Lab Rats (2012) s02e08 Episode Script

Parallel Universe

1 Inventing the wheel? Boring.
Discovering electricity? Snooze.
Sliced bread? Lame.
But now, Davenport industries introduces the world's first Proton fuser! You know, for a scientist you'd think your payoffs would be a bit more proportionate to your buildups.
Uh, the payoff is that it allows us to see the origins of the universe.
This thing fuses sub-atomic particles, so we can understand how planets form.
Well, we already understand how boredom forms.
Haven't you ever wondered where stuff comes from? Galaxies? Stars? Planets? This stuff, no.
Onion rings, yes.
Guys, I have always wanted to build this thing, and now it's a reality.
It's an important life lesson: If you have a dream, believe in it, 'cause it can happen.
Um, Mr.
Davenport, isn't it dangerous to tinker with the fabric of the universe? ( Laughing ) He said "tinker.
" Yes, technically, it could destabilize the earth, or open up a wormhole into a parallel universe.
But, I made it and I want to play with it, so Prepare to be amazed! Or gravely injured.
Once again, big buildup, teeny, tiny payoff.
Okay, the popcorn is popping and the movie is uploaded.
Or downloaded.
Whatever, the red thingy is blinking green.
Just head upstairs, it's movie time! I do love a matinee.
Oh, hold it, mister.
No movie for you until you finish your chores.
Your room is a mess and you haven't washed the dishes in days.
But, I've been looking forward to this movie all week.
And I've been looking forward to clean dishes all week.
Really? Well, that's just sad.
( All laughing ) ( Dog barking in movie ) Leo! Aah! I said no movie.
First you won't do the dishes, then you break them? Hey, you said you hate looking at dirty dishes and that's one less to look at.
That is it.
No TV for the rest of the week.
That's not fair.
By the way, I've seen this movie.
I wouldn't get too attached to that dog.
Stupid chores.
I'm just gonna go ahead and say it.
This isn't gonna end well.
Help! Help! Help! Help! Please help! The world's first bionic super-humans.
They're stronger than us, faster, smarter.
The next generation of the human race is Living in my basement? lab rats lab rats Lab rats lab rats Lab rats I do not know what just happened, but I need a bathroom! Whoa.
Oh, you don't like my software design? Well, that doesn't really matter, because you are fired! Oh! ( Gasps ) Mom, I'm so sorry, I didn't even know that was there.
Break whatever you want, Leo, I can afford a thousand of those.
You can? Of course.
One of the many perks of being a billionaire.
Well, that and being able to tease millionaires.
Wait, where is everybody? I thought we were watching a movie? And when did we move into an Italian furniture showroom? I don't have time for this, Leo.
Tasha technologies isn't going to run itself.
Tasha technologies? Honey, toss me my keys.
Mom, did you see what I just did? Yeah.
That was a good one.
You took out the goldberg's mailbox.
Now, remember, honey, no using your bionics at school.
What bionics? Leo, I heard a crash.
Are you okay? I just shot lightning out of my fingers.
I don't know what's going on but I'm terrified to pick my nose.
That's one of your new bionic upgrades.
You harness static electricity to form lightning bolts.
I voted for sneezing thunder, but your mom shot me down.
So, I really am bionic? What else do I have? Super speed? Super strength? Super smarts? Leo, you know you have these abilities.
Can I fly? ( Yelling ) Nope.
But your brilliant scientist inventor mom is working on it.
What are you talking about? You're the brilliant scientist.
( Laughing ) No.
No, I'm still just your mom's lab assistant.
Which reminds me, I should go, I'm not allowed upstairs when she's not home.
So Wait, wait.
You're not an inventor? Well, not officially.
I mean, most of the stuff I invent either doesn't work or bursts into flames.
See these eyebrows.
Borrowed them from my back.
But I did just finish a prototype on a proton fuser, so Proton fuser.
That's it! I must have traveled through a wormhole into this parallel universe! Leo, you read too many comic books.
Now, uh, off to school, and, uh, let's just keep this between you and I, okay? Okay.
I promise, I will not let anyone know I have bionics.
No, no, no.
