Las Vegas s02e06 Episode Script

Games People Play

Mirra, you're here for the Video Game Convention, not the X Games.
Sorry, Mary.
How's it going? Other than Dave Mirra turning the casino into a bike park, great.
That blows.
One of my high roller's kids wants a copy of this unreleased video game Ultimate Fighter Playmates.
Talk to the rep and hook me up.
And why would the rep do that? 'Cause you'll show him your breasts.
We're a team, Mary.
Be a team player now.
Hi, Mary.
There's a guy riding his bike through the casino.
Yes, I know.
Daddy's not going to be happy about that.
Join the crowd.
I couldn't fit your video game guys into Mystique tonight.
Sweetie, I cleared that with you a week ago.
Yeah, but it's packed.
Mystique is always packed.
But it's extra packed 'cause Ashton Kutcher is challenging Colin Farrell to an arm wrestling match and the winner gets a tequila shot from Paris Hilton's chest.
What chest? Cleavage.
What cleavage? Exactly.
I'm gonna take you to school, Danny boy.
The school of whup-ass.
Not before this "G" sinks his boot in your badonkadonk.
How long is this gonna take? I don't want to spend my night off watching you two geek it up.
Just another minute.
It won't be too long before I lay a smackdown on Bambi over here.
Two men fighting half naked in a bathroom.
That's not gay? That's gay like a fox, baby.
Yeah, this is Nessa.
Did she say who she was? Okay, I'll be right there.
Good night, ladies.
Yeah, good night.
What's happening here? Oh, no! The end is near, Danny boy.
No! What happened? The mainframe just shut down.
Backup should kick in any minute.
This is our nightclub, Mystique.
Recently voted Most Sophisticated Nightspot in Vegas, by Vegas magazine.
Okay, stop! Ma'am, we can't have you throwing martinis at our guests.
Nobody calls me a hoochie.
Thank you for choosing Mystique.
You know what? You guys can go on in.
Your names will be on the list.
Hey, rough night? You have no idea.
Thank you.
I'm sorry about the mess.
You're LAPD? It was my husband's.
Tomorrow would have been our 10th year anniversary.
We got married right here.
Please tell the pretty blonde on the inside that I did not mean to cause so much trouble in her club.
I understand you wanted to see me? You must be Nessa.
I'm Vida Brighton.
Is there something I can help you with? Actually maybe I can help you.
A first-class ticket to Morocco? I don't understand.
Your father wants to see you.
My father's dead.
For the last 13 years I've assumed my father was dead.
Now I'm just supposed to jump on a plane to see him? Your father says you've been through stranger things.
All right, if he did send you, you won't mind answering a few questions.
He thought you might say that.
What's his name? Jack Holt.
Full name Jackson Templeton Holt.
His date of birth? 17th of March 1949.
And as I recall, he's left-handed.
Why now? Why Morocco? Jack finally feels it's safe enough.
And Morocco doesn't have an extradition treaty.
Why you? He trusts me.
So I should, too.
If you choose to.
Or you can continue to trust Ed Deline, who nearly engineered his death.
What happened to my father was his own choice.
Is that what Ed told you? If my father wanted to see me, he would've come himself.
He did.
Your birthday.
September the 7th.
He cried when he saw how beautiful you were.
I couldn't get you the game, but there is something else that I can do.
For the kind of coin my dad is dropping in here I shouldn't have to settle for something else.
So let's get our "A" game going, okay? What's with the Ellsworth kid? Besides being a spoiled brat and an ingrate, not much.
He doesn't like you.
What? Be quiet and listen.
It bothers his father that he doesn't like you and his father, as you well know, is a major player.
Close your mouth.
And he's a player I don't really care to lose.
Please can I speak, Ed? He doesn't seem to like anyone.
In fact, he's yet to master basic human interaction.
You know, I had this lieutenant once.
This man could not get laid in a whorehouse with a $1,000 bill tacked to his head.
