Las Vegas s02e03 Episode Script

Blood Is Thicker

Find out how we got this place so cheap? The owner used to be the banquet manager at another hotel on the Strip.
Got in over his head at the tables and then got caught selling a truckload Of filet mignon to a Federal agent.
Must have needed the equity to keep out of prison.
That's why we had such a short escrow.
Where's Danny? He couldn't get away but I have full authority to speak on Mr.
McCoy's behalf.
Guys, I think we should have a party here before we rent it out.
Let's not and say we did.
We've gotta get this place rented.
Well, we've been busy.
We'll always be busy.
Our second mortgage payment's due in two weeks.
We need to remember the whole point of this investment was to limit our out-of-pocket expenses while we wait for the unstoppable Vegas housing market to make us all very rich.
Okay, you guys, gather around because we are about to make a toast in style, to Andrea Mitchell.
The news reporter? And Alan Greenspan's much younger wife.
Because a happy chairman of the Federal Reserve means interest rates stay nice and low.
Okay, you ready with that? Cheers to the Lucky Six Limited Partnership and the proud owners of 9836 Russett Briar Circle.
Hello, excuse me.
I am Gerhardt and this is Reiner.
We are looking for Sam.
Sam is out of the hotel for a brief bit but she'll be back momentarily.
So this Sam is a woman? Technically, yes.
I'll be sure to let her know you've arrived.
Thank you.
We are thirsty now.
There's a bar right there.
Well, the boys from Metro.
How are you doing? Is Ed around? Is he expecting you? I can take you to his office.
There he is.
Hey, boys.
What's up? Can we talk in your office? What's going on? Wait a minute, is this about the housekeeper that took those prescription drugs from the guestroom? What the heck, listen, it was a couple of Xanax, for crying out loud and to tell you the truth, the guest didn't even want to press charges.
Look, Ed, it's probably in your interest to do this some place more discreet.
To be honest with you fellas, I'm a little busy.
If you've got anything to say, it's all right.
Just say it here.
It's okay.
Ed Deline, you're under arrest for the murder of Diego Hallick.
What? Don't worry, we're gonna find out what's going on.
Where's Delinda? She's not answering her cellphone again.
I just talked to her.
She's at home with Jillian.
Yeah? How're they taking it? Jillian's okay.
Delinda's kind of shaken up.
Yeah, but you'd think they'd be used to this kind of stuff by now, right? What's that supposed to mean? I'm sorry, are we forgetting about Ed's whole shadowy CIA past? You don't think he did it? Look, all I'm saying is I have five huge players coming in and they're gonna be asking me a lot of questions.
What are you hearing on the floor? Questions I can't answer.
I gotta go.
Here's what I found out from Metro, this Hallick was murdered three weeks ago.
They tested the evidence found at the scene, and it came up Ed.
You don't think They say it's a billion to one to get a match, and the DNA doesn't lie.
Yeah, but DNA can get planted.
Yeah, and OJ's still looking for the real killer.
Can you sign here? Thank you.
I don't like the way this looks, man.
Why would somebody plant Ed's DNA at the scene? What is it? A hair? The guy could've bumped up against Ed in a restaurant, a gas station.
I don't know exactly what the evidence is.
But what I do know is the DA wouldn't have gone to the Grand Jury if they didn't have a case.
Not for somebody as high-profile as Ed.
How'd he get out so fast? Jillian posted bond.
Five million bucks.
Ed Deline, former security chief, and current president of operations at the Montecito has been formally charged with the bizarre and brutal murder of a local scientist.
Diego Hallick, known to his colleagues Well, I guess you're wondering what the hell's going on.
Well, first of all and most importantly I want you both to know I didn't do it.
We never thought you did do it, Ed.
And effective immediately, depending on the outcome of the trial and the Gaming Commission I have to step down as president of the Montecito.
There'll be an operations team made up of department heads who will run things in my stead.
So basically, it's business as usual, get it? The evidence had to be planted.
So Mike and I can find whoever did this.
No, zip it.
Zip it.
I'm ordering you to stay away from this case.
Have you got a lawyer yet? Because if you don't, Mark Geragos gave me his card the last time he was here.
I have someone, Len Heyman.
Len Heyman? Yeah.
