La Unidad (2020) s03e06 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 6

Behind me! Don't get separated!
This way!
This way!
Sit here. Are you both okay? Stay here.
-What's wrong, Mom?
-I don't know, Daughter.
Ramin! Ramin!
Ramin! What happened?
Leave him on the floor, that's it.
Don't touch him!
I told you not to touch him!
Come on!
Bring me something for the wound!
Easy! Don't move!
-What happened?
-A bomb at Abbey Gate.
-They say it was a massacre.
-Our people?
No casualties on this side.
We can't rescue the people outside.
The Americans requested a shutdown.
-Fazela is there.
-I know.
-Do we know how she is?
-Impossible. There's no signal.
My family is right there!
No one can leave!
-Miriam, I have to go.
-Wait, Massoud, easy.
There's nothing you can do
out there, okay?
-I have to go.
-I get it,
-but you're useless out there.
-So am I here.
Let's wait. We don't know!
We'll try to communicate with them,
-and then we'll see.
They weren't at the Gate.
-Not yet.
-You see?
You see? Listen, I'm sure they are okay.
Okay? Easy.
Miriam, I know how this ends.
You'll leave, but we'll stay here.
-As usual.
-No, no.
Massoud, we'll bring them here!
There was a single explosion,
fifty meters from the Abbey Gate.
Someone has immolated himself
among the masses.
Westerners have closed
all entrances and exits
to the military airport,
but haven't suspended their flights.
What about Chahyab?
There are hundreds of wounded outside,
on the streets.
The hospitals in Kabul
can't cope with it all.
We can ask the foreigners for help.
They have hospitals, medicine
What did they tell you about Chahyab?
They cannot confirm
that the destroyed vehicle was Spanish.
But they had taken two prisoners.
A Spanish woman, supposedly an agent,
and a Shia policeman.
They lied to our faces.
Now we have another priority.
We need all the help we can get
for those injured in the bombing.
We won't beg for help.
We won't humiliate ourselves.
Find out if the Shia policeman
has family here.
What's wrong, Carla?
We're leaving, Miriam.
-We're going home. It's over.
Just look,
they're evacuating the airport.
The bomb rushed things.
All civilians of all nationalities,
no exceptions.
You're coming with me.
Got it?
We're going home, Miriam.
-His wife and daughter are outside.
-I am aware.
There are 13 other people
who are left out,
there's nothing we can do.
Massoud put his life on the line for us.
-We always do, Miriam.
-Don't you lecture me!
-Stop it!
-Massoud is one of ours!
-He's not!
-Yes, he is!
-I am no policewoman,
this isn't my responsibility!
-I did this for you, for Najwa
-Don't even mention her.
-Don't make say things I'll regret.
We're leaving, Miriam.
-No fucking way.
-It's over.
-Not without Massoud and his family.
-I'm not leaving without you.
-Don't give me orders!
-We're leaving! Understood?
-You're not my boss!
-I'm not leaving without you!
-Not without Massoud
I'm not leaving without you,
I won't lose anyone else!
-Who do I have to talk to?
-Don't do this.
Who the fuck
do I have to talk to, Carla?
You would do the same.
Help me.
Where are they?
Where is your daughter?
Look me in the eyes.
Where is your daughter?
Or you'll answer at the police station.
They left this morning.
Where have they gone?
-They said they were going to Pakistan.
On what vehicle?
You're a fucking Shia!
A lying Shia.
Neighbors saw them going to the airport.
You'll see what happens to liars!
-Where are you taking him?
-You won't lie again.
He's a frail man, please. He's ill!
Where are you taking him?
Where are you taking him?
She's meeting her husband
at the military airport.
If she's inside,
there's nothing we can do.
If they left this morning,
they may still be there.
-What entrance do the Spaniards use?
-Abbey Gate, but it's closed now.
-All gates are.
-But they'll try to get in.
Send some men over there.
I want them here now!
Don't move. Don't move your neck.
Don't move your neck and relax.
Don't move.
The ambulance?
They say there are people who are worse.
-What are we going to do now, Fazela?
-I don't know!
We have signal! The network is up!
-It's Massoud.
Dad! Dad!
-I am at the airport in Kabul.
-A bomb exploded.
-There are many dead and wounded.
-I know. Are you all right?
Yes, we are safe.
We are next to the Abbey Gate,
on the second street.
I know where that is. Stay there.
Massoud, are they coming to pick us up?
I'll go get you.
You're coming?
We can't stay! They painted our door!
-They're after us!
-Fazela! We'll see what we can do.
Just stay there, okay?
