Las Vegas s02e10 Episode Script

Silver Star

You can say that again.
You think any of them have ever Done it with one of the other ones? I like to think all of them have, Danny.
How about all four of them together? All except Mary.
Mary's into it, too.
You mean like a foursome? Yes.
Wearing nothing but whipped-cream bikinis.
I wonder if they know we're watching.
No, but I do.
And I can also hear.
It was Danny's idea.
It was Mike's idea.
That's what I like about you two guys.
You'd take a bullet for each other.
Listen, you pervert there's a problem down at valet.
Now go down and take care of it.
, I'm coming off a double shift.
I was going to go home and catch some sleep.
You didn't look tired to me a second ago.
Oh, the valet? It's not a problem.
And you.
You come into my office.
Come on.
We're just being guys.
For what? You've just been awarded the Silver Star.
Big honor, too, 'cause the Secretary of the Navy wants to present it to you personally.
I don't want it.
When I worked the valet, we didn't have these kinds of problems.
No, sir, we did not.
Guests did not wait in line.
Cars were not late getting here from the parking lot.
There was no traffic jams.
This is crazy.
And no irate guests.
Things ran smoothly.
They ran professionally.
In fact, they ran perfectly.
I gave you my ticket a half hour ago.
Hear me? Are you okay? You think that's funny? You might not think it's so funny when you're cleaning it up.
There's a car with my name on it.
Somebody get a mop.
Got to go.
I was here first.
What? Follow me, boys.
Hey, stop that cab! Hey.
Hey, I got your message.
What's up? Want to go to L.
With me for a couple of days? Sure.
When? Right now.
What do you mean, right now? Like, right this second? It's kind of short notice.
I have to pack a few things.
We can buy whatever we need when we get there.
Okay? I have to get somebody to cover for me.
I talked to the girls.
They can cover.
Danny, I have The Polyphonic Spree arriving Mary, the girls will take care of it.
All right? Now come on.
Have a seat.
Let's go.
Just pull up the surveillance footage from the valet.
Mike, I already did that.
There's nothing on it.
I know what I saw.
I'm not doubting you, not for a second.
I just wish we had more to go on, that's all.
I think they're eloping.
Yes, I do.
People come to Vegas to elope, they don't leave.
Danny did seem a little high-strung when he asked us to cover for Mary.
See? Do we know where they're headed? Yes.
They're going to L.
Danny said that they need quiet time together so I hooked him up at this incredibly romantic place on the beach.
This place is so exclusive it doesn't even have a name.
They're definitely eloping.
Why wouldn't they tell us? I don't know.
I don't think Mary even knows.
I think he's going to surprise her.
It's so romantic.
If you're into that sort of thing.
Let's make sure they get the honeymoon suite at this place.
I already did that.
Yeah, but you're not into that sort of stuff.
So, listen, Mary said she has some band coming that we need to keep an eye out for.
Some Polyphonic Spree, a musical group.
How are we going to know what they look like? I think this is The Spree.
What the hell? Okay, Mike.
See you tomorrow.
I know what I saw.
Hey, Daddy.
Aren't they great? Listen, who, or what, are they? The Polyphonic Spree Wait Are they some sort of religious cult or something? No.
They're a musical group that combines sophisticated symphonic orchestration with rock music.
They mix pop melodies over sweeping instrumentation and choral harmonies.
Are they on drugs? No, they're just incredibly spirited.
I'm thinking about joining.
You think you're gonna join? Yeah, I heard people just join the band, and it gets bigger and bigger.
Isn't that cool? Yeah.
Come on, Daddy, dance with us.
Where the hell's Danny? He and Mary went to L.
They're eloping.
Eloping? Wow.
Would you believe that she has a genius IQ? No.
Please, you gotta help me, please.
Well, she's your daughter No, not her.
You got to get them the hell out of this hotel.
Okay? Yes.
Well, that would be a mistake.
Because their very loyal fans have bought out every room in the hotel.
We're sold out, it's the middle of the week? Yes.
What's their name again? Polyphonic Spree.
I know what I saw.
What's going on? What do you mean? What are we doing here? I just needed to get away for a few days, that's all.
Okay, then what am I doing here? In the honeymoon bungalow? I thought you went home, man.
I'm sorry, Ed, but I saw a woman being held against her will.
I thought you went over this.
I know what I saw.