Is he still alive? Listen, I told you, I have it handled, okay? But Ed, we can help.
I know you can.
But right now I cannot afford to have either one of you guys running all over Vegas sticking your nose where it doesn't belong and getting in trouble.
Because right now, it's the last thing I need.
I do not need it.
So you're out.
Understood? Yeah.
Mike, understood? Yes.
I also need a little help getting out of here so you guys wanna walk me to the door? It just feels weird doing this right now.
I know, but we need paying tenants and we need them now.
Can we do this first? Yeah.
Hi, I'm Mary and these are my partners Sam and Nessa.
So you two are, I'm sorry, Brandy and Dakota.
Those are your stage names.
No, they're real.
So, I assume you work nights? Do we look like day shift to you? How's your credit? We tend to pay most of our bills in cash.
With singles.
Okay, well, thank you very much, ladies.
I will let you know.
Thank you.
I have a question.
Yeah? How often do they clean the pole? Hello, boys.
Hello, Fräulein Sam.
Based on the current level of our success we wish to continue playing blackjack for many hours in a row.
That's wonderful.
However, we will require suitable foods beverages, and comforts to make this possible.
Of course.
Whatever you need.
First, we would like an assortment of smoked meats.
And then a variety of pickled items, as well.
Yeah, cauliflower.
No sauerkraut.
Okay, obviously you don't want to eat here at the table, so I'm Yeah, at the table.
It's our lucky table.
Open you ears.
What have we been saying? Consider it done.
Thank you, Sam.
You're welcome.
Continued good success, gentlemen.
What did Ed say? I'm not supposed to talk about it.
Who's his attorney? Len Heyman.
Len Heyman? The old time mob lawyer? He's good.
Well, what else did Ed say? He said he didn't do it.
Do you believe him? Don't you? Of course I do.
Do you think he's even capable of doing it? Absolutely.
I don't mean threatening, or arm-twisting, or smashing some guy's face into a wall I know what you're talking about: Terminate with extreme prejudice, permanent dirt nap, the big sleep.
Yeah, I think he's capable.
You don't.
I think this whole thing is crazy.
I'm just saying if he did do it the guy deserved it or it was self-defense.
Or maybe Ed's innocent and that's all there is to it.
This is Vegas.
There's always more to it.
What are you doing? Check this out.
The dead guy was a scientist who used the money from his inventions to devote his life to struggling kids.
I thought Ed said to stay away.
Come on, Mikey.
Got jobs for gang members founded a juvenile rehab center to get kids off drugs opened a food bank, man.
They found his body at the rehab center.
This guy, Hallick, was a saint.
Why doesn't Ed want us to help? Look, if he didn't do this, he had to be some place else when Hallick was murdered.
An alibi.
So where do we start? I've already started with the phone records.
Why the phone records? Why not his appointment log? 'Cause I started with phone records.
You don't have to get defensive.
Okay, what time was Hallick murdered? It says here the coroner fixed time of death at between 3:00 and 6:00 p.
And I can see all calls going in an out of Ed's phone but there's no caller ID on the incoming.
What about the time of the murder? No calls in or out for a four hour period, between 2:00 and 6:00 p.
So, we can't prove Ed was here.
And besides, anybody could make a phone call from his office.
Point taken.
So maybe now we look at the appointment log? Look at this.
The same four hour gap with no phone calls coming in or out of Ed's office appears every third Tuesday afternoon almost the entire year.
Give me the video archives 1:45 p.
, the day of the Follow him.
Follow him, Danny.
I don't spend my days playing with the joystick like you.
Can you push in? I'm pushing in.
Got it.
Four hour gap, every third Tuesday afternoon.
Tell me you're not gonna start wearing plaid and saying things like, "Grip it and rip it.
" No, but thank you for meeting me here.
I need your help with something.
Yeah, of course.
What's up? We need to prove that Ed was on the golf course the day of the murder.
If he was playing golf that day wouldn't he just tell the police that? Yes, then he'd have to prove it.
We're gonna help him do that.
Why the red X's? Well, every course marked with an X is too far to play a round and get back to work within four hours except The Desert Sands, The Meadows, and The Lakes Country Club which are within distance.
Sounds good.
