Law & Order (1990) s04e03 Episode Script


In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
First time I heard this, I was in my parent's basement with Shelly Fern.
Sixth grade, you listened to Sinatra? My brother, he was in tenth.
He said it never fails.
I love hotels, they make me horny.
This is last call.
I thought this was the city that never sleeps.
The city doesn't, I do.
Does she have a name? She's been sitting alone for the last hour.
I'm a perfect cure for that.
You from out of town? Me and my friend, we're from Elmira.
I know it sounds corny but we're kind of overwhelmed.
Maybe you could show us- Please, leave me alone.
How about a refill? Hey, Dave.
You want a drink? Here.
I just want to go home.
Look, miss, maybe the gentleman was a little out of line.
It's no reason to get violent.
In the future, I suggest you take your business elsewhere.
Business? Honey, it's after 1:00.
You're alone.
I want to make a phone call.
I'd like to report a rape.
At the Radcliffe Hotel.
Her name is Julia Wood, 19, junior at Bradfield College.
She says it happened in one of the hotel suites.
So how bad did it happen? Positive for semen.
There's some vaginal bruising.
She says it was rape.
And you're not buying it? She's definitely upset.
Rape? My mother told me that ladies don't go to rock stars' hotel suites after midnight.
Wanna give me a hint? She claims it was C-Square.
She's sedated now.
You'll have to come back.
C- Square? Smile, Lennie.
Heavy metal.
Your kids will probably want his autograph.
Four platinum records.
You know what kind of money that is? It'll keep his great-great-grandchildren driving Bentleys.
I'm glad about his future.
What about his past? His real name is, get this Clarence Carmichael.
He was born right here in Hell's Kitchen.
Now he lives in L.
Besides being number one on Tipper Gore's hit list for dirty words, nothing.
Rock 'n' roll rapist.
Not much in the initial report.
We got some pictures here, but they don't really take us anyplace.
I see a lot of black and blue.
Shoulders, upper arms.
This guy C-Square weighs a 180.
According to that report, she was 100 soaking wet.
The doctors can ascertain intercourse, but not necessarily rape.
I picked this up on the way in.
Have you ever had a look at this guy? One more time, on the kitchen floor Your tank's on empty but I want more I get what I want, it's a one-way trip You ain't my lady, you my bitch Great lyrics.
Early Cole Porter.
Okay, okay, so what? Being hairy gets him 25-to-life? Just thinking maybe he puts his monkey where his mouth is.
He came to my dorm.
He said we were going dancing.
In his hotel room? He's rich.
He's famous.
Why would anyone believe a normal person like me? We believe you, Julia, but we have to ask.
He was gonna give me tickets to a concert.
He said they were in his room, the suite where the President stayed.
He said I'd get a kick out of seeing it.
And when you got up there? When he was done he told me I could find cab fare in his pocket.
Did you scream or try to get away? Look, Julia we're not saying that this didn't happen but I got to tell you, everybody knows his act.
What's a jury gonna think, they know you went up to his room at that hour? He can have any woman he wants.
Why did he do this to me? So this is why they bounced us from the presidential suite, eh? It's a crime scene.
They have to check it out.
The crime is you guys waking me up before noon, okay? Hey.
This is a fairy tale.
The girl's nuts.
Me, I was up for dancing.
But what's-her-face had other plans.
So you admit you went to bed with her? Yeah.
Why wouldn't I? Well, because Julia said that this is a bad case of life imitating art.
I write what sells, man.
Doesn't mean I live it.
Okay? Okay.
Last night, little Miss College, dressed up like that I guess I was wrong.
She said all she wanted was some tickets.
She came up to my room to get her eyeballs put on the ceiling, okay? Take it easy.
What, did you get up on the wrong side of your cage this morning? Hey, Teddy don't we have lawyers for this? Yeah.
It's okay, Clarence.
It's obvious what crap's going down here.
It is? Fill us in.
Clarence is in town to sign a six-album, $20-million deal.
You got to see your Miss Wood wants a little piece.
So it's extortion, not rape? Like that never happened? I been in the business 10 years, the last two with Clarence.
