Law & Order (1990) s01e13 Episode Script

A Death in the Family

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups- the police, who investigate crime, and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
Max: The computer age.
Logan: They made mistakes before computers.
Max: Mixing up a homicidal maniac and a turnstile jumper? "Bruno walker" sounds like "Brutus walker.
" Yeah, only Brutus carries bigger guns.
Here- Apartment 4D, Mills.
My money says we get nothing out of the girlfriend.
Really? Where's the first place you'd go, you get released early? Plus, rumor has it she's been hooking out of her apartment.
How entrepreneurial while her man's in the slam.
Officer Rennick, Ms.
Sandoval, you know this gentleman? He came from walker's girlfriend's apartment.
I've never seen this guy.
well, it ain't walker- Brutus or Bruno.
You guys, take the roof.
C'mon, upstairs! This where your friend took a flyer? He was the super's friend.
we're all friends here.
what the hell happened? Brutus- grabs him by the neck and throws him out.
Don't even think about leaving.
Rennick?! Sandoval?! Max: Oh, my God! He's still alive! Logan: Call the paramedics! Sandoval! Police officer shot! Police officer shot! Come on, people.
Stay behind the tape.
My first week on the job I come home and my wife has the "T elegram" open to this item- "Cop killed in Brooklyn.
" Outside a candy store.
"Telegram"? There used to be a lot of newspapers in New York, huh? Then they all started dying off.
Now it's the cops.
How many this year so far? 13.
Cop: Let's keep it clear here, folks.
we got a body bag coming through.
They couldn't resuscitate him.
Cragen: You guys go ahead.
I'll be over in a minute.
You remember the "Telegram"? what? Nothing.
I saw the stretcher.
It happens.
Anything pop on walker? Do you believe in miracles? Yeah, I pray for them.
I pray some cop finds him in an alley and can save the taxpayers the trouble of a trial.
If it was you and walker in an alley and no one else was there, he didn't have a gun and was gonna give himself up I'd shoot him in the face.
Hey, you want the name of walker's second grade teacher, the first girl who let him lift her skirt, and his mother's cousin's friend's dry cleaner? It's all here.
"Turn the other cheek.
" You believe in that? Yeah, twice a year.
Christmas and Easter, in church.
You hear Profaci? what, are you taking a poll? You agree with him? Sandoval's supposed to meet us on 103rd Street.
You talk about cold.
She loses a partner and she can't even- Hey, hey, hey.
Don't hold that against her.
Everyone deals with it differently.
They crossed over from that roof.
walker? I couldn't see him.
It was dark.
well, maybe you saw some muzzle flashes, huh? Or a light from the stairwell doors being opened? I guess I was looking the wrong way.
My call is walker took these stairs down.
Now you and Rennick, when you came onto the roof, were you together or did you split apart? How many citations for bravery do you have, Logan? I've got six! No one's questioning your courage, Sandoval.
Except you.
Back off, Mike.
Let's go check with the super.
How do I know what goes on in the middle of the night on the roof? Do you guys know how many people have died in this building over the years? Mr.
Yost? One body we discovered because of the stink.
Another, a baby- gets pushed down the incinerator chute.
These people are animals.
Look, could you help me out a little bit here? No one likes it.
You don't.
I don't.
The company that pays my salary don't.
But one thing they don't like, neither- they don't like it when the property doesn't get taken care of.
Yo, Jack! Two people got killed here last night and one was a cop! So? I never could figure out what all the fuss was about when a cop gets killed.
You guys get paid to deal with scum.
what the hell do you think's gonna happen to you if you do that? Two weeks, three weeks from now, you'll be gone.
But I'll still be here.
And so will the company that pays my salary.
Supplemented by a little procuring, of course.
Procuring? I don't know what that is.
But you can't - He doesn't know what the word means.
How about "pimping," Yost? Like in "The Cassie Mills Elevator Service, Inc.
"? As soon as I finish cleaning, I got plenty of time.
