Law & Order (1990) s02e12 Episode Script

Star Struck

Narrator: In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups the police who investigate crime, and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
What is it? Ooh, that's a globe-thistle pod, from a globe-thistle tree.
Oh, okay.
Get real, I can't just leave for lunch.
Who says you gotta leave? I'm sure you've got a peanut butter sandwich for me.
What do you got good to trade? Dinner in SoHo, tonight? Okay, but I get to keep my Twinkies.
Hey, Tisha! Tisha, stay away from the dog! It's not a stray, it has a collar.
Are you okay? Did he bite you, huh? She's real cold they say she's been out here for hours.
What is it, a rape or a mugging? Don't know.
She's in bad shape.
Skull's fractured, looks like she's been choked.
Do they think she's gonna make it? I don't know, they could barely find blood pressure.
Hey, guys, move! - Where to? - St.
Found this on the path.
Medic: Comin' through, comin' through.
Cerreta: Has she been conscious? Has she said anything? She's in a coma, Detective that tends to prevent speech.
Go to the park, get your head crushed makes you want to move someplace safe.
- Didn't know there were any left.
- Is she gonna get out of this? Cerebral hemorrhage, unaligned skull fracture, damage to the vocal chords, add the exposure it's a miracle she's alive.
If she survives this, she's in for a long recovery.
- Are you the cops who sent us the Jane Doe? - Logan: Yep.
Lucy Neven, - You're kidding! - No, I made it up.
Why? Major soap star Delia Mason on "World Without End.
" My mother watches it.
She follows the stories like it happened to the neighbors.
Tell your mom she's in for a plot twist.
You believe this? They already got her buried.
She's not in great shape.
If we don't crack this quick, we won't be either.
Whatever's on your plate, clean it this comes first.
Well, it ain't a mugging, 'cause she still had cash with her.
Could have been interrupted, caught in the act.
She's recognizable this woman is on a soap opera every day.
- That's his John Lennon theory.
- It's not possible just because we never heard of her? The fact of the matter is, these people get accosted in the supermarket.
Phil, nobody's sayin' "no," okay? It's a possibility.
Now what about the girl is she in any shape to talk to us? Barely breathing.
Get what you can without her then, okay? I'm on double shifts these days.
You got to take all the work you can get.
Do you have people hanging around for her fans, autograph hounds? Five, six a year.
Neven, she keeps her address a secret.
Thank you.
She was almost killed on the show.
Do you believe in destiny, karma, that kind of thing? She was mugged in the park, not on TV.
Does she walk her dog on a schedule? Roxie a biscuit as they go out.
Does Ms.
Neven have a busy social life? A good-lookin' lady like that? My aunt gets more action she's 60.
They had to write her out of the show.
My mother thinks Lucy is so glamorous.
I've got it easy being her secretary.
She has to work Did she have time to make enemies? She's up at 5:30, she's at the studio by 7:00, she gets home, she's too tired to brush her teeth.
That's hardly time for friends, let alone enemies.
Could you tell us if anything she'd have with her is missing? A ring her grandmother's wedding band, and a medal her father gave it to her, Saint Genesius.
Saint Genesius, that's The patron saint of actors.
But why take that? They didn't take the money that's crazy.
Do you get requests from people who ask for things like that? I sort them.
Weird, weirder, weirdest.
These are just the past three months.
"I cannot live with the idea that you are angry with me.
I know you would love my daughter.
I didn't like it when you wouldn't talk to us.
" A woman broke Lucy's skull? No.
Pardon me, Dr.
Freud, women don't get angry and violent? Whoa, I hope her mail is more interesting than mine.
No contest these should be postmarked Bellevue.
We have three solid cuckoos in town, one in Atlanta, two in St.
Louis, three in LA and one in Denver.
They had to be local stalked her, knew when she walked the dog.
Still, I'll check the out-of-town alibis, you guys knock on some doors.
First we get some fettuccini, then we knock on doors.
Eh! Hello? Mr.
Wadsworth? Man: Who's asking? Police.