I mean, he was that bad.
But you know what? What? I got along with the guy.
You know why? I had to.
That's good.
September 7.
Wasn't that your birthday? Yeah.
What are we looking for? Who's this? Old boyfriend? He'd be about 13 years older now.
Very old boyfriend? You know, I could age him in the computer.
Okay, who is this guy? He's my father.
I don't mean to be in your business, Ness, but I always thought your dad was Dead.
So did I.
But apparently he just doesn't want to be found.
If he doesn't wanna be found, you think he'd show up here? We have cameras covering every inch of this place.
You're absolutely right.
I don't know what I was thinking.
Actually, pull up footage of me that day.
Blackjack 16.
Red shirt.
Baseball cap.
Pull up another one.
Push in.
And another.
That's the same guy, but I can't make a positive ID if he's wearing shades.
You talk to Ed about this? No.
Ed's been a better father to me than he ever was.
I don't want to hurt him.
We can't back out now, we just got going.
If you nimrods had agreed to a real security budget we wouldn't be in this mess.
You wanted to see me? Yeah, I did.
Our clients here, the video game representatives they're saying they have to shut down the convention because of some little problem.
Actually, it's not a little problem, it's a problema grande! Illegal dubs of our games are popping up all over Vegas.
It's just a matter of time before free files show up online.
Not to be all up in you guys' grill, but this ain't good.
Basically, their security isn't equipped to handle all this, so I'll look into it right away.
There you go.
Good? Solid.
Good, man.
And I would really hate to think that something happened because my two right-hand men were playing video games on the clock.
We weren't actually on the clock.
And it was Mike's idea.
Thank you so much, Dave.
I owe you.
A copy of Dave Mirra's new video game.
About time.
What else you got? Front row tickets to Nelly.
He's playing at the Palms.
Nelly tickets? Look, I'm a business major, babe.
I know how much my father's worth to you people.
So if you want me to keep him here, start showing me some respect.
Respect? Sure.
What can I do to make your stay more enjoyable? How about that chick from Cirque du Soleil? The one who can wrap her ankles around her neck? How about if I get back to you on that? You do that.
What is wrong with these rich college kids? What, is there some jackass gene that kicks in? Yeah, there is.
We're tightening security at the convention.
So if you got any clients who want You're tightening security at the convention of boys who can't get dates so they sit around playing with their joysticks all day? Okay.
Morning, gentlemen.
Danny McCoy, Montecito surveillance and security.
As you may or may not be aware it's illegal to conduct unauthorized transactions on the casino premises including, but not limited to, the sale of pirated media.
Pirated? Come on, dude, I had no idea.
You're making a mistake, man.
A big mistake.
My dad's like a major gambler here.
Thanks, Dave.
No problem.
Deline, we're about to start.
All right.
Sarasvati you hang out with the younger crowd, right? My crew and I kick it over the weekends and on many national holidays.
Well When the people say "up in your grill," what the hell are they talking about? What it means is Ed.
Sorry, do you have a minute? Sure, come on in.
I'll see you in a bit.
What? After I moved in with you and your family, you told me my father was gone.
That's right, I said he was gone.
I was just wondering how sure of that you were.
I mean, did you see a death certificate or his body, or just Honey, sit down, will you? Come on.
Ness, my little sweetheart if I thought for one second there was a chance your father were alive I would never have moved you into a new home, into a new country.
Where's this coming from? I just I saw someone that reminded me of him.
What else? Thirteen years ago you told me he wasn't coming back from his last assignment.
That's right.
You didn't say that he was dead.
Ness I know you would never mislead me but maybe they didn't tell you everything, things they didn't want you to know.
No, I know everything.
But, honey, I love you very much and if I held anything back, or I mean, details, anything it was only because it wouldn't have changed the outcome, and it would have caused you a lot of pain.
Whatever got you thinking about this, I'm really sorry.
Hey, hi.
