Kyle XY s02e11 Episode Script

Hands on a Hybrid

You're Kyle.
You're in my tub.
The creep who did this stole the necklace Declan gave me, and I want it back.
What is it? It's my necklace that was stolen.
Just so you know, Kyle is with me.
It's not supposed to be that way.
You came back for me.
When you reached out for me and took my hand, it was the first time I didn't feel alone.
Say something if you're okay.
Andy has cancer.
Oh, Josh, I am so sorry.
I want to help her, but she won't let me talk to her about it.
Lori, what's wrong? Are you having an affair with Emily? Did someone teach you to draw that way? No.
This is Baylin's.
I can't get it open.
We'll figure it out.
Kyle, I'd like to introduce you to Cerebral Impulse Relay, or C-I-R.
But we like to call it CIR.
To Stephen and your wonderful family.
Ballantine invaded my home, my family, and my privacy.
So what do you want to do? I want to get my ring back.
We're not leaving you.
Now listen to me.
The ring is all you need.
What? Now go.
Thank you.
Get out of here! Take him to room 237.
While discovering who I am and where I came from, I'd always been led to believe I was the only person in the world like me.
Now it seemed Jessi and I had a connection, but I wasn't sure how to figure it out.
"The light will show you the way.
" It's Foss.
Are you okay? I've had to lay low.
What happened? Where are you? I'll let you know when it's safe to meet.
I better go.
Wait- Thank you, Tom.
I appreciate your help.
Nice car.
Yeah, not bad, as environmentally conscious vehicles go, but is it worth wasting a day standing around with my hand planted on it? Uh, your name does have to be drawn first.
Highly unlikely.
And you wouldn't last five minutes in that contest.
You have the attention span of a hummingbird.
Not when I'm properly motivated.
Josh, I hope your motivation would be to cancer charity.
Why would I care about that? Um, to help people with cancer? Whatever.
Well, I hope something happens at this shindig for Hillary's sake.
Hillary? She's set her sights on becoming the next reality TV star.
I think she's looking at this as her walking audition.
You think Jessi will be there today? Are you asking me as my mom or her therapist? I guess both.
Is she still spending time with you guys? Invited or not, she just seems to show up.
And let's just say she's taken a particular interest in Kyle as of late.
Is it time to go to the charity event? Everyone's still getting ready.
What's wrong? Nothing.
I just- I wanted to ask you about something.
How well do you know Jessi Hollander? Not that well.
Has she ever seen any of your drawings? Not that I'm aware of.
When you recovered your memory, did you ever figure out the meaning of that symbol? The one you kept drawing? It was a logo for a company Adam Baylin started.
But it's not around anymore.
What does that have to do with Jessi? Just trying to get some things clear in my head.
I know how that can be.
We should get to the carnival.
I'm almost ready.
I'll go ring the warning bell.
If Jessi and I did share a history, I knew I had to understand it before anyone else did.
I hope you're all wearing comfortable shoes because today's raffle is for a chance to participate in the "Hands on a Hybrid" challenge.
One lucky person with enough stamina is going to drive away with a state-of-the-art vehicle tonight.
Your contribution goes directly to cancer research, and your reward is a fantastic new car.
Buy your tickets now.
The drawing begins in less than an hour.
This thing is way cuter than in the commercials.
I mean, not that cute matters.
It's good to be green, right? So, I haven't seen you since that night we went into the woods.
I know you were kind of tripped out on all the gas, but it was kind of a weird night for everyone.
Is Kyle here with you? Uh, he's around here somewhere.
You got your necklace back.
Yeah, it just showed up in my locker.
Some screwed-up stalker was trying to play mind games with me.
Maybe someone found it and was just trying to be nice.
I just thought that you would be glad to have it back.
Yeah, well, I'd rather not have been beaten down and robbed in the first place, but kind of puts a damper on the whole glad thing.
Catch you later.
Andy's here.
Remember, not a word.
In fact, don't even use words that start with the letter C.
If she finds out I told you she has cancer, I'm a corpse.
I mean, a dead guy.
Keep breathing.
I won't speak at all.
Oh, and, Mom thanks.
I thought you weren't coming.
My moms made me.
Like some cancer charity party's going to inspire me.
God, look at that.
Complete, utter fakeness.
Happy-go-lucky kids with cancer.
Come on.
"You give, we live?" Pfft.
How lame.
Not that I don't support people with cancer.
Totally down for the cause.
Screw the cause, just give me the car.
All right, mix it up, girl.
Okay, people, gather 'round.
It's time to see who's going to get their shot at winning a hybrid.
but only 20 lucky winners.
I talked to Foss.
