La Frecuencia Kirlian (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

El Silencio

Ever since we are born,
we're constantly falling.
And that's okay.
That's how we learn things
in the first place.
But we're taught something different.
We're taught not to fail
or that failure is shameful.
I want to tell you about my fall
and all the things I dragged
with me in the process.
Everything started with my mom's silence.
Before silence took over me,
I was a person who
I mean, I was doing great.
I was my priority,
I tried to cope with life's struggles.
Things went well.
Just as my mom had taught me.
Since I was a little girl,
she had always been quite cold to me.
She wasn't like that
with anybody else, just me.
She always made it clear
it was in my best interest.
She was teaching me to be self-sufficient.
Now I realize
she didn't want me to be like her.
I'd always been mesmerized by her.
I had molded my life
the way she taught me.
But even so,
I didn't feel I made her proud.
And when things started going
really well for me,
I couldn't stand that she would give away
what little she had
to my cousin Carla
who lived in Ingeniero Kirlian.
Always the same daily routine,
year after year.
Until she began falling to pieces.
My mom's strictness
had always been tainted
by her erratic behavior.
Her mind would wander sometimes.
She raised me on her own.
Now she looked so vulnerable.
She was scared of her own shadow.
I didn't know how to deal with that.
But even so,
only one thing occupied her unstable mind.
I considered telling her
I could take care of my cousin's needs.
Take some weight off her shoulders.
But to be honest,
I felt relief.
Now Carla would have
to take care of herself.
As I had always taken care of myself.
I tried ignoring the situation.
But the envelopes kept arriving
with an unbearable determination.
I considered writing a letter
explaining what had happened to my mom.
Maybe that way their demands would cease.
And then it dawned on me.
I wasn't sure
how the envelopes arrived at home.
What was inside and why did
my mom try to hide it from me?
What was going on with Carla?
The characters were impossible
to decipher.
They were written with some sticky ink.
I thought there might be some clue on
the tapes to help me understand them.
But there was something else on the tapes.
I listened to it a hundred times
without noticing,
and then it finally clicked.
It was the first time I looked around
that house and mom wasn't there.
Everything felt a little odd.
It felt like loneliness
had taken everything over.
There was not even a sound.
I felt I was drowning in that silence.
And the deeper I fell
The more I felt I wasn't alone.
Leaving Mom at the facility
had been quite a shock.
I have never been good at talking.
There was too much noise in my head.
But there was something else.
I'd always known what I wanted.
But now something didn't quite fit.
And I started noticing some things.
Reading between the lines.
I wished I stopped seeing these things.
I wished nobody saw me like this.
Now we're pleased to introduce
the new member of our team.
Here she is, Pilar!
It's an honor to share this program
with such a renowned team.
I've waited a lifetime
for an opportunity like this.
I hope I can contribute to this show
- that has been
- That was amazing, Pilar.
Isn't she sweet?
Now tell us more about
the weather forecast for this evening.
Variable cloudiness is expected today
with a chance of rain
due to a cold front heading for us
with a strong chance of
I have to ask for the salt once again.
And I have no garlic for the vaping.
Could you get me
some obsidian as well?
No rushes, though.
The other obsidian
already has crevices.
Soon it won't work anymore.
I'm glad you're taking some time to rest.
Don't worry.
From now on,
I'll talk to Pilar about this.
I miss her
I'm so proud
She wanted to keep me out of this,
to protect me.
Now I could take care of her.
Take care of my mom.
I escaped for what I felt were weeks.
Until I realized staying there
would solve nothing.
The more I stepped away
from what had been familiar,
the more disconnected
I felt from that life.
Now it was just something people
believed they could see.
I was scared.
But I'd been scared my whole life.
At least, now I was part of it all.
I saw what we're not supposed to see.
I'd never felt so alone in my life,
yet so free.
I only had one hope left.
And as I didn't know
which direction to take, I just let go.
I knew it was too late for anything.
Anyways, "late" doesn't mean "in vain."
My whole life I had been
climbing up a solitary tower.
I had to hit rock bottom
to understand
we cannot go high if we're alone.
That's how I got here,
where everything started.
My name is Pilar Khrisanouna.
There are things around us that,
even though we spend our whole lives
trying to deny their existence,
they won't disappear until we pluck up
the courage to see them.
I turned my back on my town
for far too long.
But the truth is
it has always been here.
Waiting for me,
waiting for anybody
who wanted to find it.
But we choose
to close our minds to avoid seeing it.
The thing is it's cold outside.
Ghosts are lurking around.
But there are ghosts inside too,
in every corner.
Pretending we don't see them
won't scare them away.
My words may be the last
to be heard on this frequency.
Something is gone in Kirlian.
But time is strange sometimes.
We'll see.
F.B. Cavalcante
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