She's here somewhere, I just I don't have the camera angles to see her because that damn bus is blocking her I'll tell you what.
How about you and me we go over all this footage together.
How's that? All right? Once they're married, our foursome will be a threesome.
I know.
It won't be the same without Mary.
No, it won't.
I'm sorry.
Did you just get misty-eyed? No.
You were.
She was.
I was not.
And there you go with that "whatever" again.
I think we should throw them a party when they get back.
Like a wedding reception? Yeah, like a surprise wedding reception.
I'm in.
Sam? Whatever.
You know, it really shouldn't be this hard.
Get some more cameras in that valet section, Mike.
I already wrote up a requisition order.
Hold it.
Freeze it.
Push it in on that bus door and then put it on all the screens, will you? Freeze.
The reflection in the glass when the door opens.
It's just a split second, but it may be enough to grab a mirror image obscured by the bus.
I want you to move it ahead frame by frame, one at a time.
Keep going.
That's it.
Hold it.
Push in on that image and enhance it.
Reversing the mirror image.
Now we got to find out What's up, Mike? I had a cousin, she was more like a sister.
She disappeared when she was 14 and the last thing we heard from her was "help me.
" Got no ID.
Nothing with video IQ.
Whoever she is, she's never stepped foot on Montecito property.
Anything with Metro or FBI on those photos you sent over? No.
They don't have any missing person report that matches that description.
So what does that mean, they're not gonna look for her? The first 24 hours a person is missing are crucial.
Mike, I know that.
But all they got to go on is what we gave them.
That's not much.
You got Ladies Night, Vegas, that's crazy.
And there's a possibility that this is a prank.
And that happens.
Does that look like the face of someone pulling a prank? No, it doesn't.
What was the name of your cousin? Michelle.
She came to live with us when I was little.
Everybody thought we were twins because we were the same age.
How come you never mentioned that to me? If she hasn't been reported missing that could mean whoever took her knew she wouldn't be reported missing.
Maybe she's a call girl, an escort, maybe a stripper.
First of all, in order to file a missing persons report you have to wait 24 hours.
And then there's the possibility that she's a newcomer.
Newcomer to Vegas.
Just off the bus? Yeah.
I made coffee.
Last night was pretty incredible.
Except Except? I mean, don't get me wrong, the sex was great.
It was better than great.
I just I felt like we were disconnected.
Why do you want to marry me? You're the one that asked me to marry you, remember? Why do you want to marry me? Because there were times where I thought that I was going to die.
And yours was the only face that I saw.
And I don't know if I'd have made it back if I didn't know that you were here waiting for me.
You really think that's reason enough to get married? The manager from the honeymoon bungalow is gonna call us when Danny and Mary leave which will give us at least four hours to get ready for the reception which I've already taken care of, so You know, you say, "whatever," and then you make all these elaborate plans.
I like wedding receptions, as long as they're not mine.
You say that like you've been married before.
What? Sam, have you been married before? What the hell are you wearing? A Polyphonic Spree robe.
What do you guys think? I think it's a little Plain? Yeah.
I know.
I've got to talk to their designer.
I'm thinking maybe sequins, spandex.
Spandex? Yeah.
You know, 'cause of all the dancing and jumping around you do.
You guys laugh, but spandex is poised for a major comeback.
Okay, spandex is not poised What about an Elvis version of the robe? You know, "Thank you, thank you very much.
" I would not like to be in your brain.
It does kind of give me a headache sometimes.
We've been here all night and all we have is this generic white napkin used by every restaurant and food service provider in town.
What'd she use to write that "help me" here? It's red lipstick.
The same color as on her lips.
The shade is used by every lipstick manufacturer.
Millions sold worldwide.
Yeah, that figures.
And on top of that, every cab in Vegas was at the Montecito last night.
We don't have the footage to pull up the license plate number or cab number.
Talk to me, son.
You know, my cousin, Michelle we used to hang with the same group growing up.
Neighborhood kids, you know, people we knew our whole lives.
Then one day, Michelle started hanging with the wrong crowd and she would disappear for days on end.
And I told her, "You can't do that to our folks.
"They're worried about you all the time.
" So, we got into this huge fight and she ran away from home.
And I thought she'd turn up again in a couple of days, like she always did.
But she didn't.
Pan up over her head there.
What am I looking for? The signage on top of the cab.
