Lambs of God (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

The Beast Incarnate

1 Maybe your brother just changed his mind about visiting.
You did say the two of you haven't been on the best of terms for a while.
I know that something is wrong.
May I ask what Ignatius was doing in Portaross? He was to assess one of our properties.
The island, the St Agnes monastery? The bishop wants our home as a hotel for rich people.
The pictures are so beautiful.
We cannot allow this to happen.
You may choose to remain on this path or we can bring you into the Order of St Agnes and become a sister.
Thank you, Sister Carla.
It is not right that he is here! Cook! No sign of the car.
We'll follow the ruins.
Sister Cook, she fell, broke her neck.
I'm here! I'm here! Jesus, what was that? No! Come back! I'm here! Come back! I'm sorry.
All this destruction has happened because we betrayed our vows and allowed a man to dwell amongst us.
I made a sacred promise to devote my life to God, and the Order of St Agnes, and to remain enclosed within these walls even in death.
When the men return, I will not be moved.
I want to be buried here, with my Sisters.
Please, you have to take me to hospital.
If you do, I shall make sure the bishop looks upon you favourably.
You have my word.
We'd all have to leave to get you safely off the island.
We cannot betray our vows.
I don't want to die here.
My leg, my shoulder.
Please Shh.
No! It'll feel better now.
I'll fetch some herbs for your pain.
I don't want more herbs! I want real drugs, morphine, heroin.
My bishop is coming back and when he does, I will tell him the truth about the Sisters of St Agnes and all the horrors you've inflicted upon me.
What of the horrors inflicted on us? It is you who invaded our home.
It is you who has sought to destroy the sacred Order of St Agnes.
There is no order.
You're just three feral nuns with nothing but your knitting and your fairy tales and some sheep you count as Sisters returned from the dead! When my bishop comes back, as your Lord and Master, he will learn of your heresy and he will render your order extinct.
Your home sold to the highest bidder.
What makes you think he's coming back? That he even saw you? Even if he didn't see me, he would have seen the car.
There was no car for him to see.
We sorted that out weeks ago.
The smoke.
He would have seen the fire.
Did he? I'll send up herbs for your pain.
Whether it's for me or whether it's the buyers of this cursed place, they will be back! It's going to make a grand hotel! Shut up! There must be another way.
Show me another way.
See, I told you.
What are you thinking? He might have broken free.
The most likely scenario is your brother got caught in a causeway.
No, you don't know Ignatius.
He would have checked the times of the tides.
He wouldn't make a mistake like that.
If he's dead, where's his body? Quite honestly, Frankie, we might not ever find him.
This was supposed to be a reunion, not a fucking wake.
Please Please don't give up on him.
He's not dead.
I can feel it.
I can still feel him.
The search is being called off.
Church notified.
They're already organising a memorial for him.
Despite your attempts on my life, I'd like to offer you my condolences for your lamb's death.
I'm sorry I tried to use your shell to escape.
But I just want to go home.
Surely you can understand.
So you tricked me.
I'm sorry.
Do all men bring trouble? And work.
Scrubbing, cleaning, polishing, for the priests' visits.
When priests came before, why did I not see them? We Sisters have our secrets too.
Secrets? Do you remember 'Bread in the Oven'? Carla! It's time to play Bread in the Oven! I'll let you out only when you're good and cooked.
But why was I hidden? So you wouldn't be taken from us.
Why wouldn't you just tell me? Why would you lie to me? They weren't lies.
We didn't want to frighten you, so we turned the priests' visits into a game.
First Ignatius makes a fool of me, now my own Sisters.
What else was a lie? Ignatius's robes? What started must be finished.
Story? I think it's my turn.
Once upon a time If the priests never knew about me, who else knows I exist outside these walls? Only the Sisters of St Agnes.
And whoever left me at the gates, my parents.
Of course.
Once upon a time, the Queen gave birth to her daughter and called her Snow White.
But not long after the Queen died.
Snow White's father took a new wife but the new Queen loved power and money above all else and it had made her cruel.
