Kyle XY s02e08 Episode Script

What's The Frequency, Kyle?

Why are you acting so weird? Nicole says it's because I like you.
Don't you like me? Yeah, I do.
My dad was notorious for breaking promises.
I don't want to be that kind of father.
You're not; you're a great father.
My sister Jessi, she's been having some problems.
We're hoping that you might be able to sit down with her.
It's a really pretty necklace.
It's a remnant from my Declan days.
Jessi, we're leaving.
You can't tell me what to do! Foss! I want to tell you everything.
I'm ready to hear it.
Foss did this? Uh! Life is full of regrets.
But no matter how hard you try, you can't change the past.
Lori had been attacked.
No one was sure who did it or why.
And all I could focus on was how I wasn't able to stop it from happening.
Dad, you have to stop doing this.
And you, do I speak with a British accent? No.
Am I wearing a crown? No.
Then stop guarding my door like I'm Queen freakin' Elizabeth.
He's just worried about you.
I gathered.
Sweetie, I know you're just trying to be strong, but what happened, it's a lot to deal with.
What happened is I became one with my inner liberal and got hate-crimed for it.
As far as I'm concerned, this is my badge of honor.
How's she doing today? Apparently, better than I am.
When I look at her it breaks my heart.
Yeah, I feel the same way, but we have to keep it together, and make her feel safe and comfortable.
How about whipping up some sympathy pancakes? What? She likes them and I'm in the mood.
I'll be right down.
Me first.
All yours.
I hope that's the police with news for Lori.
I already spoke to them.
There are still no leads or eye witnesses.
And since Lori can't identify her attacker, then they're at a dead end.
A Dr.
Keel is on the phone.
Keel? She's calling from the hospital about a patient: a William Trager.
Who is he? He's my father.
Yeah, this is his son.
I didn't know Stephen's father lived in town.
How long has he been sick? I don't know.
They haven't spoken in years.
It's complicated.
He had a stroke last night.
Looks like he's not going to make it.
I'm so sorry, Stephen.
Is there anything I can do to help? No, there's nothing to do.
I said good-bye to my father years ago.
Are things really that bad between them? I always hoped they'd manage to repair things, but doesn't look like that's going to happen.
Adam Baylin said I would touch the world, but what good is having a gift if I couldn't help the people I loved the most? You didn't have to come.
I know you told everyone not to, but I want to meet your father.
He's in coma, you know? He can't communicate.
I understand.
Been a long time since I've seen him.
This wasn't how I envisioned our next meeting.
Would you rather go in alone? No.
Yes? I'm Dr.
Hi, nice to meet you.
So, how's he doing? Well, I'm afraid there's been no improvement.
Can he hear us? This machine monitors his neural patterns.
The readings indicate that he can't.
I'll give you some time with him.
That's probably for the best that he doesn't know I'm here.
Do you really think that? Yeah.
I was a big disappointment to him.
He never agreed with how I chose to live my life.
Never listened never cared.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
God, how long were you standing there? Six seconds.
I haven't seen you since you threw that hissy fit at the dance.
I got mad at my sister.
Remind me never to cross you.
So, what's up? Uh, I have a session with your mom today.
Oh, I get it.
You came by for a damage report.
Well You look awful.
Does it hurt? Looks worse than it is.
I just hope the cops nail the bastard who did this.
The police? You know, blue hats, shiny badges? Why would they be involved? Last time I checked the statutes, assault was still a crime.
A crime? Yeah.
Plus, the creep who did this stole the necklace Declan gave me and I want it back.
So, are we done with 20 Questions? I only asked four.
Well, you don't want to keep my mom waiting.
What's up, baby? Come on, Declan.
Let's move! Come on! Heads up! Come on, baby! Game! Nice shot.
Is that all you got? Good job, baby.
Did good, bro.
You okay? I didn't sleep much last night.
How are you doing? You mean now that I know the whole truth about you? I'll never look at science class the same, that's for sure.
I know it was a lot to take in.
You can say that again.
But don't.
How's Lori? She's dealing.
You should stop by.
I'm sure she'd appreciate it.
I want to, but what about Foss? We can't be sure it was him.
The cops cleared everyone who was at The Rack, which can only mean one thing: your boy Foss is guilty.
I just can't imagine he would go so far.
Because he's such a model citizen.
The guy's offed how many people that we know about? So believing he can knock Lori around is not that big a stretch.
I should have seen it coming.
I could have done something to prevent it.
Kyle, the guy's a frickin' psycho.
You're not responsible for what he did.
You haven't heard from him, have you? Not since he left last week.
And I have no idea where to find him.
What are you going to do if he comes back? I have to figure that out.
Meanwhile, you should check on Lori.
At least for now I think it's safe.
Lori seems fine.
Well, appearances can be deceiving.