If I could just get around to see what's on the sides.
Not the sides.
Just focus on the inside.
The inside? Yeah, see the tri-hat? Go right to that hole right above the broken light there.
That's it.
You see that lettering? Focus on that.
I'll pull up a list of every cab company D.
Signage provides signs for.
Everything is just so different since I got back.
It's like, why did I live when Marines on each side of me died? Why do I deserve this life that I have, and they don't? Why do I deserve you? I mean, these guys left widows and orphans.
So, where do I fit into all this, Danny? Do I fit in? D.
Signage provides signs for three cab companies, this being one of them.
The dispatcher here said they had cabs at the Montecito last night but never during the time frame in question.
But, they did have cab stolen two days ago.
Now, I know it's just a hunch but I got a feeling that stolen cab might be the one we're looking for.
It's a little more than a hunch, Dick Tracy.
Come on.
Pay back your marker and you're up $100,000.
I'd say that's a pretty good day.
Okay, we'll see you soon.
He'll blow it all and be losing by lunch.
All right.
What's the deal? Fess up.
About what? Were you or were you not married? Okay.
First of all, it's none of your business.
And second of all, it's none of your business.
So what was he, a convicted felon? Cross-dresser? Gay? He was ugly and you're embarrassed.
I'm going to find out who you were married to, Sam.
Big mistake! Oh, yeah? What are you going to do about it? I'll show you what.
No, Danny.
No, please.
I'll do anything.
Anything? Yes.
The cab number is 5438.
License plate, 4B005H.
How was it stolen? Driver went to lunch.
Came back, cab was gone.
Was that a usual place he ate at? Yeah, same place and time.
Usually eats about 12:30 everyday.
Okay, thanks.
All right.
Call Metro and see if they found an abandoned cab within a 100-mile radius.
What do you think is going on? Well, if this guy cased the cab and then stole it he sure as hell wasn't going for a joyride, you know? I'm sorry, I'm a pretty smart guy, but I'm not following.
What I'm saying is, it wasn't a crime of opportunity.
The guy had a plan.
There's a good chance he was using this cab to lure his victim.
You make it sound like he's fishing.
Hunting, actually.
Hunting? The Polyphonic Spree will sing at our little Danny-and-Mary reception and I got everyone in the sports book to agree to flash "Congratulations, Danny and Mary" on every screen in the casino on my cue.
Sam was married.
I never said I was married.
You never said you weren't married.
I was married once.
What? Where was I? It was just for the weekend.
A Britney Spears kind of thing, except I wasn't drunk and puking in the halls.
Does your father know? Yeah.
Believe it or not, it was actually worse than when he caught me in bed with Danny.
Now that I think about it my ex-husband's never been heard from again.
You see, what I'm saying is the guy that cased the cab and grabbed the girl fits the psychological profile of, you know, like, a major predator.
You mean like a serial killer? Yeah, like that.
Ed, how do you know this? I use to work with the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit, profiling terrorists.
Behavioral Science Unit? You mean like Silence of the ambs guys? Yeah, like those guys.
Well, shouldn't we be contacting them? Or maybe some kind of special FBI serial-killer task force? That's a good idea.
Problem is we don't have one, not here in Vegas.
Nobody knows this guy's around.
Well, shouldn't we tell someone, so they can set up a task force? Boy, that's even a better idea.
Just sit here and wait for them to set up a task force.
That might take a few hours.
What Look, Mike, the truth is, this girl, she's stuck with you and me.
That's all she's got.
This is Mike.
There was an abandoned cab found just outside of town.
Where do I sign up? What musical instrument do you play? None.
So you sing? No, not really.
What exactly do you do? Hello, look at me.
I mean, I have a great Everything.
I mean, I could be the new face of The Polyphonic Spree.
Yeah, new face.
After we got into the fight, she ran away.
She was gone for weeks, you know, we Then one day, she called.
And I was the only one at home.
And she asked me to help her.
She was She was crying.
She was scared.
She didn't know where she was.
Everything was so confusing, you know? I couldn't help her.
I didn't know how to help her.
She hung up.
And that was it.
We never heard from her again.
And I was the last person to talk to her.
Fourteen years old, I mean What could you have done? I mean, you couldn't do anything.
She was a great kid.
She just She just got mixed up with the wrong crowd.
We try real hard to keep our kids safe.
