L.A.'s Finest (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Previously on "L.
's Finest" I just want to introduce you to Syd.
- Syd? - You don't know Kat? I told you someone would get hurt.
My daughter has been shot.
I'm looking for Katherine Vaughn Miller! Kat is your daughter? Honey, this is Steven Hines.
Here's the Santa Monica update you asked for.
- CCTV of a man fleeing the scene.
- Son of a bitch.
Why didn't you tell me that Steven Hines was at the Santa Monica shooting? - He wasn't the shooter.
- How do you know that? Because I do.
Then I assume you also know that "Steven Hines" doesn't actually exist.
- What's his real name? - Dante Sherman.
Dante? He wouldn't give up his girl.
So Dante went to prison for her.
I know where you are.
- Dante? - I'm coming for you.
And when I find you, you're gonna beg for your life.
LAPD! Drop the gun! You're ready to be honest with me? Dante Sherman who is he to you? I'm gonna ask you again.
Who is he to you? He's no one.
But he has the same tattoo.
A rosary.
Just like yours.
He's someone I used to know.
Someone worth lying for? When he showed up, I hadn't seen him in like 20 years.
He needed my help.
He needed help from you? He had nowhere else to go.
I mean, you read his file.
He went to prison for me.
He gave me a second chance.
And now I have you and Izzy.
I I was afraid of losing you two.
Yeah, I lied.
But I just felt like if you knew about my past you wouldn't look at me the same.
And, uh I mean, would you have even married me? If I could go back to the beginning of us and tell you everything, I would.
I want to believe you, Nance.
I really do.
But I think that would make me a bigger fool than I already am.
I know you think I'm crazy, Rome.
I just got a bad feeling, okay? You know how I get about things like this.
I I just can't get it out of my head.
It's okay.
Don't worry about it.
We gotta burn this trash.
We gotta get rid of it! Couldn't keep driving around with this stuff in the car.
We gotta burn it! Okay.
That's what we're gonna do.
We're here.
We're gonna burn it.
You think they're gonna get mad 'cause we're late? I mean, they already don't like me.
They like you just fine, all right? You're gonna be all right, okay? You worry too much.
Now go, find a spot to burn it.
Go do what you're gonna do.
And don't let anybody see it from the road.
Nice place.
I Yeah, uh, no, I-I know.
I should've taken your calls.
I'm gonna pay.
How many times have I flipped the hourglass? No, I-I know.
I-I just made a big score.
I just need a little time to turn it into cash.
I understand.
But unfortunately, I got a business opportunity that came up, and I need my money now.
I'll be back.
And don't disappoint me.
Get her on the monitor.
Out of the way! Prep the O.
! - Pressure's dropping.
- Keep an eye on her vitals! - Coming through! - We are.
Her vitals are stable.
Let's get her hooked up! What happened? Kat had a high fever all night, and then she had a seizure.
I'm sure she's gonna be fine.
Have you yelped this place? Who yelps a hospital? Please take my mind off of this.
Patrick is asking questions.
- Patrick knows? - Yeah.
He saw some surveillance footage from the Santa Monica shooting.
He was asking why you and I were with Dante, and I told him that he was our C.
I'm a terrible liar.
I really didn't mean for any of this to blow back on you.
I I should have been more delicate when I went after Knox.
Delicate is definitely not your style.
- No.
- No.
So, how pissed is Patrick? You know, he's just More hurt than mad.
I don't know.
I can't blame him.
- Hey.
- How's Kat doing? Well, she's in surgery.
They think she's gonna be okay.
I'm really sorry about all this.
I blame the son of a bitch who shot her.
Anatoly Petrov.
He's in custody.
It's one of Knox's guys.
So the threat's over? No more looking over my shoulder? Nope.
Raise the blinds and put away the shotgun.
We're gonna bury this dude under the jail.
It's the least we could do.
It's Baines.
They got a body.
I'll call if anything changes here.
- Okay.
- Bye.
So there's still nothing? No calls, no text? Not a peep.
Okay, you gotta go with something off topic.
Uh, something about Izzy.
I don't know.
I feel like I should just give him his space.
I actually packed a bag for tonight.
Is that your way of asking to post up at my spot? No.
I'm a big girl.
I can get a hotel.
- Okay.
- Good? I mean, you're not even gonna fight me? You just said you're okay to stay at a hotel.
