Law & Order (1990) s06e23 Episode Script


In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups, the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
Heard you did okay last night.
Meatloaf and mash.
A couple of Dr Peppers.
I would've gone with a pizza, sausage and pepper.
Maybe I should start over.
I bet you get a real kick out of that.
Now's not a good time to go crybaby, Mickey.
Yeah, right.
In your dreams.
You sure about the priest? I'm sure.
How about the curtain? What about it? It's your choice, Mr.
Open or closed? What would you like? Closed.
Then open the sucker up.
Like a damn fish in a barrel.
Want to say anything? Do it.
Tell you what.
They should ban cars in Manhattan.
What, no pithy response? You leave me speechless.
Nobody forced you to watch it.
I can't imagine what it must be like, staring at a clock, knowing the exact moment.
Adele Saunders thought she was going to work.
She ended up dead.
Your pity's misplaced.
I'm tired of arguing, Jack.
You know, I'm not feeling too well.
Must be the flu.
The flu.
Want to take the day? No, I've got Silverman.
I'll cover.
What? You sure? Okay, fine.
I'll drop you off at the office.
No problem.
And you've got Schwinger.
She'll wait.
I'll take a cab.
Maybe you'll feel better.
I'll call you later.
Hell of a way to spend your day off.
He just twitched.
Closed his eyes, case closed.
What did you expect, a dozen archangels strumming their harps? Well, Mickey Scott's gonna have nothing to do with angels.
Who knows? Maybe somebody somewhere will learn something from this.
Yeah, the 30 friends and neighbors that cheered when he ripped off Adele Saunders' skirt.
You wanna get some Chinese, Rey? I guess executions make me hungry.
Actually, I've got some files I've gotta finish up.
Hey, watch out, Lieutenant.
This kid's gunning for your job.
Yeah, well, it doesn't get him any overtime.
So where you boys going, to Disneyland? Knock it off, Profaci.
What's up with him? He lost the lotto.
Takes it personal.
Beginning of a new era, huh, Rey? We're just lucky that Scott kept his lawyers out of it.
So, what's it like, man? What? Does the guy turn green? Does he lose control of his bodily functions or what? That would be cruel and unusual.
For the poor SOB who had to clean it up.
Man two? Three-to-nine? Man one.
Is that the best you can do? A bird in the hand, David.
My mistake.
I forgot how easy this job is when I don't have any choices.
Marissa and Kevin Mandalay.
Nothing to talk about.
Man one all around.
Come on, Jack.
Marissa's an honors student, a member of the math club.
Who likes to hold up bodegas.
That was Kevin.
Marissa just thought they were going in for Ding Dongs.
With an Uzi? She's a good kid, Jack.
Give her aiding and abetting.
Kevin, he goes the distance.
You don't like to lose, do you? When's Claire coming back? The flu? Who knows? Hey, nice pace.
What is it, a 10-minute mile? I don't keep track.
Feels pretty good.
Maybe nine and a half.
You going the whole loop? If I'm still alive after heartbreak.
Mind if I use you as a rabbit? Hey, be my guest.
So, are you an actress or a student? Excuse me? Hey, you're running in the middle of the day.
You look too smart to be unemployed.
I'm an attorney.
A lawyer.
Lucky you.
Chauffeured around town in limos, fancy lunches.
Some life.
So what if everyone hates you? Tell them to go to hell, that's what I'd say.
You know, it's so funny, I thought about going to law school once, but then I figured three years, life's too short, you know what I mean? Lesbo.
So me and Lennie are still in uniform.
What was this, about the turn of the century? Yeah.
Give or take.
Yeah, we see this skell, he's got hair down to here, he hasn't showered in about two months.
Sounds like my son-in-law.
There was this string of vending-machine robberies in the neighborhood, and we knew this guy who was hanging around but he wasn't there to do laps.
So, anyway, we cuff him, we take him down to night court.
Now, he pleads not guilty on the vending machine thing.
And we don't really have anything on him except loitering.
Until the banana's wife shows up to post his $600 bail.
In quarters.
Thousands of quarters.
Okay, gentlemen, it's time to see a little green here.
All right, I pledge $10.
