Kyle XY s02e13 Episode Script

Leap of Faith

Kyle XY I'm Adam Baylin.
So you created me.
Adam! He's been shot.
I got accepted into a music program in New York.
I leave in two days.
Two days? What if your father's trying to communicate something through me? You're really communicating with him.
The entire Zzyzx databank.
All of our research, everything we've ever done or recorded, it's been copied.
Copied? Where? You were the one I could always open up to.
I miss this.
I miss you.
I miss you, too.
Lori, what's wrong? Are you having an affair with Emily? Take him to Room 237.
Big Tom Foss.
You let them break you, Tom.
Jessi needs your help.
She's in danger, isn't she? You're the only one who can bring her home safely.
The thing I admire most about you is your faith in people.
But I worry this time it's gonna be the end of you.
Why Jessi? How are you two connected? She and I are the same.
What is that supposed to mean? I don't even know who you are.
I've been keeping secrets, too- But I discovered something huge about- Kyle.
You don't have to do what they want.
You can make your own choices.
Now let me help you.
You'll take me back.
We're not going back, not until this is all over.
I'd risked everything to find her: my home, my family, their trust.
No one understood why I believed in her.
Even she didn't feel worthy of my belief.
But I felt somewhere there must be good in her.
I wasn't sure where we should go, but I knew we couldn't return home until we were ready to face the danger that awaited us.
And I had faith that together we'd find our way.
No appetite for Madacorp cuisine? I never expected things to go this far.
I was supposed to facilitate the retrieval of data from one superbrain to the next.
But all I've done is manipulate a confused girl and mess with an innocent family.
Now Kyle's run off after Jessi.
Ballantine's ordered me to dispose of you.
I thought that I was working for the good guys.
But the collateral damage doesn't seem warranted.
Foss, where are you? Never mind.
Just keep moving.
Where? I'm with Jessi, and I don't know- Shut up and listen.
You already know where to go.
It's someplace safe.
You have all you need.
What are you talking about? You heard me.
I'll catch up to you.
I want you to stay and look after my family.
Foss, will you do it? Yeah.
Now just get rid of your phone.
What? Kyle, your phone.
I said kill it.
You were right to tell me that Jessi was gone.
But now we've lost both of them.
I thought Foss would lead us straight to them.
You underestimated him.
And I'm getting tired of waiting.
I'll find another way.
You'd better, and quickly.
Now get the hell out of my office.
We can't call the police, not yet.
Well, we can't just sit here.
Our former security guard is locked up at Madacorp by Kyle's parents' lawyer.
Obviously, something is very wrong.
That's an understatement.
Look, I know you're upset, but let's try to make sense of things first.
Let Kyle find Jessi.
What does that have to do with it? Everything is connected somehow.
Hopefully, Kyle can explain.
But will he? He's been hiding things, and you've been helping him.
You knew he rescued a girl from a fire without getting so much as a blister.
And it took you how many months to mention it to me? He was afraid they would take him away.
I promised I wouldn't tell anyone.
Well, I'm not anyone.
I'm your husband.
There's trouble in paradise.
Go away.
I'm serious.
I heard Mom and Dad fighting about something, and I haven't done anything lately, so what's it about? I don't know.
They didn't send me a memo.
We need Kyle to tune in and do a little recon for us, but I can't find him anywhere.
Well, he has to be here.
Mom has us on lockdown.
Unless he's added invisibility to his bag of tricks, he's not home.
Maybe he went to Amanda's.
Uh, maybe you know where he went.
He went after her, didn't he? Went after who? She who shall not be named.
How could he do that? How can you cover for him? What happened to your cooler head? She's a horrible, toxic person who attacked me.
He's not excusing her for what she did.
He just wants to bring her home.
Why? Why does he have to be all nice and sympathetic, going all Kyle on her when she doesn't deserve it? You know Kyle.
He sees something in her, and his instincts about people are always right.
We should give him the benefit of the doubt.
Declan loaned you his car? I told him I had to find you.
He must be angry, now that he knows what I did to Lori.
Why did you do that? How could you hurt her that way? I don't know.
I couldn't control myself.
What is that supposed to mean? You couldn't stop yourself from hitting her? Sometimes a darkness comes over me.
It scares me.
I'm really sorry it happened, and I know Lori will never forgive me.
She may not.
You have to earn forgiveness.
You can't run from your mistakes.
You said we weren't going back.
Now until we get some answers.
Where? Foss said I have all I need.
What does that mean? The ring is all you need.
What? Now go.
A ring? It was a gift from Adam Baylin, my friend.
He created the experiment.
He doesn't sound like a friend.
