La Fortuna (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 Dad! Yeah? Tony wants to talk to you.
Ok, I'll be right there.
What's up? The sonar detected it a minute ago.
They don't look like rocks.
Whatever they are, they're spread out across the whole sea floor.
And we're seeing more and more.
Guys! Kill the engine.
Okay, boss.
Go downstairs and reconnect the transmitters for five minutes.
I just need to verify our position.
Okay? You got it, boss.
What do you think, Frank? Could be shells.
Come on, Dad! Those are not shells.
Release the shark.
Look! Back there.
That's a cannon.
Go to the left.
Turning thirty-three degrees to the west Is that part of a barrel? Zoom in.
Oh, my God Those look like I know.
Those are not shells, boss.
Those are not shells! Okay.
So My team and I have no idea which galleon that is down there.
But if you remember the beginning of "Titanic," when they open up the safe and they find nothing but wet paper I think we just got a little bit luckier! Yeah! Yes! Yes! Break it open! Rex! ¡Shhh! ¡Rex! Rex! ¡Shhh! MINISTRY OF CULTURE BUILDING A MINISTRY OF CULTURE BUILDING B SPAIN Sorry, that always happens to me.
Good morning, I'm Alejandro Ventura, I have an appointment with ID.
I have an appointment with the Minister's Cabinet Chief.
Can you wait there for a moment? Sure.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Do you know how long I'll have to keep waiting? So you just got out of diplomatic school.
- Yes, I was - I saw, number one in your class.
You'll be consul in no time, or who knows, maybe ambassador, huh? Thank you.
Look, Alejandro.
I'll be straight with you.
We don't need a "diplo" here.
A what? A diplomat.
But the president's office made us create the position.
But I took this job to be the Minister's diplomatic adviser.
Yeah, and I'm the Cabinet Chief and here I am answering phones.
We haven't gotten back on our feet since the financial crisis.
- Of course.
- Look, Alejandro.
What we need here are civil servants.
But real civil servants, who fight to promote our culture.
Not diplomats in suits.
I mean no offense, eh? But if you don't like the job, there's no problem.
Sir, we diplomats are civil servants above all else.
We've sworn total loyalty to the State for life, for better or worse.
I can see you know your theory very well.
Okay, then.
Go out there and prove it.
Bego, I said no more calls.
Who? Oh, yes, yes.
Yes, yes.
- What? - Then when will I see the Minister? Do you like receiving letters? Of course.
What about answering them? "Dear Ambassador" No, no, no - "Distinguished Ambassador" - Here are some more.
Wild, the storm is not going to lighten up and it will continue like this all the way to Atlanta.
So? The captain suggests we reroute to the airport in Augusta.
Too far.
Frank What? No, I'm not gonna leave this stuff that far away from the warehouse.
It's too risky.
- Risky? - Yeah.
What do you call this? We are going to end up crashing! Tony, airplanes don't crash because of a storm.
Tell the pilot we prefer to go on to Atlanta.
Thank you.
All right, Mr.
I told you, Tony.
What? You should have flown American.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Wait, I want to say something! Let me say one thing.
Okay, yes it is like we've won the jackpot.
That's true.
But I just want to say that for me, the real treasure is not the money.
Of course not! You see this? This is more than just a piece of gold.
This is a dream.
Now, imagine the owner, hundreds of years ago.
He's coming home, from a colony, with his life savings.
Finally going to be reunited with his family Finally going to lift them up out of poverty.
That is what we have brought back to life.
Not him.
He's dead.
He's very dead.
But the dream.
And I can hold it in my hands.
That is the real treasure for me.
Thank you.
Now I have to go play dad.
Hey, you! Come on, let's go.
Okay, so do you have everything? The rest is in the car Dad, I was thinking I've still got two weeks left of vacation.
So Why don't I stay? Help out I can help out with the books? Amy, we talked about this.
You need to go be with your mother in London.
- I don't want any trouble.
- Okay.
But I have something for you.
This is the best one.
Don't tell anybody.
You know I couldn't have done it without you, right? Save that bullshit for everyone else! Can I have a hug or something? - Thanks, Dad.
- All right.
Thank you.
All right.
Love you.
- You better go.
- Okay.
I'll call you when I get there.
