Kyle XY s02e02 Episode Script

The Homecoming

Previously on Kyle XY Then no good-byes.
- Just like "see ya.
" - See ya.
You've proven you cankeep my secrets.
If there wasanything to tell,don't you thinkI'd bring you in on it? I'm adam baylin.
You're saying I was gestated inside one of those tanksat zzyzx.
- So you created me.
- Yes.
You have to condition yourself, or you're gonna die too young before you've evenhad a chance to live.
Kyle,this is brian taylor.
Nice to meet you.
You as well.
I've heard a lot about you.
He's been shot! Zzyzx will kill him.
I'll go tonightand eliminate the threat.
You'll do nothing.
You'll harm no one.
They're innocent! They're not innocent! They killed baylinand they'll kill you! No! Kyle,you can't goback to the tragers.
I lied so thatI could leave,and now I'll lieso that I can return.
I'll do everything in my powerto live by the truth.
Why do you want to go back thereand complicate your life? It's not complicated.
It's simple.
I love them.
- Oh,kyle- - this is great.
It's so good to see you again.
How long can you stay? What are you doing here? Why didn't you tell meyou were coming? Did your parentscome with you? Let's give this guy a chanceto catch his breath here.
Are you okay? I'll never forget that look on their faces,the joy and relief.
They seemed so happy to see me.
I wanted to tell them the truth about everything that had happened, but I wanted to be at home with them even more.
Is that your folks? And that meant playing my part in the charade.
- Mr.
Trager? - Yes.
My name's brian taylor.
I'm the attorneyfor david and julia peterson.
Attorney? Well,come on in.
Thank you.
Is everything all right? I'm sorry to have totell you this, but david and juliawere killed in a car accident last week.
My god.
You know it must have been the devil it must have been the devil some old-fashioned kind of evil it must have been the devil I heard I heard a mighty roar I heard a mighty roar it shook the windows and the walls I was callin' for my lord what are you doing? Thank you.
It's not even my birthday.
The hell? No belly button? No,no,no.
Don't be scared,sweetheart.
We can be friends.
You want some? Here.
Warm you up.
Go oN.
That wasn't very nice.
Now,you gotta be nice.
You wanna play? Let's play.
Give me the knife.
Give it to me! Why you little MADACORP ALERT 781228 Get me hollander.
According to the police report, david lost control of the car and it plunged into a canyon.
The,uh,gas tank was punctured and the car caught fire.
Oh,that's horrible.
But for the grace of god, no one decided to sleep in that morning.
Otherwise,we would be having a far more difficult conversation.
And you say this happened a week ago? That's right.
Well,I'm just surprised that kyle sorry,we'll still not used to his real name.
Oh,I understand.
Why didn't he contact us sooner? Well,he missed you terribly.
And to be honest,I,uh- well,I had to insist that he come here at all.
He was rather reluctant to involve you and your family again.
Why? He felt that he'd already been enough of a burden.
Kyle's never been a burden.
I'm glad to hear you say that.
See,julia and david named you as his permanent guardians.
His guardians? It's not that we don't want kyle.
W - we went through so much when we lost him the first time.
If he stays here and another relative comes to take him away again- there are no other relatives,mr.
And mrs.
It's a lot to take in.
I understand.
You need time to think.
We're staying at a hotel near the airport.
Would it be all right if he spent the night here? I'm - I'm sure he'd like that very much.
I'm planning on leaving towntomorrow evening.
Really,the only question for me is whether I'm buying one plane ticket or two.
Mom was having a symbolic moment.
A way of letting you go.
Well,I always knew you'd be back.
You did? Not like this but,yeah.
Kyle,are you okay? I mean I'm sorry.
I know that sounds lame.
I don't knowwhat else to say.
You don't have tosay anything.
So,is it weird,being back here? A little.
That's better.
Glad to see it? Very.
Welcome,emily hollander.
Hollander,you've handled some unusual assignmentsfor us before.
I like unusual.
This case is no exception.
In fact,it's a highlysensitive matter that requiresthe utmost discretion.
Well,now I'm intrigued.
Madacorp is like an iceberg.
Most of its interests liebeneath the surface.
As did zzyzx,one of ourresearch facilities.
I say "did" because zzyzxwas fire bombed this week.
Why whom? That's unclear at the moment,but there is A mu more pressing concern.
Zzyzx experimentedwith artificial reproduction and producedtwo primary assets.
The first was a malecalled "xy.