No matter how hard you try, sometimes stuff just happens.
I mean, it just happens.
Sometimes it's harder, the not knowing, Ed.
I'll tell you what, buddy.
I'll do some scratching, you know? You never know.
Did you ever think we'd end up together? You know, like when we were kids? Yeah.
We were best friends.
We did everything together.
So, yeah.
Yeah? Then you grew boobs and ruined everything.
Did not.
Yes, you did.
Do you know what it's like for a 12-year-old to suddenly have a best friend who looks like you? One day we were making mud pies and eating them the next day you got those.
Well, you didn't seem to mind when I caught you sneaking a peek.
I wasn't sneaking a peek.
I was curious.
They came out of nowhere.
They didn't come out of nowhere.
You just weren't paying attention.
I was paying attention.
I have to admit something to you, though.
I kind of got a thrill when I caught you sneaking that peek.
Yeah? Yeah.
Me, too.
Yeah? You dropped the soap.
I dropped the soap.
What are we gonna do? Yeah, he must have had another car here and forced her into it.
Ed, this looks like blood.
Yeah, it sure does.
Just watch where you're walking.
It would help if I knew what we were looking for.
Well, anything.
Anything that'll help us find that girl.
Well, shouldn't we wait for Metro? We'll fill them in when they get here.
What do we got here? It's a white napkin.
A generic white napkin.
That's it.
That's what she was holding.
So, either he found it and threw it out, or she did in hopes of sending a signal.
I'm guessing it was her.
But now I'm thinking he probably knows that you saw the girl, you know? Well, if he saw me, that means there's a good chance we could see him.
Call Danny.
Get him back here right away.
Mary, they're giving me a medal for getting everyone killed.
You could've died, too, you know.
Yeah, but I didn't.
There was a reason you lived.
What reason? That might be something you'll have to figure out for yourself.
What if I can't? I have the wedding cake on hold.
Five-tier? Five-tier and it can be delivered within 15 minutes.
It could have been me.
What? What could have been you? Me and Danny.
I could have married him, but I broke it off.
I give any marriage about two months.
You're betting against them? This is Vegas.
The house always has the edge.
Sam, you married one of your clients, didn't you? You caught me.
I knew you'd do anything to get a whale to play, but marry them, Sam? I know.
Well, you know I'm a whore.
It wasn't a client, was it? No.
Why won't you tell me? Push into that rear-view mirror there.
That's it.
Those are his eyes.
He did see me.
So there was never any trace of her anywhere around the Montecito, correct? Correct.
So that means he didn't grab her here.
So if he didn't grab her here, what the hell was he doing at valet? You're asking me? I'm still freaking out you know so much about the criminal mind.
Now you want me to start thinking like you, too? Why did he bring her to valet? There's no reason.
If he's the hunter, like you say he already had his prey.
Pull up all the footage on the streets around the perimeter of the Montecito.
And then see if you can video IQ the cab itself.
Video IQ a cab? I'm good, Ed, but I don't know if I'm that good.
Just give it a shot, okay, Mike? Try it.
I can program the make, model, signage, dimensions, and wheel size.
Southwest corner of the Montecito and northwest corner.
East side, west side, he was circling the property for hours.
Yeah, he was definitely hunting.
Ladies Night at Mystique.
Luis, you remember about, I don't know, five, six years ago they found all those missing women's bodies way out there in Henderson? Had something to do with a cab driver or used a cab.
And he always had He had two girls.
He'd use one to get the other 'cause he was never without.
Right? Yeah.
What happened to that creep? All right.
If you get something, just call me, okay? You think this is the same guy? Damn sure could be.
No one got into his cab so he never got another girl to replace the first one.
That means that she still could be alive.
Look, see if you can ID any of the girls he tried to lure in.
Oh my God! That's Delinda.
That smells good.
Hi, sleepy head.
I made your favorite.
Remember when you ran away from home? I was 15.
How long did I hide you before my dad found you? Twenty-one days.
Every morning he'd leave for work you'd come out of your hiding place and make us breakfast.
Well, my hiding place was your bedroom.
You'd give me the bed every night.
You slept on the floor.
God, I remember watching you sleep.
All I remember is how hard that frigging floor was.
And how good you looked in my clothes.
And, damn it, you still do.
Thank you.
I don't know, I kind of felt like we were married and playing house.
