Kuromukuro (2016) s01e10 Episode Script

The Arrogant Captive

1 A few days ago, another battle between large geoframes took place in the main Kurobe River gorge.
Fortunately, there were no casualties, Say, the captured alien spoke Japanese, right? and the pilot of the invading unit surrendered.
People at school are saying you might be one of them.
He's being held in the UN's Kurobe facility, but they have not released an official statement as of yet.
No, they are the enemy.
R-Right? I admonished the riff-raff and told them to speak no more of that nonsense.
Forgive me, Lady Koharu.
I caused you needless worry.
Fret not! We are bound by friendship, are we not? Thank you.
Immorality creaks in the dark Blurring the advantages of evolution Sorrow remains silent Simply praying for the safety of the soul I'm always just barely behind the times Surrounded by thick gray clouds Acid rain pours down on me Melting away my morals tonight Everyone's assigned an alphabet Everyone's called by their code Acting with no sense of reason For whom are these battles fought The scar that remains in the corner of my memories sheds light to the end A voice in the distance whispered gently A new age is coming Love transcends time Dreams go the distance Voices will reach to the ends of the earth No matter how weak the light I have the ultimate strength to believe This is the strength of our bond Love will transcend time It looks a lot like Kennosuke's sword.
He said that his was stolen from the enemy, right? Yeah, looks like it's made from the same material.
But this one appears to be much newer than Kennosuke's.
What the hell is this? His cell nuclei contain 22 pairs of autosomes and one pair of allosomes.
Just like humans, then? Yes.
There's one major difference, though.
It seems like a neural interface of sorts has been installed in his cervical vertebrae.
Just like Kennosuke, then? Can't be sure without running further tests.
Honestly, dissecting him would be best.
Specialist staff from the UN will arrive shortly.
He'll be spending most of his time in questioning.
Is that so? Very well, then.
I brought them, Major.
We've been waiting for you.
I'm Carrie Dunham of the UN's ET Research Bureau.
And I'm Heath Kingsley, likewise.
I'm Graham, and I'm in charge of security here.
And this is Shirahane, the director.
Pleased to meet you.
As are we.
April 15, 2016, 2:32 PM.
Commencing questioning.
We'll now ask you a few questions.
Would you mind answering them? I believe I surrendered according to your planet's customs.
You're free to do with me as you please.
Ask me anything you like.
First, state your name and affiliation.
My name is Fusnarnie.
I'm a Frontier Reform Officer in Efidolg's Gezon-Reco squad.
Is "Efidolg" the name of your home planet? It isn't.
We are all part of Efidolg.
What do you mean? Is Ouma still troubled? No, I have to find out for myself.
So he managed to confess, and now he needs to figure out how she feels? But knowing who I'm up against, will I receive the answers I seek? Well, you'd have to set the mood and make it easy for her to tell you.
If not, what is my plan of attack? Wh-What? You can't attack her! You've got to start by sincerely laying your feelings out bare, like, "My feelings haven't changed since the other day," or something like that, and then— Lady Marina? U-Uh, how should I put it O-Oh, I know! Have you heard of the saying, "You scratch my back, I scratch yours?" No, can't say I have.
I-It means something like, you're more willing to do things for others if they ask nicely.
It's also true the other way around.
People are more willing to do things for you if you ask nicely.
Okay, but what about it? A-Anyway, you can't just attack them from the get-go! Takehito Shirahane Wasn't that Dad's? I spot another lost lamb! Marina? I mean, Ms.
E-Er What's the matter? Why are you sighing? O-Oh, it's nothing, really.
Well, you see They say that the more you sigh, the more happiness runs from you.
What? Really? Yeah.
Then I guess my happiness has already run far away.
Oh Marina! Are you serious, Akagi? I've given this a lot of thought.
I mean, weren't you the one who was pestering me to submit my career plans already? Well, yeah Career Plans Questionnaire - Ryoto Akagi: Pilot / Pilot / Pilot This is your only plan in life? I get that you're enthusiastic, at least.
So, how do I become a GAUS pilot ASAP? Let's see First, you'll have to go to college.
Considering the GAUS will be deployed in the JSDF eventually, enrolling in the National Defense Academy would be your best bet.
Hold on a second.
I have to go to college? I get that Sophie's a special case, but even Ouma and Shirahane are riding in a geoframe already.
You know they got in through a special route.
Then I'll take that route too, thanks.
It's closed off to you.
Listen, the path you've chosen is a tough one.
It's as tough as trying to climb Mt.
Tsurugi naked in the middle of winter.
Oh, I'll climb it, all right! In my birthday suit! No matter what mountain stands in my way! Damn, you might set a new high score! Cool.
Hell yeah! Yeah, I'm awesome.
It's like I was born to be a pilot.
Uh, you know this game isn't anything like the real deal, right? Is the real thing harder? Only a handful of people are born with the ability to achieve their dreams through sheer talent.
Are we supposed to tell him he's being stupid? And in my case, I was born with the ability to pilot, and nothing else! Or should we praise him? Crap, look at the time! I gotta get going.
Already? My old man got pissed about last time and set a curfew for me.
Damn, that's rough.
So yeah, see you tomorrow.
Akagi got wrecked.
I'm not in good nick today.
So this is the difference between a pro and an amateur.
Oh, I know.
Hey, Sophie.
Give Akagi a message.
To Akagi? What should I say, exactly? Well, how about "come at me anytime"? Get the fork out and stick it where the sun don't shine, please.
It's time, milady.
Very well.
Now to send this to Akagi.
That'll piss him off, for sure.
Where did you people come from? Why bother asking? I could tell you, but you'd never be able to go there.
How large are your forces? Knowing that wouldn't help you one bit.
Our strength is absolute.
