Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s05e01 Episode Script

Chapter 33: War

1 NEW YORK, 1939 War is a tragedy that, for most people, happens on news bulletins, in newspapers.
Extra! Extra! The Spanish Civil War turns into a bloodbath! We experience it from a distance, from afar, knowing it's others who are suffering its terrible consequences.
turns into a bloodbath! Extra! Extra! The Spanish Civil War turns into a bloodbath! But that wasn't my case.
- May I have one, please? - Yeah.
Each piece of news about the war was a heavy weight on my shoulders.
I'd been in the United States for seven years.
Extra! Extra! Spain and Ángeles' horrible death were in the past.
Spanish Civil War turns into a bloodbath! Her absence had left a void only her daughter Sofía could fill.
I was now responsible for her.
Francisco, Eva, Sofía and I were a family.
We lived in peace, and I wanted it to continue being that way.
But, once again, I was wrong.
War was going to knock on my door.
"To Lidia, from Sofía.
Dear Lidia.
When you read this, I'll be on my way to Madrid already.
I'm going back to the country where I was born, where my mother raised me, where I have so many good memories of my childhood with her.
I have felt empty inside for a long time.
" Now I know the way to make up for it is returning to my roots.
Fighting in the war, I'll be able to have a purpose in life.
I want you to know this wasn't an easy decision to make.
That's why I'm writing this letter.
I couldn't say goodbye in person.
Especially to you, Lidia.
You've been my friend, my confidant, the mother I didn't have.
Thank you.
I'll never forget that.
I hope you understand my decision.
You'll be in my heart.
My daughter.
Promise me, if anything happens to her, - you'll be by her side.
- Of course we will.
The night Ángeles died was hard for us.
- Ángeles.
- Ángeles.
But we made a promise.
Sofía had lost her loved ones too soon, but she was never alone.
She had us.
Her mom's best friends.
Sofía wouldn't miss anything ever again.
She'd have a good life and the love of a family.
And I was going to guarantee that.
I owed that to my friend.
As time passed, that shy girl became a strong woman who wanted to change the world, like Ángeles.
And now Sofía was my daughter, too, and she had left me.
I couldn't let that war ruin her future.
What's going on? Are you okay? Sofía is gone.
Where? She's joining the militias in Spain.
What? I'm going to call the girls and tell them because I want to go to Spain and find her.
- Your papers.
- I'm waiting - Reason for your trip.
- I'm waiting for someone.
Shut the fuck up! Stop answering back! Get over there! I'll teach you what we do with people like you.
Welcome to Spain.
Thank you.
There's nothing war can't change.
It can destroy anything.
Madrid was besieged by the enemy and could barely resist the advance of the nationalists.
The city had changed.
It wasn't the one I knew.
Poverty, ruins, destruction.
Famine and helplessness ruled the city.
But the hardest thing of all was trying to ignore the presence of the militia.
Seeing rifles and guns was now normal for the citizens who had survived, who were resigned to live among ruins in their almost destroyed houses, wallpapered with propaganda from the war.
THEY SHALL NOT PASS! Ma'am, I can't go any further.
The military doesn't let us into that area in the city center.
You'll have to walk.
Thank you.
Unfortunately, they were the lucky ones because in times of war, life hangs by a thread.
And you never know what surprises await you around the corner.
Despite all of this, I was happy to be back home.
Not only because I wanted to prevent Sofía from doing something stupid, but also because I was going to see my cable girls again.
- It's been a long time.
- Too long.
You look so pretty.
I thought we were meeting later at the Company.
I escaped for a moment.
I was going to take some bread to a neighbor.
Marga, Madrid is not the same.
How can you live this way? We had no other choice.
It's been three years now.
You either get used to it or lose your mind.
How can you get used to this? We sleep with our clothes on, eat when we can, and we even nickname the planes that drop bombs on us.
- That was "the churro vendor.
" - What? It always comes early in the morning.
I just hope this ends soon.
This damn war is devastating everything in its path.
There are rifts within families, friends who are killing each other.
This is nonsense.
I'm so worried about Sofía.
I brought the flier I found in her room.
I still can't believe this has crossed the pond to America.
Let's see.
- Do you know where these barracks are? - On Franco Rodríguez Street.
The army seized an old Salesian convent.
- And can we go there? - Yes.
We can go out now.
Is it safe to go out now? How's Pablo? Good.
When the agency closed, it was a big blow for the two of us.
Since the war broke out, many businesses started plummeting.
But we can't complain.
With so many casualties, we soon found jobs at the press and censorship agency.
