Kyle XY s02e04 Episode Script

Balancing Act

Previously on Kyle XY - How are you not burned? - I- I don't know.
I don't want anyone to have a reason to take me away.
No one else needs to know that you're different.
I feel hurt and angry, and if you want to break up, you're going to have to say it.
- I wanna break up.
- Doesn't matter anyway.
I've already erased you.
Never happened.
What if I just want to be normal? I'm not gonna let you ruin what we're trying to do here! I don't wanna do it anymore.
Now that's a well-balanced meal.
What the- This is a guys bathroom.
I have brothers.
At least I'm in the right bathroom, Miss whatever your name is.
Andy Jensen.
Tonight's mine and Charlie's two-year anniversary.
We've been through so much together, and he's been so patient.
I feel like I'm finally ready.
You're not gonna like this either, but I think there's something that you should know about Amanda.
What's going on? It's a really stupid joke.
I slept with him.
This is what you wanted to tell me? You didn't think I wanted to hear it from you? You were wrong.
Get her into that family's life.
Destabilizing the boy's support structure will make him more vulnerable, receptive to her.
I'm ready.
Life is made up of routines.
For as long as I lived with the Tragers, my routine had been simple until now.
I wanted to explore and develop my potential, which meant strengthening my mind and body so I could use my abilities without harming myself.
But I had to do it in secret.
The early morning and after-school hours were the only times I could meet with Tom Foss.
Faster, faster.
Pick it up.
I was the athlete in training.
I didn't come here to watch you walk it.
Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.
And he was my coach.
Faster! While I was finishing my morning routine, the family was just starting theirs.
I had to get home before they knew I was gone.
Lori! Let's go! Kyle? Breakfast! But life is far from a perfect science.
Statistically speaking, we're all bound to slip up.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Breakfast ready? - You okay? - Just hungry.
Then come eat.
Be there in a minute.
This was my life, my routine, and making it work was going to be a lot harder than I thought.
- Hey, Kyle.
- Hey.
Is Josh still asleep? You're kidding, right? Stephen took him to take his driver's test this morning.
The first appointment.
That's right.
I forgot.
How? He hasn't shut up about it all week.
Hey, how'd it go? You totally bombed, didn't you? If by "bombed" you mean a direct hit, as in I nailed it- Did you pass? Yes, I passed.
In fact, the instructor said I was the best she'd ever tested.
- He was very impressive.
- Aw, way to go, Josh.
- Thanks.
- Let me see that.
God, that's frightening.
I'll get it.
You do realize what this means, don't you? You can drive.
Yes, my obvious friend, that is true.
But more importantly, Dad gets to make good on his promise of buying me a new car.
Oh, great.
You remembered that.
Dad, it's for you.
A car.
That's a pretty big birthday present.
It sure is.
That's us.
Soon, we'll be the ones picking people up.
Oh, and after work, I wanna go scope out some dealerships.
Are you in? Absolutely.
For Dad.
Some light reading.
Have a good day, guys.
Stephen, what is it? That was the office.
The company was sold this morning.
Sold? I didn't know it was for sale.
Neither did I.
Some big conglomerate snatched us up.
Well, what does this mean? It means I just lost my job.
Hi, Amanda.
I don't want to talk to you.
It's okay, I'll talk to you.
No, I mean I don't want you to talk to me, either.
- I just wanted- - You're still talking.
A little service here.
Hang on a sec.
You must just rake in the tips.
The extra 20 cents isn't worth it.
Fantasizing about your dream car? Just narrowing down my choices.
You're actually getting a car? It was my birthday this week, and it's all systems go from my parents and the state of Washington.
It's incredible who they let behind the wheel these days.
Don't worry.
I brake for minors.
Did you clear things up with Amanda? Didn't get a chance.
I saw you talking to her.
No talking allowed.
She'll get over it, just give her a little real estate.
You know, give her some space.
Is space what you wanted from Declan? What I want from Declan is an explanation.
Or at least a distraction.
I need to do something to get him off my mind.
How about something from here? I'm not really the "activity board" type.
I mean, have you seen the people who post these flyers? Totally hideous.
The guitar, on the other hand, is a very sexy instrument.
What's the latest? Everybody's still in shock.
Not even a hint this might happen? Huh, I thought things were going great.
I mean, I was expecting a big bonus at the end of the year, but now I'm looking for a job.
You'll find something.
Well, hon, at my level, jobs aren't easy to come by.
Everything else is a big cut in pay.
I got a lot of good contacts out there.
I'll put the word out right away.
We should tell the kids.
There's no point in worrying them.
Let me line something up first.
