Lab Rats (2012) s02e25 Episode Script

Trent Gets Schooled

1 Ohh.
I am so glad that school's over.
Thistle talked for an hour in history.
She's ninety should she really be wasting that breath? ( Screening wands beeping ) What's all this? Listen up, frog spawn! Security check.
Put all metal objects in the bucket, then proceed to the wands for a more thorough search.
Principal Perry, what's going on? Someone's been stealing laptops from the computer lab, so I'm gonna bust the perp.
Or perps.
Bottom line, no one leaves this school without going through those metal detectors.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna sort through your loose change and have a little heart-to-heart with the vending machine.
Guys, we cannot get wanded.
Those things will go off like crazy when they detect our bionics.
Well, what are we gonna do? She's totally gonna bust us.
Busted ya for what? What are you hidin', little Bo peep? Um heh He's not hiding anything.
Well, he does have an unusually large birth Mark on his left hip.
You stare at it long enough and it kinda looks like Justin bieber.
Let's go.
I Empty your pockets.
Principal Perry, I Comply, perp! Wand him.
( Beeps oscillate ) ( High-pitched beeping ) Well, what do you know? We got one.
Flank him, girls.
The little ones always put up a fight! The world's first bionic superhumans They're stronger than us Faster, smarter.
The next generation of the human race is Living in my basement?! Everyone else cleared the checkpoint hours ago So why do you three fleshbags keep settin' it off?! You may not have the laptops, but you're hiding something.
Maybe another pat-down from Carol and Deb will make ya talk.
No, no.
We're good.
The first one already scarred me for life.
Don't move! No one's going anywhere till I get to the bottom of this.
Guys, we have got to get out of here.
We just have to wait her out.
There's no way Perry can actually see our bionics unless she rips our skin off.
Have you met Carol and Deb? I'm pretty sure it's in their wheelhouse.
Principal Perry: Okay, bye.
Great news! You're letting us go? No! (Laughs) I made a little call over to my friend Chet over at airport security, and he's gonna let me borrow an X-ray machine.
You have a friend at the airport? Well, ask him if he'll let me pass out peanuts on the 5:10 to Denver.
Once I get that machine, it'll show me whatever it is you're hiding Wherever it is you're hiding it.
What are you doing here? I live here.
I'm the one you didn't cobble together in your basement.
I mean why aren't you at school? Got a little head cold.
I sneezed in class, and I don't know what came out, but I walked out two pounds lighter.
Donald, I think something's wrong with your credit card.
When I went to buy groceries it was declined.
Declined? How could that be? Let me spell it out for you.
She spent all your money! I did not spend all his money.
Oh, saving a little for a facelift? I you ( Tapping on keyboard ) This card is completely maxed out with purchases I didn't make.
A plane ticket, a speedboat, two thousand dollars' worth of hair dye and color contact lenses.
This time it was not me! ( Gleeful chuckle ) I should have thought of this X-ray machine a long time ago Now I can bust you three and find out what that stabbing pain in my kidney is.
Just gotta power it up.
There must be a way for us to break this machine.
Hey, what if I use my blast wave ability? You know, where I concentrate really hard and everything around me falls apart? Oh! That's right, I just keep forgetting that you're not completely useless.
Principal Perry: Okay, jumbo, get in there! Your day of reckoning has come.
Uh hey, look! There's a little birdy in here! I'll get it! My cats love it when mama brings 'em home a treat! Now! Where is that little flying rat? Whoa! Earthquake! Cover me! Cover me! ( Rumbling, electricity crackling wow.
That was some jolt.
Oh, that was nothin'.
I once got trapped in my car underneath a parking garage, had to survive by eating three cans of cat food and the leather from my bucket seats.
Longest two hours of my life! Ohh! Puppy heads! The earthquake broke my machine! Oh, no.
That is terrible.
Good luck with that.
Aah! Not so fast, pixie! I can fix this.
You may not know it, but I work weekends as a lumber girl down at the tool tent.
Nobody knows their way around a claw hammer better than I do.
I do not doubt that.
Leo, any luck tracing those hackers? No.
Every I.
Address you gave me leads to a dead end.
These people really covered their tracks.
I don't have any fingerprints or evidence, but I've drawn a police sketch of what I think the suspect looks like.