Look how the Company looks now.
CHAPTER 33: WAR Give me your suitcase.
And your hat, too.
Mario, can you keep this here for us until we leave? This too, please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Come on.
Follow me.
Watch your step.
- Who runs all this now? - Carlos is not here.
- I told you that, didn't I? - No.
The last time I saw him was the day Carmen died.
He cleared his stuff from his office and left it to Elisa.
She managed the company for a while, but when the war broke out, the Republicans took charge of it.
I see.
- Didn't I tell you? - No.
I haven't heard from him since I left.
It's as if he vanished into thin air.
You were writing for L'Illustration in Paris, right? That's right.
The pictures have been sent already, but our report will be late because of your censor.
Because they've changed the text which was approved.
You know you're not allowed to do that.
The changes were not that drastic, only small details.
Let me have a look at the report.
Let's see what can be done.
Lidia! Hi! - You're here! - How are you? - I'm fine.
- We've really missed you.
- Welcome back.
- Aren't you going to give me a hug? Of course I am.
- You look great.
- Likewise.
- It was a long journey, wasn't it? - It was.
New York is so far away.
But it was fine.
Excuse me.
This is Isidro, the press office boss and a good friend.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, Isidro.
- Are you all friends? - Yes, old friends.
Marga told me you looked for Sofía in the Fifth Regiment barracks.
Yes, but she wasn't there.
They've told us they haven't recruited new militiamen or women for months.
Everything is now organized from the headquarters.
They can tell us there which barracks she is in.
And are the headquarters in Madrid? Can we go and ask? Yes, but we need a contact to do that.
And how will we get one? We have only been in Spain for a week, reporting about the siege of Madrid, but we're staying in the Pacífico Hotel.
We've got colleagues there who know how to get information, and I believe they'll help us.
I've brought a picture.
Maybe it will help.
- Yes, that will be helpful.
- Yes.
What a pretty, grown-up girl! - She's grown up.
- Yes.
Can we go to the hotel first? I want to call Francisco and Eva.
- You can only make that call from here.
- Really? Just a minute.
Isidro, can we make a brief call to New York? Sure.
No problem.
She can make the call from my office.
She'll be more comfortable.
Let's go.
Follow me.
- See you later.
- Yes.
I thought it'd be easier to find her this way.
Madrid isn't the city it used to be.
It's unrecognizable.
I can't even imagine it, Lidia.
Please be careful.
- And if you need me - I know.
What gives me confidence now is knowing that you and Eva are fine.
We're waiting for you.
For both of you.
Francisco, I have to go.
They are waiting for me.
- Give Eva a kiss for me.
- I will.
We love you.
I love you both, too.
I'll call again as soon as I can.
- Thanks for letting me make the call.
- No problem.
Thank Isidro.
He's the best boss ever.
Whenever you need it, we'll try to let you in.
Let's hope the next call is to tell them we've found Sofía.
We'll find her.
You'll see.
We should get out of here.
Pablo Santos? Go to this address.
You've been called up.
Pablo, you're being called up for duty.
Don't worry.
I'm not going anywhere.
See you at home.
- Marga, they've just - It's okay.
It's not the first time they've come for him.
We always manage to get him an exemption because of his leg injury.
What? It's okay.
Let's go to the hotel.
What do you mean it's okay? He's been called up.
Yes, but it's okay.
Don't worry.
Carlota and Óscar probably know something.
Again, Isidro! They can be very annoying.
How many times will we have to go through this? It doesn't matter.
I don't mind doing all the paperwork that might be required.
A phone call, I'll submit the certificate, and end of story.
We need to hurry.
It says I have to turn up at the barracks within two days.
What? Two days? That can't be right.
I'm not prepared to lose my second-best employee in this office.
Leave it to me.
Did you say second-best employee? - Second-best? - Marga is the first, of course.
The Pacífico Hotel.
This is a different world.
This is where the reporters stay.
Well, the foreign correspondents.
They report about the war to their respective countries.
There they are.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How did it go? - Have you found anything? - Yes.
There is someone who could help us find Sofía.
- Who is it? - His name is James Lancaster.
He's an American photographer.
He's been in Madrid since the war broke out.
He's visited all the fronts and knows people at the headquarters.
Do you know him? Not personally, but everyone here knows who he is.
He's a reckless drunkard, and he likes himself a lot.
- He's not trustworthy.
- Don't listen to her.
He's a peculiar guy, but he's a brilliant photographer.
He's done all the reports on the war up to now.
He knows where he has to fix his lens to take the best picture.
In my view, his work is overrated.