He never meant to harm anyone.
They forced him out of Zzyzx and then killed him.
I don't remember taking this.
That's not us.
That's Adam.
He looks just like you.
She looks like- I know.
And if he created me- I have to find her.
I have to know who this woman is.
"The light will show you the way.
" You know Hungarian? I guess so.
The light will show you the way.
It's just a ring.
Nothing is just anything if it comes from Adam.
There's a hole.
Where? In- In the stone? No.
In the band behind the stone.
I think this goes way beyond anything we could have imagined.
When I first lost my job, all I knew was LWK Software was bought up by another company.
What does that have to do with anything? Well, I've been doing some digging around, and the company that bought LWK is a subsidiary of Madacorp.
That must be- Another coincidence? Start a list.
Kyle's father? Here's one about his mom.
I found 15 different articles on Kyle's parents over the past several years, all of them glowing tributes.
So what's the problem? Every one of them was distributed on the web on the same day, like they were deliberately planted.
Why? I don't know, but those two showed up out of nowhere.
Those two were his parents.
There was a blood test.
They matched.
And Kyle remembered them.
Kyle remembered who? Guys, this is private.
Did you know Kyle left and went after Jessi? How could you let him do that? It's complicated.
Try me.
Lori, not now.
You're just going to have to trust us.
Okay, big mouth's gone.
What's the deal? Out.
How is this going to work? Like a pinhole camera to view an eclipse.
We position the ring here.
And let the light pass through.
Hit the switch.
This map isn't very detailed.
I can't tell if we've passed Route 12 yet.
There's no signs for it.
She must be my mother.
I look so much like her.
Who else could she be? I wish Adam was alive.
He would know.
Do you think she's still alive? I mean, if she is, then I'd have somebody.
There'd be someone like me.
I'm like you.
What's wrong? Well, well, well.
The young lovebirds return.
Still sneaking around? Huh? Still the happy couple? You- You know us? Well, of course I know you.
You used to hole up in that booth over there for hours.
I'm sorry.
We're just a little confused.
It's not you.
My grandfather gets mixed up sometimes.
I don't get mixed up.
He's grilled cheese, chocolate shake.
She's Cobb salad, cheery cola.
Grandpa, these people just remind you of someone.
He can't tell you what day it is, but he remembers his customers' orders from years ago.
She Could Be You.
What? The two of you used to play that song all the time.
Why don't you folks have a seat? Come on.
I'll cut you some pie.
I don't want any pie.
Come on.
What is it? Third row, fourth one down.
Do you have a quarter? It's not there.
Where are you? In a diner somewhere with Jessi.
You found her? Yes.
Are the Tragers okay? Not exactly.
Lori's pissed that you went after Jessi, and apparently your parents are fighting.
About what? My best guess would be you.
Has Foss been around? Foss? I asked him to watch over the family.
Then knowing him, he's probably listening right now.
Listen, you'd better get back here.
I can't yet.
They're going to want some answers when you get home, I got to go.
Was that Kyle? He's with her right now, isn't he? Look, I'm feeling kind of caught in the middle here.
Then free yourself and tell me what's going on.
I should go.
Chocolate shake, cherry cola.
What did I tell you? It sounded good.
So what are you folks doing around here? Looking for Route 12.
Route 12.
A flood washed that out years ago.
What would you want to do up there? Just exploring.
Well, there's not much to explore.
It's pretty isolated.
I'd be careful.
What if there is nothing there? There has to be.
Otherwise, Foss wouldn't send us.
You're worried.
When I get home, I have to tell my family everything.
We don't have to go back.
We can find Route 12, see what's there, and keep going.
I want to go back.
Why? They're everything to me.
You have people you care about who care about you.
I do.
You realize we're doing this without a warrant.
Everything incriminating will not be held against him.
At least for now.
Socks in the desk? And porn under the mattress.
Got it.
One prays for moments like this.
Who'd like to go first? Give us a free pass on this one.
Oh, I think not.
What do you want with my Kyle file? We just need to borrow it for a while.
Why? Enough with the looks.
Why are you skulking around? Yeah.
Skulking's my job.
Don't mess with the balance of nature.
Seriously, if there's something going on with Kyle, I want to know.
Well, the truth is the situation does concern all of us.
There's a situation? All right, we'll tell you what we know.
No more secrets? No more secrets.
What's in the box? What? I saw you with her, and then I opened the box.
You were inside my mind.
You got into mine.
I guess it works for both of us.
But how did you do it? We weren't even touching.
You seemed lost in thought.
I just concentrated.
They want me to get what you have locked in your brain.