It's a pretty nice looking jacket for somebody to throw away.
The kids hang around back here making a mess.
They leave me alone, I leave them alone.
Knowwhat I mean? Someone left it? Last night? Yeah.
A wise-ass.
Logan: Yo! Hey, listen up.
Anyone recognize this jacket? See, folks, what we got here is an entertainment situation.
Me and my colleagues over here, are the entertainers.
And you folks, well, you're the "entertainees.
" Like "Indiana Jones" over here.
If you stop to watch baby bro', I figure you've been entertained, am I right? So you might want to become part of the paying audience, if you get my drift.
Baby brother needs a new pair of shoes.
Hey, Red? I don't take food stamps.
I'll be right back.
You work a spot last night, Ray? Yeah.
Made some good money, too.
You can ask the lady in the restaurant.
She'll tell you.
After that? Home! But you stopped at 103rd Street to blow a little weed, right? Guess what? You left your jacket over there.
That used to be my jacket.
And now? It's my ex's.
She kept missing rehearsals so I had to throw her out of the act, y'know.
Guess what, Red? You're gonna take us to her.
when we split up - You kept it as a souvenir? That's old stuff.
Not so old.
You were wearing it last night.
On 103rd Street and St.
Yeah, back of number 70.
Don't touch me! Don't you touch me! I don't let no man touch me.
Max: Where'd you get the gun, Ravina? I- I found it.
Take it easy.
I found it in back of the apartment.
Okay, Ravina.
And I took it so no one would mess with me- no one would ever mess with me again.
Put the gun down, slowly.
It's okay.
Put it down- Slowly.
Nobody's going to mess with you.
Put it down.
So Ballistics says Rennick was killed with the same.
32 that we took away from Ravina Price? And the gouge on the barrel happened when the gun hit a pavement from a height.
You hate the Mets, right? Almost as much as you hate the Yankees.
we don't agree about a lot of things.
So? "Po-tah-toes, po-tay-toes.
" So why do we agree that something doesn't add up here? All right, walker shoots Rennick, throws the gun off the roof.
But how about walker drops the gun as he's walking down the fire escape? Carmen, Greevey.
I want you to run some serial numbers on a.
32 S & w.
I keep hearing the zipper on Rennick's body bag.
Great, 15-year-old high school girl.
Some neighborhood kid.
She says she picked it up in back of the building.
Max, can I see you for a second? Yeah.
The girl ever use guns? She got a record? No.
She's got no motive to shoot a cop.
Problem is, her prints are on the gun.
Brutus walker's aren't.
So, walker tosses a guy out a window, runs up to the roof, shoots Rennick, and then wipes the gun clean before he drops it? I- I don't know.
It was cold.
Maybe he was wearing gloves.
Howwell do you shoot a gun with gloves on? Serial number.
And the gun that shot Rennick? Sold by Jovino's Gun Shop, West 17th off 9th.
Max: Tell us about the robbery.
What did they take? Took four pump shotguns and eight handguns.
Is this one of them? Right make.
Right model.
Looks pretty beat up, though.
Somebody wanted to see if it could bounce.
Got the serial number? Yeah, I got the serial numbers, too.
Old habit.
I used to be on the job before this happened.
The Three-Nine.
You ever work the South Bronx? No, but I worked "The Rug.
" Brooklyn? Ooh, that precinct was a real hellhole.
Late '60s.
Same here in the South Bronx.
They used to throw stuff at you from the windows on slow days.
Remember the coats that we used to have back then? Hard to dodge in those tents.
But thank God for the slow days, 'cause in the days that weren't slow That what happened? Nah, I was on foot patrol.
I was going down the subway to use the can- winter- and I hit an icy step.
Broken back? Yeah.
Thanks for your help, Ross.
anybody with a badge.
Boy, that is rough.
You know, I don't think I'd make it like that in a wheelchair.
I'd rather go quick.
Like Rennick? Then what happens to the family? Max: Cassie, we need some answers about Brutus.