* No one likes to be alone * * Coming down on the telephone * * Across the city, across the sea * - What are you doing? - Giving you space? No, you're staring at me.
I just want to say one thing.
You may want to say it, but I'm not ready to hear it.
U ARE LATE When are you looking for this offensive and irresponsible gas-guzzling heap? Right after my shift, with Kyle.
Looks like you're flying solo.
There goes your wingman.
- What are we doing? - Finding equipment.
- For what? - Your next challenge.
Balance, coordination, and weights.
You had me run Now I'm gonna be lifting cement? Baylin's body gave out because it couldn't keep up with his mind.
Baylin's body failed internally.
Weight training isn't gonna stop that from happening to me.
Mental and physical strength are connected.
Look, I don't mind doing the work, but do you even have a plan? We should look at Baylin's journals.
Maybe he knew a better way.
I've seen what's in his journals.
It's formulas, equations.
You can learn that yourself.
But this kind of conditioning, I can teach you.
- What else do we need? - Grab that.
That's right.
Looking for something? The guitar Dad got me.
Have you seen it? I think we sold it at the garage sale, which, if I remember correctly, you told me to.
Oh, yeah.
Well, if you wanna play, I'm sure you can borrow your dad's.
I guess.
Did you ever just feel like there's nothing interesting about you? Like you hope people look at you and say, "Hey, that Lori Trager, she's really good at whatever.
" Everything I ever try to be good at is in this closet.
And most of it is in the original wrapping.
Why do I get the feeling this sudden interest in guitar has something to do with Declan.
Because you're a super psychologist? Have you tried talking to him? Yes! Did you try "warm and fuzzy" or go straight for "agro-crazy teen girl?" Um I'll take "agro-crazy" for a thousand.
I just want to know what happened with us.
Then really talk to him.
You might not like what you hear, but at least you can get some closure and move on.
How would girls survive without a mom like you? They get by.
Hey, have you seen Kyle? I'm supposed to bring him to the mall to buy Josh a present.
I saw him rush out after school, but I don't know where he was going.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Uhh! Uhh! Two thousand- four hundred and one.
Square it.
Uhh! You lost focus! - I was trying.
- Well, try harder.
An ordinary mind can convince the body to withstand the most extreme conditions.
You should be able to handle more.
Like carrying 200 pounds while doing a math drill? I know what I'm doing.
Except you're not the one doing it.
I've done a lot worse.
What do you mean? I was in a recon extraction unit in the service.
What's that? That is "military speak" for rescue and torture.
Which one were you trained for? We're done.
After I leave, do you just stay here? It must get lonely.
In your old apartment, I saw a picture.
A woman and a little girl.
Are they your family? They were.
You're not together anymore.
They were killed by a drunk driver.
But you should go.
They'll be looking for you.
You know, if you ever need anything I mean, you're here all alone, and this neighborhood seems kind of- Don't worry about it.
I'm just saying if you're ever in trouble, you can call me.
Okay, don't call me.
Text message.
Three stars.
All right? Go home.
You're late.
- I'm sorry.
- Again? I lost track of time.
Kyle, you know we have rules about curfew.
If you're gonna break them, I expect a phone call.
You're right.
I didn't mean to worry you.
I was putting away some laundry.
I found this in your room.
From the fire.
I don't think you should leave it lying around.
I'll get rid of it.
Well, good night.
Hello? Who is this? Notice the way she struts? You'd need something sleek and sexy to get her.
A luxury import, definitely.
Pickup truck.
And her? Bye.
Miss Perky? Convertible.
Goth girl.
Please, challenge me.
What about you? Me? A hearse.
You are sick.
- Oh! - Oh! I'm so sorry.
It's been one of those days.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, fine.
- Your jacket isn't.
- Don't worry about it.
I was just so focused on my phone.
Please let me pay to have that cleaned.
Oh, no, really, it's not- I'm sorry.
Do I know you? I- I don't think so.
Have you ever lectured at U.
in child development, like, two or three years ago? Actually, I speak there fairly often.
I knew I recognized you.
I was finishing grad school.
It's Trager, right? Nicole? I can't believe you remember.
Oh, you were so great.
Okay, now I'm definitely paying for the cleaning.
- I'm Emily.
- Hi.
Look, you know, I have to run, but please let me know when you get the bill.
I insist on reimbursing you.
You're very kind.
- Well, call me.
- I will.
Where's Josh? Upstairs.
We're clear.
Put it in the fridge.
Please tell me you're not taking him car shopping.
Nicole A car is a big responsibility.
Josh is ready.
But gas is really expensive these days.
I'm not sure he can afford the gas.
He'll be fine.
But with your recent car trouble you're gonna need a new engine.