What do you need me for? Who do you suppose has a better chance of prying information out of a crusty old starter a pissed off Marine or a hottie in a low-cut top? I'll get my sticks.
I talked to the District Attorney and I gotta tell you there's some pretty incriminating evidence.
Yeah, like what? They're not obligated to release anything just yet.
Len, you can do better than that.
You're right.
I got a kid associate at my office who's banging an evidence tech down at Metro.
She slipped him copies of some of the crime scene photos.
That's good.
Now, that's why I hired you.
Diego Hallick.
See the blood on the shirt? Yeah.
According to the DNA tests, it's yours.
Take your driver to the tee box.
Dumb ass.
I was wondering if I could get some information from you? What kind of information? Whether or not a certain person played here a while back.
'Cause I look like I got a freaking photographic memory, right? Get lost.
Excuse me.
Hi, yourself.
What my brother here is trying to say is that my Dad played a round here about three weeks ago and he got his only hole in one.
Must have been 11, 168 yards.
Well, it's his birthday next week we were wondering if you could tell us what time he played and who he played with.
See, we want to make him a plaque.
I tell you, an ace can be a man's most precious memory.
Let me check for you, sweetheart.
What's your Dad's name? Deline.
Thank you.
"Brother?" Can't you even pretend to be my wife? Yeah, he was here.
See? Look at that.
Dad is gonna be so thrilled.
You wouldn't happen to have a list of the other players who played with him, would you? He played with two fellas, Siegel and Hallick.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, sweetheart.
That's the name of the dead guy, right? So much for an alibi.
You know, half the cold air in this house was leaking out of this door.
Yeah, if it takes a murder charge to get you to do some chores around here I think you should consider killing more often.
Mom, that's not funny.
Yes, it is.
It's all right.
No, it's not.
What's going on, Daddy? I mean, you two act like this is no big deal, but you're accused of killing a man.
Honey, I know you're concerned.
You're not? Well, I guess I'm just more used to it than you are.
Wait a minute.
You've been charged with murder before? No.
Of course not.
Look, you know, with all the things I did in my life I've made some enemies.
And there are more than a few that would probably like to see me in trouble.
That's all.
Yeah, but I thought you were out of the CIA.
But basically, it's all right.
Remember, I always used to tell you, "It's all right" and it was always all right, am I right? Yeah, and you used to say you were gonna buy me a pony and bring it back which I knew was a load of crap.
Okay, what can I do to help? Sweetie, just live your life.
Go down there and show those people that you're not worried.
And if you're not worried, they won't be.
Yeah, but this could take months.
It will not go on for months, I promise.
And the truth is, as long as I've got you two guys I'm gonna be just fine.
I'll have a little bit of a headache, but I'll be fine.
By the way, can you fix the door in the kitchen? Thank you, beautiful firemen.
We have your number, right? Yes.
So we'll call you and we'll let you know.
Thank you.
Hose me down.
What are you doing here? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
How's your mom? She's okay.
Actually, Dad hasn't been home this much in months, so she likes that part.
How is he? Acting like nothing's wrong, of course.
Of course.
Are you sure you're okay to be here? Absolutely.
So, what do we think of the firefighters? We gotta keep looking.
Are you kidding? They're perfect.
Do you know anything about a firefighter's schedule? Two weeks on, two weeks off.
The house could burn down, we'd never even know it.
They're firemen.
The deal was mutually agreeable tenants.
No? Fine.
Who else do we have? Okay, we'll keep looking.
Do you think he did it? He played golf with the dead guy two hours before the murder.
Why didn't he tell the cops? I gotta admit, that looks bad.
You ready to go to Ed yet? No.
Fräulein Waitress, we are thirsty now.
Please, an assortment of libations.
Pilsner, ale, Hefewiesen.
And a berry wine cooler for Reiner.
Schnell! Deal.
Thanks for coming.
It's great to get out.
It started to feel like a tiger's cage with Ed pacing the house.
I've been trying to cheer him up but when things like this happen he sort of, seals himself off.
I know.
And he told us not to get involved, not to help.
That's Eddie.
But we decided at a time like this, we gotta pitch in anyway.
I thought maybe you could help us out with something.
Sure, I'll try.
Ed played golf with the murder victim two hours before he was killed.