No, I-I know, but, I mean, it would've been nice for you to offer.
I would've offered.
Oh, my God.
Would you have said yes? That's not the point.
Do you want me to invite you? I want you to want to invite me.
The W has some great spring deals.
Your couch is uncomfortable, anyway.
All right, Small and Oates, what are we lookin' at? Do you two get a good little chuckle when you're coming up with these cute little names? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Anyway Our victim over here is Lonnie Emmons, 35 years old.
Shot in the back three times.
Crime scene found three shell casings.
Looks like he was killed right here.
Pipeline inspector found him with wallet and his jewelry intact.
And they found a travel-size can of hair spray, matches, and latex gloves in his jacket pocket.
And there's only one set of tire treads.
So the shooter and the victim came in the same car.
Yeah, and then they dropped him here with his ID.
Based on the gunshot wound, had to have been shot at close range.
I mean, within 10 feet.
Probably didn't see it coming.
No sign of a struggle.
No indication he was bound.
Hey, man, to be honest with you, I wouldn't come out here and turn my back on my own partner in the middle of the night.
- Yo! I'm your partner.
- I'm just sayin', man.
You know, t-that gate up there should have a sign that says "kill people here.
" Hey.
How's your sister? Half-sister.
- And how do you know? - I'm a detective.
She's hangin' in.
Family's family, so you need anything, just say the word, okay? I'm cool, thanks.
Oh, also, Warren came by earlier lookin' for y'all.
Did he say what it was about? It seemed like he was trying to play "let's make a deal" with the guy who shot your sister.
Yo, McKenna, I'm not trying to get into your personal business, but a-are you still in the doghouse with Patrick? Oh, I'm in the pound.
Hey, listen.
All that matters is, you know, you go handle your business.
We got this.
No, I don't want to leave you guys here.
Your partner doesn't have a problem with it.
You go take care of your business.
We got this, right? You're just gonna have to owe us big-time.
No, no.
I want to know what we're gonna get.
The Hellcat.
Mnh-mnh, mnh-mnh.
Lakers tickets, floor seats.
I'll think about it.
The Laker tickets.
Hellcat's off limits.
What? Wh what you mean? I-It's not - W-what are you doing?! - What? I was close, man! I almost got the Hellcat back! I don't care about that stupid car.
I want to see LeBron! Yo, if LeBron knew you gave up a Hellcat to come see him play - Thanks.
- I'll be right down the hall.
Why are you here? Just came to see how you're holding up.
Well, is it Nancy Perez or Detective McKenna? What's that supposed to mean? I know why you're here.
You're wondering, will he tell, won't he tell? I came here to help.
You want to help me, or you want to help yourself? Wow.
Guard! - Hey.
- Guard! Just stay, all right? I'm sorry.
Okay? Just stay? Please? - Stay.
- It's fine.
It's fine.
I'm sorry, okay? Just I'm just angry at myself.
I should have been thinking of my son when I shot Arlo.
I don't see it.
I'm not some 17-year-old kid who's looking at a year in juvie f-for doin' stick-ups.
I killed a man, Perez.
I looked him in the eye, and I killed him, okay? They're gonna go hard on me.
The only people that were there were you and Arlo, okay? So the only story that anyone hears is your story.
A good lawyer knows that.
You just have to be patient.
I don't have patience.
And I don't I don't have time.
I can't stay here.
I can't stay here in jail, okay? You have you have to go.
Get up.
If you're afraid of Knox, I mean, I can get you in protective custody.
Knox Knox is the least of my worries inside, okay? Ray owed some money to a lot of serious people.
That's why he got into bed with Knox, 'cause being with Knox made him untouchable.
So you think that because Ray's dead, they're gonna go after you as payback? I don't think.
I know.
I can't stay in here until my trial, okay? I need you to help me make bail.
- Bail? - Yeah.
You can't make bail on a murder.
No D.
would ever approve that.
I know someone who's very close to the D.
- You can't ask me to do that.
- Okay.
He is your husband, okay? You need to convince him of this for me.
- I cannot put Patrick in that situation.
- Please.
Do this for me.
And things are a little complicated for us right now.
Complicated for you? They're complicated? Things are complicated for me, too.
I spoke to a lawyer.
And I didn't tell him anything.
But we both know that I know things that the D.
and the State Attorney would want to hear, right? - What do you mean by that? - It means I'm not going to jail.
