Lab Rats (2012) s02e19 Episode Script

Llama Drama

1 Psst! Hey, guys, you ever have that nightmare where you're standing in the middle of the school in nothing but your birthday suit? Well, it's happening to me! Someone stole my clothes while I was in the shower! Well, you know, when I lose something, I find it helps to ask yourself where's the last place you saw it? On my body.
And you've definitely checked there? That is so mean.
Who would do that to you? A-yo! All: Ah.
Trent? You took my clothes? Well, yeah.
How else am I supposed to play "attack of the giant Trent?" ( In low voice ) Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of a wimpy one! ( Sniffing ) Get it? ( Whispering ) It's you.
( Ripping sound ) Ooh! Tear in aisle two! Looks like your mommy's gonna have to buy you clothes at the not big and the not tall store.
( Laughing ) Why does Trent always pick on me more than anyone else? Well, I outsmart him.
I've studied his schedule and routine to ensure that we're never alone together.
I even know when he's gonna take a Trent: Bathroom break! Right on time.
Hmm, son, you need a hobby.
I'm sick of this.
I'm gonna go offer Trent a choice: Stop picking on me or suffer the consequences.
( Leo screams ) Camera phones on, people.
We've got a runner! The world's first bionic super-humans.
They're stronger than us, faster, smarter.
The next generation of the human race is Living in my basement? lab rats lab rats Lab rats lab rats Lab rats ( Laughing ) Lost and found didn't have anything, so principal Perry loaned me her emergency pantsuit.
Jackethead! Okay, that's it.
It's time me and Trent had a talk.
Now he's disrespecting my brother and casual business attire! Lookin' good, dooley.
Sorry about the crumbs in the pockets.
I'm a girl who likes her crackers.
( Chuckles ) Attention, dandruff donkeys! Tomorrow is the homecoming dance, and if you don't have a date now, keep asking.
I love watching rejection! ( Laughs ) How many dances have you been to? We're not going there, stick-pop.
Tomorrow's also the one hundredth anniversary of the demise of Jasper the janitor.
Flo, Brandy, a little mood lighting.
It was a dark, gloomy night at mission creek high when a group of kids decided to prank old Jasper.
What were a bunch of kids doing in school at night? Irrelevant! They decided to scare him when he was cleaning the pencil sharpener.
His beard got caught, and all they found were Jasper shavings, with no one to sweep them up.
What about the janitor? Oh.
Never mind, guys, I got there.
Legend has it that every ten years, Jasper's ghost returns to seek revenge on the students! Aah! I mean, ah, good story! Whenever he returns, there's always one kid who mysteriously moves away, ( in low voice ) Never to be heard from again! ( Whispers ) Lights.
Anywho, I'm going on a little vacay.
Me and Mr.
Whiskers are gonna zip-line across the Grand Canyon.
Until then, I leave you under the watchful eye of Mrs.
Thistle! Bingo! See you in two weeks.
Well, whoever's left.
( Laughing ) Are we really supposed to believe that the school is haunted? Yeah, Jasper's probably just misunderstood.
The ghost in my cartoons is very friendly.
Do you think that ghost is real? And I'm not asking for me.
It's for my friend Brent.
I got it! Trent is afraid of ghosts! We can use your bionics to create one and scare him.
Then he'll be humiliated and he won't do it to me anymore.
Leo, do you actually believe anyone's gonna buy that the school is haunted just 'cause I do this? ( Screaming in fright ) All right! Let's make some ghosts! Yes! Sorry to cut our study session short, but my art is calling.
And when you gotta sculpt, you gotta sculpt.
Did that sound weird? Not for you.
( Laughs ) ( Phone beeping ) Oh, yes! They're gonna let me decorate the gym for the homecoming dance! What? But I'm the best artist in school.
I always decorate for the dances.
Well, I asked Mrs.
Thistle and she didn't remember that.
But to be fair, she also thinks it's nineteen forty-two.
Well, can I at least help you? Yeah, sure.
The theme is the American frontier.
So I'm thinkin' a wild west thing.
Wild west.
I love it.
I see wagon wheels.
No! Barrels! Lots of barrels.
You know what, Bree? This is your thing.
I'm gonna back off and let you do it your way.