We are looking for nominations for Citizen of the Week, sir.
I am Mr.
Wadsworth, and there is not a person on this damn block worth nominating.
Yes, and you're not the first one to say so, sir.
I wrote her letters.
She said in an interview in lots of interviews that she likes to get them.
Jesse, if you could tell us where you were at 10:00 or 11:00.
At my girlfriend's apartment.
And then I got home I don't know.
Dad? I got home from the office at 9:00.
Jesse got home what, Jesse, 10:00? Yeah, I think so.
Ah, Olivia, our housekeeper she'd remember.
Olivia? Olivia, Thursday night what time did Jesse get home? Around 10:30.
I was watching the news, Channel 9.
Thank you.
The biggest soap convention of the year I wouldn't miss that.
I was there Thursday morning to be there before the good stuff got sold.
That's dedication for ya.
That comb only $60.
Delia was using it when she told Joel she wouldn't marry him.
She's too good for him.
All the people there, maybe some dealers or somebody might remember you? I don't know.
There were 6,000 people.
Oh! I took the shuttle back.
I threw out the ticket I think it's right here.
Thank you.
PA system: Dr.
Brent, report to nurse's station 4E.
Brent, report to nurse's station 4E.
Was he taller than you? Or the same height? Logan: Taller.
So you got a good look at him? Blair: What, he was dark, he had a dark complexion? Logan: All right.
Is this the best you can do? With a woman who can't talk, she's good for about Thanks, anyway.
- You got the staff list of the soap? - Yeah.
Maybe someone was hanging around that door, bothering her.
It's worth a shot.
To me, they all look the same.
Autograph pads, sparkly pens with big, white balls on top they line up outside.
They can be difficult.
Maybe Ms.
Neven made one of her fans angry? She was very gracious, more than me.
The end of the day, I want to get home I got a two-year-old kid.
Did Lucy get close to anybody on the crew? I guess Sara was the closest.
Cerreta: Was? Lucy had her fired.
- Something about stuff missing.
- Man: Five minutes.
- You mean she was stealing? - Sara said no.
L I like her.
But she didn't file a union grievance when she got canned.
Did she have the right to file a grievance? Lucy was probably right.
I got her another job costume house.
They supply us, other shows.
I heard of Lucy turning on people, but I thought we really got along.
Must have done wonders for your reputation.
- I'm happy to have a job.
- Cerreta: Why didn't you tell your union? I did.
I did! You think we didn't check? I'll put you on the phone with your shop steward.
You know what they do with old costumes? Actors take 'em home.
A guy corners me outside the studio, hands me 200 anything of Lucy's.
Who would it hurt? What the hell is that? Thou shall not steal except when nobody gets hurt? I needed the money.
But then he started wanting slips, bras that stuff doesn't belong to wardrobe.
- That's a fine distinction.
- Who was your source of income? Mitchell Burkitt, down on the Lower East Side somewhere.
What did he do with Lucy's underwear? I really didn't want to know.
Burkitt, Michael W.
Criminal trespass two, burglary three.
What does he like? Soap opera studios, movie locations.
Also, an assault on a guard who tried to stop him.
The supplier gets canned, no more underwear to sell.
- A ring and a medal bigger bucks.
- Draw some arrest papers.
Phil, we're not even pregnant yet.
Assault record? I want to be prepared.
The stereo's on he's at home.
Man: Who is it? Con Ed, checkin' for a gas leak.
- Whoa! - Drop it! Drop it, don't even think about it, Mitch! Now! Ow! You are under arrest for the attempted murder of Lucy Neven! Why didn't you say you were cops? You have the right to remain silent.
If you choose - You didn't say you were cops! anything you do say can and will In my neighborhood, you wouldn't answer the door without a gun.
Next time, get one that's licensed.
I didn't do the lady.
What do you think, I'm crazy? Actually, you're about the sanest person we've met all week.
Why would I do her, huh? She's a cash cow I survive on her stuff.
Not since you lost your source.
So, Mr.
