L.A.'s Finest (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

De?ja? Vu

1 Previously on "L.
's Finest" 5 years ago the DEA had me investigating Gabriel Knox.
I was undercover.
And my cover got blown.
Tortured and left for dead.
I was pregnant.
- You can't keep going after him.
- SYD: When I'm done I won't have to go after him, he's gonna come to me.
You know your partner torched Cyrk.
- Syd wouldn't do that.
- She did.
I'll find your drugs.
Just give me some time.
Now Ray is dead and I'm caught in the middle of this.
- Lieutenant Calloway.
- A couple of my guys in the DEA were tracking a shipment of fentanyl.
Club Cyrk was the drop spot.
I heard you and your partner were there the night before the place got torched.
I have got a prosecutor dad and a cop for a stepmom.
It's like I live in a surveillance state.
There are much easier ways to get a fake.
Fake won't work.
Gotta be real.
- We're having a baby.
- [Laughs.]
- Congratulations, man.
- Hey, Nico.
If people, come around asking about me - You don't even have to worry.
- Yes, I burned down the club But before I did I found that hiden in the back room.
So I couldn't just leave it there.
There is no way I can dig myself out of this hole alone.
Police! Stop! - [Tires squealing.]
- Makin' plays - I be makin' plays - Go that way! - Makin' plays - Hey! Watch it! Makin' plays I be makin' plays Makin' plays I be makin' plays Makin' plays I be makin' plays - [Glass shatters.]
- Makin' plays Eat good like buffets, yeah Big Mikey! Fresh 'til the grave, we finna run like relays Big Mikey, stop! Count a couple stacks, then go celebrate [Tires squealing, horn honks.]
Makin' plays I be makin' plays Makin' plays I be makin' plays - [Machine beeping.]
- No, no, no, no.
Nah, get out.
Did you have them put your shoes back on? Damn right.
You know how much these off-whites cost? You didn't have to chase me.
You didn't have to run into traffic.
Oh, so it's my fault now.
You committed six homicides in two years, Big Mikey.
All drug dealers in their stash houses.
Nah, that don't sound like me.
You ain't got nothin'.
Well, the DNA evidence and all of the witnesses tie you to the murders, so there's that.
Oh, you got DNA, forensics? Okay.
Well, there's video.
My favorite was the the cropper customs ones.
- Customs, yeah.
- Yeah.
What do you want? We know there's a big drug buy.
- We just need to know when and where.
- Oh, is that it? Oh, baby, you just had to ask me.
You didn't have to put me in traction.
So we got a deal, then? Yeah, the buy's going down A.
Hope y'all put ink to paper real quick.
Lucky for you, we have the DA on speed dial.
Well, then, get your friends and family plan together.
Ring, ring, ring.
By the way, y'all wanna sign my cast to coronate the deal? Look, look.
Look, come here.
Come here.
It goes all the way up here.
Hey, come back here, green.
Hey, sweet baby! Fastest confession ever.
All Mikey did was give us the location of the stash house he was planning to rob anyway.
- Nice work, partner.
- That's what we do.
Okay, so now we have a stash house location.
Banging body auto shop.
We're gonna get the stuff out of your apartment and put it in the shop and then and then we'll call in a raid.
You mean the fentanyl out of my loft.
I don't pay what I pay in rent for an apartment.
What? Is that what you're seriously thinking about right now? No, I'm actually thinking about how the hell do I get the drugs out of my loft and into a stash house without anyone knowing.
Well, obviously, it's got to be after hours.
Okay, fine.
It'll be tomorrow night.
We'll wait for everyone to clear out, and then we'll plant the drugs.
Can you please stop using that word? - Drugs? - I mean, we're committing a-a felony.
We are legitimizing a drug find with the LAPD and keeping millions of dollars worth of fentanyl off the streets.
I understand that what we're doing is the right thing to do.
You know, it's for for the greater good.
But when you're saying "plant the drugs" and "fentanyl," it just sounds, like, really dirty.
Okay, fine.
Fine, fine.
How about, uh, we'll deliver the package tomorrow night.
You're such an asshole.
Okay, so it's a stash house.
So they probably have security, right? - Yeah.
- Do you think they have cameras? Good call.
We're gonna need masks.
Okay, I can jump the alarm system.
- Of course you can.
