Kyle XY s03e07 Episode Script

Chemistry 101

Previously on Kyle XY: Join us at Latnok.
- You still haven't even told me for what.
- Inspire them.
Be inspired.
Shape the future.
With you onboard, there are no limits.
We have to get away from all this, Jessi.
We have to start our new life.
My mother, she left.
- She left me.
- I'm sorry.
Should I ignore that you were conspiring with Jessi to get me in here? We've liked the idea of her here for a while.
But so far, she hasn't proved to be a very trustworthy girl.
The Latnok Organization? The one that Kyle's working with? I'm a part of it.
You're what? - You're not sick again, are you? - It's not the cancer.
- It's worse.
- What could be worse than that? Cleveland.
We move at the end of the month.
But I can't be with you when I know I'm losing you to someone else.
You could never lose me.
I already have.
I was gonna tell Amanda everything.
You'll be adding her to a list of people you've already compromised.
- Whoa.
Doogie Howser's got a girlfriend? - Not anymore.
Amanda's a nice girl, Nate.
In other words, totally off-limits to you.
- Oh, I'm Nate, by the way.
- Amanda.
- Amanda came by.
- She did? When? The other day.
Why didn't you tell me about Amanda? Because I don't want you to be with her.
I want you to be with me.
So you won't let me Jessi told you she's into you? I was surprised too.
Surprised? Why? Come on.
She's had her eye on you since the moment she got her head straight.
- What did you say? - He said he doesn't see me that way.
We're talking about the same Cassidy who was all over you that night? - Cassidy, yeah.
- That's so weird.
I could have sworn I saw him throwing you the sex-me vibe.
He said he just wants to be my friend.
You actually said you just wanna be friends? Yes.
What? It's the one sentence no girl ever wants to hear.
- Trust me, I've busted it out once or twice.
- But it's the truth.
It's basically a nicer way of saying, "I reject you completely.
" I didn't know that.
Well, lucky for you, Jessi probably didn't either.
What did she say? You ran away? I haven't talked to him since.
But you still like him? Okay, all is not lost.
We can fix this.
- Really? - Oh, yeah.
- First step, stabilize the situation.
- Stabilize? Well, Cassidy's gonna be a little freaked out, so you have to un-freak him.
How do I do that? Take it all back.
How do I take it back? Just tell him you were drunk or feverish or caught the Ebola virus or something.
That doesn't seem like a very good plan.
Just tell him you had a temporary moment of craziness, but it's passed and you are 100 percent over it.
And you think that will work? Trust me.
I have years of high school under my belt.
You know, it's possible to have feelings for two girls at the same time.
But I don't think I have feelings for Jessi.
You don't think or you don't? I guess I've never thought about it before.
Right, I mean, how could it have possibly occurred to you that you and Jessi could be compatible? I mean, tons of people can communicate telepathically, leap off buildings and move water with their minds.
But I love Amanda.
I always have.
Then get back together with her.
- I can't.
Not yet anyway.
- Why not? I can't try to win Amanda back until I'm completely sure Latnok can be trusted.
Well, you'd better get moving on that.
- How you doing? - Good.
You can't decide anymore You can't decide Well, man, one thing's for sure.
You've got your hands full.
- I take it back.
- Take what back? What I said.
I had a temporary moment of craziness, but it's passed and I'm 100 percent over it.
- Or it may have been Ebola.
- Ebola? Never mind.
- Jessi, I - No.
We don't need to talk about it.
You're my friend.
Everything else I was just confused.
I wanted to be closer to you, and I got confused.
So if you're freaking, it's okay to un-freak.
I'm not freaking.
Me neither.
- Are you going to Latnok? - Yes.
Take me with you.
- Jessi - It's not dangerous.
We still don't know that for sure.
Nicole's fine with you going there now.
And you said they're just a group of smart kids that like science.
I wanna be a part of that.
I need to feel like I'm a part of something.
I'll talk to Cassidy.
I'm well aware of Jessi's gifts.
But I also know that she's volatile and unpredictable.