Did he say anything about that? No.
You know, you guys, I really appreciate you wanting to help, I do but Ed's life is really complicated.
I think it would be better if we just let Ed deal with this himself.
So, was he still home when you left? No.
Actually, I have no idea where he is.
Ed, take your hand out of your pocket.
Take my What, are you worried about me? Come on.
You first.
Come on.
Tell me what the hell is going on.
Hallick went off the reservation.
He had to go.
Why? You guys came to me you wanted his routine and his whereabouts and I gave you what you needed.
And your country is grateful.
That's wonderful.
Well, how about this? Your operative screwed up this whole deal and now he's trying to pin it on me.
Who was it? He and I need to have a little chat.
I don't know.
You don't what? I'm trying to tell you that this came from upstairs.
Way upstairs.
Ed, what can I do for you? Get the AG to talk to this Clark County DA and tell him to call off this case.
We have to maintain a certain level of deniability.
What is the matter with you morons? You don't know how to operate in the field.
Plus, as you're aware, we're not authorized to conduct that type of operation inside the United States.
And you're not officially with the company any longer.
Listen, I don't give a rat's ass about authorized or official.
You came to me, man.
You calm down, Ed.
Calm down? They find my blood at the crime scene and I wasn't there.
Neither were we.
You stay on that subfloor, okay? That's really important.
All right.
I like these blueprints, Arnie.
A lot of windows.
Jeez, Ed.
I almost pissed my pants.
It's better than being framed for murder.
Yeah, I saw that on TV.
I was sorry to hear that.
And you, you're just walking around like you haven't got a care in the world.
Well, you don't think I had anything to do with setting you up.
Well, I know we played golf with the guy and four hours later he's dead.
You talk to Langley? Yes, I did.
They send someone down to take care of it? Yes, they did.
An errand boy with a bag full of excuses.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Well, thank you again.
Who did it, Arnie? What, you think they'd tell me? I'm retired like you.
Remember? Like me? You're out 14 months, I'm out seven years.
You have fresher contacts, so I'm asking you who was assigned the Hallick job? I don't know what's going on.
Somebody has it out for you.
Really, you think so? Look, if I get involved, now I'm on somebody's list.
And you know what? I don't have a million-dollar job and a mansion behind gates.
I'm struggling to build a couple of condos here.
Okay, well.
I'm gonna go home and I'm gonna think about what a stand-up guy you really are.
You're a big target, Ed.
There's a lot of guys who won't lose any sleep if you go down.
Thanks again, Arnie.
Nice work.
You two have been here for quite a stretch.
Maybe you want to freshen up a bit? Actually, we have decided to spend the night.
At the table? You are familiar with the La-Z-Boy, no? The reclining chair? We require zwei.
You got it.
Anything else? Yeah.
Reiner would like a sleepy hood.
I'm sorry.
Sleepy hood.
Sleepy hood? Sleepy hood.
For your head? Yeah.
A sleepy hat? Yeah.
Yes, well, that would be my pleasure.
Would you want the floppy one with the ball on the end? Sure.
You got it.
I got that.
What are you waiting on? Go get it.
I'm sorry.
That's all you need.
Okay, it's my pleasure.
Thank you, Sam.
You're welcome.
Lay-Z-Boy, lazy Sam.
Lazy Sam! Why didn't you tell me about the golf game? I told you I didn't want you involved.
What did Siegel tell you? He wasn't talking.
Are you? Get in.
Well, since you came to work for me I'm sure there are some things that you wondered about.
That you were in the CIA You gonna let me do this, or not? I'm sorry, go ahead.
Here's what I can tell you.
From time to time, my former employer comes to me for assistance.
And every time, without fail I provide them with that assistance.
This time was no different.
Who are Siegel and Hallick? Former colleagues.
They moved here.
Siegel about a year ago, then Hallick.
And the Company wanted him eliminated.
Why? He was selling secrets to some very bad people.
But I don't get it.
I mean, why would anyone want to bury you? I wish there was only one answer to that question.
Danny I don't like asking favors, you know, because, it's not me.
And I damn sure don't want you in it but I just need your help now.
Over to the northwest quadrant, all right? Good.
Siegel? Unless you got my lumber, I don't wanna talk to you.