This is your fault.
We were right there.
We had Arlo.
If I could change any of that, then I would, but I can't, so I will do whatever it takes to protect my son.
I will use the robberies.
I will use your mother.
Whatever it takes.
You wouldn't.
You wouldn't.
I would.
You promised.
I promised Zach that he wouldn't grow up without a dad.
And I'm keeping that promise.
- Guard! - You gotta make me make bail.
- Guard.
- Arraignment's in the morning.
I know that's not much time, but I am banking on you, Perez.
Petrov's motivated.
Knox isn't gonna let him hang around for too long for him to start talking.
He asked for you.
Thinks you're more likely to want his intel.
You gonna be all right in there? Why would you ask me that? You can't get personal in that room, Syd.
He shot your sister.
You're prettier in person than you are through my rifle scope.
I've heard the scope adds 10 pounds.
All right, so, you said you had some information you wanted to share? I have information I want to sell.
I'm gonna be honest with you, Petrov.
Whether Knox has some goon shank you in the chow line tomorrow morning Or you die of testicular cancer 20 years from now in prison, I don't care.
How it works here in the U.
of A.
is you tell us everything that you know, and then depending on how much we like it and our mood that day, we give you something back.
I give you Knox, you give me plane right back to Russia.
I tell you nothing until you make me that deal in writing.
Give me a second.
Okay, man.
Like the lady said, it doesn't work that way here.
Now, I'm willing to guess that when ballistics comes back on the rifle that you used to gun down that young woman yesterday, there's gonna be other bodies on it.
You need this deal.
More than we do.
So give us something.
And maybe we can get some lawyers involved.
Knox is having distribution problems.
People aren't happy.
I'm supposed to work a big protection detail.
All the bosses will be in one place.
When you're ready to make a deal I can tell you when and where.
Give us a minute.
Take all the time you need.
Did you get all that? Most of it.
Well, you heard the man.
Gabriel's operation is unraveling.
We don't need Petrov.
We can get Knox another way.
It sounds like credible intel.
It's tempting.
He's not going anywhere.
Just sleep on it.
So, how the hell do I tell Joseph that I'm gonna let Petrov walk? Is that what you really want to do? I take my personal baggage out of it, I take that deal in a second.
Honestly, the only thing holding me back is the look on Joseph's face this morning.
Nancy, he was proud of me.
He was really proud of me.
I mean, I think you should talk to him.
He'll forgive you if he knows what's in your heart.
Did you get that from a Hallmark card? It's just advice that I wish someone had given me.
It's done.
You should've never brought him on the job.
- What? - Hey, hey, hey! Wait, wait! Stop! Look at me.
Look at me.
Forget him.
Just forget him.
Everybody called him "squeaky" 'cause he wouldn't shut up.
How long till he started yapping about us? - He would've been fine.
- Yeah, yeah, whatever.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
Squeaky was weak.
Right? He would've gotten us all caught.
You know that.
It had to be done.
That doesn't make it any easier.
All right.
We're loaded.
Slab, you're up.
I still can't believe we did it.
As close to perfection as it gets.
You got rid of the trash, right? Yeah, I took care of it.
Let's blow this taco stand.
Son of a Mother Hey! Hey! I know what you did! All right? This is the last time! You hear me? I pay good money for these bins! Ohh! Sh Okay.
That's how you wanna play it? All right.
What happened, Mr.
Powers? Somebody put dog shit in your mailbox again? No.
Some animal Dumped their garbage into my trash bin.
Get that bag off my counter.
I'm gonna save you some time, my friend.
Unless there's a bunch of severed heads in that bag The LAPD will not be investigating this matter.
You have a nice day.
Hey, hey! Hey! Hey! What the hell?! O'Malley! I can't really do this right now.
Let's just talk at home.
I'm not here to talk.
I came to ask a favor.
Look, I know how awful this is gonna sound, but, um I need you to set bail for Dante Sherman.
You can't be serious.
That's what you came here for? To ask me to help him? This isn't about helping him.
I don't care about him.
This is about you and Izzy.
I'm trying to protect our family.
Protect us from what? From me.
There are things.
Things I can't tell you about.
What's going on? Talk to me.
Whatever it is, you can tell me.
I can't.
Just trust me and do this one thing.
Dante Sherman's a three-strikes felon.
He murdered a man in cold blood.