She's trying to change.
She is who she is.
And I can't risk disrupting the harmony of a very select group of students.
So you consider Nate to be a harmonious person? I'm not saying he's not a challenge, but - Jessi - What? Her mother's no friend of Latnok.
What do you know about Sarah? I know she's an extraordinary person.
But I also know that she's headstrong and contentious and doesn't share our vision.
Well, Jessi's not her mother.
She wants to be here, to participate.
I'll vouch for her.
In that case, how can I say no? Thank you.
You're welcome.
I'm totally wiped, but playing tourist was exactly what I needed.
Just a reminder of what Seattle has to offer.
I'm really gonna miss it.
I wouldn't worry.
I'm sure Cleveland has a Space Needle.
- Josh - And a Pike's Market.
Are you really gonna do this? What? Is it my fault Cleveland is so lame? Why are you ruining such a great day? Why are you ruining a great relationship? Like I have a choice.
You know this is hard for me too.
I really don't need you piling on the guilt, making me feel even worse.
Oh, sure, yeah.
Bail on me, just like you're bailing on Seattle.
Well, this is quite an occasion.
You're in time to receive your assignments.
Since when do we get assignments? Since we have a very important project underway, the preparations for which are strictly confidential.
It's a party.
A party? That's right.
We throw one every year for members from other schools.
Jackie-licious, you are in charge of the guest list.
DJ, music.
Anger Management, libations.
And our two newest members, you are in charge of the wow.
- The wow? - The wow.
The idea behind the party.
The theme.
I want it to combine social interaction with science.
You'll work on it together.
With your two minds, I'm sure you'll come up with something fabulous.
A party? You're supposed to be getting the dirt on these people and you're throwing a party with them? Maybe there's no dirt to get.
And if there's not, then I can finally tell Amanda how I feel.
Which is what I want more than anything.
- How you doing? - I'm excellent.
How are you? Dude, there's not much you can do now.
I can't just stand here.
- Amanda.
- Hi.
Can I get a cup of coffee? Kyle, you don't drink coffee.
I know.
It's just for, um Hey, it looks like you two need to talk.
Do you wanna talk about something? Not right now.
Well, then what were you saying? - Uh, I was asking.
- Right.
And my answer is yes.
Yes? Yes to what? Kyle, it's none of your business.
Amanda just accepted my invitation to our party this weekend.
Our party? What do you have to do with it? I'm working with a group of students at the U-Dub Science Department.
So you two know each other? Is that a problem? - Yes.
- No.
Kyle, it doesn't work this way.
You can't interfere.
Except the party he's talking about, it's a party for single people.
- What? - You can't bring a date.
That's the rule.
- Since when? - That's okay.
I'm single.
You're single.
Maybe we'll run into each other.
I'll make sure of it.
Meeting you was a total coincidence.
It had nothing to do with getting Kyle to join Latnok.
It still seems like creepy undercover double-agent crap.
I mean, I admit, we're secretive about our membership, but I want you, Lori, for you.
I don't know.
Something tells me you got off on running around like some nerdy James Bond.
Well, I guess if anything I kind of saw myself as a somewhat less nerdy Moby.
You wish.
How could Amanda wanna go out with such a jerk? Kyle, language, please.
- What? - Jealous Kyle.
- It's a whole new side of you.
I like it.
- I'm not jealous, I'm Okay, I am.
But it's more than that.
Nate's not a good person.
- Well, if he's such a dirtbag - Hot dirtbag.
let her go out with him.
Amanda will wise up.
Yeah, because it's not like she has a history of dating hot dirtbags.
Exhibit A, Charlie Tanner.
I swear I'm trying to help.
- Well, stop.
- No, Lori's right.
Amanda sees the best in people, and I don't want Nate to take advantage of her.
I have to work on ideas for this party.
- He's screwed.
- Totally.
We could throw an ice party.
We could have everyone dressed in white, like at Diddy's parties.
- Diddy? - I've been reading Lori's magazines.
Jessi, I'm sorry.