You busy? Security at this video game convention has been nonexistent I've got two possible card counters at Blackjack Table 42.
No, I'm not busy.
All right.
I want you to look up a hotel guest for me.
Hennessy Figueroa.
Any particular reason? I found her crying in Mystique.
Mary, you can't fix everybody's problems.
I know.
I just have a feeling something's terribly wrong.
They got married here, tomorrow's their 10th anniversary.
So? She was carrying her husband's badge.
All right, I'll check it out.
Thank you.
Usually people wear their engagement rings on their left hand.
Usually people go on a date before they get engaged.
We've been on dates before, haven't we? Maybe we should.
Maybe when you're less busy.
Hey, Ness.
Can I ask you a question? Yes, I've done it with a girl.
But only once.
Okay, twice.
That's too much information.
When we were growing up, do you think Ed always told us the truth? When he thought we'd be better off with a little fib? A little fib? Like the one about the tooth fairy only bringing money if you made your bed an entire month before the tooth fell out? No, I was thinking about more serious stuff.
No, when it comes to his family, he always tells the truth.
Wait, why do you ask? I was just thinking about something.
I'm gonna go back to work.
I'll see you later.
So I was in the convention control room checking on that mainframe shutdown.
You know the one that occurred right as I was whupping your ass.
Guess what I found attached to one of the hard drives? I wouldn't know even if you told me.
It's an external data transcriber.
It's a spy device that taps into the computer's hard drive.
It also uses the drive's power source.
That's what caused the mainframe to shut down when we played.
Someone's making illegal copies when they think no one is using the games.
No kidding.
So I ran video and I got a facial ID.
Does he look anything like this? Yeah.
A few steps ahead of you on this one, Mike.
I caught this genius in the middle of a transaction.
I figured I'd sweat him in holding for a couple hours then hand him off to Metro.
Hand him to Metro? No.
This is way too big for that.
What're you talking about? The guy's a bootlegger.
You never downloaded a song before? This kid got access to a secure control room.
The only way to break in is if you're an engineering genius like myself, and I seriously doubt he is.
You think he's working with someone? I detect the acrid tang of conspiracy in the air.
Smell that? You say you know my father.
Prove it.
Good morning to you, too.
Love to chat, but I'm running late.
I want to talk to him.
Take a ride with me.
Come on.
You can't contact him.
It's too dangerous.
If you can talk to him, there's no reason why I shouldn't.
There are at least three government agencies after your father in this country alone.
You're his daughter.
You don't think your every phone call and email isn't being screened? Ed would have told me Ed doesn't know the half of it.
He hung your father out to dry.
Your father has many dangerous enemies.
Who? If they thought they could get to him through his daughter he wouldn't be the only one at risk.
I'll take my chances.
Not when you're with me, you won't.
Where are we going? Let's just keep that a surprise.
You never told me how you met my father.
Or what exactly it is you do.
Let's just say I know him professionally.
I'm a contractor of sorts, private investigator, personal protection.
Don't you want to ask me about the weapon? I just assumed it was a phallic fixation.
I see you have your father's sense of humor.
So I've heard.
In my line of work you have to stay sharp.
Care to join me for a round? I think I'll pass.
I understand.
A lot of women find the concept of firepower quite intimidating.
Apparently you inherited more than your father's sense of humor.
When do we call him? But clearly not his patience.
I communicate to your father through a network of people.
I couldn't begin to tell you how to get in touch with him even if I wanted to.
I haven't heard from him for years.
I don't even know if he's dead or alive.
And suddenly you show up.
Forgive me if I think you're talking crap.
Who are you calling? A cab.
I'm getting out of here.
Okay, listen.
I think it's a bad idea, but if you want, I'll get a message to him.
But it'll take a little time.
Thank you.
Okay, you've taken the lead every time.
I'm gonna work it this round.
You sure? 'Cause you got that whole Boy Scout thing going It's a facade.