Do we look like we're from Home Depot? You guys cops? 'Cause it'd be a shame to waste the whole salt and pepper thing.
We're here about Ed Deline.
I already talked to Ed.
But then, you know that, don't you? Maybe you remembered something since then? Yeah.
I just remembered you're on private property.
You might find it advantageous to talk to us.
I doubt it.
Or a big problem if you don't.
Ebony, Ivory.
You guys trying to strong-arm me? Why don't you go back to GQ magazine, or wherever you came from.
Vegas is a big city, Arnie, but sometimes it can seem like a small town.
What's that supposed to mean? Get the hell out of here.
Good afternoon.
So this is Doug and Sue Brenley.
They just moved here from Salt Lake.
No kids and they work from home.
We just want you to know we love the house.
We didn't want to seem too eager but we did a drive-by just to check it out and it's, well, it's perfect.
I don't want to be overstepping, but I could hear a little gurgling sound coming from the air conditioning unit outside.
The condensation overflow tube was clogged so I cut out the occluded section.
It flows free now.
Man, that is occluded.
Check that out.
The whole place could've flooded.
Thank you so much.
Doug loves to putter around the house.
Really? Well, we know you're all busy people working at such an exciting place and all.
So we went ahead and prepared a little packet.
Credit reports.
Seven-forty FICO.
He's so proud of that.
Banking records, references, etcetera.
Anyway, it was great to meet you all.
Hope to hear from you soon.
So, we've talked it over.
That was quick.
When can you move in? Would today be too soon? No.
Yesterday these plans were approved and today what, all of a sudden they're no good? I'm sorry, Mister.
Somebody in there is gonna lose their job.
I'm calling the mayor.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
I've got some old friends in Mayor Goodman's office.
You had something to do with this? Yeah, I forgot to tell you my father's on the Planning Commission.
You think you're gonna strong-arm me, kid? This is Vegas.
You're screwing with the wrong guy.
What the Come on! That's my car! Parking tickets.
I don't have any parking tickets.
Well, according to Metro Parking Enforcement you've got 146.
You can pick it up at impound in six hours.
Bring cash.
No, come on! That's my Come on, man! Have a heart! Any progress? Well, Mike and I are working on something.
But nothing's happened yet.
Danny, I just wanted to say thanks.
For what? For being there for my father, for my family.
It really means a lot to him to me too.
Don't thank me just yet.
Small town, huh? You're a real wise ass.
They shut you down completely.
At this rate your building might never get built.
You're messing with my livelihood, McCoy.
I don't give a crap about your livelihood.
Don't touch me.
I don't have anything to do with what happened to your boss.
Then who would frame him? You know how many guys want to beat Ed Deline? I want a name.
You got 12 hours.
And if you think this has been a bad day, just wait until tomorrow.
There might be one guy.
He goes way back.
A name.
Gaming regulations say you have to stay out of the surveillance room.
But they don't say anything about the surveillance room coming to you.
I put a little pressure on Siegel and he gave us a name.
Siegel gave up a name? Tolliver.
We're in.
Someone was following you at the golf course that day.
Their parking lot has surveillance cams.
How'd you get access to the video? I went to junior high with the greens keeper.
Push in for me.
I got it.
Yeah, I know that guy.
He does wet work for the Agency.
He works out of LA.
Well, any reason why he'd want to frame you for murder? I killed his brother.
So this Tolliver's brother is a real douche bag.
He sold out four of our guys to the other side they tortured them for weeks before they killed them.
And I got the assignment to take him out.
But that didn't need the phone call.
I would have done that one on my own.
And now the Agency sends Tolliver to Vegas to take out Hallick.
And Tolliver knew that you were providing intel so he kills Hallick and pins it on you the guy who killed his brother.
It's called a twofer.
I'm screwed either way you look at it.
Not necessarily.
I was thinking about the day of the murder.
Not so much what happened at the scene, but what happened after.
So I called my buddy at the phone company.
Wait a minute.
Since when do dead men make calls after they're dead? No, not the victim, the killer.
How'd you get the cell number? Well, I was thinking, maybe Tolliver made a call after he took out Hallick you know, to confirm the hit.
So I got the records for the entire cell site nearest the murder scene.