- I'm just gonna need a voltage meter, wire stripper, alligator clips, and a 9-volt battery.
Who are you? Do you think they have guard dogs? - And we will pick up some steaks.
- Seriously? Like a Bugs Bunny cartoon? - Steaks? - Do you have a better idea? Steaks it is.
So so, do we do we cook the steaks? Instead of, like, making them with, like, a nice béarnaise? Well, I don't know! [Car alarm blaring in distance.]
Don't act like you're not just trying to get up underneath this water.
Mm, it's cold as hell right there in the back of the shower.
How about now? I love now.
What's up? I have to get to work.
Nah, I mean, are you sure? - Yeah.
- Baby.
[Indistinct announcement over P.
It's been a while.
I've been busy.
Glad you're here.
Come on.
NANCY: [Yawns.]
Good morning.
Long night? Yeah.
I made a smoothie.
There's some left if you want it.
- Thanks.
- Mm.
The Internet is slow again.
I'll reset the router.
Damn thing.
Uh, it's all good.
I'll just, um, I'll do it when I get home.
Net neutrality, right? The Internet thing? At least we have Internet.
Um, I've actually got Model UN tonight, so I'm gonna be late.
Really? What country? Oh, um, Philippines.
- Huh.
- What? I don't know, you just usually talk at length about the countries you're Mm, yeah, I've just had a lot on my mind and forgot.
I should go, but Okay, have a good day.
You, too.
Love you! I'm telling you, she's just acting really weird.
SYDNEY: Like, "obsessed with death" weird, or, like, "shave her head to troll her parents" weird? Like, "up to something" weird.
Apparently, she's got Model UN.
Isn't that the thing where, like, nerds pretend to be other countries and, like, yell at each other? Yeah, colleges love it.
And you're suspicious why? Because usually, she schools Patrick and me on whatever country she's debating on weeks in advance.
Could be a cover for robbing a check-cashing store.
What was that, Syd? I don't think the arson unit heard you.
So you think she's ditching school? Mm.
Yep, she's ditching.
- Wait, are you - Damn straight I'm tracking her.
It's how I keep her safe.
Well, it is a perfect day to ditch.
The weather's gorgeous.
Where do you think she's going? I don't know.
Looks like she went back home.
Hmm, well, however you decide to mother this up, after everything Izzy's been through, she could use a day off.
Yeah, well, I'll be watching.
Are you sure your dad's not gonna come home? I'm not trying to get busted for truancy by the district attorney.
That's got to go on your permanent record.
Okay, first of all, no such thing as a permanent record.
Your juvie file gets sealed when you turn 18.
And, second, he's out of town at some deposition so he won't be back till tomorrow.
Thank you for pretending to pick you up so Nancy doesn't know you're skipping? Izzy, are you okay? I mean, you shaved your head, and now you're skipping.
You don't skip school.
What's up? I just I have something that I have to do.
Hey, if if this was some sort of "13 reasons why" situation, you would tell me, right? It it is not that.
I'm fine, okay? Don't don't worry.
[Cellphone chimes.]
And my ride is here.
People love you.
Okay, Letti, if I was gonna hurt myself, why would I call a car? I would just do it in my home.
Whatever secret thing you're doing that you can't even tell your best friend about Be careful.
I will.
Also, wasn't shaving your head part of this? Kind of a hat on a hat, isn't it? Yeah, I got cold.
SYDNEY: What could she possibly get into? I've done some crazy shit in my day.
You? Once broke the windows of my ex's Jeep in college.
Stabbed Jodee Thompson with some scissors.
Who's Jodee Thompson? Some bitch In third grade.
[Elevator bell dings.]
SYDNEY: Afternoon, people.
All right.
Knox has moved from oxy to fentanyl.
My source in middle management believes he already has Chinese distribution.
They will be moving the drugs from the east over the Glades.
I've set up a meet with a Lieutenant Kobi about washing the new money.
At this rate, I will be face-to-face with Knox by the end of the year.
WARREN: But where's the meet? Miami Plaza.
No go.
It's too crowded, and no way to lock it down.
Changing the location will make them suspicious.
Yeah, but if you give them a good enough reason, they'll buy it.
They will know something is up.
Agent Burnett, if this thing goes sideways, a lot of innocent people could get hurt.