He's okay, but he said it's not safe to meet yet.
Did you tell him about the picture? I didn't get a chance.
But I've been thinking, that picture has been locked in Adam's box for 15 years.
That has to be him in the photo.
What about the girl? Maybe Adam had a female counterpart.
Maybe Jessi's like me.
Jessi had a life before she moved here.
Full-on memories.
She could be lying.
So Madacorp sent some wicked hot, mentally scrambled science experiment to invade your life.
Why? Then why haven't they made some kind of a move on you by now? I don't know.
It's like they've been watching waiting.
Should I go green? Isn't that something? Our fifth contestant is Kyle Trager.
Give it up for Kyle! Congratulations! I can't do this.
What if Foss calls? I need to talk to him.
Either way, you're standing around waiting.
All right, we'll go yellow this time.
Contestant number 6 Jessi Hollander.
Give it up for Jessi! What are the odds of that happening? Whatever.
Look, here's your chance.
Get her talking, figure out if she's lying.
I think it'll be good.
It's kind of tough.
I'll be standing there for so long.
I got- I got a good chance.
Congrats, man.
You must be really psyched.
Kinda, yeah.
You trying to win the car for your girl? Hadn't really thought it through that far, had you? Let me cut to the chase.
I once played video games for 17 hours straight- no food, no water, no bathroom.
When I put my mind to something, I make it happen.
So name your price, man.
Because tonight, I put my mind towards winning that car for the lady I want to be my lady.
Long story, but she kind of needs the boost.
A hundred bucks.
I might be a romantic, but I'm a part-time, minimum-wage romantic.
All right, beautiful people, listen up.
Now, we're going to have some rules in this competition.
Number 1: contestants must have one hand on the car at all times.
Number 2: no sitting, kneeling, lounging, or leaning.
Number 3: last but not least, last person standing gets to drive this hybrid home tonight.
Move over, bro.
This baby's mine.
I didn't hear your name called.
Some guy dropped out at the last minute.
Guess it's my lucky day.
All, right.
That about covers it.
So, I guess the only thing left to say is contestants get ready, get set put your hands on the hybrid, y'all.
This was the opportunity I'd been looking for.
But how would I find out the truth about her? So, give me the super-genius lowdown on the competition.
See the guy in the red shirt? He's nervous.
His heart's beating a little faster.
He's a real contender.
And her, she's wearing the wrong shoes.
I give her an hour.
What about him? Allergies.
Ten minutes, tops.
And I don't know.
She's hard to read.
Yes! We got this in the bag.
You already have a car.
I'm a man of many needs.
Did you notice how our son magically ended up in the contest? Yeah, I don't think that was magic.
It's obvious he cheated.
It's Ballantine.
Today? But I'm- No.
No, I understand.
I'll see you soon.
This is the first family weekend we've had in a month.
Yeah, I know, but it's a last-minute thing.
I should be done by dinner.
See you later, Lori.
Yeah, bye.
Okay, what is up with you two? Nothing.
You're in your Lori Trager cone of silence.
I just don't feel like talking.
Look, if there's something between you and your father, you don't have to tell me, but I think you're mature enough to let go of your grudge and just work it through.
Mom, it's not a grudge, it's- Dad's just been working a lot lately, and I guess I'm letting it get to me or whatever.
One hour in, and they're dropping like flies! Where's the stamina? This competition is about sticking it out until the bitter end.
Last year's winner held on for a jaw-dropping 18 hours.
Looks like our chances of winning are getting better.
Looks like.
Don't you want to win? Not really.
Then why would you stand around here for hours? To help people? For the charity? I don't understand you at all.
I could say the same about you.
What would you do if you won? Um, I don't know.
I'd just drive.
Where? Anywhere else.
Don't you ever just want to get away? I was away once.
And all I wanted was to come back to my family.
Family's not all it's cracked up to be.
What do you mean? Well, you have so many people here supporting you.
And my sister's the only person I have in my life, but she didn't come.
I'm sure there's a reason.
It's not just today.
It's I don't know, something about our life just feels wrong.
What are you doing here? Well, apparently, the systems integration test was so successful, they want to move immediately into trials.
Today? Tell me about it.
It's happening faster than I can train my entire staff.
Right now I'm the only one who can babysit the diagnostic software.
Well, I'm sure Ballantine is grateful for your expertise.
Emily, listen, about the test today, I'm just a little concerned.
How did they find a subject on such short notice? Stats analysis has been compiling a test pool for months.
We don't want to be stuck here all day, right? I better leave you to it.
All right.
Four hours and counting, people! Keep it up! That's the fighting spirit.