So I'll get a new engine.
There are plenty of mechanics out there.
What if repairs take longer than expected? Then you'd have to borrow my car, and my car doesn't get nearly the mileage your car gets.
Nicole, I made a promise.
It's just bad timing.
You know, we'll talk about this later.
Sorry you lost your job.
Cars are expensive, and you can't afford one for Josh since you're out of work, and Nicole doesn't make as much as you.
I mean get as good gas mileage as your car.
Well, to tell you the truth, I'm glad you know.
Walking around here the last couple of days keeping a secret just it feels awful.
Must have been tough.
Yeah, but don't worry.
Everything's gonna work out.
What are you gonna tell Josh about the car? I'm not sure.
My dad was notorious for breaking promises.
I don't want to be that kind of father.
You're not.
You're a great father.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What's up with that? I'm taking lessons.
Well, see ya.
Is it so impossible to have a conversation? We're having one right now.
Don't do that.
You can't just blow me off.
You can't just end what we had and move on like it didn't matter.
Hey, you erased me! I'm sorry about that.
I didn't mean it.
Look, we can't really talk here.
Why don't you come over later? I'll be home around 4.
And if you don't show up then I'll know there's nothing left to say.
Police are still searching for any clues that may shed light on the murder of a hunter found in the woods near Victor Falls almost a month ago.
The victim's throat was crushed.
So far police have no motive for the killing, and no suspects have been named.
It's Saturday.
I know.
I want you to come in.
I thought I had weekends to myself.
If you slack off for one day, you'll stop making progress.
This isn't a game.
It's about your survival.
I'll be there.
Josh, stop hitting the horn.
The neighbors are gonna freak.
You are the neighbor.
I just wanna hear her purr.
Let me guess.
357 magnum, about 5,000 horsepower? Do you have any idea what you're talking about? Of course.
Just the guy I was looking for.
You ready for tonight? Tonight? Dude, my birthday dinner at La Scala.
Killer calamari, awesome shrimp, garlic everything.
It sounds good.
Kyle, I'm not sensing your excitement here.
This isn't just dinner.
I get my new ride.
That's a huge lift to both our social lives.
Dinner's at 6.
Bring your "A" game.
He's really excited about his birthday.
- About Charlie- - Kyle.
I should have told you what was going on.
Yeah, well, being someone's friend isn't about what you should have done.
It's about what you do.
I know you're hurt, but you always look for the best in people.
Don't ever lose that.
* 'Til you don't care no more * * A little lonely, but it's all right * * We are always living in twilight * * Living in a dream * Walking in between the sunrise and sunset * * Living in a dream * Walking in between the sunset * * And the sunrise Where the hell is he going? * and walk away * No illusions of the night * I don't have time for this.
Josh's birthday dinner is tonight.
Then start climbing.
From weight training to this? What happened? Your anxious about something.
Is it Zzyzx? Zzyzx is gone.
Stop the analyzing and climb.
Hey, buddy.
You got a second? Sure.
Just getting ready for the big night.
Josh, what happened to your room? What do you mean? It's clean.
I just got tired of living in a mess all the time.
I'm impressed.
Is Kyle back? Uh, I don't think so.
Listen, I gotta talk to you about something.
It's like he doesn't care anymore.
The guy's been AWOL all week long.
Has he? Yeah.
Where have you been? Oh.
I don't know.
I guess I've been a little AWOL myself this week.
I just wish things would go back to the way they were.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Listen, Josh, things change.
That can be hard to accept.
But what you need to believe is that things will work themselves out in the end.
About the car What time is it? You're fine.
Keep going.
- Uhh! - You're almost there.
That's right.
Keep going.
The way you've built this wall is impossible.
Not for you.
- If I fall- - If you fall, I've got you.
Trust me.
Uhh! Again.
Do it! Uhh! Uhh! Hey.
I'm glad you called.
Come on in.
Thank you.
Great house.
So, what do I owe you? Oh, um $26.
Expensive cup of coffee.
Um, make yourself at home.
I'll get my purse.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Oh, thank you.
This was really so nice of you.
And I have to confess, I actually had another reason for stopping by.
My sister Jessi, she's been having some problems, more than just the typical teenage things, and I was hoping that you might be able to sit down with her.
Well, unfortunately, I'm not in private practice, but I'd be happy to recommend another therapist.
Um It's just Our parents abandoned us when we were young, and I was left to raise Jessi by myself.
I've just been having a really hard time lately.
And unfortunately, there's a history of mental illness in the family.
I just don't know where to turn anymore.
And you were just so warm.
I know that you would be so good for Jessi.
It's just a shame that you can't see patients on the side.