Honestly, I don't care about his work.
We need to find Sofía.
Do you know which room he's in? No, but we can ask about it.
- You can leave your things.
- Right.
- Where's the reception desk? - Over there.
It feels good.
Okay! Keep calm.
We'll stop being so noisy.
Lancaster, we'd like to talk to you.
Uh, I'm busy.
Come back later.
We don't have time for this.
- I'm gonna go in.
- No.
Carlota, please! Mr.
Lancaster What the fuck? I - I said - That you were busy.
I know.
I'm sorry to spoil your fun, but we need to talk about something important.
Um Give me a second to get dressed.
Carlota, that wasn't okay.
- What did you want me to do? - Not that! It's always the same with you! You can't just barge in.
I thought you were getting dressed.
I'm not interested in fashion.
Or manners.
That seems to be something you and I have in common.
Look, Mr.
Lancaster We were told you have contacts at the headquarters.
That could be very useful to us.
- We are looking for someone.
- I'm sorry.
I don't share my sources.
I thought Faraday was two people, not four.
No, Mr.
My friends are not journalists.
Lidia has just arrived from New York and is responsible for a girl, Sofía.
She joined the militias and ran away from her home.
That girl is the daughter of a friend of ours who died years ago.
We promised her we'd take care of her child.
We need to find her.
Help us, please.
What's that? - A bombing.
- We have to go down to the shelter.
- Are they going to attack the hotel? - Not really.
Come on.
Go down to the shelter.
- Shouldn't we run? - Panic could spread.
- We could get crushed.
- Stay away from the windows.
Why? - Are you okay? - Yes.
Let's go.
This one fell very close by.
We'll be safe in the shelter.
We should persuade them to bomb the hotel.
That way, if they are lucky, they might hit the Telephone Company's building.
Don't give them ideas.
That's the last thing we need.
How long will this last? You'll get used to it.
I don't think so.
Hmm? No.
Lancaster, will you help us find her? Her life depends on it.
I'm going to be busy all week doing a very important report.
When I finish it, I'll be delighted to help you.
Are you saying a report is more important than someone's life? - What was that? - It means we can go out.
Come on.
I hope this ends soon.
War is dust, smoke, devastation, broken windows and blood.
There is a guy there! - Help! - Please! Help! Help! But above all that, war is death, annihilation.
We'll have to wait for help to move him.
- What? - Tell my mother I love her.
Her name is Elena.
She's resisting against Asensio's column.
It's the definitive proof that humans can be crueler than any wild animal.
Aguilar, are you okay? If you feel any compassion at all help my daughter.
She's been with me for eight years.
Eight years.
That could be her.
I don't need your help next week.
I need it now.
Now! She could be dead! Don't you see? I'm so sorry.
I can't! You may think that I'm an arrogant American, but this war is hurting me, too.
Eh? I've seen your people dying for three years.
When did you arrive? Yesterday? Today? Huh? I can't leave everything just to save a single life.
She's just a girl.
I'm sorry.
Neither Ángeles nor myself would ever forgive me for not doing the impossible to stop Sofía from dying in such an absurd way.
That's why, no matter what, I wouldn't spare any effort to rescue her from this hell before it was too late.
You'll learn to shoot.
I'll teach you.
It's not that difficult.
This soap smells great.
"Jasmine soap.
" What a weird name.
Where did you get it? I got it at home.
In New York.
Are you American? - Your Spanish is better than hers.
- Hey! I'm Spanish, but I was orphaned eight years ago, and a friend of my mom's adopted me.
She lives there.
And how come your foster mother let you come here? - She didn't want me to come.
- And what did you tell her? That I needed to come back to Spain to know who I am, find my own path, and fight for the things I believe in.
That's what we are all here for.
We can't lose the war.
They are killing anybody who doesn't think like them.
I'll be right back.
Come on! You're not that brave now, are you? Without a rifle, you're nobody.
What the fuck are you doing? Are you crazy? This son of a bitch was from the column of nationalists who came into my village and killed my father, my brother Fermín My family.
I'll never forget his face.
I saw them laughing while they shot them against the wall of the cemetery.
You're all a bunch of crybabies.
That's why those things happen to you.
Shut up! You're going to cry even more when you lose the war and we kill you all.
Fuck! We're supposed to be better than them! Son of a bitch! Rot in hell! Now what? Get off! When this reaches Major Cobos, we'll be done for.
Listen! Look at me! Look at me! We'll say he tried to escape and we got him.
We fought and we had no option but to shoot at him, okay? - Okay? - Yes.
