L.A.'s Finest (2019) s01e12 Episode Script


1 Previously on "L.
's Finest" There's a common thread to all of this Gabriel Knox.
I'm starting to remember things About what happened to me.
I am Gabriel Knox.
Did you get a chance to see Alice? It was dark, and Alice's car just came out of nowhere! And after she hit us, she didn't even wait around.
Here's to you, Mr.
District Attorney.
I'm investigating a report of corruption in the police department.
I get the feeling I'm being handled.
I'm done Carlene.
Your job was to make sure the DEA is an asset, not an adversary.
Our target is Bishop Duvall.
He's a new supplier of fentanyl in L.
Make it look good.
We're going deep undercover.
- Bad girls? - Yep.
'Cause I want to find out who broke my circle of trust.
We're getting to the bottom of this whole thing.
You and me.
All parties involved.
Carlene, my darling we've got some business to discuss.
[SCOFFS] Our business is done.
Done? We're only getting started.
Your friends are cops.
WOMAN: She's got a gun! [GUNSHOTS FIRE] [GUNSHOTS CONTINUE] Let's go, let's go, let's go! Let's get out of here! Grab their gun.
We'll take you down Go, go, go, go, go! Let's move! [GUNSHOT] [GUNSHOT] [GUNSHOT] It's goin' down [GUNSHOT] [TIRES SCREECH] It's goin' down [GUNSHOTS] It's goin' down [PHONE RINGING] MICHAEL: This is Michael.
Leave a message.
Michael, I'm in trouble.
I need to see you.
It's bad.
It's just It's been a long night.
Okay, I've got to go.
What the hell? No, no.
This This wasn't us, Calloway.
This was Carlene.
Carlene Hart is Gabriel Knox.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you talking about? Carlene Hart is Gabriel Knox.
She's the reason I came to LA.
She's the reason I joined Robbery Homicide.
She's the reason I've I've done a lot of stuff - that I'm not proud of.
- Don't say another word.
Right now, all I want to know is what the hell happened here.
The truth off the record.
No bullshit, or I will throw cuffs on both of you.
We were trying to intercept a $40 million fentanyl drug deal between Carlene Hart and Bishop Duvall.
So, Bishop scheduled an emergency meeting.
He was suspicious that there was a rat in his organization.
We should have known it was going sideways.
When we arrived, they took our guns and and our keys, and then, five minutes later, Carlene shows up.
Carlene Hart murdered Duvall? Right in front of us.
Carlene's not gonna wait around.
She knows we're after her.
We need to regroup, and try and figure out her next move.
Do you realize what you're asking me to do? Yes.
We know what we're asking you to do.
And if you want to take the official route when the dust settles, that's fine.
But right now, we're gonna walk away from this scene.
None of the ballistics from this scene match your service weapons? No.
You were gone before I got here.
- Understand? - Thanks.
We never spoke.
Whoo I wonder when the people gonna wake up? Wake up I wonder when the people gonna wake up? Even if you gotta set five alarms, wake up I know it's not your week, Talbot.
Just shut up and listen to me! This is urgent! There's no time to explain.
The kids aren't safe.
You aren't safe.
I'm going to e-mail you an authorization to wire money from my account at the new reserve to an offshore account.
Go to the branch on 7th and talk to Tom Martin.
He's the branch manager.
I reserved a room at that hotel where your mother stayed when she came in for Katelyn's fourth.
Go there, and wait to hear from me.
Pay for everything in cash.
I have to go.
And Talbot get rid of your phone.
I don't care.
Get rid of your Goddamn phone! And don't talk to anyone.
I'll be in touch.
Todd, go get yourself a cup of coffee.
I appreciate you coming.
I warned you about coming out to LA.
You did.
And I should have heeded your advice.
It wasn't advice.
You were specifically told the Knox thing was dead.
What do you need, Carlene? Time.
That cop from Miami, Syd Burnett I was briefed on the plane.
I know all about her.
Agent Hendrix, the Sherman brothers, all of it even the mess you made at Bishop Duvall's house last night.
Then you know what I'm asking.
Be easier to throw you off a cliff.
You know what a planner I am, Michael.