" He was terminated sometimelast year for reasons unknown.
The second is a female,xx.
She apparently survivedthe bombing and escaped.
Escaped? I take it the subject hasoutgrown her petri dish.
She's fully-developed.
Human,yet not human.
She's had no contactwith the outside world.
Coider her dangerous,unpredictable,and disoriented.
She's likely still wanderingaround the woods near victor falls.
And I assume that you don'twant her to go camping.
I want her here.
There's no tellingwhat she might do, and we can't riskany exposure to the company.
Shouldn't be too muchof a challenge for you.
I know what youaccomplished in iraq.
I'll find her for you,sir.
I wish you'd let us know.
We would've flown out thereto be with you.
Everything happened so fast.
Well,you're here with us now.
It's okay,you know? It's normalif you feel some anger or a sense of injustice injustice? You finally reunitedwith your parents and things don't always turn outlike you expect them to.
Well,you need anything else? No.
Thank you.
It's so good to see you again.
Good night.
I couldn't help but think back to the last night I'd spent in this room.
It was the beginning of my secret life, before I left with the petersons.
And now I was home,hiding even more secrets.
I could only hope that whatever fate had in store for me, it would kind and forgiving to the people I loved.
What a day.
I'm exhausted.
- It's just so hard to believe.
- I know.
You kept sensingsomething was wrong.
I never dreamedof anything like this.
You're not feelingguilty are you? I can tell you're happythat kyle's home miserable about the reason.
When did you becomethe psychologist in the family? I learn by osmosis.
I missed kyle so much and I'm thrilledthat he's here, but I don't wantto lose him again.
Well,you heard the lawyer.
Yeah,there are no relativesthat he knows about.
I mean,there's still so muchthat we don't know.
What about ***** we still****** yeah, well ***** gointo have questions.
The only one we couldanswer right now is, do we want him to bepart of our family? Okay,just remember,kyle's been through a lot, so be extra sensitive.
Why you all looking at me? Because you're such a modelof tact and compassion.
I won't speak.
Hmm,can we have thatin writing? Guys,stop.
The point is kyle needsour support.
But don't press him.
Let him deal with thisin his own time in his own way.
Good morning.
Morning! Sleep okay? I haven't sleptso well in days.
Nothing beatsa cold slab of porcelain.
Are you hungry? I'll make pancakes.
I missed your pancakes.
Oh,I thinkwe're out of syrup.
Who finished the syrup? I didn't knowwe were rationing.
It's okay.
I'll go get some more.
You don't have to be so nice.
Just be yourselves.
You know what I mean.
You're all trying to make me feel better, and I appreciate it, but the truth is just being here is enough.
Excuse me.
Hello? How did it go? Fine.
Are they there right now? Yes.
We need to talk.
So meet me laterlike we agreed.
Was that mr.
Taylor? Cool phone.
You know,I could use a new one.
Go buy one.
- Seriously? - Sure.
Just as soon as you get that after-school jobto pay for it.
Check the job boardat the rack.
I'm meeting declan therefor lunch.
How is declan? An eternal ray of sunshine.
He's in a gunk.
A what? A guy funk.
Totally gender-specific.
You should come with.
Maybe you canshake him out of it.
If a guy funk is a gunk,then what's a girl funk? Redundant.
It's hollander.
I found our girl.
Or at leastwhat she left behind.
Where are you? In the woods,east of the zzyzx complex.
How long agosince she was there? By the looks of things, it couldn't have been more than four or five hours.
Is there anything I should be concerned about? Not unless you countthe dead guy covered in pink goo.
Clean it off.
Nothing can be traced back to the company.
- What the- - what is it? Hold on.
She must beexceptionally strong.
You forgot to mention that.
As I told you,I have no ideawhat she's capable of.
Find her before she kills again.
Is that clear? Crystal.
What's the trick.
Once you teach your mindto alter the positive and negative polarityof the cells in your body the glass will move.
Not the glass.
The water inside it.
What are you doing? Oh,hey,josh.
Why were you zoning outlike that? Was I? You were staringat that glass.
I was thirsty.
Come on,did you learnsome new tricks while you were away? I don't do tricks.
Kyle you forgetI kept records,okay? And I'd be more than happyto bust out that file if you've got something newyou want to show me.
Okay,I do have something.
But we have toconcentrate really hard if we want it to work.
Face the glass.
Close your eyes.
Close my eyes? Do you want it to work? Open them.
I made the water disappear.