Ignore the pain in your feet and the aches in your brain, and keep up the good work.
Hour six.
And I can see that a few of you are in this for the long haul.
Sure you're not tired? I'm sure.
Not the slightest bit sleepy? I mean, we've been at this for hours.
Be so nice to relax, have a seat, maybe have a nap.
You're staring.
I guess so.
Why? I want to understand why you think the way you do.
You don't want to get inside my head.
It's a scary place.
Why else would I be in therapy? Nicole's really nice, but I like talking to you better.
You do? I don't know it's just easier than talking to other people.
Like we're- Connected somehow.
Like what I said earlier about my sister.
I've never told anybody that before.
Not even Nicole? I don't think Nicole would understand some of the things that are going on.
Maybe I could.
When we went to the woods I saw some things that scared me.
Things that I think I did but don't remember doing.
What kind of things? It's okay.
You can tell me.
What was that? Uh, what do you mean? I saw a fire.
You- You saw that? How? I think I just read your mind.
You just read my mind? That's not possible.
I don't know how, but I think I saw what you were thinking or remembering.
People can't do that.
Do you ever feel like you're not like other people? I do sometimes.
Look, I'm really freaked out right now, so please just stay away.
I thought you were coming.
Too busy being painfully indecisive about New York.
Why? Is the event that much fun? If your idea of fun is watching Kyle and Jessi standing around a car staring at each other.
They're both in the contest? Yeah.
And after everything that's happened with her, I'm not so psyched about her standing that close to him.
Is it that bad? First of all, Kyle hasn't done anything wrong.
And we both know that he won't.
But I've seen the way she looks at him, and I know you don't know me well enough to decipher my melodramatic tendencies, but I'm telling you, put on your best flower-print dress and supportive girlfriend smile, get your ass down here, and show that boyfriend-stealer up.
With five contestants remaining, the question on everyone's mind is, who's hot, and who's not? I'm not even joking here.
Oh, come on.
This is supposed to be fun.
I'm aiming for a reality TV career, not the 11:00 news.
Take five.
All right.
How is this supposed to get you your 15 minutes? Honestly, it's a lot harder than I thought.
Right now, I'm just kinda running amuck and looking fabulous.
I need an angle.
Go tabloid.
Dig up some dirt on some of the contestants.
You should start with Jessi.
I tried to get a comment from her during one of the breaks.
Stiff as a board in front of the camera.
Kind of crazy in the eyes.
Dig deeper.
There's definitely something about her that we're missing.
Now you got me curious.
Why her? Because.
First she's all about Declan, and then all of a sudden she's, like, suddenly mesmerized by Kyle.
I mean, what is that? She's erratic and moody, and- Oh, yeah.
Remember the hissy fit she threw at the dance? Clearly, she bugs.
But why get so aggravated? It's just- She's all hunkered down in the middle of our lives and we know this much about her.
Can you honestly think of one normal, decent thing to say about Jessi? You're right.
She's just a mystery waiting to become a scandal.
I'm on it.
You could have a career at this.
You're great at gossip.
I think when there's a camera involved it's called investigative journalism.
How many of you are feeling tired? Better not see any yawns.
The party's just getting started.
Hey, Andy.
Hey, Ms.
Oh, my God! He totally told you, didn't he? Covering for Josh, I get it.
But that doesn't let him off the hook for flapping his yapper in the first place.
How are you? Are you gonna bill me? Consider it a freebie.
Well me and my moms have been through this before, so I can deal.
Look you seem very well equipped for what's coming, but when someone who really cares about you isn't Slack.
Cutting him some.
You're really good.
Well, I only did half the work.
With your coping skills, I assume one of your moms is a therapist? Nope.
They're just a couple of everyday lesbians.
Thank you.
You came.
Of course.
Every winner needs a cheering section.
How you holding up? I feel good.
I packed you a survival kit: energy drinks, power bars, those little Band-Aids for blisters.
and you favorite, Sour Patch Kids.
Thank you.
This is great.
You know, if you get tired or bored just waiting- I'll be here as long as you're still in the contest.
Now that I knew I could somehow see her memories, I hoped I hadn't lost my chance to break through to her.
Operation Supportive Girlfriend underway.
Nicely done.
I feel kind of juvenile.
My middle name.
Listen, I didn't mean to get you worried, but you might be leaving for an entire semester, and I don't want her thinking she can just swoop in and take whatever she wants.
Like she did with you and Declan? Yeah.
And don't think that I'm not aware that I'm projecting my annoyance about that onto your situation.
It's fine.
I totally get it.
Does believing that Kyle won't get sucked in by her make me a lame, clueless girl? Because I've already been that, and I don't think I could go through it again.