If you do that, you all may as well jump with me.
Don't threaten me, Carlene.
The DEA didn't put me in charge of Special Ops because of my kind nature and unwavering integrity.
48 hours.
That's all I'm asking.
It's a big ask.
I do this for you, that's it.
You disappear.
I never want to see or hear from you again.
Are we clear? I want to hear you say it.
I understand.
BARTENDER: Just let me know when you're ready.
It looks so different in the daytime.
Alice? The schoolteacher, right? I think we still have your name up there somewhere.
How long's it been? Uh, three years, give or take.
Welcome back.
Don't tell me, don't tell me.
Gin and tonic.
Uh, no, no, no thanks.
I'm You sure? It's on the house for an old friend.
Man, I-I-I didn't realize.
It's It's okay.
I'll just I I'll have a ginger ale.
Last time I left this bar, I fell asleep at the wheel drunk.
Crossed over into oncoming traffic, killed a woman.
Uh, I'm sorry.
Be sorry for her daughter.
Might sound stupid, but I wanted to come back to that that that fork in my road and um pick a different path.
Today's the day I start over.
WOMAN: Just got the call.
DEA's on their way over now.
Hey, fellas.
You ever hear the one about the DEA trying to find a rabbit? They seem very busy.
Stay with me.
They send a bunch of agents into the forest, and after two months of investigation, they come to the conclusion that rabbits don't exist.
[LAUGHS] And then, after two weeks with no leads, they they they go back in, and burn the forest to the ground.
[LAUGHS] Oh, man.
That was a terrible joke.
What are you talking about? I'm giving you quality material, here.
No, you're not.
MAN: Please, go ahead and take a step back from your desk.
They're going all through Syd's stuff.
I'll call McKenna.
You get ahold of Syd, all right? All right.
This is Syd.
Leave a message.
JOSEPH: She's not answering.
FLECTCHER: She's fine.
No report of a cop being shot up there.
She was working undercover.
If you want me to triangulate her cell, just say the word.
JEN: I'm so sorry! I couldn't stop them! - They have a warrant! - It's okay, Jen.
- I'm sorry.
- What the hell's going on? PETERSON: Sir, step away from the computer.
I'm Sergeant Peterson, LAPD Internal Affairs.
These folks are special agents from the DEA.
We have a warrant to search the premises for an illegal wire-tapping operation and unlawful eavesdropping equipment.
Hey, fellas, easy with those.
Those are my babies.
MAN: It's gonna be all right.
No talking to each other.
Looks like he hacked a security camera.
Hey, you know what? Someone sent that to me.
It's not mine.
Jen, get word to Syd.
Let her know what's going on.
PETERSON: I said no talking! MAN: Let's go.
SYD: Thanks, Jen.
Yeah, at least they're safe.
Let them know I'll be down there as soon as I can.
DEA just raided Joseph's bar, arrested him and Fletcher.
For what? Possession of eavesdropping equipment and illegal wire-tapping.
This is just Carlene trying to hold us up.
WALKER: All right, the dude in the suit is Weller from Internal Affairs.
The other guy is Michael Albers, uh, Director of Special Ops for the DEA.
We're screwed.
BAINES: Looks like Calloway's really giving it to him.
CALLOWAY: This is my department! What's the word? The DEA is working a join investigation with our internal affairs.
You guys are suspended, effective immediately.
What? Why? Running an unauthorized undercover operation, conduct unbecoming of an officer.
Should I go on? No.
We're good.
Wait, did you come in here to take our badges and our guns? I did.
Really? Would you rather that suit out there do it in front of all your people? Can't you see? DEA Special Ops? Albers is trying to cover for the Knox operation.
- Looks that way.
- Looks that way? Why aren't you fighting this? It's like you don't believe us.
If I didn't believe you, you would've left Duvall's house cuffed, in the backseat of a police car.
Let's just get this over with.
Look, I know you.
Badge or no badge, you're not gonna lay down.
I won't.
I get it.
But be smart, Syd.
All of you be smart.
What I want to know is, where is Warren in all of this? I don't know, but we're gonna find out.
Let's go.
CARLENE: And because of these recent developments, Mr.