Ricky says yours is on the house, Lennie.
Hey, after this morning, the world's a better place, huh? A club soda on the house? Your boss is a real philanthropist.
Another 2 cents plain for me.
And the rest is for you, sweetheart.
By the way, I get off at 5:00, handsome.
Six months, I've been asking her out, bubkes.
You didn't kill a rapist-murderer.
To Detective Briscoe.
Hey, hey, hey, cut it out.
Lennie's just pissed off 'cause he didn't get to shoot the SOB himself.
Yeah, right.
Name? Manny Rose.
Real name.
Shouldn't you be a dentist or something? Shouldn't you kiss my ass? What are you looking at? DOB? What's that? When's your birthday? October 8th.
What year? Every year.
Don't you guys need some kind of IQ test or something to be a cop? Profaci.
I'll take him.
You got him.
Come on, we're going for a walk.
Easy, dude.
That's Detective Dude.
Yeah, well, nice threads for a cop.
I get it.
You're on the under-the-table plan.
You gonna shut your face, or what? It sounds like I hit a sore spot.
What is it? Kickbacks from dealers? Hookers? What? Hey, man, that hurts! I told you to shut up.
Hey, it's not my problem you got extra-curricular activities.
So, Officer Krupke, what's it gonna cost to get my butt out of here? You sure you wanna keep spouting off like that? I tell you to shut up, you shut up, or I'm gonna rip that tongue out of your throat.
Detective! You gonna shut up? Shut up! What you talking about? You wanna keep talking? Hey, Rey! Take it easy! The dude is wacko! He's in for using a slug in the subway.
Shut up! Today's your day off, Detective Curtis.
Take it.
I'm sorry.
Claire's out with the flu.
I had this brief.
Adam No problem.
I keep myself good company.
Nice place.
You're paying.
What's good? The pasta if you're PC, the veal if you're not.
I trust you reviewed the Newman file.
Sure, but can't it wait till coffee? Maybe you don't know me all that well, Liz.
Outside of work, I really don't have much to say about anything.
Somehow I don't believe that.
What is it, people like you? You bury yourself in your work.
I wonder, is it because you're hiding from your emotions, or you have no emotions to hide from? I wouldn't know.
I work because I love it.
All the time? Sure.
It never gets to you? I mean, basically you're paid to make someone's life miserable.
Yes, and the better I get at my job, the more miserable I make them.
What is this about? Scotch, rocks.
Sometimes you have to take a beat, Jack.
Adam called you, didn't he? You saw a man die this morning.
You were instrumental in the process.
I won a case.
Justice was served.
I'm a happy man.
Now, can we change the subject? Veal.
Very rare.
You reading that? Oh, no.
Help yourself.
Can you believe Dole? He's older than my grandfather.
I love him.
You're kidding.
He guarantees four more years of Clinton.
You've gotta be an endangered species, a Democrat on Wall Street.
What makes you think I'm Wall Street? Look in the mirror, sweetie.
You're pretty smart for, what, a sophomore? Excuse me.
Grad student.
I'm sorry.
Actually, I'm just jealous.
I used to love school.
Cramming for finals.
Forty-eight hours without sleep.
Lunatic professors preaching about God knows what.
Best time of my life.
What happened? Bond market go to hell today? Something like that.
Tell you what I'm gonna do, Wall Street.
I'm gonna let you take me to lunch.
One time offer.
Going, going Sure.
You like Italian.
You're nuts, Lennie.
Loch Ness is up for the race of his life.
That's not what I'm reading here.
He ran second last week in Florida.
On three weeks rest.
I'm telling you, I got inside info on this one.
Do I arrest you now, or after you lose? Listen to him.
Fat Frankie over at Chelsea's says if you get 5-to-1 or better, he's a lock.
The board says 3-to-1.
Loch Ness, huh? Sneaky Pete in the fourth at Aqueduct.
What are you, a masochist? The horse is 20-to-1.
Story of my life.
"Between scotch and nothing, I'll take scotch.
" Somebody said that once.
Somebody with brains.
Somebody with an inadequate bar.
It's a bitch, huh? What is? The boss, the wife, the kids, whatever.
I'll stick with the whatever.
