La Femme Nikita (1997) s03e21 Episode Script

Playing with Fire (1)

He's going into shock. Stabilize. Push.
Get him into One. Let's go.
Let's move. Get him into One.
His condition?
- Barely alive.
- This man cannot die.
Of course.
Blood pressure dropping.
- Madeline?
- Yes.
The target has been preserved.
I'm on my way.
Mr. Terik, we almost lost you.
Where am I?
Section One.
Section One?
Why am I alive?
We saved your life,
and now we'd like something in return.
The group you belong to, Crimson Storm
we'd like to know
where their base camp is.
Thank you.
You just never quit.
Yes, Mick?
Picture this:
Venice, it's 5:00 in the morning
and I'm just walking back to my hotel,
from where, you don't have to know
and I see this in a window,
and I say to myself:
- Here. It's fun. Look at it. It's nice.
- I can't take gifts from you.
Pity. Still, I do need a favor.
What would that be?
Me mom. She's coming into town
next week for a quick visit.
What's the favor?
She has a certain, how can I say,
impression of who I am.
What does she think you do?
She thinks I'm a dentist.
A dentist?
- An oral surgeon, actually.
- Who's married to
A gorgeous, leggy, blonde,
blue-eyed chippie.
- That would be you.
- No way, Mick.
- No, I can't do it.
- Come on.
One night, dinner. I'll cook.
She's old.
I might never see her again,
and it will mean the world to her.
- Lf I say yes, will you leave?
- Yes!
And could you take that one down
'cause it is a bit much, isn't it?
- Mom's conservative when it comes to art.
- Don't push.
- I hear it went well in Monrovia.
- We got what we wanted.
It looks like the directive is holding.
Michael and Nikita seem to have made
a clean break.
Unless they're putting on a show for us.
What are their levels?
Nikita is 98%,
and Michael's essentially 100%.
- As good as ever.
- We'll see.
Yesterday, Gunter Terik provided us
with a location
of his primary base camp. Birkoff.
It's heavily fortified.
Wetwear in the triple digits.
Shadow approach is the best way in.
Make no mistake.
Crimson Storm is
a paramilitary liberation cell
but their kamikaze behavior
makes them unpredictable.
They hit hard and fast.
Their message of freedom
is delivered in bold public displays.
They consider their fight
more noble than political
which makes them a class "A" threat.
We're estimating
a high degree of resistance.
20% casualty rate.
- What about their arsenal?
- What we need are the detonation chips.
Nikita will be handling retrieval.
Operatives are all on standby.
I've given some more thought
about our earlier conversation.
About Michael and Nikita?
I suggest planting an observer.
- Already done.
- Who?
You're on the bench for this one.
What are you doing?
Snow's out. I'm in.
- Under whose authority?
- Operations.
No, not that one. This is yours.
- Thanks.
- It's a pleasure.
Take care of yourself.
You wanted to see me?
When Michael's team returns
I want you to sweep their panels.
That's no concern of yours.
What am I looking for?
Anything under the wire.
Most likely, it will be encrypted.
You're looking for sub-contact
between operatives?
- I'll get on it as soon as they get back.
- Good.
Nikita, move to your first position.
First Team is in the target zone.
Okay, Nikita, go.
Nikita, you're clear.
Move to your second position.
Birkoff, they changed the entry code.
Okay, jack me in.
Try it now.
Got it.
- Nikita has possession.
- Evacuate and eliminate.
Okay, we're out of here.
Birkoff, I'm surrounded.
I need immediate egress.
Michael, retrieval's under fire.
Where's Nikita?
They've got her. Retrieval's gone gray.
We've a hostage situation.
Tell Michael to proceed
with a contingency three.
Davenport has flank.
The rest of the team is on return.
We'll stagger approach. Stay close.
Birkoff, take us off follow-up.
Michael wants to go dark.
- Is that prudent?
- Makes sense.
The entire perimeter's a hot zone
and Crimson Storm
has satellite-tracking capabilities.
- Drop him.
- Dark approach granted.
Damn it!
We have one hour.
What happened?
They grabbed me
and everything just went blank, like
She was drugged.
- Was she interrogated?
- No. I got there before they started.
How many?
Three, but they had a contingency.
They escaped?
Birkoff's tracing the location.
- They didn't hurt you, did they?
- No.
Didn't get a chance to do any real damage.
Could I get your panel?
I can't say.
I usually hand it in to Walter.