We have the duty of bringing prosperity to uncivilized planets.
You people should humbly accept our patronage too.
Patronage? Are you saying you want to rule us? Rule? I suppose that is an acceptable interpretation, yes.
The weak serve the strong.
That is how the universe functions.
So why hesitate? Actually, before all that, I do not understand the point of you defying us.
Hey, the more you sigh, the more happiness runs from you.
You did it first.
Well, yeah Actually, I might've seen a demon.
What?! W-Well, I think I saw one when I ran away the other day.
But maybe it was all just a dream or something.
I haven't the time to play along with your fantasies.
What about you? Why were you sighing? I have to meet that fellow and make sure.
That fellow? The man who surrendered to us.
I've seen his face before.
The Pompous Prisoner What are you taking back here? We are looking for the things our advance party left behind.
Advance party? Efidolg has visited this planet before, 450 revolutionary cycles ago.
The hinge we built then was lost in an accident.
We are looking for its fragments, hinge stones.
And what are these "hinge" and "hinge stone" things you speak of? I don't have the permission to disclose that information.
So you choose to keep silent.
What happened to your advance party, then? How was your hinge lost? The advance party was wiped out before it could complete its mission.
And the hinge was destroyed at the same time.
By whom? We're unsure of the full details as well.
But we think the wielder of black Glongur may have betrayed us.
Black Glongur? You mean the Black Relic? We wish to confirm the facts of the matter.
Let me meet its wielder.
What did you do, Kennosuke? Is this about what I did that one time? Or could it be the other time Mom.
What's going on here? These two are from the UN's ET Research Bureau.
They're in charge of questioning Fusnarnie, the alien who turned himself in.
What? Mr.
Kennosuke Ouma, yes? While questioning Fusnarnie, we've come to realize that we also need to question you.
What more do you want me to tell you? "You scratch my back, I scratch yours," huh? All right.
I don't mind answering your questions.
Huh? Aren't you being awfully cooperative.
But in exchange, allow me to meet him.
I have questions of my own.
We'll make a decision on that after we've finished questioning you.
Questioning? First, state your name.
I am Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma.
You claim that you boarded that black geoframe 450 years ago and found yourself here in this era when you came to.
Tell us once again what happened 450 years ago.
It happened one night at the beginning of winter.
A great many stars fell from the heavens.
It was a spectacle unlike any other, so we were all left speechless, staring at the sky.
But some called it an ill-omen, and they were eventually proven right.
At first, there were rumors that some bandits had begun camping in the mountains near the castle.
Before long, they started attacking settlements, kidnapping people, and performing all sorts of atrocities.
But they didn't stop there.
Eventually, they even laid their hands on Lady Yukihime! The princess was supposed to tie the knot that day.
But those bastards I rushed there as soon as I heard the news, but it was already too late.
The princess was nowhere to be found.
I did find that fiend, though.
Who? A demon! Princess! And then, the Washiba Clan's castle fell.
I do not remember much of what happened afterward.
But when I came to, I saw The princess standing in front of me.
Princess! You are safe? What is your name? Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma, ma'am! Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma Entrust me with your life.
Gladly! I fought alongside the princess in the Black Relic.
But What happened then? While we defeated the enemy, the princess disappeared into the light and died.
But I, on the other hand, continue to live on in shame! Was that your first time piloting the Black Relic? You piloted it, and not the princess? Yes.
Why were you able to pilot it? I know not.
Maybe you came to this planet on the Black Relic? Could it be that you already knew this man? Did you? Or did you not? I may have seen him near the castle.
So you have seen him? No Make up your mind.
It isn't clear to me! That is why I want to meet him and make sure! What's happening? They probably have their doubts about Kennosuke's background.
Well, the demons did arrive at the same time he woke up.
Wait a sec! Don't tell me you two also suspect him! I do feel that they are reasonable questions to ask.
He thinks that you may have been in Efidolg's advance party, and that you later betrayed them.
Ridiculous! Then are they the ones you fought at the time? This is the profile you drew of the enemy.
Why does it look completely different from this man? I know not! I've been wondering for a while What purpose does this toy serve? Perhaps I went too far.
This actually hurts.
It may take half a cycle to heal.
You Jiro! I'm taking these back.
Do the words Efidolg or Gezon-Reco sound familiar to you? Never heard of them! Anyway, allow me to talk to him already! Very well.
He did say he wants to meet you, too.
What? Actually, to be more precise, he wants us to hand you over.
It's closer than I thought.
Come, Lion! What's wrong? Longarm started moving again! Wasn't it destroyed? Have the GAUS and the Black Relic sortie at once! Yes, sir! Let's go.
Yes, milady.
It can move even without a pilot? Maybe it's being remote-controlled? Where's Fusnarnie right now?! I'll check! You're Ah, yes.
You're one of the wielders, too.
Everyone's lonely and a stranger to others The names we are given Can be easily taken away The mirror shows our weaknesses We can't look away from it It is our feelings that make our hearts scream out in pain Don't stop Even if I have to take on the pain of others I will change the world one step at a time Acting on emotions won't help us understand each other But I won't stop believing in my reality I want to keep on living Because ever since I met you Something's taken root deep within my heart And it is starting to bloom This Geo-Express connects Shin-Tateyama to Kurobe Dam.
Geo-Express: After the artifacts were found, it was considered necessary to have a means of transporting the giant to a harbor where large ships could dock.
Enter the Geo-Express.
In the end, it was decided that the artifacts would be studied at the Kurobe lab, but the route still boasts a large transport capacity.
There are special freight cars that can transport the GAUS, and Shin-Tateyama Station is constructed in a way that allows the passage of large objects.
In all, the route spans 21 kilometers.
Apparently the trip used to take three hours before it came into service.
The Truth Shrouded In Darkness