Knox has decided that Los Angeles is no longer a business-friendly environment.
He has issued an emergency-action plan to shut down operations immediately, and prepare to relocate overseas.
So, we're dropping our rifles and running? Surrendering? You're unhappy, Mr.
Doran? You think you know better than Mr.
Knox? LA belongs to us.
We lost a lot of good men taking these streets, and for what? You were very well compensated.
Tell that to the men who died.
I'm sure Mr.
Knox would be very interested in your opinion.
Would you like to speak to him? Tell him what you think of his plan? Hmm? Anybody else? Good.
We have 48 hours.
Doran will be your point man.
I suggest you all get started.
- Who cares? - The money and the clothes and the hoes - Who cares? - Everything on the radio - Who cares? - Every problem that you bringing to the door Who cares? God damn it! What seems to be the problem, officer? Mind your own business, Stretch.
Well, I don't mean to be eavesdropping Isn't that the reason that you're in here? [LAUGHS] That's funny.
I see what you did there.
Looking over your shoulder, I can see that your file names are all scrambled, which means that your hard drive is corrupted.
And I'm guessing you're not backed up to the Cloud.
Fletch, he's got this.
He can figure it out.
Dude, does this look like the Genius Bar? Do I look like a moron? You're a hacker.
Actually, he does have a certain level of expertise.
Not happening.
Not giving my laptop to a hacker.
Not ever.
Famous last words, bro.
MCKENNA: Carlene flees the country, and Warren keeps quiet.
The Knox Cartel disappears, and nobody answers for what they did.
We're not gonna let that happen.
Exposing that shit is the only way we're gonna get our guns and badges back.
We've got your guns covered.
That's what I'm talking about.
Listen, I just want to say I'm sorry.
This was supposed to be my fight, and I-I never meant to drag you guys into it.
- Did somebody say something? - I didn't hear nothing.
I believe I heard her say, "Let's get the bitch.
" - Mm-hmm.
- That's what I think I heard.
Me and my partner are gonna swing by Carlene's house and see if we can find some bread crumbs.
Heard about the suspensions.
When is this shit gonna stop? - Patrick.
- No.
You know what? He's right? I'm sorry.
I deserve it.
I'm sorry.
I had a bad morning.
Probably not as bad as yours.
The mayor wants to see me.
Been told I'll be stepping down for personal reasons.
- Damn.
- Carlene is scorching the earth.
She literally has everyone in her pocket.
Arranged a Desk Appearance Ticket for your dad.
All you've got to do is go down and post bail.
Fletcher's a different story 'cause of his priors.
I'm all out of favors.
Thank you, Patrick.
And again, I'm sorry.
I'm fine.
Just worry about finding Carlene.
If I've learned anything about her it's you don't wait around for her next move.
FRALEY: What's it gonna take for you to hurry up? FLETCHER: Uh, yeah.
I could use a pillow for this cot.
I really need that stuff off my hard drive, but there's a line, bro.
The cot's fine, officer.
Thank you.
What? What do you think this is? The Marriott? Look, Fletcher doesn't work for free.
You've never been on the inside.
You've got to teach these guards who runs the jail.
This is a holding cell.
We've only been here for an hour.
Sweetheart, I got the bagels, and I'd like to know when I went from prosecuting criminals to errand boy, all right? Son of a bitch! Patrick? What the hell? How can you get me involved with Carlene Hart? Do you have any idea what she's done? Patrick [GASPING] Where is she? Look, whatever you plan on doing, just forget it, all right? Carlene will destroy you.
Where is she?! Okay.
Okay, look.
When she first came to LA, we used to meet at some ranch outside of the city.
It was near Agua Dulce.
That's all I know, okay? What's she got on you, Dan? It doesn't even matter anymore, man.
I looked up to you.
You were like a brother.
Patrick, come on! Let it go! Let it go? No.
No, Dan, I don't scare as easy as you.
[BUZZER SOUNDS] You okay? SYD: You're the one in jail, and you're worried about me? I'm fine.
No drug lords or murderers in here just an old hacker.
Sorry, Fletch, you're gonna have to stay here another night.
