La Brea (2021) s03e05 Episode Script

The Road Home, Part 1

It's really nice to
have someone who cares.
To get back down here,
I had to cross some powerful people.
Petra was worried that
they'd come after her.
They must be from the base.
I want to expand your mind
and guide you to the
memories you've lost.
I think I was stealing
some kind of microchip.
The military was
weaponizing time travel.
That microchip contains all
the code to make it possible.
The chip is the key to all of it.
You said you didn't know
why your program was interested in me.
What else have you been lying about?
I'm gonna tell him what's happening.
You're not going anywhere.
Where's Scott?
I tried to fight them off,
but they took him.
It was the people from the base.
We came up with a plan
to dismantle the
project from the inside.
Kevin, I'm your sister.
You're the only family
I have in this world.
We have to shut down the project,
and to do that, we have to go to 1965.
We need to get that
microchip back to 10,000 BC.
Eve's life depends on it.

With this,
we're one step closer
to bringing Eve back.


Izzy said I might find you here.
It's funny.
In a few thousand years,
this is gonna be Eve's favorite spot.
It's called the Wisdom Tree.
She used to like to come up here
because it would help
her see things clearly.
You know, I appreciate
you getting me this.
But now I need to figure out
what the hell to do with it.
Well, the plan was to trade it for Eve.
Yeah, it is.
I honestly don't know if we can trust
whoever's on the other
side of that computer.
No, we can't.
But it's all we have.
I'm so close to getting her back.
If I play this wrong, I lose everything.

Look, it's likely
the person reaching out
is related to that program
that you were a part of.
Is there anything else
you can remember about it?
No. It's a bunch of
memories coming back,
but they're all to do with my sister.

Hey, look, did you, uh, hear
anything back about Paara?
She should have returned
from her trip days ago.
I'm sorry.
You know, I fought so hard
to get back here to her.
Now I have a terrible feeling
it was all for nothing.
No. No, no, no.
Every step of this journey
has seemed impossible,
and somehow, we've always found a way.
All I know is I'm not gonna stop
until I get my family back.
And I don't think you will, either.

You're right about that.


Hey, Veronica.
Can I ask your advice about something?
Of course. What's up?
It's about Leyla.
She offered to take me on
an overnight stargazing trip.
And do you like Leyla?
Then that sounds amazing and romantic.
What's the problem?
There's so much going on right now
with the microchip and my mom
and and learning Josh is in 1965.
So you said no?
But I feel terrible.
You know, Leyla is the first person
I've felt this serious about,
and I'm worried I screwed things up.
Izzy, if you both like each other,
I'm sure you'll find the
right time to go stargazing.
What if there isn't a right time?
I mean, how do you and
Lucas make it work down here?

We figure it out one day at a time.
That's all you can do.
So I say trust your instincts,
and the right moment will show itself.

This came in a few minutes ago.
Yeah. It's pretty convenient.
It's like they already know we have it.
Yeah, I agree.
But I think we need
to see where it goes.
"Bring the chip to Cahuenga
Peak before sunset "

"And you get Eve."

Ask for some kind of assurance
that they'll actually bring her.


Gavin, I don't know.
Hey, look, as much as
I want to get Eve back,
this feels like some kind of a trap.

What's happening?
They want to make a trade today.
That's good news, right?
You hand it over.
You you get your wife back.
I don't know.

What are you debating?

You know, I just need
some time to think.
So let's meet back here in 10 minutes.
Then we make a decision.

Wait up.
What the hell are you doing out here?
I could ask the same thing,
except I know the answer.
- Is that right?
- Yeah.
You're pissed about Scott.
But you can't storm that base alone.
Dude, I'm not storming some damn base.
Well, what the hell
are you doing out here?
I just came out here to see my mom.
Helps me think.
I'm sorry. I didn't realize. I'll go.
You're right about one thing.
I mean, I am pissed about Scott.
The guy's basically my best friend.
And and these people
just find them in the middle of a fire?
Right? They find Levi. They find Petra.
I mean, come on. It's almost
like somebody's feeding them
information, right?

You think it's someone at the Fort?
But hey, I got no leads,
and and I want to
start knocking heads.
But you know, that obviously
wouldn't be great for Veronica.
So I am just out here
trying to calm the hell down.

I get it.
Why don't you come back with me,
help me figure out what's going on
without breaking any noses?

I'll I'll catch up.
Gotta tell my mom the one
piece of good news, right?
About the baby?

Of course.
For what it's worth,
she would have been proud of you.