I ain't talkin' no more about Brutus.
well, if he bothers you you call us.
And what? You meet me at the hospital? You cops- you're always saying, "Cooperate.
I'll make sure nothing happens to you.
" And then either you catch the guy or you don't.
You put him away, or you don't.
And then it don't matter, 'cause he gets out, or he got friends.
Unless you are willing to walk two steps behind me for the rest of my life, you can't make me safe.
No one's ever safe, Cassie.
You know, when I was a kid, my mama, she'd say, "You do right, and you'll be okay.
" I guess when you're a kid, you got to believe that, or else you won't never grow up.
That don't look like none of Brutus' guns.
He like big ones.
Big ones.
Logan: Are you sure that's not his? You said he had a lot of guns.
Brutus had more guns than he had shoes.
And, honey, he had shoes.
But if you want to be sure, go ask his sister.
More like his mama.
Anytime something went wrong, Brutus ran straight to her.
I guess even Brutus gets scared sometimes.
Brutus never had no trouble.
It was everyone who met him had the trouble.
Uh, no.
He doesn't have a gun.
He never did.
So he just pushed that slug into Cruz with his thumb, huh? She's not gonna change.
Her brother's a saint.
Another hundred years, he'll be stuck on people's dashboards.
I got nothing to say.
well, in case you change your mind.
No, I don't need that, 'cause I ain't never j gonna see you guys again.
Yes, you are- when you bury your cop-killer brother.
Max: Listen good, my man, when we nail Brutus and find out you could have helped us and didn't, we'll be back.
And you'll go down for "conspiracy.
" Maybe "accessory- after-the-fact.
" Brutus showed up at the store right after he got loose from Riker's.
Made some calls.
I told Mavis to send him back, but she gave him her car keys.
I don't see how you can say Segovia and Eric Clapton in the same breath.
Sandoval! Hey, how you doing? Take off the kid gloves, Greevey.
I'm not that fragile.
Ease up, all right? He's asking you how you feel.
I can handle what I gotta handle, okay? If you didn't just - Easy, easy.
If I didn't what, Logan? Nothing.
If I didn't lose my partner? If I weren't in mourning? Spit it out! Hey, Sandoval.
Okay- I don't like you.
I didn't like you before Rennick was killed.
His being dead doesn't change that.
In fact- what? If it had been Greevey you'd be red-eyed and weepy? No, you wouldn't.
Sandoval, why don't - You'd be showing everyone how tough you are.
Because I'm a woman, if I'm not sobbing, you think it doesn't hurt.
Fine - I'm just as much of a cop as you are, Logan! I'm just as tough as you are! And I got a dead partner and my feelings about that are my own business.
Ask your partner.
The way I heard it, he was no barrel of laughs when his partner bought it.
You lost a partner? That was a long time ago.
Hey, Max.
wait a minute.
You didn't even mention it.
It wasn't relevant it was a long time ago.
He didn't observe procedure at a traffic stop.
went over to the driver's window- bam-o.
All she wrote.
That's crap, Simpson.
Look, I may not be as eloquent as Sergeant Greevey but I'm afraid I'd have to agree with his assessment.
walker thinks we got nothing better to do than to accuse him of shooting Rennick so that we can execute him on sight? Give me a break! You know as well as I do walker's a dead man.
Hey, if he stays on the street you're right.
If he's ready to surrender we'll make sure he's safe.
He'll surrender- if you give him immunity.
Immunity? why don't we give him a pension? In exchange for information.
Rennick's pension! He says he didn't kill Rennick.
Right- the bullet in Rennick's neck and Rennick's death are just a coincidence, huh? I may not know where he is or what he did or did not do, Detective, but I do knowwhat he told me on the telephone.
You want to make the deal, fine.
You don't, I'll communicate it to my client.
we're not in the habit of making blind deals with cop killers.
Good day.
And if it hadn't been a cop what would your decision be then? Think about it.
well? walker's driving around in his sister's car.
we called in a C.