I am aware of the drawbacks.
I still prefer to explore how we can minimize the risk at the Plaza.
And I'm the special agent in charge and responsible for the safety of all my agents.
And my safety relies on remaining uncompromised.
Changing the meet will compromise me.
But just pick a spot near the least populated entrance.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
And no cowgirl shit.
Let's stick to the script.
All right.
Thanks, all.
And here I thought cowgirl was your favorite.
- Syd, I'm worried about you.
- You are undermining me.
It's still my call.
You're gonna make me pull rank? You would never pull rank on a man.
You wouldn't.
Because I'm trying to protect you.
And that is what I'm talking about.
[Woman grunting.]
- WALKER: Come on, dude.
- BAINES: It's educational.
Yeah, it's a lesson in what your wife's vagina looks like.
Hey, don't look at that.
- Just look at the baby.
- [Baby crying.]
I don't want to look at any of it.
Yeah, but you need to know this stuff, first-time dad.
What? Congrats! That's great! [Cheers and applause.]
We weren't gonna announce it, but thanks.
- Yeah, well, then why'd you tell me? - Just forget it.
And I'm not even gonna make fun of you for this.
This is really great news.
Yeah, I mean, as long as the baby looks like Michelle, you're all good.
- Thank you, McKenna.
- [Laughs.]
All right, Han and Chewblacka, are we ready to do this? - Yo, Syd.
- Oh, yeah, hold on with that.
SYDNEY: All right, big Mikey's intel tells us that the buy is going down today at Banging Body Auto Shop in east LA.
CCD tells us that it is a chop shop.
Thanks for the background, Detective Burnett.
This chop shop specializes in moving large quantities of dope through the city.
- We tried to tell her.
- Well, I mean, you should've tried harder.
Robbery homicide facilitated a deal for Michael Lachapelle, street name "Big Mikey," and that's where the narcotics division comes in.
Can I speak to you for a minute? Please, Lieutenant.
Check your briefing books.
We'll go over the plan in a moment.
Where are you going? BAINES: Ooh, you're up to something.
If your son justice ditched school, I'm sure Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
See, see, see Justice and I, we operate on perfect trust.
- Justice know I'll beat that ass.
- [Cellphone chimes.]
Trust that.
Um, I I'll be right back.
What the hell are you doing? Prepping my raid.
Big Mikey sticks up and kills dope boys.
That is literally robbery and homicide.
I'm gangs and narcotics.
We're raiding drugs.
From a gang.
This is our lead, Calloway.
You know how it works.
We have every right to see this case through.
And you can.
In a support role.
I got lead now.
You know, I could really use your DA background on this one.
Don't patronize me.
I read your old file.
You were a rock star in Miami.
Well, if you read my file, then you know how it ended.
I'm sorry about that.
That's why I hope I'm wrong about club Cyrk.
Raid's been moved up to 3:00 pm if you're still in.
We could use you.
What's wrong? I heard Ray's dead.
Is it true? Come on.
Yeah, Ray's dead.
No one's seen Dante in a few days.
I'm sure he's fine.
Is this why you asked me not to answer questions about you? Huh? Is there something up? Something you need to tell me, Nance? No, Nico.
I Ray pissed people off.
I heard they burned him alive.
He was a bad guy.
I know you never liked him, but Ray did all right by me when you were gone.
- I know.
- He looked out for me.
And I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
- You're sorry - It's just You can try to forget about the past all you want.
But I will never forget what Ray and Dante did for us.
You shouldn't either.
[Door opens.]
What's up? What's up with Syd and McKenna? They're acting weird, right? Hey, look, man, my name is Matt, and I ain't in that.
I'm sure they'll put us in the loop when the time is right.
Yeah, but aren't you, like, a little curious? Of course I'm curious.
I'm a detective, I'm always curious.
- Right, so - But I do respect the code.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We have each other's backs unconditionally.
- But - Nope! - It's just - [Stammers.]
As soon as you say "but," that's conditional.
We have each other's back what? Unconditionally.
Come here, let me show you something.
You got to see this.
Dude! What what is that? That's what happens if you get shot in the belly.
Huh? Did you know you have to use a catheter, a tube in your pee-hole? [Sighs.]
Why are you even looking at that? I like to be prepared.
There's something wrong with you.