Gavin, I thought we were
gonna talk this through.
You just left.
But it's my wife's life on the line,
so it's my call.
Hey, look, I get it, okay? I get it.
And if I were in your
shoes, if it were Petra,
I would do the same thing.
In fact, I came out here
to help you make the trade.
You got it all wrong.
I'm not out here to make a trade.
I'm here to destroy it.
Why would you do that?
Because too many people have
already been hurt for this.
And no one should have
this kind of power.
I'll have to find another
way to save Eve's life.

I can't let you do that.

Maya, what are you doing?
I'm taking back what's mine.

I'm gonna need the chip now.
Yeah, that's not gonna happen.


You knew it was me
sending those messages.
You showed your hand,
running in the second the chat
ended, trying to convince me
to make the trade.
Then I realized all your help
how you triggered my memories
you were just using me
to get the microchip.
You are clever, playing on
our deepest fears about our families.
You see, the thing about being separated
from your family is,
you'll do whatever it
takes to get them back.
Now you
you're gonna tell me
exactly where my wife is.



What the hell?
- Hey.
- I found something in the council hut
a radio from the Ladera Air Base.

Gavin and Sam were convinced
Maya was our only problem.
Yeah, but Maya never
set foot in that hut.
Only members of the council are allowed.

I don't get it.
Why would someone on the
council work with the base?
I don't know
but I'm sure as hell
gonna get some answers.
Council's starting.

Let me try to figure this out.
Just be careful.



You're alive.
More or less. [GRUNTS]
It's not exactly the
Four Seasons in here.
- Are you all right?
- Depends on your definition of "all right."
What is this place?
What do they want with us?
I don't know.
They keep interrogating me,
asking me questions about
Gavin and some microchip.
What about Petra?
Is she okay?
I don't know.
They separated us as
soon as we got here.
Yeah, we need to get out.
All of our friends, they're in danger.
What do you mean?
I mean, we found Petra's mom,
Maya Schmidt,
but she lied to us.
She's working with these people.
Did they ask you anything?
Yeah, just about a research paper
I wrote on a fossilized plant.
Do you think that if
you gave them something,
they may let you go?
I gave them everything I could,
which is absolutely nothing.
I was very high when I wrote that paper.
Scott, you have to think.
If there is anything, anything at all
you didn't tell them, it could help us.
Uh no, sorry.
I I've got nothing.
- We can figure this out.
- Yeah.
We can still get out of here.
But I'm gonna need your help.
No, wait.

Levi! Levi!

I'm only gonna ask you one more time.
Where's Eve?
You can threaten me all you want.
But the problem is,
you've lost your leverage.

See my watch?

In 10,000 BC,
time doesn't serve much purpose.
It's a tracking device.
Nobody move!
Guns down now!
On your knees.

Get on your knees!



How did you get here?
I went through the Aurora you did
right before it winked out.
Did Maya get that chip?
There was nothing we could do.
I can't believe this.
You have no clue what
that woman is capable of.
Why don't you enlighten us?
Maya Schmidt is the head of
a private security company
called the Reisander Group.
The Air Force contracted
her to create fighter planes
with time travel capability.
You're telling me the
military is backing this?
No. It's black ops money.
Only a handful of people
are aware it exists.
And no one knows her real plan:
To sell the planes
to the highest bidder,
no questions asked.
We have to stop her.
We have to get to that base now.

Yeah, I remember Paara saying the Fort,
they keep rafts down by the river.
The current could get us there faster.
What are we waiting for?

Hey, hold up.
I'm starting to remember,
uh, how things ended
after we stole that microchip.
Listen, maybe we should talk about it.
Gavin, I tried to give
you a chance again.
Even then, you found
a way to disappoint me.
We need to go.

Something needs to be
done about these abductions
before these soldiers take anyone else.
It's only the newcomers they're after.
So maybe we should talk
about our real problem
and stop sheltering the people
that bring us this trouble.
If not for Veronica,
that fire would have
destroyed our village.
And now there's a new danger
that threatens to destroy us.
I say we put it to a vote.
Do the refugees stay or go?

I understand your position.
But the greatest
danger in this community
doesn't come from my people.

It comes from someone in this room.

I found this earlier today.

Who knows about this?

This is a serious accusation.

I suggest we take a break,
then return with clear heads.


She's not here.
Joseph saw her leaving the Fort
a couple of minutes ago.
Where was she going?
Apparently, she told him something about
an emergency diplomatic meeting
with another tribe.
This doesn't feel right.
Do you really think she
was using that radio?
If it walks like a duck
Did Joseph see which way she went?
He did.
Come on. Maybe we can catch up to her.