Kyle! Hi.
Welcome back.
It's good to see you.
You don't look any different.
You don't look likeyou're in a gunk.
A gunk? Ah - Lori thinks I'm depressed.
Are you? No but you've had mefreaked out and worried.
There's no reason to be.
Right,because being the keeper of your secret code and good-bye message shouldn't have given meany anxiety.
You should forgetabout that box.
Forget it? It's been torturing mefor months.
Everything's fine now.
No,everything's not fine.
Come on,kyle,you can'tcome back out of nowhere and not tell me what happened.
Sorry,I have to besomewhere right now.
Where? I just gotta go.
Not cool,kyle.
After everything? Just not cool! Get the ball.
Can I have my ball back? I appreciate you seeing me.
It's my pleasure.
I understand you've got a veryweighty decision to make.
No,we love kyle.
I mean,that's not the issue.
It's just that he left here with so many questionsunanswered.
Well,I'll do my bestto answer them for you.
That five-year periodwhen kyle was lost and the petersonswere looking for him, he couldn't rememberany of it.
Well,he did through therapyin connecticut.
He was abducted by a mannamed adam baylin.
Adam baylin,that was the nameof the grad student who looked like kyle.
Apparently,noah borea striking resemblance to baylin's dead son.
He kidnapped him.
Clearly deluded,he raised him as his own for the next five years.
Now,the good news,if there can be anyin these circumstances,is that he treated himvery well.
Noah said that they spentmost of their time together with him teaching him.
Teaching him?Teaching him what? Mathematics,physics.
Baylin was a scholar.
And as you know,noah's very talentedin those areas.
How did kyle end up wanderingin the woods that day? Baylin was a verytortured soul.
He took his own life,leaving noah alone,distraught.
Eventually,he just wandered off.
I believe that's whereyou came in.
Trager noah has come to termswith this.
He wants to put the past to restand move forward.
My hope is thathe can do that with the love and supportof your family.
Female caucasian,hair black,blood-stained shirt only.
Behavior erratic,considered dangerous.
Sighted on macgowan,north of juniper park.
What's all this? Baylin's belongings.
His journals and his books,his research.
You'll understand itbetter than I can.
How'd it go with the tragers? It's hard not telling them the truth.
I'm going to tell declan.
- No,you're not.
- I need to.
He already knowsa lot of the story.
How? Before I left,he was helping me.
There was no one elsewho understood.
What,and now - and now you're backand he's asking questions? - I can explain it to him.
- No,you can'T.
For the same reason you can'texplain it to the tragers.
- He already knowsmore than they do.
- That's your mistake! What were you thinking? He's my friend.
I can trust him.
You're the one who saidyou wanted to come back! You said you understood the waythings were going to work.
And there are consequencesfor my decision.
I know that.
But you obviously don't! Because the only logical moveis to shut him out.
I need someone I can talk to.
Then you know what?Go ahead.
Tell him-tell him everything.
Tell him all.
Tell him aboutthe experiments and the murders and the liesthat you've been perpetrating.
And we'll waitand see how long it takes before somebody elsecatches wind of who you are and what you can doand drags you out of there!Is that what you want? That's - that's whatwe're here to explore.
And that's whyyou can't explain,because that-that is unexplainable.
This smoothie has chunks.
Chunks are good.
They add texture.
- Hey,is that your- -my kyle file? Still on the alien trip? Not unless he does somethingnotebook-worthy again,which,thus far,nada.
His parents just died.
I don't think his missionis to amaze you.
He could throw me a bone- start speaking in tongues,run a two-minute mile, predict a tsunamior something.
He's only been back a day.
Give him time.
I just hope kyleis still kyle.
- Hi.
- Hey.
How's the job search going? I still haven't foundmy ideal work situation.
Which is? Sitting around,eye-gropingunattainable cheerleaders.
Which he does here.
Kyle,you're a genius.
I don't even thinkyou could work a blender.
Yo,you're hiring? Anything interesting? - Kyle.
- Yeah.
Oh,my god!Kyle,what are you doing here? - Um,I'm meetingjosh and lori.
- No,I don't mean here.
- I mean here as in in town.
- I got in last night.
I can't believe it.
How long are you staying? Still tryingto figure that out.
Well,make it as longas possible.
We've got so muchto catch up on.
Well,let's catch up now.
I can'T.
I'm waiting for charlie.
Charlie? Yeah,you know,tall,dark,perpetually late boyfriend? - You're still together.
