Lastman (2016) s01e19 Episode Script

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You know that if you're all here today,
it's because I love you
like my own sons.
Kids bring you joy.
But they can also bring you sadness.
The day may come, for instance,
when you need
to kill one of you kids, right?
I know that one of you has been dealing
that new drug behind my back.
So I'd like the person who did
this really naughty thing
to speak out.
Bene, if that's the case,
we'll do it differently.
I'm expecting a phone call.
The police chief is going to call me
to tell me the name
of the traitor at this table
in ten minutes.
That's it.
we're gonna wait.
That's right:
10 minutes is a long time.
While we wait,
we'll watch some TV.
Stay tuned to Pax News.
Close the security curtain!
Shocking footage
from the hostage situation
that is unraveling
as we speak at the PaxMall Center.
For the past three hours,
the suspects
have been hiding at Hyper Arcade
with five hostages.
Anabelle Chang,
you're with the police,
do you have details
about the hostages?
One of them is a celebrity.
Is that right?
That's right, Dylan,
but I've got breaking news:
There are allegedly
two celebrities at Hyper Arcade.
Tomie Katana's name's
been floating around.
Can you confirm this?
I can confirm this.
Singer Tomie Katana is involved,
but so is her partner Richard Aldana,
a professional fighter.
The police force is visibly on edge,
as the assault
could be launched any second now.
Thank you, Anabelle.
We've just learned
that another major police operation
is underway in Paxtown's east-side.
We'll keep you posted
as more details come in.
Back at Hyper Arcade,
it's been confirmed that Tomie Katana
and Richard Aldana
are indeed among the hostages.
Have a look at this.
Six million records sold! An unexpected
success for this unknown pop artist
I put in a lot of work, but
I'm also very lucky.
And her lucky star
brought her Richard Aldana!
A kiss stolen by the cameras,
a murder charge that didn't stick,
spectacular wins,
on the ring and in life
Richard Aldana's fame
never got to his head.
What was the question?
Is it this year's power couple?
Or is it just good marketing?
One thing's for sure:
They will keep inspiring us.
The police chief
just held a press conference
about the second,
unrelated operation,
the raid on a major drug lab.
Eleven minutes ago,
police forces and special ops
surrounded a warehouse
in the east docks.
Shots were fired,
but there were no casualties.
We believe this warehouse
is where all the Sector sold
in our city comes from.
There are consequences
to poisoning our youth.
I promise that I will soon give you
the names of those death peddlers.
And I promise blood and tears
to the criminals. Thank you.
Hervé Devaine,
you're on location near the warehouse.
What's going on?
Dylan, everyone here
is getting ready for war,
it's not an understatement.
As you can see, we're at the frontlines,
hiding with a sniper
on the roof of the building
facing the warehouse's main exit.
I can't reveal more details
about our position
God! Oh my god!
Hervé, can you hear us?
We'll try to restore the connection.
We hope everything's fine
for Hervé Devaine and his cameraman.
Stay tuned to Pax News.
We'll be back after this message
from our sponsor.
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Silver Smith. A weapon.
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Welcome back to Pax News.
Two major police operations
are unfolding at the same time.
We're trying to get back
to our reporter at the docks,
where shots have just been fired..
Annabelle Chang,
any updates from Hyper Arcade?
Annabelle Chang, are you there?
Anabelle Chang?
It seems like
we have a technical problem.
Five hostages,
including singer Tomie Katana
and her partner, boxer
Richard Aldana.
Richard Aldana is still competing
for the FFFC cup,
isn't that right, Karl?
It is.
With the fight coming up in two days,
Aldana may look back at this situation
as less life-threatening.
His opponents for the round of 32
are the notorious Undertakers!
I thought they'd been banned?
Indeed! For executing an opponent.
We all remember
the shocking footage.
He taps out!
It's another victory for
What? I can't believe he did this?
Unbearably graphic
So they weren't banned for life?
They were. But that was last year.
With the new rules,
they were able to sign up again.
I see. Thank you, Karl.
Back to Annabelle Chang.
Miss Chang is currently
on the phone with the hostage takers.
So what are your demands?
We're not bad people.
Right, babe?
It's because of that drug.
It's too expensive.
Are you talking about Sector?
Hang on, babe!
At first, they were giving it
to everyone for free.
That was really nice.
One day, it suddenly cost
loads of money.
Wait a minute
Dylan, can you hear me?
We're listening to every word, Anabelle.
I have a quick update:
The police seem to be moving in.
they're launching the raid.
Do you hear this, babe?
They're moving in!
The lady said it!
This just in:
The raid at the docks is also underway
on the suspected Sector lab.
Hervé, are you still with us?
Yes, Dylan!
Stay with us, we'll get back to you
after this message.
Do you have a strong ear odor?
Audibon is the solution.
Audibon cleans the ear
and makes it smell nice.
Try Mint Audibon
and the brand new Wild berry Audibon!
Fuck! Duck now!
This shocking footage
is coming to you live
from the raid at the docks. It's over.
We're waiting
for the police chief's statement.
Annabelle Chang?
Any updates?
The first assault was cut short,
leaving one officer dead
and three seriously injured.
Could someone
have warned them from the outside?
Police are keeping their eyes peeled.
A second assault is about to be launched
from the rooftops, this time
The plan is to surprise
the hostage takers
by going through
the mall's fake ceiling!
Anabelle, we'll get back to you.
The police chief has another statement
about the raid
that just concluded at the docks.
This drug bust was a success.
It's the biggest drug haul
in Paxtown's history.
Two suspects
are currently being interrogated,
but we already know
who was giving the orders.
That's all for now.
Thank you.
Back to you, Anabelle.
All's well that ends well, right?
All the hostages are safe now, right?
Absolutely, Dylan!
They're all safe!
They're coming out right now.
They're probably still under shock
Oh, here they are!
We'll try to get
their first impressions.
Tomie! Richard!
Annabelle Chang for Pax News!
Were you scared of dying?
It's good publicity for you guys, right?
We'll get back to you,
How do you turn the sound off
Now I know who's the son of a bitch
Come on! It's the Holy Father!
Sorry, fat ass,
we can't hear you.
So who's the traitor?
It's called doing it yourself
To be continued
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