You some kind of smart-ass? No.
Are you? Mike.
Haven't seen you here before.
My oversight.
And you're absolutely right about it being a bitch.
Tell me about it.
I work construction for 30 years, pay two mortgages in Queens, three kids in school, one with a mouth full of new teeth.
You tell me, how come this Duchess of York broad can't make ends meet? It's un-American.
And the little kid, he's gonna grow up to be king.
What the hell is that? Get a job.
Damn straight, mister.
My old man, he laid carpet for 50 years.
Died with a hammer in his hand and a nail between his teeth.
Never had a vacation.
Not even Sundays.
till 8:00 at night.
My old man, he walked a beat for 35 years.
A cop? Yeah.
No crap.
Noblest profession in the world.
To cops.
To working your butt off.
Yeah! See what I mean? Don't mess with Fat Frankie.
What's he got in the sixth? So we can share a cell, the three of us together? Hey, a guy's gotta pay the rent, no? Okay, Tippy Top, if she's up 5-to-2.
Make it Tippy Top, for a C-note.
Figured, you know, what the hell? She wants you, Lennie.
She's my kid, dipstick.
So you're still a nut for tuna fish, huh? Yeah.
Only no one makes it like you, with the chopped-up pickles.
Did you get that Father's Day card I sent you? Right.
It's on the hall mirror.
I thought I called to thank you.
You know, you look great, sweetheart.
So you actually watched it? Yeah, well, we figured we should, you know.
I can't get that girl out of my head.
I mean, it was just a fender-bender, right? She just happened to dent the wrong Camaro.
So how'd you know where to find me, anyway? I called the station, they told me it was your day off, so I figured, "Hey, some of my best memories are picking up your winnings at OTB.
" I was a hell of a daddy.
You were fine.
When I could stand up.
At work, I beat the doctors' butts at poker.
Straight draw? It's the only way.
Yeah, 'cause that wild-card crap, that's It's for fraternity boys and blue haired ladies.
I know.
I guess I did a couple of things right, after all, huh? Your mom okay? Yeah.
Cath, you gotta know, it's driving me crazy trying to figure out why you're here.
I saw you on the tube.
It's no big deal.
I shouldn't have eaten that calamari.
Hot sauce'll put hair on your chest.
Do you like Xscape? Yeah.
They're pretty good.
Now, Oasis, that's the ticket.
They're all right.
Not that you need hair on your chest.
I'm in the mood for retro.
What? Like Big Brother? You're kidding.
My favorite.
Take another little piece of my heart, now, baby Damn, Rey, you're just a bundle of surprises.
Well, you know, I wanted to be The Boss, but I wasn't from Jersey, and I couldn't carry a tune.
Still cute.
And married.
So? Come on, you're gonna help me find something really special.
He left about Of course, of course.
No problem.
You, too.
Profaci, did Curtis say where he was going before he stormed out of here? He wasn't exactly in a sharing mood.
Well, if he calls in, his wife's looking for him.
Why don't you call him on that damn cell phone he carries? She tried.
He's not answering.
So, did he ever kill anybody? Thirty-five years, what do you think? Scags deserved it.
A lot of people South Side of Chicago deserved it.
Double or nothing.
It's my game.
You tapped out, remember? That's why I'm gonna kick his butt this time.
Maybe later, I'm getting thirsty.
On me.
All right, 5-to-2, you've been in a joint like this before.
Well, we had a board in the basement.
I was probably three when he first put a dart in my hand.
He'd pick He had these big, thick hands.
I sat in his hands like they were a chair and tossed darts till I fell asleep.
My old man didn't do squat for me.
When I was about eight, he took me down to his pub.
He put a sawbuck on the son and heir.
You know, sonny against anyone in the room.
And you whipped their butts.
Three in the men's room door.
Eight years old, what do you want? I spent the next three weeks in the basement.
I haven't lost since.
In my family, losing was not an option.
How is it possible that the Eidler case upheld the statute, while the Bannon case had the exact opposite holding? Miss Stadler? In Eidler, the plaintiff sued as a class.
So hundreds of people were ripped off.
Guess again, Miss Stadler.
In Bannon, the defense never raised the res judicata issue.