Now check this out: In the hour after the murder, 25 calls originated from this small cell site all coming from local 702 Area Code phones, all except for one.
It came from a 310 cellphone.
310? That's LA.
West LA to be exact.
I have a billing address.
We can do this.
Just one question: How long does it take to paint over a logo on a jet? Samantha Jane Marquez? Yes? Got your DSL modems here.
I'm sorry, what? You the owner of 9836 Russett Briar Circle? Yes.
Somebody ordered high-speed internet connections for the entire location.
It must be Doug Brenley, our new tenant.
Can't you just drop these modems off there? Nope.
What do you mean "nope"? I got a work order says I gotta deliver these to the owner of the premises.
Sign here.
It's lunch time, you wanna go over to the house with me to drop these off? Sure.
I'm coming.
Tolliver? I'm Peyton, this is Malone.
Yeah? The Company sent us.
The gas company? That's how we're gonna play it, huh? Put that away.
What do you guys want? I fulfilled my contract.
Ed Deline knows.
What? He'll find you, Ben.
Now, if you want to live, you'll stop right now.
Why should I believe you? You made it personal in Vegas and we don't want any more bodies on our hands.
Now, you got a choice you can either hop on a plane with us, or you take your chances here.
Where are we going? We're gonna get you the hell out of LA until Deline's locked up.
I want to make a phone call.
That's a good idea.
Call your handlers and check us out.
Like they'll tell you anything on a non-secure phone line.
By the time you get your answer Ed Deline will have a gun barrel down your throat.
He's already in LA.
And we all know what he did to your brother.
You know what? I'm not afraid of Ed Deline.
And I don't need your help.
I'll take my chances.
Are you sure this isn't gonna kill him? About 60% sure.
Where we going? You know we can't tell you that, Ben.
It's for your own safety.
Just know it'll be far away from that jackass, Ed Deline.
Let me help you out with that.
You guys here for the audition? The audition? Excuse me.
For what? TheWhoreNextDoor.
They are gonna love you.
Thank you.
All right.
They are definitely losing their deposit.
They're making pornography in our house.
Oh, my God.
Mary, make them stop.
Hi, Sue, this is Sam.
Are the Brenleys in? How am I It's clear.
What, this is the best you guys could come up with? It's got a mini-bar.
You want a fluffy robe and macadamia nuts or do you wanna stay alive? So, where are we? Come on, Ben.
We flew for about five hours.
Plus, you set your watch ahead three hours.
That's a nice catch.
Gotta be East Coast, right? Maybe DC? You want something to eat? Yeah, I'm starved.
How about a steak? Sounds good.
Baked potato? Sure.
Bring in a T-bone with a baked potato.
Make it medium rare.
Medium rare.
So, how long am I gonna be in this dump? Deline's trial's been fast-tracked.
And with the amount of evidence the DA's got it shouldn't be too long.
Yeah, just enough to convict him.
I'm gonna check the perimeter.
Between you and me, I never believed his phony goomba tough guy act.
So how did you do it? Do what? All right, I get it.
But I gotta tell you, if somebody took out my brother I'd sure as hell want payback.
All you gotta do is look at the files.
Ed Deline's got a rare RH factor in his blood.
So he banks some of it in case of emergency.
You know how easy it is to break into a blood bank? That's brilliant.
Food will be here in a bit, Ben.
Well, if you need anything, we'll be outside.
Let's go.
God! How you doing? Hey, Ed.
How are you? What's this? Who said Hans and Franz can camp out here in my casino? What's next, a bed over there at the crap table? They're down $600,000.
Hit and see.
Why don't you see if they need a blankie or something? Mike, I meant to tell you, I thought you did a hell of a job faking it back there and I actually think you'd make a heck of an agent.
Thanks, Mr.
What, I don't get no love? "Phony goomba tough guy"? I had to make that look good.
And I don't think you're phony at all.
What? I'm only kidding.
Come here, wise guy.
Hey, honey.
How's the house going? How are the new tenants? Yeah, well, we're evicting them.
And we need money for some repairs so I'm gonna need $2,000 from each of you and $5,000 from you.
All right.
Welcome back.
Thanks, honey.
See, you're gone a couple of days and look what you miss? Hey, boss.
Welcome back.
I missed you.