-What happens?
-Dad's coming here.
-Are they okay?
-They're here.
-I'll go get them, Miriam.
-Listen, we'll bring them here.
-That's not happening.
-You know that.
-If you leave, you can't come back.
Try to think!
I'll go get them.
-I'll go get them.
-Listen, listen.
We'll bring them in here, okay?
No, listen, I promise.
Trust me, trust me. Okay?
These are the Shia women. Go get them!
Fine. Let's go!
Fazela, are they coming to take us
to the other side?
I don't know, Mina! Come, help me!
Aircraft land and take off again
without shutting down the engine.
Our first plane lands in 18 minutes.
The last one, in one hour
and 18 minutes.
We will have to be prepared
to run to the tracks.
No suitcases or bags, please.
Just the essentials.
Thank you all.
Okay, the gates are closed.
But there has to be some way out
and back in.
A diplomatic car,
an ambulance Something.
This is beyond our will, officer.
If it were up to us,
we wouldn't discuss this.
-But it is up to us.
-Carla and I went through this.
Carla has nothing to do with this.
I'm calling the shots.
Those people outside
are our collaborators.
We have a moral obligation
to help them. Okay?
Surely the GEO has options
for this emergency.
We considered this option
a few days ago,
when the flags were no longer working
and the Taliban restricted access
to the gate.
We used to pick people up here,
near the site of the explosion.
This area is now unreachable.
And the Taliban checkpoint is here,
further back,
making it impossible to approach.
-And the other gates?
-Same thing.
But here's the Baron Hotel,
half a kilometer from the gates,
in a free access zone.
And this is the sewer.
It's right next to the hotel,
and it has another entrance here.
We know the Americans and Turks
used it before as an alternative.
Isn't the access to the sewers
In this area, yes.
But we can get the Italians
to let us through.
If we manage to ask
these people to move here,
near the Baron Hotel,
we can rescue them
and take them to the airport
through the sewers.
-Let's talk to those outside, right?
-Wait, wait.
What are the risks?
The Taliban may also have
a sentry down there.
I can't make you take that risk
within hours of being repatriated.
If it is up to us, sir,
we'll give it a try.
I speak for my team.
Look at me!
Look this way.
-Fazela. It's Miriam.
-Do you know the old wall
next to the Baron Hotel?
Yes, I do.
Good. Look, go there
and we'll pick you up. Okay?
Come on, let's go! Gather your things.
We are all leaving!
Follow me! This way! Come on, let's go!
Come on, let's go.
Come on, let's get going.
-Fazela, are you sure it's here?
-I don't know, I'm not sure.
Yes, look! It's here!
Girls, don't cry, relax.
We'll get out of here. They'll come.
They'll be here.
Fazela! Look, the soldiers are here!
We're leaving. Go ahead!
Spaniards, Spaniards, help!
-There are more than expected.
-I know.
-What shall we do?
-Gentlemen, we take those on the list.
Don't listen to anyone else.
Álvarez, Novas, stay up here
and stand guard.
The rest, come with me.
-Got it?
-Got it!
-Let's move!
-Spaniards, help!
Back, back!
Get back, please!
Darya, hold on to my hand! Hold on!
Back, back! Get back!
We can only take those on the list!
No one else! Only those on the list!
They're not taking everyone!
They will leave them here!
-Here, here.
-Omar, you and one more person.
-My siblings.
There's no room on the plane.
-There's no room.
-My family, please!
Your wife and baby, that's it.
Your wife and baby.
You, your wife and the baby. Come on!
Come on!
Mohamed and one more.
Great, let's go. Get in there.
Only those who are on the list!
I'm Fazela!
-Do you think they'll take us?
-Yes, we're leaving!
-I'm Fazela.
-Fazela, you and your daughter. Come on.
Please. I beg you. They are my family,
my sister, her husband, my niece.
-Just your daughter, Fazela.
-Please, they are only three!
I'm sorry, you know how this is.
Please, I'm a policeman's wife,
he's just like you.
-Please, help me! Please!
-There's no room, I'm sorry.
You and your daughter.
Just the two of you, or you'll stay.
-There's no time.
-My family!
-Don't you get it? They're my family!
-Fazela, listen to me, please.
The two of you, or you'll stay.
There's no time left.
She is my sister!
-I'm sorry.
Fazela, go! Take Darya and leave!
Take Darya and leave!
-Darya! You have to leave!
-Mom! I'm not leaving!
Go, Darya! Darya, you have to leave!
Fazela, I love you so much! Leave!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
We're leaving, guys!
We're leaving! Come on!