And walker's brother-in-law, Ray, says he was talking on the phone.
I'm gonna need a subpoena to get to those phone records.
what do you think about what Simpson said? Max: What? If it hadn't been a cop shot, would we be more likely to make a deal? It was a cop.
Just go check the phone records.
See who he called, okay? Laneer! Very photogenic, Laneer.
You look just like your mug shots.
Even from the back.
Sergeant Greevey, Detective Logan.
I must have owed money in a previous life.
This ain't the Borscht Belt.
Save the schtick.
The name "Brutus walker" strike your funnybone, Laneer? I can't say that it does.
wrong answer.
The phone company says he called you from his sister's.
I told him I couldn't do a thing for him.
You're still tap dancing, Kevin.
Man, you think I'm crazy? I got four more months on parole.
I got a good job.
I'm happy on the outside.
I'm happy you're happy.
You want to bug my phone? Go ahead.
You want to toss my place? Be my guest.
we got to take this call.
Go on.
The car's registered to Walker's sister.
I double-checked it.
That's a two-base hit.
walker shows up, we got a home run.
I spotted it two hours ago.
No one's come near it.
Call in a surveillance request.
Schermerhorn and Sullivan.
wait a minute, wait a minute.
Sullivan and Brent.
Laneer's parole officer - Said he works in a park at Sullivan and Brent.
That's right around the corner.
Next block.
we may have batted this one out of the park.
Call in for backup.
A lot of backup.
No lights, j no sirens.
Sector Adam calling Central K.
Quitting time, Brutus! Nice disguise, though.
You want me to run so you can shoot me and be a hero.
Disappointed? Not yet, walker.
Not yet.
we've charged walker with throwing Ramos out of Cassie Mills' window.
She's cooperating, and with her testimony I'm pushing for an early court date, though walker's lawyer will try to stall.
Did you read the paper this morning? "The Times.
" "The Times," huh? well, I read four.
They hardly mentioned the flying Ramos.
Paul, tell him who they mentioned.
Adam: Rennick.
New Yorkers don't always love their cops, but they hate the people who kill them.
I want him convicted.
Let's slow down and do it right.
The press starts chewing on your heels, blame me.
"Starts chewing," huh? This is a cop killer we're talking about.
we let him walk I'll be deboned, butterflied and flambeed.
I want this off the front page.
The Rennick case is going to take time to prepare.
Take time? That's a good euphemism.
All right, then it's gonna take a lot of luck.
Lacking evidence, I'd say that was an optimistic assessment.
we've got Sandoval's statement- That the roof was dark; that they were shot at from ambush; that she never saw clearly enough to return any fire; and that she didn't even see walker's escape route.
I never said we could prove walker was on the roof.
Robinette: Why, Detective? Because Brutus walker was Harding Cistal's cellmate.
what did Cistal have on him when he was arrested? Suspect had in his possession four shotguns and seven handguns, All of which were traced to Ross' gun store.
But Ross says there were eight handguns stolen from the shop.
when my husband reported the fender-bender he was in to the insurance company, he threw in the broken tail light from six months before.
Ross has no reason to lie.
He even had the serial number of the eighth gun.
Just like the one that killed Rennick.
I know.
Are you planning to charge walker in this lifetime? Maybe I should rephrase that, 'cause a lifetime in this city can be pretty short, especially if you're a cop.
You think a badge makes one life more valuable than another, Trent? Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do.
All Brutus walker wants is the opportunity to speak with you.
Really? A discussion of Fifth Amendment rights? Get serious, Stone.
How serious do you want it? I am not interested in making any deal.
Look, I'm just walker's messenger.
Really? Then don't call me until his lawyer wants to get serious.
Stone: I'm going to show you something that may belong to your ex-cellmate, Mr.
Do you recognize it? It's a gun.
Very good, Cistal.
Can you spell "gun"? Sure.
" Maybe we ought to trade seats.
I hear yours is getting a little hot lately.