Yeah, call me when you get there.
- Bye, Susan.
- Goodbye, sweetie.
Have a good trip.
This is going to be huge, Frank.
The stock will skyrocket.
You need to call a press conference right now.
No, no.
We need to close out Bradley & Corbyn First.
Do you really want me to continue with that? It will cost us a fortune.
I don't care.
We need to neutralize that old grouch.
No matter what.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Boss? Come in! Your snack.
And some documents from upstairs.
Liz I think I dozed off.
I think it's because I'm getting old.
You were already like that twenty years ago.
- Shall I serve you? - Don't try to be nice now.
Yes, thank you.
Where did you say this is from? From upstairs.
They only need your signature.
Call Lucía.
Who? Lucía Vallarta, in Madrid.
I need to talk to her.
It's okay.
Thank you.
Hello, partner.
How are you? I can ask them to put us on the terrace if you want.
If you want to smoke.
I haven't smoked in ages, Frank.
Oh, I didn't know.
I quit too.
Except for the occasional joint, you know.
Good habits.
Some things are hard to die.
May I have an iced tea, please? Thank you.
Okay, so what is this all about? What do you mean? You're the one who called me.
Some fool in my office thought I wouldn't bother to to read this.
Oh, yeah, hmm.
Is this some sort of practical joke? What would you think that? Frank, I'm a partner in the firm you want to hire.
I would never let them sign you.
We are the antithesis of everything you need.
I don't think you get it, Jonas.
I don't? You are exactly what I need.
Honestly, I don't believe you.
How have you changed so much? Me? I'm still the man I always was.
The man who beat you in every trial.
Must I remind you? Thank you.
No, I mean, you're You're always You're fighting yourself.
Now you're a five-dollar psychiatrist.
What the fuck are you talking about? Jonas, have you forgotten when you wanted to be Matthew Henson and reach the North Pole? And I wanted to be Howard Carter, and I wanted to find Tutankhamun Yes! Right.
When we used to stay up at night, reading stories about Troy and Atlantis and we dreamt of crossing the Amazon I know it was a long time ago and you're really old but you've got to remember that.
Right? This is what you and I were born to do, Jonas.
To discover.
Just like Indiana Fucking Jones! I think it's time for us to put the past behind us and start to work together again.
And for me, your legal advice would be Well, it would just It would be a great honor.
You know, I have to admit, I did not expect this.
I know.
I know.
You still have that magic, Frank.
That capacity to shatter perceptions.
Well, guess who I learn that from? Talk about inspiring.
Making someone feel like they're part of - A great adventure.
- Yeah.
Because that's what life is.
It's a great fucking adventure! That was our motto.
Come on.
You know? I don't know.
I think you might be mistaken.
I think you probably want my brother Martin with you, because he believed in all your bullshit.
But me? I was always skeptical.
"The Party Pooper," that was what you used to call me.
You know? The obstacle that always got in the way.
And perhaps I'm still that obstacle, to some extent, huh? I'm the one that forces you to hand over the treasures you steal to the museums.
That's what Indiana Jones did: stop pirates like you.
Nice try, "partner.
" Why don't you try my brother? But I doubt he'll take your call.
It's me.
Yeah, no, this was a waste of time.
So why don't you call the press conference? Alejandro! The Minister.
What minister? Come on, hurry up! The Minister wants to see me? - Me? - Yes.
- Okay - Go, go, go! What? And I get stuck holding the bag, as usual? There's no budget Look, there he is.
I understand that English is your second language.
Well, I'm practically bilingual, sir.
Okay, I need you to translate for the Minister.
- Doesn't he speak English? - Not as well as he'd like.
And this will be English with a Korean accent.
- What? - Yes, of course.
Now they dump the Koreans on us.
"Hey, have Culture entertain them" I bet not a single other minister will come.
They treat us like crap, damn it.
Minister, this is Ambassador Song Kyung.
Nice to meet you.
in the name of her government, for the invitation.
Oh, thank you.
Sir, come this way for the official photo, please.
Oh, the photos Minister, sir, over here.
Let's see - Mazas.
Where? - Here, here.
Okay, the photos.
Sir, look over here, please.
Minister, sir, over here! On your left, please! Ugh, photos and more photos.