-Let's go!
-Let's go!
Quick, quick!
Come on.
Very well, Darya. Let's go.
Darya? Darya.
Be careful.
Easy, okay?
Easy, come on. Let's go.
Very well.
Come on, let's go!
Hold on to me.
Silence! Silence! Slowly!
It's an ambush!
Ambush! Ambush!
Hold positions, hold your fire!
Hold your fire, hold your fire!
Nobody shoot! Nobody shoot!
Hold your fire!
Put your weapons down!
We're putting our weapons down.
It's her. It's her.
We want those women!
Here they come.
We have been ambushed.
-We were outnumbered, and
-You don't need to explain.
I'm sure you've made the best decision.
They had her picture, right?
This is clearly retaliation.
No, this can't end like this. It can't.
No way. We have to do something!
It can't be happening!
-We must go back.
We must go back and talk to them.
Ambassador, we need to evacuate now.
-What's going on?
They couldn't bring them, Massoud.
The Taliban have them. I'm sorry.
You're kidding, Miriam, right?
-But they'll try
-No, no.
-No, no!
Sons of
Fuck! Shit!
The last plane takes off in 65 minutes.
We have to be out of here in 55 minutes.
I'm still thinking about it, Carla,
and I can only find reasons
for you to leave.
-They won't dare to arrest me,
I'm a diplomat. But you're a civilian.
-A woman who lied.
-After all it took to get me here,
if you leave here alone,
they're not letting them go. Relax.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Only the ambassador and the lady.
No way.
-There's a protocol.
He insists, only the ambassador
and the lady.
Wait, wait!
Hello, love. How are you?
-I'm fine, I'm fine.
-I'm fine, David.
How are you?
-How are you?
-Fine, darling, fine.
-Fine? Yes! Is she there?
-You wanna see the baby?
-Yes, yes!
-Look, look.
-Look who's here!
-Hi, honey!
-Look who's calling!
-It's Mom!
-Hi, honey!
She's huge!
-She eats a lot.
-She eats
It's Mom!
-It's Mom!
-When are you coming back?
-I've missed you so much!
-Me too!
-I've missed you so much
So much
Me too. When are you coming back?
I'll be back soon.
I have to go, okay?
I love you. I love you so much.
Thank you, love.
Thank you very much
for receiving us so soon.
The deputy is very disappointed.
You have betrayed his trust.
Your soldiers attacked
our army in Chahyab.
They caused many casualties
among our men.
We knew that a Spanish citizen
was being held in a house up north,
our soldiers went after her.
There was no premeditation of an attack.
It surprised us precisely
that she was being held by Taliban.
She was in the company
of an enemy of the emirate.
She said she was as a Spanish citizen
and asked to call the embassy.
And she wasn't allowed to.
That violates the protocols.
You have betrayed
the delegate's confidence.
However, the delegate understands
that you now have another request,
the release of two Shia terrorists.
Fazela Allam and her daughter.
But we are completely sure
that they are not terrorists.
They have been arrested very close
to the site of today's explosion.
We know, without a doubt,
that they are involved.
Witnesses identified her.
The attack was horrifying,
and we wholeheartedly condemn the act.
But we know for sure
that Fazela had nothing to do with it.
She's a doctor
who has spent her life saving lives,
not taking them.
The counselor says she's a terrorist.
If you have no other requests,
this meeting is over.
No, please.
-Gentlemen, sorry.
Sorry, please.
Please, I know
I'm skipping every protocol.
You are lucky that he's not rancorous.
He will personally review the case
and any error will be amended.
We won't ruin our relationship
over two women.
I really appreciate it.
I'm not leaving without them. I'm not.
They'll make it. They'll be here.
Let's go, let's go!
Go with her.
Let them be.
It's over.
Let's go.
No, no
Look, look!
-Let's go!
The plane is about to leave.
Everybody get on the airplane!
-We're going home! Come on!
-Let's go!
We have to go! We have to go!
-Let's go!
-Let's go!
Come on, come on!
Come on!
Hala, Madrid!
Hala, Madrid!
We have left Afghan air space
and have entered Pakistan.
Spanish armed forces and police
helped the embassy staff,
Spanish collaborators,
and over 1000 Afghan refugees,
flee the country on these flights.
More refugees were evacuated
in subsequent flights.
To date, the Spanish army has helped
over 3000 Afghan refugees reach Spain.
The Taliban have taken absolute control
over the country,
and executing government critics,
forcing women to abandon their studies
and jobs, and imposing the burqa.
The country lives in poverty and chaos
while the West turns a blind eye.
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