What do you mean? Sometimes people project what they want others to see, even if it's not an accurate representation of who they are.
We can be different than who we appear to be? Are you writing that down? Not exactly.
Sometimes I record what you say.
Other times, just my thoughts and impressions.
About me? Well, yes.
Can I read them? Jessi, they're confidential.
You know that.
Let's talk about Emily.
Now, when she insisted that you leave the dance, is that the way she normally behaves when she's upset with you? I guess.
I know everybody thinks she's so nice, but she's not.
She just appears to be.
What do you mean? She's always saying that she's in control telling me where to go and who to be with.
Sometimes, I'm just really scared around her.
Ever since my trip to the hospital, I felt like I was in a fog.
But as my head cleared, an image appeared in my mind.
I didn't know what it was or why I was drawing it.
I just knew I had to get it out.
Dad? Hey, guys.
What's up? We figured you weren't feeling that great Want to go to a movie or something? Our treat.
Wait, you'll actually be seen at a movie with me? At a time like this, I'm willing to risk the embarrassment.
So you're really okay, then? Shouldn't I be asking you that? Dad, your father's in the hospital.
My face will heal.
Grandpa had a chance to be part of our lives and he chose not to be.
Do any of you recognize this? It's a church, dude.
That's St.
How do you know that? My father belonged to the congregation.
He wanted me and your mom to get married there.
Why did you draw this? I don't know, it just came to me.
I must have seen it recently.
You couldn't have.
This church was torn down years ago.
No St.
Augustine in this one, either.
Well, he had to have seen it in one of these.
Check it out, our first apartment.
Yeah, if you can call a basement sublet with bad plumbing and mice an apartment.
Hey, I loved it.
I did, too.
Oh, you were so beautiful.
I was afraid you were going to wise up at the last minute.
We could have gotten married at the church, you know? I would have gone along with it.
You remember how he was.
He had to put his stamp on everything.
If I didn't make a stand with our wedding, he would have barked religion at us for the rest of our lives.
Instead he just didn't come at all.
I know we both made mistakes.
Maybe you should try talking to him.
I know he can't hear you, but saying the words might be enough.
I got nothing to say to him.
Not a single picture of the church.
How the hell did Kyle draw this? My Grandfather sent Kyle the image.
But he's in a coma.
Like that's going to stop Kyle? Just when I'm ready to cross "alien" off my list, you pull another stunt and suck me back in.
I don't do stunts.
You know what I mean.
Something unexplainable.
It is explainable.
I'm listening.
Okay, I can't explain it yet, but whatever it is, I'm sure there's a logical scientific explanation.
Don't be so sure.
Maybe it's divine intervention.
Divine intervention? Maybe God wants you to help Stephen make peace with his father.
Do you really think that's possible? With you, anything's possible.
I really wish people would stop sneaking up on me.
How you doing? Fine.
I never knew there were so many shades of purple.
You're painting your room? Time to change it up in here.
Lori, seriously, are you okay? Did you expect to find me in the fetal position? I- I wouldn't blame you.
Look, some coward jumped me.
I'm not going to let him get the best of me.
Well, that's great, but I also think you can let yourself freak out a little.
Are you going to Preston's party this week? Thinking about it.
Are you? I'm sure everyone's expecting me to hide, but I'm going.
You su- Maybe I'll see you there.
I hate hospitals.
They're always so cold.
The colder temperature helps prevent the spread of viruses.
The least they could do is paint the walls, make it feel warmer.
Was it difficult to see your father this way? How did you- Oh, yeah, you're you.
Do you think he knows we're here? The doctor said no.
He can't be sure, right? I mean if you received a message- But did I? I want to believe I can do this, but- Sometimes things happen that just don't make sense.
You've got to have faith that they're happening for a reason.
What are you two doing in here? I know it sounds crazy, but when I drew that church What if your father's trying to communicate something through me? And what, you're here waiting for him to communicate again? I asked Kyle to try, Mr.
I thought if your father's reaching out in some way- Listen I know you two both mean well, but my father had plenty of chances to reach out and make amends.
What if he wants one more chance? There are no more chances.
At least not for us.
Thanks for taking the time.
I know how hard it must be trying to balance work and raise Jessi by yourself.
Well, we manage.
Still, it must get stressful at times.
Nicole, what are you getting at? Jessi's expressed some anxiety to me about the way you deal with her.
And I saw the dynamic myself when you showed up at the dance.
The dynamic.
You seem to get very hostile and aggressive.
I asked her not to go, she did anyway.
Do you always react that way when she doesn't listen? You know, I have to say I thought that Jessi would be making more progress by now.
I think she is.
She's finally starting to open up to me, and apparently, that makes you uncomfortable and that makes me even more concerned.
There's no reason for concern.