I like to know all the eventualities of being out in the field, and now I know I don't want to get shot in the belly.
You had to look at dick pics to figure that out? What? Knowledge is power, brother! CALLOWAY: Detective Walker.
Ah, Lieutenant, um Actually, I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be on the raid.
No thanks needed.
Your résumé speaks for itself.
Being pulled out of the academy for undercover work - is no small thing.
- [Chuckles.]
I guess I just got, you know, one of those faces.
I'm curious why didn't you put in for narcotics? Put those uc skills to use more often.
Uh, because I like being married.
Fair point.
So, listen, I've been wondering about Burnett.
She seem distracted to you? Distracted? Like her mind's not on the job.
Yeah, no, I know what distracted means.
I'm just curious if you're actually concerned or you're just digging for dirt on my friend.
That obvious.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
- Enjoy your tea.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, actually, Lieutenant a little bit of advice? If you ever want to go undercover, you got Narc written all over you.
SYDNEY: We can't wait until tonight.
We need to get rid of those drugs now.
Calloway is throwing a wrench in our plan.
You know what, things change.
We change the plan.
Do we need a wrench, by the way? No.
You know what, maybe.
- Add it to the list.
- Okay.
You know what, this is gonna work.
Yeah, it's just gonna be a little harder now that it's not our show.
I like this version better.
It's cleaner.
It's more costume changes.
Seriously, if you want to rethink this, it's cool.
Syd, we're good.
I mean, I'm just saying, if we go to jail, we're gonna be in different gangs.
It's a race thing, I'm gonna have to shank you.
Well, you're gonna have to get past Roxy.
- Roxy? - I go to jail with this face, the first thing I do is wife up.
Izzy is way out of city limits.
Maybe she went to Big Bear with her friends.
That sounds like a thing white kids do.
All right, large? You want to fight inside or outside? They're coveralls.
They're supposed to cover all.
What do you think she's doing? I don't know.
All right, orange or gray? - Seriously? - Orange.
Obviously gray.
All right, let's see what else we need.
- Gas masks.
- I don't know.
It just doesn't feel like a normal ditch day.
Well, the girl's mom died.
She's working it out.
Well, that's exactly why I'm not on her ass.
But she's running out of rope.
Oh, Jesus.
What are you doing? Firing a warning shot.
Asking her if she wants me to pick her up after Model UN.
Ooh, that's good.
That's good.
[Cellphone chimes.]
I'm going over to Letti's after.
" No emojis.
- That little liar! - Mm.
Be safe.
" Wait, that's it? Yeah, I mean, she's too smart to do something truly dangerous.
I'll let her have it when I get home tonight.
If we didn't have this other thing today Oh, we'd be stalkin' her ass.
Ooh! That girl has no idea.
[Clears throat.]
Just, uh, put a new transmission in last year.
All it needs is an oil change.
Oil change, huh? And a little TLC.
'Cause it's not gonna do me any good sitting in my driveway.
Oh, it'll run.
- How much? - $1,500.
This thing is barely street legal.
I'll give you $750.
The ad says "as-is.
" $1,200.
That your house with the window box? Yeah.
Why? 'Cause I'm sure whoever picked out that flower arrangement wants this eyesore away from your house, like, yesterday.
Now, you really want to tell your wife you couldn't close the deal? $1,000.
- There you go.
- Ohh, ohh Ohh, ohh Ohh, ohh Yeah - Ohh, ohh - [Whistles.]
Ohh, ohh - Ohh, ohh - MAN: Hey! Hey, man! Look, we can't take you.
I got too many cars ahead.
I need an alternator.
I got to drive up to Boise for my grandson's birthday.
Yeah, there's a rental place over on Garfield.
I was hoping to leave it in Idaho for my daughter.
It's time for me to upgrade.
How about $500 on top? Just need it by tomorrow night.
All right.
All right, just just leave it.
Alternator work's $900, so $500 on top, right? - That's right.
- $1,400 is the quote.
- See you tomorrow night.
- All right.
Let's go Welcome to the revolution movement No excuses Either you a rider, if you not, then you useless This is rebel music, this ain't televised So don't act like you tuned in, clueless Let this creep into your system while you grooving Since I'm in the mood, I let the sisters get a few in - That's when I look a step back - [Air hissing.]