She says I'm sorry, but I think she said just the opposite Sorry? Hey, this kid speaks Korean! Yes, of course.
Minister - Where did that come from? - What? Studying Korean.
Oh, right.
My father was a military attaché in Seoul and I lived there for four years.
- Shit, you're the diplo! - Yeah, the diplo.
I've always, always admired diplos.
I would have liked to have been one, but I'm not cut out for it.
Many other writers have been great diplomats, you know? And here I am, Minister of Culture, but they won't let me do anything.
Culture is over.
Goodbye! This country doesn't understand that culture is what matters most.
It's everything! Lope de Vega, Cervantes, Calderón, Picasso, Dalí Velázquez.
Velázquez, damn it! Him! That's our oil! The Minister had to go, but I'll give it to him on your behalf.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
Of course.
You can count on our ministry for anything.
- Culture is what matters most.
- Of course.
It's like our oil, right? A lot of things.
Right now I'm handling communications for the Minister.
- Really? - Yeah, we're totally close.
Hey, I gave you my card, right? This is awesome.
Awesome My cell phone My cell phone Yes? - Alejandro Ventura? - Yes, speaking.
I'm calling everyone in the Cabinet but nobody is answering.
It's two in the morning, ma'am.
You're the diplomatic adviser, right? Yes, that's me.
Turn on Euronews, please.
- Are you watching? - Hold on a second It's hard to calculate exactly what it's actually worth, mostly because we still don't know the identity of the ship But I can guarantee you it's not chump change.
Can you tell me what's going on? The wreckage found by Atlantis could contain a treasure of great value, judging by the words of its president Frank Wild at their press conference yesterday afternoon.
But I can garantee you, it's not chump change.
I can assure you it's not chump change Definitely not chump change.
Okay, you'll handle the National Awards in Barcelona, you'll try to change the Minister's trip to Seville to July And you, Ventura.
- Yes? - If you've had enough coffee, because you look pretty thick today What was so urgent that you needed to tell us? All I know is what they told me at Historic Preservation.
- Wow, Lucía Vallarta.
- Yes.
That the ship - the Americans found might be ours.
- Yeah, she sent me three emails this morning and I already told her: How could it possibly be our ship if not even the Americans know which it is? Well, they don't know, or they won't say.
They didn't offer any navigational data at the press conference.
And she said they've been operating in the Strait for months now.
That's kind of suspicious, right? Lucía Vallarta always thinks everything is suspicious.
Enough of this nonsense, we have no time to waste.
Regina Mr.
Mazas Honestly, I think the Minister should be informed right away.
Why don't you inform him, since you two are "totally close"? His office is right there.
Go in and tell him.
But remember: tell him about the mystery ship, the treasure He's only busy approving the next budget.
I think he won't tell you to go fuck yourself.
- It's not fair.
- I know.
I said no to a job in Brussels to be here.
Brussels! - To be treated like a dog.
- Tell me about it.
- It's not fair.
- And we're stuck here.
We're civil servants! Hold on Yes, what is it? HISTORIC PRESERVATION Hello? Is anyone here? Hello? Hello? Is anyone here? Looking for something? Thank God.
I thought I'd never find my way out of here.
Yeah, it happens all the time.
People get lost forever and end up starving to death.
I'm from the Minister's office.
I'm looking for Lucía Vallarta.
Damn, finally! - Damn? Excuse me? - I talked to you last night, right? So what's the office going to do? We can't just say nothing.
No, no.
Well, I don't know.
We don't have a clear position yet.
What do you think? Okay, so they blew you off.
Come upstairs with me, I have to feed him.
Atlantis is one of the biggest treasure hunting companies in the world.
This guy has so much money he can operate at depths others can only dream about.
Interesting guy, huh? He goes around finding treasure Plundering, make no mistake.
What Frank Wild does is stealing.
The guy is a fucking pirate! He's been after something big for a while now and I'm afraid this time he found it.
What do you mean? Two years ago Atlantis requested a permit to search for an English ship in the Strait.
The Surrey.
But given their history, the Andalusian government rejected them, and so did we.
But then all of a sudden the Foreign Office gave them the permit.
Why? They messed up, as usual.
This is Spain.