Stop! Who are you? What are you doing here? What did you see? Nothing.
What's wrong? Are you sick? That man has just killed a prisoner.
In a war you'll see things like this and worse.
If this is surprising for you, the front will be too much.
I'll talk to Major Cobos tomorrow.
A convoy with wounded people is departing, - and you'll get on it.
Yes, you will.
- No, I won't.
I ran away from home and sacrificed my life and my future to be here.
To fight for the things I believe in.
I know I could die, like everyone else here.
But if that happens, it will have been for a good cause.
You can't go to the front if you're sick.
If you denounce me, I'll do the same to you.
I could also talk to the major and tell him what I've just seen.
You wouldn't dare.
Try me.
My secret in exchange for yours.
She used her contacts in Portugal to set up a black market network.
If you ever need anything, she can get it for you.
Hello, Pedro.
Could we go in to see Victoria? Come on.
Excuse me.
What's all this? It's as if they don't know there is a war going on outside.
When you are aware that you can die at any moment, the only option is to enjoy life.
Excuse me.
Look! She's there.
Come on.
But what on earth are you doing here, Lidia? - Aren't you pleased to see me? - Of course I am! But what a moment you chose to come back! I know.
Well, Eligio, prepare four special cocktails for the cable girls.
- No, we don't have time.
- Yes, we need to go.
My neighbors are grateful to you for the bread.
Could you get more? I'll try.
A few bags of sugar will arrive next week.
I'll put some aside for you to distribute them.
- Thanks.
- How can I help you? - It's about Sofía, Ángeles' daughter.
- Yes, sure.
- She ran away from home - Ah? and came here to fight in the war.
How awful! How could she have done that? I came to take her back home.
We went to the barracks in Franco Rodríguez, but she isn't there.
We don't know where else to look.
Maybe you can think of something.
I'll ask around, but I doubt I'll get answers.
The Republican bigwigs are not inclined to share information because Madrid is a swarm of spies.
Besides, they keep a close watch on me and many friends have started avoiding me.
Why didn't you tell me earlier? You're taking lots of risks.
Don't worry, darling.
I've gone through worse.
But it won't be easy.
If you find something out, Lidia is staying with us at the Pacífico Hotel.
I have to go.
A shipment of iodine has just arrived.
I have to distract the guards in order to bring it in discreetly.
I'm so pleased to see you again, Lidia.
I thought Victoria would be more helpful.
Me, too.
But we're taking shots in the dark.
We have nothing more to do here.
Let's go.
Marga, are you sure you don't want us to walk you home first? Don't worry.
It's on my way.
Argh! Lidia, are you okay? You fuckin' twit! Get out of here! - Hey! - The camera.
- Hey! What are you doing? - Let's go! James! What happened? They took my camera.
I can't work without it.
Fuck! We can help you get it back.
How? Can't we? We have contacts, too.
If you take us to the headquarters tomorrow, and we are able to locate Sofía we'll make a couple of calls and we'll find your camera.
I need to think about it.
Right now, you need to see a doctor.
Yes, let's take him to his room.
- Yes.
- I need to lie down for a bit.
Come on.
I've found some gauze, but we need something to disinfect those wounds.
I have more than enough disinfectant here.
It's the best sedative, too.
Take your shirt off.
- My skin is sensitive like a baby's.
- And you also complain like one.
If your camera enters the black market, our friend will tell us.
I'll get you to my contact in the headquarters.
See you tomorrow in the lobby at 8:00.
Thank you, James.
- No problem.
- Stop complaining.
Sixth Regiment.
Join immediately.
" I can't believe it.
I didn't do military service.
I've never had a gun in my hands, Isidro.
Isidro! I wasn't expecting to see you at home at this time.
I was distracting him until you came back.
Did you do the paperwork to apply for Pablo's exemption? Yes, don't worry.
Everything is sorted out.
Thank you, Isidro.
I don't know what we would do without you.
Are you staying for dinner? I think there's still some oatmeal left.
I can't say no to that.
I'll change my clothes and prepare it.
See you in a bit.
Isidro, thanks for not telling Marga.
Sooner or later, she'll find out.
Are you sure you can't do anything? I've done my best, but they are turning down work certificates.
The Republican army needs soldiers, and there aren't many valid excuses.
- I won't show up.
- Pablo! This is serious.
They'll come to your door, and you'll be court-martialed for being a deserter.
I don't care.
I'm ready, guys.
Good morning.
I have permission to access the Defense Board Office.
We're journalists.
You're all journalists? Well, I didn't put it correctly.
