Kyle XY s02e06 Episode Script

Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish

I'm Adam Baylin.
What do you want from me? What would you like to know? Everything.
Are they your family? They were killed by a drunk driver.
You were the drunk driver.
She thinks that she's my sister.
I'm just supposed to live that lie? She's the computer, and her life is the program.
I'm Declan, by the way.
Usually, that would be where you'd say your name.
- I wanna break up.
- I doesn't matter anyway.
I've already erased you.
You and me? Done.
Never happened.
What is this? It's your new car.
It doesn't run right now, but we're gonna fix it up.
Kyle just read the manual.
Since my dad died, we've been having money troubles.
I have a job interview.
What's the job? Welcome to Madacorp.
I can't wait to be part of the team.
I'm gonna stay here and see if I can help.
Why would you do that? You think I'm just gonna walk away from you now? People live much of their lives in uncertainty.
What might happen in a week a month a year.
I wondered about my own life, if I would be able to answer the questions that kept appearing.
I guess, I, too, was looking for certainty.
It's a done deal.
I'm scoring Dava Avina.
She looks nice.
Kittens are nice.
Dava's Well, hopefully she's not nice.
I thought you two were just study partners for biology lab.
It may have started there, but I knew we were destined for more.
You see, Kyle, women are attracted to success.
They can't resist it.
And in high school, success means a car.
Boys, life is not like a rap video.
Having a pimped out car doesn't guarantee your hand gets anywhere near her bra.
If she wears one.
What is with boys and breasts? Don't side with her, buddy.
You're breaking a sacred bond.
- I'm Andy.
- Kyle.
I'm in the middle of teaching Kyle about life and love.
Then I am thwarting a great injustice.
Let me set you straight on what girls actually like.
I want you to remember this moment.
"Remember this moment.
" The words triggered something, and suddenly I saw things that shouldn't have been there.
A fishbowl.
A postcard.
And the urn that contained Adam Baylin's ashes.
Kyle, you okay, dude? Kyle, you all right? I feel like something bad is about to happen.
I got two words for you "lottery ticket.
" Hey, you guys okay? Awesome.
Our little alien can predict the future.
You should see The Rack.
It's not the place I would call earthquake friendly.
Then what are you doing home? Checking out my ride for damage.
You should check your room.
It looks like it was hit pretty hard.
No, it was like that before.
Did Josh think you predicted the earthquake? I had a feeling something bad was gonna happen.
And then everything started shaking.
You know, certain animals seem to anticipate natural disasters.
It's not out of the realm of scientific possibility.
Is there something else? I saw some things.
What things? Things that were there and then weren't.
Like I was dreaming, except I was awake.
Sounds like you had some sort of vision.
A vision.
Is that normal? I think we need to expand our definition of normal when it comes to you.
I need the right shirt for tomorrow.
You're choosing already? It's my first big day.
Well, you want confident, but not overbearing.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I like the green.
It's perfect for the brilliant new guy in the software division.
Look, I know I've been stressed out looking for work.
Things have been a little shaky lately.
I've been a little shaky myself.
And for a lot longer than you.
I think I can cut you? Yeah, well I think the future's looking up for me.
We're gonna be just fine.
You're totally screwed.
You're exaggerating.
You couldn't be more screwed if you were between a wall and a Phillips head I'm golden.
I shoot from the hip.
Girls like spontaneity in a man.
Girls like a plan.
Spontaneity is code for "I couldn't be bothered.
" Okay.
Then what about bowling? Or we could look for something that doesn't scream "seventh grader.
" Next.
I can't believe I'm doing this.
What? For the good of our species, I'll help you plan your first date.
Look, you said I've been kissed before.
Yes, I have.
Many times.
Maybe this isn't the best idea for you.
How can you watch that? - Let's not think about that.
- I like it.
My heart pounds like a drum when you're near.
I can feel it.
Take me away from here to a place where we- Remember your appointment today.
You have a session this afternoon.
All right.
I'll be there.
Then kiss me.
Don't make me ask again.
I don't know how else to explain it.
Predict the future.
I know it sounds weird.
Who knows what you can do? We should- We should check Baylin's notes and see if he documented anything about this.
All right.
That phrase that you solved, "Viz Allati"? It's Hungarian.
It means "underwater.
" You looked it up? No, I just know it.
Since when could you speak Hungarian? Lori, here.
That was for you.
Open mic night? I just started playing.
I've heard you.
You're good.
How do you know? I live next door to you, remember? I hear everything that comes out of your bedroom.
Take it from someone who knows a thing or two about getting their heart torn out and stomped on.
You need to vent.
I'm serious about open mic night.
Singing about your heartache could be very therapeutic.