Um You know, I- I think I might be able to help you.
It's Hollander.
Jessi's got herself a therapist.
Don't get discouraged.
The jump is too far.
You just gotta trust yourself, believe that you can do it.
I know that you can.
Why do you think I push you so hard? I don't wanna let you down.
Well, it's- It's not about that.
You just- You keep trying, do your best.
You'll get there.
And that jump is too far for now.
I'll add a few holes.
You can work your way up.
I better go.
Do you want a ride home? No, thanks.
This is faster.
We should go.
- Kyle's not back yet.
- Where is he? Do we ever know where he is anymore? Let's just give him a few more minutes.
Uhh! Aah! Uhh! Uhh! Oh! Sorry, Josh, we gotta go now, otherwise we'll lose our reservation.
I don't care anymore.
Uhh! Foss! Don't move! Don't move.
Don't- Uhh! I can't You can't reach this from there.
Uhh! - Jump! - Uhh! Okay, let go.
I got you.
Trust me.
- Uhh! - Uhh! I got you.
Uhh! Josh.
Save it.
I'm tired of your excuses.
I promise I'll make it up to you.
Your promises don't mean anything.
You know, I can deal with not getting a car, 'cause I thought I still had my best friend.
I guess I was wrong.
We need to talk.
- We know what's going on.
- You do? We understand you're still adjusting, but being part of this family is about trust.
Now, if you don't want to live here with us Why would you think that? You're hardly here.
You missed Josh's birthday.
And we know that you've spoken to Mr.
Taylor? Your cell phone rang the other day.
The caller I.
said it was from T.
Was he calling because you don't want to stay? Of course I want to stay.
I know I've been distracted lately, but I never meant to give you the impression that I didn't want to be here.
You know how committed we are to you being part of the family.
We need to know you feel the same way.
Nothing is more important to me.
Rough night last night.
Josh is still mad at me.
He's disappointed.
Feels like all I do these days is disappoint people.
I know that feeling.
I just wish I could have gotten him that car.
I wish there was some way I could make it up to him.
I had this great old junker in college.
Junker? Yeah, this crappy old car.
I remember the day I bought it.
They practically gave it to me for free.
Now that would have been the perfect starter car for Josh.
I think I know where we can find one.
Watch your step.
Okay, now.
What is this? It's your new car.
* You can throw into the wind * * The anticipation is killing me * So what do you think? This is the coolest thing I've ever seen! Well, it doesn't run right now, but we're gonna fix it up.
Where'd you get it? Well, you can thank Kyle here.
He found it.
I thought you were too busy.
Hey, this isn't just benefiting you.
It's a huge lift for both our social lives.
I thought the three of us could work on it.
Dad, you don't know how to fix up a car.
That's true, but Kyle just read the manual.
Here, check it out.
* We can live to be free * We'll start our conversation * * So there's something to reveal * * Getting clear communication * In an all-or-nothing deal * How could I go wrong * When taking the easy way out * What song is that? Song? You're too kind.
It's G, D, and C.
Beyond that, it's the great unknown.
It sounds good so far.
- Can I try? - Knock yourself out.
Each string had a particular sound.
Like a mathematical equation, it was just a matter of recognizing patterns and familiar shapes.
Finding the right formations would translate into musical notes.
Finally, something you're not amazing at.
I never thought I'd see that day.
Get out.
I'm just kidding.
Seriously, though, give it back.
So what's your song about? New beginnings.
And Declan.
Mainly Declan.
I'm trying to eviscerate his name.
It's very therapeutic.
- So you guys are- - Over? It appears so.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
Who knows what he's up to these days.
- Sweet car.
- It's not the greatest? Happy birthday.
You didn't have to get me anything.
I know.
It was on sale.
I didn't know what you'd like, but I couldn't bear myself to buy those mud flaps with the naked ladies on them.
I love these.
They're awesome.
Wanna check it out? Cool.
* Come on, take it, come on, take it * * Take it from me So what kind of girl do you think I can get with this car? The kind who appreciates potential.
* Come on, take it, come on, take it * * Take it from me How long has it been? Ten years next month.
You were the drunk driver.
When you told me what happened to them, your heart rate doubled, and your body temperature rose.
It doesn't matter.
I just wanna say I'm sorry.
I wanna thank you for coming back to help me.
You can count on me like I count on you.
But here's the thing.
I can tell when you're not being truthful.
So if there's something else out there, something you know could bring danger into my life, I need you to tell me.
There's nothing to worry about right now.
Let's get back to work.
We all struggle to find the right path to take in life.
It's not always easy to know what that is or where it will lead us.
In the end, it's the people in our lives that provide us the balance to help us make it through.