That's when I get to viewing, shorty break it down CALLOWAY: Let's keep it tight! I don't like any of you jackasses, but I like your families, so watch each other's backs.
Everybody goes home tonight.
- Yo, you straight? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm good.
- Yo, if I take a belly shot - I know, I know.
No dick tubes.
Look, no matter what.
- Even if I'm begging for the catheter.
- I know, I got it.
Yo, stickin' things up in there just ain't natural.
Back 'em down, back 'em down, back 'em down [Engine revving.]
Back 'em down, back 'em down, back 'em down DISPATCHER: 911, what's your emergency? I'd like to report a gas leak at banging body auto shop.
It smells really bad.
Better work.
Are you sure this is the place? Yeah.
This is it.
[Exhales sharply.]
Come on, man.
Is this about earlier? Look, I'm sorry I blew up your spot, all right? - I told you, I'm over it.
- No, no, no.
But I get it.
I mean, you know, the first baby is always, like it's overwhelming, man.
But I got you.
Dude, just don't show me that labor video again.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
I mentioned it to faith, and she was mad and scary.
You showed me her vagina.
The vagina's on the inside.
All right, I'm good with the sex ed.
[Police radio chatter.]
Who are you here to see exactly? Alice Kensler.
What is your relationship to the inmate? Does it matter? You're not in Kensler's permits.
Yeah, no, I I was trying to surprise her.
Stay here.
[Door closes.]
[Door opens.]
Miss, I'm gonna need your real identity.
Do you want to know the secret to staying connected with your lady and keep your sanity throughout the pregnancy? - No.
- Sex.
- I said no.
- I mean, lots of sex.
Like, more than you think.
- Like armageddon.
- [Cellphone vibrates.]
What? You're kidding.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
There's a gas leak reported near our location.
Calixo doesn't want anyone in the area.
Looks like we're on ice until it clears up, fellas.
[Fire sirens wailing.]
Come on.
Let's go, let's go.
There's been a gas leak reported.
We need you to evacuate.
Yeah? How long is this gonna take? Sir, I'm sorry, but you got to go.
All right.
You guys, let's go, man! - Let's go! - Come on, this way.
[Radio chatter.]
[Police radio chatter.]
Okay, fellas, making my final check.
Checked it out.
Found it.
Go tell your man.
Hey, so, I found it.
It's a rusty pipe.
Looks like it came loose somehow.
- When can we get back in? - We'll let you know.
[Radio chatter.]
["Salsa" by Niña Dioz playing.]
Is someone still here? I got the sauce, yeah I got the, I got the Salsa Niña dioz tiene la salsa Tumbando la casa Como Keith Frost, this is for La Raza Como YG, f Donald Trump Desde MTY sonando en Is Lost Cuando no habia money Ya tenía un par de honeys Y antes de tener honeys Siempre andaba con los homies Buscando problemas o escribiendo temas Huyendo de la poli Rebelde hasta las venas Traigo la receta secreta Para darte salsa de México directa WARREN: All right, Burnett.
Remember, this is fact-finding only.
Stay within the established parameters and do not leave under any circumstances, copy? Yeah, I got this.
Kobi arriving now.
Change of plans.
Knox wants to meet you himself.
- When? - Now.
Really? Don't even think about it, Burnett.
He's heard a lot about you.
He's impressed.
The boss never meets anyone out in the open.
Where does he meet? We'll take a ride.
Do not get in that car, Syd.
This is a direct order.
Do not get in that car.
Let's go.
Damn it! [Sighs.]
[Engine starts.]
MAN: All right, we're back in, but we're behind schedule.
Come on, we got to get all this shit out of here.
Two minutes out, boys.
Get a move on.
We got to get this out to the westside.
Put it over there.
- Everybody down on the ground! - [Indistinct shouting.]
- Back up! Back it up! - Get down! - I didn't do anything! - Back up! Down! All right, guys.
You know the drill.
Let's tear this place apart.
BAINES: Walker.
This doesn't look right.
What'd you guys find? Month's pay says it's fentanyl.
On the line, ladies.
Keep it moving.
Let's go.
On the line.
[Door alarm buzzes.]
[Door closes.]
So, how long are you gonna keep me in here? I've been thinking about that.
Since you won't tell me your real name, how old you are, I'm trying to decide if I should call social services and wait for someone who cares about you to call.