If I were you, I'd indict Brutus walker like yesterday.
You've passed the spelling test.
Obviously you read the newspapers.
Can you count? Part of the haul you took from Ross' shop.
You took eight guns.
You were picked up with seven.
It was that new math.
Let me guess.
I'll bet this is a ballistics report that says the bullet that killed that cop came from this gun.
I'll bet you're gonna ask me if I sold Brutus that gun.
I can solve your problem and my problem all at once.
You just tell me when and where I sold walker that gun.
My guess is you and I won't be talking to each other about this case.
You're missing a bet, Stone.
I can give you whatever you need.
I don't think so.
Cistal's arrest forty-nines- when the guns were recovered from Cistal's apartment- all except our.
Rennick was one of the search party.
was Sandoval there? No, they weren't partnered up then.
Eight-to-five, Rennick helped himself to the gun.
why? It's untraceable.
A lot of old-timers carry dropped pieces.
If they shoot someone they say had a gun, and can't find it, they drop untraceable iron on them.
In Harlem once, they found some stiff with six guns underneath him.
So what are you saying? Rennick shot himself then dropped the.
32 to implicate walker? I don't know what I'm saying.
woman: No, that wasn't one of Pete's guns.
Robinette: This is very important, Mrs.
He only had two.
His on-duty and one he kept for off-duty.
A lot of cops keep an "unofficial" weapon.
No one minds it, really.
A lot of wives don't even know about it.
I knew everything about Pete.
You did? He talked to you a lot about the job? So? These are great.
I have a few myself.
This this television- this is nice.
It's expensive, though.
Pete was always a good provider.
He always took the maximum overtime.
who was on duty when Rennick's locker was opened? Me.
Find anything unusual? Like what? Rennick did his job.
He never complained.
And he always paid for his own cup of coffee.
Cragen's got the complete list.
I'll tell you one thing about Rennick.
what's that? He didn't believe in plea bargains.
Desk Sergeant: Sandoval? Check the duty roster.
You've got a new partner.
Officer Sandoval, I'm Paul Robinette from the DA's office.
I tried to reach you at home.
Yeah, I got your message.
Lou Bridges, my lawyer from the PBA, tells me not to talk to anyone without him being there.
He says that includes the DA.
wanna talk? Clear it through him.
wait, am I missing something here? Aren't we on the same side? I gotta change for roll call.
Look, Officer- Are you deaf or just stupid?! I told you, talk to Bridges! why don't you bastards just leave me alone, huh? The Internal Affairs Shooting Team has already closed the case.
That's not the only issue here.
It is for me.
I had Rennick's payroll records sent over.
Not a minute of overtime.
A kid in college? A new car? That's a lot of mileage out of one paycheck.
So let's give him the benefit of the doubt.
Oh, nobody's that lucky.
And if he was on somebody's pad, what does that get us? I don't know.
Either way, he's still a dead cop with expensive tastes.
I traced his new car.
Oh, it's terrible what happened to Rennick.
I hate to lose a customer that way.
So he wasn't a first-time buyer? Rennick? Oh, Rennick was like the vernal equinox.
Every spring- robins, crocuses, and Rennick in here for a new car.
Did you carry the paper? He'd trade in the old model, pay the difference in cash.
what a gent.
Yeah They were coming in Friday.
I was having the cars detailed today.
"Cars"? A blue wagon and a white Corvette for the missus.
She didn't seem like the Corvette type.
who are you kidding? That foxy blonde? Hell of a looker for a widow.
She may want the 'Vette yet.
Her name is Louisa Birken.
A model.
Rennick told her he was undercover.
Yeah, beautiful.
Case gets better and better.
wanna write the headline? "Dead Cop in Love Nest with Model.
" How'd she meet him? She was trying to find her way to Bloomingdales.
And he came to the rescue? Heidi and Peter, hand in hand, ever since.
I'm meeting her this afternoon.
Do you mind explaining how this is going to help us convict Brutus walker? I don't know.