With all your priors, you're gonna have to stay in here until your bail hearing.
But you guys are LAPD.
Don't you know how to game the system? Oh, this is all the game we have right now.
After all I've done for you, this is how you're gonna treat me? Trust me.
We would much rather have you out on the street helping us catch Carlene.
Calloway put us on suspension.
the Feds confiscated our files.
We need those records and financials in order to track down Carlene.
I got a backup.
- What? - Where? Well, it's at my house, on the server.
But you've got to go there to get it.
My nana will walk you through it.
- Your nana? - Trust.
But you can't tell her I'm in lock-up.
It would just break her little heart.
We got you.
And Syd, uh, she also is a bit of a talker, so if you hear some things, you know, just don't pay any mind.
Okay, Dad.
- Okay.
- This should be fun.
See you on the outside, brother.
This is some bullshit.
TINA: Fletcher didn't tell me about a yoga retreat.
MCKENNA: Oh, someone, uh, dropped out at the last minute.
He couldn't pass up a free trip.
SYD: Yeah.
It's one of those spiritual, no phone, overnight type things.
Are You sure you don't want us to call in a tech person to, um, help Young lady, I was rebuilding hard drives and writing code when you were still chasing boys around the schoolyard at recess.
I think the boys were probably chasing her, but I suppose you're right.
Anyway, who do you think taught Beansie everything he knows? Beansie.
That man was 27 inches long when he was born.
He looked like a big, brown [LAUGHS] a string bean with a diaper on.
His mama said he just kept coming out, like a magician's handkerchief.
What a visual.
So, what exactly are we looking for? Any files on Carlene Hart, Bishop Duvall, or Gabriel Knox.
It's so nice to finally meet Beansie's girl.
Yeah, likewise.
I've heard so much about you, too.
He just talks about you nonstop.
Honey, if I was him and I was with you, we wouldn't be talking about my grandma.
Are these folks in some kind of trouble? You might say that.
There you are.
That was so fast.
Thank you.
We'll just be down here for a few hours, if that's okay.
I'm well aware of that, Mr.
Doran, but I'm not interested in excuses.
I want solutions.
[CALL WAITING BEEPS] I have to take another call.
Just get it done.
[PHONE BEEPS] Talbot, God damn it! I told you to get rid of the phone! What? By wh By who? You talked to the manager directly? Okay, okay.
I heard you, I heard you.
I'll look into it.
And Talbot? Lose the phone.
Do it now.
Ugh! [SCREAMS] MAN: Hey, Fraley! You gonna order lunch? How much longer are you gonna be? - Almost done.
- My watch commander's on his way.
He sees you with my laptop, I'm toast.
You know, this would go a whole lot faster if you would let me use your cellphone.
Seriously, dude? What's next? You're gonna ask me to sneak your shorty in for a conjugal? Naw, man.
See, all I have to do is call my boy, and he's gonna walk me through this last bit of business.
Man, you're gonna be golden.
You've got three minutes, bro.
That's all I need.
[PHONE RINGING] Yo, it's me.
What's up, Beansie? Damn.
Nana told you.
And we're gonna talk about that creepy Photoshop of me and you at the beach.
And why does Nana seem to think that we're a couple? Yeah, I do love our conversations.
Is Nana there right now? No.
She's upstairs watching her stories.
You know how she does.
She also thinks that you're at an overnight yoga retreat.
Oh, good.
I just put an IRS hold on Carlene's accounts, and someone just tried to access them in LA.
So, she's still local.
She will be for a while.
I also put her on a TSA no-fly list.
Teach her skinny ass to mess with Fletch.
Not even gonna ask how you managed to do that from a holding cell.
You have to adapt and overcome, Syd.
Nice work.
Can you say that again for me? That sounds so nice rolling off your tongue.
Got to go.
Don't forget about me in here.
Don't worry.
We won't.
Freezing those accounts would definitely slow our girl down.
I mean, she's still got $40 million in cash from the Bishop deal.
Yeah, but it's not that easy to move around with.
It's like half a ton of money.
Well, listen, w-w-what would stop her from taking a couple of hundred Gs, throwing it in a duffel bag, and going down to Mexico? If running was the goal, she'd be gone.