I know you wanna impress everyone, but my head's just not in it.
Because of Amanda? He's not right for her.
Why can't she see that? Stabilize.
What? Tell me how Amanda makes you feel.
- Jessi, I can't do that.
- Why? I shouldn't talk to you about things like that.
Why not? We're friends.
I was just confused, remember? Are you sure that's what it was? Yes.
You have Amanda.
So you already understand the difference between friendship and love.
I just don't understand it yet.
Help me.
Well, the first time I saw her, my heart started pounding.
I felt shaky and lightheaded.
My palms got sweaty.
Well, that sounds like a chemical reaction.
When body chemistry matches, the pheromones are naturally drawn to each other.
Makes sense.
I didn't feel that with you.
- You didn't? - I don't think so.
Definitely not.
Do you think Amanda felt that with Nate? I don't know.
I can't just ask her.
Well, it would help if you knew they had true chemistry.
You should test their physiological compatibility.
If they have no chemistry, you have nothing to worry about.
The party.
What about it? We could call it a chemistry party.
Where people can get matched based on their physiological compatibility.
Is this our wow? It's our wow.
And it's exactly what I need to prove to Amanda that she and Nate aren't meant to be together.
- What's this? - A mood ring.
You put it on and it tells you if you're in a good mood or a bad one.
You don't need a ring to tell you that.
It's so other people can see.
How does it work? It reads your body temperature.
If you're in a good mood, your temperature is slightly up, causing a bright color.
If you're in a bad mood, your temperature is down and the color is dark.
So how would this prove if two people are compatible? We can design something to read a person's pheromone levels and produce a color based on its results.
So if two people are the same color, then they're a good match.
If they're not the same color, they're not a good match.
DNA dating? Cool.
But I need to test it first.
I need to confirm that Amanda and Nate are two different colors.
How can I help? I need DNA samples from both of them.
I can distract Nate while you grab something from his desk.
That's perfect.
Wait, what about Amanda? I've already got someone taking care of it.
- Ow.
What are you doing? - What am I doing? What are you doing? I'm preventing someone finding hair in their smoothie.
What are you talking about? My hair has never ended up in a smoothie.
Not yet.
But the moment it does, we can kiss our A rating goodbye.
- You want that to happen? - No, but But nothing.
Keep it in check, Bloom.
Don't make me institute a hair net policy.
Josh! Hey.
It's so great to finally meet you.
I know we said we'd meet at the party tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait.
Can you believe it? We're finally standing in front of each other.
Are you freaking out? I'm totally, totally freaking out.
Yeah, freaking out.
- Who are you? - It's me.
From Coolzone.
Coolzone? Yeah.
Hello? We've only spent the past week chatting about everything from "G-Force" to Cabbage Patch dolls.
Keep it down.
What? I think it's adorable you had one.
- How do you know all this stuff about me? - You told me, silly.
Look, I gotta go, but I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Fridays find her where No one else can go - Hey, Nate.
- Hi, new girl.
You're good at decrypting computer code, right? You heard of Gates, Allen, Jobs? Morons.
Well, I thought you might be able to help me out with a little problem I've been having.
Why don't you just get your boy to do it? Because you're smarter.
- Yeah, I can spare a minute.
- Great.
There she goes Talking like an auctioneer Knocking me down Ohh But she knows Yeah, I'm on my way out the door.
I'll see you in 20.
Looking for me? I just wanted to thank you for letting Jessi be part of this.
Well, she seems to be getting along with everyone so far.
Your plans for the party going well? I think we came up with something interesting.
I'm looking forward to it.
Is there anything else? That's it.
So? I think I properly stabilized.
Step one is complete.
Except I think he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend.
That's exactly why there's a step two.
Ditch the other chick.
- Ditch her? - Remove the competition.
Eliminate her.
I didn't mean that literally.
- I know.
- Seriously.
Don't go sneak up behind her in a dark alley.
Knocking her unconscious is not an option.
That was one time only.
Lucky me.
So, what's the best way for me to neutralize her? I don't know.