But it's not something I can ignore.
Robinette: Rennick paid all the bills? Rent? Phone? Food? He liked to show his affection, he said.
why'd he do all this? So you'd remember him when he wasn't around? I know what you're thinking, and I knowwhat this looks like.
But, Peter really loved me.
How often did you see him? Four or five times a week- unless he was away on an assignment.
Did he use the telephone much? Mm-mm.
Did people visit him at your apartment? No.
Did you ever see him with this gun? No.
I think he was married, but but he said not.
So sometimes he would give me envelopes for me to keep.
what was in these envelopes? Money.
You remember the dates that this happened? Yeah.
Almost every case Rennick and Sandoval worked checks against the dates Louisa told us he gave her money to hold.
Drug raid, drug raid, drug raid, possession.
That's our friend walker.
Both look like clean collars.
Drug raid, B and E, dealer homicide.
Most of the time there was either drugs or money confiscated.
Most of the time? Sometimes they came up empty-handed, or so they said in their reports.
Meaning they sold the drugs and pocketed the cash.
I don't want to know this.
Nobody wants to know this.
Don't sink with this one.
Rennick was skimming before you were partners.
Sandoval: Look, I want you to quit hassling me.
Rennick's girlfriend - that's where his money went.
where's yours? Brooklyn Federal Savings.
I'm looking for more than $2,416.
Maybe it's in a shoebox somewhere, right? My shift's gonna start.
Sandoval, if you are clean on this one you're playing it all wrong.
Boy, that's quite a coincidence- running into District Attorney Schiff on the elevator.
It was a fortuitous coincidence.
You must have been riding that elevator for hours.
what are you selling? Rennick was dirty.
Sounds like the Brooklyn Bridge to me.
Real dirty.
He killed a drug dealer.
I'm listening.
I don't see you taking out your checkbook.
You don't get it, do you? There's no deal on this one.
It's walker's play.
So, walker's got a dead drug dealer he wants to talk about? Simpson: What does Walker get out of it? The satisfaction of being a good citizen.
why are you being so unpleasant about this? You think this is unpleasant? You ever go over my head to Schiff again, I'll show you how really unpleasant I can be.
At least we know Rennick killed a drug dealer.
All we have to do now is find out which one.
Then all we have to do is figure out who killed Rennick.
what was the name of that dealer homicide? Powers, right? Ricky Powers.
Yeah, it was six weeks ago.
It was awful- screaming, cursing, shooting- and then Ricky's dead.
Sprawled all over the floor.
He was a nice kid.
Poor Ms.
Perry was beside herself.
This isn't that type of building.
Does this look like a drug building? which apartment is Ms.
Perry's? There.
I can't believe poor little Ricky was selling narcotics.
Someone called 911, Ms.
Well, it wasn't me.
I was too scared- all that yellin'- You hear the man yelling who shot Ricky? He said something like "Nobody shortstops me.
" Short weights? Short weights.
whatever that means.
Then, after a little, the police came- man and a woman.
Ooh that's when my blood ran cold when they started talking, because the man cop- it was the same voice.
He was the one that shot poor little Ricky.
Stone: It's your meeting, Brutus.
I must object to my client being shackled.
I'll make a note of that.
You have two minutes.
All the time j you were saying no to Simpson, I knew you'd talk to me.
All right, all right.
I found Ramos with Cassie.
She's my girl.
But I hardly touched him.
"Hardly"? She's my girl.
when he saw me, he got up, he went over- Let me guess- he got so shook up he tripped on a chair and fell out the window? You must've been there.
So? So I want a pass on Ramos.
And I'd like j j j j an evening in a jacuzzi with Cybill Shepherd.
Hey, look, man, Cassie will never testify against me.
Yesterday, the DEA picked her up in a car with sale weight.
All she wants is to play "Let's Make a Deal.
" That's a setup.
You set her up! Time's up.
You blew it, Stone! You blew it big! No way.