Yeah, me, too.
Those were the best 21 days of my childhood.
Me, too.
She was in the back of the cab, headed to Ladies Night.
What the hell were you doing out there? I was jogging like I do before work every night.
Well, why can't you jog during the day? 'Cause it's 115 during the day.
I think I have a better chance of surviving someone trying to pick me up than jogging in the heat of the Vegas day.
She's actually got a point, Ed, I mean, statistically speaking.
Tell me about the girl, D.
She was in the back of the cab and asked me if I wanted a ride but it was really weird.
Weird, how? Her body language didn't go with her words.
Tell me about the driver.
He wouldn't look directly at me, but he was definitely creepy.
Creepy what? Creepy, creepy, creepy.
Can you describe him? Long, stringy, brown hair.
Kind of Stubble on the face, kind of a weird nose.
Maybe an earring.
Guess who's holding one Samantha Jane Marquez's marriage license? Don't you have work to do? No.
So, ladies and gentlemen, Sam was married to Your spouse's name is blacked out.
Why won't you tell me? Because it's none of your business.
And why do you care? I just want to know what sort of man you'd marry.
Excuse me? I'd marry a man who makes me laugh.
That's it? He'd also have to be smoking hot and filthy rich, of course.
Of course.
Sorry, I didn't get a good look at his eyes.
Don't worry, D, we got the eyes.
No, there's something wrong with that.
That's the mirror image.
Reverse it.
That's him.
That's the guy.
That's him.
Please let me go.
Why are you doing this? His name's Chris Johnson.
He was just released on parole.
Ed, if this is the guy, it would explain where he's been for the past five years.
He was in prison serving time for rape and sexual assault.
My God, why would they let somebody like that out? There's no address given.
I'll get the address.
This doesn't look good.
No, it don't.
I thought you said he wouldn't do anything until he got another victim.
I guess he's had her too long.
Got to get rid of her.
Well, you've always wanted to kick a bad guy's ass.
He's a real bad guy.
I'm sorry.
Ed needs me back in Vegas.
It's fine.
This was fun.
Yes, it was.
Did you take the soap and shampoo? Of course.
Did you steal the robe? Attagirl.
Me, too.
Well, let's All right.
Fire! Your house is on fire! Your house is on fire! Mike! Wait! Take it easy, that's enough.
Police! Back up.
I got it.
Get your hands behind your back.
"You have the right to remain silent.
" leutenant, on behalf of the Commandant of The United States Marine Corps and the Secretary of The Navy, I'm authorized and I'm very proud to present you with the Silver Star.
I told you that I don't want it.
Read it to him, Mike.
"For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action against the enemy "while serving with a covert unit in support of United States forces.
" Ed Go on.
McCoy exhibited exceptional bravery when ambushed and overrun "by overwhelming numbers.
"Showing no regard for his own personal safety "It.
McCoy called in an air strike and directed the ordinance "to be dropped on his coordinates.
McCoy's actions contributed to the successful outcome of the operation "and saved countless lives.
" You saved countless lives, Danny.
Thank you, sir.
The guy's a hero.
He doesn't know it.
Watch him for me, will you, Mike? Sure.
I got that old missing persons info.
Oh, yeah.
Thanks for getting back to me so soon.
The girl you were checking on, disappeared when she was 14? Michelle Cannon, right? Yeah, Michelle Cannon.
Her body was found outside Salt ake two weeks after reported missing.
What happened? They found her buried in a drainage ditch.
Ocal police never made the connection.
Oh, God.
All right, thanks again.
You got it.
Hi, girls.
How are you? Good.
How are you? Good.
Hi, honey.
How was it? It was nice.
Nice? That's all? So, you want to know what's new? I'll tell you what's new.
Sam was married.
Technically, she still is married.
Aren't you? Wait.
You told her, but you won't tell me? Let's see the wedding ring.
What ring? Oh, my goodness.
Mel, can you put a hold on the cake? I got to get to the sports book.
Congratulations, Danny and Mary.
This is for you.
Okay, what did you three do? I've got to go.
Thank you.
Mikey, what's going on? I have no idea.
Mike, I need to talk to you.
I'm sorry, Mike.
What's going on, Mary? I love you, Danny.
But no matter how much we might want something sometimes, you know it's just not meant to be.
Daddy, what ever happened to that guy I married?