You're the super-smart one.
You'll figure it out.
Royal Grace Investments.
Whatever you can find.
Thanks, Declan.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- How's it going? - I think I figured it out.
This crystal will change color based on a person's pheromone output.
We could make necklaces out of those.
For people to wear so everyone can see their color.
That's perfect.
Let's try it out.
This is Nate's DNA.
I'll put a drop on the crystal.
It should produce a color.
It's green.
And now Amanda's.
Hopefully it's a different color.
It's red.
They're not a match.
Now Amanda will think twice about being with Nate.
So, what's next? Everyone else at Latnok seems genuine.
But I'm still not convinced about Cassidy.
He's hiding something in his office.
Like what? I don't know.
But once I check it out, if it's nothing, maybe I can get my life back.
And hopefully Amanda.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Can I get by? - Sorry.
Do you wanna ride together to the party? I need to get the necklaces ready.
You should just go with Josh and Lori.
Josh and Lori aren't coming.
Yes, they are.
I invited them.
There's no way Nicole would let them go to a party sponsored by Latnok.
She and Stephen are gone until later tonight.
Jessi, you have to uninvite them.
I'm not uninviting them.
They've just started to tolerate me.
I don't wanna be Downer Doug, Party Police.
- What's that? - That's what they call you.
- They do? - Yes.
But feel free to uninvite them yourself if you want to.
Never mind.
Drop the controller.
I thought we were playing "G-Force" today.
Not until you tell me who that stalker was at The Rack.
She seemed very cool.
- Are you insane? - Practical.
I wanna make sure you have someone after I move.
Just because you're moving to Cleveland doesn't mean we have to be over.
What's your favorite part of our relationship? I don't know.
I mean, just being around you, I guess.
Well, your favorite part of our relationship will no longer be able to happen.
Then I'll find a new favorite.
Josh, I'm moving.
Whether you accept it or not, it's happening.
You have to let me go.
You know, I thought you'd be the one fighting to keep us together.
- Guess I was wrong.
- You're not looking at this the right way.
I am now.
- Where are you going? - To call Katie and ask her what time I should pick her up tonight.
Turns out Royal Grace Investments own the building where Cassidy and Jessi have an apartment.
Check this out.
It's the lease to Cassidy's place.
How'd you get this? Called over pretending to be from my dad's law firm.
Check the date it was signed.
Cassidy moved in the same day Sarah took off.
And you don't think it's a coincidence? Is anything in your life ever just a coincidence? Ooh.
Someone's excited.
Does that mean what I think it means? Step two, complete.
That was fast.
I promise, I didn't hit anyone.
Glad to hear it.
So I've stabilized.
I've neutralized.
Now I can get him.
Not quite.
What's wrong? Do I not look okay? No, you look great.
Just not hot.
It's time for step three.
There's a step three? You need to sexify.
- I definitely don't know how to do that.
- Follow me.
Well, it's cold All the time As it wraps it entwines Kyle, a chemistry party.
It's genius.
These necklaces are awesome.
Never seen many people happy to be single.
I'm glad it all worked out.
Have you seen Nate? I think he's over at the bar.
- Thanks, Mark.
- Yeah.
The truth's too far below Kyle.
You know, I have to say good job.
- Thanks.
- Hey, Kyle.
Your necklace.
It's green.
Yeah, isn't it amazing? Amanda and I are a perfect match.
The way things Really are now with us We sit around Looking for flaws In the diamonds I think Nate did something to the necklaces.
I have to tell Amanda.
Don't forget why you're here.
I haven't.
That's why I have to tell her what kind of person he is.
No, what you need to do is get into Cassidy's office.
We waste our time Looking for Kyle? Was I that obvious? - Uh-huh.
Heh, heh.
- Heh, heh.
You know, whatever happened between you, he was crazy to let you go.
He didn't.
I caught him kissing someone else.
I'm sorry.
You deserve someone who appreciates you.
It's hard to see them together.
I know it is.
But you can't waste this opportunity.
You have a chance to end this.