No way I give you the name of the guy who Rennick whacked! You mean, poor little Ricky? Simpson: Damn it, Stone.
If you knew that, and there's no deal, what's the point of this meeting? Education.
What is the nature of the emergency? Man's voice: I want to report a shooting.
Dude's bleeding like a stuck pig.
Sure sounds like your voice to me, Brutus.
Doesn't take much to figure Rennick offed Ricky Powers.
Then he made you call 911, so he could be the first car to respond.
How am I doing? No immunity, no plea bargains.
Rennick hated plea bargains.
Oh, man- Rennick was a scum.
He was dirty the day he was born.
Hundreds of brothers wanted him dead! Stone: There are, to say the least, credibility gaps- inconsistencies.
Is there something you'd like to add? Sandoval: why don't you spell it out for me? Stone: Fine - Rennick catches walker holding the day before he hits Ricky, and promises walker he'll let it slide if walker will make the 911 call from Ricky's apartment.
Robinette: It was no problem- Ricky's apartment was in your sector.
Rennick drove the patrol car right there.
Rennick goes upstairs, he shoots Ricky, leaves, goes back down to the car.
walker stays in the apartment, calls 911, then splits.
The call goes out, you're the nearest unit.
You're the first ones on the scene.
And Rennick ends up writing all the reports on a murder that he committed.
How am I doing? You know those party favors- the ones you put your fingers in at either end- and the more you pull, the harder it is to get them out? The way to get free is to relax.
Just let it go.
Confession's good for the soul.
Is that it? About a year ago they caught Rennick pocketing cash after we took down a dealer.
He offered me a cut, I told him I'd quit first.
Nikki, I must advise you to remain silent.
He made all the "rotten job - rotten pay" arguments and finally he said he'd stop.
But he didn't? I always wanted to be a cop.
Ever since I was six years old.
Rennick and I would go days without talking about it.
I think I really knew, you know inside.
I knew what was coming.
Did you know that he killed Ricky Powers? It was like watching an accident.
Having a premonition- watching yourself go through the motions to fulfill it.
I started taping things for my own protection.
He knew I knew too much.
what? Just kept one of those microcassette recorders in my jacket.
I can't believe he never knew.
It was on the night we came up here.
whole thing's on tape.
Attorney: Gentlemen, I think maybe we should make a formal statement after I've consulted with my client.
Sandoval: Rennick! Rennick, where are you?! Where'd he go? Rennick, I can't see you! Rennick! I can't see you! Stone: Was this where Officer Rennick pointed his weapon at you? He just came over and took my piece.
where was walker? Sandoval: He was well off the roof by that time.
And you didn't know Rennick's position? I thought he'd gone around the access door toward walker.
He was right behind me with his gun drawn.
Sandoval: Pete! Oh, God! Oh, my God! Stone: She realized she was about to be the victim of an accidental shooting, so she ran.
Rennick shot and missed.
And she had an ankle holster with a.
32 in it.
She hit him in the neck with the first shot.
where'd she get the.
32? From Rennick, when they first became partners.
"Someday," he said, she might need to "stick it in a dead scuzball's hands to save herself from the DA.
" Nice favor.
Stone: Yeah.
She sign the statement? with her lawyer present.
Still have to go to the grand jury.
what are you gonna ask for? Justifiable homicide.
Total walk.
The only thing she's guilty of is bad judgment.
She should have turned the bastard in.
She's a good cop.
If she's not totally cleared, she'll lose her job.
It's your call.
Stone: 99 times out of a hundred I stand in this grand jury room and ask for an indictment - for permission to prove to a jury that someone's guilty, and that they ought to be punished.
No crime cries out for punishment more than the killing of a police officer.
However, not all homicides j are crimes and the people believe the death of Officer Rennick was a justifiable homicide, and that Officer Sandoval acted in self-defense.
Loyalty is an important quality among cops.
For partners, a kind of insurance- a guarantee of trust that they can depend on one another.
Today, I'll tell you about a young cop whose partner violated that bond of loyalty.