So they never see this coming.
You feel me? Yeah, I feel you.
These guys aren't going to cut it.
I should be able to bounce a quarter off these abs.
Hi, sweetie.
Not a good time, Mary.
Look, I need a favor.
I need you to put a name on the guest list for Ladies Night.
Yeah what's the name? Hennessy Figueroa.
The woman who started the bar fight? She's not coming to my party.
Delinda It's Ladies Night.
Not the Hos-who-can't-handle- their-liquor Ball.
Her husband was a cop.
He was killed in the line of duty nine months ago.
And you bought that? Yeah.
I thought you were the smart one.
Hello, Mary, you were born here.
Yeah, you need a touch more tanning cream, sweetie.
Danny checked with guest services.
They got married here at the hotel.
They came back every year on their anniversary.
They even stayed in the same suite.
Tomorrow would've been their tenth.
Excuse me? Paper, cotton, leather, fruit, wood, iron, wool, bronze, pottery, and tin.
Tin is the traditional gift for your 10th anniversary.
I knew that beneath that designer brassiere there beat a heart of gold.
Now that's what I'm talking about.
We have a video of you entering the control room and trying to move the goods.
So you'd do yourself a favor by telling us how you got that key.
If you guys ain't cops you can't keep me here.
Well This is taking too long.
I'm so scared.
I'm gonna get messed up by a security guard.
How'd you get the key? How'd you get the key? Okay, all right.
Somebody sent me an email telling me that they admired my work.
And that they were gonna hook me up with a key to the control room.
Someone just gave you a key? Yeah.
See how easy that is? Well, what did he say? I told your father exactly what I told you.
But apparently the apple doesn't seem to fall far from the tree.
Can you get onto a private Internet server? It needs to be completely secure.
The Montecito has one.
Your father will contact you through that.
He's set up a dedicated communication line.
Requires 400 passcodes just to access the site.
400? The IP addresses and codes are in here.
You need to log on at exactly 7:00 p.
You miss the time, they'll pull the plug.
You have exactly three minutes, start to finish.
I haven't spoken to him in 13 years.
I'm sorry.
I suppose it's better than nothing.
Nessa, both your lives, and mine, are in danger if anybody finds out.
They won't.
7:00? Okay.
I'll run a trace on that email.
And I understand if you wanna take a back seat on this one.
Why? This is the world of high-tech espionage, my friend.
And you can work a universal remote You need to understand something.
I am on the cutting edge of surveillance technology.
Yeah, keep telling yourself that.
All right.
You want this case for yourself, go ahead.
I just don't wanna make you and your antiquated investigation methods You're on.
What? First person to catch the bad guy wins.
I don't mean find them I don't mean get their website address, but catch them.
Are we on? You bet your Hardy Boy butt we are.
You guys talking about each other's asses again? Did you detain a guy named Carl Ellsworth today? Tall blond guy.
You want to tell me where he is? He was buying pirated video, so we put him in holding.
We were gonna let him go.
Can I do that? Sure.
What do you suppose that was about? When it comes to Sam, I don't ask.
I sleep better that way.
Sam, what the hell? I'm so sorry.
I couldn't call my dad, he's in a shiatsu session.
When he finds out, he's gonna be freaking pissed.
He's gonna be mad.
This would never happen at Caesars.
I understand.
Get me out of here now.
I'm not sure how to tell you this.
I can't.
You bought pirated materials, and these video game companies take this seriously, so they're pressing charges.
What? Don't worry about it.
We'll get you processed, post bail then you will be out of here.
By tomorrow afternoon latest.
Tomorrow afternoon? I'm sorry about this, but the police won't come here for every misdemeanor.
Their next pickup is tomorrow.
You're gonna have to spend the night.
Sam? You're gonna be fine.
I brought you a blanket.
From my very own room.
And Fruit Snacks.
What? I can't stay the night here with him.
Don't worry.