The way she came at us, nah.
She's buying time for something.
She's probably already set up shop somewhere else.
And she's gonna need that cash to do it.
We found this family photo at Carlene's house.
The dude in it is her ex-husband, Talbot.
Left work early today, said it was a family emergency.
WALKER: We tracked down this house.
It's in Malibu Hills, and it's in Talbot's name.
Good place to lay low and regroup.
She's not going anywhere without these kids, and it's definitely not gonna be moving fast.
Patrick gave me the address to a ranch in Agua Dulce that Howser gave him where he first met Carlene.
Okay, well, then, we'll take Agua Dulce, - you guys take Malibu.
- All right.
- Deal? - Bet.
Going to the beach.
Why didn't we take Malibu? BAINES: Go, go, go.
Generation generators Uh Spark up the accelerator Uh Gas pedal, gas pedal Push it, push it This is "never settle" Uh Generation generators Uh Spark up the accelerator Uh Gas pedal, gas pedal Push it, push it This is "never settle" Uh This is my theme song Hard as the brick that I cut my teeth on Soft as the science made you Push it, push it, push it Farther, louder, harder BAINES: Damn, Desert Storm.
You got a new vest, huh? The old one was getting kind of ratty.
That thing looks like it could stop an RPG.
You can't be too careful.
Look, I'm about to drop some wisdom on you youngin'.
Youngin'? Check it out.
When I was balling my sophomore year of high school, I had a homeboy named Kenny Stills, right? Yeah.
This dude went in for a rebound, he came down.
He snapped his tibia.
The bone comes out of his skin.
There was meat hanging out Okay, yeah.
It was a bad injury.
Come on.
So, my mom asked me, she said, "Do you ever think about getting hurt when you're out there?" I said, "No.
I don't think like that, 'cause when you think like that, then that's when you get hurt.
" All right, so, you're saying 'cause he was cautious he got hurt.
Look, I know you got twins coming, but you came come out here letting those troubled thoughts get into your head.
Michelle bought me this vest.
I just promised I'd wear it.
I got your back.
Yo, did he get the scholarship? Man, he came back the next year and killed it.
But that wasn't my point.
All right.
I get it.
Thanks for the wisdom, Grandpa.
Looks like we found Carlene's cash.
MAN: Let's go.
Load it up.
Is it all in? Get the rest of it.
We've got to get out of here.
LAPD! Let me see your hands! BAINES: Hold on, Rambo! You just gave me a lecture about not being tentative.
BAINES: Now, I'm gonna give you one about being brave versus being stupid.
We got what we came for.
Let's just take it.
You got it.
SYD: Son of a bitch.
- What? - That's Warren's car.
[GUN COCKS] All by yourself? I guess that doesn't bode well for me.
WARREN: Toss the bag.
Toss it! CARLENE: No gloves? No silencer? You really should have put more thought into this.
Give me the gun.
I'm unarmed.
I wasn't expecting company.
Where are the rest of the files? Where's the dirt on me? The program? That's all of it I think.
You know, now that you mention it, there could be more out there.
I should have never let you leave Miami.
You honestly believe you had a choice? You're a monster.
You always were, Carlene.
And what? You've come to slay the monster? Is that what you think this is? You're going to murder me for the greater good? You enjoyed being Knox as much as I did.
And then, you let your feelings get in the way.
Warren think before you pull the trigger.
The only thing that's kept us from turning on each other all this time was our mutually assured destruction.
You kill me, you're Gabriel Knox alone.
How do you think Syd Burnett is gonna feel about this? All right, enough talk.
Turn around.
I'm not gonna ask you again, Carlene.
Put your hands up where I can [GUNSHOT] Oh! MAN: 911 operator.
What's your emergency? I need an ambulance.
I tried.
Shh, shh.
Don't talk.
Don't talk.
WALKER: You sure we're cool here? JOSEPH: Oh, it's all good.
Friend of mine owns the place.
It's been empty for months.
BAINES: Whoo! Take a look at this.
You'll never see this much money is one place for the rest of your life.
We're definitely in the wrong business.
Think of all the lives that money cost to get to this garage.