Anyway We demanded that Atlantis keep us informed of their movement, but nothing.
No navigational data, they wouldn't let our technicians go with them We got more and more pissed off, until what had to happen did.
- They found the Surrey.
- No, no.
The ship is Spanish, I told you.
Alex! You have to get me in to see the Minister.
Your boss is a fucking wall, he always - blows me off.
- That's not so easy.
To do that I would need some proof.
- Proof that - Jonas Pierce.
What? Who? The world's best Maritime Law attorney.
He won two important cases for us three years ago.
Before your time.
- Right.
- We stayed in touch.
Yeah, I remember him.
And? He called me last week to tell me that Atlantis tried to sign his firm as legal counsel.
It's obvious.
What Lucía means is that, if they had signed, Jonas Pierce wouldn't be allowed to represent us this time.
Conflict of interest.
Which means the ship they found is ours.
We just have to identify it, prove it was Spanish, take Atlantis to court and get back what they fucking stole from us! Sorry.
That's all? Okay, look.
If this ministry wanted to look into this "discreetly" where would we start? Algeciras.
Why Algeciras? Because the Pioneer, Atlantis' ship, was sailing through the Strait.
We should go there and investigate anything we can.
For example, its usual routes.
And where do I find investigators? This isn't Central Intelligence! Oh, Mazas.
I know the captaincies and bureaucracy in that area better than anyone.
I know exactly where to look.
Excuse me Lucía.
I'm handling the case - for the Cabinet - Sure.
And? So maybe I should go with you, right? Why, in case I get lost? Take my advice, kid.
Vallarta here Miss.
is a force to be reckoned with.
What I mean is, like you said, you know the subject.
For me it would be an honor to go with you and learn from you.
I don't know, from your experience.
Thank you.
Excuse me, sir, but several media outlets are asking for your statement.
My statement? We've gotten calls from EFE, Europa Press, the TV stations What statement are you talking about? On the wreckage.
They want to know if it's Spanish, our position Our position? How should I know? Who spilled the beans? Goddamn it! Here we go with the leaks again, Mazas! The media smells a story and they won't stop.
This is going to snowball.
We have to tell them something.
Don't we? Now.
Mazas! Okay, shit, sir, yes! The investigation committee will consist of representatives, obviously, from the Ministry of Culture, the Foreign Office, the Treasury, the Andalusian government, the Navy, the Civil Guard and all of our institutions, of course.
- An In Rem? - Exactly.
We register our discovery and if someone wants to challenge our ownership they only have 7 days to file a claim.
It will alert Spanish authorities! You think they don't already know? It would be worse to do nothing and give them more time to find out the name of the ship.
That's exactly what will happen if we keep making mistakes, like your press conference! Press conferences are what makes our stock price go up! Hey, Tony, are you going to tell me how to do my job?! Guys, wait, wait.
I love Spain.
It's great.
The people, the sun, the wine The endless amounts of ham But the politicians? They've just announced they're putting together an investigation committee.
Oh, shit.
But I wouldn't worry about it.
If I know them, it will take them a week to set it up, three to meet and ten to realize that they can't agree on anything Do we really want to leave the treasure in the hands of those people? I don't think so.
Request the In Rem and then we wait.
Okay? Marihuana? You haven't smoked that stuff in ages.
Yeah, well, you know Old habits Maggie What do you think of me? What? How much weed have you smoked already? No, seriously.
How would you describe me? Would you say I'm daring? In what sense? You know, like Matthew Henson.
Or James Beckwourth.
Indiana Jones.
I know, I should never have asked you.
- I'm just an old stick in the mud.
- Well, you're also stubborn, gluttonous, chaotic, pretty obsessive Okay, okay, okay, that's enough.
Sweetheart, you're the most wonderful man I have ever met.
What's all this about? I suggest you put that out and come to bed, okay? Yeah The Administration won't do anything.
And if they do, it's always late and wrong, like setting up that committee, you'll see.
This country is fucking unbelievable.
What made you pick this line of work? - Historic Preservation? - Yeah.
I mean, it must be frustrating feeling like nobody appreciates what you do.
Ugh, it's a long story.
I'll tell you some other time.
What about you? No, no, wait.
Let me guess.
You became a diplomat to travel the world, meet important people and do important things.