I can't break precedent to set bail for him.
No one saw him shoot Arlo.
We don't know what happened.
I mean, it could have been self-defense.
Are you seriously sitting there and still defending this guy? No, this is not about him.
If there was any other way, trust me, I would not be asking you this.
Whatever he has over you, you need to tell me.
Nancy, I can help you.
Setting bail is the only thing that can help me right now.
I can't.
You can't or you won't? Even if I could, I wouldn't.
So far, there is no connection with Lonnie Emmons and anybody else that works at the oil field.
Emmons got popped for a break-in when he was 17.
He was the lookout, but he wouldn't give up his accomplice, so he did a year in Castaic.
And it looks like he's been a model citizen ever since.
Not even a parking ticket.
Our victim lives in Culver City, married with two kids, and he has a small cleaning business.
So not a guy a hit man would take out into an oil field and shoot in the back.
But that hair spray and those gloves? They mean something.
He was coming from somewhere.
Tell you what.
We'll look into Lonnie Emmons' life if you two can find some time in your busy schedule to go out and interview his wife.
- I think we can fit that in.
- Yeah.
Sherman's involved in a dispute with a criminal named Gabriel Knox.
He's an emerging player in the drug trade here in L.
I know the name and the reputation.
Knox is supposed to be some excuse the hyperbole thank you bogeyman.
He's a top-shelf bad guy.
What's he want with a nobody like Dante Sherman? I'm not sure how it started, but Sherman murdered one of his guys yesterday.
Forgive me, Patrick, but what's really going on here? I'm sorry.
I don't know what you mean.
You're the D.
You have unlimited resources at your disposal, and I'm very expensive.
Why would you hire me to look into Dante Sherman's background? It's more personal than professional.
Okay, then why not hire some old ex-cop private investigator? Dan Howser said that you could be trusted, above all else, to be discreet.
I'd like to think my tenacity and my integrity are at least equal to my discretion.
Dan raved about those qualities, as well.
It's how I make my living.
But I have to be honest, Patrick.
In order for this to work, trust has to go both ways.
The more informed I am, the better I'll be able to help you.
I've been doing this a long time.
Who are you trying to protect? You can trust me.
My wife grew up with Dante.
When Nancy was 16, they were involved in a string of robberies.
Dante was arrested, convicted, and spent time in a juvenile facility.
It's not what you think.
They haven't seen each other in over 20 years.
And I'm guessing Nancy was never identified in the robberies, or she wouldn't be a police officer today.
They offered Dante a deal to give her up.
He didn't take it.
Who said there's no honor among thieves? She used the opportunity to turn her life around.
But I think Dante is threatening to use her past as leverage in his murder trial.
And you'd like to persuade him to take a different approach? I want you to do whatever you need to do to protect Nancy.
Everything I know about Dante Sherman is in this file.
By the time you're finished, I want that to be a couple boxes.
The more I know about him, the better I can protect Nancy.
I'm good at what I do, Patrick.
I must warn you when I start digging, I might find things that could be as damaging to your wife - as they are to Dante.
- I get it.
But I need to know what's out there, who knows about it, and how badly it can hurt my family.
I can make your problem with Mr.
Sherman go away.
But the less you know about how I go about my business, the better off you are.
Understood? Understood.
Do you know if your husband was having money problems or issues with his business? No.
Business was good.
We're not rich, but we make enough to get by.
Any trouble with friends, family? No.
Lonnie was happy.
Life was was really good.
Marisol, do you know your husband was arrested years ago and went to prison? Yes, of of course.
I mean, he was a kid.
I've been with him since I was 15.
Probably shouldn't tell you this, but I was there that day.
I was the one who got away.
Is it possible that Lonnie got involved in something illegal? No.
No, my husband is not a criminal.
That year in jail gave him time to reflect on his life.
I waited for him.
I visited him every week.
And when he got out, we just we took whatever money we had, we left the neighborhood.
My aunt let us stay with her, and she gave us both jobs cleaning houses.
Eventually, we just built our own business out of nothing.
Lonnie was a good man.
I don't know why anybody would want to hurt him.
Sorry to disturb you, sir.
Ain't no sirs in here.
I'm Ben, and he's Ben.
And you are? Probationary police officer O'Malley.
That's too many O's.
What does your mama call you? I'd rather not say.
That's an order, probie.
It's pooky, sir.