That's what Emily told me.
She said once they have it, I can be free.
Jessi, that information, it could be dangerous.
We can't give it to them.
If I got into your head, what makes you think I won't take it? Because I choose to trust you.
I've done terrible things.
Leave me here.
what I don't belong with someone like you.
You should go on without me.
Jessi You scratched that in.
Grandpa,it's okay.
You never came back after that.
Not till today.
I'm sorry.
What was that about? I don't know.
But it's part of our history.
We have to find out.
Whatever happens, we're in this together.
This is like a Kyle convention.
Kyle 101.
A symposium on all things Kyle.
Be serious.
Oh,I've been serious, and all of you mocked me.
But now you want to study my evidence.
Just give us the file.
Every time something unusual happened concerning Kyle, we managed to explain it or overlook it.
But there are too many incidents.
They have to add up.
To what? Well,that's what we're here to figure out.
What do you want? Kyle told me you'd be around.
I think the family's starting to put things together.
Yeah,I heard.
What if they find out the truth? Well,they would, eventually.
It won't matter anyway.
They'd never turn their backs on Kyle.
We haven't.
Unless they found out that he's been lying to them.
They'll never forgive him.
What is he supposed to do? Well,it was a nice setup while it lasted, but once he gets back, he'll have to move on.
This can't lead anywhere, not anymore.
We're here.
We might as well check it out.
How far are we supposed to go? As far as we can.
You really believe, don't you? I don't know if we'll find anything, but we might.
I mean,there's a chance.
There's hope.
I make things happen.
Strange things, when I'm angry or upset.
Like what? I made lights explode.
I shattered a skylight.
You did? Not intentionally.
How do we do that? It has to do with harnessing energy and projecting it to the outside world.
And they made us this way, the people who created us? Being in the pod gave our brains more time to develop.
Are we the only ones? As far as I know.
I thought I was the only one until you came along.
I don't think of it that way.
Maybe you should.
Maybe I'm smarter stronger faster.
The results of his MRI when I first took him on as a patient showed an unprecedented amount of brain activity, but the second MRI, months later,was normal.
He sleeps in a tub.
Let's start with that.
And I think we can scratch "normal" off our Kyle adjective list.
I'm less concerned about his idiosyncrasies than I am about some of the more disturbing things he's been involved with.
He was found wandering near Kearn's skeleton.
Professor Kearn taught at U-Dub, where he mentored a student named Adam Baylin.
Who looked just like Kyle.
And kidnapped him, raising him for five years until he committed suicide.
And he comes to us with no memory of any of this until his parents suddenly show up, and he leaves with them.
They're dead.
Dad,you're creeping me out.
Remember that basketball game where he scored all those awesome half-court jumpers? Okay,a bunch of people died.
But it's not like Kyle's responsible.
But they're all connected to him.
He didn't sleep for over a week.
He jumped off our roof.
He predicted lightning, an earthquake.
There are pages of this.
And don't forget, he drew a picture of my father's living room perfectly, even though he'd never been there.
No one should be able to do any of these things, and yet Kyle has done all of them.
Because he's incredible.
He's amazing.
And you're acting like he's done something wrong, like he's some sort of freak.
We're just trying to make sense of what's happened.
Don't put him on trial before he gets home.
Give him a chance to explain.
That's what you do for me and Lori when you think we screwed up.
Seriously,Josh,when you hear all this stuff together, it sounds so wild and weird.
When you think about it,what do we really know about Kyle? I know.
Who is he? What are you talking about? He's our brother.
He's your son.
Who'd live all the way out here? I think it may be somebody who's expecting us.
You can't just walk into someone's house.
I can.
Hello? Is anyone here? Are we in the right place? I think so.
I know this book.
It's in Hungarian.
I know you didn't do anything.
I know you love Mom.
I should have never doubted you.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you for apologizing.
I don't know how much longer we should wait to go after him.
We don't know where he is.
Why don't you try his cell? I just did.
He's still not picking up.
I know he was talking to Declan earlier, but he wouldn't tell me anything.
You think Declan has something to tell? He was Mood Swing Central when Kyle left with the Petersons, and he only got worse when Kyle came back.
This spot in the woods.
Declan went there with Kyle, and they followed these coordinates.
The numbers Kyle kept repeating under hypnosis.
That place in the woods.
It could be the same.
Same as what? We didn't tell you guys, but we went to the woods about a month ago near Victor Falls, and there were these freaky underground tunnels we got stuck in.
Tunnels? Like a bomb shelter.
Kyle said there was nothing there but trees.
Oh,believe me, there's something there, and Kyle really did not want us to go- Kyle and Declan.
