La Frecuencia Kirlian (2017) s02e01 Episode Script

El Escape de Bilder

I'm not sure this is
the right place,
but I called everywhere,
and no one listens.
I called the police, the firemen,
even the Church.
But nothing.
My name is Boris Bilder,
and I've been kidnapped
for at least two years.
I don't really recall my
life before I was here.
I only know what's
written on my file,
and that we're in Kirlian.
At first I thought
I should be thankful.
Because at least, I was alive.
But then, at night,
my mind changed.
I don't need to tell you
I couldn't sleep.
Nobody sane could,
with those screams.
Months passed and insomnia
became my way of life.
The screams wouldn't stop,
and I couldn't get some sleep.
Days became eternal.
And nights, endless.
One August morning, they brought
a girl and sat her next to me.
She died next week.
I never got to know her name.
I tried to kill myself
the only way I could.
But even the few functioning
organs I had were against me.
We need to get out of here.
I was becoming insane.
You're not becoming insane.
His name was Luis Lachman.
He was also admitted and claimed
it was essential we got out of there.
He said they experimented on us,
measured our resistance to pain.
That they tried to
enhance our genes.
That they had fun
mixing substances.
That it was the cause of
the screams we heard at night.
And, in the worst-case scenario
Mr. Velazquez?
Mr. Velazquez?
what're you doing here?
Rabbits! Rabbits everywhere!
Yes, sure, "rabbits".
Let's go back to your
room, Mr. Velazquez.
Tonight I felt the need to
mourn for my sanity.
Kirlian had taken it.
The next day Lachman sat
besides me, next to the window.
He told me his name was
Lachman indeed.
But his body wasn't his.
He was paralyzed, like me,
in the room next to mine.
He told me they injected us
with something that had
a side effect they overlooked.
He told me we had the ability to
communicate telepathically,
and snatch bodies
with damaged minds.
We were gonna hijack other minds
to carry our bodies, and leave Kirlian.
That night, the screams
were worse than ever.
Maybe Lachman was right,
maybe they did experiment on us.
Maybe we really could
manipulate other bodies,
or maybe I was becoming
as insane as he was.
In any case
The Clinic was to blame.
The next months
were training months.
Lachman and I shared the substitute's
body to learn how to drive it.
After some time, Lachman
stopped speaking to me.
He was taken to the limit.
He was murdered.
I was going to have
to escape on my own.
And suddenly
Wrong floor.
There wasn't much time left,
they were getting close
I needed to get down two floors.
And I had to do it quick.
I was late.
I need your help.
I need your help!
Are you still there?
I think we lost the signal.
Who is this?
You are live,
on The Kirlian Frequency.
Like every night, all night.
We had a situation with
one of our patients.
I apologize.
We were speaking
to Mister Bilder
Is he still there?
There is no Mister Bilder here.
A word of hope for every
'Mister Bilder' out there.
If you can listen:
We are wating for you,
we know you're gonna make it.
We need you outside.
The Night of the Comet is coming.
That 'video-game' fashion
finally arrived on Kirlian,
and took six lives already.
Are they really dangerous?
O we're just playing them wrong?
We'll be right back.
F.B. Cavalcante
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