Take out your casebook.
Look at the first page on Eidler, Miss Stadler, and tell me why the holding is exactly the opposite to that in Bannon.
The answer is not on my forehead, Miss Stadler, look at the damn book.
I'm sorry, I don't know what you're looking for.
Because Bannon was written by Rehnquist.
People, the law is written by human beings, some with less gray matter than others.
Remember that.
Here for a refresher? Some things never change.
You pulled that Rehnquist thing on me.
And you never read a case the same way after that.
I never dared to.
Proving, once again, that fear is an excellent motivator.
I still don't think that's what Socrates had in mind.
That's exactly what he had in mind.
Well, he never had to set foot in a courtroom.
But if he did He'd be totally unprepared.
Look what goes on here, Mac.
The school teaches contracts without ever showing a contract to the students.
Civil procedure, nobody ever shows us a complaint or an answer.
That's because it's a law school, not a lawyer school.
Always a snappy answer at the ready.
The bottom line is we walk out of here, we have no idea what we're walking into.
You walk out of here, you have a mind that actually functions.
I'm just saying that there's a lot more to this profession than reading law review articles.
You don't like trial work, you can always write wills or do house closings.
Or teach.
It's a juggling act.
Pragmatism and idealism and cynicism.
I'm thinking about quitting.
Another disillusioned member of the bar.
Take a ticket, Claire.
There's a hell of a line ahead of you.
You didn't get married, did you? You kidding? Why? You've been living with that guy, what, four years? His name's Martin.
Yeah, well, it's about time Martin grew up.
He asked me plenty of times.
You mean Why would I want to get married? Well, there's plenty of reasons.
I mean, kids.
There you go.
Sure worked for you.
What made you stop, anyway? Drinking.
Ask me who got me started.
It's a much better story.
I just assumed it was me.
Come on.
I was seven years old when you stumbled out of my life.
What's a 7-year-old gonna think? I love you, kiddo, but do me a favor, will you? Today's really not the right day.
Stupid idea.
Me and my dad having lunch, talking like a couple of grown-ups.
Well, that's been at the top of my wish list, too.
You know, you could call sometime.
I have a phone.
Yeah, right.
"Hiya, kid, I arrested a couple of mooks today.
"Sorry I ruined your life.
What're you doing for dinner?" Okay.
You win.
Look, it's just I see dead people all the time, only they're already dead when I show up.
See, then it's my job to go find the bastard who did it.
Now, this morning, I watched a guy get killed, and I wasn't supposed to do anything about it.
I don't know, I guess I'm better when they're already dead.
I was up at Attica today, Mac.
That was damn stupid.
I was part of it.
I had an obligation.
And you want me to say that it's all right? No, of course not.
Well, it is.
You're surprised? I guess not all your lectures stayed the same.
The law must be stable, but should never stand still.
It's not an absolute.
It's not like physics.
But state-sanctioned killing? Is the penicillin of the '90s.
You should have been an ad man, Mac.
I am.
What do you think the law is, anyway? A way of bringing order to the chaos.
It's society's way of slapping itself on the back.
"Look what a great job we're doing.
Look how civilized we've become.
" There has to be some exactitude, Mac.
Taking a life is wrong, period.
Well, you can fool yourself, but you can't fool me.
You didn't go up there out of obligation.
You went up there to show off your sense of moral superiority.
It's not superiority.
It's conviction! And what happened this morning is gonna stick with me for the rest of my life! And since when is conviction a character flaw? When it turns into self-congratulatory depression.
You can quit the profession, Claire.
You just can't quit the human race.
Thanks, Mac.
Yes? You know, your mother would like you to come by one of these days for dinner.
So, you on the job, too, or what? Nothing I would have liked more.
What's the problem? Couldn't pass the physical? You want to step outside? Cop was good enough for my old man, but it wasn't good enough for his first-born.
So, when are you running for president? Don't kid yourself.
If he was still around Boy, I wanted to wear the blues, walk a beat, carry a gun, be the toughest guy on the block, with his big, thick hands.
But, "No," he said.
"You, Jack, you are going to law school.
" You're a shyster? Get out! Res ipsa loquitur.
You should have seen him the day I graduated.