What's the name on your birth certificate? I'm I'm sorry.
I'm just new.
Uh, I'm a little nervous being up here.
I'm Jeff.
Okay, Jeff, well, tighten up your jock strap, put on your helmet, and get in the game.
What's in the bag? It's garbage, sir.
- Oh, we're good on garbage.
- Yeah.
I mean, we have so much garbage, we have somebody come every night and take it out.
Is this a joke? McKenna and, uh, Burnett put you up to this? No.
Uh, no.
Nothing like that.
Um, some old guy tried to file a complaint this morning downstairs.
Somebody dumped this trash in his bin.
Desk Sergeant total totally chopped his nuts off.
It's not the biggie assassination.
Uh, t-the old guy throws a fit, and he dumps all the trash out all over the ground, and I'm cleaning it up 'cause that's what probies do, uh, and I find this receipt with a name on it.
Come on, Jeff.
Get to the punch line.
I ran the receipt, thinking that it would just be the guy who dumped the trash, but, um, it matched your homicide victim.
It's, uh, Lonnie Emmons.
Damn, pooky.
That's some pretty good police work there.
Thank you, sir.
You're leaving? Hey.
I thought you were going to Letti's after school.
Were you even gonna say goodbye? No.
This is just a change for work.
I'm not leaving leaving.
I heard you fighting.
He is such an asshole.
It's my fault.
I'm the asshole.
I, um I lied to your father, and I hurt his feelings.
And What'd you lie about? - I-I can't really - Right.
I guess it doesn't really matter, anyway.
Just promise me something.
If it gets bad, like, no turning-back bad, don't drag it out.
- No, we're not - Getting divorced? The point is Don't fake it for my benefit.
It's not like I haven't been there before.
Remember when your father proposed to me and I, um, took you out to lunch? And you stared me straight in the eye and said "I'm never gonna call you mom.
" I'm pretty sure most stepparents would be gutted by that one.
But I I respected you because you were straight-up with me.
And we've always been straight-up with each other.
This family means everything to me.
I'm gonna do whatever it takes to keep it together.
How is it that I'm on trash duty with my seniority? Where the hell is pooky? Dude, if you even knew how to turn on a computer, you'd be over here working this keyboard magic like me.
Yo, Baines, check this out.
What's up? All right, so, all of these invoices are from about six months ago, and they're all to Emmons.
Light sensors, motion sensors, digital surveillance cameras, key cards, magnets.
You know what? There are receipts in that trash for building materials.
Heavy-duty tools and a two-ton steel door.
I mean, there's gotta be at least $100,000 worth of stuff in there.
What was this dude into? Okay, all of these packages were sent to the exact same address - in the warehouse district.
- Oh, wow.
Okay, why don't you call Syd and McKenna - and tell 'em to meet us there? - Yeah, yeah.
What the hell? It's amazing.
Central, come in.
Central monitoring station.
Yeah, Casey.
Dunn, Special Ops.
What's the status of the alarm at the diamond reserve vault? The alarm is armed, and the vault is secure, sir.
How is that possible when the door is open and I'm standing inside an empty vault? Somebody call LAPD.
This is a replica of a vault.
They were practicing to do a robbery.
Oh, they were past practicing.
This job is done.
The sensor has something on it.
I think that's hair spray.
I guess, uh, Emmons was a loose end.
We got to find the real vault.
Yeah, the vault in the warehouse was an exact replica of this.
They must have been practicing for months to perfect their entrance.
Any idea how much was stolen? Roughly $10 million in untraceable raw uncut diamonds and jewels.
They left a lot of shit, too.
You fence a piece like that, you're asking to get caught.
The bad guys knew exactly when to hit.
Safe deposit boxes were full for pickup.
Is it normal not to have security in the building monitoring the cameras after hours? We have 24/7 monitoring of all 65 cameras on the outside perimeter.
We were just cocky enough to think we didn't need anyone inside.
This vault was impenetrable.
It looks pretty penetrated to me.
They still had to bypass several layers of security to get in without setting off an alarm.
Yeah, and we know how they did it 'cause we found their practice vault.
They had to beat the exterior heat and motion sensor by coating it in hair spray Then disable the exterior door alarm.
They cloned an employee key card purchased on the Internet to gain access to the elevator.
Once inside, they disabled two more motion heat sensors in the hallway leading to the vault and spray-painted the lenses of the internal cameras.