To know once and for all where Cassidy stands.
He's over there.
Keep an eye on him.
I'll keep the other one on Amanda.
Jessi, you look beautiful.
Thank you.
Ours don't work.
I guess our body chemistry reacts differently in some way.
I think Nate may have done something to affect the results.
How? We'll figure it out later.
I have to go.
- Unbelievable.
- What? She's not into Cassidy at all.
Who, Jessi? No, she's totally into Kyle.
Everyone can see that.
Well, apparently not everyone.
I know.
I'm an embarrassing shade of lavender.
We are not gonna let our lives be dictated by these little crystals, are we? No, we are not.
And I'm there And I know Heh.
- You're yellow.
- Oh.
What do you know? - I'm Jackie.
- Declan.
Can I be honest, Declan? Go right ahead.
I've had some bad luck with guys the past, uh, five or six years.
I was gonna come here, grab a few, then head home early and pass out after a bowl of coffee ice cream.
Well, that sounds pretty honest to me.
So my question is, are you a good guy, or am I just wasting my time? - Hmm.
Well, can I be honest with you? - Mm-hm.
I'm about 80 percent good guy.
Those are pretty good odds.
Um, excuse me.
Jackie, have you seen Kyle around at all? - Yeah, I think I just saw him - Outside.
Getting some air.
- I think we need some refills.
- Okay.
He's coming.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
It's just been a long time since I've been out with anyone but my girlfriend.
Well, if it makes you feel any better, you're the first guy I've gone out with since Brett dumped me on IM.
- He dumped you by IM? - Yeah.
I avoided computers for two weeks after that.
But you know, I'm glad I didn't hang up my keyboard forever, because, you know, if I had, I would've never met you.
And hey, look.
You're blue and I'm blue.
So, what do you say we forget about the exes and have fun? - Yeah.
- All right.
Let's go.
So did you find anything? 'Cause I'm not prepared To get along way Away with murder When we know it's wrong - What are you doing? - Get away from her.
- Kyle, please.
- He's only using you to get back at me.
Oh, man, your ego is showing.
He's just jealous because we have a connection.
No, you don't.
Not like we do.
Well, the little party favors that you made say that we do.
Because you tampered with them.
You did something to Amanda's necklace to make her think you were compatible.
- Yeah, the hell I did.
- He did it.
- How do you know that? - I tested them.
Your necklace should be red, not green.
You don't have the chemistry.
Your colors shouldn't match.
And ours should? Is that your point? Chemistry is not about some stupid color on a necklace.
It's about what you feel in your heart.
You used to know that better than anyone.
I guess you're not as smart as I thought you were.
- Amanda.
- I have to go.
You really know how to spoil a good time.
Amanda was right.
The laws of science don't apply to matters of the heart.
But jealousy had clouded my thinking.
True chemistry can't be forced or manipulated.
And a genuine relationship can only be built or restored with honesty and mutual respect.
I failed Amanda.
I'd failed us.
You are an incredible liar.
- Excuse me? - Oh, please.
Don't play all Martha Stewart pre-jail with me.
It was never about Cassidy.
It was always Kyle.
I didn't know what to do.
Until messing with Amanda's necklace came to mind.
You told me to neutralize.
Ditch the other chick.
That was before I knew the other chick was Amanda.
Your advice would've been different if you knew she was the other girl? Of course.
She's my friend.
- Look, Jessi - I'm sorry.
I can't change how I feel about Kyle.
Maybe not, but if you want any hope of him caring about you, you better be somebody worth caring about.
Kyle deserves a hell of a lot better than someone who'd pull this kind of crap behind his back.
You know, I'm having a really great time tonight.
Me too.
Build a castle for her I'm sorry.
As much as I want to, I can't.
But I don't understand.
I mean, I thought everything was going great.
It is.
I mean, you're a perfect match for me.
But I already have one.
You all right, mate? I'm fine.
I wanted to talk to you about something.
About the jewelry.
- The jewelry? - The reimbursement for the necklaces.
This should take care of it.
