Kyle XY s03e05 Episode Script

Life Support

Previously on Kyle XY: You are our greatest achievement.
And we wanna make sure we have a relationship.
A relationship to do what? Come see what we're about.
We are making state-of-the-art advances in science and technology.
I'm not interested.
Is there a romantic interest I'm not aware of? - Only Kyle.
- Kyle? If you really do sense that special bond between you and Kyle, you should act on it.
How did you know his name? I never mentioned it.
There's a lot of things I know about you, Jessi, a lot more than you think.
I think it's time I explain.
As long as you don't rat me out, you're in.
- I won't.
- Fine.
Thank you, I knew you couldn't keep your mouth shut.
Jessi didn't have to say a word.
- I'm sure she was a pillar of secrecy.
- Thought you'd be with Andy.
Her moms extended their vacation rental for another three weeks.
I really miss her.
- Listen to me.
Adam Baylin - What? What about him? Adam died today.
You may not realize it yet, but this changes everything.
How's the speech? - Overwritten and tedious.
- I doubt that.
Most of the speeches at the psychology conference usually are.
Thanks for coming, by the way.
Thanks for inviting me.
Well, I thought you could use a weekend away.
And I knew Josh would love the free room service.
It's nice to see you smiling.
There hasn't been a lot to smile about lately, I know.
- You okay? - I think so.
It's okay if you're not.
When somebody you love dies, it can take a while to make sense of it all.
Yeah, especially since Baylin technically died twice.
- Josh.
- Just saying.
Maybe we should ride for a while in contemplative silence.
Suit yourself.
Let me know when we hit the hotel.
I'll be the guy in the heated pool all weekend.
Nicole had suggested this weekend away as a chance to get away from everything that was on my mind.
We were miles away from home, and it seemed my mind had brought my problems along, uninvited.
Why were you moving Adam around? He figured if Latnok couldn't find him, they couldn't convince him to come back.
They want me to come work with them.
With Baylin gone, they'll have even more reason now.
I won't do it.
I hope they give you the choice.
- I was gonna tell Amanda everything.
- Kyle, you'll just be adding her to a list of people that you've already compromised.
- Is that what my life is now? - More than ever.
- Kyle.
- What's the matter? Well, that sign we just passed, it says we're on Route 41.
- I must have taken the wrong road.
- What's going on? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.
I knew I should have driven.
Very funny.
But we need to get off this road.
I can turn at the next exit.
Watch out! Kyle! Nicole? Well, I think I'm fine.
Josh? Josh? Seat belts totally save lives.
How bad is it? It's pretty bad.
Do you have your phone? Yeah.
I got nothing.
You guys.
I think I'm stuck.
The dashboard on my side is caved in.
Let me help you.
- No, no, no.
- Are you hurt? Nope.
No, I'm fine.
I just can't get out.
- Let me try the other side.
- Okay.
I don't think anybody's coming in or going out this way.
Hello? Are you all right? - Did you hear that? - Yes.
Is everybody okay? - Are you sure you're okay? - Oh, no, I'm fine.
- I can just sit here until someone comes.
- Is anyone hurt? I don't have any choice about it, do I? It's freaking me out that nobody's answering.
Hello? I'll stay with Mom.
We're fine.
Oh, my God, I thought you guys were straight up toast, which would have been a downer.
The upside is, now I have someone who can push my car out of the road, so thanks to you I'm no longer a highway hazard.
Not counting the accident I just caused, of course.
By someone who can help, I meant you.
Come on, it'll only take a sec.
Jeez, Louise.
Stare much? - You're pregnant.
- Holy crap.
Really? I got it.
God, I hope somebody comes by.
No one ever drives this road.
- See? That only took, like - Twenty-seven point two seconds.
But who's counting? Are you all right? It's all good.
Braxton Hicks.
Is that your baby's name? Braxton Hicks contractions.
It'll pass.
I think I'm gonna walk back a ways, see if I can't flag somebody down.
- But you're pregnant.
- And you're repeating yourself.
So either you're a dumb little bunny or you have a concussion.
Either way, you're gonna need some help.
- You should stay here.
- I'm not an invalid.
- You won't see anybody for miles.
- I'm fine! Uh-oh.
What? My water just broke.
You left these on top of the dryer.
Thought I'd bring them to you.
I just made that.
With military precision.