We very rarely have problems, Carl.
It's out of my hands.
You know, I could lose my job if they even found I was in I'll do anything.
My dad will pay whatever, just get me out of here.
I need to get that player report that I gave you.
Yeah, it's in my office.
Come by later.
Actually, I need it now.
He's checking out.
You need it now? Family emergency.
It's on my desk.
Antiquated, my ass.
You can run, you can hide.
You can deflect your mail through 16 servers in Bora Bora.
But you can't escape the eye of Mike Cannon.
Prints all match authorized video game company personnel.
Which means we got ourselves an inside job.
I'm closing in on you, baby.
I can feel it.
Now, why would you be the only one that's locked? It's Mitch.
Hey, Mitch, it's Danny.
I'm in the video game control room.
Which company's using server number 12? It's Pandora Game Systems.
Shoot me the security photo of that rep, would you? We have an IP address.
That's one of ours.
What's one of ours? Nothing, I'm just talking to Mike.
Don't you talk to Mike, Mitch, you send me the photo right now! I'm working on it, Danny.
Is that Danny? Yeah.
Hang up on him.
I heard that! Don't you dare hang up on me, Mitch.
Send me the photo now! It's a computer from our business center.
Mitch, pull up that footage.
In case you haven't noticed, I only have two hands, Mike.
Sending photo now.
Show me what's up, Mike Cannon.
Gotcha! Gotcha! Yeah? Danny, get up here right now.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
Ed, I got a lead on that video game problem.
I should follow up on that.
You been around Nessa the last couple of days? A little.
Why? She been acting strange? Why? Have you noticed something? Has she been talking about her father at all? That's what's strange? Do you know this woman? No.
Did you ask Nessa? You answer one more question with a question and I'm gonna snap your neck like a little twig.
I have not noticed anything strange about Nessa.
She has not told me anything about her father.
I do not know that woman.
All right.
Run a facial ID.
I'll go to Morocco.
That won't be necessary.
Why? Your father's changed his mind.
What? He doesn't want you to fly there, he's coming here.
Why the change of plan? He's afraid that you might be followed.
He's used to living on the run and knows how to move about without being notice.
You don't.
He's arriving this evening, but you can't meet him here.
Because of all the surveillance cameras? And Ed Deline.
Your father will meet you on the corner of Springbrook and Western.
In the parking lot, at 11:00.
That must have been some three-minute conversation.
It was.
I hope it works out for you, Nessa.
Are you leaving? My work is done here.
He'll be holding a white rose for you.
A white rose? It's lovely to meet you, Nessa.
If you're ever back in London, or looking for a different line of work, give me a call.
Say hi to Jack for me.
Doing all right here? Hey.
Have you seen Hennessy? Yeah, she came in a while ago.
I hope she's having a good time.
Why do you keep doing it? I guess the easy answer is because I like making people happy.
But, I feel for her.
She lost the love of her life.
Actually, I was wondering why you tweeze your eyebrows like that.
Mary, it doesn't really flatter the shape of your face.
Okay, I'm gonna go find Hennessy.
Come back, we'll have a drink.
Your friend have a name? Hey, come with us.
Hennessy, hi.
I just wanted to see how you're doing.
What's wrong? Nothing.
I really appreciate the invitation.
It's just that this is not the kind of party I need right now.
I'm so sorry.
I just wish I had something more to remember him by.
Of course.
I have an early flight.
Thank you for everything, Mary.
We have a winner! Hold it, what's the problem here? She's the video game Pirate.
Oh, yeah? Mr.
Holy mackerel.
I'll take her.
What? You're not picking up your cellphone.
I've been trying to reach you.
I've been looking all over for you.
Just calm down, take it easy.
Okay? What's going on? During my systems check I noticed a most alarming anomaly of such staggering proportions I had to re-check.
What? We've been robbed.
Somebody hacked into the Montecito servers.
They've transferred over $10 million from our escrow account.