Hey, thanks for convincing me to come.
My stress is already lessened.
I knew it would be.
Hey, I should probably head back.
I I want to be there
when my dad gets back.
No, please. I haven't shown you
what I brought you out here for.
After my brother and my father died,
I was lost.
But then I met you, and
you talked about your life
back home, which made me think about
my own life and what I want from it.
I don't want to spend every
day fighting to survive,
scared I'll lose more
people that I love.

Izzy, I think I found a
way for us to just live.
And I want to show it to you
so you can tell me what you think.

- I don't understand.
- You will.
It's not much further, really.

- Okay.
My dad came in this direction.

What if he was here?

I'm an excellent tracker.
Let me help you find him.
I'll get you through this.

Get this to the lab immediately.
Yes, ma'am.
Tell me about the other situation.
Where are we at with the prisoner?
The officer doing Mr.
Israni's interrogation
is here to brief you now.


What the hell?
- You're a spy?
- Scott, shut up. We don't have much time.
So let's just skip the part
where you don't trust me.
Little hard to do when you're wearing
the bad guys' uniform.
Oh, and you've even got the
freaking tattoo. That's cute.
Not for the reasons you might think.
When my wife and daughter died,
I was struggling,
and that's when I found
out about Reisander,
that Maya had operations
throughout time,
including 10,000 BC.
That was my best shot to get
back down here and find James.
So that helicopter was
saving you, not capturing you.
- Yes.
- And they put you in that cell
to get information out of me.
Because they still believe that
I'm on their side, which I am not.
Now, my allegiance is to my friends,
and that includes you.
First, I wouldn't call us friends, okay?
All I know about you is that
you slept with Gavin's wife
and tried to kill his dad.
And if you truly are on our side,
why are you still here?
You should be at the Fort
where Gavin needs you.
Gavin is the reason that I'm still here.
Look, I don't have the time
to explain this all to you.
But you need to listen to
exactly what I have to say.
Now, Maya's on her way
right now to ask you
about that research paper.
What is the big deal with that?
Why is she so interested in it?
Apparently, it has something to do
with the fossilized plants you studied.
They're the key to making
her time travel tech work.
Now, did you show that
paper to anyone else?
- Why would I do that?
All right. Follow my lead.
- What?
No more lies!
Speed bumps, Captain Delgado?
No, ma'am.
Just as I suspected,
Mr. Israni here is claiming
that he didn't show the
paper to anyone else.
But I don't believe him.
Why not?
Because I've spent
enough time with this punk
to know that he's gonna run his
mouth off every chance he gets.
He can spend hours talking
weather to a stranger,
so God knows he couldn't stay quiet
about something like this.
Is that true, Scott?

You understand,
I need to be the sole
owner of this technology,
which means I need to know who you told.
Tell us the truth.
Tell us who you told, now.

Uh wait, okay.
Yes. Yes, you're right.
You're right. I did tell some people.


well, if you weren't such a monster,
maybe I'd give you some names.
But since you are, you
can go screw yourself.

Keep working on him.
Extracting this information
might take some time.
Israni's friends are
undoubtedly coming for him.
I think it'd be safer
if we moved him offsite,
perhaps the long-term detention center.
I wasn't aware you knew
about that facility.
I heard the other
officers discussing it.
I think it's a smart solution.

Very well.
I'll arrange it.

That was perfect.
That was exactly what we wanted.
Great work.

Whatever happened between
us is water under the bridge.
Look, I don't remember everything, okay,
just just that I abandoned you.
What happened?
We both knew we were in
danger when we stole that chip.
So we came up with a pact
to escape the country.
[SCOFFS] I even found us this cute place
in Mexico that fit us all
you, me, Eve, the kids.
You were gonna introduce
them to me when we got there,
tell Eve the truth about our work.
But you changed your mind.
You backed out of Mexico
and let me take all the heat
for stealing that chip.
Look, I can't imagine
how how difficult
- that must have been for you.
- For years, I was on the run.
You had your family. I had no one.
I've never had a real family.
So when you promised
to include me in yours,
it was
it was big.

Hey. Hey, I'm sorry.
I was a different person.
Like I said, it's
water under the bridge.

Guys. Quiet.
I think there's something in the water.


Ah! Ah!

Helena! Where'd she go?

Helena? Helena!

Gavin, she's there!
- Helena, swim.
- Come on.
Swim faster. Come on!

- Swim, swim, swim, swim.
- Come on.


Where'd she go?
- No.
- Helena!
She's just gone.

Gavin! Gavin!
- Gavin!
- You see them?