Don't wanna wreck the hospital corners.
You seriously don't want me sitting on your bed? I like to keep my room clean.
Totally get it.
Your space, your rules.
Is that my shirt? - You never wear it anymore.
- So you just took it? You shouldn't wear this color.
It looks better on me.
Okay, so I can't sit on your bed, but you can just raid my closet? Jessi, that is 100 percent not cool of you.
That shirt is mine.
- Did you buy it? - No.
Then technically it's not yours.
Dad! - Are we having this discussion? - She's inappropriate.
- She's mean to me.
- I am not mean.
You're only nice to me when you want something.
Both of you, give it a rest.
Just keep her out of my face.
I already told her it's not her color.
You said you were coming right back.
I was hoping to get this car started.
If I had the right parts, I could get you to the hospital before your baby was born.
Check it, bunny.
And by the way, no offense, you're cute as a button, but I'm the reject from the Macy's parade, all right? I think I'd know if I'm going into labor.
She's going into labor? - Who's this guy? - That's Josh.
- And bunny over there? - Kyle.
I'm Gretchen.
I want you to both listen to me very carefully, all right? I'm in my 35th week, I'm not due for at least another month.
But your water just broke.
You can expect to give birth in as few as two hours, or as much as a full day from now.
- How do you know that? - He knows a lot of stuff.
Okay then.
Figure how to get out of here in two hours so I don't have to give birth in the middle of the woods like some crazy wolf-mother-person.
Lucky for you, Kyle's an expert at wood births.
I'll go talk to Nicole.
- And she would be? - My mom.
Finally, someone who knows something about having a baby.
Get her up here.
I'll be right back.
So your mom's okay, right? Yeah.
She's just stuck.
You hungry? I've got some Smoking Hot Cheez Crackles in the car.
Those things are disgusting.
And I love them.
Well, I took basic human biology, but as far as my own experience goes it's basically breathe, push, catch.
What, like football? We're not gonna be able to do this.
Sure you can, you read the encyclopedia.
Which gives a brief overview of the physiological process.
But it doesn't tell you how to deliver a baby safely.
Okay, how's she doing now? She's trying to hide it, but she's had a few contractions.
About 20 minutes apart, Okay, well, it does sound like she's in labor.
I mean, the contractions are just her cervix dilating so the baby can come out.
We still have some time.
- I can go get help.
- No, no, you shouldn't leave her.
- I'll go.
- Walk three steps without limping.
Ow! Look, we may not like it but we're just gonna have to sit tight until help comes.
- There's another thing.
- About the baby? You can't delay labor once it starts.
So if the baby comes before help does? Then Kyle will be delivering it whether he wants to or not.
Holy mother of macaroni! Wait.
I feel it.
A heartbeat.
Really? Show me.
Oh, my God.
You totally distracted me.
Swell job, contraction's over.
I wasn't pretending.
Really? You have ultrasound hands? Any other super powers I should know about? Because, I mean, if you could fly me to Seattle General right about now I think you could use some water.
Hey, wait.
Don't leave me.
She freaks me out.
I have an idea, I'm gonna try and reach Jessi.
Don't you have to be in the same room for your mind meld to work? I have to try something.
Make sure Gretchen's comfortable.
I'll just be a minute.
- Dude.
- Try your cell again.
When we were touching, Jessi and I could access each other's minds.
We could always sense one another if we were near.
But lost in the woods, miles from home, I had no idea if she would pick up what I was sending.
Or if she could understand that we needed help.
Father-daughter bonding? - He's keeping me out of your hair.
- You're welcome to play, you know.
Yeah, right.
She probably cheats.
" - What's happening? - Sorry, I was trying to reach Jessi.
- Are you okay? You look - No, I'm fine.
Did it work? - I have no idea.
- Kyle, get up here! - Gretchen needs your help right now.
- I don't know what to do.
Just tell her to push when she feels like it and trust her body to do most of the work.
Is that all? There's nothing else I can do? All you have to do is keep her calm and focused and encouraged.
Focused and encouraged.
Less than two minutes since the last contraction.
- The baby's coming.
- Then you better get to it.
Josh, grab a blanket.
Use bags as pillows and set it up on that hillside over there.
There's one in the trunk of my car.
We're gonna get you propped up, a little gravity will do part of the work for you.
Ready? - Yeah.
- Come on.