Unless, of course, you just want to cut the crap and tell me who you are.
You have my ID.
I just wanted to visit someone.
Do you want to be famous? You just want the lambo so you can go fast - [Camera shutter clicks.]
- You just want the money, man You just want the cash All right, dude, you wanna be famous SYDNEY: Hey, you all right? - This is a lot of baby stuff.
- Yeah.
Sorry, I guess I'm just kind of in my head.
Well, you don't have to be in there alone.
Look, um Baines doesn't know this but this isn't the first time we've been pregnant.
It's the third.
We lost the first one, and the second time, Michelle ended up in the ICU.
I just don't know if I can go through that again.
You and your partner missed quite a show.
Nice haul.
Yeah, too nice.
The coke we expected, but then there was a cherry on top $20 million worth of fentanyl.
Crazy, right? I mean, fentanyl's on the come up.
That's what your guys keep telling everybody around here.
It is, but major players only.
What's got me spinning is how these chop-shop yahoos got their hands on $20 million worth.
You know, I was thinking Since club Cyrk burned down What does that have to do with anything? Maybe Knox is expanding his stash houses.
Or there's a new player in town.
Guess we keep digging, right? Mm.
Guess so.
SYDNEY: He doesn't know shit.
Well, it's just a matter of time before he does.
He's chasing his own tail.
This was supposed to make the problem go away, not attract more attention.
We legitimized the drugs as an LAPD find.
Knox will see it on the news and know I don't have it.
- We're good.
- Well, I just hope no one saw your dad.
[Cellphone rings.]
- It's Izzy.
- What? - Why is she calling you? - I don't know.
- Does she call you often? - No! Answer it! - Hey, Izzy.
- IZZY: Hey, Syd.
Everything okay? Can you come pick me up? Tell her yes! Tell her yes! Oh, you really - let this one get away from you.
- Dammit! Did you get a chance to see Alice? Come here.
[Monitors beeping.]
WARREN: Syd I'm worried about you.
Do not get in that car, Syd! Their parents can't always stay with them, so NICU volunteers, we rock them, hold them.
Just let them know that they're loved.
You're a baby buddy? I have trouble sleeping, so I figure I might as well help them sleep instead.
How often do you come here? [Chuckles.]
Let's go.
Uh, so you just sign in and show nurse Erin your badge.
- My badge? - Yeah.
Otherwise, I got to do a background check.
Where do I go? Where do I go? SYDNEY: You know, the brain stem, it can't tell the difference between past and present.
That's where post-traumatic stress comes from.
All I wanted to say is still hanging here in the air So where do I go from here? So you actually have to retrain your brain to not fear pregnancy and all that comes with it.
You remind yourself that there's no reason this time will be like the last.
How long does it take to wind our way back to start? This baby is a chance to create new memories to supplant the traumatic ones.
When did it start to change? I'm worried about her, too.
She didn't say a word the entire ride home.
I mean, she's sleeping.
Do you want me to wake her? Holding on I'll tell her.
I love you.
All the love that we have All the love that won't fall away I can't believe I let you talk me into this.
Is is that bad to have your father see where you live? I like my space.
I can see why.
The view is beautiful.
This place is Nice.
Something you want to ask me? No.
- Something you want to tell? - No.
You, uh you really came through today.
Well, if that's what it took to get the invite, I would have helped you commit a felony a long time ago.
[Cellphone rings.]
Important? Doubt it.
I'm honored.
Don't make it weird, Dad.
Got any music? Um, yeah.
[Cellphone chimes.]
Actually, it's work.
Um, raincheck? I'm around.
[Glass thuds.]
So, what couldn't you say over the phone? Not a what.
A who.
And this couldn't wait till the morning? You've always been so impatient.
I've got a theory about the auto-shop bust.
Those guys don't have the muscle to bring that kind of product in on their own.
So they got a supplier.
- You think it's Knox.
- Exactly.
- I could use some help with this one.
- I bet you could.
Oh, you want my help with this.
You know Gabriel Knox more than anyone in your division or mine, and he's the only guy that could bring in that much fentanyl.
So what do you propose? I've been setting up a task force.
My contacts in the DEA sent an agent here to assist.
You worked together in Miami.
Anyway, he wanted me to call you in A.
Syd Burnett.
It's been a while.