I also determined the location of the security breach.
It was your computer.
No, I'm leaving now.
The transfer's complete.
They're never gonna trace it.
The girl was putty in my hands.
I've never been fond of that expression.
What are you doing here? I've been following you for the last five hours.
I had a feeling something was wrong when you said my father was showing up with a white rose.
You got the rose part right, but the color wrong.
My father grew red roses in our garden.
They were his favorite.
Your father's got nothing to do with this.
He's perfectly innocent.
If you leave now you can still catch him.
You and I both know my father isn't showing up.
You sure about that? I guess it doesn't really matter.
What did you really think was going to happen? You were going to talk me out of it? No, she didn't.
Look, the money's gone.
I've already transferred it to 12 off-shore bank accounts.
Without me, you're never gonna see a cent of it.
We can strike a deal.
A deal? I'll return 50%.
The minute I figured out what you were doing, I had Mike here change our security codes.
What you hacked into was a mirror site.
Something I put together.
You got something else going? I still know where your father is and without me you're never gonna find him.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Get a haircut.
See you, man.
Keep moving.
I can't thank you guys enough.
If you hadn't busted her nefarious ass everyone's sales, except for hers, would've tanked.
I guess that's what she was hoping for.
As a token of thanks I'd like to hook you up with a state-of-the-art game system and a couple of our latest games.
Yeah, this is what I'm talking about.
You know, I couldn't.
You crazy, boy? What're you talking about? 'Course we can I'm not into it.
You know, we could never accept such wonderful tokens of your gratitude.
Because we're just doing our jobs and we don't really have time for juvenile games.
Sure? Yeah.
But thank you.
Thank you, guys.
Too bad.
It's for the best.
This rivalry between us has got to end.
It does.
It's unprofessional.
Totally unprofessional.
Although, there is a new basketball court in the gym.
Bring it! We'd be more than happy to extend you additional credit, Mr.
There you go.
Thank you, Ed.
And you, Carl? How about you? Everything all right? Yeah.
Montecito's the bomb.
Hey, good work.
I know.
I just threw on a little bit of that Marquez charm, and voila.
Anyway, that guy, he's the one I told you about for the security guard post.
He's been extremely helpful to me.
To us.
Hey, hi.
I thought your flight wasn't until the morning.
I decided to leave earlier.
I shouldn't have come.
I've got something for you.
You kept talking about what a great time you and your husband had here.
So I pulled up all the surveillance footage and had it transferred to DVD.
It's everything you guys did here for the last 10 years.
From the wedding day right up to your last anniversary.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
But the footage showed something about your husband that you don't know.
On your last night here, he snuck out of your room at 4:00 in the morning.
He went down to the mall and got you this.
He had it wrapped and kept in the hotel safe.
It would've been delivered tomorrow morning with room service.
Tinfoil? No.
It's tin, actually.
It's for your 10th anniversary.
He loved you very much.
Oh, I miss him so much.
I know.
Thank you.
I looked up that friend of yours, Vida.
Wait a minute, now.
Let's sit over here for a second.
And apparently she did a stint with MI5.
And that's how she got all the information about your dad.
You knew what was going on before I did.
Why did you wait to tell me? I know I should've figured it out sooner, but that chat on the computer I just I really wanted it to be him.
I know.
And the man on the surveillance footage.
Someone that looked just like him.
A double.
If he were alive, he would've contacted me by now, don't you think? Yes, I do.
Now I've got a little something for you.
Ever since you were this high I told you, I don't know how many times I told you that the two things that were the most important values in life were Do you remember? Loyalty and trust.
Loyalty and trust.
So why? Why would you have to lie to me? I'm sorry Especially when it comes to family.
You're my daughter, Ness, and I love you.
But this is your one free pass.
Thank you, Ed.
Not for the free pass.
Just for always being there for me.
I couldn't have asked for a better dad.
I'm sorry.
Do not make me cry in the casino.