I know, but this is coming
straight from Madeline.
What's she looking for, Birkoff?
- Are you okay, sugar?
- I'll live. There's a problem.
That's fine, thanks.
- What is it?
- Birkoff picked up my panel.
- But I didn't sanitize it.
- I know.
Do you think he'll find it?
Are you kidding? Birkoff?
He'll find it all right.
You just take it easy, okay?
What is this?
That's the one I'm looking for.
Madeline asked me
to do a sweep for debrief.
Any particular reason?
She's looking for intercommunication
between Section Ops.
Anything under the wire.
- What are you thinking?
- I was helping two friends.
Being a messenger for Nikita and Michael
is not helping them.
It's digging their graves and yours.
You weren't supposed to even see
that panel.
But I did. Now I have to turn it in.
You can't be serious.
If Madeline sent this to Cryptoanalysis,
they'd spot it in a second.
I have to.
- When's she expecting your report?
- 3:00.
All right, give me till then.
- To do what?
- I don't know. I'll think of something.
Look, we are talking about
Michael and Nikita, remember?
And you.
- Come on, Birkoff.
- No, I'm not going down with you guys.
I read your debrief.
I see everything went
according to contingency.
Not everything.
Is there something you want to tell me?
I have detected a secondary layer.
- You think there's another base camp?
- Yes.
Our intel says no.
I'd like to take a small recon team
into the field to be certain.
Who do you recommend?
Sinclair. Mignola. Nikita.
I'll consider it.
- Have you spoken to Walter?
- Yes.
What are we going to do?
And if Birkoff tells Madeline?
Deny everything.
Michael, we're playing with fire.
I know.
It's 3:00.
Do what you got to do.
Find anything?
What is it?
between Nikita and Michael.
What does it say?
Off-profile information.
It details a rendezvous point and time.
Was this the Antakya mission?
Who planted it?
A third party.
Thank you, Birkoff.
You can leave now.
Michael and Nikita
are having outside contact.
They've been able to avoid surveillance
by invoking dark approach.
- Who's the facilitator?
- Walter.
Take care of it.
Walter, I would like to see you
in my office.
I'll be right there.
Walter, you here?
Madeline told me about your discovery.
We're both pleased
you made the right decision.
Is Walter going to die?
Not if he cooperates.
Walter's a friend, I understand.
Friendship is inevitable
under these conditions.
It's something we tolerate to an extent.
I don't see how a relationship
between two operatives can be dangerous.
It's not just two operatives, is it?
Walter facilitates the liaisons.
There's no telling
how many other operatives
Michael and Nikita used
to conceal their relationship.
My mother was ill
most of the time I knew her.
She hardly left the house except
for doctors' appointments
and spending time with her flowers.
She found solace in her gardening.
One day, her favorite plant got sick
started to affect all the other plants.
In no time, the entire garden was dying.
What did she do?
She went to the source.
She found some of the roots
were decaying
so she plucked the dead ones.
It didn't take long
for the garden to start growing again.
Stop by Data.
There's a problem with a delta file.
Did you really think
you could get away with this?
It doesn't matter. It's what they wanted.
It's called living.
- Living.
- Look it up.
- It's in the dictionary.
- Walter, you're a 60-year-old teenager.
By helping them,
you're only jeopardizing their future.
And what future might that be?
We have bigger plans
for Michael and Nikita.
All they wanted was to be together.
That's all.
You and I aren't privy
to what goes on
when they're together, are we?
What are you going to do to me?
It depends on your level of cooperation.
What do you want to know?
Walter's gone.
He took some downtime.
Is that what they told you? Are you sure?
Where's Birkoff?
Operations has him
troubleshooting in Data.
Walter won't talk.
We should never have
brought him into this.
He offered to help.
I don't know what I'll do if they hurt him.
Go home, Nikita.
You're supposed to be on downtime.
I'll see what I can find out.
All right, where did I go to dental school?
- I give up. Where did you go?
- You're not listening.
Bristol College.
Pay attention.
- This is not a game.
- I'm listening.
If Mom suspects
the slightest dissemblance
- even for an instant
- I'm listening.
I won't get my inheritance, will I?
- So that's what this is really about.
- No.
Absolutely not.
I want her to know that she's produced
at least one worthwhile member
of society.
- Didn't realize you had a brother, Mick.
- Don't go there, all right?
Bristol College.
We met at the St. James's Club.