But I leave you with this.
( Whispering ) Barrels.
Good thing he's cute.
I thought you said Trent was coming.
Well, he should be.
His morning bathroom break was due five minutes ago.
Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go.
Whoo! Who's there? You don't know who you're messing with.
I'm seven years older than everyone else here.
Gotta go, gotta g Aah! ( Screaming ) The ghost! ( Screaming ) No! Please! No! ( Both screaming ) That was incredible! Amazing! It worked perfectly! Whoo-hoo! Be right back.
Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go.
What on earth? Actually, it's Mars.
Is the red not red enough? What is all of this? Oh, I figured I'd do you a favor and handle all of the decorations.
You are welcome.
But the theme is supposed to be the American frontier.
You know, I thought about that.
And technically, the new frontier is space! What do you think? I hate it! I spent all night shopping for a wild west theme.
Do you know how hard it is to find a place that sells ten-gallon hats and spurs? It can't be that hard.
There's a place down the street called cowboys 'r' us.
Look, I knew you were in over your head and inspiration struck.
So, I went with it.
Again, you are welcome.
( Sighs ) Hmm.
No, no.
You are welcome.
Check it out.
He's afraid to open his own locker.
Ugh, so am I.
My dirty gym clothes have been in there for a month.
Hey, watch this.
Aah! Why are you coming after me, ghost? Is it 'cause I'm a bully? I can change! I'm nice to my rabbit.
All right, Leo, I think Trent has had enough.
We've been torturing him all day.
One day? He's been bullying me for years.
So cancel your Christmas plans, boys, we're working.
Look at him, Leo.
We've scared him so badly he's a shell of a man.
Fine! I'm not in a fetal position, you are! Look, Trent, the lockers moving, it wasn't a ghost, it was us messing with you.
I know what I saw.
No way that was you.
Trent, he's telling the truth.
Ghosts aren't real.
And neither are unicorns, leprechauns, or those grapes on top of the deli counter.
( Chuckles ) Trust me on that.
Oh, yeah? Well, if ghosts aren't real, then why is that doing that? ( Wind blowing spookily ) I do not know.
Ghost! Chase, I thought you said he had enough.
That wasn't me! Then who was it? ( Slimy sound ) Ahh Whoa! Aah! ( Screaming ) ( Distant eerie yelling ) It's Jasper! ( Screaming ) You said there was no such thing as ghosts! All your smart guy credibility is shot! Shot! There has to be some other explanation.
Like, why that thing moved.
It's an old school.
Maybe the building settled.
Or maybe the ghost is targeting us.
It's not targeting us.
Uh, guys? That could be any Adam, chase, and Leo.
That's us.
Run! ( Screaming ) You know, for a dead guy, he has lovely penmanship.
Bree? Oh! Howdy, pardner! What happened? Oh.
Well, an artist once told me that when inspiration strikes, you gotta go with it.
So I went with it.
This is not my conceptualization.
This is an unraveling of particularity lose the art speak.
I want my space stuff back! Yeah, sure.
It's, uh, it's over there.
By the barrels.
You know what, Bree, I finally figured out what this is missing.
May I? Better.
Okay, since we're on the topic, I don't think Mars is red enough.
Is that the best you've got? Hardly.
Oh! Remember when I said I wanted to paint you? ( Grunting ) Okay.
Bree I'm getting the sense you don't want my help here.
Hey, guys, I looked it up and Perry's story is true.
The tragedy happened the night of the homecoming dance.
Here's a picture: Jasper fargas.
Oh, it's hideous! Gruesome! Adam, that's before the accident.
( Sighing ) I know.
I just really hate beards.
You know, I bet Jasper's planning something big for the dance.
Oh! Maybe it's a big ghost flash mob! Perry said he would return for his revenge.
And he's coming after us.
We have to stop him.
Really? 'Cause between standing in the corner and avoiding eye contact with girls, I have a pretty full night planned.
Leo, there will be plenty of other dances for you to be alone and awkward at.
Okay? How cool would it be if we proved that ghosts actually exist? This could be our only chance to capture him.
Wait, wait.
Capture him? What, you want to keep him as a pet? Look, I'll play with him and help feed him, but I am not bagging his business.