But I think I made a mistake bringing Jessi to you.
I think it's vital that she continue coming.
In fact, if Jessi misses even one appointment, I won't hesitate to call Social Services.
We can be different than who we appear to be.
Are you writing that down? Not exactly.
"Jessi lacks empathy is socially manipulative, and has no remorse.
" Hey.
Sorry it took me so long.
This guy in line changed his order, like, 60 times.
That's a lot of orders.
What's wrong? What do you mean? Well, I don't think the coffee is what's bothering you.
It's just I saw Lori earlier.
So? Seeing her all beat up like that She's trying to convince herself it's no big deal.
Maybe it isn't to her.
How couldn't it be? This how'd you feel if you were her.
You get attacked and you don't know why or by who.
I guess I never thought about how it'd make her feel.
Adam told me that as my mind developed, new abilities would reveal themselves to me, like holographic memory.
But this was different.
The church wasn't my memory; it was someone else's.
If this was a new ability, why couldn't I control it? And if it wasn't, how could it be happening at all? * -told you you were right * * Would you take my hand tonight * * If I told you the reasons why * * Would you leave your life * * And ride? * * Ride * * And ride * * And ride * * Oh * * Oh, oh, oh * * Oh * It's my father's living room.
This is incredible.
It's exactly how I remember it.
How did you do this? I wish I knew.
There's something I want you to see.
You grew up here? Yeah, sure did.
Been a long time since I've been in this house.
Nothing has changed.
Every night he'd pour himself a glass of Scotch, sit in this chair, and read his bible.
Put it ahead of everything, even his family.
Is that why you don't like religion? It's not that I don't like religion.
It's just that I'm a science guy.
I need hard evidence, proof.
My father, he never understood that.
Strange how something meant to bring people together can split so many apart.
I wrote him a letter after the kids were born hoping he'd want to be part of our family.
When I came here to give it to him, we had this huge argument.
He tore it up right in front of me.
Never even read it.
Was that the last time you spoke? We both said some horrible things to each other.
I have always regretted the way we left it.
So if he's really trying to say something, I'm ready to listen.
I need to talk to Ballantine, so I'm just going in.
Nicole Trager's threatened to call Social Services on me.
Why would she do that? It's Jessi.
She's been willful and defiant.
She must be complaining about me during her therapy sessions.
She's a computer with a glitch.
Bring her in.
We'll fix her.
With all due respect, I don't think that that's a solution.
You may have downloaded a history into her brain, but I've been living with that girl.
And she has wants and desires and feelings like any other teenager.
She's not like any other teenager.
But you can't just reboot her every time she acts like one.
Hollander, that's not your concern.
Look, I don't think I'm the right person for this assignment.
You know, you won't tell me what we're really doing here, it's taking a lot longer than you led me to believe, and I miss my little- I think it'd be best if I resigned.
You're stressed out.
It's a tough assignment.
And now that you're so familiar with our agenda, I expect you to see it through.
Take a few days to reconsider.
We'd hate to lose you.
Brought your bible for you, Dad.
Thought you'd want it with you.
What are you doing exactly? Trying to focus on your father.
Anything? Not yet.
Hey, I was just heading out for some coffee.
I thought you might want to come along.
Oh, thanks, I'm already pretty deep into the Lori Trager trifecta.
You have a trifecta? Trashy magazines, nail polish, Oprah reruns.
I know what you're thinking, but I'm not here to analyze.
You don't have a shrink speech prepared for this scenario? I don't have a mom speech prepared for this, either.
I never thought I'd have to see you deal with anything like this.
But I know you'll get through it, and I know you need time, and you should know your dad and I are here for you if you need us.
What are you doing? Taking my Kyle File digital.
Going to go videotape the collage he drew on his wall.
Yeah, it's pretty amazing.
How do you think he did that? I gotta go.
Do you know what this means? You're actually doing it.
You're really communicating with him.
But what's a church and an old room supposed to tell me? Maybe there's more to the message.
I tried and got nothing.
Stephen's finally ready to listen and I'm letting him down.
When my dad was alive, we used to sit in the gardens at Lancaster Park and talk for hours.
He always told me I could do anything if I just believed.
But what if I fail? You won't.
How can you be so sure? Because I believe in you.
Amanda about the dance, it didn't really end the way I'd hoped.
I know.
With Lori and everything.
With us, too.
The timing wasn't right.
When will it be? We'll just know.
Jessi? What is it? I don't know what's wrong with me.
Nothing's wrong with you; you're just confused.
I lack empathy, I'm socially manipulative, and I have no remorse.
Did Nicole tell you that? I just want things to make sense.
I want to understand why I do the things I do.
You know everyone feels that way sometimes.
Do you? Sure.
Do you remember what Mom used to say about tomorrow? Mom? Yeah.