It's a raging success.
I guess you and Jessi are an unbeatable combination.
So, what did you find? Sarah's ring was in his safe.
Makes me wonder what he had to do to get it.
- Are you sure it was Sarah's ring? - Adam gave it to her.
It has a red stone and it's one of a kind.
You were right not to trust him.
You know, I really didn't wanna find anything.
I was really hoping, but with I can't get my life back.
I can't be with Amanda.
Well Heh.
I guess our non-date ended that badly, huh? You'd rather work the night shift than be with me.
I was just helping myself to a cup.
Do you want one? It's on the house.
No, thanks.
Can I ask you something? Yeah, sure.
Was Kyle right? Did you only ask me out to get back at him? Absolute truth? At first, yes.
The thing is, once we were there, I had a really great time.
Me too.
Good night, Amanda.
Good night.
- Jessi.
- Nate.
Please, Jessi, leave me alone.
I'm sorry about tonight.
For once, you weren't the one responsible.
Yes, I am.
I messed with your necklace.
I wanted you to get together with Nate.
Why? Because if you were with him, then I You could be with Kyle.
But it doesn't matter what I do.
Even if you were with Nate, Kyle would still wanna be with you.
And you wanna be with him.
I see the way you watch him when you know he's not looking.
You still love him.
It doesn't matter.
I can't let myself get hurt again.
Forget what you think you know about him.
All he's ever done is love you with his whole heart.
Why are you telling me this? Because I care about him.
And you told me when you care about somebody, you put their needs first.
Kyle needs you.
So I won't be getting in your way anymore.
Honestly, I have never seen a group of grown people act like a bigger bunch of babies.
Jealousy makes people do crazy things.
I guess.
Maybe I just hoped we were all a more evolved species.
Do I need to remind you we're talking about a bunch of teenagers? Okay, you are so not allowed to pull age rank on me.
I'm the one who handled this whole evening properly.
- With class.
- And poise.
- A maturity beyond your years.
- Exactly.
- Good night, Mark.
- Do you need a ride home? Um, actually, no.
I sort of have one.
- Hey.
You ready to go? - Uh-huh.
Come back Cute.
- Shall we? - Yeah.
If you think for one minute that Googling me a new girlfriend will make up for the fact that my girlfriend is moving, you're an idiot.
And if you ever see her again, I will kill you.
I panicked.
I couldn't figure out how to pack you up and ship you to Cleveland with the rest of my stuff.
Did you try Pack-N-Ship on 3rd? They have great rates.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
You know that, right? Of course you do.
Who wouldn't? I love you too.
Amanda, I I didn't think you'd wanna see me.
I don't wanna be mad anymore.
I feel like that's all I've been lately.
I'm so confused about what to think of you.
And the only thing I can do to get through it is to follow my heart.
My heart says that there's still something there.
Please, say something.
Amanda, this person I am, this life I lead, it's different than anyone else's.
I'm different.
I know that.
You know some of it.
But there are things that I can never tell you.
And people who want things from me who know that the way to get to me is through the people I love.
What does that mean, get to you? It means that as much as I want us to be together, we can't.
Why does that get to be your choice? Because my choice is to protect you.
You don't need to protect me.
What you need to do is explain.
I'm sorry.
But I can't.
Is something wrong? I found something.
In Cassidy's office.
He has Sarah's ring.
What? How? I don't know.
But I think it might have something to do with her disappearance.
No, she didn't disappear.
She left.
- I know we both thought that, but - No.
How do you explain this? The letter she left.
The checks that she's been sending.
I'm not sure.
Cassidy gave me this.
Look at the T's.
The crossbars are identical on all of them.
The same person wrote all of this.
Cassidy wrote this? And the letter? Why? I don't know.
I can't believe this.
All this time, I thought she left because she hated me.
No one could ever hate you.
Jessi, please.
I hate seeing you like this.
My mother didn't leave me.
She didn't leave me.
She didn't leave.
I don't think she did.
I need to find out what happened to her.
Promise me you'll help me find out.
I promise.