Give me a break.
Just check her out.
You know, my cousin used to play bass in a band.
Biggest joint they ever booked was Louie's on Varick Street.
They couldn't even get a record company guy to look at them.
So now he's pumping gas? Booze.
But I got to tell you, something about rock 'n' roll The chicks that used to line up at his dressing room door was unbelievable.
Yeah, but Julia's not like the ones we saw hanging with the band.
Just 'cause she wears pleated skirts doesn't mean she listens to Barry Manilow.
You know, most rape victims they run home, grab a shower, call a close friend.
Julia heads straight for a bar.
Where the bartender said she had a couple on the rocks.
I wonder how many she had to warm up with? Julia, Marti, and I had an English exam in the morning and we went over to One Fifth for lunch.
You know, kind of a celebration.
Yeah? Did you talk the bartender into giving you a couple of bloody marys? We had cobb salads and club soda.
C- Square was there with his entourage.
And what? He hit on Julia in the restaurant? It wasn't obnoxious or anything.
We were at a table for four and he kind of invited himself to join us.
I hate to admit it, but it was kind of a kick.
You know, the whole restaurant staring at us.
Julia mentioned something about tickets.
They were for her brother.
He's into heavy metal.
So she was expecting C - Square to drop by with two in the front row? No.
He said he'd send them over.
We were in our room studying, around midnight and C shows up, looking for Julia.
He said that the tickets were down in the car.
Julia went down with him.
And a couple of minutes later, she called us from his car phone said they were going out dancing.
Julia usually go out dancing after midnight? He's C-Square.
The people in the room next to his were either very sound sleepers or Julia isn't a screamer, 'cause nobody heard anything.
French silk.
Button torn off.
Sounds like he was a little eager.
You know, I'm trying awfully hard to be politically correct but I've been eager myself.
It's no crime.
If you don't take no for an answer, it is.
Unless it was "no" after the fact.
If Ann-Margret had asked me to go dancing when I was standing at the altar I would have turned to the preacher and said, "I don't.
" Fame makes people do stupid things.
Okay, so Julia's star-struck.
Why does she call foul after the fact? Money.
Probably in that order.
You guys both single? Three times.
Hey, how about this? Julia's supposedly studying when C-Square shows up.
Now, what co-ed bones up on calculus in a $100 blouse? Yeah.
Maybe she was expecting somebody.
Do you think it's possible that someone in the lobby saw them on their way up to his suite? C- Square checks in, we put on extra security.
Girls come out of the shag in the carpet.
What about this girl? Yeah, sure.
She was with him last night.
They look pretty friendly? He had his arm around her.
And how accommodating was the girl? Like a cat after five courses of canary.
Happy she made the short list.
So it's the same routine every night, different girl.
Actually, he's had a regular.
A tall blond with him every other night this week.
You got a name for the blond? We don't keep track of our guests' guests.
Let me explain something.
This girl in the picture here had a couple of belts in the bar.
She's only 19.
He could sue me for this.
He called the same four numbers every day.
I got a feeling one of them's a blond.
Whenever he's in town, we have drinks, dinner.
What of it? We were just wondering, did he kiss you on the cheek at the doorstep after dessert? What's this about? We found out that you spent six of the last seven nights at his apartment.
Then I'm sure you know exactly where it was that he kissed me.
And exactly what of mine you can kiss.
You guys don't look like Vice.
Look like them? We don't even know their phone number.
Teddy Wayne, C-Square's manager, always puts me together with the top people.
You might call me an entertainer's entertainer.
So if he buys off the rack, you mean, he never really knows what he's getting.
Guys in C-Square's stratosphere, they're sitting ducks for people with bad intentions and/or bad infections.
Teddy looks out for him.
I'm well compensated for a week's work and everybody gets a good night's sleep.
Yeah, all right.
You got paid for a week, but what happened to last night? C- Square was supposed to pick me up at 5:00.
says he made other plans.
So I did the same.
Tall drink of water.
Made me break a sweat.
I wonder if she takes charge cards.
Here we go.