I can't access anything.
All the contents of my cyberdesk have been wiped clean.
( Beeping ) This is worse than I thought.
Every one of my facilities worldwide has been hacked.
Every database the entire infrastructure of Davenport industries is gone! This is not some run-of-the-mill computer hacker, Leo.
This is obviously someone who hates me and wants to ruin my life.
Well, that could be anyone.
(Sarcastic) All right.
What are we gonna do? I'm gonna have to call my friend at the FBI.
You have a friend at the FBI? Wow! That is so cool.
Yeah, we're yoga buddies.
And now it's not cool.
All rightie.
Lefty-loosey, rightie Cram it in there!!! Uhhhh! I can't fix it! You know, as much as we'd all love to sit here and watch you master the art of screwdriving, we're gonna go.
Hold it!!! You three got lucky, but I know you're up to something.
( Electrical crackling ) You're blast wave must have loosened the electrical box.
Eh, just a little fire hazard.
I'll fix it next week.
( Louder crackling ) Aaaah! Look out! Huh?! Uhhhh! We gotta stop that wire before someone gets electrocuted! I'll stabilize it, you sever it! ( Electricity crackling, signals oscillating ) Okay, now! Adam: Yeah! Chase: Yes! And That's our magic show.
Ta-da! Aaaahhhhh!!!! ( Door slams shut ) Uh-oh.
We're dead.
I have never seen her run.
Principal Perry, you can come out, it's okay! We're not gonna hurt you.
Yeah, what she means is it'll only hurt for a second and then you'll probably pass out.
Stand back, freaks! I always knew there was something off about you three, but now I know the truth You're martians! Yeees, we're martians.
You don't see a head like that on a human.
We're not martians.
We're humans with bionic abilities.
I have super strength, she has super speed, and chase What do you do again? You're bionic? I've seen movies about you people.
You act all nice, and then an hour in, you turn and try to kill will Smith! No.
We use our abilities for good things.
Like life-saving missions For instance, the way we just saved yours.
Aaaah! Stay away from me! I've gotta go call the cops! Or the FBI! Or or the fire department! Uhh! Think, Terry! What would will Smith do? Adam, what are you doing?! Our normal lives are over.
I have to say goodbye to my pudding.
Okay, what are we gonna do? We have to tell Mr.
Let's just tell him and get it over with.
Are you crazy?! We can't tell Mr.
Davenport! It was your idea! Oh, so now you're gonna start listening to me?! ( Doorbell ) Wait.
Don't answer it.
It could be the authorities.
Or we won a sweepstakes.
I know it's a long shot, but I'm willing to take the risk.
( Doorbell ) Am I the only person capable of answering the door? FBI.
I need to see Donald Davenport.
Donald! You better come downstairs! The FBI is here! What was that? Ha ha ha ha.
Donald!!! Guys! What are we gonna do?! Ohh.
What are you worried about? You're so small they probably won't even see you.
Adam, is this really the time to be making short jokes? Chase, there is never not a time, because just like you, life is short.
Will you stop it? The FBI is upstairs ready to drag us away, and who knows that they'll do to Mr.
Davenport! We have to do something.
Do you guys remember the conversation we had a long time ago When we first started living as normal kids? The one you told me to forget and never bring up? No.
The one where we made a "last resort" pact if anyone ever discovered our bionic secret.
Well, I don't know what you want me to say.
Did you not see me wink? It's time.
We have to protect ourselves and Mr.
Are you in? I'm in.
Bree? Our lives will change forever.
I know.
But there's just gotta be another way to Bree.
We have no other choice.
I'm in.
Hey, big d, what happened with your friend at the FBI? He just left.
I gave him all the information, but he said this hacking is beyond anything he's ever seen before.
It's gonna be weeks before they have any leads.
( Knock on door ) ( Insistent knocking ) Principal Perry.
What are you doing here? Does our front gate even have a code? You don't run a women's correctional facility without learning how to scale a few walls.
Anyhoo I just wanted to stop by, say hello And tell you that I know your kids are bionic! Ha ha ha ha! Bionic! What? I don't What are you talking about? I don't think so.
I mean, just because a child says they're bionic The big one shot lasers from his eyes, the girl ran faster than lightning, and the stumpy one could move things with his mind! Oh, yeah, she's got you.