Burkitt, where were you Thursday night? I was alone.
Prove I wasn't.
Prove you were! Your Lucy stuff who buys it? Kleinman, down on 15th Street.
- I want a lawyer.
- Yeah, you'll get a lawyer.
I'll even pay for the call.
Don't ever say cops aren't generous.
You want stills from "South Pacific," Mitzi Gaynor's shoes? Fine.
Logan: Not Lucy Neven's underwear? Do I look like a pervert? Who buys Lucy's clothes? Customers' names I'm sorry, it's private.
Did you give Mitchell Burkitt an order to steal Lucy Neven's jewelry? I sell memorabilia you think this is a hot car business? - You give me an order, I get it stolen for you? - Suppose we get a warrant, Mr.
Kleinman, and we do an inventory, you think we're gonna find any stolen goods around here? - From a soap opera studio, maybe? - I never accept Do you want us to start checking? You know, you're starting to make me a little impatient.
Tim Voorman.
Works at the Club Vivant.
Emcee: Ladies and gentleman, Tim Voorman.
Voorman Sergeant Cerreta, Detective Logan.
Very impressive.
Louis Kleinman says you ordered Lucy Neven's intimate apparel.
You think I was involved with? Yeah, well, I also ordered Joan Collins's costumes.
They help me get into character.
- And they fit you? - Well, I'm very petite.
Voorman, Thursday night did you take a walk in the park? I don't believe this.
I was here two shows, 8:00 and 10:00.
You happen to leave between shows? Do you have any idea how long it takes to put on this face? And contrary to what you might think, I don't go out in public in drag.
I do this for a living.
Cerreta: This isn't your act, so you can pack in the attitude.
Do you have any witnesses who saw you here? What's the mystery? I got a guy from Jersey who sees my Lucy act six nights a week.
One guy, he wants to talk with Lucy about the plot on the show.
Another one, a real weirdo, buys my Lucy dress.
Who attacked her? One of them.
- Who bought the dress? - Out of his mind.
He loved Lucy, he wanted to be with her.
Offers 250 I thought he was kidding.
to sell it, but he scared me a little.
- You got the name? - He didn't ask for a receipt.
Webster? Hi, this is Joe Harris from the Club Vivant.
Nichols? Sam Jones, the Club Vivant.
Voorman? He'd like to buy back that dress he sold you.
You know the dress you bought from Tim Voorman? Okay.
- Thank you.
- Sorry to bother you.
We thought the letters were bad these people are worse in person.
Hello? Jesse Unger, please.
Could you give me his work number then? Thank you.
Markson? Hi.
This is Sam Jones from the Club Vivant.
Unger? Yeah, I'll wait.
That Lucy Neven dress the one you bought from Tim Voorman? Well, he would like Sorry to bother you.
Unger? Yeah, this is Joe Harris, Club Vivant.
Voorman would like to buy back his Lucy Neven dress.
Yeah, well, certainly.
Well, thank you.
Unger wants to keep his dress.
Really? I can't stop.
This has to be done by tonight.
- Did you buy the dress? - Yes, I did, for my collection.
I needed something special.
Terrible, Lucy dying, hmm? Lucy didn't die, Jesse.
No, on the show.
They had to get rid of her.
Thursday night, at your girlfriend's what time did you leave? I already told you about 10:00.
Is your girlfriend Sandy at home, today? No, she's not.
She's working.
You've got the wrong idea.
Jesse, his Lucy scrapbook it's a hobby.
- Logan: That include buying her dress? You don't understand.
Boy, you'll think I'm crazy.
We went to a Tina Turner concert, Jess and me.
I wanted her autograph.
We waited in the cold two hours.
But an autograph is not a dress.
Lucy to me, she's boring.
So what? Jesse doesn't like Tina Turner.
I mean, didn't you ever collect anybody? My wife has a lot of Rosemary Clooney records.
Who? Ms.
Reynolds, you said Mr.
Unger left at 10:00 p.
, right? What you're thinking about Jesse it couldn't be.