Chest was out to here.
He hung my diploma in his den, right above his bowling trophy.
He bowled, too? He could do everything.
He was a superman.
You know what he said the day I gave him my diploma? "Jack, my boy," he said, "someday, we're gonna be judge.
" Nothing like making the old man proud.
Look at that.
I know that guy.
You know the guy on the tube? Wisest man east of the Missouri.
Barkeep, a little volume here.
Mickey Scott was declared dead at 12:22 a.
Eastern Standard Time.
The cause of death was cardiac arrest caused by lethal injection.
Yes? - Mr.
Schiff! Mr.
Schiff! Him.
What's going to happen to the body? The family has 24 hours to claim it.
If they don't, it'll be buried at state expense.
Schiff! Mr.
Schiff! Yes, there.
Schiff, isn't it true, when you were in private practice you wrote an amicus brief against the death penalty? That was 25 years ago.
And you've since changed your mind? The People changed theirs.
Thank you.
That seemed to go well.
Finnegans Wake, The Faerie Queene.
I'm impressed.
Impressive things don't impress me.
And Moby Dick? Love story.
Man meets whale, man loses whale, blah, blah, blah I never actually thought anybody read Henry James.
Bedtime reading.
Two pages, you're out like a light.
Well, maybe I missed something.
Come on, what do number-crunchers like you need Keats for anyway? You cops, you're all the same.
Peel away that thick skin, and you find a heart of brick.
Oh, now I get it.
You saw me on TV and remembered how much you hated me.
But I'm beginning to.
Somebody said, " I'd rather be a terrible warning to my children "than a good example.
" You were funnier when you were drunk.
I gotta go to work.
I'll get you a cab.
It's okay.
You know, you're right.
You are better when you find the people already dead.
Thank you.
Long day.
Actually, I'm not on the clock.
I thought maybe Lennie Day off.
The man is scarce.
Look, are you hungry? 'Cause I ordered the orange beef and the General Tao's.
This job, you'd think I'd be able to make up my mind.
Which one do you want? I'm not really hungry.
Hey, you making any headway on that Fox thing? The wheels of justice grind slowly.
Do you mind if I ask you a question? Fire away.
Why didn't you go up there today? It's not a part of my job.
Why didn't I think of that? You know, Claire, if I thought I could get some kind of divine guidance by watching them run poison through that bum's veins, I would have made the trip, but the fact that you're here tells me my decision to stay away was the right one.
That's not why I'm here.
Well, we all seek absolution in our own way.
You sure you don't want a dumpling? What I'm saying is, she was a saint.
You laughing at my old lady? What kind of person would do a thing like that? No, I was thinking, "My mom, "she was all right.
She did her best.
" She made corned beef and cabbage like nobody.
She just made too much of it.
But it was all my dad ever wanted.
You could say, "Come on, Dad, "we're going out for hundred-buck T-bones, on me.
" He'd rather stay home, watch his ball game and eat his corned beef.
Routine's good.
Find something you like, don't screw with it.
That's what he said.
And if anybody messed it up, he had these big, thick hands.
Sometimes my mother had to lock herself in the basement.
Son of a bitch hit her? Ten years.
I'm still scared of those hands.
He smoked like a chimney.
He'd lay there in that hospital room, with tubes coming out of his arms.
They pumped him full of morphine, so he wouldn't know how much he hurt.
He didn't know where he was.
This tough He just lay there.
He was breathing, and then he was gone.
I don't know why I'm talking about this.
I never talk about this.
Let's play darts.
My casa is your casa.
So, you do this all the time? Usually, I drink vodka.
You know what I mean.
You're my fourth guy today.
You gonna kiss me, or what? He was an acting justice of the peace.
You know, so the clerk calls my name, I stand up and say, "Guilty, Your Honor.
" And justice for all.
I'd better take this in private.
Seat's taken.
Buddy's on the phone.
Is this your buddy? Like brothers.
Detective Briscoe.
Out of all the gin joints in all the world, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
Is it my imagination, or are you not exactly thrilled to see me? It's just that I thought that the Constitution provided for the separation of work and play.
That's funny.
He's funny.
No work here, Detective.