I mean, don't tell your mom I was upstairs, or she'll take away my bathroom breaks.
Good morning, Leo! Leo? You never call me by my first name.
And according to legend, you haven't smiled since the sixties.
I always smile when I see you! School board approved air hug? Oh, that is good.
Oh, no air hug back? Does my little schnookie need a cookie? I suppose your little schnookie could take a lookie at a cookie.
Wow! They're from our gourmet cafeteria.
Gourmet? This coming from the woman who thinks mold is a vegetable? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Those are the lunch ladies? Yeah, we tried to find prettier ones, but they'll do.
Guys, there you are! This is unbelievable! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, everyone check it out.
We got an exchange student from nerdistan.
Ha! Yeah, like, step off.
We don't know you.
And fyi, I wouldn't put my poodle in that outfit.
Come on, guys.
It's me, Leo.
And you're Adam, Bree and chase Davenport.
Uh, we're Adam, Bree and chase Henderson.
Are you lost, little guy? ( Bell ringing ) I don't understand.
( Sighs) There's so much to not understand in life, isn't there? Like, what would happen if we all just stopped for a second and just existed.
(Speaking French) Plus ca change, et les plus c'est la meme chose.
Plus-ah-what? Okay, what is going on? Bree, help me out here.
Okay, it's pronounced "breh.
" Like "breath" but without the "th.
" What is wrong with you guys? We're all best friends.
And the best part is, I'm bionic now! See, I didn't even get to show you my lightning fingers! ( All screaming ) And those are my lightning fingers.
Hey, what are you doing here? I always pick you up from school.
A, your mother insists on it, and B, it's the few minutes a day I can enjoy natural sunlight.
This world is so much different from my world.
Well, my world is limited to the lab.
That, and of course the thrill I get for fifteen minutes a day, coming to I pick you up.
Stoplights are awesome! Hey, Leo.
Hey, look who made some friends.
That's Adam, Bree and chase.
You don't recognize them? Uh, no.
Oh, hey, look, it's the dude who gets all excited at stoplights.
Um, you guys, uh, take your time.
I'm gonna be in the car, playing with the windows.
Leo, we have a confession.
We believe what you said earlier.
Yeah, and we want you to know that your bionic secret is safe within us.
It's good to have you guys back! Aw! Aw! Now, now, now.
There he is.
That's the bionic freak! Get him! Freeze, dooley.
You're coming with me.
Note to self, not a fan of the Hendersons.
Apprehended the suspect.
How could you guys turn me in? Well, it was easy.
We just called that guy.
Hey! Nobody messes with my rollerblading buddy! Leo, it's hot in the car and I'm not allowed to use the air conditioning.
So, are you coming or not? I used to be a Christmas elf at the mission creek mall.
No one cut in Santa's line on my watch.
Run! This just does not make sense.
The Leo I know would never show his bionics at school.
I am not that Leo! I came here from a parallel universe through a wormhole made by your proton fuser! Wait, you were serious about that? Yeah! Wow.
It all makes sense, now.
Well, don't worry, Leo.
As long as you're in my universe, I'll protect you.
( Sighs ) No wonder my mom keeps you in the basement.
Dooley, I'm special agent Gordon, department of homeland special ops unit, also known as, d-h-sou.
It doesn't acronym well.
We don't know how you do what you do, but we're gonna find out.
Even if it takes ten years in an isolated desert warehouse.
Hope you sweat a lot.
That's the only water you'll get.
Well, what if I just break out of these? We heard you were freakishly strong, so those are exploding handcuffs.
Link breaks, handcuffs detonate.
Yeah, could you, uh, explode that way.
Get your hands off of me! I am Tasha dooley of Tasha technologies! Please don't yell at me, I know I'm in the living room, but, technically, they chained me here.
Leo, honey, are you okay? They haven't hurt you, have they, sweetie? I'm sorry, mom.
I didn't mean to use my B-i-o-n-i-c-s at school.
We can spell, kid.
Well, everyone except for agent dorris, here.
He likes to sound things out.
He's not bionic, he's just gifted! Right, Leo? You were always discovering something new about yourself.
Watch the suit or I am telling your boss! I am his boss.