You come from a wealthy family
of New Zealand sheepherders.
If she asks for details, tell her that
that they were all tragically
killed in an avalanche.
- Avalanche?
- Yes.
And you don't drink.
Come on, Popsicle, stay with me.
This is important. Mom arrives tomorrow.
A lot can happen
between today and tomorrow.
Such as?
Never you mind, Mick.
All right.
Let's have it.
Come on. All of it.
I just don't fit into Section One, that's all.
And I think they finally figured that out.
- How did it go with Walter?
- There was no resistance.
Did he tell you how he did it?
He's been layering their panels
with encryption.
- Why do you think he helped them?
- He thinks it's harmless.
It could be what they're telling him.
Do you think they're just using Walter?
Making him think
that it's something to do
with their relationship
when it's really about something else?
Michael was comfortable running Section
while you were at Center.
- Will Walter cooperate with us?
- Yes.
Good. Have him prepare their panels.
- We'll send them back into the field.
- I think that's wise.
We should find out
exactly what they're doing
before determining a course of action.
I've approved your request for field recon.
- I'll inform my team.
- Isn't necessary.
This is intelligence gathering only.
I was thinking a two-man team.
It'll reduce our exposure.
Who else did you have in mind?
- She'll work.
- I think so.
How was your downtime?
- It was very relaxing.
- Good.
- Word has it you're going out.
- Recon.
- Nikita, too?
- Yes.
It'll be on your panel and Nikita's.
Thank you.
A secondary layer was detected
during the Antakya mission
a substation manned
by Crimson Storm's Head Strategist,
Vilas Navarro.
We're going to need a broad sweep
with a hard target search.
Full air support is on standby
in case of a confirm.
Further details are on your panels.
That's all.
- Birkoff.
- Birkoff, come with me.
So which one's mine?
You all right?
Yeah, fine.
- You want to talk about it?
- There's nothing much to say, sugar.
Just take care of yourself, okay?
Walter gave us the rendezvous point.
The location's been prepped.
Stay one layer out
until we give you the signal.
Sir, Nikita and Michael will resist capture.
You're cleared for extreme force.
I'm sorry, sir.
I'll need you to be more explicit.
They are not to escape.
Kill them if necessary.
What do you know about this
shadow team attached to recon?
Operations is setting a trap
for Michael and Nikita.
Walter, I'm sorry.
- Birkoff, what are you doing here?
- I was just
These are the two I want you to sweep,
right here.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I need you in Comm.
Recon's about to hit their first mark.
Yes, sir.
First Team, report.
I'm detecting a kappa signal.
I'm not picking up anything.
It's here. We have to disconnect.
I don't think that's a good idea, Michael.
Just do it, Birkoff.
Do as he says. Take them off the board.
We don't want to take a chance
of Navarro tunneling into the system.
- All right, First Team, you're on your own.
- It's just a matter of time.
It's a pity it had to come to this.
Proceed to your first mark, Team Two.
- Sir, how long do you want us to wait?
- As long as it takes.
- What is it, Birkoff?
- First Team has returned.
They brought back Vilas Navarro.
Michael was right.
Navarro had a kappa transmitter.
Yeah, I understand
but you're absolutely sure
she was on that flight?
And it landed at 6:00?
Yeah, all right. Thanks.
I don't know what could
have happened to her.
Maybe I should check the hospitals.
I knew I should have gone
to pick her up myself.
Hello? Hello, Mom. Yeah, where are you?
Yeah, I thought they Yeah. Right.
All right, then. Thanks for calling.
Where is she?
- She's not going to be able to make it.
- Why?
- She ran into somebody at the airport.
- Who?
Felix, he's an old flame.
He's a bit of a cad, actually.
Used to make her pay
for her own dinners when they went out.
She's going to spend a couple of hours
with him instead of with me.
Come on, Mick, let's have some dinner.
No, you know what?
It's fine. You go ahead. It's cool.
You sure? It's ready.
You're really great, you know that?
It was a nice thing you
were going to do for me.
Don't sweat it. You didn't have a choice.
I should have done something.
What? And risk your neck? I don't think so.
You did. For Nikita and Michael.
What can I say?
I'm a sucker for seeing people happy.
So, how did they know about the trap?
There's a few tricks
I haven't told you about.
- Now, first, you take
- No, it's okay. I don't want to know.
I think we should proceed
with our original plan.
It's dangerous.
Then proceed with caution.
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