Doesn't seem like anyone stayed here in a while.
Is that a closet? We didn't check.
I think we just found what we came for.
How do we get in? There are a million possible combinations.
It's like a song.
The song.
The song in the juke box? And from the back of the picture.
That has to be it.
Well,even if it is, we don't know how to play it.
I know someone who will.
Where are you? It's hard to explain.
I need your help.
What's up? Do you know a song called She Could Be You? No.
Never heard of it.
Do you think you could look it up and play the melody? Kyle,what's this about? I'm trying to figure something out.
That song could be the key.
Tell her it's important.
Are you with Jessi? Yes.
You're calling me for help, and you're out somewhere with her? Amanda,I- That's completely inappropriate.
I wish I could tell you why.
Give it a shot.
All I can say is I'll never do anything to betray you.
You know I wouldn't ask you for this if it wasn't something I really needed.
You know how much I care about you.
Give me a few minutes.
Got your message.
What's going on? We need you to tell us about that place in the woods.
What place? I've already told them about that night.
We're not fooling around here.
Trager, I wish I could help, but I don't know anything about it.
We're concerned about Kyle, Declan, and you seem to be involved in a lot of things we're trying to understand about him.
Like I said, I wish I could help.
That's it.
What are you doing? Something I should have done already.
I'm calling the cops.
Don't do that.
Why shouldn't he? Don't call the police.
Not if you care what happens to Kyle.
Get the hell out of my house.
Trager,it's okay.
He's looked out for Kyle from the beginning.
He's a friend.
You know what's going on.
Lori- You lied.
You've been lying.
I've been trying to protect Kyle.
From what? I don't want to hear your crap anymore.
Get out.
Get out! Please, listen to him.
I found the music online.
You ready? I'm listening.
Is that what you needed? That's perfect.
Thank you,Amanda.
You're welcome.
I'm leaving tomorrow.
Will you be back in time to say good-bye? I want to be.
She played it? Yes.
* You were right.
No matter what we find in there, you've done a lot for me, and I want to thank you.
You don't need to.
You've made me feel safe, and you've given me hope.
Who is he? Adam Baylin I thought you said Adam Baylin was dead.
I scattered his ashes.
I guess they weren't his.
Why would they make me believe that- I'm sure that you have questions, but Kyle should answer them.
You tell me now.
Last time I saw you, Brian Taylor had you locked up in a room at Madacorp.
Why? We had a disagreement.
What kind of answer is that? All I can tell you is Kyle's done nothing wrong.
You were our security guard, but Declan said you looked out for Kyle from the beginning.
What did he mean? That means I've known him since he was a child.
He's been through a lot.
And he's very special, but you already know that.
Do you know where he is? I think so.
He's asked me to stay around to look after your family.
All he's ever wanted was to be a part of your family.
To Kyle,this is home.
Well,I can take care of my family.
It's time for you to go.
And bring our son home.
He knows I'm here.
I think we can communicate with him.
I've done it before.
We can pick up the electrical impulses in his brain, just like the monitor.
I don't want to.
I'll try.
I really don't want to talk.
Then just listen.
I know it's been a strange day.
It's been a strange year.
And remembering all the things that have happened since Kyle's been with us, and knowing he's connected to Jessi in some way and the trouble that's caused us I just want to tell all of you that I'm sorry.
You're sorry? What for? I'm the one that brought them both into this house.
That's not your fault.
I was just so taken with Kyle, and I- I accepted things that didn't make sense, and I allowed wanting to protect him to come between us.
I am so sorry,Steven.
It's okay.
We can get through anything, remember? Yeah.
This isn't one of those group hug moments,is it? Josh,you were right before.
I was? When we said we didn't know who Kyle really is.
We know who he is.
He's part of our family.
When he comes back, he'll explain.
So does that mean you're not going to call the cops? Hopefully,I won't have a reason to.
So what do we do now? We wait for Kyle to come home.
Is he communicating with you? I think he's trying, but I'm not getting anything.
Will you help me? I don't know how.
Don't be afraid.
Open your mind.
And focus.
I needed to know why our journey had led us here.
Hoping Adam would guide us forward, I cleared my mind and opened my heart, trying to connect with him, strengthening the pathway with Jessi's help.
While focused on Adam, I felt all the barriers between us slip away, then a powerful exchange of energy as Jessi reached into my mind and connected with me.
She's betrayed you.
Jessi,wait! No.
Why are you running? I did it.
I got into your head.
When you tried to connect with Baylin, I took what they wanted me to.
The information.
Why did you take it? I couldn't help myself.
You shouldn't have trusted me.