My mom's been working really hard, but we still had to make some sacrifices.
The car and the piano were mine.
You two are in it together.
Which is nice, but it would be nicer if I knew things were gonna get better soon.
It will.
You know that for a fact? Do you think it's possible somebody could? It would be cool, wouldn't it? If I knew everything was gonna turn out okay, I could deal with the bad.
It's not knowing that drives you crazy.
So predicting the future could be a good thing.
I mean, I guess you'd never be surprised.
And, believe me, lately surprises aren't all their cracked up to be.
There you go.
Anything for the Tragers? Let me check.
You're welcome.
See you later.
See you.
Come in.
How's the date training going? Let's just say I'm making the world safer for ovaries everywhere.
It's nice of you to help him.
Oh, it's not nice.
It's a public service.
I mean, he's a walking disaster.
He doesn't have a clue about women.
This girl he's after? She's not the sharpest tool in the shed.
And his sense of humor? Sort of specific.
So, strike one.
She's not gonna notice how funny he is.
Strike two are those T- shirts he wears.
I'm a T-shirt girl, so I get it.
But that Dava person? Can I just say, we're gonna need an extreme makeover.
Is there a strike three? He doesn't know how to talk to girls.
I guarantee you he brings up on-line gaming, and he's a virgin till he's 30.
But you like on-line gaming.
Yeah, well, he's not going on a date with me.
Sounds like he should be.
Um ew? Did you find anything? Nothing yet.
What would you do if you could predict the future? Wished I could have done it sooner.
Will you tell me about them? Your wife and daughter.
Keep looking.
Oh, hello.
Um, can I help you? Oh, Nicole's expecting me.
Oh, well, her office is this way.
I know.
We haven't officially met.
I'm Lori.
I know you're new in town, so let me know if you need anything.
What would I need? I could fill you in on all things Seattle.
People to know, places to see.
Like I- I saw you hanging out with Declan McDonough.
He and I used to be very close, so if you have any questions, I could answer them for you.
- Questions? - He can be like any guy.
A real ass when he puts his mind to it, in fact, but under all that I can tell you he's got a really good heart.
Does your heart pound like a drum when he's near? Jessi.
I didn't hear you come in.
That's okay.
Uh, shall we head to my office? Yep.
This car is gonna be a babe mobile.
Like money in the bank.
- * Nobody knows me at all - What? Nothing.
Back to work.
You get to the house.
What do you do? Easy.
Roll up, honk the horn.
You give your date the beep-beep, and the only person you'll have running out of the house will be her dad to pound on you.
You go to the door.
Attempt to be cool.
I knew that.
Now, she's in the car.
Show me what you're gonna do.
What? With you? If you can't do it with me, how are you gonna do it with a real girl? I mean- You know what I mean.
Come on.
Pretend I'm your date.
Look, I'm the irresistible Dava.
Make your move.
* Nobody knows me at all * Ah, what can you do? * There's nobody like you I don't even know why I bother with you.
It's the car.
Let me ask you a question.
Why did you ask her out? I can't just be because of her boobs.
Oh, my God.
It was.
You okay? Yeah.
Your stupid just sucked all the air outta the car.
Here, I'll get the window.
- Josh? - You get fired already? I'm just grabbing some software and then I'm heading back.
Well, times have changed.
None of my dates ever helped me get my car running beforehand.
Dad, this isn't my date.
It's just Andy.
- Oh, well, hi, there.
- Hello.
She's helping me polish my game to a mirror-like shine.
Well, we better put some time in this thing, otherwise your date, whoever she is, will be riding your handlebars.
* Nobody knows me * Nobody knows me at all We've been at this for hours.
Baylin didn't record anything about premonitions.
This is useless.
When I touched the book I found myself in another vision.
But this time instead of Baylin's urn, I saw the man himself.
What happened? What did you see? Adam was there.
Baylin? He gave me this.
You wrote that.
You walked over here, you picked up the pad Well, it's definitely your handwriting.
You must have sent it to yourself.
Forgotten I sent it? You must have been in some kind of altered state, like before when you said you saw Baylin.
But why send myself something so cryptic? Why not just write what I knew was coming? We may be looking at this in the wrong angle.
What if you're not seeing the future? It could be your subconscious trying to tell you something, something from your past.
The things that you're seeing, they could be symbols for something else.
Nicole called them visions.
You're talking to her about this? You can't! I am the only one that you can trust.
If you have a question or you need to talk about something, you come to me.
I'm just confused.
Why is this happening to me now? Well, we've been working hard, making progress, maybe your mind had to reach a certain level of control before these visions could present themselves.
The important thing now is trying to figure out what the message is that you're trying to send to yourself.