Look, are you sure about the time? It might have been earlier maybe a quarter of.
We had an argument.
He wanted me to try the dress on.
I didn't think it was right.
Quarter to 10:00, 10:00 15 minutes it really makes that big a difference? Hey, 15 minutes gives him a lot more time to get to Lucy's.
Sandy's on 97th Street.
Jesse's home, And Lucy lives in between at 65th Street.
All right, it's enough time, barely, if he knew when Lucy walked the dog.
So he stopped by at Lucy's on his way home to what, to talk to her? - You're the one who talked to him.
He look goofy to you? - He seemed fine.
But who can tell anymore? he still lives at Daddy's.
And also he sprang for 1,000 bucks to buy Lucy's dress.
What about his arrival time at home how solid is that alibi? I have friends in the fashion world.
Something wrong with that? So you got your son his job? I arranged an interview, they offered him the job.
The woman's dress that's $1,000.
Your son can afford that on the job he has? Jesse's interests he doesn't have to be like everybody else.
Following an actress's career it's harmless.
Up to a point.
Unger, when Jesse arrived home, your housekeeper said it was 10:30.
You said 10:00.
My son has problems, violence is not one of them.
Sandy was upset the dress.
I only wanted to see, if she has such a good figure, how'd she look in it, that's all.
We can clear this thing up easy.
You left Sandy's apartment at 10:00? Mm-hmm.
- Now, how'd you get home? - I walked.
in half an hour? You must be a marathon walker.
Maybe I took a cab.
You know what we oughta do? We oughta all go down to the precinct, we'll talk the whole thing over, we'll call the cab company, get the whole thing settled, you know what I mean? Um okay, fine.
I'm sorry about Lucy.
But hurting her? No, I loved watching her.
I have a little television at work.
We want to remind you that you're entitled to a lawyer.
Sandy will tell you.
Olivia, she said that I came home at 10:30.
I would never hurt Lucy.
Will you excuse me? He's in tooth fairy land, and he's scared.
The hospital says Lucy has some paralysis, she still has trouble with blurred vision, but they will bring her over.
Now do you think you can get this guy to volunteer for a line-up? I don't know.
What if he won't? Heck if I know.
Jesse, would you like to be in a line-up? If nobody identifies you, you go back to work.
A line-up? For who? Lucy Neven.
Take your time.
There's no hurry.
Oh my God.
That's that's him.
He stopped me on the street a couple of times.
Which one is he, hmm? It's num number four.
He said that he needed me.
Let's get the video camera.
One more shot at him and he's gonna talk.
Your dad will be here soon.
You don't have to talk now.
Was Lucy here? She says she saw you that night.
Had these on him when he was booked.
Lucy's ring, Jesse.
Her medal.
Where'd you get these? She wouldn't listen.
I just wanted to talk.
She told me to leave her alone.
I didn't want to hurt her.
God, her eyes if you saw her eyes.
She walked right by me.
She didn't say anything.
I tried to tell her how I need her.
I didn't want to hurt her.
She just got tangled up in her dog leash and I went to help her, and she started hitting at me and the dog was barking.
I just wanted to talk to her.
That's all, I ju I just wanted to talk to her.
Olivet: How long have you been aware of Lucy Neven? Jesse: Ever since I can remember.
- Olivet: Did you first recognize her on her TV show? - Come on, Ben - Jesse: Yes.
- You saw that tape this guy's got toys in the attic.
Is he competent enough to help you with his case? I guarantee you he didn't know what he was doing.
That's not the issue here, is it? Can he help you defend him? Maybe he can, but he's still bonkers.
He didn't know what he was doing when he attacked her.
You don't know that and neither do I.
Let's first see if he can stand trial.
I've seen trials on TV.
Lucy was in one.
What happens at a trial, Jesse? Why are you asking me that, hmm? We both know they decide if you're guilty.
What does your lawyer do? He tries to defend me from he keeps me from going to jail.
Why would you go to jail, Jesse? Sorry, Dr.
Olivet, off limits.