In the castle was a magic mirror and the Queen often asked it, "Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest, richest, the most beloved of all?" And the magic mirror would say, "You are, your Majesty.
" But one day, when the Queen asked the question, the mirror replied, "My Queen may yet be the richest," but Snow White is the fairest and the most loved in all the land.
" The Queen turned quite green with envy.
A toast to the Stanford family.
And then one night, the queen snapped.
She ordered her Huntsman to follow Snow White into the woods and to kill her.
Then the queen said to the Huntsman, "Bring me back her heart as proof that the deed has been done.
" I woke - It's your song! - This mornin' The Huntsman had only gone a little way into the forest when he came upon the girl.
And he took out his hunting knife.
And she cried, "Huntsman, let me live!" "I will run into the wild woods and I will never come back.
" And suddenly a young stag appeared in the forest and the Huntsman took pity on Snow White and he He killed the stag instead.
And he cut out the stag's immense heart, to give to the Queen as proof of Snow White's death.
And that night the Queen feasted on the stag's heart, believing it was Snow White's.
And Snow White ran.
She ran into the dark forest and she kept on running, and she kept on going until she found an old house and went inside to rest.
And she woke much later to find seven Sisters of Mercy welcoming her into their home.
I will not let them take our home! If money is the only way, then so be it.
What do you mean, Sister? Would you like to play a game, Sister Carla? The Finding Game? I am not a child anymore.
What is it you want? Father Ignatius's phone.
Bring it to me? Every time we deal with the world of men, you bring the wrath of God down upon us.
Trust in the Divine and St Agnes.
She will protect us.
That's your choice.
But I will not let us be like lambs led to the slaughter.
Carla? Carla! Is it you? A gift.
See? Six wings.
It's a seraph.
It's for you.
But in return, my phone, so I might call for a real doctor.
Thank you.
Thank you, Sister Carla.
Show me how to use it.
It needs a new battery.
I had one in my car.
It's working! They're texts.
It means my bishop's looking for me.
Oh! Your bishop's name is Frankie? Then who is Frankie? No-one.
How do I phone the operator? You press green to call, red to hang up.
Who are you calling? The hospital? My bishop? You must turn it off when you're not using it.
You must preserve the battery.
Who was Frankie? It's my sister.
You have a sister? No wonder you want to go home.
I would like to speak with Mr Banks, please.
I'm afraid Mr Banks is no longer with us.
Mr Colquin is available.
Can I say who's calling? Um Tell him Tell him Patricia Stanford is on the line.
The Patricia Stanford? Yes.
The Patricia Stanford.
Miss Stanford? Mr Colquin.
I don't have time for pleasantries.
I need to know how much I'm worth these days.
I'm afraid I can't answer that question until you can prove your identity.
Mrs Stanford has a simple test designed to weed out imposters.
My mother is still alive? Very much so.
So what would you like me to tell her? Something only you and she would understand.
Play her Jeremiah's song.
And then you will organise the purchase of a property for me.
The St Agnes monastery.
Tell me more about Frankie.
Is she younger or older? Older.
Does she look like you? You're not to touch it.
They need to do their work.
I need my phone, Carla.
To call Frankie.
I was to see her after I left here, meet her two little boys.
Frankie has boys? I need to call her, Carla.
Iphigenia has the phone.
She won't let it out of her sight.
I could ask her to let you use it.
Don't do that.
I will pray for you.
And Frankie.
The hotel people won't commit to the sale until they've done a proper survey of the site.
So I've offered to take them on a tour of the monastery, straight after Ignatius's memorial.
I need you to hire a boat, fully catered, oysters and champagne on arrival.
Show them we understand the full connoisseur hotel experience.
Bishop, you need to see this.
It's from the phone company.
Father Ignatius's phone.
It's been used.
Several calls, all to the same number in London.
Call it.
mine enemies.
Thou anointest me with oil.
My cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.
- Hello? - Ignatius? - This is not Ignatius.
Who is this? - Frankie Did you say Frankie? - No.
- What are you doing with Ignatius's phone? Frankie? Voices in the air like magic! What have you done? I should have switched it off.