I just hope we can.
I don't know how much longer I can take this.
I feel like I can't trust anything I see.
No, that's real.
And it's really out of tune.
* But I kept it in the cupboard today * And your eyes are where? On her face.
Not her chest.
What are the three L's? Listen, listen, listen.
And at the end of the night? Feel her up.
Feel it out, and if the moment seems right, kiss her.
No tongue.
I guess you're as good as you're gonna get.
Hey, Andy? Thanks for everything.
Just don't blow it.
This is a one-time charitable donation.
* All the latest * You may be Hi.
HI Can I sit? Sure.
So, I think we've hit the end of our break-up drama shelf life.
Proper exchanges, avoiding eye contact, all that.
It's getting kind of tedious.
So, I just wanted to say that I'm done, and we should be able to inhabit each others' space drama-free.
That's good.
And we should be able to talk like two civilized people.
And if we're talking and everything, then I should be able to warn you about Crazytown.
Crazytown? Oh, come on, new hot patient of my mom's.
I have seen the sparkage and I know how you boys like the crazies.
Is this the part where you say we should still be friends? If so, your lead-in kind of sucks.
I'm sorry.
I'm being exactly the kind of girl that I hate.
Let's start over.
I'm Lori Trager, passive aggressive mean girl.
Declan McDonough, crazy-chick magnet.
I guess I walked into that one.
I'm playing tonight.
You should come.
Are all your songs going to be about the cruelty of teenage boys? You're supposed to write from experience.
* More and more more and more * Hey.
I've got to run.
I just want to make sure you're coming to open mic night.
Are you playing, too? No, I'm running the soundboard.
They're paying me, so it'll get me one step closer to getting another piano.
I'm all messed up without one.
And playing the piano unmesses you.
When I play, everything that drags me down and distracts me disappears.
Music brings me clarity.
I could use some of that.
Couldn't we all? So will you be there? I will.
Great, then I'll see you.
If music helped Amanda, maybe that's what I needed to shed my distractions and better understand the visions I'd been having.
So,have you thought about what you want to do with your life? What do you mean? Well,have you thought about your future? My future? No,not really.
Jessi,your parents may not have always made the best choices for you, but you can change that now.
You make your own choices.
I was amazed by what I was seeing.
They were my memories cataloged of everything since I'd left the pod.
I had developed a new ability.
I had complete control over my memories.
I want you to remember this moment.
Those were the words that started my visions.
What was the moment I needed to remember? I want you to remember this moment.
That was it.
Remember this moment.
After I'm gone, all of my experiences, everything that I've studied and learned,will be yours.
You're special,Kyle.
You see the world from a unique perspective.
Your mind's a powerful tool.
Protect it.
I discovered not only could I relive my memories, I could actually move within them, allowing me to view any moment from anywhere I wanted.
Protect it.
Use it wisely.
It was the book I had touched at the warehouse.
I realized that Baylin had hidden something inside.
You're more important than your mind.
WHICH? All of my memories had led me to this disc, but Adam's message still eluded me.
Foss,I need to talk to you.
It's important.
Those things can be a real pain.
I think the new guy just can't work the door.
Maybe you're just punching in the wrong numbers.
Well,they wrote them down for me here.
Well,is that one a four or a nine? It's a four,right? Says the man who can't open the door.
I'm Emily, by the way.
Oh,don't worry about it.
Look,let me take you to the lunchroom.
Coffee machine in there, now that's the real test of intelligence.
Oh,wow, I love that shade of green.
Sorry I'm late.
It's not quite purring yet,huh? More like coughing up hairballs.
Well,just a few more tweaks, we're almost there.
I remember my first time.
I meant date,Josh.
Jenny Marie,she wore those Daisy Dukes.
Despite further mental images I'll have to purge, what happened? Nothing,really.
It wasn't that great.
Why wasn't it great? Well,I don't know.
There was just no tap Tap? You know when I first took your mother out.
Uh,define "tap" please.
You know,my foot.
When I first took out your mother, there was just this excitement, and in the middle of dinner I realized my foot just kept tapping.
Look,all I'm saying is, every guy has the idea of a perfect date, but the truth is, the right fit isn't always what you expect.
Go ahead,try it again.
We need E.
Not to put any pressure on you, but it's a 117 minutes before I take my first step into the great dating game of life.
Try it.
You forgot to open the fuel valve.
It's always the thing right in front of you.
Who cares? It's alive! I made your favorite, spaghetti.
I miss Mom's.
I'll just be a sec.
I know,sweetie.
Mommy will make you dinner tomorrow night.
Yeah,I know that I promised it would be tonight, but Mommy has to work late.
Tell you what.