- Yeah,why wouldn't we be? Anyhow,can we catch up later? How about tonight? We're going to a concert.
Believe me,I'd love to bail,but charlie waited in linefor,like,two days to get the tickets.
But promise meyou'll find time.
- I promise.
- Then I know it'll happen.
- I'm so glad you're here.
- Me,too.
Hello? I'm not here to hurt you.
Do you understand? I'm here to take you home.
Okay,I'm coming in now.
Don't do anything crazy.
Anything crazier than this.
It's okay.
You're okay.
God,you're just a kid.
My name's emily.
That's it.
Don't be afraid.
I'm here to help you.
I'm your friend.
You like the light?Yeah.
You're just going to goto sleep for a while.
It's hollander.
I've got her.
Where are you? We're in a dockyardabout six miles west of the interstateon route 16 in a shipping containernear the back fence.
Well,bring her in.
Yeah,there's something you're going to wantto see for yourself.
Kidnapped? I know.
- It's tough to hear.
- It's horrible.
His amnesiahelped protect him until he was ready to dealwith the experience.
Fortunately,kyle seemsto have made peace with it.
Josh?You okay? Yeah,but a kidnapping.
It's just so ordinary.
Yeah,it's greatthat kyle's okay,but this completely blowsmy alien abduction theory out of the water.
There is somethingseriously wrong with you.
Look,we just wantedyou both to know everything before we makeour final decision.
When kyle first came here,everything about himwas a mystery and now it's all clear.
And what we're left withis a boy.
A remarkable boy who has no one elsein the world but us.
And once we signthose custody papers,he'll be one of us.
Here to stay.
Of course you should sign.
Kyle's still the man.
Even if he is ordinary.
Tough day? What are you doing here? Listen,man,I get thatwhatever you have to say is gonna be a littleoff the chart of normal, but I can take it.
I really can't talkabout that.
- Why? - Because I don't wantto lie to you.
Well,then,tell me the truth.
That's not possible.
I don't understandany of this.
That guy tom fosshid cameras in this house.
Someone came after youwith a gun,kyle.
It's all been taken care of.
What are you-what are you talking about?By who? D - do you have any ideawhat I've had to deal with,keeping your secret? I've been lyingto lori for months,I can't focus,my grades are screwed, my dad is all over me The only thing that'skept me remotely sane was knowing that one dayyou would tell me what the hell you got me intoand it would all be worth it.
Look me in the eyeand tell me all of it was for nothing.
It wasn't for nothing.
And I can't say any more.
Our girl's been busy.
They offer art classesat zzyzx? Must be all the peoplethat she came into contact with in the last 48 hours.
Can't be.
Who is he? The other asset.
Xy? Thought you saidhe was terminated.
That's what I was ledto believe.
But if she saw himout there your next assignment,ms.
Hollander has just begun.
Boy,I'm starving.
That looks good.
I didn't hear you come in.
Everything all right? I know my coming back herehasn't been easy.
The last thing I want to dois make trouble for you.
You never brought anythingbut love into this house.
Would you liketo tell us something? Kyle noah.
We know about adam baylin.
You do? Mr.
Taylortold me everything.
And we understandyou want to move on, so we'll just takeour cue from you,okay? Okay.
And we'd like to signthose custody papers and make it official.
Thank you.
Can we makeone more thing official? What's that? My legal name is noah but I'll never beanybody but kyle.
My name is kyle.
We'll take care of it.
They believed our story.
This is your home now.
They think adam baylinabducted me.
Another lie.
My lie.
I had to putthe puzzle together so that they couldput the puzzle away.
I hope I did the right thingcoming back here.
You have what adamalways wanted - a family.
Adam may no longer be here,but his dreamstill lives in you.
He believed that you couldbe a shining light in a world full of darkness.
So do I.
The question now is can you believe in yourself? I can.
But the secretsthat put me here are the lastI'm willing to keep.
Well,then,you're alreadya better man than most.
Adam wanted meto give you this.
- What is it? - I don't know.
It's a ring.
It's beautiful.
What's the symbol? Never seen it before.
When taylor left,I hoped that the lies I had to tell left with him, and that from then on,I could live safely and honestly with my family.
Kyle,come on.
I'm starving.
You'd better sitbefore things get ugly.
So,here we are.
Here we are.
Back to normal.
Too normal.
Let's eat.
Phone's about to ring.
The phone it's about to ring.
How did you do that? I'll tell you how.
He's kyle.
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