Found one.
I think it's coming right now.
Can you see anything? If you're waiting for a handwritten invitation, it's gonna be a while.
Wait, risk of infection.
Nicely done, excitable sidekick.
Okay, I'm ready.
I just lost my virginity.
I'm not ready for this.
He's a regular Santa's little helper, huh? It's okay.
Go ahead and push.
Just keep pushing.
We can't do this.
We need help, we need serious help.
Don't worry, we're gonna get it.
- Is everything okay? - Something's wrong.
- What is it? - I don't know.
- That's not a word.
- That's definitely a word.
Not according to the game dictionary.
How do you know that? Of course.
You read it.
- I'll get it.
- No.
No, no.
I'll get it.
I need the break.
Oh, look, we're out of my soda.
I wonder how that happened.
And, yes, I bought it.
Now you're just being selfish.
I'm being selfish? You're the one who takes what she wants when she wants it.
That's called being assertive.
You are unbelievable.
Have you heard from your mother? No, but I'd like to have a few words with her right now.
Someone just called.
Her speech is in half an hour and they haven't arrived.
They were supposed to be there hours ago.
- I know.
- Stephen.
- Have you heard anything from Kyle? - I think so.
" "Distress.
" - Dad, you don't think? - No, we don't know anything yet.
You try their cell phones, I'll call highway patrol.
I can't do it.
You're doing great.
Just keep pushing.
Just stop, okay? I'm tired of pushing and I just want this to be over.
What's wrong? Gretchen, I promise I'll be right back.
I'm just going to the car, okay? Okay? Bring back drugs please.
- How's the baby doing? - I was getting a strong heartbeat earlier, but it's fading fast and the labor's not progressing.
I don't know what to tell you.
I could stimulate the baby with a little charge.
- You don't think that'd be dangerous? - I've done it before with What's wrong? - You're warm.
- No, I got banged up a little.
Nicole, you're bleeding.
- Oh, no, no, it's not that bad.
- I gotta get you out of here.
- The baby needs you.
Gretchen needs - You need help.
Somebody has to help that poor girl bring her baby safely into the world and that person is you.
Now go.
I'll be back for you as soon as I can.
Anything? We know that they were headed east on Interstate 90.
Nicole used her credit card at a gas station about 42 miles outside of Seattle.
That narrows our route options to nine.
So they either took a wrong turn or maybe they decided to take a scenic route.
No, Kyle wouldn't have taken a wrong turn.
- You're right.
Maybe - No, it's gotta be one of the scenic routes.
That narrows it down to Rocky Canyon Road, Silica Heights and Elk Heights.
Yeah, I'll try to get highway patrol to search those roads.
Yes, officer.
It's Stephen Trager once again.
- Apparently, my family took - Wait.
It's Route 41.
Hold, please.
- That's not one of the routes.
- I know, but that's what it is.
- Are you sure? - I'm positive.
It's Route 41.
- Something's wrong.
I know it.
- No.
Gretchen, I need your help.
Can you stay with me? Good.
You're gonna have another contraction in a minute.
And when it comes, I need you to push.
- Just close your eyes and focus, okay? - Okay.
Just think of something happy.
- Smoking Hot Cheez Crackles? - Yeah, that'll work.
Okay, it's coming.
Cheez Crackles.
Cheez Crackles.
Cheez Crackles! Push.
Come on, one more.
Come on.
You're doing it.
You're doing it.
You're doing it.
Keep pushing.
Gretchen, it's a boy.
I'm gonna name him Dumb Little Bunny after you.
You will? Absolutely not.
Keep screaming, little buddy.
Yeah, maybe somebody will finally hear us out here.
I promise you that I'm gonna try to be, like, the most rad mother ever, okay? It's okay.
It's okay.
- I'll go tell Mom.
- No.
Stay here.
- But I want - Josh.
Stay here.
I hope he has an innie, outie belly buttons are just weird.
Just be glad he has one.
Where will I Meet my fate Baby I'm a man And I was born to hate And when Will I meet my end In a better time You could be my friend I wake up It's a bad dream No one on my side I was fighting But I just feel too tired To be fighting Guess I'm not The fighting kind Wouldn't mind it If you were by my side But you're long gone Yeah, you're long gone now Yeah Where do we What's he saying? Is it good or bad? Maybe if you'd shut up he could hear.