- It's coming back!
- Gavin, swim!
- Come on. Come on.
- Come on.

Come on.

Come on, come on. Swim!
Swim! Give me your hand!

- Shoot it. Go!
- Now!
- Now!

The base is this way.
you okay?
You could have died.
Yeah, but
after you sacrificed
everything for me and my family,
I wasn't gonna let you get eaten by some
oversized alligator, now was I?
Hey, look.
When this is all over,
I'm gonna make it up to you, okay?
And introduce you to my family.
Our family.

Hold up.

What you got?
There's tire marks.
It means we're getting
closer to the base.
Everyone stay sharp.

Don't move.

We're gonna talk this out.
Why were you working with the base?
I had my reasons.
Those people took
Levi, Petra, and Scott.
What possible reasons could you have?
It's complicated.
But I am responsible.

This doesn't make any sense.
You care about your people.
You wouldn't endanger them like that.

You're covering for someone.
Who is it?

Leyla, hang on.
Are you still following footsteps?
Where are you taking us?
It was supposed to be here.
What's supposed to be here?
Leyla, what's going on?
She told me this is where
I'd find an Aurora to your time.
My time?
This is the place I
was telling you about,
a place to start a new life.
It was supposed to be here.
You wanted the two of us
to go through an Aurora by ourselves?
Leyla, we have friends and
family here who need us.
They'd be okay.
No, you don't know that.
I know you want to escape from here,
but running is not the answer.
And who told you there was gonna be
an Aurora here anyway?
It was Maya Schmidt.
But she lied to you, like
she lies to everyone else.

Is it true? You're working with her?

She said no one would get hurt.
She said she'd help me get out.
And all I had to do was tell her about
the people who came to the Fort.
People like my dad.
You need to fix this.

I have an idea.

This is what the base has
been using to spy on us.
It's encrypted, but
I bet you know the code to unlock it.
That way, we can spy on them.
Come on.

Alpha 1, 1.
This is Bravo 2-5.
We have four targets
acquired south by the river,
one female, three males.
Copy that. Take the targets out.
That could be my dad.
We need to warn them.


[SIGHS] Come on.
The location's just ahead.

I'm sorry about those punches.
You did great.
Oh, jeez. Cheers, Captain.
Now will you tell me why
it's so important for us
to get to this site?
It's where they're holding Eve.
- Eve's here?
- Yeah.
I overheard the other
guards talking about it
when I first arrived to the base.
That's why I stayed.
I've been trying to find her ever since.
But I'm gonna go get her
and make things right.
You mean right for Gavin?
And everyone else.
I stole your chance to get home.
I can't make up for that.
- I'm hoping this'll at least
- Izzy?

- You all right?
- Are you okay?
Where's Dad?
- What do you mean?
- We heard a call.
Said he was spotted south by the river.

- We have to help him.
- No, Izzy, you have to stay here.
These are trained soldiers.
No, I I can do it.
I promise you.
The next time you see me,
your dad's gonna be with me, okay?

Here we go. In position.

On my signal.

Over here!



- Dad!

Hey. Let me see.

It's a gunshot.
No. Levi.
No. No.


Can you, uh
can you all give us a minute?
I'm sorry.

Hey, kiddo.
I love you, Uncle Levi.


What the hell did you
think you were doing?

Eve's here.
She's she's in long-term detention.

Are you sure?
Scott and I were going to get her.
You're gonna find her here.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We're gonna take care of you first.
I'm dying.
It's okay.
I've made peace with
everything but you and me.
Hey, hey.
None of that matters anymore.
You're my brother.

Brothers till the end.
Yeah. Till the end.



He was a good man.
I know what he meant to you.
I'm sorry.

He said that Eve's here
in long-term detention.

Scott just told me the same thing.
And he got the coordinates
off one of the guards.

We should get over there while we can.
It's only a matter of time before
Maya shows up with more soldiers.
We can't just leave him.
That's what he'd want, Dad.

- Okay.

Let's go.

We should be getting close to the site.

What the hell?
Whoa. A double Aurora.

Sam, what's going on?
I don't know.
The detention center
is supposed to be here.
No, hold on. Look.
The note next to the
longitude line says R-E-D, red.
That's the Aurora to '65.

You think that's where
the detention center is?
- And Josh and Riley.
- It makes sense.
Maya has a full operation in 1965
with a detention area too.
Then that's where we gotta go.
Gavin, wait.
You need to save Eve, but you
also have to finish what we started.
When you get to '65,
you have to destroy
Maya's infrastructure.
How am I supposed to do that?
I'll show you.
I'm coming with you.
Let's go get our families back.


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