You're better than that.
[VEHICLE APPROACHING] How's Warren? SYD: He took a bad one to the gut, but he was stable by the time the ambulance arrived.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
I'm fine.
Yeah, we had to bounce before local PD showed up.
- Whoa.
- Mm.
- Nice.
- Oh, thank you.
WALKER: Thank you.
What's that old saying? Even a blind squirrel catches a nut sometimes.
BAINES: You know what? It must be a cold, hollow feeling to show up empty-handed.
[CHUCKLES] Who said we were empty-handed? - Huh? - What do you think we are? Amateurs? Phony passports, forged credit cards, among other things.
Without this fugitive starter kit and the van full of cash, Carlene's running out of options.
WALKER: What else you got in there? Basically dirt on everyone under Carlene's control prosecutors, judges, politicians.
BAINES: All to grease the wheels of the Knox train.
This is all Carlene's got, so, you better believe she's coming after it.
If we want our lives back, we're gonna have to take Carlene alive.
Just the threat of her exposing the government program that'll be enough to get them to play ball with us.
So, how do we find her? Warren found her at the house before we did, so, if anybody knows, it'd be him.
WALKER: What was he doing there? Great question for when he gets out of surgery.
So, I'm gonna go change, and, uh, head to the hospital.
You guys stay with the cash.
I'll update you guys later.
ISABEL: I don't know about this.
JUSTICE: You know, we could just leave.
We've been messaging for a few days now, and I promised to meet her for coffee.
What am I doing? This woman killed my mom, and I care what I look like.
- So - Izzy, relax.
It's just your nerves.
Yeah, I guess.
Look, you'll be fine.
If things get weird, I'll step in.
I won't take my eyes off you which is kind of hard not to do anyway.
No sweat, man.
No sweat, man.
" Really? That's That's all you got? [LAUGHS] Okay.
Than Thanks for coming.
I'm I'm sorry.
This This is hard.
I shouldn't have asked you to come here.
Uh, no.
No, it it it's fine, I guess.
I know that you tried to come visit me in prison last month.
Seemed like a good idea at the time.
There's so much that I want to say to you, but I'm sure you have questions for me.
How did you get out? I was granted a work-release furlough a few days ago.
I understand how that may make you feel.
Do you? 'Cause they didn't even talk to me or my dad about it.
So, how is that even a little fair? I'm so sorry.
I-I-I assumed your dad was part of the process.
One of the counselors at the work release program pushed me to reach out to you.
I I don't I don't know what to say.
I'll go first.
Do you see her every night when you close your eyes to go to sleep? Because I do.
I see the blood running down her face.
I see the last breath leave her body.
And I see you looking at us, and running away.
MCKENNA: Hey, Syd.
SYD: Hm? Does March 14th, 2014 mean anything to you? That was the day I was shot in Miami.
DISPATCHER: Miami Police Department 911 operator.
What's your emergency? WARREN: There's a woman shot inside the warehouse at 165 Harbor Street.
That's Warren.
- Oh.
- Send an ambulance.
Put a rush on it.
CARLENE: Finish her.
Uh What's going on? Carlene and Warren were there together when I was shot.
They w They were there together! What? Syd! Syd! Just take a second and and think about what you're doing.
Hey, I-I can't talk right now.
- Is everything okay, honey? - No.
Everything is not okay.
ISABEL: Nancy! We're in a black van! Nancy! Nancy! You have something I want.
Nancy! I'm willing to make a trade.
Nancy! We're in a black van, and we're moving sou Shut up! [GRUNTING, STRUGGLING] I'm gonna kill you! [GRUNTING, STRUGGLING] Oh You gotta run And there There they go again The voices in your head Telling you you don't belong here You don't belong here Ah-ha Let go of the light Ah-ha Lean into the fight Ah-ha WARREN: I got it.
Let go of the light Oh-ho Lean into the fight Went a long way when you fell Like an angel in Hell Like an angel in Hell CARLENE: Finish her.
Like an angel in Hell [GUNSHOT] [SCREAMS] Ah-ha Ah-ha Ah-ha Ah-ha Ah-ha [SCREAMS]