Listen, if you had a sure thing you gonna cancel unless you had someone waiting in the wings? You mean Julia? Not my type.
I like them a little dirty.
Well, maybe C-Square likes the smell of soap.
What do you say we ask her over to our place? I was trying to do something nice for my brother.
He's into heavy metal.
I thought if I could get him tickets to the Garden- So you go up to this guy's hotel room? In my grandmother's day it was etchings.
You think I'm lying? Guy's a star.
Who knows? A lot of girls might consider you lucky.
You think I would've gone up there if I knew what he was gonna do? So you went up there with no expectations.
He's good-looking, he's famous, rich.
You weren't thinking, "Maybe I'll see what it's like, just this once.
" Why does it matter what I thought? He wouldn't let me leave.
He grabbed me.
He stuck his tongue down my throat.
You try to push him away? Do I have to do this? He didn't commit a Class A felony with his tongue, Julia.
You made a serious charge here.
This is part of the drill.
I went into the bathroom.
When I came out he was naked.
He threw me down on the bed, pulled up my skirt, tore my underwear off You know what happens.
You're helpless.
You just shut your eyes and want it to be over.
Julia, I'm gonna get a cup of coffee.
You need anything? Okay, give her a lift home.
We dropping it? No.
What? Did she slip you a note in code? "Shut your eyes and want it to be over"? That girl was raped.
We're giving her facts.
She's giving us feminine intuition.
At this rate, the precinct's budget's gonna go swirling down the toilet.
Since when are you so fiscally responsible? Come on, a detective with brains wouldn't pull this crap.
Maybe the lady lieutenant's got a take on this that we don't have.
I mean, what the hell do we know about what goes on in a girl's mind when some guy's groping her? You're forgetting, his other girlfriend said he was a pussycat.
Yeah, but she's on the payroll.
We need somebody who isn't.
How about a Mrs.
C-Square? I hate to think of the stories my exes would tell.
Remember Different Colors? Clarence wrote that one for me.
I guess those were better times.
What changes? That boy still likes his reruns, though.
He comes into town and it's the same old story.
"Sharon, won't you please come home.
" And what? You turn him down? Well, that depends.
I mean, I've been going with this guy since I was 17.
Married him two years later.
Got so, I don't know, I kind of like it.
So what happened? You got tired of life on the cover of Rolling Stone? Clarence has got one large sexual appetite.
Any reruns this trip? Andy, sweetie, why don't you go inside for a little bit.
Okay? Two nights ago, he comes over, and he lays it on thick, like molasses.
Dinner, flowers, you name it.
Andy gets me up at 6:00.
It's after midnight.
Maid's on vacation.
How's Clarence take rejection? About the way Andy takes it when I tell her she can't have her rocky road.
Problem for Clarence, I scream a lot louder than Andy.
Well, it looks like C - Square's sure thing wasn't Julia.
He's in heat, his ex turns him down, he's already canceled his other date.
Oh, well, that scenario happens to me a couple of times a week.
So it's too late to pick up the local virgin down at the soda shop.
He remembers Julia, finds her address And he and his hormones head downtown in the limo? Yeah, but Julia said C - Square was gonna give her money for a cab.
Why do you take a cab when you've got a limo? I'm on 24 per.
Some nights I sit downstairs, read the paper.
How about last night? All right, so maybe I caught a couple of z's.
That against the law? How do you know C-Square wasn't looking for you? Between me, you, and the coffee pot, all right? My man's in for the night.
So I figure, what the hell, I'm not tired.
Plenty of time to pick up some fares.
That's a no-no around here.
How did you know he was in for the night? He told me.
Said to come by around noon for breakfast.
He told us he wanted to go dancing.
If you send your limo home, you ain't going dancing.
Do I have to tell you We went up to my room, the girl jumped me.
Okay? All right.
Tell me this.
If Julia jumped you how come she was wearing all her clothes and you were buck naked? Hey, whatever floats her boat.
You know, I don't think that's very funny.
I got a strong feeling that the only way you get any is to take it.
You better be careful, man.
You go too long, juices back up, it makes you bonzo.