My Spanish is not very good.
Two of us are photographers and three are reporters.
War reporters.
We are working on several reports for different outlets, you know? The colonel prefers to see us all together.
Wait a minute.
I don't think it'll take long.
They said they'll see us soon.
There he is.
Colonel! Carlos? - Lidia.
- Do you know each other? Yes.
We're all old acquaintances.
What are you doing here? We need a big favor.
Can we discuss it in private? Would you like a drink? This is the last place I imagined I would find you.
Since when are you in the military? Since when do you care about what I do? I tried to get in touch with you many times.
You wouldn't answer my calls.
I did what you wanted me to do To keep the girl away from my mother.
That's an excuse.
I don't have much time to talk.
If you don't mind, what is the big favor you want to ask from me? It's Sofía, Ángeles' daughter.
When her grandmother died, she came with me to New York, and she's like a daughter to me.
A few days ago, she ran away to join the militias here.
I came to find her.
James says that you'd be able to find her and bring her back.
And why would I do that? She is a woman who has willingly decided to fight for the Republican cause, like so many others.
- We need reinforcements badly.
- She's a child, Carlos.
She hasn't even come of age.
She can't be here without my permission.
I'm afraid that's not a problem these days.
We need all the help we can get She's sick! She has a heart problem.
She's not fit to go to war.
I'm sorry, but I can't help you.
You should leave.
I've got things to do.
You're despicable.
Why would you help me if you haven't contacted your daughter all this time? Do you know how many times Eva asked about her father? She hasn't heard from you in eight years.
And what did you want me to do? To be a witness to your happy life with Francisco? There was no room for me in the perfect family you created.
What? How did it go? Does he know where Sofía is? He's not going to help us.
It's important that your feet are always firmly planted so that you can withstand the recoil of the shot.
You'd better hurry up with the rifle and get the hang of it because they are sending all of us to the front tonight.
- Really? Tonight? - Mmm-hmm.
I'm sorry, Sofía.
You won't be able to show the weapons expert how you handle a rifle.
She will.
He will see her shooting from the trench.
Barrero is coming with our battalion.
- Everything all right here? - Yes.
- Any questions? - No.
They say you're coming to the front with our battalion.
I think I can be more useful there than here.
And I don't want anything bad to happen to you.
I mean, with the experience you have, I don't think you'd last long without getting wounded.
I can look after myself.
I know.
But on the battlefield, we're all as strong or as weak as our battalion.
So, if you promise to cover my rearguard I promise to do the same for you.
No bond is as strong as the one between brothers in arms.
When life is on the line, it's important to offer your hand to those by your side.
I'm sorry everything went the way it did.
I'll leave you alone.
Talking to Carlos was a mistake.
I still can't believe it.
We were lucky, Lidia.
I spread the word about Sofía, and I was told she is in the barracks in Bravo Murillo.
But there's a problem.
She's departing for the front with a militia column in an hour.
When arms are taken up, cruelty is impossible to stop.
Come on! The convoy is leaving in ten.
The enemy won't wait.
They say it takes 20 years of peace to construct a human being and only 20 seconds of war to destroy it.
Ángeles' love for her child didn't die with her.
It lived on intensely inside each one of us.
Because there is no barrier or barricade that can stop a mother's instinct.
Irrespective of time or the dangers it can face, love overcomes all fear.
The idealistic young woman we wanted to protect was about to set out on a journey with an unknown destiny.
What Sofía didn't imagine was that in the middle of the fight, she was going to feel things she was even less prepared for.
Sofía! Sofía! Love can give us strength, but it can't make us untouchable because war shows the worst face of human beings.
Sofía! Sofía! It puts us in front of the worst atrocities, and we can lose everything we have in a second.
Ma'am, what are you doing? You can't be here! It's my daughter.
She's on that truck.
She's got a heart condition.
This is her medication.
- You need to stop it.
- Stop it? I'm following Colonel Cifuentes' orders.
Cifuentes? How could he do this to me? After all, war is like like a poison ivy, growing and destroying anything in its path.
But I won't let it destroy Sofía.
Sign that.
I want to go to the front line.
Come on! Sign! Leave us alone, please.
This is not how things work, Lidia.
You couldn't bring Sofía back without getting her accused of desertion.
If you had any compassion, you'd do something.
Compassion? Did you have any compassion when you took Eva to America? Do you want to save Sofía? Well bring Eva to Spain and give me custody of her.
Then you'll get Sofía.
When your enemies' hearts rot, you know a new war is about to start.
Subtitle translation by Paula Rodríguez
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