This is play, pure and simple.
I'll bet you didn't think I had it in me.
Tell you the truth, I never thought about it.
Barkeep, a drink for my friend here.
Club soda with lime.
Make it a double, on me.
Sure you haven't had enough already? This is what it's all about.
A couple of drinks with a couple of guys, for a couple of hours.
I don't think he's home.
I haven't seen him all day.
You're Leonard's partner, aren't you? Yes, ma'am.
I thought so.
Saw you both on the news.
Good job.
I just thank the Lord for boys like you and Leonard.
What does that say? It says she isn't coming, whoever she is.
What makes you think Twenty-five years on the force.
At least she's Irish.
Hey, hey, you know what? Maybe I'd better take you home, huh? I don't believe there's any law against taking a cab while intoxicated.
It's been a good day, hasn't it, Detective? For who? The good guys pulled through, bottom of the ninth.
And to hell with her.
To hell with all of them.
Hey, pal, you know what club soda's good for? Cleaning the grill.
Give me a vodka, straight up.
First day here, I was so nervous.
Lennie comes in my office, and I can see on his face I am not what he expected, but he never said anything.
But he was thinking it.
So he gives me the whys and the wherefores of some case, I tell him what to do, and he does it.
Girl, I looked in the mirror and said, " Anita, you have arrived.
" And I thought it was just me.
Nah, don't let the macho fool you.
It's everyone.
You know, we make decisions that affect people's lives.
That's scary business.
The only cure, don't talk about it.
Sometimes, all the fighting, ludicrous judges, moronic lawyers Idiotic unis.
Please, don't get me started about downtown.
But the wheels keep grinding, eating up people on both sides of the aisle.
And we're still here.
Yeah, I guess we are.
You can't take all the blame, Counselor.
I'm not.
It just sticks in my throat.
Want to get a drink or something? No.
I've already kept him waiting long enough.
No way.
You were the guys? Yep, we caught him.
McCoy cooked him.
Let me buy you another.
Hey, you can buy them all night, little buddy.
Kill me twice, Jimmy.
You got kids? Try three.
I got two girls.
You must be proud.
Proud, yeah.
You know who kills me? The weather lady.
The weather lady says, "It's 65 at the airport.
" Who gives a damn? Nobody lives at the airport.
She hates my guts.
The weather lady? No, my kid.
Her mother cheats around on me, and she hates my guts.
Hey, you shoot stick? Once or twice.
Couldn't sleep? Uh-huh.
It was a rough day.
What are you doing? Writing a letter to my mother.
Only I'm not sure if I should send it to her.
Let me hear it.
"Hey, Mom, it's almost midnight, and I can't sleep.
"It was a day like any other, "except today the state of New York put a man to death.
"He deserved whatever happened to him.
"A 26-year-old girl rear-ended him in traffic.
He raped and murdered her.
"I suppose I should feel good about the execution, or bad, "or guilty, or something, "but I don't.
" Come on, you gonna lie to your own mother? Right.
What is it with you guys? First darts, now pool.
Never mess with a civil servant, my friend.
Too much time on your hands.
Yeah, too much time, not enough time.
Look at this.
You've been drinking.
That's what's causing this! This your kid? Let's see.
Do you hate my guts? I guess not.
Jack called me.
Jack? Jack turned into a pumpkin.
Can I buy you a drink, Counselor? No, thanks.
I got one for you.
How come California has the most lawyers, and New Jersey has the most toxic dumps? Because New Jersey got first pick.
You don't get it.
Look, why don't you get your coat, and I'll drive you home? Home, James.
Where to? I used to know.
So, this morning really bummed you out.
Do I look bummed out to you? You know, it wouldn't be so terrible.
What's that? If you were my kid.
I guess I should take that as a compliment.
Hey, you're smart, you're pretty, you got a good job, and you don't hate my guts.
Lennie, I doubt your daughter hates you.
No, you don't know.
You don't know her.
I don't even know her.
I never will.
"A crowd of people stood and cheered when he raped her.
"They were supposedly good people, "and they did absolutely nothing.
"Then he beat her to death with a tire iron.
"And today the state of New York got its revenge.
"It's not enough, and it's too much.