I wasn't thinking.
Oh, Margarita.
I'm sorry.
No, leave me alone! Shall I call Sergeant Barnaby? And say what? No.
This is church business! We'll deal with it ourselves.
Now get out! Iphigenia? Beauty.
Father? It would be a roof over your head, Margarita.
Think of it as a holiday, love.
No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! It was like the angels were singing.
Ave Maria And then the devil himself shouted, "Ignatius, is that you? Who is this?" Oh, wish I'd been there but my bishop is no devil.
How does it work? How does your bishop's voice get inside of the box? You see those ripples? They are waves and sound creates waves too, but in the air.
And those waves, they hit your ear.
Or through a phone which means that we could talk to each other anywhere in the world.
Wait till you see a television.
Can I show you something? A secret? "And I beheld another beast and it was coming out of the earth" and it had two horns like a lamb.
" It's my escape coat.
You are in it too.
"And he had power to give life to the image of the beast that it should speak.
" I've never showed it to anyone before.
"And those that did not worship it would be killed.
" Carla! This is you.
Sister Margarita, - it's not what you think.
- Beast.
Get away from her! I won't let you hurt her like you hurt me! - What? - Margarita, stop.
Can't you see he's tricking you? - Margarita! - Go pray for your sins! Let me in! Sister Margarita, please.
I meant no harm.
Beast! You don't belong here, you beast! I will cast you out! Iphigenia, where are you? Please, Sister Margarita! Have mercy on me! Please! God, God, look.
No! Iphigenia! Iphigenia! She is killing him.
Margarita! Please Sister, open the door! No! No! No! No! What have you done to her? I didn't do anything.
She did it to herself.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't stop it.
Couldn't stop her.
It's alright.
I'm sorry.
And it was a woman's voice on the line? It could be her sister.
She kept saying Frankie.
Her name is Frankie Jones.
But I believe she and Ignatius were not on the best of terms.
And Bob, the church can't afford another scandal.
If there is a problem, I need it to go away.
Leave it with me, Bishop.
Hello, Frankie Jones.
It's Stay-at-home to help you sleep.
There's nothing there.
You're no beast, Sister.
It's just a story.
One that you will write a new ending for.
There's only one end.
Punishment for my crimes and eternal damnation.
What of God's forgiveness? Redemption.
I woke It's you.
- This mornin' - The missing heiress.
And I looked at my life It was filled With so much sorrow And grief And in my troubled mind I could see through all my sorrows You see time is a thief Can I lie with you? That will rob you I won't touch.
Of your years And never Return One yesterday I'm supposed to give the eulogy at my brother's memorial.
But I'm finding it almost impossible to write the damn thing.
I can't imagine saying it in front of a room of strangers.
Sorry to interrupt.
I'm Bob.
I'm a bit new to all this.
- That's fine, I'm done.
- Oh no, I don't want you to stop.
I just thought you could try the eulogy out on us.
What have you got to lose? Don't say I didn't warn you, because it's total shit.
Ignatius came into the world 10 weeks early but defied the doctor's gloomy prognosis by breathing on his own.
My mother said he did it to spite them.
Even to my four-year-old eyes he was small.
His skin translucent.
I could see his heart beating through it.
Thank you.
I just wanted to say, if you ever need to talk, I know what it's like to lose a brother.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's all anyone says to me these days, "Sorry for your loss.
" - Bye.
- I want a high five.
Thank you.
I hope they weren't too much trouble.
- Hello.
- Who have we got here, then? This is Nat and this little grumpy pants here is Ben.
Oh, what's that, Ben? Nat, is it? You've got something in your hair.
Can we eat them, Mum? Well, I don't imagine they're poison, are they? No.
- Oh! - Hiya.
- Who's that? - That's Teddy.
I was just passing and I thought you might like a spot of lunch.
Oh, thank you.
No, I I should really get these two home.
Hello, mate, I'm Sergeant Barnaby.
- Hi.
- This is Bob.
He's just moved here.
- It's a nice little town you've got.
- Yeah.
What do you do for a living, Bob? Er not much at the moment.