To serve my country.
But so far you've only seen the four walls of your office.
I don't have an office.
You were inspired by Salgari's novels, Tintin comics and you're crazy about opera.
How do you know all that? Just by looking at you.
- What do you mean? - No, I'm kidding.
I saw it on your Facebook.
You've been snooping in my Facebook? I need to know who I'm working with, especially if it's a guy.
Well, you forgot one thing.
What really inspired me as a kid were those Jacques Cousteau documentaries.
Remember them? Sure I do, my parents used to watch them.
The crew, with those red hats, crossing the ocean What expeditions! But you're only 25 years old, how did you see them? I saw reruns.
- You blow me away.
- Why? That's more from back in my day, kid.
Your day? How old are you? - Ugh, don't ask.
- Why not? Because I'm quite a bit older than you, kid.
Really? I thought you were my age, maybe even younger.
Younger? What are you talking about? Are you pulling my leg? Not at all.
You have this energy, like Like what? Let's hear this bullshit.
Hey, I'm being serious.
Alex, spare me your diplomacy.
Knock it off.
ROCK OF GIBRALTAR, UNITED KINGDOM ALGECIRAS BAY, SPAIN Like I said, the Pioneer always left port from Gibraltar.
They granted the permit, not us.
Yeah, but what I don't understand is why you didn't monitor their routes in Spanish waters.
Because my department has been warning you about this for years.
Look, Mrs Miss.
Regarding any maritime operation I only take orders from upstairs.
Exactly, and they asked you to intervene.
No, excuse me.
We're the ones who asked to intervene.
But someone always stopped us with a formality.
A signature, a permit Do you get what I'm trying to say? Look, I'm I'm sick of you people passing the buck all the time! Meanwhile Atlantis is laughing at us, plundering our heritage right under our fucking noses! - Okay, take it easy - Hell, no! I won't fucking take it easy! This is a disgrace.
Don't get so upset, we almost ended up in the brig.
Are you one of those people who get scared when they see a uniform? I think he was straightforward.
It was typical bureaucracy, you said so yourself.
No, Alex.
There's more to this.
Somebody is protecting Atlantis, and for a while now.
A conspiracy? Excuse me! Talk to Horacio Valverde.
Who? A legionnaire who lives here in Algeciras.
He'll make your head spin, but do it.
Thank you! Horacio Valverde.
Who is it? We'd like to talk to Horacio Valverde.
We're from Maritime Patrimony.
Hello? Come in, come in.
He doesn't do anything.
Shut up, Rex! Come in, come in.
Lucía Vallarta.
Alejandro Ventura.
Nice to meet you.
Shut up, Rex! Come in.
But you're civilians.
I asked to speak to the Army.
This is a State matter.
- No, like I said - Oh, you're from Intelligence.
But you're not And sir, you look too young.
Are you an intern? - How could they send an intern? - This is a State matter, damn it! Sir, the Civil Guard Command said you could help us.
- They did? - Yes.
I've been in there a dozen times to file complaints and not a chance! Rex, will you shut up? Proof, they say.
What more proof do they want? Come here.
I have photos of everything.
I suspected ever since I saw them lurking in the Strait.
Godoy orders the Navy Minister to prepare four warships, okay? Wait.
Manuel de Godoy? Of course.
Charles IV's favorite, damn it.
Who did you say you were again? A SECRET LOCATION IN THE U.
Thank you.
Godoy sensed war was coming War with England, right? So in 1804 he ordered a mission to gather all the riches available in America.
Do you know what that means? Do you know what those four ships were bringing to Spain? Of course I do.
Two million silver and gold coins.
Silver and gold brought from all over America.
I made my calculations.
Here it is.
Just in the ship that sank there would be, in today's numbers, the equivalent of 500 million dollars.
Commander, the cargo is loaded.
Officer, prepare to set sail.
500 million? - But that would be - That is the biggest underwater treasure of all time.
And now it's theirs.
This Court hereby grants the initiation of the In Rem process against unidentified shipwrecked vessel.
There will now be a period of seven days for any interested parties to appear to present any objections.
otherwise, after that deadline the wreckage will be awarded to the discoverer, Mr.
Frank Wild.
Court is adjourned.

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