La Frecuencia Kirlian (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

Arcade Arcano

In the summer of 1987 the midnight host of the
Kirlian Radio announced he was leaving on vacation.
In his absence, recorded programs
sent by listeners would be broadcast.
This is one of those tapes, the only one that aired,
on the night of February the 4th of that year.
It's content has been edited
to fit the duration of this program.
Arcane Arcade!
Good evening, my name is Ciro and
- Hi!
- This es Cari, my girlfriend.
Stop it, moron!
Wait, chill out!
And this is Cari, the co-host of
Arcane Arcade!
Broadcasting from the arcade
downtown to all of Kirlian.
Today we will play “Slasher”.
That's right.
We'll be that guy that, well,
It's not hard to relate to because
he's doing no es muy difícil identificarse
porque está haciendo exactly
the same as we are doing right now,
he's playing video games.
This is the game he's playing,
It's a game within the game
we are playing
and it's called “Hide 'n Seek”.
And that's Louie, the villain,
who has a knife that's
his signature weapon.
And if you see him before he attacks
you, he loses health points
That's why he always
sneaks up behind you.
Wait but, tell them.
Oh yeah, we chose this game for two things.
First, the graphics are
so modern, super "VR"
it's the newest machine
in the crummy gallery
and also it takes place
in a town like Kirlian,
which is coll, because you feel it more.
C'mon, doofus.
- And second because
- Because it's cursed!
Ha, yeah. So they say.
Basically, there's two
ways to play “slasher”,
Finish it in one round,
as your coins last Kill Louie,
and never step
foot in the arcade gallery again.
Or lose,
and let Louie live until
someone else plays it
and let your life and your
loved ones to be in danger.
- Because it is cursed!
- Ha, yeah. So they say.
So, well, here we go.
Dammit, I've been
looking for you everywhere.
Wait, mom. What are you doing here?
Are you kidding me, Ciro?
You think it's ok that I get
home from work at this hour,
and find your brother home alone,
and have to track you down the
see where the fuck you've been?
And you?
Do you think this joint
is a place for a lady?
I don't know, ma'am.
Get in the car, right now!
But mom.
I said NOW!
I work all day long, Ciro.
All day long.
And I only expect that you
help me around the house
stay a couple of hours with your
brother after school, until I get home.
Then, do whatever the hell you want.
You're old enough.
- Are you listening to me?
- Yes, mom.
Thins are no like they used to, Ciro,
there's only three of us now.
Four, Mary.
That punk is getting out of hand.
If you don't set limits now,
you'll regret it your whole life.
Excuse me, are you telling
me how to raised my kids?
Don't be childish,
you know that's not it.
I'm only worried that
I think it would be better
if you don't stay tonight.
Whatever, fuck off.
Are asleep?
Asshole, you scared the shit out of me!
I'm sorry, but don't screem.
If your mom finds out she will kill us.
- What are you doing here?
- No, what are you doing here?
I'm grounded, can't you see?
No, you don't understand.
You lost the game.
Louie is alive.
You have to go back.
You're and idiot, Cari,
that's all a publicity stunt.
The fat guy from the gallery told me to say
it if I wanted to record the show there.
Emiliano Montenegro.
Federico Balzi.
Abel Combret,
you know all of them,
You know the played "Slasher" and lost.
How long it's been since
you last saw them at school?
I see Balzi all the time.
Well, for now.
Cut it out, that's bullshit.
And anyway, why don't you
go there, and play and win it?
Are you crazy? I'm only telling
you because we're frinds but
Wait, are you recording?
I'm sorry, it's voice activa
It's nothing, Ciro.
Go to bed, it's late.
I saw him last night,
in my mom's bedroom.
- It was Louie.
- See?
Now you have to go back
to the arcade and finish him!
I already tried, but my mom told the
fat guy to not sell me any more coins.
That fat bastard!
And your mom too, what a dick.
Hey, cut it out.
I know! You have
to go after midnight,
the graveyard shift,
when the new dude is there.
Are you crazy?
It's full of weirdos at that time.
Well, the way I see it, you're
running out of options, Ciro
What's going on here? Does your
mother know that you are out?
We're just talking, Luisito,
don't bust my chops!
Kid, get in there right now if you
don't wanna be grounded for life.
Don't be a moron, Ciro.
Remember the night thing.
I'll wait for you
at 12 at the park.
Go on, get in.
I'm not your son
This is “Arcane Arcade”,
special edition.
The game consist of
going through Kirlian,
make it to the gallery on time
and finish the game
killing Louie before
I hope you'll enjoy it.
Ciro! Run!
Aren't you young to be out
in the streets at this hour?
Do you have any games?
- What are you looking for?
- The "Slasher".
You think I'm crazy?
You don't play "Slasher", kiddo.
Ok, forget it.
Is this your kid?
I told him to go home.
C'mon, son.
Your mother is worried sick.
Don't call me son.
C'mon, Ciro.
Don't make a scene.
If I keep looking at you,
you can't hurt me.
This is it.
I'm playing.
- Son
- I'm playing, you can't hurt me.
Your mother is waiting at home,
she's worried sick.
Leave me alone, motherfucker,
leave the three of us alone.
You'd like that, wouldn't you?
That I leave you alone, starving
Aswer me if you are such a big shot,
you spoiled brat!
Let me finish the game!
I'm gonna look for a phone
to call your mother,
and then we're leaving.
That's what you are,
a spoiled and ungrateful brat.
I've been waiting for hours,
while you lose money in this garbage,
see I'm not that bad?
C'mon, Ciro, wake up
I'll leave you and Cari at school
before I take your brother to the kinder.
- Let's go.
- I'm coming, mom.
That was “Slasher”
for Arcane Arcade,
I hope you tune in next week,
and you had a good time
F.B. Cavalcante
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