroko's place to stop Midorima-kun with Kagami, but at this rate No you don't! They're double teaming Otsubo-san? Not bad.
Maybe this way He's closer this time.
He won't need as much time.
He can make the shot.
You're kidding! Midorima! I caught a glimpse of it when he made that last alley-oop against me.
The strength to stand against the Generation of Miracles, and one of the greatest weapons in basketball.
His hidden ability is his innate jumping power! What an amazing block! There's always a drawback, no matter how strong the ability.
They have another weakness! Of course.
Since he can shoot from so far away, their own goal is that much closer if they manage to block the shot.
It's the perfect opportunity for a counter! Seirin Shutoku There it is! I can't just rely on Kuroko and the upperclassmen.
Takao, give me the ball! Huh? But Otsubo-san, they're double teaming you It doesn't matter! I'll become stronger.
Strong enough to win without relying on others! Strong enough to win by myself! S-So high! And fast! How did he close the gap so quickly? Who is he? Foul! Black 10! I'll win! Even if I have to do it myself! Kagami's amazing! With him, we could Are you sure? Huh? If he continues like this, I have a bad feeling about what will happen.
What's this guy's deal? Are you telling me a guy who just graduated from middle school is pressuring our team? I've never seen anyone like this in the whole country.
What is this extraordinary jumping power? So high! I don't believe it! He's pressuring Shutoku by himself! Amazing! Nice, Kagami! Could you give me the ball more? Huh? I'll do it.
I can't believe he can stop Midorima.
Even if the time it takes for him to shoot is a weakness, I can't believe he can block such a high shot.
Don't get ahead of yourselves just because you blocked one of Midorima's shots.
Miyaji-san, wait! That position He stopped them again! What a counter! Don't be ridiculous! How much longer are you going to keep jumping? Are you sure you're not hanging from a wire? And he's got the body balance to straighten up out of a running jump.
Even though it's just a normal jump shot, when this guy does it it's an unblockable, unstoppable killer move! He got it in.
Seriously? That means Seirin Shutoku A single digit difference? With this little of a gap, it's anyone's game! With jumps like that, I can't believe this guy is Japanese.
Stopping him won't be easy.
Coach, we have to do something.
At this rate Don't worry.
I acknowledge your strength.
However You will not close the gap any further.
What did you say? No you don't! Kagami! Sorry, but it's the truth.
He's out of gas? Probably.
His body's not strong enough to keep jumping like that.
He must have overexerted himself jumping all over the place.
On top of that He was subbed in part way through, but it's still his second game of the day.
He lost a lot of stamina from Tsugawa's mark.
Why is that idiot letting it get to him now? This doesn't look good.
And he's not the only one about to run out of gas.
Shut up! I won't lose over this! You're pushing yourself too hard! And it's not time yet, you idiot! Kagami, wait! A counter! Damn it.
Third quarter is over.
Damn it! Kagami, you're getting too worked up.
Pay more attention to your surroundings.
That's right.
And that wasn't the right time to go, you should've passed first.
What good would passing the ball around have done? What? I'm the only one who stands a chance against Shutoku.
We don't need team play now.
We need me to score.
Hey, what are you saying? That's different from being self-centered! Kuroko-kun! Damn it! Kuroko, you bastard! You can't play basketball by yourself.
As long as we play nice together, you don't care if we lose? There's no point if we don't win! There's no point if you win by yourself.
You said you wanted to beat the Generation of Miracles, but you're thinking just like them.
Kuroko Even if we beat Shutoku as a team that can't trust each other, no one will be happy.
Don't be so naive! If we don't win, those are nothing more than nice words! Then what is victory? No matter how many more points you have at the end of the game, if you're not happy, that's not victory.
That's right.
It's not as though we want to lose! We're just saying there's no reason for you to do it all yourself.
Do you have any objections? No, but Well Sorry.
Of course I'd rather be happy when we win.
Now that Kuroko's calmed Kagami down Seirin Shutoku The situation hasn't changed.
What should we do? Excuse me.
There may be one thing we can do.
I can only pass the ball, but I can take it up another level.
Preview I did not think Kagami was a Leo.
Your compatibility is terrible.
My luck is number one today.
His is number three.
Yours is last place.
I don't care for horoscopes.
Kuroko! I Believed In You