How'd they get the combo? They got the vault combo by installing a camera above the tumbler.
Signal was transmitted to an outside receiver.
It looks like they taped the light sensor.
That means that the crew must have been working in the dark when they entered the vault.
- That's right.
- Practice makes perfect.
No one could have built that vault and known its weaknesses without somebody on the inside.
I suggest you start looking in your own backyard first.
- We're already on it.
- We caught a homicide case this morning that might have something to do with this job.
Our victim had a can of hair spray in his pocket when we found him.
Small guy.
Ran his own cleaning service.
- His name was Lonnie Emmons.
- Wait.
You mean Squeaky? His company cleans this building.
Our murder just became a jewel heist.
Hey, bro.
Can you grab that for me? Sorry.
Hey, Nico.
What's going on? Dante got locked up, and, um, he has a lawyer.
Nah, he ain't gonna tell.
I don't know.
I mean, he's he's really upset.
Nancy, you're a cop.
You can help him! I arrested him.
What? Nancy Nancy.
Why would you do that?! He didn't give me a choice! Oh.
Hm, no.
Oh, God.
This is bad.
Nico, don't freak out.
Okay? - What are we gonna do? - Just trust me.
No matter what happens, I got you, all right? We have each other's back, just like always.
Okay? Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How ya doin'? Well, you tell me.
Patrick's not gonna play ball.
Well, that's disappointing.
Look, I want you to know, Perez, I'm not happy about this.
Okay? I wish there was some other way.
I get it.
You're just doing what you have to do to protect your son.
I, uh, have made peace with it.
I guess I'll just take whatever comes my way.
Wasn't sure if you're hungry or I'm I'm starving.
This place isn't exactly known for its food.
What? You remember where that's from? I don't know.
Should I? Nick's on on Larchmont.
That diner.
- Holy crap.
- Yeah, you used to get that every time.
That old place is still there? - Yeah.
- I haven't been there since The day of our last robbery.
When we skipped out on the bill.
Turns out that was the last good meal I had for a little while.
You know, actually, um, I-I went back after I-I got out of the service and, um, paid the bill.
Extra tip.
- Why'd you do that? - I don't know.
I think I was trying to prove to myself that I had changed.
You? - Oh, yeah.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
No, it's fine.
- Yeah? Yeah, go for it.
You know, if I had known how good this sandwich was, I would have gone back and I would have paid for it.
I met a woman today.
Her husband was murdered.
They had been together since she was 15 almost 20 years.
You ever wonder how different our lives would have been if we would have taken the money and ran away? You hitched your horse to the wrong wagon, Perez.
What is that supposed to mean? It means that I was never gonna be the guy with the perfect wife and the white picket fence, two kids, and a little puppy.
I never wanted that for us.
You got to stop looking at me through the eyes of some 16-year-old little girl.
Okay? 'Cause I'm not that guy.
I never was.
You okay? What have you what what did you what did you do? Doing what I need to do to protect my family.
Guard! It's gonna be a rough 24 hours.
Probably won't make your court date for a couple of days, but, um The good news is, you won't die.
Come on, guards! What's going on? What happened? You should get him to a hospital.
What's going on in that crazy head of yours? The guy who shot Kat wants to make a deal.
It could mean that he walks.
So, what are you gonna do? My gut says make the deal, but my heart says put family first.
Sounds like your heart's in the right place.
I figured that's what you'd say.
Well, when your heart's right, it's the perfect time to go with your gut.
I know how bad Knox hurt you.
I remember how helpless I felt seeing you lying in that hospital bed.
Barely alive.
If this deal gives you Knox you have my blessing.
Thank you.
Did you find something? Much more than was in your folder, but, um, I'd rather not do this over the phone.
We need to meet in person.
All units, be advised.
There is a call of shots fired.
Officer down.
845 Grand Street.
Units responding, come in to central.
Central, this is Rampart division.
2 Lincoln 40.
Prisoner escort.
We are responding to that call of shots fired, officer down.
We are one block out.
Get on the ground! Don't move! Wait.
Let's go.
Get him out of there.
Wha what's going on? Who are you?! Hey! I don't blame you.
On your budget, you can't get my view in those downtown hotels.
That's not why I'm here.
You okay? Dante's hand is a lot stronger than I told you.
How much stronger? I'll tell you everything, but right now, I need you to help me dig up a body.