Well, tell me this, Clarence, where were you planning on going dancing? The girl said she wanted to go to The Palladium.
Well, what magic carpet was gonna fly you there? See, that club's way downtown and we know you told your limo driver to pack it in.
You want 100 names? 1,000? Look, if this Julia chick doesn't want it, I pick up the phone and presto.
I don't spend a night by myself, okay? And there's no way I have to rape anyone.
Well, unless she was a nice, squeaky-clean, preppy girl.
And there was Julia, right in your bedroom.
That's right.
Tight young bod, pleated skirt.
Hey, should have been there, man.
What's the problem? The problem is, she told you to hit the brakes.
You still don't get it, do you, man? I'm C-Square.
This piece of cheese thinks the world owes him something.
Yeah, a lot of women would agree.
I mean, he says his black book's into quadruple digits.
If any of these women told him to stop do you think he's the kind of guy who'd listen? I think he's been standing too close to his speakers for too long.
These rock 'n' rollers are a traveling menagerie.
You try talking to any of them? Hey, you're on the gravy train, you don't shoot the conductor.
What's the manager's name? Teddy Wayne.
He said he took over C - Square's career two years ago.
Right? The guy's been on the charts for what, five years? Maybe the guy who had the privilege of managing C - Square before Wayne might feel like he got raped.
Ungrateful bastard.
He'd still be bussing tables here if it wasn't for me.
A lot of guys forget the people they met on the way up the ladder.
I'm not talking about birthday cards, Detective.
I got him his first record deal.
I had him signed to a 10-year contract to manage him.
And what happened? Teddy Wayne's what happened.
Tells Clarence I'm screwing up his career.
be in my money market and for that I'd have looked out for him.
You think this girl's on the up-and-up? We're looking for confirmation.
It was about six months after Clarence left me, he comes in here.
He's in trouble, see, so he comes back to me.
Some girl in Passaic accused him of some very nasty things.
He's scared.
He sees the whole thing slipping away.
I remember her name.
No relation.
Got to the stadium at 4:00 a.
on a Monday slept on the sidewalk till Wednesday to get tickets.
I was 18.
I was crazy.
I hope you got good seats.
Eighth row.
Right after the first break, one of the roadies slips me a note.
C - Square wants to buy me dinner after the show.
That's an offer you couldn't refuse, right? Refuse? I was in heaven.
Let me guess, C-Square had a nice, full refrigerator back at his hotel suite.
We ordered pizzas.
Just the two of you? I thought we were gonna eat.
He was all over me.
He got rough.
I kept saying, "Hey, stop.
I don't want to.
" It didn't make a difference.
That's called rape, Tina.
I talked to the D.
He said I could prosecute if I wanted to but You know.
No, no, we don't know.
Did you take the D.
's advice? Maybe I did lead him on.
Anyway, I got the money.
Money, how? C- Square's manager gave me $10,000.
Said he was sorry for the misunderstanding.
There's at least one other victim out there.
It happened the same way as with Julia.
Girl goes up to his room willingly and he's only got one thing on his mind.
It shows predisposition.
Which isn't admissible in court.
Well, how many rapists you know are gonna rent out Shea Stadium? We're not gonna find any witnesses.
It's not so much that I believe her as I don't believe him.
Call it my male intuition.
Pick him up.
Clarence Carmichael.
Okay, you got me.
I shot the sheriff.
But the deputy, I swear, that was some other dude.
I just love rock 'n' roll.
Clarence Carmichael, you're under arrest for the rape of Julia Wood.
You have the right to remain silent.
You have the right to kiss my ass- Just keep quiet, Clarence.
This is harassment.
False arrest.
You'll hear from our lawyers.
Oh, no.
Not the lawyers.
I'm scared.
You scared, Mike? I'm shaking in my blue suede shoes.
Bye, honey.
"Docket number 679073.
"People versus Clarence Carmichael.
Charge is rape in the first degree.
" Nice place you got here, Judge.
How do you plead? Not guilty.
Not guilty.
What do the People have to say? People request bail of $250,000.
Diamond? That's fine, Your Honor.
There's no business like show business.