- Dr.
Kramer to OR 1.
- Mr.
Trager, your wife has internal injuries.
Her organs are in distress.
She has a punctured lung.
And right now, her condition is critical - but stable.
- What is it? What's wrong? There's too much noise.
Richards, Extension 25.
Well, she's out of surgery.
And they were able to stop the internal bleeding, - but there was some damage.
- But she'll be okay? Well, the doctors say the first few hours will be critical.
She's a fighter.
And they're hopeful she can pull through.
Of course she'll pull through.
She's Mom, she'll be fine.
- Can we see her? - What are you crying for? - Josh.
- We have to stay calm.
Visitors aren't allowed in the ICU, but once she feels better, we'll get back there.
We have to just sit here? I know it's hard, but we have to put our trust in her doctors.
Now, they want me to fill out some forms, so I'll be back.
- Where's Jessi? - Outside somewhere.
I shouldn't have left her.
If I would've gotten her out of the car then Kyle, this isn't your fault.
I can't just wait here and do nothing.
Then don't.
You can help her.
- Josh, Stephen said her doctors - Forget her doctors.
All of them combined aren't as smart as you.
You know I'd do anything to help Nicole.
But I don't know how.
And even if I did, they won't let me back there.
You can't let a little thing like that stop you.
If you don't know it by now, you might as well give up.
Now I know it.
Come on.
Nurse Hampton, please call the nurses' office.
That's not gonna make it work.
I'm sure Jessi could fix it.
You have to stop fighting with Jessi.
Why, because she's the supernatural genius who saved the day? No, because you're better than this.
Am I? Because I thought I was the one who picked fights and then stood around like an idiot while everyone solved the problem.
There is nothing you could do.
That's the point.
Jessi figured out where they were, Kyle delivered a baby.
Even Josh was a hero.
And now, Mom's in there and there's not a thing that I can do to help.
You help just by being here.
That's not much, Dad.
It is more than enough.
It's helping me, okay? Okay.
- Come on.
- I'm sorry.
Patient is male, 23-year-old mechanic admitted non-responsive.
History of depression, but no drug overdose.
Toxicology reports are negative.
Patient was dehydrated and in metabolic acidosis.
Course of action? Dr.
Gabe, please report to ER Room 7.
Gabe, ER Room 7.
What do you got? He's a mechanic.
He may have ingested antifreeze, which means possible glycol poisoning.
How is it possible we haven't worked a shift together all year? I wasn't supposed to be here today.
Keep up, gentlemen.
Car accident.
Laceration to right torso, blood loss and acute internal injuries, including rib fracture, subsequent pneumothorax.
Blood oxygen levels extremely low, blood pressure is down.
What can we expect to see moving forward? - Possible sepsis? - No sign of external infection.
Anyone else? If her heart rate continues to fall, her kidneys would fail.
- Other organs would follow.
- Correct.
Unfortunately, the damage is extensive and her systems have already shown signs of failure.
So we do nothing? We've done all we can.
Our job now is to make sure she's comfortable.
There has to be a way to heal her.
Can't we rebuild the cells in her damaged organs? Well, forward-thinking, but hardly realistic.
That sort of stem cell technology is years away.
Now let's move on.
Andy, hey.
I keep getting your voice mail.
You know how you tell me to charge my phone in case of an emergency? Well, you were right, I was wrong.
Now, don't freak out, but I'm at the hospital.
I'm trying to talk quick so my phone doesn't cut off before I can Nurse Montgomery to the nurses' station.
Tell you what happened.
I'm sorry I left you.
But I'm here now.
And I'm going to make you better.
I promise.
Code blue, Room 347.
Code blue, Room 347.
What are you doing in here? A power surge must have set off the alarm.
- Vitals appear stable.
- Is she better? She'd have much better odds if you weren't interfering.
If I catch you alone with her again, I'll have you thrown out of the hospital.
I had saved one life today by helping Gretchen's child into the world.
The birth in the woods was more natural and beautiful than anything I had ever experienced.
And so different from my own birth.
But it had also shown me how life and death exist in uncertain equilibrium.
Would I be able to save Nicole and keep the scales balanced? Did supporting one life mean I had to lose another? - Jessi.
- Hi.
I never got a chance to thank you.
You got my message and sent help.
You heard me.
Is there any news? I couldn't help her.