Paranormal researchers say that apparitions present themselves in electromagnetic fields.
So, I have emf detectors, night-vision goggles, and special headphones that detect voice phenomena.
What can I play with? Oh! Hey, guys, the dance starts in twenty minutes.
Gear up! Hey, these things work! I totally heard that! I also rigged these ion blasters to triple the power.
The current should momentarily paralyze the spirit.
Whoa! That ghost is goin' down! Or up, depending on what he believes.
Oh, guys, I forgot to build a containment device! How about this? ( Vacuum cleaning starting ) Oh, Adam, if the ghost is hiding between two couch cushions, we got him.
Hut! I'm sorry I got carried away.
But you know artists.
Paint now, ask questions later.
This looks really awesome.
Well, couldn't have done it without you Letting me do it without you.
Bree! Have you seen any apparitions, ethereal beings, phantasms? Ghosts! Have you seen any ghosts? What are you talking about? There's no such thing as ghosts.
Yes, there is.
And I hope Jasper gets here soon.
The men's room's out of toilet paper.
Hey, let's go check the hallway.
Help! You guys gotta hide me from the ghost! Don't worry, Trent, we'll protect you.
Only if you promise never to mess with me again.
I can give you every other Tuesday off.
Pleasure doing business.
Let's go, guys.
What was that? Door closed.
What was that? The lights went out.
We know! We know! Well, then stop askin'.
My emf readings are spiking.
Jasper's coming.
Quick! Put on your night-vision goggles! Whoa! I see the ghost! He's really nerdy and he has stupid spiky hair! Ow! Shut it! I'm listening for voice phenomena! ( Footsteps in the distance ) Whose footsteps are those? Enough games, Jasper! Show your face! Yeah! And you better have shaved that nasty beard! Blasters out! Blasters out! Wait! We should at least give Jasper a chance to explain himself.
To prove he's friendly.
( Yelling ) Okay, you're not helping.
Work with me, dude.
( Yelling ) ( Screaming ) ( Screaming ) ( Yelling ) Run for your lives! ( General screaming ) ( Distant yelling ) ( Distant yelling ) ( Distant laughter ) Brothers ruin everything.
At least we have these barrels to hide behind.
You are welcome.
Yo, Jasper! Get out your mop 'Cause it's about to get messy! Aah! Aah! ( Laughing ) What? Never seen a kid in a ghostbusting outfit twitching on the floor before? Adam, suck it up! Chase, I'm being as brave as I can! The ghost! Suck up the ghost! Oh, right! Quick, it's getting away! Hello.
Everyone having a nice homecoming? Principal Perry? You're the ghost? I thought you were on vacation.
I am.
Truth be told, I can't think of a more enjoyable way to relax than scaring kids.
How are you still employed? I don't know.
So, who's that guy? Principal Perry: Tom baumgarten.
He owns a special effects house.
We met when I had a small role in space wars! I thought I recognized you! You were one of the fuzzy forest creatures! Yeah.
I'd do the harvest dance for you, but I save that for fan conventions.
Anywho, Tom's the real genius behind this.
I just push the buttons and laugh.
( Laughing ) Chase: So, wait, if you just wanted to mess with everyone, then why'd you come after the three of us? Scaring kids is my thing! You're stepping on my turf! Although that lockers thing with Trent is genius.
I still haven't figured out how you did it.
A true magician never reveals his tricks.
I pushed it! Wait a minute.
I am so confused.
Ghosts are real: Yes or no? All: No! So you guys were messing with me? All: Yes! And you were messing with me? Eh, walk it off, mitzi.
Deal's off, dooley.
I hope you like wearing your underwear as a hat, because that is where it's gonna be.
A-yo! Undie head! An underwear hat! How could I not think of that? I don't understand how this works.
You go to all this trouble to terrorize us and we have to help you take it all apart? So, you do understand how it works.
The Spanish club couldn't go on their annual trip, yet you can afford this? Hey, if I can't go to Vegas, they can't go to Spain.
Hmm, every ten years a new group of losers falls for my ghost bit, and every ten years it brings me more and more joy! Aah! It wasn't funny twenty years ago and it's not funny now.
Oh! Oh! Yeah! lab rats lab rats Lab rats lab rats