Believe me, if I thought you were lame and/or clueless, this whole friend thing wouldn't even happen.
Yeah, I don't think we're gonna be outta here before dinner.
Josh and Kyle are still hanging in there.
Good for them.
Listen, I have a question.
You've run some clinical trials.
Back in grad school.
How long does it take to gather a pool of test subjects? Well, usually as soon as the parameters are established, test subjects can be screened and approved in a matter of weeks.
Why? Well, turns out we're running a test with a real subject today.
Kinda took me by surprise.
Emily said not to worry.
Oh, Emily is there, too? Yeah.
Listen, why don't I pick up some food and bring it on down later? Sounds good.
Where'd you go to high school? What is that? Is it a lie detector? Just make it easier on yourself.
Answer the questions.
I went to high school in Phoenix Chicago D.
We moved a lot.
Right now we're looking at the blood flow to Foss' brain.
Each time he answers a question, a memory's triggered, and certain areas of the brain will light up.
Signaling an increase in blood flow to that area.
So it acts as a map.
We can discover where each of his memories are stored.
Where'd you do your special ops training? Oh, I spent some time at Quantico.
I'm past that.
It's- It's classified.
Quantico, huh? Must have just missed each other.
Yeah, probably.
You married? Nope.
You ever been married? What's her name? Her name was Erica.
Foss was drunk and driving.
Crash killed his wife and daughter.
Those are his most powerful, most visceral memories.
The kind he buried deep behind an emotional firewall, so to speak.
But once we begin the process- The machine can draw those memories out.
If it can work on him, we can break through Kyle's firewall.
A Plan B, if you will.
And you can remove the information that you require.
Here's your mission: look through all your footage and dig up whatever dirt you can on Jessi Hollander.
Why her? I need some juicy scoop on the contestants.
Then take a look at the one who bribed his way into the contest.
All right, uh, 75? Uh, 65.
Little Joshie Trager, what are you up to? 65, come on.
Can you clarify that? Little Joshie Trager's girlfriend.
Hey! I'm just doing a little background piece on all the contestants.
Nothing heavy, just some feel-good fluff.
Care to comment? Great.
I love me some feel-good, fluffy cancer talk.
Love the sarcasm.
Hate the hat.
Do you seriously object to cancer research? Not as much as I object to people who don't answer a question directly.
So, again, I ask, what are you onto with Josh? Seriously, it's nothing.
Why don't you show me what you're looking at, and then we'll decide if it's nothing.
65, come on.
Hey, fine, fine.
Here you go, dude.
Oh! Another one bites the dust! The sweet smell of victory.
Starting to see some wear and tear on the contestants.
Hey, hang in there.
You paid 65 bucks for a spot in the contest? How brain damaged are you? Cheating at a charity event? You don't even care about this fundraiser.
That doesn't mean you can buy your way in.
This isn't a joke.
Wait a minute.
Two seconds ago, you wouldn't set foot in this tent.
Now you're all schizo? Schizo? First I can't talk about- you know stuff that you told me not to talk about.
And, I mean, you don't even want to deal with stuff.
And now you're all in my face.
Hey, I can be schizo if I want to be.
I'm the one with cancer! Andy, wait.
The grownups are starting to clear out.
Too old to hang, huh? That's all right, because I'm gonna keep this party rockin' all night long.
I made fun of Andy's hat.
Then it turns out she has cancer.
Footage good, feelings bad.
Nobody knew.
I plan on apologizing as soon as I finish the rest of this story.
What exactly is your story about? Okay, disclaimer: this has nothing to do with you or the fact that you guys were dating.
Before you yell, I swear I am in no way meddling or intruding or prying.
I asked her to drudge up some dirt on Jessi.
Really? For anything good? You're not yelling.
Why would I yell? I'm on a deadline, people.
And I actually did kinda find something.
Remember my dorky little camera peon from video yearbook? Turns out he's noticed Jessi at some school events.
He said she hangs out on the sidelines a lot.
I think his exact words were "She's really lurky.
" Anyways, there might be some stuff on these DVDs.
You want us to look through the footage? Would you mind? Consider it done.
Uh, things are a go at this end.
Thank you, Steven.
We're ready.
Tom? Tom, are you still with me? Nine hours! And those two show no sign of stopping.
I'm almost impressed.
Let's see if they can break last year's record.
Kyle, do you really think you can win this thing? Are you asking me to win the car for you? No.
I'm asking you to win it for Andy.
Josh, I'm really sorry about her.
This whole thing has been bumming her out, and I thought if I could win the car for her- You gotta do this for me.