Is he bionic too? Seriously? Look at him.
Leo, go downstairs and bring Adam, chase and Bree up here now.
Oh, hello, principal Perry.
Hello, Tasha.
Donald, what's going on? She knows.
Knows what? Ohhhh.
They were here when I got here! I've never seen you look so nervous, Don.
I gotta say, it's real nice.
Look, I can explain everything.
Ha! No need.
My first instinct was to go straight to the authorities, but then I thought, I've got secrets too A lady of mystery, if you will.
So you're gonna keep this between us? Oh, thank you Not quite.
I'll keep your secret, but it's gonna cost you A lot.
Who do you think you are, blackmailing us? We will never Deal.
What?! You're just gonna let her win? Yes.
If it allows us to keep our family together.
(Sighs) So the leprechaun finally got her pot of gold.
I'm gonna be rich, I'm gonna be rich, I'm gonna be rich! ( Knock on door ) Oh, what now? Donald Davenport, we're with the first international bank.
This house and everything in it no longer belongs to you.
What?! That's ridiculous! I have billions of dollars in your bank! Not anymore.
All of your accounts were liquidated hours ago.
I never authorized that! Well, your signature says otherwise.
My sig Wh-what Look, whoever hacked my accounts must have forged my signature.
That may well be, Mr.
Davenport, but until we straighten this mess out, we are going to seize all your assets.
What do you mean? I mean, you're broke.
I'm bro You're broke?! Donald? They're towing the cars! Wow! Rough day! Yeah, no kidding.
I meant for me.
Well, I guess our little deal is off.
What? If you're broke, you can't buy my silence.
Ohh, what to do, what to do This isn't over! Wait.
Big d, we have a problem.
Leo, where are Adam, Bree and chase? I found this in the lab.
Testing, testing.
Davenport We really messed up.
We didn't mean to expose our bionics to Perry, but she was in danger and we had no choice.
You always trained us to handle any mission, and right now, the mission is survival Yours and ours.
I mean, if we're not around there's no proof that we exist, so we're leaving.
For good.
Thank you For all that you've done for us.
You made us who we are.
We're sorry we let you down.
I've got to find them.
I already tried.
They must have disabled their GPS signals.
There's no trace of them anywhere.
They're gone.
Leo: The guy from the bank says we need to leave now.
They're changing the locks on all the doors.
I can't believe they're gone.
I should have been at school today.
It's my job to watch out for them, and I didn't.
This is all my fault.
No, it's not.
It's not theirs, either.
I gotta find them.
I can't even use my cyberdesk.
Who is doing this to me? It's obviously a tech whiz who will do anything to destroy you, someone who has intimate knowledge of your life and Davenport industries and Wait a minute.
I know who it is.
It's your brother.
Leo, that's impossible.
We froze Douglas in a block of ice.
He's under 24-hour security at my most remote offshore facility.
See? He's gone.
But How? Rewind the footage.
Go back.
There it is.
Hey! Ahh! Ahhh.
There's another bionic dude? I don't know who that is.
If Douglas escaped, that means Adam, Bree and chase are in real danger.
We all are.
You sure are, Donnie.
Ha ha ha! I'm ba-ack! ( Evil laughter ) Yeah, Leo already figured that out.
Anyway, I just thought you should know that it was me who did this to ya.
Well, I had a little help.
And now that I'm free, I think I'll spend some quality time with my three wonderful kids.
You anywhere near them, it'll be the last thing you ever do! They're mine, Donnie! I'll find them first.
Good luck.
That's gonna be a little hard to do without your lab.
Ha ha ha ha! Brah-ha-ha-ha-ha! Leo, that's a detonator! Run! ( Rapid beeping ) The phone is dead.
Hopefully my sprinkler system extinguished the fire before it spread to the rest of the house.
So we're trapped in here? What are we gonna do? I'm working on it, Leo.
Well, hurry up.
I mean, if we don't get out of here, Douglas and that creepy mask guy are gonna beat us to Adam, Bree and chase.
I will figure something out, Leo.
How?! Your lab is gone, your cars are gone, Davenport industries is ruined! I got it, Leo! And to top it all off, you're completely broke.
( Sobbing ) I'm crying about the kids! ( Sobbing continues )