I'm not asking about the crime, Dr.
Mandel, I'm asking if he understands why people go to jail.
People go to jail because they break the law.
Hurting somebody is that breaking the law? These are stupid questions.
Jesse, please is it wrong to hurt somebody? I just wanted to talk to her.
That's all.
Your Honor, what is the argument? Mr.
Unger understands the legal process.
Ben, he babbled a confession.
That doesn't give you a problem? He was frightened.
That does not mean he's not competent to stand trial.
He does not understand the criminal justice system.
- He knows what a trial is.
- Hey, hey, this isn't a free-for-all.
I ask the questions.
You honestly contend he can't give you pertinent facts? Judge, he is suffering a neurotic denial.
It is hard to get any information out of him at all.
Well, I'll read the doctors' reports again.
Meantime, Mr.
Unger stays at Rikers.
Man: Come on, Lucy, you can do it.
Right to the end.
Keep walking.
It's a piece of cake.
They say if we go to trial, that you'll be able to testify.
It's your choice.
Don't force yourself, honey.
I'll testify if I have to crawl into the courtroom.
He came after me before.
He called the house several times.
Somehow he got the number.
If he doesn't go to jail Lucy, I'll do everything I can to make sure that never happens.
Schreiber says we can indict him.
He's competent to stand trial.
Does that serve justice Jesse Unger on trial, Jesse Unger in prison? If he's responsible for his actions, yes, I think justice is served.
Stone, my son, after he lost his mother you can't imagine I tried to help him.
Why didn't you seek professional help? He's not like other people.
He never seemed dangerous.
Jack, it's your meeting.
Reconsider going to trial, Ben work out some kind of treatment for him.
If they can protect Lucy Neven from him - You know that they can't.
- A jury can.
All I've got to do is prove that he was insane at the moment he attacked her, not a second before.
Not a second after.
I've tried a lot of these cases, Ben, you haven't.
I'm a quick study.
Why is Gaffney so confident? Insanity defenses are not easy to win.
Olivet'll testify he's not delusional.
What more can we do? "Delusional" fancy word.
Might as well say "subordinated debenture.
" A jury knows "crazy" and "not crazy," Paul.
They don't know "legally crazy.
" You know what really worries me? I make my best case to prove he's sane, we lose.
He goes to a hospital, I have to turn 180¡Æ and argue he is not sane so they keep him there.
It's no-win.
Maybe we make a deal assault.
Bad risk goes away for a couple years, as soon as he gets out, he could kill that woman.
Mm-hmm? Lucy Neven better talk to her.
How could they let him mail it? Why didn't somebody stop him? "I never wanted to hurt you.
I had to bring you close.
We're the same person.
We'll always be close.
" I'm sorry, this shouldn't have happened.
They put a watch on his mail today.
He said we're the same person.
He sounds crazier than ever.
He's shrewder than ever.
He wants to sound crazy.
Do we have to turn this over to Gaffney? If we don't turn it over, he's gonna get a subpoena anyway.
Jesse's gonna tell him he sent the letter, and they're gonna use it to show how crazy he is.
That's what he wants.
Stone: And after reading the report of his personal history? I examined Mr.
Did you reach any conclusions about his mental condition? Yes, I have.
Unger has personality and character disorders.
He's obsessive-compulsive, and exhibits signs of extreme depression.
Does this mean he is incapable of understanding the consequences of his actions? No, it means he's unhappy, and in some ways dysfunctional.
In your expert opinion, does Mr.
Unger suffer from any condition that would impair his ability to know right from wrong? Despite his emotional problems, in my opinion, Mr.
Unger has a complete understanding of the consequences of his actions.
Thank you.
No further questions.
Olivet, you spent three hours talking to Mr.
Do you think that's sufficient time to make a judgment on his mental health? - Yes, I do.
- Admirable.
So you are telling this court, with absolute assurance, that Mr.
Unger did not have an episode in which he did not know the consequences of his behavior? In my opinion, Mr.
Unger knows right from wrong.