She said, "Tomorrow's a clean slate, "a chance to correct your mistakes and become a better person.
" I want that.
I want to change.
What was I missing, not seeing? I didn't know the answer and time was running out.
What are you trying to tell me? Hi, it's Emily Hollander.
I thought I'd stop by and surprise Paige.
Has my mother picked her up yet? Ms.
Hollander, the gentleman from your office picked Paige up early.
What? Yes, they left about half an hour ago.
What gentleman? Who authorized that? You did.
Paige? Mom.
Emily, what's wrong? Someone picked up Paige from school.
I know that.
She's here.
Mommy, you're home! Oh, God, sweetie, Paige! Oh, you're okay.
Oh! Mom, how did she get here? Nice young man from Madacorp dropped her off.
And he said to tell you that Madacorp always has your family in mind.
* I can see it all tonight * Underneath the perfect sky * Where the universe revolves around the pupil of an eye * * And infinity stretch out from infinities within * * I'm a part of everything * * Am I falling asleep? * * Is it all just a dream? * Where the colors are like water * * And the road is like a stream * * Rolling down through the city * Back to your old tricks, huh? Thought you might get a kick out of it.
So you're not painting.
I decided I like it the way it is.
Me, too.
What are you doing here? I had a feeling you might not be up to going.
Major chick flicks.
You didn't have to.
I wanted to.
Just don't tell anyone you saw me with those.
Well, uh, I guess I'll leave you to your Kleenex.
Actually would you mind sticking around for a while? Only if I can finally hear your song.
You never give up, do you? I don't want to, but I'm starting to think we'll never know what he's trying to tell us.
It's certainly not from lack of effort, that's for sure.
What's that? I keep seeing the numbers Those are all things associated with them: dates, formulas, elements of the Periodic Table.
Do those numbers mean anything to you? Yeah, Luke 15:11.
The Prodigal Son.
It's my dad's favorite passage in the bible.
What? What is it? It's my letter.
He read it.
You really did it.
This is what he's been trying to tell me.
Nicole told me.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, he died late last night.
You know, I was thinking about the last time I spoke to him, how angry we both were, when I realized somewhere alone the way that I wasn't angry anymore.
I was afraid.
Of what? That he didn't care.
But he did.
Yeah, he did.
I want to thank you.
What you did You've made such a difference in my life.
I'm very happy that you're here.
Me, too.
Okay, what's your problem? Don't have one.
You've been avoiding me all week.
No, I haven't.
Seriously, you haven't made one snarky, wise-ass comment to me in days.
I'm coming up with some new material and I'm not ready to launch it.
Please, as if you have a self-editing bone in your body.
I'm going to talk about my feelings, here.
So bear with me if I am a little less articulate than usual.
I'm not really into the whole touchy-feely movement.
That's more like it.
It's just every time I look at your eye, the bruises, I get so mad.
All I want to do is find the guy who did this to you and beat the hell out of him.
It's my job as your brother to protect you.
It's one thing if I push you around, but no one else can.
Not if I have anything to say about it.
That make any sense? Josh.
Whoa, not in public.
Oh, and one other thing.
Hilary Duff called.
She wants her shirt back.
Oh, so we're back to that, huh? For old time's sake.
It's good to see you with a smile on your face.
I've been told it suits me.
Hey, you heading to Miller's class? Yeah.
Just let me put my stuff in my locker.
This is totally not funny.
What is it? It's my necklace that was stolen.
Why did we come to your office? To get you some help.
Nicole's here? I don't think she's been a good match for you.
You remember Mr.
Ballantine? Hi.
Hello, Jessi.
Nice to see you again.
What's this about? I'll explain everything to you.
It's okay, Jessi, I'll be right here.
You made the right choice.
Don't worry, we'll take good care of her.
It's time for you to concentrate on Stephen Trager.
It's beautiful.
How'd you know I was here? It's where you used to come with your father.
I heard what happened to Stephen's dad.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't have helped him without you.
Yes, you could.
You wouldn't let me give up.
And I'm glad you didn't.
You did a great thing.
You gave Stephen a chance to say good-bye.
A lot of people never get that.
Like you.
When my dad first got sick, I thought everything would be fine, that he'd get through it.
I just couldn't imagine a world without him in it.
By the time I got the courage to go see him at the hospital, he was so out of it they said he couldn't hear me.
And I believed them.
But after seeing what you did I know they were wrong.
He could hear me.
So, did you ever solve how you did it? Not really.
But I thought about what you said, that some things science can't explain.
What I realized was that it doesn't matter how it happened or even why.
What matters is it did.
What's that look? You're the mind-reader.
You tell me.
* You never were * * A waste of time * * Fly straight * * To the sun * * Yeah * * I feel like we've just begun * * I'm overcome * * In love * * Fly straight *