Then, he's touching my suit! Something new about yourself.
Leo, I think she was trying to tell you to escape using one of your new abilities.
Hello? Boom-boom bracelets.
No, I mean one of your newly uploaded abilities.
You know, like geo-leaping: Molecularly transferring yourself from one location to another just by thinking about it.
I can geo-leap? We yeah.
I mean, it hasn't been tested yet, so make sure you Warn me first.
Pumpkin? What are you doing here? This place is still crawling with government goons.
Duck and cover! I'll draw them away, you scram.
But if you get caught and end up in the clink, text me.
I may not have pull with the governor, but I can drive a hatchback through a cement wall.
Hey, the bionic kid is out front stacking school busses! Get him! This world is not as cool as I thought.
I'd give up the bionics, everything, just to get back to my family.
I wish I could help you.
Maybe you can.
With your proton fuser! Leo, I told you, it will never work.
I built it.
Listen, you always told me, "if you have a dream", "believe in it.
" And it's time for you to believe, big d.
What's a big d? Even if it did work, how would we get in the lab with all those agents swarming the house? You see, this is where flying would come in handy.
Chase: Where are you, little guy? Keep looking, he could be anywhere.
And while we're at it, why don't we look within ourselves for answers to questions that we're afraid to ask? This is so ridic.
He's not here.
Oh, maybe he's at the mall.
Chase and Adam: We're not going to the mall! We're gonna have to geo-leap! Okay, fine, just you have to give me some Warning! I thought "lab.
" This ain't the lab.
( Groans ) I think my kidneys just switched sides.
Your geo-leaping is glitching.
I told you it wasn't tested.
Now we're sitting ducks! Time for plan b.
I'll super-speed us home.
I get motion sickness.
Is there a plan c? No! There he is! Yo! The bionic kid's in here! Thanks a lot, chase! You're super annoying in two universes.
Chase and Adam: Whoa! Now can we go to the mall? Let's go, let's go.
Okay, men, apprehend the bionic subject.
Use any force necessary.
What do we do? You heard the man.
Use any force necessary.
Oh, yeah.
Quick, get downstairs! We don't have much time, fire up the proton fuser.
Ta-da! Okay.
Now, I would feel a lot better about this if you would sign some release forms.
Push! Buttons! ( Sighs ) See! Told you.
It doesn't work.
Well, make it work! Can't some dreams just die? It took a while for the wormhole to reach full size.
That sounds like a volume threshold problem.
I can tweak that! Well, what are you waiting for? Tweak! Oh! That's it.
You're doing it.
Something I made actually works! ( Banging on door ) Wait, if I leave, what'll happen to you? Both universes will reset to the instant you left.
None of this will have ever happened! Except, I'm gonna start believing in myself.
Bring it in.
Thanks, Leo.
I tell you I'll never forget you, technically, that yeah.
You just all right.
All right, go, Leo.
It's now or never.
Aah! Hello? I was so attached to that dog.
Ahh! Relax, Leo.
That's Gordon.
He's my new head of corporate security.
Well, hey there, little buddy! Nice to meet you! ( Mockingly ) Aah! So happy to see you guys! Oh! Nice to see you in a better mood.
Now, put that energy into your chores.
Absolutely! I will never complain about my chores ever again.
It's so good to be home! Good to be home? Where did you go? A parallel universe! Mom was a tech mogul, chase was an annoying jock, Bree was a shallow mall rat, and Adam was all introspective and philosophical.
You don't have to make up words, Leo, just tell us what happened.
It was real, you gotta believe me! You know what? I believe you, Leo.
You do? Yeah.
Anywhere your mom is a tech mogul is definitely an alternate universe.
I mean, you're very smart.
It's just not what tech I'll be doing the dishes.
Oh, so what does this toy do? Let's hope it cures boredom.
It's not a toy.
This is my new cell replicator.
With it, we can map any organism's DNA and replicate any creature living or dead.
Isn't that dangerous? Yes, technically, I mean, it could, uh, reintroduce a dormant disease that we have no ability to combat, but, I mean, the chances of No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Bad! No! Not! Again! Well, that cured my boredom.
Lab rats lab rats Lab rats lab rats