He told me he'd been watching me because he knew I would I would love him if only I met him.
He was very excited, so I tried to keep him calm, and then I tried to get away.
He told me to stop.
And when I didn't, he attacked me.
Neven, prior to this attack, had you ever seen the defendant before? He accosted me on the street several times I don't remember how many.
He told me that he had called me on the phone.
What is your profession? I'm I was an actress.
You were an actress? Does that mean you don't expect to be able to continue your career? Objection relevance.
The extent of Ms.
Neven's injuries is relevant to the attempted murder charge, Your Honor.
The witness will answer.
I'll be happy if I'm able to walk.
Thank you.
No further questions.
Gaffney? I have no questions of this witness.
- Olivet was convincing.
- Convincing isn't the point.
Did they understand "crazy" versus "legally crazy"? Voices, delusions convenient.
The one illness that wins an insanity defense.
You read Mandel's transcript.
Jesse talk about voices then? Mandel interviewed him again.
Yeah, I wonder why? Gaffney would he coach his client? Well, it's hard to believe.
It's not his style.
I'll tell you one voice Jesse Unger is hearing the voice telling him how not to get convicted.
Listen to this.
"Mandel: 'Why didn't you tell me you heard voices? ' Jesse: 'The voice said not to tell you.
My father said I should.
"' "My father said I should.
" Your interviews no voices? Is he delusional? Am I 100% sure? 99.
- I'd prefer 100.
- Never happens.
Somebody told Dad what would get Jesse off.
Dad told Jesse.
Voices are a very specific symptom.
- Mandel.
- Intentionally, I doubt it.
What about Gaffney? Paul read the transcripts of his other cases.
Not all of 'em.
Well, then, dig up the ones you haven't read and let's find out how crazy his other clients really were.
After Jesse's mother died, he couldn't concentrate.
He used to say he was going crazy.
What was he most concerned about? He thought the world was going to blow up.
What were some of his other problems? He said he heard voices in his head.
Like a radio.
Thank you.
Unger when exactly did Jesse tell you he heard voices? I think maybe in his sophomore year in high school could have been earlier, maybe later.
I can't remember.
What did he say these voices told him? I can't remember.
You remember he heard voices.
I do.
Yes, I do.
Did you seek psychiatric care for your son at this time? No.
Why not? Well I'm not sure why I didn't.
That's odd.
Thank you.
Unger suffers from processive disintegration.
One of the symptoms is command hallucinations voices telling him to do things.
Now, Dr.
Mandel Jesse Unger told you that he heard voices telling him to kill Lucy Neven.
Would that mean that he was out of control of his actions? In my opinion, yes.
Unger is often guided by an overpowering voice he believes to be real.
Thank you, Doctor.
"Processive disintegration.
" Is that a recognized medical diagnosis? It's my language for a combination of disorders.
So it does not exist in standard reference works? Yes, that's right.
Now you testified that you interviewed Jesse twice.
Did he mention hearing voices in the first interview? No, he was afraid to.
So he never mentioned voices until you brought it up? - Yes.
- Thank you.
- But - Thank you, Doctor.
Stone: I think they're playing with the system.
Lying? All of 'em? You think the shrink coached 'em? Maybe.
Gaffney? You don't think a lawyer would do it.
Olivet doesn't think a shrink would do it.
We're back where we started.
He goes to a hospital, he says suddenly that he's cured, he doesn't hear voices anymore, and he's out on the street again faster than Lucy Neven can change her phone number.
I finished Gaffney's cases all the way back to '79.
seven acquittals.
Three of them, defendants were delusional after they started trial.
- Right.
- It's not a clear pattern.
I grant you it's questionable.
Call Mr.
Say, if he agrees, we'd like to meet with him alone.
That's absurd.
You think I would lie under oath? As a parent, yes, I think you would.
You want my son in jail.
Do you want me in jail, too? Do you have children, Mr.
Stone? Are they healthy, happy? We all want our children to be happy.
If not so, at least protected.
My son is sick.
There is no dispute.
Good night.