I will come by and tuck you in, so pick out a book with Grandma.
Yeah,of course,any book.
All right.
Two books.
I love you,too.
All right.
See you soon.
Who were you talking to? Ah,just someone from work.
Here you go.
Jess,I have to leave for a while.
You stay here.
Don't leave the apartment.
Mushrooms are good.
What? Mushrooms.
- I thought I didn't like them.
- Oh.
Remember? They were on my pizza at my ninth birthday.
I got sick? Mom said I was allergic.
Well,then I guess you are.
Then why can I have them on the spaghetti now? People change,Jess.
I can change.
I can choose for myself now.
Some things,yes.
Other things are decided for you.
You stay in the apartment.
Is that clear? Got it.
"Viz Allati" means "underwater.
" Underwater.
[Using parts from Josh's car radio, I designed a way to play the CD, a way Adam knew only I could figure out.
Kyle,if you're listening to this, you've passed a critical test.
Here is your reward.
Memories are important.
When I knew that I would not always be here to guide you, I knew I'd need a way to communicate, in order to share my experiences, and more importantly, assure you that you would never be alone.
This is the beginning,Kyle.
Your holographic memory will become an important power to master.
The ability to explore your memories will allow you to see things that others and even you,have missed.
So study the past,Kyle and understand that all of the answers are already hidden in front of you.
At first I was relieved to have the answer, but then something struck me as odd.
Why all that work for such a simple message? Any premonitions about my date? Why? Are you nervous? Andy says nervousness is the last refuge for the unprepared.
Sounds like her.
You look nice.
Andy says this color looks good with my eyes.
You know,once you get past the smart-ass remarks and references that I have to Google to understand she's- Pretty great? Yeah.
Anyway,about tonight.
Predict my future.
Think I'll get lucky? I think you already are.
You're starting to sound like a Hallmark card.
- Is that for- - Yes.
It's very sweet.
Good luck,little brother.
We better go,too.
We're gonna be late.
Where did you find a piano? Here.
I'll be right back.
Lori! You look very singer/songwriter.
There are a lot of people here.
Fifty doesn't exactly constitute a- Okay,so it's not a stadium.
But still,I don't wanna, you know,suck.
You won't suck.
If you get nervous, just look over at me and remember how mad you are.
It'll be a nice distraction.
I'm not mad at you,anymore.
No? No.
Shelf life,remember? Cool.
Oh,my God.
You did the beep-beep thing, didn't you? I didn't beep.
I knocked.
And then I waited.
And then I sat on the porch for another 20 minutes.
You got stood up? Seems so.
And since we didn't exactly cover that part in out training, I thought maybe- Wait here.
You're not gonna kick her ass,are you? No.
But I planned the perfect first date, and no way in hell is it going to waste.
You're going on my date with me? It's my date now.
Does that mean you're buying? Come on.
Okay,this is it.
Don't worry.
I met you.
I remember.
I asked about you.
What did you find out? That you have a good heart.
Want to feel mine? This is definitely a sign that I should not play tonight.
Why do you think that? Because I wrote a song about- And he's with- Playing tonight isn't about them.
It's about you.
If you wanna play play.
She needed that to know everything was gonna be okay.
You're due for something good,too.
How do you know? I can predict the future.
You okay? Yeah,I'm- I'm hot.
You should get some air.
I'm Lori.
* I've come undone * Nobody's won * Being alone * Has given me hope * The seeds that are sown * Here on my own * Are giving me hope * Hope to burn again * Far in there with you * You were meant for me You feel better? I feel great.
* If I remember you * Will you remember me? Kiss me.
What? Don't make me ask again.
* It killed me when you left * * I became so torn * What once felt like theft * * Is making me whole * Now that I can see * Who I'm meant to be * Now that I am one * I can burn again * If I remember you * Will you remember me? * If I remember you - * Will you remember me? - As I listened to Lori play, I understood that the future would reach us all in different ways.
Sometimes it would take your breath away.
* silent voice * It's all I can hear * Ringing in my ears Sometimes it would be different than the version you planned.
* And it's your silent choice * * Bringing me new fears * It's bringing me to tears * * If I remember you * Will you remember me? - Baylin was right.
- * If I remember you * Will you remember me? The only certainty for the future is that the answers to the unknown are most likely hidden right in front of us.
* Will you remember me? The sound waves gave me the answer.
Baylin's true message was an alpha-numeric cipher.
Each number corresponded to a letter.
And "Viz Allati" was the key to unscrambling it.
I wondered why he had gone to such great lengths to ensure only I could read it.
Finally,I understood what he wanted to tell me.
"DONT TRUST FOSS" I went to the warehouse to talk to him but Foss and all traces of him were gone.