See you later.
See you later.
Diamond? Claire Kincaid.
Yes, Ms.
This side of the table's a long way from the doctrine you presented in your Harvard lectures.
Not when your side confuses feminism with destroying a man's life for money and publicity.
It's time we turned in our passivity and took more responsibility for our lives.
That's the feminism I lecture about now.
She's one of the top defense lawyers in the city.
A judicial conference this early in the case doesn't make sense.
No papers.
She probably just wants to go over the parameters of discovery.
Adele Diamond? I wish life were that simple.
Recuse myself? I put on my robes, I leave my politics behind.
In five years no one's ever even hinted that I've been biased.
This is ridiculous, Adele.
Half the people sitting on the bench are former A.
's and most of them have prosecuted rapes.
Is everybody through? And it isn't your politics I object to, Your Honor.
It's your genealogy.
This better be good, Counselor.
Specifically, one Gary Bergman.
I believe he's your nephew.
My husband's sister's oldest.
I haven't seen him since his bar mitzvah.
He's also a limited partner in a restaurant in L.
called The Amp.
We're talking about a rape trial 3,000 miles away.
What influence could that possibly have? If you'll let me finish, Miss Kincaid.
Claire Kincaid.
The Amp has been losing money hand over fist and the limited partners have filed suit against the general partner.
Let me guess.
The general partner is your client.
Clarence is scared that you'll hold it against him and I can hardly say I blame him.
No, Adele, you're scared of having a woman hear this case.
Nonsense, Ben.
This connection is so tenuous, Your Honor no bar committee in the world could fault you for continuing.
Unfortunately, it's the appearance of impropriety I must deal with.
Your motion is granted, Counselor.
I'm off the case.
My clerk will draw up the papers after lunch.
I thought they had laws intended to shield us.
Someone tipped off the tabloids.
They prefer to publish today, worry about the consequences tomorrow.
Wood and Julia.
How do you do? Ms.
Please be seated.
Julia and I have been over it.
Backwards and forwards, and there is only one conclusion.
To pursue this matter any further is not in my daughter's best interest.
Wood, I can't put myself in your position.
But I can sympathize.
A rape trial can be very painful.
But balancing the bad and the good- Good? Reporters are already camping on my front lawn.
They're going through my garbage.
I can't live like that.
Your daughter was the victim of a Class A felony, Mr.
Not you.
This will become the central fact of her life for much too long.
Wood I will do everything in my power to protect your privacy in the future.
I'm sorry.
I just can't do it.
It was the father's decision, Adam.
I doubt if the daughter was even consulted.
Yeah, well, it's for the best.
You'll have a hell of a time explaining what that girl was doing in his room after midnight.
But does the 70-year-old mugging victim have to explain why he was riding alone on a subway at night? Well, it'd make our job easier.
Of course it would.
We wouldn't have any more victims.
I don't want regret prosecuted as rape.
She told him to stop, Adam.
I tell my grandson: "Your mother doesn't want you eating any candy.
" And then I leave him alone in a room with a jar full of M&Ms.
Julia Wood is not a piece of candy, Adam.
To Clarence Carmichael she is.
And that's why we should pursue it.
Yes, come in.
You'd better read this.
"Julia Wood, the co-ed claiming to have been raped by rocker C-Square "reportedly told her roommates earlier that day "that it was a crime how much money the singer earned "and that his ex-wife deserved all the millions she received in the divorce.
" Well, that's just great.
We can forget about a deal.
Between her father and the media, no wonder she's running for cover.
All I want to know is was she, in fact, raped? And if she was? Well, I'll get her into court.
I think you might scare her.
You're probably right.
You talk to her.
I just want to be left alone.
Why can't anyone understand that? You mean, you never thought about his money? My father dragged me to a lawyer's office.
You hired an attorney? I talked to him.
I never hired him.
I was raped.
Do you actually think that any amount of money will make that go away? You must have read what your roommate told the newspapers.
You know the impression that gives.
Of course I read it.
That reporter put words in her mouth.
It made me feel like a whore.
You can't tell me you've never been there.