He had no right to drag Bill Unger down here.
Unger was invited.
You wanted him to implicate me in perjury.
Three cases, your clients never heard voices until trial.
Mandel was your shrink on two of 'em.
If I want to discuss Jesse's symptoms with his father, that's my job.
Jack, you're overplaying your hand.
There's an appearance of impropriety.
File a complaint with the disciplinary committee.
The ghost of John Hinkley that the problem? Shoots the President of the Untied States and gets off? You're desperate, aren't you? You want out of this? I'll plead it.
Assault one.
Gentleman, think about it.
I don't know, Adam.
Jesse Unger could walk.
Gaffney's bluffing with assault.
He'll take manslaughter one, attempt.
I should talk with Lucy Neven.
What does it mean? How long? A minimum of five years, a maximum of 15.
What do you think? It's your life, but honestly, I don't know what that jury'll do.
Is there any way we can make sure it's 15? The parole board? We can recommend.
We have no control over them.
And they're just as unpredictable as juries.
Why me? I can't give him anything.
I'll take my chances with the jury, if it's all right with you.
Lucy, the jury it may not give you what you want.
What I want is what I had.
How often do you hear this voice, Jesse? Jesse: She talks to me when I get confused.
It's a woman's voice? Mm-hmm.
Does the voice have a name? No, she's she's just there.
What does she tell you? Can't talk about that.
Gaffney: Jesse did this voice tell you to hurt Lucy Neven? She told me that if Lucy wouldn't love me, that I had to kill her.
Is this your handwriting? Mm-hmm.
Did you write this to Lucy and send it to her? Yes, I did.
I'd like you to read from the top, out loud to the court.
"Dear Lucy, I know you understand, I never meant to hurt you.
I wanted to protect you.
" Louder, son, so everyone can hear.
"I know you understand I never meant to hurt you.
I wanted to protect you.
I know that you care about me.
I know we could be together.
I would do anything for you.
I didn't want to hit you.
I love you.
See, inside we're the same.
We're the same people.
" Gaffney: Thank you, Jesse.
Unger, how old were you when you first heard this woman's voice? I don't remember.
She's always with me.
And aside from Lucy Neven, did the voice ask you to hurt other people? I don't remember.
If you had the opportunity, would you still want to talk with Lucy Neven? Uh-huh.
Would you continue to write to her? Yes, I'd have to.
And if you had the opportunity, would you want to pursue a relationship with her? I don't know.
Nothing's changed.
Stone: Nothing's changed? No.
So what are you to decide? In our society, we make exceptions for mental illness.
But should that exception be made when it endangers the life of another human being? And Jesse Unger has made it perfectly clear that he will come after Lucy Neven again and again, until he gets what he wants from her.
And if he can't have her, he'll make sure no one else does.
Now, is this obsession insane? No one can completely know the mind of another human being.
We can't crawl inside his skin and see the world as he sees it.
However, we do know that Jesse Unger had no documented history of delusional episodes prior to this case.
In fact, he made no mention of delusions or hearing voices until after his father had asked for a second psychiatric evaluation.
Now, under the law, we human beings are responsible for our actions, except for one thing delusional mental illness.
Jesse Unger's convenient and last-minute reporting of this condition is a responsible act.
He knows, as clearly as you or I, that he brutally attacked Lucy Neven.
And he knows just as clearly what he has to do to escape punishment.
Now, he destroyed Lucy Neven's life.
Hold him responsible for it.
Judge: On the sole count of the indictment, attempted murder in the second degree, how do you find? We find the defendant guilty.
- Judge: I thank the jury for their service.
Court is adjourned.
Sentencing hearing to be scheduled.
- Man #1: Excuse me.
- Man #2: Let's get out of here.
Thank you.
Well, you may not be happy.
Lucy Neven is.
You know as well as I do that the law ought to be changed.
Juries are not psychiatrists.
He never got the help he needed, Ben.
And the jury followed the only law we've got.
We're not gods.
We're not even angels.
He should be in a hospital.
We put him in jail.