A bit of fishing.
Well, might see you at the memorial, Barnaby.
It's nice to meet you, Bob.
- See you around.
- I hope so.
- Good luck with the eulogy.
- Thank you.
You have a gift with words, Frankie.
Don't be afraid to use it.
What the hell did he want? He was asking after your priest.
What exactly did he ask? If he'd stayed here, if I'd met him.
Constable Day, can you check a number-plate for me? R437 TCB.
- Are you for real? - Yes.
- Maybe he's a journalist.
- Thanks, Jock.
Vehicle is registered to a Father Robert O'Malley.
Father? Are you sure? Yes.
His address is St Thomas's.
Why didn't he say he was a fucking priest.
Surely the funds can be released without meeting in person.
The rules of your trust are very specific.
I could fly to you if it would make it easier.
No, that's not possible.
Then I'm afraid we're at an impasse.
No, I'll meet with you if that's what it takes.
But just you, no-one else.
Portaross, tomorrow.
But how can we buy our home? We have no money.
The Holy Mother has provided.
But you can't leave, not with the man here.
I might hurt him.
I know you won't.
And I shan't be gone long.
A day a night at the most.
But what if they come back? I think that we can risk one day to save our home.
I found it on the road and thought a certain little boy might not be able to sleep without it.
Nat! - Look! - Teddy! How did you find us? Phone book.
Only Frankie Jones in town.
- Oh.
- Oh, well - Looks like - Welcome.
I'm coming in as well.
What have we got here? Where are you taking me? It's bathing day.
Let us help you with your robes.
There is no shame in the body God gave you, Father.
Only joy and thanksgiving for all its wonder.
Not exactly what they teach you in seminary school.
He was an odd kid.
He was always getting picked on at school.
Was he gay? No.
No, he was sensitive.
My parents didn't do well with different, they just wanted normal.
He was always drawing, he was always making me pictures.
Oh, hello.
- Oh God, no.
- No.
- No.
- No.
Get away.
Let me have a look.
Oh, you haven't changed a bit.
I was always a troublemaker, defending Ignatius against our parents.
The nuns.
Till the church won and turned him against me.
I'm in the fucking program, Bob.
What about you? It is the night before your brother's memorial.
I know there's a minibar bottle hidden in here somewhere.
Oh, God.
Mother's ruin.
I keep thinking he'll call.
How stupid.
To Ignatius.
I'll fetch clean towels.
I know how much you want to call your sister.
You don't have long.
I'll be back.
You remind me a bit of him.
Is that a good thing? No.
He called me a junkie and a whore.
He was only half right.
He wouldn't take my calls even when I was out on the street, pregnant.
That must have made you pretty angry with Ignatius and the church.
Did you punish him? - What do you mean? - Did you hurt him, Frankie? Is that what happened? No.
You would have been justified after what he did to you.
Get Get out.
Get out! You've called the office of Bishop Malone.
Please leave a message.
This is a message for the bishop.
It's Ignatius.
I'm alive.
I'm at the St Agnes monastery.
I've been held captive by three nuns.
The nuns What did Frankie say? Tell me.
Oh, I told you she missed you.
I have to take the phone back.
I said fuck off! Are you alright? Are you drunk? Did the priest get you drunk? Bob's a fucking priest? Do I look alright? Watch over Sister Carla for me.
And all of the Agnes sisters.
Take care of Ignatius too.
I'll be back soon.
With good news I hope.
You're leaving.
"This is a message for the bishop.
"It's Ignatius.
I'm alive.
I'm at the Saint Agnes monastery.
"I've been held captive by three nuns.
The nuns" "This is a message for the bishop.
"It's Ignatius.
"I'm alive.
"I'm at the St Agnes monastery.
"I've been held captive by three nuns.
The nuns" Well what do we do? We can't have a memorial if he's still alive! And the hotel people, they can't go to the island now! Tomorrow.
We schedule the tour for tomorrow.
The church is full, Malachi.
People are here to pay their respects to your Brother, Ignatius.
Best not keep them waiting.
and your glory.