Some guy has his hand in your And he won't stop.
What's the use? You don't even believe me.
I do believe you.
That's the problem.
You know, Julia, if you don't pursue this, he wins.
And you'll always feel like a whore.
I examined Ms.
Wood within two hours of the alleged rape.
What were the results of your examination? I found semen.
There were hematomas on her upper arms and shoulders.
Vaginal bruising.
And based on this examination, what conclusion did you reach? The physical evidence and her psychological demeanor during the several hours following her admission are consistent with rape.
Thank you.
"Her psychological demeanor.
" I see.
The patient was in shock, was she? No.
She was screaming hysterically? No.
I don't understand, Doctor.
What psychological demeanor are you referring to? She was depressed, listless, uncommunicative.
Let's put Ms.
Wood's psychological demeanor aside for a moment.
Judging from the physical evidence alone could you say beyond any reasonable doubt that she was raped as opposed to engaging in enthusiastic intercourse? No.
As soon as we got to his suite, his whole attitude changed.
Julia, could you speak a little louder, please? He became, I don't know, crude.
Like I was just there to be used.
It turned me off.
So what did you do? I said it was late and I was going home but he grabbed me and said I wasn't going anywhere.
He started groping at my blouse.
He ripped a button.
I asked him to stop.
And did he listen? He laughed.
I pulled away and went into the bathroom and locked the door.
I was shaking.
I don't know, maybe 10 minutes later, it was quiet.
So I thought maybe he'd left or passed out.
So you came out into the bedroom? He was naked.
He was mad because I still had my clothes on.
He threw me down on the bed.
Did you say anything when he did that? I said, "No.
" Continue, please.
He forced my legs open.
He was so strong.
Then he was inside me.
Thank you, Julia.
When he grabbed you and tried to unbutton your blouse, did you scream? No.
Did you call for help? I thought he would hurt me.
I was scared.
But you had enough presence of mind to go into the bathroom.
I just wanted him to leave me alone.
Tell me, Julia, why didn't you pick up the telephone on the wall next to the toilet and call for help? I didn't think.
I don't know.
Isn't it true, Julia, that you got a thrill out of being with a famous rock star? Yes.
Enough to fantasize about sleeping with him? What I thought doesn't make a difference.
I begged him to stop and he didn't.
Very dramatic, Julia.
Tell me, has anyone from the media approached you about selling your rights to this story? Yes, but I won't talk to them.
Have you been in touch with any lawyers or agents who told you how much you might make as a result of these allegations? No.
No further questions.
She perjured herself.
Lied about talking to a lawyer.
If you were sufficiently informed to recognize the girl's perjury why weren't you sufficiently prepared to prevent it? I just found out myself.
Julia told me about it before the trial.
You didn't think you ought to tell somebody? She told me that her father brought her to the lawyer's office.
She swore that she didn't retain him.
I didn't think it was relevant to whether or not she was raped.
I still don't.
Did you notify Diamond? She's already planning her acquittal party.
We can't afford these mistakes.
I'm very sorry.
I'm sure you are.
We came forward as soon as we learned about the perjury.
There is no ethical violation.
Don't you think we can rationalize Julia's lie to the jury? Ms.
Kincaid my immediate concern is something altogether different from that.
Specifically, being able to trust the people that I work with.
You have the right to be angry.
I made a mistake and I'm ready to take the heat for it.
But I resent the implication that I breached your trust.
I'm not interested in what you resent, Ms.
I think it would be wise if you requested a change of assignment immediately after Mr.
Carmichael is acquitted.
Wood, yesterday I asked you if you had the occasion to speak with a lawyer about any commercial aspects of this case.
Do you remember that? Yes.
And how did you answer the question? I said I didn't.
I see.
Was that the truth? No.
So you lied to this court, is that correct? All I did was speak to a lawyer.
It doesn't mean I wasn't raped.
I see.
And is that the story you'd like to stick with? Maybe this will help you decide.
Do you recognize this? Ms.
It's a retainer agreement with a lawyer.
And whose signature is that at the bottom? It's mine.
Newspapers, television, they wouldn't leave us alone.