With everything we can do, I can't Kyle, there must be something.
He's so beautiful.
And she's so happy.
We never had that.
It's hard to believe he wasn't even here a few hours ago.
He was still safe and protected.
And all he had to do was get bigger and stronger.
Now he's out here in the world and anything can happen.
Do you think it's better to stay in a pod for 16 years? I guess the important thing is what we do after we're born.
The fluid.
- What? - Adam's substitute for amniotic fluid.
It's what nourished us while we were in the pod.
You think it could help Nicole? Adam used it to heal himself from a gunshot wound.
It might help restore her damaged tissue.
And as far as Nicole's doctors know, that fluid doesn't even exist.
There is one place you might be able to get some.
Jessi, I can't ask Latnok.
How could you not? I know how you feel about them, but Nicole is in trouble.
You have to ask for their help.
You have to try.
Josh told me I could find you here.
I've spent my life respecting science and logic.
Rejecting religion.
And when it comes right down to it, I'm sitting here praying for a miracle to spare my wife.
It may not be a miracle, but I think I know a way I can help her.
Adam Baylin's formula.
- From the pod.
I could inject it - Inject it? Into her IV.
The doctors don't have an alternative.
Kyle, you know that I - But this - Is hope.
A real chance.
Let me do this.
Anyway, I hope you get this.
My cell phone's dead, so I guess I'll try again later.
I don't know how you spent so much time in hospitals.
I mean, I know you had to, but they're creepy and weird.
I hate this waiting.
I'm just really scared.
Andy, please, when you get back Please deposit 85 cents.
Please deposit 85 cents.
Hold on, I'm not done yet.
Why are you still out here? The waiting room is for family only.
You're family, sort of.
Not really.
Yes, you are.
As much as I try to convince myself that you're not.
I'm sorry I make you miserable.
You don't make me miserable, I'm just a miserable person sometimes.
Why? I don't know, I just am.
I don't like fighting with you.
Yes, you do, you're good at it.
- You're better.
- I am? You always know what to say to win.
Think that's something to be so proud of? Still, it's impressive.
I feel like all I've been doing lately is fighting with people.
You should stop.
You're probably right.
Especially now.
Kyle will fix it.
That's what he's good at.
You gotta love Kyle.
I mean in a platonic brotherly sort of way.
I'm sorry I said all those things to you earlier.
I was panicked, and I took it out on you.
It's just my family, they mean everything to me.
They mean everything to me too.
I know they do.
She's not doing well, and the doctors don't think she can make it.
But the fluid that Adam invented has regenerative properties.
And I know Latnok helped him while he was healing.
And you think we kept the leftovers.
My mother is dying.
I have what you need.
I can get it to you.
Thank you.
But you have to do something for me.
Join us at Latnok.
You're using this situation You are asking me to provide you with the one thing that might save your mother and yet you continue to see Latnok as evil in some way.
We are all about scientific advances like Baylin's.
All I'm asking you is take part.
I can have that fluid here in 20 minutes.
It's your choice.
A chance to save the woman who had saved my life just by letting me into hers.
As far as I was concerned, my choice had already been made.
Is this the end Of the moment Orjust A beautiful unfolding Of a love That will never be Or maybe be Everything that I never thought could happen Or ever come to pass And I wonder If maybe Maybe I could be All you ever dreamed 'Cause you are Beautiful inside So lovely And I can't see why I'd do anything Without you You are And when I'm not with you I know that it's true That I'd rather be anywhere But here without you Anywhere but here Is this a natural feeling Or is it just me bleeding All my thoughts and dreams In hope that you will Be with me Or is this A moment to remember Orjust a cold day In December I wonder if maybe Oh, maybe I could be All you ever dreamed 'Cause you are Beautiful inside So lovely and I Can't see why I'd do anything without you You are And when I'm not with you I know that it's true That I'd rather be anywhere But here without you Anywhere but here She's gonna be okay.
Is this the end Of the moment Orjust A beautiful unfolding Of a love That will never be For you and me That's awesome news.
She'll recover.
I don't like being dishonest with him.
Jessi, all you did was help lead him to the cure, gave him a nudge in the right direction.
And now Nicole's better, right? I pushed Kyle to go to Latnok today because I knew it could save Nicole's life.
Now, if you ever do anything to harm him, or anyone in that family, I'll kill you.
I understand.