Please, Kyle.
This is what you do.
You help people.
I'll do my best.
Do you really think that you can help me? I'd like to try.
This isn't normal.
I shouldn't be seeing those things.
I shouldn't be seeing them with you.
I don't understand why this is happening, but we can figure it out if we do it together.
How? You have to open your mind to me.
Trust me.
It's too loud.
Just block out the noise.
Close your eyes and focus.
Keep listening to my voice turning out all other sound until it's just like static on the radio then quieter like a fly buzzing until the sound just disappears.
Hindsight is an awful thing.
I should have never worn those shoes.
There she is again.
Yeah, not doing anything.
My nose looks puffy.
I don't see her.
Over your shoulder, against the wall.
Your nose isn't puffy.
And this is from the end of the night.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, what? She has my necklace.
She's the one who attacked me.
Ballantine, what's happening? The machine's taxing our energy.
Then find the flaw and eliminate the problem.
We oughta power down first, make sure the test subject is all right.
It's under control.
Concentrate on a solution.
I'm not drunk! Don't yell.
You'll wake Sara.
Sorry I missed the recital.
I just- I lost track of time, that's all.
I don't like what I'm seeing here! He could stroke out! Ballantine, can you hear me in there? That's enough.
Kyle's mind is far more advanced, and his resistance is stronger.
We have to see how far this machine can go.
Proceed as directed.
Are you looking at my boobs again? I'm paying you in pizza for a reality show audition tape.
Did you hear me use the word soft-core anywhere in our agreement? No.
Josh, listen.
I'm sorry.
I had no idea that I'd get you kicked out of the contest.
Yeah, no thanks to your little ambush.
Get a life, Hillary.
You know what? My career as a tabloid journalist is officially over.
Can we just cut? You can slow it down.
It's working.
I saw this in that place underground.
What is this? My sister.
Hello! Personal crisis here.
Lori, are you okay? Did you find something? The minute she takes her hand off that car, I'm gonna rip it off her arm and bitch-slap her with it.
You can't just hit her.
You oughta call the police.
Trager, hold on! I want to see more.
Here we go.
I can't see anything.
It's dark.
Do you hear that? I'm in a dark room.
I don't know where I am.
Don't be afraid.
Emily's there.
But I don't remember this happening.
What's going on? God, you're just a kid.
That's it.
Don't be afraid.
Are you okay? I don't know what I am anymore.
* If you asked me to come I finally accomplished what I wanted.
I knew the truth about who she was.
But how could I explain it to her? What did I miss? Well, the circuits got overloaded from all the sound equipment and lights.
There was some sort of explosion.
My God.
But Kyle and Jessi are okay.
Would it be totally wrong for me to ask you who won? Technically, Kyle and Jessi both won.
But since they can't split the car without a chainsaw, the judges decided to give it to the charity.
That's an entire day wasted.
I, on the other hand, have been very productive.
Check this out.
How sweet is this? My very own lame slogan.
So you're ready to go public? I guess I kinda did already.
Besides, if I don't have this on, yours would look really stupid.
"I'm with Cancer Girl.
" But you'll always have to stand on my left, or it won't make sense.
That's awesome.
You're awesome.
You're kind of awesome, too.
Um that's not how you do it.
Nicole, what happened? Are they okay? Yeah, they're both doing fine.
They're resting.
Hey, you stay the hell away from my family! Lori! What? Her nutcase sister is the one who attacked me.
No, Jessi wouldn't do that.
There must be a logical explanation for this.
You're gonna listen to her and not your own daughter? Lori.
I don't even want to talk to you.
Honey, wait.
Mom, please.
How did you do it? How did you know how to make me remember? They were your memories.
They were there all along.
But I don't understand.
How could they be my memories? How was I ever that girl we saw in the dark? There's something I think you should know.
I have a feeling we're more alike than you think.
What do you mean? Kyle, they said you could- Amanda, wait! I trusted you when you broke our date to the concert.
I trusted you with Jessi, even when I didn't think I should.
I thought you were different.
Amanda, it's not what you think.
No? What was it, then? We were just talking.
If you had any idea how much of a guy you sound like right now.
Amanda, you know me better than that.
Please, just believe in me.
That's what Charlie always said.
Jessi, thank God.
I have been looking for you all night.
Hi, Mommy! Hi, sweetheart.
What do you want? I want to know who I really am.
That morning, Nicole had asked me how well I knew Jessi.
Now I understood she was someone like me.
The discovery left me even more troubled and confused and wondering what it might have cost me.
Kyle, I just spoke to the police.
They went to Emily's house to look for Jessi, and she's gone.
She's run away.