My father thought we needed someone to protect us.
To deal with the reporters.
Books, movies of the week and the mother of all jackpots a civil suit after you already have a conviction in your pocket.
It's better than the lottery, isn't it, Julia? Why are you doing this to me? It's not me, Julia.
You sold yourself for a wink and a prayer.
Redirect, Mr.
Stone? No, Your Honor.
They're always all over me after concerts.
I can't even walk down the street.
She was no different.
In what way is she like the others, Clarence? I talked to her for maybe five minutes.
She came up to my room.
When did she say she didn't want sex? She didn't.
She didn't say anything when I started with her blouse.
Is this the shirt she was wearing? Yeah.
And was it buttoned clear up to the top button? No, it was only closed up to this one, the one that came off.
The third one from the top.
Look, I'm telling you, she wanted me.
I know what happened in that room.
There's no way I raped her.
C-Square did Julia Wood ever tell you that she wanted to have sex? She was definitely putting out a scent, yeah.
By coming to your room? That's right.
So that any woman coming into your room is implicitly consenting to sex? They don't come for the view, that's for sure.
Look, any time of the week, I go to a club and I come home with any lady I want.
And do you make love to all of them? That's what I do.
Do you recognize this? Sure, it's the words to one of my songs.
Objection, it's irrelevant.
It goes to state of mind, Your Honor.
Then it's overly prejudicial and inflammatory.
The witness has sold millions of albums, Ms.
How prejudicial can it be? All right, you can proceed, Mr.
I'd like the court clerk to read the highlighted portion.
"One more time, on the kitchen floor.
Your tank's on empty but I want more.
"I get what I want, it's a one-way trip.
You ain't my lady, you my bitch.
" That's all, your honor.
A man and a woman, both young, both attractive retire to a hotel room after midnight.
Throw in the fact that the man is a famous musician talented and wealthy beyond anyone's dreams.
And what do you think is going to happen in that room? Now, Ms.
Wood admitted that she had a little bit of sex on the brain.
She went up to Mr.
Carmichael's room.
She unbuttoned her blouse and showed a bit of cleavage.
What was he supposed to think? Well, exactly what you must be thinking that she wanted it as much, if not more, than he did.
Now, we all want to believe a woman when she says she said no.
But how can we believe her after she lied intentionally in this courtroom, under oath.
She says she lied because she was scared.
But the evidence shows that she lied because she wanted to take advantage of my client's wealth and fame and didn't want you to know about it.
Wood may have said no.
Unfortunately, she said it a day too late, and that doesn't count.
Julia Wood willingly joined Mr.
C-Square in his limo.
And, yes, she willingly went up to his hotel room.
And, yes, she even thought of having sex with him.
But to give her the benefit of the doubt Mr.
Clarence "C-Square" Carmichael is rich and to some people in this courtroom, he's attractive.
And, of course, he's world-famous.
But Julia Wood did not ask to be thrown down on the bed.
She did not ask to have her legs pried open.
She did not ask to be pinned down and forcibly penetrated.
Julia Wood said no.
And whatever expectations she had going up to that hotel suite once she got there, she changed her mind.
And that's her right.
But in Mr.
C-Square's world a woman's rights are of no consequence.
Sex is an entitlement of his stardom.
Julia Wood ain't a lady.
She a bitch, an amusement.
To be held prisoner and used until he decides that he's through with her.
In our country, one of the fundamental rights is the right of any of us to say no.
We do it in our religion.
We do it in our politics.
And in our workplace.
And in our world, when a woman says no and a man ignores her that's rape in the first degree.
Have you reached a verdict? We have, Your Honor.
On the sole count of the indictment rape in the first degree, how do you find? We find the defendant, Clarence Carmichael, guilty.
I'm preparing a calendar of pending cases.
I'll forward it to your secretary.
For all the problems we had, I do want to thank you for a learning experience.
These working relationships they can be very difficult.
I remember one assistant he stapled an internal memo to a document that he then sent to defendant's counsel and that case was lost.
I thought it was a career-ender but they They gave me another chance.
So, see you in the morning?